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Whisking down the boulevard in the blue Honda Civic towards New York City with Tony in the driver’s seat, Hannah exclaimed: “This morning, when I woke up, someone, not still in the physical, asked me, ‘Why are you love?’ I answered, ‘Because I’m made of stardust and the stars are love!”

“Here we go again,” Tony groaned.

“But, you’re love too, Tony! Why, I was just reading about the recent scientific detection of gravitational waves from those two colliding neutron stars, creating ripples in the fabric of space-time. These strange smashups spew heavy elements such as gold and platinum; scattering them across the universe. I had an intuition that the messages I keep getting are carried by those waves—those impulses! Gravitation is my groove!”

“You and your crazy messages!”

Humming and then singing softly, “We are stardust—we are golden…”

“Joni Mitchell!”

“Yep! I keep having these dreams that I’m standing inside a radio tower—that my brain is receiving messages from the universe! And I can actually feel them—I mean the airwaves coming at me!”

Changing the subject as they approached the George Washington Bridge, Tony complained, “Look Hannah! Everything’s getting so damned gentrified I hardly recognize any of those places anymore! Remember when that movie theater downtown was a storefront? Now things are so expensive I can hardly afford to see a movie anyway. Brooklyn’s the same way! Rents over there are out of sight! But we’ve gotta do it—we’ve got to make the move. It’s where all the action is! It’s where I can make my way in construction.”

Hannah blurted out, “Did you know that the Brooklyn Bridge was built by a woman? She wasn’t even an actual engineer. There are a lot of things about that bridge people don’t know. There was once even a wine cellar beneath it. There are virtually thousands of Love Locks stuffed into the Brooklyn Bridge cables, fences, pipes—messages of love and commitment that are scratched and etched in the padlocks and anywhere else. I hear that the Department of Transportation clips the locks on the bridge every few weeks. Indeed, crews clean the bridge twice a week, removing the locks as needed. Oh my god! It’s happening again!”

“Not one of your damn episodes!” Tony exclaimed, increasingly irritated.

Trembling; holding both hands to her ears, Hannah tried to remain calm.

“I told you to take an aspirin over an hour ago! This is no time for one of your freak outs! I’ve got to concentrate and find a parking place or we’ll be late for our rental interview!”

“But I hear something strange! It’s as if a noise is coming from those buildings over there!”

“It’s nothing! Just relax, okay? Someone just drove up over there! Pretty sure it’s our rental agent!” Tony exclaimed, anxiously slicking back his hair.

“I thought the agent said the owners may be considering selling instead of continuing to rent!”

“Don’t freak out! I don’t think that’s true. Boy oh boy! Things sure are changing fast!” whistled Tony, closely observing the now parked, shiny, 2016 black Mercedes. “It used to be that people like you and me could afford to live over here.”

In another part of Brooklyn, Doctors’ Alice and Steven Sutter were house-hunting for their first home. Turning the front door key, their realtor, Jeff Sanders, anxiously smiled back at his potential clients, exclaiming, “What you’ve got here, Professor Sutter, is a real gem. And a real bargain! A beautiful, turn of the century mansion! Properties like this are extremely difficult to come by in this part of the city.”

“Yes, well I wouldn’t call it a bargain,” quipped the professor. “After all, the asking price isn’t exactly chump change.”

As they continued to walk the house, Jeff explained, “This house has a lot of history. As I said, it was originally built at the turn of the century. After the new owners bought it in 1957, they made an extra bedroom by dividing the master.”

“Well, this is certainly a nicely-appointed Brownstone, isn’t it Steven?” remarked Dr. Alice. “You could have your office over there, across from the master bedroom. And I could have mine in the spare room downstairs. That way my hypnosis clients wouldn’t have to climb the stairs. I like the layout much better than the previous house. And, of course, it’s much more affordable.”

“If you call two and a quarter million affordable,” frowned Dr. Steven. “But if you like it, honey, we can certainly put it at the top of our list!”

“Oh look Steven! How charming! You can see the Brooklyn Bridge from the master suite!”


Staring at the hypnotic back and forth of the windshield wipers of her 2017 white Mercedes, Dr. Alice Sutter relaxed as her auto glided smoothly forward; entering yet another carwash cycle. Having just come from an appointment with her obstetrician, she couldn’t hold back the tears. Eyes soaked; still in shock about this, her second miscarriage, she absently opened the glove-box; rummaging about for a handkerchief. Unable to find one, she wondered: “Will the wipers take my tears?”

Dabbing another tear; listening through the torrential wash cycle, she heard, amid the downpour, the sound of gunfire. Sheltered in her leather and steel cage—insulated from the sudsy onslaught, she saw in a vision, men carrying machineguns; a ragtag band of World War Two soldiers crawling on their hands and knees through the mud. At that moment, she heard one of the men cry: "Quocunque Jeceris Stabit!"

“What’s that supposed to mean, Captain?” another man questioned.

“It means ‘Whichever way you throw me, I will stand!’"

Momentarily slipping her tormented feet from the black stiletto pumps, she contemplated that their gnarled, painful condition was due to years of fitting into society’s demands.

“Lady?” Dr. Alice heard a male voice interrupt her daydream.

“Hey lady! That’ll be thirty dollars for the wash and wax!”

“Oh, please forgive me! My mind was somewhere else. Here! Here’s the money I owe you. Thank you very much!”


“Where is she? Is she here?” questioned Tony, frantically, as he leaned over Brooklyn Hospital Center reception room’s counter.

“And who might you be?” asked the night nurse, Holly.

“I’m her boyfriend Tony Austin! I’m the boyfriend of the woman who was brought in here about two hours ago. Christ! We just moved to the City. I just left her for a little while and look what she’s gone and done!”

“I must ask if you can prove your identity, Mr. Austin. We have many street people coming for care these days.”

“Sure!” agreed Tony, opening his wallet and flashing his driver’s license.

Nodding towards the direction where a police officer stood, Nurse Holly continued, “I think that officer over there would like to speak to you.”

Glancing in that direction, Tony saw that the officer was approaching him.

“What’s your girlfriend’s name?” inquired Officer Henry Crowley.

“Her name is Hannah Sue Swift.”

“You said you were living together. Do you have any proof?”

“No sir. At least not with me! I have a copy of the rental agreement I filled out at home, though.”

“We can take care of that later. But you need to describe Hannah’s identifying features.”

“She’s got medium length blond hair and blue eyes. She’s about five feet six inches tall.”

“Where’s her family?”

“Her only living relative; her grandmother, lives in a nursing home in Coalinga, California.”

“Is the grandmother’s last name Swift, also?”

“Yes, Madeline Swift.”

Calling the department to verify the I.D. information, the officer finally confirmed, “We’ve spoken to the administrators in Coalinga, California. Your story seems to check out. Follow me! But she’s sleeping now, so there’ll be no opportunity for you to see her tonight.”

“What happened officer? I came home from the night shift and she wasn’t anywhere in the apartment where we’re staying. I got scared and called the police. They told me she might be down here at the hospital.”

“We saw her climbing onto the railing of the Brooklyn Bridge. It sure seemed like she was getting ready to jump.”

“Oh my god!”

“Is that your girlfriend?” pointed the officer.

Looking through the open door, Tony could see Hannah lying on the hospital bed; her eyes closed:

“Yeah, that’s her.”

“The doctor gave her a mild sedative. She had a few cuts and bruises and was soaking wet from the rain. Nothing too serious, though. When we took her into custody, she seemed totally disoriented and confused.”

“The fact is that she’s a sleepwalker, officer! You must have startled her during one of her sleepwalking episodes!”

“You mean she does this routinely? I’m glad you told me that. The sleepwalking likely explains her bizarre behavior at the time—why she couldn’t give us her name or any other information. She tried to push the arresting officer away from her, too!”

“I’m sure that none of that was intentional, officer. She’s gone outside before, but she’s never traveled this far away.”

“What do you mean?”

“A few other times I found her out in front of the apartment, just pacing up and down the sidewalk! I asked her to come inside, but then she would just give me a blank stare—sort of like a zombie, and say something ridiculous like, ‘I have to move the piano’. I read somewhere that it can be dangerous to abruptly awaken someone while they’re sleepwalking.”

“I’ve heard that too. Don’t really know if it’s true.”

“When can she go home officer?”

“That depends on how she’s doing in the morning. Right now she’s on suicide watch.”

“Suicide watch?”

“Well, sure! We’ve booked her in as a jumper and she’s on suicide watch.”

“Oh, she would never do that!”

“But that’s how we found her. For now, we’ve got to put her on suicide watch. Ultimately, the courts will determine the next step.”

Just then, Hannah opened her eyes.

“Can I talk to her?”

“I’ll ask the doctor. Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Returning with Doctor Pence, Officer Crowley listened as the doctor explained to Tony, “As you already know, Hannah was quite disoriented when she was taken into custody. We don’t know, at this point, what her state of mind is; whether or not she was just sleepwalking, as you said, if she has amnesia or if she’s suicidal. I think, under the circumstances. It’s possible you could alarm her. It might be good to wait until morning and see if she recognizes you.”

“Alarm her? But I’m her boyfriend! In fact, we’re engaged to be married.”

“It’s very possible that she won’t, at least right away, know who you are. We’ll have the hospital psychologist fully evaluate her in the morning. After that, we can decide how to proceed. For now, though, I think the best thing for everyone is for you to go home and get some rest.”

“But I really want to talk to her, now,” Tony insisted, nervously tugging his baseball cap over his forehead. Checking himself against saying anything that might be considered antagonistic, he eventually sauntered down the hallway, exiting the hospital.



Dr. Steven Sutter kissed his wife, Dr. Alice Sutter, goodbye; leaving at 5:30 P.M. for a board meeting. A little annoyed, as she’d canceled a dinner engagement to accommodate her new patient, Hannah Swift, Dr. Alice realized she was now over an hour late. Trying to make light of the situation, Dr. Alice was catching up on her other client notes when the door bell finally rang.

Answering the door, Dr. Alice opened the door to a young woman with blond, dripping wet hair, waiting at the threshold.

“Hello! Please come in. You must be Hannah,” Dr. Alice greeted.

“Thank you! I’m so sorry I’m late! I can come back another time, if you’re busy and unable to have a session right now!”

“That’s alright. Now that you’re here, we should just go ahead and get started. Let me take your coat. Please sit down.”

“I probably look a mess,” Hannah continued apologetically, nervously pushing several wet strands of hair behind her ears. “You know how difficult it is to find decent housing in this city. Everything’s so expensive! My boyfriend and I are crashing, I mean staying, with some friends right now. The person showing us a potential rental was late. Tony, that’s my boyfriend, and I have to find a permanent place soon because his new construction job starts next month.”

“You seem a bit nervous. I want to assure you there’s nothing to worry about. I’d like to know a little more about you. There were several therapists on the list they gave you. Why did you choose me?”

“Someone told me your kind of therapy might really help so it just sounded right for me. I have a trust fund that my parents had set up, so I can afford a few appointments.”

“You stated in your information sheet that your parents died in an auto accident in 2009.”


“I’m very sorry for your loss. Well, please make yourself comfortable! Have you ever personally experienced hypnosis?”


“The form of hypnosis I practice is called “Client-Centered Hypnosis”. It requires that I ask you a few questions beforehand, if you don’t mind. The questions are designed to clarify where you are right now in your life. Therefore, they mostly concern your present life goals and, more exactly, your goals for this particular hypnosis session. Shall we get started?”

“Yes, I guess I’m ready.”

“Well then, tell me a little about yourself. Do you have any particular hobbies, for example?”

“I like to draw.”

“Oh, so you’re an artist?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it that. I usually just give my drawings away if people want them.”

As Dr. Alice continued to read down the list of questions, she noticed Hannah getting increasingly agitated. Unable to contain her curiosity any longer, Dr. Alice asked:

“Are you sure that you’re comfortable with what we’re doing today? You know, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about this process if it will help you to relax.”

“I’m fine. Really! I guess I just didn’t know this would be so complicated. I thought you were just going to put me in a trance and that was it.”

“That is certainly one form of hypnosis. Client-Centered Hypnosis, however, seeks to pinpoint the client’s goals so that during the hypnosis countdown, the therapist can use leading and pacing words specifically tailored to the client’s needs. In your case, for example, you seem to have certain immediate goals you want fulfilled such as finding a suitable rental. You also mentioned, in the questionnaire, that you’d like to quit smoking. More specifically, though, and for our purposes today, you’re here to discover any hidden reasons for your very dangerous sleepwalking episode, last week.”

“Can you do that? Can you help me? Can you find out why I’m sleepwalking?”

“I want to be very clear. I can’t answer all of your questions. However, through hypnosis, I can hopefully lead you to a place in your mind that can answer many questions for you. I can also provide suggestions that may help you avoid more sleepwalking episodes. But I will need your complete cooperation as we try to sort this all out in the weeks to come. Do you agree to that?”


“Many personal issues can be worked on during the trance state. I can suggest to a person, for example, that instead of wanting to overindulge in sweets, they will have a desire to drink a glass of water or eat something healthy. In the case of your sleepwalking, though, it may be more complicated—although I can try. I can certainly make the suggestion, while you’re in trance, that whenever you, during the sleep state, feel your feet touch the ground—you will instead wake up.”

“Oh, that does sound like it could help.”

“Some clients are very anxious about the whole idea of hypnosis. They don’t trust the idea of being in trance. But I tell them, that trance is a normal state of being. Think of it as half-way between being fully awake and asleep.”

“That makes sense.”

Client-Centered hypnosis primarily provides a customized script based entirely upon the individual client’s issues, goals and even phraseology. This is established during this phase: the all-important intake period. It’s a crucial first step in setting the stage for one’s inner-work. During the hypnosis countdown and actual trance experience I will utilize this input to help personalize and create a familiarity that you can hopefully identify with. Further, one’s intention combined with specific phraseology has the potential to activate specific and relevant memories.

Having experienced this process, personally, I understand the power of intention and words, how they can greatly assist in accessing profound meaning and answers for one’s life. This specific technique should help you to achieve a deep trance-level. Do you have any memories of what could have led to your sleepwalking episode?”

“This may sound a bit weird, but I remember hearing an owl hooting outside!”

“In the middle of New York City?”

“Yes. And lately, I’ve been having dreams that I’m falling from ledges and other heights.

When I was very young I literally nearly fell into a well. With all the enthusiasm and abandon of a three-year old, I and my friend had originally been playing a new game. Jumping on and off the metal doors of a manhole, she jumped on and then off again. Following her example, I did the same. Laughing and giggling, we were totally engrossed.

Jumping on once again, however, I sensed both of the metal doors opening beneath my feet! Miraculously, I was able to grab hold of the concrete ledge; my feet dangling above the dank depths below.”

“This was an actual experience you had?”

“Yes. Others in the neighborhood had seen what happened and came to supposedly rescue me. Instead of pulling me out, though, they simply watched. They were probably worried that if they helped me, they might also be pulled into the well. Wanting to shout for help, my voice then froze with fright. Finally, my father pulled me to safety.

Cliffs, bridges! I continued having dreams of falling or, at least, hanging onto ledges for dear life. Invariably, a group of onlookers would pityingly stare down at me, neglecting to pull me out. Apparently more concerned for their own safety, they must’ve thought that to pull me out would mean sacrificing their own life.

Eventually, I would find my voice; begging them to rescue me. The dream would end with me still hanging from some precarious ledge, screaming for help.

Last night I had another falling dream. There are nights when I dream of being another ethnicity—that I’m a Gaelic or gypsy woman.”

“Have you ever wondered if your falling dreams have something to do with your sleep-walking on the Brooklyn Bridge? Dreams can be helpful in understanding someone’s present situation. In fact, I’ve facilitated certain hypnosis sessions wherein a client is fully aware of an existence in another time or place while still maintaining at least a partial awareness of the present. I often wonder how this is possible unless human consciousness has the ability to be liberated from space/time constraints.

“Wait a minute! I hear something strange!”

“What? I don’t hear anything!”

Hearingthe clang of what sounded like a fire alarm, Hannah eventually determined the sound was coming from a nearby electric socket beneath Dr. Alice’s office window.

“There’s something going on inside that electrical plate. I hear it! We should take it off so we can examine the interior part!” Hannah exclaimed, pointing to the socket.

“I’m sure everything is fine. But, we can do that after completing our session together, if you still think it is necessary,” soothed Dr. Alice.

Hannah persisted, “No! We don’t have much time, Dr. Sutter! Can’t you smell that burning odor?”

“Hmmm! Alright, I’ll get a screwdriver. I’m pretty sure we have one in the kitchen. Be right back.”

Returning, Dr. Alice bent down and unscrewed the electrical plate.

“Wow! Would you look at that?”

Shocked at seeing the extremely deteriorated condition of the receptacle, Dr. Alice and Hannah realized that the normal electrical currant exchange had partially damaged the plate fixture as well as having badly charred the wooden framing stud where it had been installed.

“I told you something weird was going on,” exclaimed Hannah.


“Does this happen to you often?” inquired Dr. Alice Sutter.

“You mean hearing things that no one else can hear?”


“Tony thinks I’m a freak because I can hear things that others’ can’t”

Dr. Alice expounds: “Well, I know that animals often hear sounds that defy detection by humans.The biological response called infrasound—low decibel sound messaging, can cause peacefully grazing elephants and even alligators, certain whale species and other animal species to suddenly flee. Normal human hearing ranges between 20 to 20,000 Hz, which is minimal compared to the animal world. And, animals are known to perceive natural disaster infrasonic waves, such as pre-earthquake tremors, traveling through the earth.”

“One time, when I was at my job driving a small transport bus, there was an ominous siren sound. Knowing I would soon be coming to a highway intersection, I tried to remain calm. Realizing I’d never be believed if I stopped and telephoned my boss to explain I’d had a psychic premonition that the bus’s brakes were about to fail, I continued on my route. Pumping the brakes a few times just to test if they were still working, I was momentarily reassured by their solid response. For an instant, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Nearing the highway intersection, however, dread welled up from deep inside me. Gingerly pulling out into traffic, it was then that the brakes failed! Overwhelmed by a sense of sheer terror, my reflexes had all but frozen. Realizing I had little choice, I was finally able to force the shift handle into reverse. Though people were traumatized, they stayed safe through the entire incident.”

“That’s extraordinary, Hannah! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of anyone having those kinds of experiences! I want to deal with this in relationship to everything else, however for now, let’s get started with the hypnosis countdown.”

Utilizing specific sequences of leading and pacing verbiage; when reaching the number eight, Dr. Alice recited: “And you might experience the number eight as leaning on its side, very much resembling the symbol for infinity—having no beginning or end.

Towards the end of the countdown Hannah suddenly began to speak:

“Being counted me down from ten to zero, I was fascinated when you compared the number eight to the infinity sign. Following the figure eight round and round I realized how there really is no beginning or end. Traveling through it; experiencing many different, amazing realities, at that moment, I sensed some otherworldly presence.

Laughing and somewhat impatient, she was there, waiting to greet me. Looking through the number eight as if looking through glasses, I saw that same being holding a huge diamond. Placing her hand upon my knee, she was like an old friend inviting me to share tea and cookies. Becoming impatient, it was as if she was just passing the time until I arrived from the countdown:

‘We’re the Guardians—the Ancient Ones! The ancient rituals have been continuing for generations. Over time, the rituals have connected to the greater realms; creating pathways through the sky. All the realms are controlled by sound. That is the Great Secret! The rituals have created channels that connect the earth with these realms. They are called the ‘Channels of the Realms’. Sound vibration is carried through the DNA, cellular memory, to the next generations. The Ancient Ones know this. Rapid changes are coming! We don’t think of it as necessarily a happy time. The process is being sped up, an acceleration creating awe-inspiring changes affecting every aspect of life. This process can be compared to a ship catching the wind in a certain way. Those catching this wind need to be skillful, knowledgeable and willing to let go, like a navigator or a sailor. And like a sailor’s knowledge and deep respect for the sea, humans will need to know when to turn the ship and when to let go. Skillful in utilizing the winds of these times, they shall have us as their sail.””


“Do you remember anything from your trance?” Dr. Alice asked.

“Not really.”

“Nothing about ‘the Guardians’ or ‘Ancient Ones?’”


As you may remember, I record your words as well as making notations during each session. I have to admit that I find the information you’ve relayed as very unusual.”

“What you mean, doctor?”

“We don’t have time tonight. But before our next session, I’ll play the recording for you and we can discuss the information you received during your trance state.”

“Thank you, doctor. I’m open to hearing anything that will help me understand what’s going on!”


Still in bed; turning over and facing Dr. Steventhe next morning, Dr. Alice exclaimed: In a dream last night, I saw a stranger—a woman, dart down the attic steps. Grabbing a woolen coat, I quickly followed the specter to the first floor. I heard her say: “I’m making a path of breadcrumbs back to one’s true divine nature. Every historic period needs some breadcrumb-makers!”

 Out on the street; bare feet upon the pavement, I saw her disappear through the front door of the house across the street.

Believing I was awake, feeling a severe pain and stiffness in my left hip, I rolled over, onto my left side. Alarmed by what I saw; my left leg apparently severely bruised and bleeding, I promptly turned back onto my right side. Repeating to myself this wasn’t real; trying desperately to disavow my vision, I knew I was in some twilight awareness.”

“That’s pretty strange! Usually your dreams aren’t that vivid.”

“I think it might have something to do with my new patient, Hannah. For recently, I’ve been more accurately recalling my dreams.”

“I hope you’re not getting too personally-involved with this new client, Hannah,” Dr. Steven gently counseled.

“I’m trying to avoid it. But I have to admit that she seems extraordinary; having unusual powers!”


“Well, yes. Our very first session was interrupted when she detected strange sounds coming from behind the electrical plate in the wall. At first, I thought it was just her imagination. When I removed the plate, however, there was charring on the receptacle as well as on the wood stud.”

“Really? Has it been fixed yet?”

“An electrician is coming later today.”

“There were other things! When she went into trance, she began what I’m tempted to call “channeling” some kind of being or spirit.”

“Being or spirit? Now you’ve really got my attention!”

“Indeed, it; she, had a lot to say. It’s almost like the being was dictating to Hannah personally!”

“This certainly is interesting. But did you make any progress on why she tried to jump off the bridge while sleepwalking?”

“Not really.”

“I don’t want to speculate. However, maybe it’s her own psychological reaction to severely-repressed emotions.”

“That’s certainly a possibility,” Dr. Alice responded; washing her face. “At this point, I just don’t know.”

Meeting the following Tuesday, Alice asks Hannah, “Have you any questions about the tape you just heard?”

“Can I have a copy?”

“Of course! Perhaps this next session will help you discover what’s making you so fearful, thereby blocking you from achieving your full potential. Are you ready to be counted down?”


“Okay, let’s get started.”

Reaching her trance state, Hannah began speaking:

“Suddenly, I see a winged being. It’s dwarfing itself in order to make me feel big. It reminds me that the only way I’ll not be afraid to be fully human is to visit with her from time to time. I hear her say:

‘Many are not yet experiencing their full potential and humanity. They hate their own humanness as much as they appear to hate others. Humanity, then, is misunderstood. It’s a powerful place to be when fully understood. Unless one fully experiences their humanity, they’ll have to experience earthly existence again and again. One need not necessarily have to reincarnate. However, fear of death is so prevalent in your society, it can overwhelm someone’s ability to live their life to the fullest.

Only the body dies! People get too attached to their physicality, but they have to. One’s consciousness must be fairly strong for the soul’s desire to continue. The more you feel your humanity, the more love and joy you can create.’”

Counting Hannah back to full waking state, Dr. Alice Sutter asked, “Do you have any questions for me about this process so far?”

“No, I think I’m fine!”

“By the way, Hannah, my husband, Dr. Sutter, is going to be lecturing at the university on hyper-communication. I definitely think it would help you understand the sound-anomalies you’ve been experiencing.”

“Okay. Give me the time and place and I’ll try to check it out.”


Beginning his lecture, Professor Steven Sutter, in his quite unmistakably deliberate manner, adjusted his glasses. Behind him; scribbled on the blackboard were neurobiological diagrams as well as mathematical equations.

“On the blackboard you’ll notice an outline including information and statistics to be presented in today’s lecture. Of course, I expect you to follow up with the required reading, so that in our next session together, we can all participate in stimulating and enlightening conversations concerning the subject matter.

Now,most of you would agree that each of us is wired in a unique way. By ‘wired’, of course, I mean the neurons and glial cells that form the brain pathways. The study of sound information beyond normal human sensory ranges is called Infrasonic Science. The auditory nervous system is the basic conduit for translating and conducting sound information in humans.

That said, few humans are infrasonic—having the ability to perceive usually undetectable sounds. I believe, though, that any human perception exceeding the normal experiential-scope would inevitably require the acceptance that latent human abilities and experiences point to some greater truth of who we are.

The question is whether only certain individuals have this sensitivity or it is latent in everyone? In this initial lecture, I’ll review the science behindinfrasonic perceptions in animals.

Utilizing low frequency sounds, or hyper-communication, is a survival mechanism in many animal species wheninteracting with their environment.Reports of unusual animal behavior before major earthquakes come from both personal and scientific reporting. Little is known about the nature of the physical or chemical cues to which animals appear to respond. However, often strikingly similar responses have been reported by people living on all continents, in various seismically-active regions. That animals can foretell earthquakes has been a theory for millennium.

In 373 B.C., for example, historians recorded that certain animals, including rats, snakes and weasels, deserted the Greek city of Helice in droves just days before a quake. And as recently as September 2016, a similar anomaly occurred near Pawnee, Oklahoma. Indeed, there was such an enormous exodus of birds that it was picked up by weather radar. The birds were seemingly aware of the impending 5.8 earthquake, through their innate infrasound abilities.

Animal hearing ranges are beyond that of humans (20- 20000) HZ). The human hearing range depends on both the pitch of the sound – whether it is high or low – and the loudness of the sound. Pitch is measured in Hertz (Hz) and loudness is measured in decibels (dB).

…Human hearing becomes gradually less able to discern sound as frequency decreases. Therefore, in order for humans to perceive infrasound, the sound pressure must be sufficiently high. The human ear detects changes in sound pressure. I’ve demonstrated the optimal frequency range for human in the Equal-Loudness Contour graph I’ve drawn on the board.

While the human ear is the primary organ for sensing infrasound, at higher intensities it is possible to feel infrasound vibrations in various parts of the body.


About me

A Metaphysical Novelist, I write stories derived from my personal interest and true-life experiences involving otherworldly-events. My lifelong-study of metaphysics, extensive experience as a Certified Hypnotherapist and historical accounts of my European and American Colonial ancestry are a powerful brew for storytelling. From these, I create story-lines with suspenseful twists & turns as well as characters whose lives intertwine in unpredictable ways.

Q. What draws you to this genre?
Unlike many animal species, few humans can perceive usually undetectable sounds. This is the story of one of them. Infrasound perceptions exceeding normal human experiential-scopes inevitably require the acceptance that latent human abilities and experiences point to the greater truth of who we are.
Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
Handed-down stories from my European & American Colonial ancestry include the metaphysical. Dreams & visions of ancient Bird People inspired my research of the Owl Goddess and Danu of the royal female lineage. Also, there are the fairy hills & Dolmen of Scotland--ancient portals to the Otherworld.
Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Listen between the moments-hear within the silences! The intervals in a musical composition, mathematical equation, brainwaves and breaking waves upon the shore are the between-moments of our lives! Just as moment-to-moment memories remain, experiences dwelling in the unknown-worlds of time live on.

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