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Chapter 1: Bully to Bully

It’s strange how things turn out the exact opposite as you think they would turn out. My name is Jumvella Samonte and I just walked into the only school here, in this world. Most of my life I had been home schooled and now, I was about to walk into a big castle in a realm called Klenactus. A final year of sitting in a room full of last-adds, ‘almost adult’ kids as you would call us. I am 20 years old and in a way, different from other people. Now when things get weird, I am always somehow around. Not because I have a cloud of weirdness over my head, but because I am just plainly a magnet to attracting weird things. As I walked into Third Eye School, I realized the divided groups of students that passed by me. One group wore red shirts with a picture of a bug on them and black pants. The back of their shirts read ‘Fire Flies’, and each one of them had red eyes with a black dot as a pupil. The group passing by me was a group of girls with pink dresses that read ‘Flamingos’ on the backs of them. They wore pink eye shadowed and pink lips as if the color pink was all they knew. As I walked in further, I saw groups of crows, monkeys, tigers, zebras and many other animal named groups. Why did all these kids have animals as their group name? And why was there no one without a group? My questions was maybe a curse because apparently, people had questions about me too. Some looked at me oddly, as if I didn't belong. I paid no attention and looked to find a better closed in area to stand. I was standing in the middle of the marble red floor in the courtyard of the school, staring around at the gold walls with carved pictures on it. The pictures are of animals that seemed to be in groups of their own kind. Only not all animals stay in groups...or so I thought. I gasped at the beautiful water fountain sitting in the middle of the courtyard. It took up at least a fourth of the yard and flowed magically through the statue animals into the giant gold pool that sat underneath. I circled the fountain, amazed at the wonders the schools’ vibe gave off. Noticing that I was already an outcast by how I was the only loner in what seemed like the entire school, made my stomach shrink. I didn't see anyone by themselves or with only another person. There was either a group of five or more! I glanced up at the huge ruby red clock placed on the ceiling as it rang, and I realized the time. I then quickly grabbed the wooden piece of paper of my mother gave me as she told me I would be going to a real school. The piece of bark was thin and the letters were carved into it as if written with a pen. I read off silently my first class, the door number and looked around to see where to go. The school was so big, it could fit maybe 3 normal castles inside it seemed! I eagerly turned to give the hallway that looked less crowded a glance when a group of...panthers jumped in front of me? There was six of them, four boys and two girls, all with short jet black hair, black eyes, and sharp teeth. The tallest guy then smiled at me.

“Well, what do we have here? A...human?” He asked, circling me as if I were a small kid. "I thought they were extinct. After all, they are only in the history books!” He laughed loudly.

“No, I am not human. And by the looks of those crappy teeth of yours, you aren’t either. So why don’t you just let me pass before things get ugly.” I warned not showing a hint of fear for them to feed off of. I wasn’t sure how these teens had sharp teeth and how everyone matched the animals on their backs but I was not the one to bully. Maybe I should have done some research on this realm, before teleporting in uninvited.

“Well, we wouldn’t want that to happen now would we?” He growled through long sharp teeth. A girl from his group walked up from behind him and put her elbow on his shoulder.

“You don't have a family or anything? What are you...a ghost?” She laughed as the rest joined her. “Come on Devin, let's get to class. Leave “the nobody” alone for now.”

“But I don't want to! Besides, she looks like a scared little girl.” Devin joked, sighing as the girl laughed and pulled him away.

A family? Of course, I had a family! Instead of commenting back, I rested my case at that and didn't respond. I raised my eyebrow and began to walk towards the almost empty hallway. From behind me, I could feel the swift movement of someone jumping at me. With all I had, I swung my foot up just in time to kick the boy Devin straight in the face, sending him far into the middle of the fountain. Other kids began to laugh as the angry panther guy burst from out of the water growling. I didn’t want the attention, so I tried again to get to class. As usual, there was no way out of being bullied. The other panther kids charged at me at a fast pace, one that I could feel before they actually did move. Now they had done it. All I was trying to do was get to class on time and try to make the best of my new school, which I would be attending every day. But these slick, black-haired poodles wanted to bring me down. Now I’m pissed. I sat my things down slowly as time was in a slow motion for me. I stood there patiently as time came to that point where I became alive. My eyes flared blue and my essence glowed around me to pump me up. I was surrounded by them now, and with all I had, I went for the one who would reach me first. The girl who called me “a nobody” charged mouth open which had expanded like the real thing. However, it didn't frighten me. I stood my ground patiently as she ran up to me ready to bite me in half. Before she could even get her mouth upon me, I grabbed the small statue of a woman sitting on the bench and stuck it clean down her throat. She fell back unsteady, fighting the horrible feeling of not being able to close her mouth and breathe. She squirmed like an earth worm on the floor as her pack members tried their best to grab the small statue out of her trachea. I warned them. I told them not to make things ugly and now, they had caused the ugly. I turned around once again to give getting to class on time another chance, and this time I made it. Three floors up, I was about to make it to my first class. I stood in front of the door numbered 101, took a deep breath and walked in to see a class full of groups of students, all watching me. Everyone stared at me, frowning as if I were the weirdest thing they had ever seen. I turned to see a tall, shaggy brown-haired man with tall boots and big muscular arms. He had on reading glasses that had a brown rim of mud holding the glass circles together. He wore dark green baggy pants and a long sleeve shirt which on the back read 'Croc'. Now I didn’t know what a Croc was but the teacher had the most solid, serious look I had ever seen. It was as if he were watching my every move as I walked into the room. I cautiously walked up to him and handed him my schedule without saying anything.

“Jumvella Samonte,” He started with a voice so rough.” where are ye held from?” I stared oddly at him as his accent did in fact match his face and body. He was at least 7’5, maybe 380 pounds or more of pure tight muscles and green... green... what kind of eyes are completely green? I quickly cut my glare and looked at the ground in wonder.

“I am from The Earth,” I said, still looking at the floor of the classroom. I could feel his glare upon me like a predators stare upon it's prey. Feeling offended by the way he looked through me as if I didn't belong, I lifted my head and stared straight, which in my view was his stomach. I wasn’t about to be looked down on, even if he was a tall freak of a teacher! I could feel what seemed like a soft vibration coming from him, as if it was his heart beat flowing through his entire body going up and down. I couldn't figure him out, nor did I understand the student creatures or whatever they were at this school. My mother never mentioned me looking like a fool because I wasn’t in a group or anything. I didn’t have any friends so a group of strangers would be all I'd have anyway. The teacher then knelt down to me, face to face.

“Hmm, an Earthling? How funny, I’ve never taught an Earthling before. I am Mr. Croc. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He sarcastically said looking into my eyes. I glared boldly back into his and smirked, not showing my lack of interest.

“Don't worry, I heard it is an easy thing to do. Now, where shall I sit?" I asked eager to get him out of my face.

“Now, now. You must introduce yourself to the class. We all must know who you are and more about you, don’t you think?” He said, looking out at the students.

I didn’t want to give him my true answer because my first day might have been my last. As he turned to sit at his transformable green granite desk, I imagined what I would have honestly said to his question. I would have said something like "What for. I don’t want to know you all, so you don't have to know me! Trust me the less you know, the better. Now can I go to my seat please?" .Well, that was just the nice way of me saying what I really wanted to say. But instead, I just turned towards the classroom full of last-adds. There seemed to be about fifty students in that classroom and my nerves felt like a rushing waterfall flowing through my body.


“Hello. My name is Jumvella Samonte and I am 20 years old...well I am actually 21 because my birthday is in two weeks but yeah. I am not in a group like most, well all of you are. I do not have a group but don’t mistake me for someone to bully. Trust me, ask the group of panther poodles in the courtyard.” I evilly said with my eyes catching every bully there was. Since everyone was facing me, I could not tell what their group names were. I had everybody’s attention...even Mr. Croc who seemed to just stare straight through me. I looked at him to see him with a slight smirk that said "Is she for real?”. I then faced the last-adds and looked around to try to think of something else to say. Before I could even get my thoughts together, a girl raised her hand up and down, all in one breath.

“So exactly, what are you then, because everyone or so I thought, belonged to a family.” She rudely asked. Others in her area giggled along with her.

“I am what I am. And I do have a family, but she's too old to be in school thank you, and that doesn’t concern you or anyone but me. We all think we know everything little girl but you are obviously dumb. If you mean group then no, I don’t belong to any group but myself and I like it that way. So once again, you thought wrong.” I responded looking around then back at her, daring her to say anything else. "Anything else anyone? Or may I take my seat now?!” I scolded through my teeth. No one said anything else. I turned to look at Mr. Croc who had a shocked expression now. I raised my eyebrow and lifted my head in an innocent way. “So, which seat is mine?” I politely asked my huge teacher. He then snapped out of his gaze, stood up over me and directed me to my seat. I followed him to the right of the classroom, farthest to the wall by the window. This was perfect! I could glare out of the window if I ever got bored of listening or paying attention in class. Sitting down in the seat, which was in the middle of that row, I sat my things down on the desk and took a deep breath. OK, I was halfway there...halfway into seeing this day through! I bit my lips as Mr. Croc walked back to his desk. He was the tallest, hugest man I had ever seen. It was as if... as if he were part animal or something!

“So, class...and Jumvella, today we are going to learn about groups.” He started, looking at me as if I needed to know about “groups”. I threw him back a look that said "my threats go for you too big guy". I may need a step stool, an oversized hammer and the strength of a god, but I would find some way to knock him down. Yes, I could be Thor any day. Apparently, he was reading my thoughts because he quickly turned back towards everyone else and began talking again.

“What are groups?” He began, grabbing a piece of bark and writing on the wooden board. Magically, it wrote like a dry erase marker from like on The Earth. "Groups are a civilization or a population of different kinds of species. Right now, this class is a group because there are different types of species in this class. Now, what is the name of the opposite of a group, explain what it is and give an example. Who can do this?” He asked as it looked like every hand in the room shot up in the air except for mine. Well isn’t that lovely? Everyone knew what the opposite of a group was, but me. I thought a group was more than two or three people, doing things together like an activity. So these groups of kids with the same names on their backs aren’t groups? Then what the heck are they exactly? Mr. Croc then called on a boy named ‘Miles’.

“Mr. Croc, the opposite of a group is a Haginite, which is a family of the same species. For an example, we are all different Haginites because we all belong to our own family types...well except the new girl.” He proudly said, turning to look at me. I turned my head away from him and looked out the window. Out of nowhere, Mr. Croc was over me and he pulled down the blind. Wasn’t he just behind his desk? How on Klenactus had he moved so fast in just a matter of seconds? I glared up at his eyes which were fully swamp green. I looked away quickly as I didn't want to seem scared. I stared at my desk as the giant teacher stood over me as if waiting on something.

“So Jumvella, what are groups?” He asked. I managed to slowly look at him as if saying out loud, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”. Taking a peaceful moment to calm down, I got my thoughts together and answered him in an annoyed tone.

“A group is a civilization or a population of different kinds of species.” I mocked, folding my arms.

"And what is the opp ...” He started.

"A Haginite." I interrupted before he could finish his question.

“Give an exam...”

“An example? The groups, sorry. I meant, the families of last-adds in here.”

“And the opposite of...”

“The opposite of what? A Haginite?”


“Hmm...,” I hummed, rolling my eyes, wanting to avoid the stupid answer. “I am guessing me. A person without a “Haginite”.” I calmly answered, staring at the door.

“Correct.” He said, walking back to his desk.

Was this man trying to put me on the spot or what? Was he bullying me? This guy had some nerve trying to make me feel ‘left out’. Did he actually think I cared about being in a group or a Haginite or whatever? Please!


After forty minutes of Haginite bull and intimidation, the bell rang and everyone began to pack up their things and leave. I did the same but waited for them all to exit. I walked up behind Mr. Croc who was clearing the board off magically with a mushroom. He then turned around and crossed his arms.

“That’s some way to treat a person on their first day,” I said, wanting to take his throat out.

“Well you are the first Earthling to come here and offend us Haginites by calling us groups. In fact, you're the first Earthling to come here at all.” He explained, looking confused by the change.

“How was I supposed to know what a Haginite is? It's obvious that I don’t have one and so no one should have assumed that I knew the difference. But when you want to make a fool out of me just because I am different and because I don’t know much about this place, then we have a problem.” I murmured hatefully through my teeth, shaking my head.

“Like I said Jumvella, it was an insult. But I see you have a lot to learn. Since you will be here every day, you might as well get used to Haginites bullying you.” He answered laughing.

“And like I said before, don't take me as someone to mess with. I have a temper that no one but my mother has seen before and not even she will push that ever again. The little panther poodles only had a nice-nasty me in the courtyard so I don't want to hear that I need to watch out. Trust me, I can handle myself. And anyone, even you, who don't believe me, just try me. We can go at it anytime. Bully to bully!”

Chapter 2: Haginites, William, and I!

After leaving Mr. Croc standing at his desk speechless, I began to look for my locker to put my things in. Forty minutes of class to learn about ‘Haginites and groups’, just because they felt offended. I still didn’t get it. What exactly was a Haginite? Well, I knew it was a family of the same kind and crap but what exactly did it mean? I didn’t know, and I wasn’t that eager to find out, which was why I didn't get it probably. By being a Vampire, I wasn’t sure what to me wasn’t weird and crazy! Locker 11 was close to my second class, I saw on the map I stole from Miles. My second class was Health ED and I wasn’t eager to learn any of that either. I peeked in to see a short woman with short ponytails in a Mohawk sort of way. Her entire head was bald except for those five pompoms going down the middle of her head. I then moved away and looked across from the classroom to find my locker. It had a little mini square area which looked like a sewing machine because it had a small needle coming from the top part. The bottom of the square had a white circle that looked like a robotic gauze. It had a red light that went back and forth through the gauze as if it were scanning for something. I looked around at others to see how to open my mysterious locker. Unfortunately, kids were blocking others so it made it hard for me to see.

“You have to stick your finger.” Someone said from behind me. I turned around quickly to find a tall, buff guy with long black hair and blue eyes. He smiled at me and pointed at my locker.

“You have to stick your finger.” He said again. I only glared at him because he was extremely handsome. I blinked out of my gaze and asked him “What?”

“Stick your finger inside. Put your finger under the needle. It needs to take your blood to see if this is your locker. It is set up that way so no one could ever steal your things.” He said grabbing my hand and putting my finger underneath the needle. The needle then plunged into my index finger and out spilled my desire in life...blood. He then turned my hand over and pressed my bloody finger onto the gauze where the red light stopped on my finger. Then he removed my hand and my locker opened as if it had already been the whole time. I turned to the luscious guy to find him staring at me in wonder.

“Thank you...” I began.

“Will...William Reaper. You must not be from around here because anyone from around here would have known how to open these lockers.” He noted, crossing his arms.

“Yes, I am new. This is my first day and no I am not from around here. I am from The Earth.”

“The Earth? As in the great planet Earth?


“Wow, you’ve come an awfully long way just to go to school here.”

“It's not like I had much of a choice. Trust me, if I did, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Well, I am glad you are.” He finished, giving the hottest smile I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but smile back and I lowered my head.

“I’m Jumvella Samonte.” I said, grinning at a point to where I had to calm my inner-self down.

“An awkwardly...beautiful name you have.” He commented, looking down at the floor as if my name bothered him.

“Hmm, you are not afraid to speak your mind are you?” I asked, acting shyly embarrassed.

“No, I am not. If I were, then what type of alien would I be? He asked, looking at me as if I was supposed to know what he meant. He had an accent I couldn’t put a word too. It was very romantic and touching, but dangerous and strong. “Well Jumvella Samonte, I must get to class but since we have lockers somewhat close to each other, I will be seeing you every day then.” He said warmly and walked away. As he was walking he turned around and threw his head up at me as if we had been friends for a while now. I just smiled and waved at him as he turned and continued walking. Is it possible he was in my 1st block class? I don't remember seeing him but maybe that was because I didn’t care much about who was or who wasn’t in there. It was just then I realized that he wasn’t in a group...he was walking alone like me! I wasn’t the only one who didn't have a group...I mean Haginite!


After placing my things into my amazing vampire locker, I went straight across the hallway to my Health ED class. The short woman with the bald Mohawk due met me at the door smiling.

“Ello darling! And what is your name?” She said in a nervous way as she looked around to see where the rest of my group...Haginite was. I glared at her face to see her cloudy, light green eyes stare back at me. She was a thin small woman with greenish-yellowish skin.

“I’m Jumvella Samonte...and for the record, I don’t have a Haginite.” I calmly said, not surprised by her reactions.

“Oh, you know about us! Wow, and here I am thinking that this land was for our kind only.” She sniffled, looking at me everywhere.

“Okay, who are you? And what exactly are you trying to say?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Well, I’m Ms. Guana, and I’m not trying to say anything dear. Just that I didn't know that we get outsiders who are human here.”

“Who said I am a human lady?

“Then what are you then if not a human?” She asked slowly moving closer to me. I backed away not feeling cool with the way she was walking up on me.

“I am none of your concern lady, just know that I have an inner creature of my own.”

“It’s Ms. Guana! Ms. Jumvella, there is no need to be feisty!” She yelled angrily. Wow, did this lady have a temper! I glanced at the angry teacher again as her tongue sprang from her mouth like a dart, only 5 times longer than a normal tongue! I jumped back not wanting that thing to touch me. What the hell was this teacher?! Just as she finished her scolding at others, she turned around and told me to come in and have a seat. As she walked in, on the back of her green-jean dress read ‘Iguana’. Her long dress flowed out like a wedding dress, only it was jean and green. Why in the world would any teacher need a dress that long?

“Find a seat Ms. Jumvella, dear.” She politely said again as if she had forgiven me for my comments. I cut my eyes at her and found a seat, once again by the window, in the middle of the row. This was my lucky day! Not only was I an outcast at my new school, but I see now that I could actually get bullied by my own teachers! I took my seat and looked around. Groups of students looked at me awkwardly and began to whisper. In the seats behind me sounded like a bunch of preppy girls talking trash.

“Who is this loser in our class? I mean is Ms. Guana teaching us about odds today or is this a joke? Just look at her...she's a mess!” One of the girls quietly said and laughed out loud. Oh my God, was I about to smack the odds out of her. Instead, I put my hands together and let her words go through one ear and out my other.

“She is a mess. I knew this school accepted weirdos but who knew that this school would accept something as low as this trash...” Another girl murmured, giggling.

“Whoa!” I started, as I turned around to the group of girls in all pink. “Trash? You are calling me trash when you all are the ones who don't have a sense of style or color? I mean, if you ask me, pink is the color of those who are terribly desperate. What’s wrong, don't have any other friends? Guys aren't interested in you? After all, you do look like dumb pink birdies who stand on one foot all day. Yeah, then again, if that was me, I would be desperate too. Get a life!” I gawked as I turned around to avoid Ms. Guana who heard the commotion and came back into the classroom.

“What’s going on in here?” She yelled, assuming it had something to do with me.

“The new girl is making fun of us Haginites! She called us trash!” One of the blonde girls said loudly.

“You are a liar! I didn’t say...” I started until Ms. Guana walked up to me quickly.

“Listen, Jumvella, I don’t know who you are or what you are but you have no right to...!” Ms. Guana angrily yelled. Just before she could finish, William Reaper walked in, closing the door and looking lost as to what was happening. He smiled at me, as I did the same in return. Everyone stared at him as he came and sat in front of me. Ms. Guana quickly glanced back at me, then back at him, then she asked for his schedule. He gave it to her and she returned it back to him. She seemed confused. Not only was there one person with no Haginite in her class, but now two? She walked to her desk and smiled as if all was forgiven. I glared back at the flamingo girls who looked at us with funky faces. I then smiled my sharp fangs at them and made my blue eyes turn red, and then back blue. They gasped frighteningly as if I had threatened their lives. Oh no, I haven't yet. Quickly turning around with a smirk so thin, you could tell that there was an unknown creature inside of me, yet to be seen.

Ms. Guana pretended the entire thirty minutes of class that Will and I, were both in a halo Haginite. Whenever she asked a question, she would look over our heads and acted as if we weren't there. I kept myself in check so that my mind would not slip. She was teaching us about depending on the creature part of ourselves more often. Her viciously long tongue kept darting out of her mouth as she spoke. It didn’t take me much longer to accept why everyone had creature names on their backs, and why everyone had a Haginite. As weird as it seemed, everyone was part human and part creature. That would partly explain my day so far. So that would mean that the flamingo girls were actually flamingos, and the panther kids, actually panthers. A very unusual place this is. I had never heard of anyone being part human, part creature. Then again, I am part human, part creature. Only I didn’t know that there were other transformable animals and humans that were not Vampires or Werewolves. You see, I am no animal. I am just a Vampire, but with a pure heart. Meaning, I don't drink blood to kill, or coldly murder people like they do in the movies on The Earth. Yes. I have lived on 'The Earth' for a good while and their movies are quite exotic, but not the real deal. No, this is the real world, where Vamps all over, the few of us who are chosen and born this way, rely on our creature side to live and survive, and our human side to blend in and balance our humanity. We don't turn into weird flying bats and sleep in coffins. Last time I checked, my king size canopy bed was no closed in place. And I don't sleep with my arms crossed over one another. In fact, I sleep very wildly, that even sometimes I wake up stretched out like a star. Yeah, that planet made us look very odd, well at least in some ways. I can turn into any animal I think of true enough, but I can't think of a reason to ever choose to be a bat! I can fly whenever I want, but I choose not to, due to an accident that happened when I was a little girl. There are many things that I can do but as long as I don't murder a human, my heart stays pure. If a Vamp was to ever murder a human by draining them, then their heart would no longer be pure, and so they would become a demon forever. We can kill to protect ourselves, but just can never 'cold kill' anyone. Taking the life of a human is a sin for Vamps. We can feed but must know how to drink without draining them dry. We don't necessarily haveto have blood to survive. No, we eat whatever everyone else eats. I can't imagine going through life without my steak and rice! Besides, if our bodies demanded blood every day like in the movies on The Earth, I'd say it would be impossible to be discreet of our existence. Humans wouldn't be able to understand if they learned about Vamps. Just look at how the acted when they found out that aliens might actually exist! No, drinking human blood is a satisfaction, but not a need. However, we can also use blood to heal ourselves faster. Sometimes, huge injuries don't recover as fast as I need them, so blood helps speed up the process. Draining a human dry and killing them from just wanting more blood is salvage. Not only would that Vamp lose their sanity, but they would be cursed for all eternity with no second chances, only pain, and evil. However, I find it unlikely for a Vamp to want to murder a human. Sadly, throughout history, there is no explanation for our existence, just a book of knowledge of what we must not do. This book is called the ’, also known as the 'Vamp-Pures', which is where the do's and don’ts are written in. I found this book in an abandoned mansion when I was little and lost in a forest. We were in a small, unknown town in Pennsylvania. It seemed like a good stowaway spot for freaks like us. Or perhaps, the town was unknown because maybe everyone was a stowaway or criminal? Anyway, the book sat on a pedestal and could not be moved, so I could only read it there. I had brought my mother there to read it with me, but she could not touch it, nor understand the language. From my view, it was written in plain English, but to my mother, in an ancient text. I began to wonder if there were maybe other Vamps in the U.S that may have known about the book. After sitting there for long periods of times, waiting to see if anyone would come, I gave up and never returned there. No one ever came, so I decided to give up on believing there were others near me. I knew there were others like me because the book said so, and maybe I would find another someday. After a year passed, my mother had gotten us caught up in so much trouble, we were forced out the state, never to return. Did I ever finish the book? Of course not. I was just a little girl and had I only read the do's, don’ts, and why not's of the first 3 pages. It's all the knowledge I have now, but maybe someday, I'll learn who I truly am. Just as I was about to pull out my notebook to draw, Ms. Guana came up to me and smiled.

“So, did you learn anything today Jumvella?” She asked, grinning politely.

“Sure did.” I lied, quickly using my powers to read her mind for the answers.

“Like what? What did you learn today?”


“Stuff like.”

“Stuff like relying on your creature side more. Only I can't do that like you all.”


About me

Since I was a little girl, I've always had a very big imagination! Anything paranormal and supernatural had my attention and I loved to write stories. Being able to share my stories with the world means everything to me and I am always working on something new! As a new author, It has been tough but I refuse to let anything stop me from giving someone else a good read. Fantasy novels are a big thing for me because I believe it balances out real life to where we can keep our minds strong!

Q. Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from this book?
I could see maybe Orlando Bloom playing Will R. and Joseph Morgan playing Reuben. For my first book, I'd love the play the main actress herself simply because we share many emotions and thoughts.
Q. Why do you write?
Since I was 10 years old, I started with short stories to funny poems. Writing helps me to think and I love to share what I know.
Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
The Vamp-Pures Collection brings forth many new worlds where different Vampires, born all over the universe, face enemies known as Parliament. Every Vampire must protect their self or/and some else close to them. Parliament is after every pure Vampire, for they are a threat to the evil organization.

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