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First pages

Chapter 1


Sitting in a hotel room with two other guys is not how I envisioned spending a Thursday night. As far as stakeouts go, this one sucks. The movies and T.V. shows make it look much more exciting than it truly is—often sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Such is the life of someone in law enforcement. Before I can complain to my partner, my phone vibrates with a text message.

Carrie: Where are you? I want to see you tonight. I want to come over to your place since I’ve never been over before.

How do I get myself into situations like this with women? The life of Adam Miles should be nothing but fun and no commitments. Somehow I’ve managed to hook up with a girl who can’t seem to understand that there is no relationship. There will never be a relationship. It is just sex. I shake my head ignoring the text.

“Dude, you owe us beers after this stakeout. This is as fun as watching paint dry,” I say to Harrison Archer. Harrison is a friend who works in the Vice Division of the Atlanta Police Department. We went through the police academy together and have been close friends for years. His team was short on officers for this stakeout, so he called in a favor, which brings me to why me and my partner, Carson Knight, are sitting in a hotel room bored out of our minds.

“I know I pulled you away from your lady of the week, Rico Suave, but we should be wrapping up soon. Senator Collins should be arriving at any moment, then we can turn on the cameras,” Harrison replies rolling his eyes at me.

“Well, in the meantime, I have to keep myself entertained. Since Carson is happily engaged, let’s talk about your love life. Why did you break up with Darcy?” I ask him, smiling because I know this is not a topic he wants to discuss.

“Not going there, even with you guys,” Harrison replies shortly. Harrison had been dating one of our friends for three years before he suddenly broke things off. It’s something we have all wanted to know more about—even Darcy isn’t sure why he ended things.

“Adam, cut it out. Harrison, why are you guys after this Senator anyway? I mean he can’t be the one and only politician who is hiring call girls to sleep with,” Carson says.

“Besides the prostitution, we believe he is running or involved with a gang which sells drugs and illegal firearms across the Southeast. This is the easiest way to arrest him and then we can begin tearing his life apart. Given his position, it’s been hard to start looking at him without any red flags going up.”

“What time is the show suppose to start?” I ask again.

“Adam, what would you have been doing anyway? Seriously, which would you be happier doing, sitting here with us or going on another date with Carrie?” Carson asks, laughing at me complaining.

He stumps me with that question. I grin because of the text message I just received from her. Carrie was fun at first. Then she started getting ideas about us becoming serious. Needless to say, I’ve been avoiding her like the plague. You would think since I am thirty-five years old, I would be more mature. Nope, I’m pretty sure I stopped maturing at twenty-one. “I pick you a-holes.” I can hear the other cops on this stakeout laughing in my earpiece.

“We’ve been hearing your phone ding every few minutes with text messages, which I’m assuming are from her. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a drink with her? If she is anything like your other girlfriends, she’s probably waiting naked for you and half-cup crazy. Remember the chick who dumped the beer on your head after she saw you with another girl?” Harrison adds laughing.

“Or what about the one who showed up at the station in a trench coat and nothing else. I’m not sure any of us can get her screaming for you, and her coat falling open out of our heads,” Carson adds.

“First off, we had broken up before she saw me in that restaurant. Second off, it was her glass of wine she dumped on my head, not beer. Third, Katie was crazy, and my radar was off on that one. There is nothing I can say other than at least she had a great body when the trench coat came undone,” I say while trying to keep a straight face. Both situations were pretty funny after the event.

Before Harrison can reply to me, we are interrupted. “Sorry to break up your bromance boys, but Senator Collins is in the building and heading to his room,” another undercover officer notifies us.

“What time is the call girl arriving?” Carson asks as we begin turning on the hidden cameras and microphones.

“She should be arriving any moment. Usually, the Senator arrives first then the girl shows up a few minutes later. They are careful and never come up together. He also doesn’t use the same girl more than once,” Harrison tells us.

A few minutes go by, and we hear the hotel door open and close. The Senator walks into the room and begins getting ready for his night of action. Too bad for him and the girl he’s hired, their night of action is not going to end the way they expect.

A few minutes pass when we are notified the escort has arrived. “Beautiful brunette is walking towards the elevator. She matches the general description of what the Senator likes. Now, this is a woman who I think may be worth the five grand for a few hours with her. She is smoking hot,” the officer says over our earpieces.

“You guys remember the plan? After they discuss money, we will use the card key to enter the room, and make the arrests,” Harrison says as we get ready for what should be a quick and easy arrest.

A few minutes later we hear the woman knock on the door, and then she enters. I let out a whistle when she comes in view of the camera. “No kidding. She is beautiful. I wonder why she’s doing this for a living?” I say more to myself than anyone else.

Harrison just snorts besides me. I glance over and see a funny look on his face. “What?” I ask him.

“Nothing. Not everything is what it seems,” he replies vaguely to me. Before I ask him what he is talking about the Senator and the woman begin discussing their terms.

“I want to see the cash up front. Five thousand for two hours of my time. No anal. I’m fine with light spanking and rough sex to a point. I know you like to play rough, but I’m not into the extreme things. I like my face the way it is, so no touching it,” the woman says bluntly. “And you can call me James,” she adds with a sexy smile.

Watching her and hearing her husky voice sends a shiver up my spine. What the heck is wrong with me? She is a high-priced hooker and nothing more. I should not be judgmental, but I am.

“You should be glad I like your name. It’s very sexy. Usually, the rough stuff is what I’m after, and it would be a deal breaker as I like to hear women scream, but I’m good with your terms. Before I give you your money, I want to see what you look like underneath that dress. Also, did you sign the confidentiality agreement the agency has on file for me?” the Senator says.

I clench my jaw, not liking the way he is blatantly looking her up and down. The sick gleam in his eyes is disgusting and makes my stomach turn. Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum is James. She is wearing a sexy, black wrap dress, which takes no time for her to untie. I let out a whoosh of air as she is standing there in nothing but scraps of lace covering her and shoot me now, she’s wearing a garter belt and stockings.

“Here’s your five thousand dollars. I want you to keep the stockings and heels on. Everything else off and on your knees,” the Senator says roughly as he throws the money on the nightstand and begins loosening his tie.

“Time to move, boys. Especially before things go further. I’ve got the Senator. Adam, you seem smitten with James, so you can cuff her,” Harrison says interrupting me from staring at this woman.

We move quickly and quietly out of our hotel room, and Carson slips the key card into the slot. The moment he turns the handle, we are in the room. Senator Collins jumps with surprise at his hotel door opening, but surprisingly, James is still.

“Atlanta Police Department, you both are under arrest for solicitation,” Harrison says as he walks over to the Senator. Harrison begins reading the Senator his rights as I walk over to James. She is on her knees, and the sight is erotic. She is even more beautiful up close. Dark brown hair, deep hazel eyes, and a body I could spend all day worshipping. I’ve got to admit I’m a breast and butt man, and she does not lack in either department. Her breasts are pushed up nicely by her bra, and I can make out the outline of her nipples. Her butt is perfection. Just the right amount to grab onto. After hearing her earlier statement about light spanking, I think that would be something worth exploring with her.

I help her up, then pull her arms behind her back and put handcuffs on her. I would give anything for this to be the two of us, and for this to be foreplay. It’s so fucked up because I’m hard as hell from this scenario. I shake my head to clear my dirty thoughts as I begin to mirandize her.

She doesn’t say a word the entire time I’m standing in front of her reading her Miranda rights. I see nothing but a spark in her eyes and a smirk on her face like she is enjoying this. The Senator is screaming up a storm and yelling at her to keep her mouth shut and that this was role-playing. Apparently, he is going for the “we are dating with a fun sex life routine”. Harrison passes him off to other plainclothes officers to take down to the station.

When he walks back in the room, I’m shocked when I see her begin to smile. “Harrison, enough with the theatrics. We had a deal and taking off my clothes was not part of it. You’re lucky I did it so you could get what you needed. Now get these handcuffs off me and let me get dressed. You guys are a bunch of pervs. I know everyone is checking me out. You better make sure no one got any pictures of me, and this video is not passed around. I will never hear the end of it if pictures get out,” she says to him playfully.

“Anything for you, James. You can’t fault us for looking at you, though. You’re gorgeous, and this is the closest any of them will get to seeing you dressed like this. Thanks for helping me out,” Harrison replies as he removes her handcuffs.

She shakes out her wrists, picks up her dress off the chair and puts it back on. I know I’m staring at her, but I can’t help myself. There is a slight possibility my mouth may be hanging open. I notice she looks me up and down before staring at me directly in the eyes with a smirk back on her face as she finishes tying her dress.

“See you later, boys. As much fun as this night has been, I actually have a real date to go to. Harrison, we’re even. I could even say you owe me one now,” she says as she walks out the door with a wave.

Harrison busts out laughing before he yells down the hallway to her. “Tell Jeff I said thank you for loaning you out for this. We do appreciate the teamwork.”

“What the fuck was that?” I ask him as he walks back in the room laughing.

“Adam, you know the deal. In order to get the Senator, we have to make deals,” Harrison replies. “Thanks for your help tonight. I owe you drinks.”

“That is one hell of a prostitute to have that type of relationship with,” Carson says as we gather our things.

“James is a friend of the department and has helped us out before. Thanks again, guys. I’m serious about the beers. I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a while, but with this case and things with Darcy going to shit I’ve needed time alone. Once I’m done with this case I will call you both,” Harrison tells us as we get on the elevator.

“Dude, no worries. We are here for you whenever you need us. Man, if she weren’t a hooker, I would ask you for her name and number. She’s hot,” I tell him.

“Even if you got her name and number she wouldn’t give you the time of day. She doesn’t date guys in law enforcement,” he replies as we leave the hotel.

As Carson and I walk back to my car, I shake my head to try and get the images of James out of my mind. “She’s a high-priced hooker. No matter how appealing she is, leave it alone, Adam,” Carson says as we get into the car.

“I know, but she has a killer body. I can still think she’s hot. Plus, I have my own drama to deal with. I’m going to call things off with Carrie, and I know it’s going to be messy.”

Carson bursts out laughing at me. “What?” I ask him confused.

“Alex and Catherine had a bet going on how long this one lasted. I think Catherine has to buy Alex a pair of shoes. You didn’t make it to the one-month mark,” he replies as he picks up his phone and starts texting. Alex is Carson’s fiancée, and Catherine is her best friend who happens to be Carson’s sister.

“Asswipe,” I mutter under my breath.

“Don’t forget we actually have our own case to work tomorrow night,” Carson says.

“Ugh. Don’t remind me. I guess I shouldn’t have been complaining about tonight. At least I wasn’t sitting in the cold. So the team out tonight didn’t have any luck?”

“Nope. Not a thing. Tomorrow is the day based on the other bodies we have found. It’s been about two weeks since the last body was dumped. He’s going to grab another,” Carson says as we head back to the police station.

Chapter 2


“Dude, I’m sick and tired of smelling like garbage. After two weeks of this crap, I can think of fifty things I would rather be doing right now. Sitting in an alley pretending to be a bum is not one of them.” I know I am complaining, mainly because I lost a bet with Carson. Who would have thought he could make a shot from half court when we were playing basketball? Which is why I’m the one sitting in the cool evening smelling like trash.

“Adam, stop your bitching. I know it’s not sunny California, but you lost fair and square. Eric and I are enjoying sitting in the van if that makes you feel better,” Carson replies. “By the way, I thought you were breaking up with Carrie today.”

“This morning, I told her I was busy with work and wanted to cool things off. Why?” I ask wondering where this is coming from.

“She’s been texting you all night. Do you want me to reply for you?” Eric asks me. I had to leave my cell with them as I am undercover. I can feel my jaw start to ache from how hard I am grinding my teeth.

“I really like the emoji’s she sends you. I can’t decide if my favorites are the kisses or hearts,” Carson says.

“And she’s sending them on a ten-minute basis. She also sent you a picture of what she’s wearing tonight. You may want to call her after you shower,” Eric adds. I hear nothing but laughter in my earpiece. I deserve this. Usually, it is me who is busting the guys’ balls. This is one of the few times they can give me payback.

“I swear, both of you are going to end up smelling like me when I am done,” I hiss into my microphone. Carrie was pretty upset this morning when I spoke with her. Too bad she didn’t take the hint. All day it’s been nonstop calls or texts from her. I can only imagine what her picture is of. “And Eric, do not reply to her.”

I hear the guys laughing again in the background.

“Look alive, stinky. I think we have someone headed your way,” Eric says.

For the past three months, someone has been murdering homeless people. He ties them up and carves a design, which looks like a tribal sun into the chest of his victims. If that isn’t bad enough, he then slashes their backs before finally ending their torture with a final stab. A prostitute witnessed the last murder and was able to give us a description of the guy and his vehicle. For three weeks we have been watching this block knowing he would begin hunting again.

I stand up and begin stumbling around and working my way towards the edge of the sidewalk. Hopefully, this is it, and I’ll attract his attention. Sure enough, I see the car slow down and pull beside me. I know Carson and Eric are down the street and we have a few more undercover cops on the street in case I need back up. “Everyone ready. Someone is approaching Adam,” Carson states.

The car stops next to me, and the guy gets out and walks toward me. He is slightly shorter than I am. He has black hair and glasses. Other than that, he is unremarkable. Game time. “Hey man. Got some money? I’m hungry,” I say to him in a grumbling voice. I am shaking as well to make him think I am less of threat. “Sure, come over to my trunk. I have some supplies you may want as well.”

“What kind of supplies?” I need to make sure this is the right guy and not some do-gooder who is handing out care packages to the homeless.

“Some clothes, deodorant, soap and money.”

Great, not the guy. I follow the guy to his trunk to retain my cover. He pops it, and I don’t see anything inside. It’s him! Just as I go to pull my gun, I feel him hit me with a jolt of electricity. The asshole tasered me.

I crumple to the ground, and I am helpless. My last thought is ‘crap’ then I space out for a few moments due to hitting my head on the sidewalk. He begins to lift me into the trunk. He has to be extremely strong to lift my 190 pounds of deadweight into his car. Thankfully, Carson and Eric are watching closely, and I hear the call to help me. As he is about to shut the trunk on me, I see Carson and Eric running up with their guns pulled. The takedown is complete. I watch them make the arrest and handcuff the guy.

All from the trunk of his car. I will never hear the end of this.

“Shit, Adam. Are you okay?” Carson asks as they begin pulling me out of the car. My body is jerky, and I feel off, but I am slowly gaining my wits.

“I had no clue he would have a Taser. It hurts like hell.” I can barely breathe. I also want to puke, but if I do, I will never hear the end of this.

“I couldn’t believe it when you just dropped to the ground,” Eric said. I see the EMTs arriving to check me out.

I wave them away. “I’m fine. It was a low voltage Taser. I never lost consciousness. I just couldn’t move.”

“Adam, you hit your head pretty hard on the curb. I think you need to let them check you out. You could have a concussion,” Eric says looking concerned.

I continue to wave away the EMTs. I must look fine because they stop trying to paw at me.

“Well, if you aren’t going to get checked out then you should at least spend the night at my place in case anything is wrong. Alex would kill me if anything happened to you,” Carson tells me as we are waiting to give our statements. “Either that or I’ll call Carrie, and she will be on your doorstep waiting for you to get home.”

“You are an asshole, but I’m not going to argue with you. I’ll stay with you and Alex for tonight. Plus, she has a killer shower in her guest bathroom. It will be good payback to you when I make a mess in it cleaning off this filth.”

“Come on. Once you get cleaned up, then we can have a beer.”

“Eric, thanks for the backup. Next time it is your turn to dress up. See you tomorrow night,” I call to Eric as Carson and I head towards his car.

“Later, stinky,” Eric says laughing as he heads over to join some of the other cops still taking statements.

“That kid has grown some big balls since he joined our unit,” I tell Carson.

He laughs at the statement because it is true. Eric used to be quiet around us, but he helped Carson and I guard Alex during a case, and we became friends. Eric passed the detective’s exam, and when our unit had an opening, he applied for it. He’s fit in nicely with our team, and we know he’s got our backs.

Before I can get in Carson’s car, he throws a towel at me. “Sit on the towel. You are going to make my car smell. I would prefer not to have the seats cleaned because of you.”

“I should get your car as filthy as me,” I mutter under my breath as I put the towel down.

“Hold on a second. Mark is calling me,” Carson says as he begins heading to his house. “Hey man. What’s up?”

“What is the older, and more boring brother of mine doing right now?” Mark says laughing. We can hear noise in the background. It sounds like Mark is in a bar—where I wish I was tonight instead of shaking off the aftershocks of being stunned.

“Adam and I just wrapped up a case. We are headed back to my place.” I chuckle to myself as I hear a girl telling Mark to get off the phone and to go home with her. Like all of the Knight’s, he’s never had a problem finding dates.

“Do you guys want to come meet my partner and I for a beer? We are having a blast. Adam, you will enjoy the views tonight. Lots of ladies.” Mark pauses, and we catch him speaking to someone else, “Stop it. I’m fine, and I’m not leaving with you. If you want to go home, then go. I will catch a ride with one of the guys.”

“Sounds like your brother is having to beat off some girl,” I tell Carson as we listen to his side of the conversation.

“Sorry about that guys. I have a pain in the butt girl trying to ruin my good time. So are you guys up for a beer?”

“I’m not sure, Mark. It has been a long night for the both of us,” Carson starts telling him. I glance down at my phone as I receive another text message from Carrie. Nope, I am done with her. Time to move on.

“Mark, can you give us thirty minutes? I need to shower, and we will meet you,” I tell him, interrupting Carson.

“Awesome. See you guys in a bit,” he replies happily as he hangs up.

“Are you sure, Adam? You were tasered and hit your head on the concrete. I’m not sure you need to add alcohol to the mix.”

Leave it to Carson to become the mother hen now he is engaged. “Yes. A few drinks won’t kill me. Actually, it may help this headache. Plus, I don’t want to sit around and get in a text argument with Carrie.”

“Fine. Alex isn’t back in town until tomorrow morning, so I have nothing else to do.”

I laugh at the pitiful look on his face. Carson bit the bullet a few weeks ago and proposed to his girlfriend, Alex. Her family has gone into full wedding preparation mode. They are having an engagement party next weekend, and she was worried our case was going to interfere with it. At least it is done for now.

We have been on this stakeout for two weeks, and I have mastered the quick shower. Carson and I are walking into the bar twenty minutes later. “Dude, do I still smell?” I ask him one more time. I think I have a garbage stench permanently stuck in my nose.

“No. You smell like the girly crap Alex keeps in the bathroom.”

“Maybe the ladies will find me yummy then.” We both see Mark waving like crazy from the table he is sitting at. “I think your brother may be a little wasted.”

“You think? He looks like he is about to fall out of his chair.” Carson says sarcastically.

“Carson, Adam!” Mark yells as he attempts to stand up.

“How much have you had to drink?” Carson asks him as he gives him a hug.

“A little. Maybe a lot. Sydney dumped me. This is Ethan and Mike from my unit. Ethan, Mike, this is my brother Carson, and his partner, Adam Miles.” Carson and I both are having a hard time following Mark’s conversation. We all shake hands through the introductions.

“Why did Sydney break up with you?” Carson asks.

“Who knows. She has been acting crazy lately, and earlier today she told me it was over. No explanation. I’m going to bring a friend to dinner tomorrow night because I already told Alex I’d bring a plus one.” Looks like tonight is about Mark nursing his wounded heart. Been there, done that, which is why I do not do relationships.

“Which one of you is Mark’s partner?” I ask the other two guys while Carson and Mark have their brother moment.

“Neither of us,” Ethan replies. Mike starts laughing at the question.

“I thought you said your partner was with you. Here’s your beer, Adam,” Carson says to Mark.

“Nah, decided to call it a night since we had a long day at work,” Mark replies.

“His partner always plays by the rules and never stays out late,” Ethan adds.

“And I think we are all tired of watching Mark get wasted,” Mike states.

“Speaking of girls. Adam, do you see anyone you like?” Mark asks slurring his words.

I had thought tonight was going to be fun and what I needed, but now my headache is worsening. “Nah. I think it will be time to leave after we finish this drink.”

“You better not be hungover tomorrow, Mark or Alex will have your balls. This is the start of all of the wedding planning things, and she’s excited. Come on, let us drive you home,” Carson says as he helps Mark up.

“Nice meeting you guys,” I tell them as we all head towards the door. Mark is going to be worthless tomorrow. I hope Alex gives him hell for this.

Chapter 3


After spending the day relaxing and recovering from the Taser incident, I’m ready to enjoy dinner and drinks tonight with all of our friends. I walk into the restaurant and realize this is right up Alex’s alley. Trendy and new, so hopefully we have a good time tonight. The hostess is flirty, so I check her out as she walks me over to the private dining area Carson and Alex have reserved for tonight. When I enter, I notice I’m almost the last person there. The only other two people missing are Mark and his new date.

“Where’s Carrie?” Catherine, Carson’s sister, asks me as I walk around the room shaking hands and giving hugs. Catherine and Alex were college roommates. Alex and Carson spent years lusting after each other before finally dating.

“Funny, Catherine. Your brother told me about your bet with Alex. I’m back to single Adam again,” I tell her as I give her a hug.

“Who are you kidding? You’re always single Adam,” she replies with a snort. This gets a laugh from just about everyone else.

“That’s only because you aren’t available,” I reply with a laugh. I love Catherine like my own little sister. I can tell my comment has bothered her date, Tim or Jim—the guy is so boring I can’t ever remember his name. Carson and I both agree he’s not worth her time, but she’s been seeing him for a while now.

I take a seat down by Carson and Alex and order a drink. The room we are in is a private dining room. The room is all glass, and we can see everything going on at the bar without the noise. “Hey, dude, so you didn’t bring a date either?” I ask Max as I sit next to him, and order a rum and coke from the waitress.

Max Andrews is a Secret Service Agent who is part of the security detail for Alex’s dad, Vice-President McNeill. He also happens to be a close friend of mine and Carson’s. Having Max periodically come into town when the Vice-President is visiting Alex made us get to know each other through work first. His schedule is even more grueling than mine. He may be on duty for sixty straight days then off for thirty days. Sometimes his hours are daytime, others are night duty. They constantly rotate his schedule. Once we got to know him, we all found out we had the same love of sports. Max gives me a run for my money with dating.

“Yep. No one is keeping my interest right now,” he replies.

“You two can be dates then,” Alex says sweetly with a smile.

“Watch it, Kitten. I haven’t even begun picking on you guys yet. Plus, thanks to me, you get a new pair of shoes,” I tell her jokingly.

Carson, Max, and I begin discussing who has a better baseball team as the opening game is around the corner when we are interrupted by a squeal. “Mark, you finally made it! And who is your friend?” Alex asks as she gets up to greet Carson’s brother.

We all turn to look at Mark and his friend.

W.T.F. It is very rarely that I’m caught off guard, but I’m speechless. It’s her.

Standing beside Mark is the same beautiful woman we had in handcuffs two nights ago. Except tonight, she is wearing skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and a cream colored sweater. I am not sure if I’m more turned on by what she is wearing tonight or the other night.

“Holy shit, Carson. Your brother brought a hooker to your dinner party,” I say quietly.

“What the hell is going on?” Carson says harshly. “I can’t believe he hired an escort to bring to this dinner. I know he’s having issues with Sydney, but this is ridiculous.”

“What are you two talking about?” Max asks us.

“We arrested the woman with Mark two nights ago for solicitation,” I tell Max. I watch in amazement as he begins to laugh. And by laugh, I mean hysterically laugh. Loud enough that everyone is looking over at us.

“Ellis! It is so great to see you. I had no idea you were going to be here. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you,” Darcy, another one of Alex’s BFFs, exclaims running over to give her a hug.

“Have we left this universe? Since when do our friends know prostitutes well enough that this isn’t their first time meeting?” I ask Carson. He looks just as confused as I do by this situation. Darcy and Ellis, or James—whatever the hell her name is, are acting like they’ve known each other for years.

Before he can answer me, Mark and his “date” are standing by us. “Adam, Carson, this is my friend and—,” Mark begins.

Before he can finish the introductions, Max stands up and gives her a big hug. “Ellis, it’s great to see you again,” Max says.

“Secret Service Agent Andrews, nice to see you again. It’s been a few months. I think the last time I saw you was at the range,” she replies with a smile in husky voice of hers. I watch as the same spark in her eyes lights up like the other night as she talks to Max.

“Now, Ellis, let’s not discuss the range. I thought we all agreed it was something we were going to forget about,” Max replies to her. They seem pretty chummy as well.

“By the way, Adam and Carson are extremely confused by your presence here. They seem to be under the impression you are a prostitute. Knowing you as I do, I’m sure you want to correct them. I thought you more of a high-priced escort, correct?” Max adds laughing at our expression.

“What?” Alex and Mark both exclaim at the same time.

I watch as Ellis’s smile brightens the room. She is obviously pleased and not embarrassed by her profession. “Yes, it would seem I met them a few nights ago. I was helping out Vice because they needed a high-end call girl, and I fitted the description of what they were looking for.”

“Well, guys, this is Ellis James. Ellis this is my brother, Carson and his partner, Adam,” Mark says finishing with the introductions.

No one says anything for a moment until Darcy starts laughing, along with Max and Mark. “You were always Harrison’s favorite escort. Come on girls, let’s all go to the bar for a few minutes and gossip,” Darcy says as she links arms with Ellis and they leave with Catherine and Alex.


About me

Melissa Alexander grew up in South Carolina. She attended the University of South Carolina and holds a BA in Liberal Arts. She met her husband while in college. After living in Columbia, South Carolina, Chicago, Illinois and London, Ontario, Melissa and her husband, their two children and two dogs finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Melissa has always enjoyed reading and after a co-worker brought over some books for her to read while on maternity leave, she was hooked on romance novels.

Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
The With You series is based on a group of friends and their love stories. I love this series because you can read them as stand-alone novels or in order to continue to watch their relationships develop over time.
Q. Where can readers find out more about you?
Facebook! Stop by my facebook page and like my page to see updates and pictures. I also will respond to emails.
Q. What draws you to this genre?
I'm a hopeless romantic. I've been lucky to meet and marry my forever man. I love to read stories and see the angst then the happily ever after. Recently, I've been reading romantic comedy books. I think romantic suspense will always be my first love.

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