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Selected for publication on October 8, 2017
Preston's heart aches for the woman he's loved for years. Mandy's on the verge of losing the only real home she's ever known. Frustrated by her stubborn refusal to let him help, he's certain they are stronger together than they are apart. A marriage of convenience might be crazy... or an answer to both their prayers.
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Marrying Mandy
by Melanie D. Snitker
In production now.
Selected for publication on October 8, 2017
Since he was 14, Jules has searched for his mother’s antique bangle stolen as she died. Several years later, Jules is now an expert treasure hunter, but when the prize is snatched by a ruthless businessman, Jules links up with a group that tracks artifacts from the ancient world - many of which could rewrite human history. To reclaim what is his, Jules must find the strength to reject the temptation of power, and to accept the help offered, even if he believes he can win on his own.
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Tomb of the First Priest
by Tony Davies
In production now.
Selected for publication on September 28, 2017
When his father and crewmates are attacked and killed by a ruthless alien commander, young Galen Bray becomes the new captain of the GHOST STAR, a notorious smuggling vessel. Barely escaping capture, Galen sets out to rescue the only other survivor of the vicious attack, his sister Trem. Along the way, he discovers a mysterious people thought wiped out long ago, his family's surprising origins, and a destiny that was more than he ever bargained for...
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Ghost Star
by Roger Eschbacher
In production now.
Selected for publication on September 26, 2017
Fifteen years after Donovan’s daughter is abducted, Monica Russell knocks on his door. She claims she knew his daughter while in captivity. She claims she knows where his daughter’s remains are buried. She claims she knows the man who abducted, assaulted, and murdered his princess. She claims she can show him all of these things, but what price is Donovan willing to pay the young lady who claims to be the last friend to know his daughter?
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The Last Friend
by Harvey Church
In production now.
Selected for publication on September 18, 2017
When her abusive husband dies, Kelsey grasps her new freedom and settles in the sleepy town of Allborough, hoping to recover from her trauma. Movie star, Tom, is at the top of his game until a horrific car accident leaves him broken and burned, so he returns home to heal. Both recovering, they form an unlikely friendship. As Tom awakens feelings Kelsey had long thought dead, she worries that once Tom is healed, the lure of Hollywood will tear him away from her and break her heart all over again?
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Healing Hearts
by Catherine Winchester
In production now.
Selected for publication on September 17, 2017
Charlotte Worth returns home from a semester studying abroad to find her life just as she left it. Her mother has still abandoned her, her father is still consumed by the book he's been writing for 20 years, and her grandmother is still gone. So when given the opportunity to pour her creativity into a play and escape her reality a little longer, she takes full advantage. But when she meets and spars with the moody leading man, she soon finds she can't run from her past--or herself--any longer.
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Trace the Edges
by Laura Cacace
In production now.
Selected for publication on August 22, 2017
Adrian Lexley is going to be just fine. True, her fiancé jilted her on their wedding day. But she’s determined to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and move on. She throws herself into her work, taking on an assignment at her magazine to collaborate with the handsome novelist Jackson Taylor on an article about finding love. As Jackson begins to fill the vacant spot in her heart left by her fiancé, Adrian comes to realize that nothing is simple when it comes to the complex realm of love...
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Just Jilted
by Lila James
Selected for publication on July 26, 2017
When David took a position working for Big Healthcare out of law school, it was only for the money. But when his wife dies at the hands of a corrupt medical system, he wants to bring it all down—from the inside. David recruits a clandestine team of insiders to build up a case he can take to court. But this is a dangerous game with ties to the highest levels of government. As the web of deception and danger tightens around them, David realizes that to win he has to risk it all—even his life.
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Untangling the Black Web
by T.F. Jacobs
Selected for publication on July 25, 2017
Over two years have passed since the AI governors of Earth abruptly departed, taking the alien technology of the Dhin with them. Humanity has reverse-engineered the tech and is beginning its exploration of the galaxy. Pilot Thys Kritcher stumbles across something suggesting that there may be more than one alien force among the stars. On Earth, the Coalition struggles with increasing civil unrest. A new wave of hacking attacks targets Globalnet. All is not serene for the AIs that left Earth.
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The Power of the Dhin
by John L. Clemmer
Selected for publication on July 20, 2017
Captain Eli Justice is a Shiale Ranger. His training, instincts, and experience set him apart from other soldiers, and enable him to succeed where most fail. When his ship gets shot down during a scouting mission, Eli finds himself stranded on a dangerous, untamed world. Reports of the planet being uninhabited were wrong, and the need to alert the alliance of the hostile presence is critical. To alert the alliance, though, the ranger first has to survive the planet. Welcome to the jungle.
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Stranded Justice
by Steven L. Hawk
Selected for publication on July 12, 2017
After a series of cheating ex-boyfriends, Emma goes on a self-prescribed boy cleanse and plans to spend her senior year focused on the important things in life, like deciding on a major in college. She has no idea she’s an heiress with a target on her back and boys are the least of her worries. Arie thinks his college internship will be easy: pose as a high school senior and protect Emma. He never expected to fall for her. Sparks ignite, but danger is near. Is falling in love worth the risk?
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Protect My Heart
by Judy Corry
Selected for publication on July 9, 2017
When technophobic widow Tawny Lindholm receives a baffling new smartphone as a gift, a dashing stranger helps her navigate its mysteries. But while romancing her, Kahlil Shahrivar is actually a terrorist who drags her into a plot to sabotage the power grid by cyber-attack on Montana's Hungry Horse Dam. Soon the feds are chasing her and her family is in jeopardy. Tawny must find a way to turn the instrument back on the devil himself. Otherwise, when the lights go out, she dies.
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Instrument of the Devil
by Debbie Burke
Selected for publication on July 5, 2017
Attorney Ben Kincaid is back with the most controversial case of his career. Ben’s teenage friend, Oscar Kirby, an Iraq war vet subjected by the CIA to "enhanced interrogation techniques," is the primary suspect when his "interrogator" is murdered. A dramatic trial unfolds in the courtroom–loaded with pitfalls, surprises, and a breathtaking betrayal. Something else, something very dangerous lurks on the perimeter of this case, and Ben must pull every trick he knows to uncover the truth.
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Justice Returns
by William Bernhardt
Selected for publication on July 2, 2017
It is Paris, 1949. 27-year-old American detective and heiress, Slim Moran, is hired by a British spymistress to find Marie-Claire, a spy long presumed dead. Slim soon realizes that scores from the last war have not been settled. She races to find out what happened to this deeply troubled lost spy because if Marie-Claire is not dead, she will be soon.
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The Lost Spy
by Kate Moira Ryan
Selected for publication on June 30, 2017
Rachel’s elderly mother, in a nursing home, loses her entire life savings in a bank scam: money intended for the care of Rachel’s brother Robbie, who has Down’s Syndrome. Rachel suspects that her husband Paul, whose business is failing, knows more than he admits. In a city near the Russian border a financier hands a photo of Rachel to a brilliant geneticist. Why is Rachel so vital to them? Should she trust Paul? Can she and Robbie defeat the shadowy conspiracy which threatens their lives?
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Fight for Life
by T. J. Frost
Selected for publication on June 12, 2017
Marti sees ghosts. Only Grandma Bertie believes her, and she died the day Marti was born. When her estranged father shows up, he owes her an apology. After all, he’s dead and talking to her. Instead, he claims he was murdered and demands she go home and do something about it. She agrees—anything to get her father out of her life and into his own afterlife. When a body turns up and her mother is found cradling a bloodstained garden gnome, Marti must uncover a murderer or end up a ghost herself.
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Ghosts in Glass Houses
by Kay Charles
Selected for publication on June 5, 2017
When Isabella accidentally switches phones with Chase Hawkins, the hottest guy in school, she finds herself making an unexpected connection with her secret crush. There’s only one problem: her awful stepmother and two horrible stepsisters would freak out if they knew. Plus, she’s sure Chase will run if he finds out he’s been texting the school nobody. But things get interesting when he gets paired up with her in physics class. Will it blow her cover?
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Isabella and the Slipper
by Victorine E. Lieske
Selected for publication on May 23, 2017
Sonia, thrown by a broken mid-life marriage, flees to Sweden to stay with her friend Inge. Forty-nine, a professional woman in Washington, D.C., she’s run the gamut from open relationships to an attempt at a normal marriage with Ben. She’s failed to get love, sex, and respectability lined up. Inge’s had her own take on “normal,” having been a Swedish trophy wife in America. Her brother Ammon sparks Sonia’s bruised heart with temptation. By chance, Sonia brings the answer to their family secret.
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My Boat Is So Small
by Ruta Sevo
Selected for publication on May 14, 2017
Freed from slavery and brutality, Xan D'Arian earns a place on Sloan's crew. He pledges to protect her with his life. After all, he has nothing to return home to as the last surviving heir of a murdered planet. With his ability to show her new worlds, Sloan wants to ignore her policy on fraternizing with the crew. The discovery that someone close to Xan planned his abduction leads the two on a race against time. They must destroy their enemies, who want to keep them apart, before it's too late.
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Her Forsaken Prince: A...
by Maya Hughes
Selected for publication on May 12, 2017
When Hailey Baker receives the call that her beloved Gramps has suffered a debilitating stroke, she’s determined to help. Putting her career at risk, she seizes the opportunity to leave her recent heartbreak and addiction to Netflix behind. She arrives in Florida only to discover her grandmother is neck-deep in matchmaking schemes for the retirement community, and Gran’s next victim is Hailey. Once Gran meets the handsome speech therapist, neither he nor Hailey stand a chance.
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Speak to My Heart
by Rebecca Talley