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Before we get into the actual account of the being known as Ralphie, some background information is necessary…


During this recorded incarnation, Ralphie was a member of the species canis lupus familiaris, more commonly known as a dog. Though human society tends to think of them as merely cute pets, these creatures are much more than meets the eye.


Everything, from humans to lemurs to trees to rocks, has what is called an over-spirit. An over-spirit is essentially the non-physical collective field of a species, which is an entity itself. Each individual is akin to a tentacle of this over-spirit exploring the Universe from a unique perspective. Every individual creature can also be thought of as a protrusion of a super-being into physical reality. It can be comparable to when a submarine puts its periscope out of the water to explore the surface.


When humans came about, their utter weirdness created quite the wave on Planet Earth. As the story goes, the wolf over-spirit agreed to be the harbinger of human studies. The wolf volunteered because they’re social creatures themselves and possess their own unique skill sets that the humans would find useful.


The wolf-human alliance was not a spy mission, per say, but more of the forging a friendship based on mutual intrigue and amusing compassion.


Here’s the abbreviated tale of the intermingling of wolves (Canis lupus) and humans (Homo sapien), and the emergence of dogs (Canis lupus familiaris).


Humans were the new kids on the planet. Both the physical individuals and the human over-spirit were awkward and aloof from the beginning. It would be something like a skyscraper being built in the middle of a forest. All of the various over-spirits had different reactions to this strange new creature; some were amused, some were fascinated and others were plain angry.


After a bit of over-spirit deliberation, the wolf over-spirit volunteered to lead the way in human studies. They were the most equipped to deal with these strange two-leggers. So they developed a plan.


The Wolven Plan, as it’s often referred to as, was to forge a mutually beneficial, synergistic relationship with humans. Their means of doing this was to win the favor of the humans by helping them hunt for food. Wolves, of course, have a sharp sense of smell, rugged endurance and powerful jaws. They could locate, track, hunt and communicate with adept precision.


The plan wasn’t mandatory for every wolf. It provided room for individual decisions to be made (even wolves have some degree of free will, though far less than humans). Some could opt to stay away from humans if that was their chosen path.


The Tyor Wolf pack, known to be the boldest on the Eurasian continent, was the first group to make a move.


To initiate the process, the Tyor pack sought out a group of humans who dwelled in close proximity. They then hovered around, letting their presence be known. At the same time, the wolves stayed alert for animals to hunt in order to make a profound first impression on the humans. Soon enough, a scent was picked up and the pack sprang into action. It was a deer. The Tyor wolves howled their battle cries and were upon it in a matter of minutes. The humans, hearing the howling of the wolves, followed with cautious curiosity. When the humans arrived to where the wolves took down the deer, something peculiar happened. The wolves broke formation and slipped into the wilderness. Well, all but the alpha wolf did this. The alpha trotted straight up to the shocked humans, looked them in the eye and then turned back to the deer lying in front of them. The alpha then let out what the wolves would call “a groan of kinship” and left with the rest of the pack. The humans thought this to be a miracle. This wolf pack had just given them food.


This strategy was repeated a few more times until, gradually, humans and wolves intermingled more and more. After just a few demonstrations, humans and wolves were hunting together. Almost overnight, wolves were transformed from a feared beast to a creature of devout reverence in the eyes of these humans.


Soon the humans and wolves were seamlessly working in tandem. The humans profited off of the wolves’ tracking abilities and the wolves profited off of the tools the humans used to hunt and their ability to store food.


Quality of life was enhanced on both sides of this synergistic relationship, which came as a pleasant surprise to both human and wolf.


After this successful test run was uploaded and integrated into the collective over-spirit minds of both wolves and humans, the chain reaction began. Soon enough, the Tyor technique was duplicated in every region of the planet where wolves and humans shared territory. The bridge was created.


There is a little side note worth mentioning here. Due to a series of unfortunate events extending well beyond the scope of this account, humans have very little conscious access to their collective over-spirt minds. All of these new learnings were only experienced subconsciously by the collective human species.


All experiences of all beings of a particular species are uploaded into that species’ collective over-spirit mind. Some of these experiences are quickly revealed to be collective “checkpoints.” The Tyor technique was indeed a checkpoint for both the human and wolf species.


The Tyor technique went on for a few hundred years (in terms of the “human time” you and I use), until one brave wolf took the relationship to the next level.


Her name was Vera, also known as Vera the Bold, Vera the Bridge Crosser and Vera: Befriender of Humans.


Vera’s wolf pack had been working alongside humans for generations. Yet they had a distant relationship. Yes, they helped each other, but they lived and ate separately. It was like a relationship between distant neighbors, separated by acres of land, who would exchange goods but just wave hello to each other every once in a while.


After one hunt, Vera the Bold walked up to a particularly friendly human man and stood in front of him. This human and his group were generally benevolent and not to be feared. So Vera simply looked into the human’s eyes to establish a deeper connection. Feeling this, the human man waved at Vera, signaling her to come with him to their nearby campfire.


Most wolves are not very fond of fire, and some are outright terrified. But Vera was bolder than most (hence the nickname). As the humans walked to their fire that night, Vera trotted alongside the amicable human man. The humans fed her well and Vera felt comfortable there. Soon, Vera’s pack followed her footsteps, one by one. Before long, each wolf had a human hunting partner. After some time, each human/wolf duo had formed an incredible bond.


Note: The full tale is available in the Universal Library under the name “Vera’s Account of Planet Earth.”


This second-level strategy was also uploaded into the collective over-spirit minds of wolves and humans. Like the Tyor technique, the so-called “Vera Approach” was duplicated around the world. There was, however, significant resistance to the Vera approach. Many of the more stubborn and independent wolves did not want to be that close to humans, at all. As a species, wolves were at a crossroads.


This marked the beginning of humans and wolves living together. The wolves who ended up with humans were the most curious and bold (like Vera) or those who were weaker and relied on the humans to help feed them. The most stubborn, strong and self-sufficient stood their ground and simply steered clear of humans.


The wolves gained an incredible amount of information about humans during this time. This knowledge was shared by the wolf over-spirit to the rest of the Earth over-spirits. These wolves who intermingled with humans also grew to love humans as much as they loved their own wolf packs. Such is the natural outgrowth of synergistic intermingling between social beings.


But the wolves were soon thrown a curveball, one that they never saw coming. This unforeseen occurrence was domestication.


While the harbinger wolves like Vera were courageous and generally independent, after a few generations of living with humans, those born among humans became more docile and compromising. The social nature of the wolves was intermixing with the social nature of humans. Because of this blending based in socialization, traits like friendliness and cooperation were proven more valuable over the raw, uncompromising traits of independent wolf packs.


Don’t think that these wolves who chose to live with humans were weaklings (Exhibit A: Vera). The only major difference between them and the “conservative wolves” was that they expanded their circle of socialization to incorporate humans. These wolves still had immense power – they hunted down game and acted as guardians, protecting groups of humans – yet they were inextricably linked with humans now. The bond grew even stronger over generations as humans began to establish permanent settlements.


Humans loved these wolves and wolves loved the humans. They worked together and cared for each other. In doing so, primal competition gave way to compassionate cooperation.


This relationship was quickly becoming the perfect environment to learn as much as possible about the enigmatic humans.


The path was cleared for the future.

Enter: Ralphie

The story you’re about to read is but a tiny piece of this long-term study. It is about a particular being’s first journey to Earth, using a canine avatar affectionately named Ralphie.


Canines are not JUST canines. Just as humans are not JUST humans. The physical being is merely the 10% of the iceberg poking out above the water.


Third-dimensional beings are simply appendages of higher dimensional beings, a small part of a larger Self that is designed to explore the physical world.


Ralphie the canine is the physical appendage of a seventh dimensional being. That being is nameless. You see, there are dimensions beyond the reach of language, where names are altogether unnecessary. However, this story is being communicated through language, so I will refer to this being as Ralphie for simplicity’s sake.


The epitomical cosmic journeyman, Ralphie was well-traveled and well-experienced. He had lived millions of lives, as almost every type of being in the known universes.


Between incarnations, Ralphie had learned that something completely unique had emerged. This intriguing new phenomenon was humanity. The creators of the human experience had wanted to dive into the depths of limitation.


What made the human experience special were two alarming factors. The first was the wide range of free will. Humans could do almost anything they pleased, for better or worse. The second was complete amnesia. When beings incarnated as humans, they would have no access to their higher knowledge or memory. They would be playing the ultimate game, the kind where you don’t remember that it’s a game. There had been experiments with each of these two factors, but never both at the same time. Some called it destruction waiting to happen; others called it the ultimate challenge. Either way, beings were lining up in droves to incarnate as humans.


The hype around humanity quickly reached a fever pitch. Soon enough, it was a buzzing pandemonium. There were just too many humans, with too much free will and too much amnesia. Humanity ended up destroying itself and almost the entire Earth in the process. The species-timeline of humans came to an abrupt halt.


Not all was lost though. Since higher beings are beyond time, they could still enter the third dimension as humans before the destruction occurred, and perhaps even retroactively prevent it.


Due to the stark incompetence of humanity, an agreement was made to put a prerequisite in place. The prerequisite was for beings to live one life as a canis lupus familiaris before incarnating as human. There needed to be an on-ramp species, one that could intimately observe humans yet not have the capacity to destroy the entire planet. Plans were set to create an animal best friend for humans. From there the Tyor wolf pack and Vera made their respective moves, and soon enough they had a species close enough to really observe humans.


It is here where Ralphie comes into play again, incarnating in the middle of human insanity.


Ralphie set the coordinates as follows - Place: Planet Earth, North America; Human Time (in years): 2000. Higher beings can be as specific as they want, yet most leave room for a bit of mystery. It makes the journey more interesting.


This nexus of space and time would prove among the most interesting in all of existence.

In his account, Ralphie relayed his experiences through thought-speak, also known as telepathy, which were then recorded into the Universal Library. In human terms, it can be thought of as a telepathic journal.


Now that you have been provided sufficient background information, here is Ralphie’s Account of Planet Earth


Note: All thought-speak recordings are in the language of pure thought. This is the English translation of the original account.

Day 1

I’m finally on planet Earth.


It’s not all it was cracked up to be, at least right now.


I forgot about the sheer intensity of limitation in this simulated Universe, especially with a body that’s brand new and far from full strength.


Being confined to the laws of this dimension again will take some getting used to. I find it incredibly weird and frustrating to not be omnipotent right now.


It’s hard to move and I’m half asleep right now, which seems to be my normal state in this canis lupus familiaris body. From what I’ve heard, I’ve picked a good model, what the humans call a Bernese Mountain Dog. I’m curious to see how this furry vehicle navigates me through this realm.


I took one break from sleeping so far, and that was to nurse from my dog mother, who happens to be a protrusion of my seventh dimensional friend Thea. We said we would meet up in this simulation again and it was good reacquainting with her.


Thea and I telepathically communicated about our most recent adventures since we last communed in the seventh dimension. It’s too much to tell here, plus they’re all documented under their respective accounts in the Universal Library anyway.


My siblings are all familiar on some level, yet I couldn’t quite place them at first. There are eight of us. Some are excited about being back in the physical realm, while others are anxiously repeating the question “What did I get myself into?” I don’t know what to think yet. We’re all mostly sleeping though. I guess that comes with the territory of puppyhood.


Ok, I’m drifting off now.

Day 7

I’ve basically been repeating the same pattern since I popped into this dimension: sleep, nurse, repeat.


But while my physical body is doing all of this, I’m in perpetual communication with my family here. It’s not a language-based communication like this, but more of a shared feeling. Thea is playing the mother role exceptionally well and all of us puppies are healthy and growing stronger by the day.


Soon enough I won’t need to sleep so much and I’ll be able to run around and play some more.


Since my puppy body is pretty helpless in its infancy, a good proportion of my “time” here has also been allotted towards otherworldly endeavors. I’ve reconciled some situations and created some alignments which will manifest here, but that’s beyond the scope of this story. We’ll see how “life as Ralphie” unfolds.

Day 28

Today, all of us were introduced to “puppy food.” Already gone are the days of breastfeeding from my mother. It was quite frightening actually, when this new form of food was given to us. We all wanted to go back to momma’s milk, but like with most things, there’s no going back.


My reality is confined to this room and my memory is still in development, but I do have a vague vision of a human woman providing us with this new food. There were two enormous bowls for all of us, one with food and the other with water. Momma (Thea) made sure we all got our fair share of sustenance.


The food was so foreign to me, crunchy and dry. I had no idea how to eat it so I just let go and let my instincts take over. Chomp, chomp, chomp, my body did its thing and devoured a few mouthfuls of it. Then I trotted to the water bowl and my tongue began scooping the water in rapid repetitions to quench my thirst.


Now my body needs sleep again.

Day 37

This is great!


I forgot how fun it is to run! My favorite is running at full speed and sliding on the floor. It’s so much fun that I can’t stop myself until I exhaust my body into spontaneous sleep.


I finally have a clear picture of where I live now too, as my senses are coming in more vibrantly. It’s a pretty big human house and us dogs have our own room. I’m living in luxury and extremely grateful for that.


The human who takes care of us is a kind-hearted woman, with a sweet voice and a beaming smile. We all love seeing her and get excited whenever she’s around (which is a lot, thankfully). The other human that lives in the house is a man, her husband. He’s around less, and isn’t as involved with us, but he’s cool. I keep hearing the English word “work” when he’s around. For some reason, these human men spend the vast majority of their lives engaging in this drudgery called “work.” He doesn’t seem to like it, yet he does it all of the time. That confuses me.


The human woman also let us outside of the house a few times, which was amazing. The fresh air, the wind, the infinitude of scents, the grass, the trees, woo yeah! It gets me excited!


The house seems to be on a rather large piece of land, in terms of the scales on Planet Earth. I greatly prefer this environment to those chaotic human cities with concrete (so I’ve heard). See, already some vague knowledge is accessible to me through the collective canine mind.


The humans have a fence in the backyard to make sure we don’t venture too far. But that’s alright. I still have fun running in figure-eight patterns. I’m not sure why I do that but it feels so good. Plus, I’ll get more freedom soon enough.


I’ve also learned to pee when the woman lets us outside. Thea told me that when you pee outside, humans love it and they’ll give you even more time outside. Sounds like a good deal to me, so that’s what I’m doing.


Oh! Now she’s going to let us outside again! I told my brother Oliver that I’d race him.


I’ll update again soon.


- Ralphie the Racer

Day 42

A couple of new humans (a man and woman) came into our room today with the nice lady who takes care of us. They played with all of us for a while and then spent more time with Oliver, who they seemed to take a special liking to.


At one point, the new woman held up my brother-pup and said, “Oliver.” You see, we all have names for each other. Through thought-speak (what humans call telepathy) we politely suggest the name to the humans. It works 90% of the time, but some humans can be dead set on another name and rather stubborn. This woman picked up on it quickly, though she was probably consciously unaware.


Before we knew it, our brother was gone. He was out the door with the new humans, who appeared overjoyed to be taking him with them. It’s sad letting go, but at least it seems like Oliver will be in a happy home.


I hope he gets to further socialize with other dogs there.

Day 54

I don’t know where to begin. This has been the most eventful and emotionally stirring day of my young life as a puppy.


It was a bright and warm day, and we were all playing outside this morning, when the nice lady came outside with a whole new group of humans. There were two full-sized humans, a woman and a man, and three smaller humans, who ran to us faster than I’ve seen any human move before. They were almost like us (puppies). We all ran together and played with the little humans. It was buckets of fun.


One of the little humans and I ended up rolling around on the grass together. After a bit of this, the rest of the humans gathered around. I had piqued their interest, I guess. They circled around me, petting me and crooning, “awww.” It was slightly overwhelming, but still felt good.


In the midst of this mini love festival, the little human who I was playing with placed his hand upon my head and said, “His name is Ralphie.” (I told you… It really works 90% of the time.) Children are more in tune with thought-speak as well, but that’s another rabbit hole for another day.


“Looks like we’ve found the right one,” the human woman of the family said in a sweet voice.


Before I knew it, I was tossed in an emotional mix of goodbyes. Thea and my siblings all wished me well. The kind lady who had taken care of us kneeled down in front of me. She softly touched my neck and kissed me right between the eyes. What a bittersweet moment.


The family was overjoyed to have me with them. They brought me to their vehicle, a rather large minivan (as the humans call it), and I sat on the lap of the human woman. It was my first time in a vehicle. The sounds they make can be quite ominous, but once they’re cruising, it’s all good. I also had an insatiable desire to stick my head out of the window and feel the breeze. But that wasn’t feasible today.


After the car ride (Short car ride? Long car ride? I don’t know. Us dogs don’t really do the “human time” thing), I arrived at my new home. Luckily, it wasn’t in one of those human cities. The yard was slightly smaller than my previous home, but the house itself was a little bigger. It seemed like a good place to be.


The human woman carried me out of the vehicle and brought me into the house. As soon as the door opened, I revved my canine engines. She put me down on a tile floor and I hit the ground running. The three little humans immediately gave chase, recognizing the age old game of “catch me if you can.” I was able to elude those agile humans for a while, but once I got tired one of them finally caught me (the one who had named me).


I also discovered another canine, who lives in an alternate reality inside of one of the walls of the house. That dog is an expert tease, mimicking my every move. When I first saw him, I burst into an excited frenzy of growling, barking, running back and forth and pouncing into the wall - to no avail. I couldn’t get to this mimicking canine. His reality seemed to be a room quite similar to the room of the house, but I couldn’t enter it. Was there an invisible barrier that separated us? I don’t know. My whole human family was laughing heartily while this was going on, greatly amused by my duel with this master of mimicry. This added to my confusion. I only gave up on chasing this trickster when I was too tired to care anymore. We shall meet again, mimicking canine. We shall meet again.


I spent the rest of that day as the center of attention, showered in love. I didn’t feel selfish though, as I could tell that bringing me home was a bonding experience for the human family.


When the light of the sun disappeared and the activity of the house dwindled, the human mother brought me into a big room with a cage in it. As much as I like her, I’ve never liked the idea of slavery though.


The cage was pretty big and she did have blankets and toys in there for me. But still, I rebelled as soon as she placed me inside, throwing myself against the swinging door. She looked at me with intense compassion and said, “Ralphie, this is where you have to sleep. Everything’s gonna be alright.” Then she walked away.


I still couldn’t accept my confinement. I wined and howled until I couldn’t wine and howl anymore. Then, exhausted and hopeless, I drifted into sleep.


And that’s where I’m at right now. My puppy body is sleeping, so I’m able to give my full attention to documenting my experience today.


More updates coming soon.


- Ralphie

Day 55

I woke up to the sound of human clamoring. Humans are loud and awkward. You can hear them from a long ways away, even if they’re not speaking.


The humans all slept above me, in the upstairs part of the house. The full-grown humans, the man and woman, were up early this morning. They conjured up some absurdly strong smelling hot liquid drink, “coffee” I think they call it, and chatted in the kitchen until the little humans came.


I was too tired to listen and drifted in and out of sleep while this was going on. But those little humans come in like it’s always a party. I heard a commotion of high-pitched voices upstairs, then, as if they plotted an invasion, all three stampeded down the stairs. It was as if a volcano of fun erupted in the house. I was more excited than anything, because like I said before, little humans are like two-legged puppies.


Not being able to contain my excitement, I let out a few happy barks. Within seconds, one of the little humans ran up to my holding cell and opened the door.


PEW! I was off to the races. The visuals of the house were but a blur as I sped around at full speed while the little humans gave chase. The human woman and man were amused, but they seemed relieved after I grew tired and stopped. It’s funny that mature humans are much larger, yet seem to be less physically inclined. Hmmm…


The rest of my morning was basically that scene repeated four or five times. In short, it was fun.


After a while, the human woman and man decided to let me outside. They had a fence around their backyard too, just like the lady who took care of my siblings and me.


The human man opened the transparent sliding door at the back of the house, and I passed the threshold, taking in all of the scents and subtle sounds of the great outdoors. Every time I’m outside, it ignites some enchantingly familiar feeling from the depths of my canine archetype.


The human family had two things I’ve never seen before in their yard. I now know what they are so I’ll just name them; an inground pool and a swing set. The inground pool had another fence around it so I couldn’t get there.


The kids ran straight to the swing set. So I followed. This was the moment I fully realized how humans are some strange offshoot of apes. The little humans were climbing with tremendous skill high above my head. I tried to jump to reach them, but it was futile.


Then the smallest one of them started swinging on the swing. It was a swooping crescent of backward and forward motion. I ran over to play with the swinging human. This was a bad move. As I approached, the little human came swinging towards me and WHAM, kicked me right in the chest. I fell on my back and let out a whimper. The kids congregated around me and called for their parents. I could feel their empathy and it gave me the strength to roll over. It was more of a shock than anything. And it seems I’ve underrated the physical prowess of these little humans. Soon enough, however, I’d shaken this slight trauma from my body and I was back to exploring the great outdoors.


One more thing about this new home of mine is that I have my own food and water bowls. They’re almost as big as I am right now. I feel like a king. The food I’ve gotten here is similar to the dry, bland food I’ve been eating since I stopped drinking my mother’s milk. Apparently human food is infinitely more delectable than the dry, crunchy bits they throw in my bowl. Honestly, I’m not too concerned though. If I wanted to just sit here and enjoy food, I would’ve lined up for one of those extravagant human incarnations like a king in the middle ages or a billionaire in this time period I’m in now.

Day 57

I need to discuss my canine brothers, sisters and mother before the excitement of my new home makes me forget to mention them.


We’re always connected, but in a very subtle way. We don’t explicitly communicate in words but we feel and know what each other are experiencing. Obviously, very intense moments are felt very intensely, and more subtle moments are felt more subtly.


I don’t need to state the details of their lives, as they’re all documenting their own Earthly experiences. But it does need to be said that we’re always connected, ever-feeling what everyone else is experiencing. With a group incarnation like a litter of puppies, the connection is very strong. I feel some aspects of my mother and my siblings with me wherever I go. I might not specifically state this here in my account (because this phenomenon is a given in terms of third dimensional incarnations), but it’s important to know that this connection is, has been and will be maintained through my canine life here and beyond.

Day 59

My family spoils me. I mean that in the best way possible. Thankfully, I can appreciate their offerings. Not only did they provide a large house, a yard, food and a big water bowl; they gave me toys as well.


I’ve heard humans can be destructive, yet they treat us canines like royalty. I’m grateful for that. And I hope that other canines and other animals in general receive similar treatment.


Anyway, toys! My family gave me a bone, a ball and a fake rabbit. They call them toys. At first I thought the rabbit was real. I tried to hunt it, but when I pounced on it, it didn’t move. It took me a while to figure out that this indeed was not a living creature, just an impersonation of one. Apparently they’re made specifically for us canines to play with. Play is what I do best. I run around the house with my toys. I flip them up in the air. I give them to my family. Sometimes they even throw them and I get to chase them down and bring them back. It’s so much fun.


I don’t know what it is, but I can keep myself occupied for so long with these toys. I guess is what they call “puppy mode.” I love it.


Thank you, humans.


Day 62

There have been a few more bouts between myself and the other-dimensional canine behind the invisible wall. He mimics my every move, yet we can never actually get to each other; very strange. I’m not a fighter, nor am I stubborn so I’ve made the choice to accept his presence like I would accept any other household fixture. Since I’ve kept my cool when seeing him, he hasn’t bothered me either. It’s quite the interesting phenomenon. I wish for our relationship to remain at this civil distance.


More important than the mimicker, I’ve been able to further familiarize with my new human family over the last few rises and sets of the Sun. They’re all around a lot, except for the human man, who is usually just here at night. Like with the other man, he seems to be willingly going to this energy zapping place called “work” most days. I say energy zapping because he usually comes home tired and irritable. The human woman and the little humans are always around, which I thoroughly enjoy, because us canines thrive off of socialization. I heard the human woman talking about “Summer.” I guess this is part of the Earthly cycle where the little ones are home.


Names seem to be quite important to humans, so I’ll name names. The human man and human woman seem to share the same name “Honey,” which they both call each other. However, the little humans call the human man “Daddy” and the human woman “Mommy.” This confuses me a bit, but I don’t have to speak English, so whatever. The three children’s names are Stevie (the largest), Lizzie (the second largest) and Tommy (the smallest).


Observing all of their behaviors has become a favorite hobby of mine. I find it intriguing that each human is unique, yet they all fall into certain archetypes.


Daddy is the classic human man. He’s less emotional than the rest, yet the most protective. Though he’s a bit stoic, I feel the love of protection, safety and stability with him, which is comforting.


Mommy is the classic human woman. She’s super-emotional and compassionate, to the point where it can be overwhelming. The love I feel from her is like a riptide (luckily I can swim… I think).


The kids are all similar yet different, if that makes any sense. They’re extremely playful and fully with me in the moment. I can’t stress that enough. That’s why they feel almost like fellow puppies to me, but on two legs. Stevie was the one who initially started playing with me at the kind lady’s house. He perceives everything, and seems subtly aware of the human Cosmic Confidentiality agreement*. I’ve heard that some humans break the spell of amnesia, so maybe he’ll eventually be communicating in these realms with me. We’ll see. Lizzie is very smart and kind-hearted. She probably takes care of me the most, and I truly appreciate her. Tommy is a little wrecking ball of fun. And pardon me for saying this, but he seems more monkey than human right now. Playing with him feels just like playing with my canine siblings.


About me

Stephen Parato (aka Stevie P) is an Author, Poet, World Traveler, Reiki Master, Positivity Connoisseur and Creativity Wizard.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
In the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, mice are the protrusion into our dimension of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who spend time in laboratories running complex experiments on humans. I decided to apply this idea to man's best friend, dogs.
Q. Where can readers find out more about you?
My blog
Q. What books are you reading now?
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

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