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First pages

Chapter 1: A Situational Life

She walks into the bathroom staring into the mirror to push back her black hair to looks at her forehead lowering her gaze to stare into her brown eyes. She flashes a grin at her reflection and pulls out a toothbrush applying toothpaste as she brushes her teeth while humming a song in her head. As she brushes her teeth, a young boy with a similar face walks into the bathroom in a daze and walks over to the toilet lifting the lid and dropping his pants as he takes a seat on the toilet.

She spits into the sink and looks towards the boy. “Stuart, your sleepwalking again wake up.” She says disinterested.

“Can’t wake up, too busy taking a dump.”

“Fine, well hurry before Sherry wakes up unless you like having puke on your head.” She smirks and walks out of the bathroom with a figure rushing into the bathroom behind her immediately followed by a loud scream of horror. “Told you.”

With a happy grin, she walks to the end of the hall and goes into her room closing her door and locking it as she moves through the room looking at a nearby clock. After a quick moment, she walks out of the room wearing her school uniform a black dress shirt and a skirt as she walks towards the stairs.

She stops by the bathroom for a moment to hear the showers running forming a mischievous grin on her face and rushing down the stairs.


Downstairs an older woman lays out three plates on a table rushing back into the kitchen to pull out another plate of poorly cooked pancakes placing it with the others. She walks towards the table and looks at the pancakes before resigning herself to eating them and sitting down.

“What time is it?” A groggy voice says descending the stairway.

“Good morning Sis, I’m surprised you’re up before noon.”

“Shut it, all night marathons and beer don’t mix too well.” A young woman with similar features and long messy black hair walks up to the table in a simple overly large tee-shirt and no visible pants. “Listen to your senior and bring me some orange juice.”

“Sorry, Sherry we’re out of orange juice.” The mother of the pair says coming out of the kitchen looks at her daughters and then quickly turns her attention towards the stairs. “Where is Stuart?”

“Well Sis went on a bender last night and we only have one bathroom so she rushed in while he was on the toilet.” She says explaining the situation as she scarfs pancakes into her mouth. “So anyway, Dad left already?”

“He had to head to work, but don’t change the subject.”

“Why, let’s not ruin our good morning with you and Sis yelling at each other for hours on end.” She grins happily at her mother trying to force some sympathy. “Besides Stuart had it coming, he should know to be wary on Monday mornings by now.”

“That’s right, it’s Stuarts fault!”

“Serina don’t enable your sister, and Sherry you have to remember your younger siblings are still students so unlike you, they can’t lounge around the house all day.”

“Fine.” Sherry relents and pulls off a pancake. “Well, at least the pancakes don’t seem like complete crap today.”

“Watch your language when your brother gets down here.”

“Yes maim.”

Soon afterwards the young boy joins the others in his uniform blue dress shirt and khaki pants. “Well I think I got all of it off, I’m not sure though.”

“We don’t have time, both of you eat quickly and I’ll drive you to school.”

“Relax mom, since she’s done I’ll take Serina to school and you handle Stuart.” Sherry gets up from the table and walks over towards her mother holding out her hand. “So please hand me the keys.”

“Okay, but first put on some pants.”

“Oh right, pants and here I thought I only forgot to put on underwear.” She puts on a forced wide grin on her face attempting to play the comment off as a joke as everyone stares at her blankly. “I’ll be right back.” She says relenting turning to climb up the stairs.

Wary of the time the three sit in front of the doorway with Sherry descending the staircase wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans and snatching the keys from her mother. She signals for Serina and the pair rush out of the door leaving their brother and younger brother in their wake.


The pair sits inside of the car as Sherry drives casually down the road with Serina staring out of the window. Serina takes glances at her normally grubby and dirty sister noticing her seemingly majestic aura surrounding her.

“I can’t wait to get older,” Serina whispers to herself.

“That’s a dumb wish you know.” Sherry surprises Serina as she turns towards her. “you're growing older at every moment, so don’t worry you’ll turn into an old bat in time. For now, enjoy being a kid and don’t worry about the responsibilities of the world.”

“Is that what you’re doing?”

“I guess you could say that.” Sherry tries to turn away but glues her eyes to the road. “Oh, good we’re almost there.”


Rather quickly the car pulls up towards a long line of cars dropping off various kids in similar uniforms. Serina gets out of Sherry’s car and looks at the school with an uninterested gaze walking along into the masses all headed towards the building as Sherry watches on closing the door and driving off. Amongst the crowd of students another girl walks along passing Serina neither paying attention to the other and ignoring anything else around them as they go their separate ways.


A while later Serina reaches her class moving towards her desk in the middle of the classroom, sitting down and pulling out a large book opening it and continuing to read on from a previous session. She ignores her classmates as they ignore her presence and a loud bell sound echoes across the school building. Almost automatically the students rush to their respective seats and Serina puts away her book as a teacher enters the room.

“All right everyone, I hope all of you are ready, your exams are coming up soon so….” He gets into a lecture as the class watches on.

His voice fades out in Serina’s head as she watches on ignoring her surroundings. This again, it feels like life is a constant rerun with everything repeating day after day. She thinks to herself as the lecture drowns on.

“Okay, now before we continue I think we should introduce our new student to the class.” He motions towards a figure in the corner of the room with everyone watching on. “Now she is from far away, so please everyone be a little patient with her as she might not be up to speed in the ways of our country.”

“She’s kind of cute.” One of the boy’s whispers to another. “You know in an exotic way.”

Boys are seriously stupid, they always go gaga over any cute girl that crosses their path. She thinks to herself not surprised.

“My name is Hitomi Hamasaki, I’ve been sent here to live with you all for the foreseeable future.” A girl around her age stands at the class in the same uniform giving off an aura like that of her sister’s making her seem above the others around her as her long black hair seems to flow in the wind. “I hope that we all get along.”

She sits down and everyone murmurs amongst themselves with Serina quickly turning around to ignore the girl. Seriously what was that, what’s with this damn mature atmosphere those two seem to give off?

“All right because Hitomi is new and hasn’t gotten used to the building because we’re only focusing on review today, someone can take her around and get her associated with the basic layout.” He says looking at the crowd of students. “Serina Spileman, take Hitomi around for us.”

“Sir?” Serina leaps up from her desk and looks around.

“Come on haven’t you been paying attention? Just show Hitomi around the school and then get back here!”

“Yes, sir.” Serina moves from her desk and moves over towards Hitomi and reaches out her hand. “My name is Serina Spileman.”

“My name is Hitomi Hamasaki, but I already said that earlier.” Hitomi glances down at her bag as it subtly shakes. “Well let’s get started.”

Chapter 2: An Odd Wind

Serina and Hitomi walk through the halls as Serina explains the various classrooms to her as the head towards the library. Serina opens the door showing off the various books lining the shelves as Hitomi looks around with a grin pulling one book off the shelf and looking at it curiously.

“So, you like to read?” Serina stares at the cover of the book. “History?”

“Yes, I do enjoy reading especially on that subject.” She returns the book to the shelf and looks at the other books. “I will certainly enjoy this, seeing another take on history is always refreshing.”

“Another take?”

“Yes, depending on the writer the events in question could be altered. One could prefer speaking highly of military action while another might prefer discussing political maneuvers.”

“Never thought about it.”

“Of course, most assume everything they read within books absolute fact, and never question it.” Hitomi walks off looking at the various books pointing towards a specific section. “If it is all fact then why are there so many books all written on the same subject?”

“Well, it is just human nature to tell stories in a way, right? And if two writers write the same story how they write on it is different, so maybe it’s like that.”

Hitomi laughs and walks off. “Sorry, but no one’s ever indulged me when I get like that.”

“Like what?”

“All philosophical and questioning everything around me, it’s an odd habit.”

“Noted.” Serina walks ahead and motions towards the opposite door. “Well, let’s be on our way.”

“Yes, let’s.”


The pair walks into a large courtyard, with the students in their classes it sits empty as the pair walk through. Serina stares at Hitomi looking for another opening to base a conversation on.

“You know…,” Serina says trying to force a word in.

Suddenly a loud scream goes across the courtyard. Hitomi immediately sprints towards the source of the cry leaving Serina in her dust as she attempts to give chase.

In the corner of the courtyard inside of a large bush, a girl lies on the ground half asleep as Hitomi walks up to her. “Good, she isn’t being attacked.” She says under her breath.

“Hey, you're awfully fast, you're more athletic than you look.” Serina catches her breath as she looks ahead towards the unconscious girl. “What’s with her?”

“I don’t know she apparently was the one who screamed a moment ago.”

“We should get a teacher or should get a teacher or something, you stay here I’ll go find someone.”

“Yes, I will watch over her.” Hitomi gives Serina a look before she walks off leaving her behind. “Good, now, maybe you should tell me what you are and why’re you here?”

The girl behind her stands up staring ahead at the back of her skull with an unflinching gaze.

“I can feel the energies coming off of your body, they certainly don’t feel human, but I doubt that you're that big of a threat.”

The girl holds an odd gun to the back of Hitomi’s head as she stares ahead calmly reaching inside of her bag and grips onto something. “Sorry about this.” The girl says under her breath as she pulls the trigger.

A while later Serina returns with a teacher looking on as Hitomi stands around paying no attention to anything. Serina looks around and notices no sign of the girl with Hitomi continuing to stand there doing nothing.

“Hey, where’s this girl that you were talking about? Is it her?”

“No, there was a girl who was unconscious in the bushes….” Serina looks on nervous of his gaze.

“Oh her, she woke up and left,” Hitomi blurts snapping back.

“Oh, well just make sure that you both stay out of trouble and don’t cause any.” He says before walking off.

“Great he doesn’t believe us.” Serina sighs exasperated and stares at Hitomi. “So she woke up and left?”

“Yes, that is all that occurred.”

“Fine, so I guess we’ll continue with the tour.”

The pair walks off with a figure watching from the shadows emerging once the pair are out of sight. “That was close, I was almost discovered there, that’d be a rookie mistake. Now from here, what would the captain do?”


A while later the pair walks through the halls and walks into the empty cafeteria, all the chairs and tables line up uniformly as Serina walks in. Serina directs Hitomi to the front where a large buffet line sits with a register at the other end.

“So, lunch is buffet style?” Hitomi asks.

“Basically, but the foods not that great here so almost everyone brings their own lunch.”

“Disappointing, at my previous school they prepared high-quality lunches for us.”

“Then why’d you leave?”

“That’s a difficult subject to speak of,” Hitomi says trying to avoid the subject.

As the pair stand around a tall boy rushes into the cafeteria slamming open the doors with a horrid look on his face. As he steps in he looks around sniffing at the air around him standing in a single spot.

“Damn it, there’s no food here.” He says collapsing to the ground. “Damn it so hungry, need food.”

Serina looks on stunned and turns towards Hitomi. “All right, this time you’ll go get the teacher. You know where the office is right?”

“Correct, I’ll indulge and go find a teacher, just watch over him.” Hitomi walks off as Serina turns towards the boy. “And don’t touch him, he’s quite odd.”

“You don’t have to tell me that.”

The boy lays unconscious on the floor as Serina stands over him curiously watching him. “Damn it, when I find him, I will crush that floating bastard.” He says straining himself to stay conscious.

“If you’re tired, just go to sleep, you’re not making any sense,” Serina says taking a nearby seat.

Hitomi quickly appears alongside a teacher who looks over the boy sending the two girls off. They continue their tour before returning to the courtyard with Serina taking a seat on the grass staring at the opening between the building into the sky above.

“So, there you have it, there’s our school.”

“Quite an interesting place, with students falling all over the place.” Hitomi sits on the ground next to her staring at the sky. “I hope all the days aren’t like this.”

“Oh, no way, Most of the time it’s an average and boring school. Today is just weird, maybe it’s in the wind or something.”

“Yes, the air around here is quite odd.” Hitomi looks on with a grin on her face. “I might be able to enjoy my time here.”

“I hope so,” Serina says continuing to stare at the sky.

Chapter 3: Oddities Increase

Finished with her task to Hitomi Serina returns to the classroom just as the bell echoes across the school. Hitomi walks off amongst the crowd as Serina walks in grabbing her bag off the side of her desk and walks out nodding to the teacher as she leaves. Looking into the crowd she sees no sign of Hitomi and walks off leaving the area behind.

In the hallway Serina makes her way to her locker putting in the combination and opening it and pulling out one book.

“Did you hear about the new students?” A pair of students next to her talk to each other. “I heard that she’s some kind of ninja.”

“A ninja, that’s stupid.”

“No seriously, someone said that they saw her walk into an alley in the middle of the night before disappearing completely,"

“Are you sure that she didn’t just walk to the other side?”

“That was it, there was no other side, she disappeared like she was air.”

“What really?”

“Swear to god.”

Serina closes her locker and walks away ignoring the rest of their conversation. “So, there are already rumors, they’re working fast today.”


A while later she sits in the middle of class as a teacher stands in front of them lecturing with most of the class ignoring him and chatting amongst themselves. Behind her, a small crowd sits with talking loudly as everyone also ignores them.

“Hey, they said that there’s this new student.”

“Yeah there was a number of them, isn’t that weird for this time of year?”

“Well not only that, I heard he’s dangerous.”


“Yeah, they say he goes around fighting people left and right, beating up anyone who dares cross him.”

“They let someone that scary into the school!?”

“Apparently his family’s rich or something, that’s why they let him in.”

Serina tries ignoring them as the image of the boy collapsed in the cafeteria enters her mind. “He mentioned that he would beat someone up.” She says under her breath.

“I also heard about this one girl, who’s not even a student.”

“What really?”

“Yeah, they say if you look around campus you’ll find some odd girl who’s just there. She doesn’t go to class and whenever a teacher comes nearby, she’ll run away.”

“Sounds dangerous, they should really increase security around here.”

“I know right.”

Serina thinks about the odd girl she discovered on the ground and Hitomi’s odd reaction to her. “Maybe she was someone she knew, or maybe she did something to her?”

“Spileman quit talking over there!” The teacher yells out glaring at her. “If this class is so boring that you're talking to yourself, come up here and teach yourself!”

“No sir, I was only repeating what you said to help with studying.” Serina goes into a cold sweat hating the gazes and glares of the various students around her.

“Fine then, but keep it down your distracting the other students.”

“Yes, Sir.”


The rest of the school day flies by and after-school Serina sits around on a bench watching the other students pass by. She keeps a special look out for any sign of Hitomi, but fails to spot her and continues waiting, eventually pulling out her phone to experiment with apps.

“What’re you playing?” Sherry asks walking up to her.

“Tetris, you took too long, so I played.”

“Oh, how far’ve you gotten?”

“Level ten, I’m about to lose though unless I can get an L block.” She stares at the phone before putting it away. “And I got an I block and lost.”

“Well you did okay, let’s go get some ice cream or something.”

Serina grins and jumps up. “You just want some dumb sweets.”

“Can you blame me, let’s go.”



A moment later the two sit inside of a fast food restaurant with ice cream cones in hand as Sherry eats hers quickly and Serina slowly licks the side. Sherry takes the occasional glance at her younger sister coming up for air once she’s finished and fully focusing in on her younger sister.

“So, made any friends yet?”


“It’s been a while, how come?”

“I just don’t feel like it, it feels like I’m out of place there.”

“I understand, ever since we left home I’ve felt like that.”

“Is that why you don’t have a job because I don’t think mom will buy that as an excuse,” Serina says finishing her cone. “Where’d you get the money for this, anyway?”

“Told mom I’d be fueling up the car, took a little off the top for myself though.”

“You’re an awful daughter, you know that.”

“What that just makes you look better.” Sherry stands up and walks off. “So wanna try practicing today?”

“Yeah let’s.”

The pair enters the car with Serina sitting on the driver’s side and taking the wheel with Sherry sitting in the passenger’s seat and leaning back her chair. Serina gets a feel for the pedals and stares into the parking lot as she turns the key and takes off the brake.

“That’s it, little Sis, you’ve got the hang of it, just relax and you’ll have your license in now time,” Sherry says relaxing.

“If I learn to drive then what else will my useless older sister do?”

“Maybe she’ll never have to leave her room again, wouldn’t that be grand,” Sherry says with a smile.

“You’re not putting the fridge in your room.”

“I was joking.”

Serina goes down the road focusing intensely on the road with Sherry peeking up at her. “So, what’s wrong, you’re a little tense.”

“I don’t know, we got this new student in school and I can’t get her out of my mind.”

“Oh, maybe you’re into girls?”

Serina slams on the brakes suddenly stopping the car with Sherry flying forward and almost hitting the dashboard. “Sherry, don’t joke about that!”

“Sorry,” Sherry says leaning back. “But is there any other reason that she could be on your mind?”

“Well I guess I want to be her friend or something, but then there are these rumors…..”

“Are you sure you’re not into girls, it wouldn’t be weird if you were, I mean occasionally I’ve been known to…..”

“Please I don’t want to hear about anything involving you and any form of sex, please don’t.”

“All right fine, so tell me about these rumors.”

“Why do you care?”

“Haven’t you hear teen drama is the thing that keeps the human psyche going, just thinking about something so insignificant being taken seriously helps everyone forget their larger problems.”

“So you're using my problems to get away from your problems?”

“Yeah, why do you think Reality TV is so popular.”

“Maybe I should find someone else to talk to.”

“You could, but that would involve going out to find a friend, so it’s just easier to talk to you big sister.”

“Fine, basically there are a bunch of rumors about some new students, they all say that they’re dangerous and no one should get involved with them,” Serina says as they reach a stop light. “I know I shouldn’t put much stock in rumors but….”

“All right calm down, just use your head. Did this girl you have on your mind seem odd?”

“Very much so.”

“Odd in a bad or dangerous way?”

“No, more odd in an interesting way.”

“Are you sure you don’t have a crush, you are at that age.”

“Just be quite sister.”

Sherry lifts her chair and puts her hand on Serina’s shoulder. “Just trust your instincts, if you feel like this girl is worth befriending than do it. You haven’t made a friend since we moved, for you to find anyone that interesting is a blessing.”


“And if you do turn out to like her in a different way, just make sure to get your big sister’s impression before attempting to date,” Sherry says with a wide grin on her face.

“It’s my fault for expecting anything good out of my goo for nothing big sister,” Serina says before disengaging the break as she continues to drive. “Just don’t say something like that to Mom or Dad.”

“Fine.” She says relenting.

Chapter 4: In the Dark of the Night

After driving for some time Serina pulled the car into the parking spot of her family home with Sherry leaping out of the car. Serina follows behind her locking the door and walking into the house with a proud grin on her face.

“You know Mom said that you shouldn’t be doing that.” Stuart walks out of the house looking at his sisters.

“Come on Stuart, don’t rag on your big sisters.” Sherry winks at the disinterested boy before relenting. “Fine tell on us, but of Serina doesn’t learn to drive then who’ll help Mom out with errands.”


“Shut it, but she’s going to learn eventually why not now?”

“Don’t know, ask Mom.” Stuart turns and walks inside. “I won’t tell, but next time you bring me some ice cream.”

“My little extortionist, I’m so proud of you right now.”

“Make it a full sundae.”

“I hate you now.”

Serina looks on disinterested and looks around the house, picking up an odd scent in the air and grinning happily. She walks into the kitchen with her sister and brother behind her and sees a tall man with blond hair and green eyes with a grin on his face as he looks at their mother as he sits at the front of the dinner table.

“Dad!” Serina and Sherry yell out happily.

“Ah, my girls.” He says happily as they walk into the room. “Sherry, it’s good to see you out of your room, and Serina I hope school is going well.”

“It’s going fine.” Serina walks over to her father and stares at him. “I wish I’d ended up with your eyes and not Mom’s.”

“Serina be quite and sit down, we will have dinner soon.”

“Right.” Serina takes a seat towards the end of the table with Stuart sitting next to her.

“So Dad, how long are you going to be home now?” Sherry asks taking a seat next to her father.

“Well I’ll be home for a few days, and then I’ll head back out for work.”

“Yes, that means for a few days Mom won’t be on my case!” Sherry yells out.

“Sherry be quite and stop bothering your father.” Their mother brings plates to the table. “You could help me bring some food out.”

“Sorry Mom, I’m a little tired from driving around all day.”

“Don’t worry dear I’ll help.”

“No Dad, you relax I’ll help Mom.” Serina gets up from the table and walks into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Serina looks at the various plates made by her mother noticing how they decline in quality as they go on. Well with Dad home, for a while maybe he’ll take up cooking for a while so we can eat decently. She thinks to herself.

“Serina, sorry to ask you this, but we’ve run out of ketchup.”


“Yes, apparently, Sherry’s been snacking again and didn’t tell me.” She says sighing. “Anyway, just head down to the store and pick up a bottle please?”

“Yes, Mom,” Serina says walking out of the room through the back door. If you’d let me drive, then this would be a quick task. But now I’ve got to walk all the way there.


Serina walks through the street only illuminated by the street lights up above. She pulls out her phone to check a map putting it away quickly as she walks along her path. In the shadows behind her, a figure stalks her footsteps slowly approaching her as she walks along uninterested. She puts earplugs into her ears turning on the music on her phone as the creature stomps as it approaches unable to hear its steps over the music.

“I should almost be there.” She says looking at the map yet again.

In the reflection of her phone, she seems a figure approaching her from behind. Immediately a large claw comes down from above nearly slashing into her as she leaps Out of the Way slamming into the ground.

“What the hell is that!” She yells out terrified at the sight of the creature. “What the hells is going on?”

Gotta Cut, I have to Cut, I have to Cut into you!” It yells out stomping ahead.

Under the light of a streetlight a misshapen creature with an enlarged humanoid face stretched out over a torso with large claws coming out of its back and small hands coming from the front, it stands on a pair of large furry legs roaring out under the light.

“What the hell? What the hell is that!”

I have to cut, I’m going to cut, forgive me! Because I’m going to cut you up!

It stomps ahead roaring out loudly as Serina leaps up and runs trying to avoid it. It roars out again chasing after her as its back arms stretch forward slicing at the air with Serina barely staying ahead of it.

Damn it, what the hell is that? Serina asks herself leaping off of a bench and running into a park. “I can lose it in here or at least find some help.”

The creature roars once again charging through the bench and rushing into the park. It stomps around with Serina hiding within some bushes to avoid the beast and wait it out. As the roaring stops Serina looks on to see the creature moving towards her as it reaches out both sets of arms with large claws coming out of its forearms.

Does this thing have a nose, can it smell me!? She thinks to herself panicking. None of this would be happening if Mom would let me drive!

It stands over her reaching out its claws and staring down at her as its mouth drools. Gotta cut, gotta cut you up!

“Such a simple-minded creature, I’ll put you out of your memory.” A voice says from above. “You’ve got this one, he’s a weakling.”

A figure leaps in from above as a bolt of lightning comes from above hitting the creature as it roars out in pain. Instantaneously the figure rushes ahead plunging a sword into its side as it roars out loudly in pain.

“Your hide is surprisingly tough, but no matter.” She pulls out her blade as the creature roars out in pain with blood rapidly coming out of its side. “You’ll lose no matter what you do. You don’t have the power to go up against a Magical Girl.”

Serina takes a peek out of the bushes to see Hitomi standing around in an odd outfit and holding a large sword in her hands with electricity sparking around her body. “Now let’s cook you a bit.”

Chapter 5: Magical Girl Hitomi

In the middle of the park underneath a streetlight, Hitomi stands around opposite an odd misshapen creature. She carries a long sword and wears an odd frilly gray colored outfit with a short skirt, pointing the blade at the creature as electricity surrounds her body. The monster stares her down straining to stand with the large stab wound Hitomi left on its side running through its body.

“What is going on?” Serina asks hiding within the bushes catching her breath after being chased by the monstrosity.

“Such a curious beast, I wonder what desires brought you about?”

Gonna cut you, Gonna cut you up!” It yells out straining.

A monstrous Desire brings out a monstrous beast, those are the basics Hitomi.” A mysterious voice says reaching Hitomi.

“I know, but to see such a beast born from such a desire brings my heart to weep.” She says taking a stance and holding out her blade. “Let’s slay this monster and get it out of my sight.”


The creature charges ahead bringing all of its claws to the front and aiming at Hitomi. Cut you!

As it gets closer Hitomi takes her blade and in instant slices into the beast walking past it as electricity shoots out of her body. As it falls the creature yells out, its screech echoing across the area as more figures begin appearing in the park.

“Damn, I didn’t get it in time,” Hitomi says clicking her tongue.

Don’t worry Hitomi, these guys here are weaklings. Just do what you do and they’ll be dead in no time.

“Still it’s rather annoying.”

Yeah, I wish they would just drop dead too.

“Well, only one way to make that happen.” She says gripping the hilt of her blade.

One of the creatures in the shape of a large cat leaps forward charging towards her as she raises her blade. As it closes in she brings down the blade slicing it in two as blood trickles down the cutting edge of her blade. She flicks her sword as the blood flies off hitting the ground as she readies for another attack.

“What is going on?” Serina asks barely holding herself back from panicking.

The creatures charge in a large swarm rushing towards Hitomi as she slices one after another when they come within range of her blade. As they increase in number, her body starts sparking with electricity and she sends out a shock wave across the area knocking back the creatures.

Kill you, must kill you!” One yells out laying on the ground.

Burn everything, everything must burn.

As Hitomi looks over the defeated monsters laying across the ground she holds out a jewel into the air. As she let’s go the jewel starts spinning and twisting with a small brown fluffy cat like creature, with long rabbit-like ears, small fluffy wings on its back, and a long dog-like tail appears floating in midair.

You did it Hitomi, that was quite an easy feat though. I guess it’s time to start purification.

“Do it, the sooner the better.”


About me

I'm a simple person with a love for stories and writing, I've always wanted to tell stories and tried my hardest to garner some form of attention. Now hoping to turn my dreams into reality my own way I come here hoping to garner some form of attention and I hope everyone joins me for the ride along the way.

Q. Where can readers find out more about you?
I have several social media pages that I'll link below this, I have a Twitter, a Tapas, a YouTube Channel, and a Twitch Channel. https://tapas.io/darkone4587 https://twitter.com/darkone4587 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hJsmKXKdlsW_CaFPHInpQ?view_as=subscribe https://www.twitch.tv/darkone4587
Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
I wanted to tell stories and after watching an episode of YouTuber Linkara's AT4W on the Visual Novel Cho Dengeki Stryker I was inspired by the concept of fictional beings entering the real world. From there just came the development of this particular tale.
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
I've almost always wanted to be a writer in some way shape or form. At first I wanted to tell stories using video games, but due to reasons I had to change that, and thanks to my inability to draw I decided to turn to writing as writing. From there it was a simple path forward for me.

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