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Books Written During NaNoWriMo 2017

5 campaigns
A human joins an alien organization in the hopes of leading a rebellion. An alien accepts a promotion in the hopes of an easy ride. Neither gets what they were expecting. Raised by doomsday preppers, Genesis wants to finally put to work all the useless knowledge filling her head. Juini's personal life is a dream, his career is another story. Working together is not something that comes naturally for either of them and it’s going to be a long voyage through space before that changes.
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Stargazers Odyssey
by Cassandra Hunter
The future isn't always what we expect.
9 days left
Fifteen-year-old Billy has always been a dreamer but his hyper realities have taken on a life of their own. Now, the charm of Billy’s mystical inner world is threatened by an evil possessed of supreme power. While he’s convinced he’s the chosen-one, his family are worried that he’s not normal, that he needs help. Will anyone understand that the fate of the world is resting on his shoulders? This emotionally electrifying tale offers a glimpse into the inconceivable world of schizophrenia.
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Billy Adams
by Radha Charan
Beyond normal, and born to save the world.
7 days left
Charlie Ray has a sleep disorder. She sleeps like the dead. It’s been a big joke to her family and friends for years, and she’s learned to laugh it off. It’s never been a problem…until someone finds out and decides to have fun. Someone dark. Someone dangerous. When she is at her most vulnerable, they come out to play. What starts out seemingly harmless, escalates into a deadly game that Charlie will have to play to the very finish, no matter what or who is lost along the way.
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Sleep Tight
by BJ Hyman
Sharing secrets in public can be deadly.
5 days left
It’s 1661 in Eastern Canada where a handful of French colonists hang on to a piece of paradise called Acadia. Deep in the woods, an orphaned eighteen-year-old enters a man’s world in a remote logging camp where he witnesses an atrocity that changes the course his life.The brilliantly researched and rendered historical setting creates a unique slice of time and place full of significance. The action is fast moving and the characters rich in nuance and emotion.
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The Acadian - Return of the...
by Phillip Daigle
What's it take to be a hero in the New World?
1 day left
Life is full of turning points, each moment and every decision you make could change the entire direction of your path. Always choosing the wrong path, Kelly struggled to fit in with her perfect family. She started playing with the shadows at a very young age. When Kelly followed a shadow to a graveyard, she happened to meet a boy who held a jacket over her head in the rain. Later that boy would grow into a man and be the only person to stand by her throughout her dysfunctional journey.
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Turning Point
by Dee Dee Covas
She was just following the shadows.
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