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Chapter 1

Friday night at club Bound and the club was in full swing, the maximum amount of members were already inside, the doors were locked, Kim stood at the bar talking to Kelly and Rebecca, across the room they watched Master Eric and Master Chris deal with a situation. The new receptionist was in tears, she had taken a beating and did not use her safe word, Chris was the one to stop the scene, when he asked the girl what her safe word was, she said she had forgotten, the Dom said they discussed the safe word before the scene, he had her repeat it, asking the submissive if she wanted to continue she shook her head, so the Dom released her, trembling she wanted to walk away, but the Dom asked her to sit with him, hesitantly she sat with him, discussing the use of a safe word, finally she confessed she was afraid to use it for fear of being rejected by others since it was her first scene in the club since becoming the receptionist.


Master Eric and Master Chris stood listening to them, then Master Eric turned to Master Chris, “You think you and Kim can do a demonstration to show trust and when to use a safe word, I don't want you scaring her though.” A twinkle in Master Chris’s eyes, he looked towards the bar, “I think it's time I put a little fear in her, and people will think she's tamed me.” Master Eric laughed, and from the look they both had looking towards their subbies by the bar, both Kim and Kelly had a shiver run down their spine.


“Oh shit” Kim said softly, Kelly and Rebecca felt sorry for her as Master Chris approached, Master Eric had stayed to supervise the cleaning and setting up for the demonstration. Grabbing a handful of hair, Master Chris pulled her head back, he leant down and kissed her lips hard, all fear dissipated, replaced by excitement and arousal. “Master Eric has requested we put on a demonstration, on trust and when to use safe words, you think you up for it Kim?” Her head screamed no, but her heart said yes, she would do anything for him, licking her lips where he had kissed her, “Yes Master, I am all yours” telling her to use the restroom if she needed, the three left the bar and went to the locker room, Kim was nervous but excited, it would be her first full on scene where he would push her limits, her heart beat fast as she washed her hands, Rebecca and Kelly were talking but Kim did not hear what they were saying, she saw their lips moving but her mind was too busy to hear their words. Taking a few deep breaths she looked at them, “I'm ready, let's do this.”


They walked back to the bar, Rebecca went to Damian’s side, Kim stood before Master Chris, he was busy talking to the Dom from before, and without missing a beat he curled his arm around Kim, explaining that it was natural for a sub to fear the use of her safe word, especially ones that are in the employ of the club, they have a sense of duty to fulfil, although Eric would expect them to use their safe word, he always preached safety first. Kelly looked for Master Eric, he was seated with the sub, from the looks of it she was apologising for disappointing him. When she stood Master Eric looked over to Kelly, a nod of his head she skipped over towards him, landing in his lap and wrapping her arms around him. Master Eric waited until her grip loosened before he asked if she was okay, “Uh huh, I thought my Master needed some comfort from seeing one of his subbies in pain.” Kissing the top of her head, Master Eric squeezed her tight, “Thank you my Love, I needed that.”


A crowd had gathered around as Master Chris was tying Kim to a double door frame, he walked to her front with wrists and ankles bound, cupping her chin, looking up into his eyes, “Trust me Kim, I will not hurt you more than you can handle, but if I do, I want to hear you use your safe word, is that clear?” Excitement was now being drained out by fear, biting into her bottom lip and swallowing hard, “I trust you Master. May I ask what you going to do to me?” Master Chris had a glint in his eye, “I am going to push your limits tonight, we are going to demonstrate trust and when to use a safe word. I have not planned a scene but trust me not to do anything on your hard limits list.” Kim bowed her head, “Yes Master, I trust you.” Master Chris lifted her chin again, forcing her to look into his eyes, “I'm not telling you more, so you stay with me in the scene and don't try anticipate what I am about to do, my precious subbie.” Kim’s eyes lit up, he wasn't holding back secrets but protecting her, “Thank you Master.”


Master Chris walked behind her, addressing the crowd gathered around, “Tonight we saw a subbie take a beating because she was afraid to use her safe word, she thankfully is doing okay, the biggest concern was her reasoning, she was afraid to, it was her first scene as a new employee of the club and felt she would be letting the club down. The problem with that is trust, before entering the scene they discussed her limits and safe word, however when it became too much she felt she couldn't use it. Under no circumstances shall a submissive in this club feel she can't use her safe word, if you intimidated to use your safe word, then you with the wrong partner, you need to trust your dominant to stop, as the dominant trusts his submissive to use it if he misses his signal that it's got too much for the submissive. My submissive has put her trust in me, she is not a masochist, yes I am a sadist.” There was a few gasps of air and a soft murmuring around as they looked to Kim, “Tonight we will demonstrate the level of trust we place in each other for a scene, and she is encouraged to take what I give her, but she has her safe word should it be too much, my love for her will not diminish should she use it.” Kim tried to twist when she heard his words, Master Chris was there to kiss her, his hand on her butt squeezing it, nipping her bottom lip as he pulled back, causing her to hiss and lick her lip, smiling at him “I love you too”. Master Chris spanked her butt and walked out of her view.


Master Chris walked to the table with his toys spread out, and picked up a flogger, he usually preferred one with stiffer leather strands, but for Kim he made one with softer leather to give the same sound on impact, but less painful, the handle was wrapped in the same leather, from behind he kissed her back, Kim stiffened and he waited for her to relax, “Stay with me Kim” she released her breath, “Yes Master” standing back a little, he flicked his wrist and the leather swept across her back, after the initial shock Kim relaxed, it wasn't as bad as she feared, Master Chris smiled seeing her relax, each blow was a little harder, watching her back turn a darker shade of pink, Kim was moaning with each blow, she was forced to stay in the moment as each blow came before she could drift away, flashes of her scene on games night flashed through her mind, she remembered asking if his arm was tired or if she needed to call someone else because his blow was underhand, Kim allowed herself to chuckle at the memory, Master Chris heard the soft chuckle, “You with me Kim?” Kim stiffened, “Yes Master, right here.” She waited for the next blow, but instead felt his hand on her back, flinching at the burn and trying to pull away, but he had her tightly secured, under his breath, “Do you need to use your safe word?” Kim shook her head, it hurt but it was not unbearable, Master Chris snaked his arm around her and cupped her sex, the heat from her arousal radiated into his palm, “Mmm that's perfect.”


Returning to the table to put the flogger down. He returned kneeling in front of Kim, with a glass dildo in hand, glistening from the lube applied, spreading her labia apart, Master Chris pressed the dildo to her sex, Kim moaned as the toy slipped inside her, eyes on him, looking up he smiled, “Try keep it inside you Kim, It's almost as big as me.” Clamping her muscles to hold the glass toy, next Master Chris pulled a Wattenberg wheel from his pocket, eyes wide and focus lost the dildo began to slip out, but he pressed it back with the palm of his hand, running the Wattenberg wheel up her inner right thighs, the sharp pins pricking her inner thighs, an uneven pattern decorating her thigh, moving to her left thigh he continued, tears filling her eyes, when he moved the wheel up to her sex she cried out, “Red” Master Chris dropped the wheel and removed the dildo, standing to cup her cheek, opening her eyes and looking into his to see concern, bottom lip trembling, “I got you Kim” he gently pushed stray hair away that covered her eyes, studying her, “Look at me Kim.” Glassy eyes focused, “I'm sorry Sir, I got scared.” Her sobs masking her words to the gathered crowd, but Master Chris caressed her cheek, “You did so well my precious, I am proud of you.” Her eyes open wider to see him smiling, he wasn't upset with her for her fears, “Hold still” untying her bonds, scooping her up he carried her to a couch.


Kim watched as he picked up some fruit and teased her lips until she opened to accept it, shocked at first, she once told Kelly at the bar, that she didn't like honeycomb and preferred fruit after a scene, no one paid much attention to her out of hand comment, he must have remembered from the games night, but, that was a long time ago, she opened her mouth to say something, but he put another grape inside, closing her lips around his fingers to accept it, smiling at her. When she bit into the grape, the explosion in her mouth was juicy and full of flavour, “Mmmm just like Master.” Master Chris looked at her in time to see her lick her lips, “Juicy and full of flavour” kissing the top of her head and putting a bottle of orange juice to her lips, Kim shook her head, “I need to taste you Master” clinging to his shirt she pulled herself up and kissed him, on her lips and tongue he could taste the grape, melon and kiwi fruit lingering, slowly she released him and looked at the bottle he still held, Master Chris put it to her lips and she drank slowly, but when she was done half the bottle was finished. He rubbed her inner thighs with Aloe Vera ointment and then had her straddle him facing away so he could rub the same into her back, a tingling warmth where the kiss of the flogger had left the skin pink.


Master Chris had Kim stand and wrapped her in a silk robe, then had her sit back down whilst he cleaned his toys, when he was done, he took Kim's hand and they walked over to the bar, everyone around the bar congratulated them on the demonstration, Kim clung to Master Chris and stayed by his side, this man declared his love for her earlier, she wasn't letting him out of her sight.

Chapter 2

As the night was drawing to a close, Master Chris stepped in to stop a fight, he took a glancing blow to the shoulder and chin, but the guy who hit him was crumpled on the floor heaving for a breath from one punch to his gut, Master Eric grabbed Master Chris by the shoulder before he stomped on the hand that hit his jaw. After a quick investigation it was determined that the offender had groped a submissive butt as she walked past, and when confronted he pushed the Dom into her, sending them both flying into a table where a friendly game of strip poker was being played, Master Eric checked his club card to see what drinks he had on the night and surprisingly he had no drinks registered, after frisking him and checking his locker, an almost empty flask with vodka was found. Master Eric immediately cancelled his membership for breaking the rules on alcohol consumption and told him he wasn't welcome back.


Master Chris returned to the couches and Kim straddled him, kissing his jaw, Master Chris pushed her back, until she sat on the floor, “Not now Kim, I'm not in the mood.” With a huff he stood and walked over to the locker rooms, he changed and left without saying a word to anyone. Kim looked around, waiting for him to return, eventually Master Eric went to look in the locker room and outside but Master Chris's truck was gone, both Master Eric and Kim tried calling him, but Master Chris had switched his phone off. Kelly told her it was probably the adrenalin and when Master Eric was out of earshot added that mister tough guy didn't want to be seen getting comfort from a sexy blond, she was ruining his image. The words made Kim smile, but they also hurt, what if it was true, everyone knew he was badass, and feared him, if she wasn't with him, then tonight probably wouldn't have happened. Kim said her goodbyes and goodnights before leaving.


At home she tried once more to call him, but still could not get through, she lay curled up with her pillow and cried herself to sleep, she had convinced herself Kelly was right and Master Chris didn't like his image ruined. Waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, her dream was about Master Chris, he had a wife and two kids, and she was his plaything in the club. She thought back to her father leaving her mother for another woman who had two kids, her heart ached, her mother was never the same after he left, she tried dating but nothing serious, when they found out her mother had a daughter the men she tried dating would back off, eventually she gave up on love and lived with two cats and a dog, even after Kim left home.


Kim woke in the morning to her phone ringing, hope rose until she looked at the screen, James, not Master Chris, “Hey Kim, we got a problem, I don't know how serious but it looks like the server was hacked last night, the ISP says they working on trying to restore it.” Kim sighed, she warned James that the server was not secure, she looked at the clock, it was ten past nine, she told James she was on her way, opening her laptop she logged into the website and put the site offline until she could fix the problem. After a quick shower and coffee she looked at the food in the fridge and decided she was not in the mood to eat.


As she entered the store James was there to meet her, he took her arm, “Kim are you okay?” She looked at him and frowned, “”Yeah I'm fine thanks.” Her answer was abrupt and James released her arm, “I'm sorry, it looks like you had a rough night, that's how I look when I been tied up into the wee hours of the night.” Kim turned and glared at him, “I said I am fine. If you had listened to me about the server not been secure I wouldn't have to get up on my Saturday morning to come fix a problem that should've and could've been avoided, James.” Her stomach twisted talking like this to him, he was a client but also a friend, she was annoyed but not with James, but with the man she thought was her Master. “I'm sorry James, it's not this, and I had a bad night, let’s get your system fixed shall we?” Putting his arm around her they walked through to his office. If James was hurt by her words he didn't show it, he squeezed her and offered her coffee, when Jesse came into his office to find out why the point of sale system was down, she saw Kim, James was not at the club last night, but Jesse and Miss Claire were, Jesse asked if he called, Kim tried not to look up, but when she did her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head, James entered the office with a mug of coffee, he stood watching Jesse hold Kim as she sobbed. He put the coffee down and left the office, something was not right and he understood Kim preferred to talk to another woman, he was one of the submissive, but he was also a guy, as they keep reminding him, “There are some things a guy does not understand”


Kim managed to get the point of sale up and running, but spent the next four hours setting up a cloud based server that was impenetrable, finally as the store was closing she closed the computer, she had captured the sales for the day to balance the stock on the website. Jesse was sweet, she brought her some fruit at lunchtime. When Kim left the office she told James everything was back up and running, he thanked her for coming out on her Saturday, and gave her a hug, Kim apologised for snapping at him earlier, but James brushed it off, “I know, there are some things guys don't understand.” Kim pulled away and shook her head, “I had a bad night at the club, well, wasn't all bad, but it ended bad, so I didn't get a good night’s sleep, I think I am going to visit my mom and give the club a miss tonight.” She tried to smile, but the memory of last night in the club and her dream still haunted her. James walked her out the store then locked up, he thanked her for coming out again and hoped she had a nice visit with her mother.

Chapter 3

Kim looked at her phone for the tenth time since arriving at her mother, the ginger cat purred on her lap, while the calico cat cleaned herself next to her, her mother walked in with coffee and chocolate eclairs that she had made when Kim called to say she was coming over. She told her mother about the dream she had last night, and how it reminded her of her father, once Kim had finished her story her mother came to sit next to her, “Your father never loved me, he married me only because he found out we were pregnant, so he stuck around to do the right thing, when you turned seven it was clear he was not going to change, and he started to get resentful towards you, so I told him to leave, it was easier at the time for you to believe he left us, but the truth is I sent him away, I couldn't stand sleeping in the same bed as him, knowing he was sleeping and in love with another woman, it made me feel dirty and guilty.” Kim was shocked, she felt sorry for her mother to have to pretend all those years, she hated her father for leaving, now even more so for putting on the act when he didn't love them at all, she remembered her breakdown in Master Chris's arms when he had said “Good Girl.” She asked her mother about that, shaking her head, “He only started saying that to you when when I told him if he was going to stick around he needs to show you some love, I guess it's my fault, I forced it on him, but that was the beginning of the end.” Kim’s mother choked up, she hadn't realised how much it had affected Kim all these years, and Kim was being strong for her, “I'm sorry I failed you Kim, I really am.” Tears rolled down her cheeks, the first time Kim had ever seen her mother cry. “You didn't fail me, you gave me everything I ever needed, and I always felt loved by you, and besides, who wants a man if he didn't want to be around us, we awesome.” Together they watched a show, when the show was over, Kim curled up on the couch and went to sleep, and in her mother's house she felt safe.


Master Chris returned to Bound, James was there with Miss Claire and Jesse, tonight they were going to scene as a threesome together for the first time in the club, Miss Claire told Jesse and James to wait for her whilst she went to set things up. Rebecca walked over and James told her what a crazy day they had in the store, at the mention of Kim’s name Master Chris paid more attention to what was being said, he saw she had called him several times, but his mood last night was dark, and after he left the club he went home and got drunk, waking up to his golden retriever nudging him cause he needed to go outside.


After listening to the conversation, and still no Kim, Master Chris's mood darkened, he went to the locker room to call her, but her phone rang and rang until her voicemail picked up the call, frustrated Master Chris hung up and didn't leave a message. By the time he returned to the bar, Miss Claire, James and Jesse were already gone, he went to look for them, and needing to talk to James, to his disappointment the scene had already started. Miss Claire was using an electric rod to shock Jesse, whist James had penetrated her, thrusting in and out, “Which one of you is going to cum first?” Miss Claire taunted them, when James seemed to slow, she held the rod to his chest, asking if he wanted some of it too? When he shook his head, he increased his pace, Master Chris smiled at the look of fear on his face. Miss Claire zapped Jesse’s clit, the poor girl let out an almighty scream from the pain, as well as her orgasm that swept him through her, Miss Claire told James to stay inside her and not to cum, he tried his best, Jesse's grip on his shaft throbbed as she rode the pleasure wave of her orgasm, when she was through, Miss Claire pulled James back and told him to clean her up, he sunk to his knees and caressed her sex with his tongue, Miss Claire was not through with them though, whilst James used his tongue on Jesse, she released the nipple clamps, with his tongue inside her he felt her contract, as the second one was removed Jesse came, going limp for the energy spent, James helped her up as Miss Claire wrapped her in a robe, as reward for not cuming, James knelt between Miss Claire's knees and kissed and tongued her sex whilst she held onto Jesse.


Chris watched on, looking at his watch again, Eric stood beside him, “You got somewhere you need to be?” Chris turned to look at him, anyone else he would tell them to fuck off, “He was the last one to speak to Kim today, he might know where she is, she is not answering her phone.” Eric told him to walk with him, Chris stood his ground and stared at him, “They still got the room for another half hour, and Claire intends to use every minute of it.” Eric grinned when he heard Chris growl his annoyance. Eric recognised that it was the first time he saw his friend show emotion towards anyone, yes last night he said he loved Kim, but his actions might have proved otherwise.


In his office Eric asked, “How's your jaw?” Chris glared at him, “Fuck you, you didn't ask me here to ask about my jaw, he caught me with a lucky punch after glancing my shoulder, if you hadn't stopped me I would have made sure he remembered last night for many nights to come.” Eric winced, he knew he stopped Chris from stomping on the guy's hand and probably would have crushed it. “You right, it's not why I called you in here, but it is related, turns out the guy is related to the police commissioner, and an investigation has been launched. I wanted you to hear about it from me first. My attorney called to say charges have been pressed and a warrant for your arrest has been issued. You have until midday tomorrow to hand yourself in.” Chris shook his head, “This is not happening, you better be playing a prank, and if you are I will knock you on your ass.” Eric shook his head, “Afraid not”. “You should have let me crush his hand, if I have to go through this shit.” Eric chuckled, “I don't see how that would help matters, but listen, my attorney is ready to represent you, you were in my club, defending my members, so you got my full support.”


Chris left the office and went looking for James, Claire was by the bar, but her two subbies were nowhere to be seen. Meaningfully Chris strode across the floor, people getting out of his way, they turned to watch who he was after, when he stopped by Claire they held their breath, she motioned towards the locker rooms, she asked why he wanted James, as if it was wasting his time he explained that James was probably the last one to see Kim today, and he needed to go see her, urgently, as he finished James appeared by his side, “There you are” Chris said in a rather harsh tone, Claire looped her arm around him and pulled James back behind her, he was ready to bark back at Chris, Master or not, he was not a shrinking violet, “If you going to speak to my submissive you do so with respect, or you can go fly a kite.” People around them gasped, no one spoke to him that way and lived to tell the story, Chris nodded, “My apologies, every minute I waste is a minute I will never get back. James, I heard you earlier say that Kim was at the store, did she say what her plans were for today, she obviously didn't come here tonight.” James studied Master Chris, Claire squeezed him, and nodded it was okay to tell him, “Yes she was at the store today, she was upset and said she was going to spend the rest of the day at her mother's.” Master Chris reached out and put his hand on James’ shoulder, “Thank you.”


After parking, he looked at the directions again, it was the house with the large palm tree, and there was no house number on the gate. Knocking on the door, Chris waited a minute until a elderly woman opened the door, “Hello, you must be Chris, come on in, we will talk before I let you see my daughter.” Chris followed her inside, they walked past the living room where he saw Kim asleep on the couch. At the dining room table the woman asked him why he wanted to see Kim so urgently. “Ma’am every minute I am away from her I can't get back, tomorrow I have to answer for an assault charge for an incident that happened when I left your daughter yesterday, I need her to know the reason I left wasn't because of her, but I was being an ass, excuse my language.” She asked what the assault was. “Someone thought they could grope a woman, so I put a stop to it, he got a lucky punch off, so I punched him in the gut, but it seems he is related to the police commissioner and has used influences to lay charges, and he is trying to sue me and the club, but I believe after tomorrow everything will be sorted out.” The woman did not say a word, she looked at him, then cocked her head, “You know where she is, go wake her, but be gentle, she had a rough night last night and is hurting.”


Chris knelt beside Kim, gently shaking her, when she opened her eyes she looked at him, “Go away.” She said softly, closing her eyes, “Kim, look at me.” Kim's eyes opened, blinking several times until she sat up, “What you doing here?” Chris smiled, and cupped her cheek, “I come to explain myself to you.” Shaking her head, “You don't need to explain, you made your feelings pretty clear.” Chris withdrew his hand, the way she tried to retreat from his touch hurt more than her words, “Hear me out, then I will leave.” Kim looked at him, she could see he wasn't leaving until he had said his piece, giving him a nod.


“Last night was not you, it was all me. When I was growing up, my parents died when I was too young to know them, so I moved from foster home to foster home, the last family I stayed with had a daughter my age, we had both turned eighteen, and she would come into my room at night when our parents were out, at first she said it was a game, but she wanted to touch me, when I said no, she said she would tell our parents of the fights I got into at school, which would mean I would be grounded, or they would suspend my allowance, so I caved in and allowed her. One day I got into a fight against three boys, my sister had told them that she touches me, and they kept teasing me, I lost it, I beat them up pretty good, when I got home, the school had called my parents and they wanted an explanation why I was fighting, I couldn't tell them the truth so I said nothing, they asked why I couldn't behave like their daughter, I got everything I needed like she did. My allowance was suspended for two months, that night when they were asleep she crept into my room and thanked me for not telling them, she wanted to tend to my wounds, and kiss me, it felt revolting, so I told her if she ever touches me again I would talk to her parents. Well she beat me to the punch, she told them that I was the one touching her, and she told the boys to get me to stop. Appalled they called child services to take me away, but before they got there I packed a bag and left, I left a note for them to ask their daughter for the truth one day, and even ask the kids, and see what the truth was, but I don't know if they did, I had to get out of there, so I dropped out of school and found work with a carpenter as a labourer, he didn't ask questions as long as I did my work. Eventually he taught me how to work steel and I took those skills when he died and started working for myself. When you touched me, I had a flashback, I knew it was you, but I still had to get space, I had to clear my head, you were the first person to be tender and caring to me. For what it's worth I am sorry. Tomorrow I have to turn myself in on an assault charge for what happened in the club, Eric will send his attorney because he is also trying to sue the club, so anyway, take care of yourself.”


Chris turned to walk away when Kim grabbed his hand, he stopped and froze, then looked at her. “I'm sorry, I didn't know.” Pulling him she felt his resistance, “Come sit with me, please.” Chris took a seat next to her, but made sure there was a distance between them, “I don't do affection well.” Kim smiled and asked him to trust her, Chris nodded and Kim scooted closer, looking up at him, “You okay with me being this close?” She was inches away, none of their body parts touching, Chris looked to check the gap between them, then nodded, “I know this is hard for you, but would Sir be okay if I sat on his lap?” A second of panic before he relaxed, “You in control, say red if it gets too much Sir.” Kim was using the same methods he used when she panicked at the house party at Eric and Kelly’s, when he used ‘Good Girl’ and it was the first time she panicked hearing the words, she wanted to run and hide, but Master Chris talked her through her panic. Lifting Kim onto his lap, she rested her head against his chest, she waited, and then felt him relax, wrapping his arms around her, “Thank you Sir.” Her words ever so soft, but he heard them, resting his chin on top of her head, he kissed her softly, “Thank you Kim.


They sat like that for hours talking, Kim asked if he ever went back to speak to his foster parents to tell them the truth, or if he has ever seen them since he left, he hadn't, and didn't want to see them, the way they looked at him the day he was accused was forever etched in his memory. Eventually they fell asleep, and woke up to the fresh smell of coffee. Kim got up and said she would bring the coffee, when she returned she sat on his lap again, looking a little puzzled, “How did you find me?” Chris smiled, “I phoned you, and your mum answered, and after convincing her my intentions were pure she gave me the address, so I drove over.” Kim rested against his chest and sipped her coffee, “Pure intentions huh?” Master Chris grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back, leaning down he kissed her lips hard, “Yes, pure, but if provoked I might change tact.” Kim felt flushed, she wanted him to change tact, but not in her mother's house, “Can we go to your house Sir? You welcome to change tact.”


About me

Grant was born in South Africa in 1977. I have traveled to various parts of the world, for both work (A waiter on a cruise ship for five years) and vacation. Countries visited on vacation include Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and England. Currently living in Johannesburg, by day cooking in a food truck, by night writing for pleasure.

Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Love can come in unexpected forms, when you find love, hold onto it. Love is a commitment between two people, don't be stubborn, don't leave angry, work things out before you go to sleep, your mind is still active when you sleep, so resolve your issues before its too late
Q. Which writers inspire you?
Cherise Sinclair and Kallypso Masters, they both have wonderful messages in their works that is thought-provoking.
Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
Set inside Club Bound. Master Eric owns the BDSM club and believes in safe and consensual sex. Each scene gets negotiated before and submissives are encouraged to safeword should it become too much for them. Masters will push their limits and help the submissive develop.

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