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The light illuminated the cave, but Gybore was transfixed on his own green, hate filled reflection. The mirror on the table held fast, his reflection ready to crack even the cold, hard glass. He'd just murdered his daughter in-law, grandson and best friends, Brin and Odinson.


Outside the sun strained to dry the night’s thundering storm. Even nature seemed to abhore his presence. But his mind was set and his mind was lost. The murder of his last friend at his own hand was the final tipping point. “Not death from a friend”, he said to his green, scarred reflection.


There was nothing to do, nowhere to go, no reason for anything now. Death was it’s answer, it’s own conclusion, it’s own salvation. He looked up at the cave entrance. He was now living in Odinson’s cave and only a few moments before a young man claiming to be Odinson’s son stood there and asked for training, but Gybore swore at him and sent him away.


“Odionson”, Gybore mumbled. His hate filled reflection said nothing new. “Son of Odinson”, he mumbled again. He got up and dragged himself to the entrance. The light seemed to defy physics, it was as if it did not want to bath him as he stood at the cave’s entrance. He stepped out into the light and turned to see the young man walking away with head hung low.


“Boy”, Gybore called out. Oed stopped and turned around. He was cautious as he gazed back. “Boy”, Gybore called out again. Oed hesitated, but returned to the cave. Gybore regarded Oed. “You look like your Father”, Gybore said. Oed flinched as he looked at the brutal, scarred face, the burn kissing the side of his face and neck. Oed hesitated. “Master, I’ve come for my father. I’m here for Samurai training. Please guide me to him”, Oed asked.


“Come inside”, Gybore said. Oed followed and stood there whilst Gybore filled a wooden cart with food. “Push. Follow me”, Gybore said. Oed stood there, not initially sure what to do. He saw the stocky old man head out the cave and turn left.


Oed pushed the cart and followed a few steps behind. They crossed a rocky land with moss and grasses growing. It was rough ground, but the well trodden path made it easier. Oed followed as the path came to an edge of the cliff and it wound round to the beach, Oed paused and gazed at the rocks, they seemed scorched.


Gradually, they made it to the beach and Gybore reached into the cart and brought out some wood, a lighter, and clay pots with food. “Start a fire, when it’s cooled, drop the pots on. We eat and talk”, Gybore said.


The wood was dry and Oed started the blaze. Gybore stripped naked and walked into the ocean and just gazed at the flickering waves. Oed saw the light glinting off the waves and to him, it was as if the ocean itself seemed to cower at the old man’s presence.


The wood turned to embers and Oed placed the pots with their lids on to the embers. He looked up to see the old man return and just sit there shivering by the fire. The pain of the cold did not faze him, he sat there and waited for the sun and wind to dry him.


“Master”, Oed said. Gybore seemed distracted. Oed gazed at the scars, his entire body was marked. His eye settled on Gybore’s forearms. There were no Samurai tattoos. “You are not a Samurai”, Oed said.


The old man sucked in air and stretched his lungs. His attention then turned to Oed. “Your Father and Brin are in great danger, they are held by The Beast. I am going to get them back”, Gybore said. “But, The Beast is only a story, a story to frighten children. Wait, Brin. I’ve heard of him. He and my Father trained Samurai. And, and Gybore. They are legends. The Gybore killed Rabbit Man”, Oed said.


Gybore’s head tipped back, tears formed in his eyes as he tried to hold the emotion in. “There was another Oed. Odinson rightly thought that Oed was his son, but he became Rabbit Man”, Gybore said. “But, it can be. Rabbit Man fought for the Empire”, Oed said.


“It’s all really complicated. You’re not ready for the truth”, Gybore said. “And where is Gybore. Does he know where my Father is”, Oed said. “I am Gybore”.


“But, you are not a Samurai. You can’t be. Gybore killed Rabbit Man in combat. He used a sabre. You can’t be him”, Oed said.


“I am”, Gybore said. “But, you’re not a master”, Oed said. “I am the master of masters. Now listen. The Beast is real, he is clever, resourceful, destructive and knows dangerous people you can’t ever imagine he actually exist. I’m going to rescue them. If you choose to come with me, you must obey my orders, no matter what I order, you must obey. You will go through hell and if you survive we will get your Father back, but you will not be the same”, Gybore said.


The beach, sky, and cold cliff edge were silent. It was as if fate and destiny awaited the young man’s choice. “Where are they”, Oed asked. “I said, the other side of hell. If we save them. Your Father will want to train you. Brin will help and you will be my last student. There are three choices we always present students with. Brin will want you to become a Templar, your Father will ask you to be a Samurai and I will ask you to live here in peace”, Gybore said.


“No, no, no. My Father is not the friend of Templars, he does not train them. No, it can’t be”, Oed said. “Go and ask. There are retired warriors here. Ask, them and come back. You’ll see them, battle scarred men. They come here to retire and live in peace. But, piss them off, and even with your Father's face, they’ll cut you in half”, Gybore said.


The waves lapped the beach, nature awaited the boy’s choice. “Rabbit Man was our best student. Very smart, we taught him everything a great leader indeed. In the end, he could have brought peace to the galaxy, but he was betrayed”, Gybore said.


“It can’t be”, Oed said. “Like I said, you’re not ready for the truth. So, think. Go and ask, I will not wait long. I’m going to bring Brin and Odinson back. There’s not much time left”, Gybore said.


A black crow flew over and screeched a terrible song. Oed thought silently, he looked up into the stern face of the scarred old man and saw no lies. “Will you train me”, Oed said. “If we are successful and you wish so, then yes”, Gybore said. “But, I’m not ready to go out there, I don’t know how to fight”, Oed said.


“On this journey, you’ll learn more than you can imagine. You could just stay here, if I make it back, we will train you. It has to be a free choice”, Gybore said.


The young man’s fair face gazed into the fire. This was not what he expected, his Father was gone and he was supposed to just accept what this old man said and go on an unplanned, dangerous journey which he was not ready for.


“The Beast is real?”, Oed asked. “Yes, yes. Dangerous. Very, very dangerous and he has them. Even Brin and Odinson were bested by him. We have time, but we must get going now”, Gybore said.


“Where do we begin, where are we going”, Oed asked. “We begin now and going through hell. Were we end up, and how we get there, that you will have to wait for. Now choose, I cannot do this alone”, Gybore said. Oed took in his environment, took his moment, thought it through, he had nowhere else to go, no money, no choices, no contacts and no experience. All he hoped for was his Father’s blessing. “Ok, ok. I will come”, Oed said. “You need to promise obedience. I don’t have the patience to explain it all and when the time comes, I will not have the time. I need you to promise. Be warned, do not break a promise to me or you will pay”, Gybore said sternly. Oed took a breath, “I promise”, he replied.


Gybore gave a grim smile. “Pack up, it’s time to go. You can catch me back at the cave”, Gybore said. With that the old man was off and Oed rushed to follow. He soon caught up with Gybore, but stopped at and stared at the scorched beach at the base of the cliff and up there at the other scorch on the path overlooking the beach.


In the cave Gybore said, “sit”. The old man took the cart, pushed it to the back and gathered some clothes, a wooden box and a long walking stick, more a short staff then a walking stick and a hat. Gybore changed into a light linen suit and Oed looked at the box, the black leather hat and the walking stick which Gybore placed on the table.


Oed just gazed at what was on the table. “What’s all this”, Oed asked. Gybore pushed the box to Oed, “open it”, Gybore said. Oed did as he was asked and pulled out a classic glass revolver and a derringer. “They are glass”, Oed said in surprise as he handled them.


“Appearances can be deceptive”, Gybore said. “Then what are they”, Oed said as he found the button which clicked open the barrel. He pulled out a glass bullet and handled it. He stared through the bullet and the image of Gybore was distorted.


“These guns are the third most dangerous weapons in the galaxy. The stick the second”, Gybore said solemnly. Oed let out a laugh, but Gybore was not smiling. “But, it’s a stick and these are glass”, Oed said. “No, they are what I say”, Gybore said.


“Mmmm, if you say so”, Oed said skeptically. He paused and looked at the hat, “and the hat”, Oed added. “Oh, that’s just a hat”, Gybore said with a smile. Oed laughed.

“And what’s the most destructive weapon in the galaxy”, Oed asked. “Me”, came the blunt reply.


The old man stood and tried the hat on and checked his reflection. “Master, you look quite dapper”, Oed said. “Ah, perhaps it’s all a bit showy”, Gybore said as he took the guns, placed them in the box and returned to the back of the cave. There he changed his clothes and wore something drab.


“Ok, let’s go”, Gybore said. “Just like that”, Oed said. “Just like that”, Gybore said. The old man grabbed the stick and they headed out of the cave, turned right and headed down the long path.


As they walked downhill the pathway became greener. When they turned a corner a neat older man in robes and an attractive young woman in a plain dress walked up towards them. On seeing Gybore she ran towards him, she grabbed him and held him. “Thank you, thank you, thank you”, she said as she showered him with kisses.


Oed was surprised, she seemed unfazed by Gybore’s scarred appearance. “Geraldine, what’s all this”, Gybore said. She still held him close, “You saved us from the pirates. I’d be a sex slave, but you saved us”, Geraldine said.


“But, what, how, who said”, Gybore said. The Templar, Banor cut in, “Brin said. He said you had a shuttle, between you, you damaged the pirate ship. We took care of the rest”, Banor said. Oed looked at the man, he could tell he was a Templar, the sworn enemies of the Samurai. “What else did he say”, Gybore asked. “Nothing”, Geraldine said as she let him go. She looked at the young man, “another student”, Geraldine said.


Oed was dumbstruck by the young woman, tall, elegant, bit gentle eyes, and a curvaceous figure which appealed to him.


“Training again Gybore”, Banor asked. “We are going on a journey”, Gybore said. “We are going to see Brin, have you seen him”, Geraldine asked. “I guess he is about”, Gybore said.


“Come to my place, we have fresh bread and olives. We are grateful”, Banor said flatly. “It was nothing. Hey, can you take care of plot. Also, if Brin is away for too long, his too, oh and Odinson’s. He probably off on some secret mission”, Gybore said. “Sure. Guess we will see you when we see you”, Banor said.


Geraldine showered Gybore with more kisses and Banor held out his hand in gratitude. Gybore took it and they went their separate ways.


After a while, Oed asked, “do they not know The Beast has them”, “no, and I don’t want them to know. Banor would want to come and so will others. I need to move light and fast”, Gybore replied. “So, it’s true, my Father was friends with Templars”, Oed replied. “Is”, Gybore replied.


Formalities over with, they boarded a freighter and disappeared into the depths of space. Gybore mostly spent his time gazing out the window. “Master, I think it’s best you train me”, Oed said. “I said what I said. You will learn things as we go and if we succeed you can choose then. Look, go play some video games or something”, Gybore said


After a few days, Oed approached Gybore. Again, he was staring out of the window into warped space. Everything was blue and then it was not, the stars appeared again. “Master, you are pensive”, Oed said. “We are docking with a cruise liner. We will board her”, Gybore said. “Master, what worries you”, Oed said. Gybore sighed, “Well, thus far, we’ve not been attacked by dragons, zombies or killer robots”, Gybore said. Oed laughed, but he saw Gybore did not see the joke.


A large cruise liner approached and the two ships docket. “Let’s go”, Gybore said. Oed followed as only they were swapping ships. They were greeted in the other ship. The guide from the other ship took stock and took a breath as he saw his new passengers. “I booked first class”, Gybore said. “Yes Sir, please come with me”, the man said. “First class, Master”, Oed said. “Ah, travel in style, only live once”, Gybore said with a bitter smile.


Oed was taken aback by the luxurious rooms Gybore booked. “Mine is the adjoining room. We have a common door”, Gybore said. “I will be at viewing gallery d1, catch me there. Settle in, find your way around the ship. Catch you whenever, oh and when you find me, don’t get on my nerves”, Gybore said as he closed the adjoining door.


The days past and Oed was getting bored. He found Gybore at the gallery and said, “Master, there is another gallery. A front facing one, we are going to make the jump to warped space again. Can see the stars splurge from there”, Gybore looked up, “seen it a thousand times”, he paused and saw the sad look on Oed’s face and realised he’d been to harsh on the young man. “Sure kid, let’s go”, Gybore concluded.


Gybore followed and the first class passengers were repulsed at the old man’s presence. They’d seen him in first class designated areas only, but kept their distance, it’s as if he did not belong with the beautiful people.


They crossed the botanic gardens, paused at some flowers then headed off. They entered the forward facing viewing gallery and headed for the front. There were a crowd of people waiting at the front and looking forward, Gybore and Oed approached. All of a sudden there were screams and people rushed away and pushed past Gybore and Oed. Then something flew through the air, it was a black sabre. It had been ignited and fell just at Gybore’s feet. It was eating at the metal floor, without thinking, Gybore picked it up. It was about to shut down, but on contact with Gybore it re-ignited.


Oed stood, but stared at Gybore, both were dumbstruck at what just happened. Oed did not see Gybore’s hand wrap around the hilt, did not see it’s sparks embrace and lick his hand. They both just stood there, the complete blackness of the shaft denied light and electric charge danced around its edge. “Get him”, Oed cried out to Gybore.


Suddenly, and taken by surprise, the Samurai was on Gybore. The Samurai came down with a cut to the head, without thinking Gybore blocked it. Without hesitation the Samurai swung his sabre to cut Gybore in half. Gybore parried the attack and his mind kicked into gear, the fight was full on and at full speed.


Most people ran, but behind them bodies appeared. Some argument had broken out between the Samurai and a Templar. Oed watched at the precision of the Samurai and Gybore, but there was a poetry to the old man. Savagely the exchange continued, cut and counter cut, movement combination which boggled Oed. He saw Gybore was getting tired, his face turning red and he was stepping back, trading distance against his weariness.


Then Oed cried out, “get him Gybore”. The Samurai hesitated, it was just a moment, but it was long in enough for Gybore to push his opponents sabre to one side and thrust his sabre through the Samurai’s face. With blood gushing, and like a doll with its strings cut, the Samurai just dropped.


Exhausted, Gybore dropped too. Both sabre’s shut down. Oed ran to Gybore, he could see the exhaustion in his face, panting hard to just to stay conscious, but Gybore passed out. Oed saw the devastation around him and the body at his feet. He’d never seen anything like it and he turned and vomited. All of a sudden the ship's security team were all over them. Everything was happening too fast.


Gybore awoke. He was in the brig. A voice said, “he’s awake”. Gybore looked over, there was a guarde and then another man arrived. “I am Tunak”, Tunak said. Gybore looked at the plainly, but smartly dressed man. “Where is the boy”, Gybore calmly asked. “He is safe. My concern is you. We ran some background checks and we are a little concerned. Some discrepancies”, Tunak said.


“I want to see the boy”, Gybore demanded. “We have questions”, Tunak said. Gybore sighed, he considered threats, but had just had enough with it all. “Ok, ok”, Gybore said. “Where are you going”, Tunak said. “The boy’s Father is missing, the war. Going to see what I can do for him. His Father is a friend. He often goes missing, but it’s different this time”, Gybore said.


“We know who Oed’s Father is and we know about you. We have records and your image, you appear to be a leading player in the war”, Tunak said. “No, no. Just caught up in it. That’s all. That Samurai, went crazy. I saved a lot of rich people’s lives and, I think you would have had considerable trouble stopping him. I did you a favour. I didn't mean to get caught up in all this”, Gybore said.


“We cannot allow dangerous people about the ship. I do hope you understand. We we drop you as designated. The authorities will be notified closer to the time, in the meantime, please enjoy your stay. Appreciate it’s not the best”, Tunak said. “I want my money back. I paid for a luxury room and I want to see Oed”, Gybore demanded.


“I will send him”, Tunak said. “Hey, you were in the army. I can see it. It’s nothing special no more, just about everybody was sucked into it”, Gybore said. Tunak took his leave.


An hour later, Oed was escorted into the room and he saw Gybore in his cell. He found it odd to see him caged. “Idiot”, Gybore spat out. Oed stood there then said, “but master, you were amazing. You beat him. I never thought, I doubted, you were amazing”. “Idiot, you almost got me killed. For what, for what. Two nut cases wanna fight it out and your big mouth called him over”, Gybore yelled. “But, you saved all those lives”, Oed replied. “Fuck em. Don’t care, strangers are nothing to do with me. Look, fear leads to hate. Love counters hate and fear. Reason should raise you above the emotional choice. Samurai are emotional, Templars reason but are obedient to an emotional force. They are failures ”, Gybore said.


There was a moment of silence then Gybore said. “I only beat him because you distracted him”, “but all I did was call your name”, Oed said. “Well, it was enough and you saved the day. Boy, I cannot keep up with a young man. This body is old, I tire, my reflexes are not what they were. Next time, be careful, ok?”, Gybore said. “Master, I’m sorry. Thank you for teaching me”, Oed said. Gybore gave a faint smile.


The ship continued it’s journey and Gybore was stuck in his cell. Then he looked up and Tunak entered the room with a tall, rotant man who wore a brazen uniform. “The Captain, I presume”, Gybore said. “I am Captain Juke and I think I need your help”, he said.


Tunak then took control, “we are being followed. A ship, it has the signature of a small destroyer. We are no match. We think it’s a pirate ship”, Tunak said. “Outrun it, go hide somewhere”, Gybore spat out. “They are faster and we too far from anything”, Juke said.


“You think I can help”, Gybore said. “We have your records and you worked on the engineer on the fastest freighters and you seem to be at key places during the war between the Empire and the Federation. I think you can help”, Tunak said.


“Well, I want my room back. I want free passage for me and the boy”, Gybore said. The Captain shuffled then said, “ok”. “You will not deliver me to the authorities. Killing a Samurai might not go down to well”, Gybore said. “It’s an incident on the ship. We have to follow the protocol”, Juke said. “If they are pirates, more than likely they will steal what they want and cover their tracks. In which case, you cannot deliver me or anyone”, Gybore said calmly.


Tunak gazed hard at the Captain. “I suppose we can try something”, Juke said. “Trying is not good enough”, Gybore said. “The records will be destroyed. As far as anyone will know, the Templar and Samurai killed each other. Witnesses will be advised, strongly advised”, Tunak said. “Good, and in return, I suppose I can try something”, Gybore plainly replied.


“Right, where shall we start”, Juke said. “The bridge. Tactical”, Gybore replied. He was unlocked and with two guards Gybore was lead to the bridge. It was a long, narrow room with control consoles and people spread out in parallel. Tunak pointed at the tactical console. Gybore went there, “show me the other ship, it’s eta and the local star map”, Gybore said. “Ok, our eta to the nearest object”, Gybore said. “But, I told you, we can’t get to anywhere before they get to us”, Juke protested. “I have to check”, Gybore spat out.


“Uuummm, ummmm. They were shadowing, now they closing. They in our wake. Uummm. Ok, ok. Take me to the engine room. Captain, please stay here”, Gybore said.


Tunak and the two guards led Gybore away. They entered the elevator. “Do these two goons really have shadow me?”, Gybore asked. “It’s for your own protection”, Tunak said. Gybore let out a brief laugh.


In the engine room two powerful atomic reactors powered the ship. They also powered the ion drive and excited the Cronus crystals to collapse distance. “Ok, ok. Get me the engineer”, Gybore said. Tunak pulled the engineer over. “You understand the problem. They will be on us in ten hours. I’m here to help”, Gybore said.


“Gybore, this is McTabit”, Tunak said. McTabit was a short, fat, balding man. “Aye, aye, whatever it takes”, McTabit said. “Tunak, if we can’t do anything. Well, you were a military man, you know what they will do. I recommend a plan B. We ram them. To get into position, we need a con. We can push the ion drives for a ram, but you need to get the Captain to go along with it. If we ram them head on, we have a chance. Ram their rear and we’ll take out their ion drive. I suggest you work on it with the boss. I will be here with McTabit and we will see what we can do. Ok?”, Gybore asked.


“The Captain said I should stay with you at all times”, Tunak said. But then he thought for a moment, nodded his head and left.


“Now master McTabit, show me the profile of your crystal fragment”, Gybore asked. He was taken to a monitor and he was shown a three dimensional image of the crystal wave. “You have four fragments, four! Genius. Never would have thought of that”, Gybore said. “Aye, aye, we canna get a crystal fragment big enough for this ship. So we work them in sync”, McTabit.


“I need pen and paper”, Gybore asked. “We have a pad to write on”, McTabit said. “Like the old fashioned way. Please”, Gybore asked.


Gybore sat there with pen and paper and started work on some equations. “You need any help. I know these engines inside out”, McTabit said. “Maybe, later. Some water, bread and olives, if you have them. We gonna be here a long time. I need you to work on a single boost. We might need a single boost to ram them. Work on that please”, Gybore asked. McTabit’s eyes widened. “Aye, aye. It’s a big ship, not meant for rapid acceleration. We not a liner. Aye, will see what I can do”, he said as he set to work.


The hours just past and the Captain was getting inpatient. He came down to see what was happening. “What’s going on, how much longer, they are three hours away”, Juke said. “Do you have a plan to ram them? Need them in place”, Gybore asked. “It’s not protocol, the owners will go mad. It’s madness”, Juke said. “It’s up to you. Tunak will explain their plans after they got what they want. I respect your authority. I can only give you choices. It’s up to you”, Gybore said. “We have a plan”, Juke replied. “Good, and so do I. Please let me finish”, Gybore said. Frustrated, the Captain left.


Gybore soldiered on. Then he called McTabit over and explained his plan. “Genius”, McTabit said. “But, it will never work. Let me run it through the simulation”, McTabit said. After some time, McTabit return. “It will not work, no way. I ran it through five times”, McTabit said. “It will work. It’s thinking outside the box. Your simulation does not account for that. It will, trust me. If not, we have plan B”, Gybore said. “But, it will blow the ship”, McTabit said. “Na, trust me”, Gybore said. McTabit sighed.


“Set it up, get ready. When I give the word, do it. Understood”, Gybore said. “Aye, aye”, McTabit mumbled.


“The bridge”, Gybore said to the two guards. Tunak and Captain Juke were anxiously waiting. Tunak could see how tired Gybore was. By way of reply, Gybore said, “mentally exhausted”.


“They are in our slip stream, are only a few minutes away”, Tunak said. Gybore went to a console. “When they make contact, am I out of visual”, Gybore said. Juke nodded his head. An operator was at the console. “I want to talk to engineering”, Gybore said. A line was opened. “McTabit, nearly there. We ready, right?”, Gybore asked. “Aye”, came the reply.


“They are moving out of our slip stream”, Tunak said. “Damn, damn, damn. I need them there. Can we get them back. No, no, they might guess we up to something”, Gybore said. “What should we do”, Juke asked. “Dunno, plan B. Tunak, what will they do”, Gybore said with a hint of desperation. “They will come alongside, enter our warp bubble”, Tunak said. Gybore smiled.


“They hailing us”, communications said. “Provoke them”, Gybore said to Juke. A frightened expression came to his face. “Good, keep that expression”, Gybore said.


The line was opened and a scruffy looking with intent man appeared. “Come out of warp and prepare to be boarded”, he said. “This is an illegal act. Under galaxy law I am allowed to do all I can to protect my passengers and crew”, Juke said. “Ok, if you want to do it the hard way”, the pirate Captain said.


Gybore gave a throat cutting signal to the communications operator. “They are entering out warp bubble... They are in”, Tunak said. “McTabit, I need a big ion push. Navigation, put them in our wake”, Gybore yelled. The ship was boosted forward, ahead of the pirate ship and then maneuvered inline. Gybore kept an eye on the distance and then yelled, “Now McTabit, now”.


On tactical the pirate ship just vanished into the distance behind them. Gybore gave a sigh of relief. “What happened”, Juke asked. Gybore sighed and said. “They all dead. Your ships unusual Crystal configuration allowed me to create a collapsing warp bubble behind us. They’ve been crushed to death. If we stop, we can see what’s left”, Gybore said.


“That’s not necessary. We still have schedules to meet.”, Juke said. Gybore stood firm and his two guards stood ominously close by. Gybore and Tunak looked at the Captain. Juke took in a breath. Tunak’s expression hardened. “Gybore, you are free to return to your quarters and enjoy the hospitality of the ship”, Juke said. Tunak and Gybore both relaxed.


“I’ll escort you back”, Tunak said. The two men walked to the elevator and they sped away to near Gybore’s room. “That’s quite a weapon you invented”, Tunak said. “Best we forget it. No one should have that much power”, Gybore said. “Could make a lot of money”, Tunak replied. “The equations have been destroyed and we both have enough money. Best this goes no further”, Gybore said firmly. Tukan took in a deep breath, “I guess”, he replied.


Back in his rooms Oed was surprised to see him. “Master, you out. You free, what happened”, Oed said. “Saved the ship from pirates. Did you not see them, they were at the side”, Gybore said. “No, all windows were closed. Something about a radiation field. You saved us, for real? I never know when you’re joking”, Oed said. Gybore threw his arms out in surprise and headed for the jacuzzi, just in time for the window shutters to open.


They arrived at their destination, checked through customs and arrived at their hotel room. “We gotta wait a few days for the next connection”, Gybore said. “Hotel is nice”, Oed said. “Glad you like it, always travel in style”, Gybore said. “If you can afford it”, Oed said.


“Let’s go for a drink. I need a crowd. Hate Jazz, let’s go to a Jazz club”, Gybore said. Oed nodded and off they went. They took a taxi to a seedy part of town and stopped early. Gybore wanted a little walk. “Master, this area don’t look too good”, Oed said. “I been to this place quite a few years ago. Feeling nostalgic. I hope to go into a bar without a bar fight”, Gybore said with a little laugh. It was a night, and this only added to Oed’s concerns.


They entered the bar and it was no longer a Jazz club. “Things change. What you want to drink”, Gybore asked. Oed looked around the bar, he did not feel safe. Even though there were Samurai there, the place had an uncomfortable feeling. “I do not drink”, Oed said. “Neither do the Samurai here. Have something”, Gybore said mockingly. “A lemonade”, Oed replied. Gybore sighed and ordered from the barman.


About me

I was a child of the 60's living in the rough end of East London. I decided I had to escape and travelled the world and my life experiences inspired my writings. Hope you enjoy my books at least as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks for purchasing and your support.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
This novel is part of a series and the 5th had a hard ending and the 5th was meant to be the last, but I did not want to leave it there as I got attached to the characters. I had 3 more chapters and wanted to take the character arcs further, hence another novel.
Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
I use to live near a Salvation Army home in the East End of London. There were many tramps who I now think were veterans from world war two. I'd often wonder what lead them to their sorry state. I'd image they went up in space ships, but somehow it all went wrong for them.
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
After 5 previous novels in the series, I had to keep it both fresh and move the story arcs along to new, but also familiar territory. The hardest part is always writers block. I often get it, but on this one it hit the hardest, but after a month, I managed to get through it.

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