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"Bennie," Jack slurred his words. "Get the door."

Bennie struggled to rise from his chair, too many hits of whiskey. Walking slowly to the front door of the 5th Street Bar, Bennie grabbed the door knob, turning it slowly to open the door.

"What do you want?" Bennie frowned at the person on the other side of the door. The visitor, pushed Bennie out of his way, entering the bar, focusing on Jack.

Jack was sipping his JD, not looking up at the shadow standing in front of him. Jack was too tired to stand up, asking the Shadow what he wanted?

"I have come here, a journey of time and despair to find you." The Stranger frowned.

"I'm flattered, but don't have time nor the energy to waste words. Don't work for hire any more. You understand, pal?"

Bennie returned to the cocktail table with Jack, sitting down and trying to get Jacks attention.

While Bennie was fidgeting in his chair to get Jacks attention, the Shadow smashed the table with his hand, sending the precious whiskey and glasses crashing to the floor.

Jack slowly looked up at the intruder, trying to stand, falling back into his chair unsuccessful. "What the hell do you want with me?" Jack mumbled his words.

"I need you to find a treasure of mine which is extremely valuable." The Visitor said harshly.

"I need another shot of Whiskey, Bennie." Jack ordered Bennie.

The Shadow grabbed Jacks arm, moved the sleeve of his shirt out of the way to expose Jacks forearm.

"What the hell are you doing buddy?" Jack yelled at the shadow, "let go of my arm."

"Trying to get your attention," the Shadow disclosed a multi-jeweled dagger, etching initials into Jacks forearm.

"I represent a very important client who recently had his home broken into and a precious object stolen. He wants you to retrieve the object, Jack."

"I just told you I don't work anymore, got it?" Jack wiped away the fog in his eyes from the JD, and the pain from the knife etched initials in his forearm.

"This object was last seen in Bennies Bar, two years ago, and it must be returned to me," The Shadow frowned.

"Who the hell are you?" Jack asked the Shadow.

"My Master is the one who saved you and your misfits from the Crawler and DREDLOCK." The Shadow laughed in Jacks face.

"Get out of here, now." Jack ordered the Shadow. "I want nothing to do with the underworld and nothing to do with you. LEAVE, NOW." Jack demanded.

Jacks forearm began burning like a fire he never felt before. The pain slowly traveled through his body, leaving Jack swaying back and forth, then falling to the floor. Bennie leaned over to catch Jack as he was falling, unsuccessfully. The floor became smeared with the blood of Jacks arm.

"Alright, you win, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO FIND AND HOW DO I STOP THIS PAIN. My blood is on fire," Jack cried, sitting on the floor of the Bar, holding his arm to his chest.

The Shadow told Jack he wanted the "Dagger of Lucifer" returned, and the person who stole it identified. The payment for Jacks services would be a "Golden Orb," worth untold Fortune and Power.

"Why the black robes big guy. Take off the robe and hood and let me see what you look like." Jack condescended, still holding his arm.

"Then you will take my case, Jack Burton?" The Shadow spoke while removing his Black robe and hood. "There, now you can see who I am."

Jack and Bennie were quiet, the Shadow was standing before them both, as the bar door opened once more, with Jimmy three fingers wobbling into the Bar.

"How did this Demon get here?" Jimmy yelled. Kill it now or it will kill us, " Jimmy cried.

"Jimmy, relax," Jack whispered. "This is our new client."

"Hello again, JIMMY." The Shadow smiled, looking deep into Jimmy's eyes. "I have been looking for you, JIMMY," The Shadow said with malice in his voice.

"Yeah, you found me, now go, leave us alone, go back to hell where you belong." Jimmy ordered the creature.

The Shadows long hair of twisted snakes, snarled about this Demons head, covering his Dragon face and rows of razor sharp teeth. The creature knew Jimmy Three fingers who entered hell against his will, dragged down into the abyss of the Crawlers lair, and soon to be the only person ever, to escape Satan's World, but not without consequences to follow.

Jack, Bennie and Jimmy just stared at the hideous creature standing before them shaking their heads in fear. "What the Hell are you?" Jack continued talking.

The conversation continued. The Shadow gave Jack a description of the Dagger and where it might be hidden. Within seconds, the Shadow turned, walked to the front door of the 5th Street Bar. "See you soon, Jack." The Shadow hissed. "Jimmy." The creature laughed and walked through the doorway.

The Shadow now gone, but not without taking, the self- pity of Jimmy Three Fingers. Jack, Bennie and Jimmy Three Fingers sighed, knowing that the Gates to Hell will be opened and waiting for the misfit Detectives to find the Dagger, return it to its rightful owner, Lucifer, and maybe become permanent residents of Hell.

Jack's Crew had no desire to enter through the Gates of Hell. A plan will be needed for the Burton team to survive Hell and return the Dagger, with only a hello and a good bye. A fast escape to the world above Hell, with no hold overs, and of course, the prize, the Golden ORB was the plan.

Jimmy had an idea where to find the Dagger, and explained how and where the crew needed to go in search of the Dagger. HUSAVIK, in the Country of ICELAND.

Jimmy explained to the others that there was a Beast in Hell, when he got pulled in with the Crawler. There was no defeating the Beast as its Brother was Lucifer, Ruler of the lost. Jimmy explained to Jack and Bennie, that when he escaped from Hell, he stole a power, a small cylinder of Blue liquid from the Beast. This Blue liquid had the powers of Hell.

"So, what happened to the vile of Blue magic?" Jack asked Jimmy.

"I drank half the Vile, and the rest is in my pocket." Jimmy smiled.

"Are you okay now?" Bennie frowned.

"It's a rush guys. The Liquid changed my DNA. Gave me powers to see the future and more." Jimmy laughed. "I saved the rest for emergencies, later."

"Why are you thinking about the Beast, Jimmy? This isn't part of our deal with the Shadow." Jack frowned.

"I know, but you have to remember that I am considered a thief that successfully robbed "POWERS" from Hell. The Beast knows I stole the vile of Blue liquid and will be looking around every corner for me, until he finds me."

" So, what about this Dagger?" Jack asked Jimmy.

"The Dagger is the only thing that can kill the Beast. I tried to steal it too, but I had to run, barely escaping the pits of Hell. Now the Beast wants his Dagger back."

"The Shadow man had a dagger too." Jack commented.

"Yeah, almost every Demon in Hell has a Dagger, which, if they screw up, their Dagger is the only thing that can and will be used to kill them." Jimmy frowned.

"This case should never have reached our door, Jimmy. Don’t get me wrong, I'm happy you're back, but unhappy with your new friends forcing us to do their bidding." Jack sighed.

"Yeah, but the thing is Jack, I think the underworld is tired of the Beast, and wants him dead. The Dagger obviously is no longer in Hell, which means the Beast is safe for now."

"Why would they want him dead? You say he is the brother of Lucifer?" Jack asked Jimmy to continue talking.

"I believe the Beast is our clue. He must have taken the Dagger and placed it somewhere in our world where no one from Hell can find it." Jimmy smiled.

"Why are you smiling Jimmy, this isn't funny." Jack admonished Jimmy.

"The Beast thinks he is safe as long as the Dagger is missing. When I was in Hell, I heard the Beast talking to some Demon friends of his, that he just visited some town in ICELAND. That’s got to be where we find the Dagger." Jimmy continued. "A Viking Church, espousing the living dead or something like that."

"What else did you over hear?" Jack asked Jimmy.

Jimmy had no answer to Jacks question, and quietly laid his head back on the Bar chair. "We need to go to ICELAND Jack".

Lucifer will be glad to see Jimmy again, and remove his stolen powers as well as his Soul, which should have been removed the first time Jimmy entered Hell. There will be no more mistakes when it comes to Jimmy Three Fingers.

Hell is holding a reservation just for Jimmy and now the Misfits as well, and the return of the Dagger will end the grave mistakes the Beast has made, and return normality to Hell, if that's possible.

"The problem that faces us, is dealing with the Beast and that Demon in Bennies Bar, and for God's sake, the whole underworld." Jack frowned. "You roped us into this mess Jimmy, and now we have to fight our way out of it."

"I'm sorry Jack, but what choice did I HAVE. NONE. I let the Crawler take me to save all of you. That’s what this is all about, Jack.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry Buddy." Jack downed a jigger of JD.

"All our Souls will belong to Lucifer if the Beast doesn’t kill us first. That's if we find the Dagger and figure out a way to Negotiate with Lucifer for our lives, our souls and the Golden ORB. Also, I believe the Beast has taken the Dagger from Hell, hiding it in ICELAND. If they found it, they wouldn’t be asking us to search for it, right?" Jimmy frowned.

"Makes sense, Jimmy, and THE GOLDEN ORB is a spoiled carrot." Jack frowned.

"So, what's up guys, are we going to ICELAND or what?" Bennie asked Jack and Jimmy.

"Yes. Bennie call Big Tuesday. Tell her to pack a bag, and head to the Bar. Jimmy, ICELAND is a long way from here. Where exactly in ICELAND are we going, to find the Dagger of Lucifer?"

"HUSAVIK, the Viking Church in HUSAVIK, Jack." Jimmy answered Jacks question.

"Pack your bags gents, lets book a flight to HUSAVIK." Jack smiled.

The misfits left on next plane to HUSAVIK, ICELAND. In 17 hours they would arrive, and the beginning of the end will be at hand with the Group. The Dagger is an artifact of the Viking Church on the hill, made by Lucifer, from the blood of Christ, during the Holy War of the Ancients, some 2000 years past. Jimmy held the only clue for the misfits to follow.

The flight was filled with anticipation and fear. The Church was the only Clue the misfits hoped fruitful. Jack was fearful that the Beast might be waiting for them at the Church.

Jimmy believed it was the Church that will lead them to the Dagger. According to Tuesdays research, this humble Church on the hill had tunnels beneath the floors which were the resting place of ancient scrolls, parchments of the past, books, writings of the clergy and coffins.

Burton and his team planned to search the Church, seek any documents that might give them a clue to the location of the Dagger and possibly interview the Pastor of the Church.

The deceased Pastors of the past, Jimmy told the team, were buried in the basement of the Church, according to the conversations between the Beast and his Demon Friends. The graves might serve as possible clues as well.

Opening these graves may open doors for the team to find the Dagger and end the hunt. The case might become an open and shut file, collect the Dagger and go to Hell, with all joking aside.

The Dagger might even be buried within one of the coffins in the basement of the Church. Everything is now a clue to solve this case and end the association with the underworld.

The arrival of our plane may set off alarms to other hunters of ancient artifacts. Jack had informed his crew not to talk to anyone about the Dagger. Jack told his gang if asked, we're on vacation.

Jimmy explained to the misfits, while inflight to ICELAND, that the Beast will probably be somewhere close to the Church. Jimmy also explained that the Beast will have a vested interest in getting the Dagger and returning it to his Brother, hopefully changing Lucifer's mind to kill him.

The Beast can be invisible to humans, and he will do anything to keep us from possessing the Dagger. In a few hours the plane carrying Jack Burton, Jimmy Three Fingers, Big Tuesday and Bennie the Bar Tender will arrive in ICE LAND.

Jack will be obligated to check in with the local police, get approval to carry a weapon and again inform them that we are on vacation.

"The Cops are hesitant to allow weapons, so we have to play it safe, we are not on a case, and no one is to be the wiser. Hopefully the Cops here will not cause us problems." Jack frowned.

Existing in Hell for over 2000 years, the Beast escaped the bonds of his Brother, removing the Dagger, hiding it in the World of the living. Jimmy knew that it would be incredible luck if the Dagger was in the Church, hidden from the congregation, Pastors and the Deceased.

A few more minutes and the plane will land, the misfits will head to the Police Station to check in, then off to the nearest Hotel to settle in for the night.

The little town of HUSAVIK could be seen from the window seat of the plane. The town was small, looked quiet and peaceful. Jimmy spotted the little Viking Church on the hill, and told us that this was our first clue. Not many people could be seen walking around the Church, which was good news.

The landing of our plane hit the icy runway, causing the plane to skid sideways, then back on track to the final stop, for de-boarding. Jimmy again, began warning us that the Beast might be invisible and would surely be here, watching us, waiting for us to find the Dagger and take it from us. Jack said we could deal with the Beast when the time comes. Big mistake.

We de-boarded the plane, took the walk way to the main lobby of the airport, then outside to hail a taxi to the Police Station. The outside weather was below freezing, even though It was in October.

The insides of the taxi were warm and comfortable. The Police Station was only a few blocks from the Airport, and Jack told his three partners he will go inside the Station, fill out the forms, ask for a hotel referral, then we go to the Hotel, and check in.

The night was a few hours away, and going to the Hotel first was a good idea. We needed the rest after the 17- hour flight, dinner sounded good, along with our bottle of JD. Jack had no problems with the Police and returned in the taxi.

We arrived at the Hotel, two blocks from the Viking Church, unpacked our bags, and settled in for the night. Tuesday and Bennie in one room, Jimmy and Jack in another. It was time to make a plan for tomorrow, grab some dinner then hit the sack.

"Tuesday, look up the phone number of the Viking Church and call the Pastor. Tell him we would like a meeting with him tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9am. Tell him there will be 4 of us at the meeting." Jack smiled at Tuesday.

"Done," Tuesday smiled back at Jack. "This is going to be a different case, right Jack?"

"Yeah Tuesday, a different case indeed." Jack looked serious. "Everyone empty your bags, Tuesday make the call, and let's get some food in our bellies, and a bit of whiskey down our dry throats."

Everyone did as Jack directed, then walked to the Hotel Restaurant for dinner and relaxation. Everything was going smoothly until a Hotel messenger came to our table with an urgent message for Jack.

Jack opened the message that was handed him, and sat back in his chair, a frown on his forehead, and a glint in his eye.

"Jack, what did the message say?" Tuesday Asked him.

"Seems there was a death today, and the Police wish to talk to me about it." Jack coughed.

"Who died Jack?" Jimmy asked.

Bennie had received his plate of food and was occupied eating.

"The Pastor, the Pastor of this Viking Church was found a few minutes ago, staked to a cross, with his head missing." Jack sighed.

"What?" Bennie asked, with his mouth full.

"Let's finish eating. The Cops want to see me tomorrow, with my 9mm Sally." Jack frowned.

"We will all go together, with you tomorrow." Tuesday smiled softly.

"No, the plan holds. You three go to the Church, find the next in line to see if you can go down stairs to the basement and search through the papers. Tell the second in command you are doing research on this Church and the Town. I'll take care of the Cops. Remember, not a word about the Dagger or the Beast.......not a breath, understood? Let's finish eating and take the bottle of JD back to the Hotel Room and relax."

"How did the Pastor die?" Jimmy asked Jack.

"Don't know yet, tomorrow I will ask to see the body and talk to the Coroner. Finish eating, I'll pay the bill, you guys head to the room." Jack smiled.

"Are you coming with us, Jack?" Bennie asked.

"In a few. I'm going to stake out the bar and ask around if anyone knows about the death of the Pastor." Jack said seriously. "See you guys in an hour or so."

Jack walked through two glass doors, entering the Bar area. A few men were playing pool, and two men and one women were sitting at the bar. Jack took a chair next to the three sitting at the bar and introduced himself.

"Hey, my name is Jack, like Jack Daniels." Jack smiled.

Both men got off their seats and left the bar without responding to Jacks introduction. The woman smiled at Jack.

Hi Jack, I'm Lizzy. You're new here?" Lizzy asked

It was obvious to Jack, by the way Lizzy was dressed, and the makeup on her face, that she was working the bar.

"Yeah, I'm new here. Just got off the plane. 17 hours." Jack smiled. "You live here Lizzy?" Jack asked her.

"My whole life, Jack. Never left ICELAND. Boring, right?" Lizzy smiled.

"You're a beautiful woman, Lizzy. Married?" Jack smiled.

"Hell no, divorced and glad of it." She frowned. "So, what brings "Jack" to our little town of HUSAVIK?" Lizzy questioned

"Vacation. I'm here with friends. Hey Lizzy, what's the name of the little Church on the Hill we saw, while coming in for a landing in the plane?" Jack asked.

"Jesus, you’re the third person to ask me that today. Those two guys sitting over there ask me the same question. what's up with the Church?" Lizzy frowned.

"Our taxi driver told us that the Pastor was murdered today, staked on a cross upside down, with his head removed." Jack looked intently at Lizzy.

"Unreal, huh, nothing like this has ever happened here before. That old Pastor was a grump, but a nice old fart. Really bad what happened to him," as she looked Jack in the eyes, a slight smile appearing on her mouth.

"Anyhow, so much for the Church. Are you alone here or waiting for someone? Lizzy." Jack asked her.

"Hey Bobby, how about you giving me and my friend Jack another round of Whiskey?" Lizzy questioned Jack if it was okay?

"Yeah, Bobby, just leave the bottle, okay?" Jack smiled. It had been 17 hours since Jack had a hit of his favorite brown liquid. Now he had company to share a bottle with, and hopefully, the night.

Lizzy was the nightshift prostitute, had a full- time room at the Hotel and gave Jack all the attention he wanted and then some. a few hours later, Jack satisfied as was Lizzy, Jack returned to his room and crashed for the night. The morning would be here soon, and the Police Station was Jacks first order of business.



"Follow me to the interrogation room Jack." Detective Slovick directed.

"So, what's up boss? Why did you want me here so early in the morning?" Jack prodded the Detective.

"Give me your gun please." The Detective was a man of few words and direct.

"Yeah, sure." Jack handed his 9mm Sally to Detective Slovick.

Slovick left the room with Jacks gun and told him to wait until he returns. The Detective had questions and needed answers. Jacks gun was given to ballistics for comparison regarding the shooting of the Pastor and his disfiguration and crucifixion on the cross, in the front yard of the Church.

If Jacks gun had been fired then a jail cell would be waiting for him. Slovick returned while the Ballistics test was being done, and the questioning began.

"Jack, when did you last fire your weapon?" Detective Slovick asked.

"Maybe a month ago. I didn’t kill your Pastor." Jack said angrily.

"What is your interest in the Church?" Slovick continued.

"Who told you I had an interest in the Church, Slovick?" Jack demanded.

"Don't get testy with me Burton, I'll lock your ass up and throw away the key." Slovick threatened.

"Look, my friends and I are here on vacation. I have a license to carry a weapon. I am a retired Pasadena Cop, Detective like yourself. So, what is the problem?" Jack commented with remorse.

"Right, you're a person of interest. One of my informants overheard your conversation at the bar of your hotel, last night. You were asking questions about the Church on the Hill, right?" Slovick continued.

"Right, so what?" Jack commented.

The door to the interrogation room opened and a young and voluptuous girl handed my gun back to Slovick.

"No match." She said. Then left the room.

"all right Burton, we have a call into your Captain Monroe, in Pasadena. Sit tight until I get the call back to finish checking you out." Slovick said with scowl in his voice.

Jack pulled out his cell phone and made a call to Tuesday. "Tuesday, I'm here at the Station. Cops are trying to pin the Pastors death on me. I should be out of here in a few hours, hoping to see the body in the Coroner's office to determine how he was killed. Call you back soon"

"Who you talking too, Burton?" Slovick demanded.

"Cut the crap, you know I had nothing to do with the Good Pastors death. Why don't you let me see the body, and maybe, while I'm here in your country, we can work together to solve this mystery and find the killer.?" Jack said harshly.

"I just spoke to your ex-captain Monroe. Evidently you have an innate ability to solve murders that no one else can. Monroe suggested we work with you to get to the bottom of this heinous crime." Slovick smiled, giving Jack his gun back.

"You want me to postpone my vacation to help you solve this crime, Slovick?" Jack said softly.

"Why not. One cop to another. What do you say?"

"Okay, as you say, Why Not." Jack sighed.

"I would like to see the body Slovick?" Jack frowned.

"It has already been arranged. Follow me to the Coroner's office." Slovick ordered.

Jack holstered his gun, and both men walked from the interrogation room down stairs to the Coroner's office. The Door was locked but the Doctor doing the Autopsy could be seen, working on the body. Slovick entered the key code and opened the door.

"Doc, it's Slovick and my new partner, Jack Burton." Slovick smiled at the female Doctor. "We would like to see the body and take a minute to ask you a few questions."

"Burton, let me introduce you to our pathologist, Doctor Jane Blunt." Slovick smiled.

"Good morning Doctor Jane, hope we're not interrupting your work?" Jack frowned. "Can I take a look, please?"

"Mr. Burton, what is it, exactly, you are looking for?" Doctor Blunt asked.

"Any signs of a weapon, like a Dagger, as the cause of death?" Jack Asked.

"Why yes, a knife, or as you say, a very sharp Dagger, removed the Pastors head from his body." Doc Blunt frowned. "How did you know?"

"Look at my forearm Doc. Are there any markings exactly like this, on the Pastors body?" Jack asked.

"My God, who are you, and what is your relationship with this killing?" Doc Blunt frowned.

"What's this all about, Jack? Why would the markings on your forearm be the exact same markings on the Pastors forearm?" Slovick asked seriously.

"Is any other part of the Pastors body missing?" Jack questioned the Doctor.

"Yes," She frowned.

"What part Doc?" Slovick asked her.

"Is it his heart Doc?" Jack asked.

"Yes, his heart." She responded.

Jack turned to Slovick and told him quietly, that the body needed to be burned, immediately.

"We have to finish the autopsy first." Doc Blunt demanded. "His family will want closure."

"Slovick, let's step outside the door for a minute." Jack frowned.

"What is going on here, Jack. How do you know these things if you just flew in last night?" Slovick asked.

"Look, you need to hear me out. There are powers, not good powers that are existing in the Church. Anyone and everyone are at risk of death." Jack said with authority.

"What are you talking about. You're acting crazy Jack." Slovick said in disbelief of Jacks comments.

"Have Doctor Blunt come outside with us, and wait for it to happen." Jack directed Slovick.

"Wait for what, Jack? What the hell you talking about?" Slovick smirked.

"Get her out of that room, now." Jack Demanded.

Slovick did as Jack directed, still not understanding what was happening. The Doctor, Slovick and Jack were now, outside of the operating room, watching the table where the body of Pastor Jones was lying.

"Detective, what is going on here?" Doctor Blunt demanded an explanation.

"Look." Jack whispered. "take a good look."

The body of Pastor Jones was floating in mid-air. Shaking and twisting as the three looked on. The head of the Pastor began floating towards the decapitated body trying to connect to it.

The Body, now complete, stood on the operating floor, looking towards the three onlookers. It was time to run. Jack, Slovick and the Doctor did a 180 and ran upstairs to the main floor of the Police Station.

Slovick alerted the other officers to stand firm, something is happening down in the Coroner's office.

"What, is this another one of your pranks, Slovick?" The Captain chided him.

Sounds of steps coming up the stairs to the main floor were heard. The Captain told one of his officers to go down and see what the problem was. Jack and Slovick yelled to the Captain not to send anyone down those stairs. It was too late.

After the scream subsided, the door to the main floor smashed open and the dead Pastor Jones had risen from the grave. The Cop sent to check on the noise below, was gone, disappeared. The Captain told his men to fire at will. The bullets were ineffective and Pastor Jones continued walking to the outside of the Police Station and down the street towards the Church.

Bennie, Jimmy and Tuesday were already inside the Church, walking down the basement stairs, with Pastor number 2, to the graves, the scrolls, maps and more.

Jack dialed the phone number of Tuesday but the connection was disallowed. The three misfits were on their own, until Jack could stop Pastor Jones and get to the Church.

The circumstances of seeing a beheaded Pastor rise from the dead erased everything normal the Cops believed or knew. The little town of HUSAVIK, ICELAND had become the truth of paranormal.

What the people of the town didn't know, was a Beast had entered the dead body of the Pastor and began terrorizing the public. Jack gave up trying to stop the Pastor and ran up the hill to the little Church holding his friends.

All those left behind in the Town proper, were running in every direction to find safety. Those who stayed to fight were casualties of war, or of the supernatural. whatever it was, had to be stopped.

Jack finally arrived at the Church with Detective Slovick at his side, guns in hand. Jack called out for his misfits to answer. Deep inside the depths of the basement, the three partners of Jack Burton began looking for clues, papers, parchments and more to get a possible direction of the Dagger of Lucifer.

"Bennie, look at these papers. They were written by Pastor Jones, 50 years ago. He is referring to a creature, both in his dreams and in this Church, a Shadow, with hair of snakes and a face with teeth of animals." Jimmy frowned.

"My Bar, the 5th Street Bar. That Shadow creature is the same as the reference on this parchment written by the Dead Pastor Jones." Bennie coughed with fear. "The Shadow is here?"

"What are you guys talking about?" Tuesday demanded. "What Shadow?"

"Damn Bennie, you're right. The Shadow is here, in this town, maybe as we speak." Jimmy said.

Jack and Slovick had reached the Church, entered the door to the basement and descended to the basement floor to find his team.

"Jack, we found a parchment some 50- years old, written by Pastor Jones, that a Shadow- man had consumed the members of his Congregation, everyone except Pastor Jones." Jimmy coughed in fear.

"All right, listen up, Jones is alive, kind-a, and raising havoc in the town below the Church. I figure he will head home, to this Church and do what? I have no Idea."

"Where is he at now?" Tuesday asked Jack.

"On his way here. A few minutes away. Bullets don’t hurt him, he's dead already, we need to figure how to get the Shadow out of his body, now." Jack sighed.

"Fire?" Slovick commented.

Everyone agreed to use fire to separate the Shadow from the Pastors dead body. It was agreed that the confrontation had to take place outside the Church. The team needed more time to read the scrolls and more, before the documents become destroyed forever, by fire.

The Pastor was minutes away, staggering up the Mountain to the Viking Church. The group had to gather wood from the back of the Church and gasoline from the generator to ready a fire. The Pastor was now in sight of the Church.

"Lay the wood in the form of a square, completely filled and soiled with gasoline. Slovick, try to lure the Pastor to the matrix of wood so Jimmy and Bennie can set it on fire and burn the dead body into ashes." Jack instructed his people.

"Jack, I'm not familiar with the Shadow Creature from my time in Hell. I really don't know if fire will do the trick?" Jimmy frowned.

"Let's give it a College try. Everyone get ready, he's almost here." Jack Directed the group.

"This body is possessed by a spirit, you call the Shadow?" Doc Blunt asked.

"Yes." Jimmy confirmed. "The Shadow."

"Everyone set? we will have one chance and only one chance to fry this zombie?" Jack yelled to his counterparts.

The Dead Pastor was now steps in front of the entrance of the Church Doors. Jack continued directing the misfits, Slovick and Doc Blunt to be careful, ready themselves and....then Jack fell to the ground holding his etched arm in pain.

Jack was laying on the hill, his blood boiling from the two letters the Shadow man carved on his forearm. Jimmy saw Jack fall to the ground, just as Pastor Jones walked past Jack and stood in the middle of the fire- trap.

The Trap was set, the Pastor captured, the fire consuming the Dead body of Pastor Jones. The body was ablaze, then, disappeared from sight of the misfits. Jack called out for Jimmy to help him, as he wobbled and fell to the ground, crying out in pain.

"Jimmy, I can't feel anything from my legs down to my feet. Help me up buddy." Jack looked broken as Jimmy pulled him to his feet only to fall again on the grassy knoll in front of the others.

"Where did the body of the Pastor go, Jimmy? Jack cried in pain.

Doc Blunt leaned down to tend to Jack, while concerned that the Pastor was gone, but where?

"He's in Hell, Doc," Bennie smiled then frowned.


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