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First pages

Chapter 1

September 10th 3:15 a.m.

A week later…

The world seems to melt away by just the sight of her. He was peacefully floating in the endless sea of her love, knowing he could stay in this paradise for the rest of his life. Logan William’s tender, loving smile fades quickly when he realizes that all this has transpired in just a short week. Is this lust or love? I mean Love in a week? What are we children? Lost in near-crippling self-doubt, Logan stares out Ellie’s window, soaking in the picturesque view. He fears his fast-beating heart along with his shaking deep breaths will wake his sleeping beauty. He hasn’t had a panic attack since he was a little boy. Even the separation from his hell-bent soon to be ex-wife hadn’t brought one on. Why now? Now, when he has never been so in love in his entire life.

He listens to the soft crunching sound of his head moving against the pillow as he glances at Ellie fast asleep. Her gentle breaths, the way her delicate smile seemed to still be on her face even in deep sleep makes him want to wake her with a soft kiss for her even softer lips. The full moon lights up the landscape, exposing the different hues of black and blue of the night. The powdery white curtains dance with the cool summer breeze.  Ellie’s king sized canopy bed makes him feel like he is at a Royal’s home back in England and not in the States. Thankfully, her room is a classic beach theme and by no means uptight like a Royal’s room would be. Logan still can’t figure out why Ellie lives in the Hudson Valley of New York if she yearns for the beach so badly. Seashells, vintage driftwood art, and canvas paintings of the beach are peppered through her whole home. He wants nothing more than to take her to the beach or better yet, buy her a small place by the shore. With what money he wasn’t sure, but the desire to make Ellie the happiest women in the world was overwhelming.

She has to be awake soon for the arrival of her niece Charlize and niece’s father, Rick but he doesn’t have the heart to wake her since she looks blissfully at peace. Logan lays there for what seems like an eternity. She can do way better than me. Look at all of this. I have nothing to offer her besides a broken man. His breathing begins to hitch again on him, causing that panicked feeling to swarm in for a second time. I’m not even divorced yet, madly in love with this woman, and the fear of losing her consumes me. Logan tucks a piece of golden hair behind Ellie’s ear away from her angelic face.

Ellie squeezes him tighter and lets out a faint squeak. “You okay?” Filled with complete adoration for her, Logan again tries to push the negative thoughts back out of his head. I refuse to lose another good thing. I’ll get this book tour over with and come back the man she deserves.

He kisses the top of her forehead ever so gently. She smiles with her eyes still closed. “Shh lovely. Go back to sleep.”  She mumbles inaudible words as she rolls over onto her side easily drifting asleep since she was barely even awake.

The bed creaks as he slides out from under Ellie and pulls the covers up close to her neck. Her perfume that somehow smells like a beach day fills his lungs, relaxing him euphorically for a brief moment. She doesn’t budge, which simultaneously relieves and disappoints him. Ellie will hate him for departing like this, but he has to leave for Virginia at 5 A.M. to continue his book tour. He also really wants to put off meeting some of her family so early on. After the tour will be better timing, after they figure everything out. Simba, Ellie’s light orange tabby cat sleepily watches Logan move about the room. The fuzzy, bordering on pleasantly-plump Simba gives a big yawn while he stretches his paw out onto Logan’s arm, pulling at Logan’s heartstrings even more. He whispers as he pets the fluffy ball of fur, “See ya soon, fuzzy friend.”

Logan ever so slowly closes the front door so that the click of the latch is barely audible. He lets out a saddened sigh as his face strains with guilt and heartache.  This is ridiculous; pull yourself together! The late summer night air breezes by, reminding him of the smell of summer back in England, which pacifies him for the time being. The car door of his rental creaks loudly in the still of the night compelling Logan to flinch from the sudden noise.

The engine of the car hums awake cutting through the silence of the night. An all- consuming nervous feeling pulsates up Logan’s spine. No matter how many deep breaths he takes in, the sudden fear keeps weighing down his lungs. The weak attempt to distract the anxiety by checking his cell phone, is met with more fear seeing five missed phone calls from his father. His fingers move about the touch screen rapidly dialing. “Dad? You alright?”

“Dunny sound so disappointed, Johnny! I got one foot in the grave and ye’ll miss me then!”

Logan shakes his head at his father Jack’s typical antics. Jack is his usual Scottish, spunky self. Logan’s mother loved the name Logan and Jack loved the name John, so he became Logan-John. Jack, infuriated he didn’t get his way years ago, refuses to call him Logan a day in his life. It drove his mom crazy, but it always made him chuckle at how stubborn his father was with his mother.

“Hilarious, Dad. Everything all right? Why did you ring me at this ungodly hour?”

Jack lets out a long sigh. “Mind that bastard raccoon?”

Logan smiles, “No. Dad can’t say I remember.”

Jack continues, “Jaysus Johnny! The raccoon I heaved a rock at!”

Logan deciding to entertain his father, plays along. “Ya. I remember now. That raccoon, right.”

Jack, “Well! He was rummaging aboot the hotel bin while I was out for a smoke.”

Logan stays quiet, not remembering, but enjoying the entertainment of his father’s crazy stories.

“I messed aboot with the wrong raccoon Johnny!  There was an even fatter one and three wee uns with him this time! They all stared at me, gave me evils.  As if to say fuck off! Couldn’t even finish my smoke this time! The fat un teared aboot me! I bolted!”               Logan laughs at the thought of a raccoon family retaliating against his father and has an idea for one of his children’s books. He hasn’t been able to write or draw a book since the separation, but suddenly feels the overwhelming urge to. Logan turns off of Ellie’s heavily wooded street. The bends and curves of the road are hard to navigate in the dark of night.

“So anyway, Johnny, I grabbed my chest. Felt like I was having a bloody cardiac. Lessons learned lad. Dunny throw stones at big rat lookin bastards in the States!”

Logan yawns, “Bollocks! The heart attack you felt coming was most likely from the filthy smoking habit. I thought you quit?”

Jack huffs, “Yer talkin pish! What ye doin’ Johnny? It’s three in the mornin’! You’ve been on the pull?” Jack lets out this throaty chuckle Logan has never heard before in his life.

“Please never make that sound again, it’s quite unsettling. Plus, you told me to end it with Ellie, why are you giving me that creepy laugh for?” Logan sneezes and drops his phone. “Shit!”

He impulsively reaches for his phone, which has fallen on the floor annoyingly between his feet. “Hold on, Dad, I dropped ya!” Logan sees headlights approaching in the distance so he keeps his eyes on the road. Bloody hell! Where’s the sodding phone? His dad is yelling for him so Logan finally looks down to get the phone quicker. He looks back up. “Ey Dad sorr…”

Logan gasps, seeing headlights coming right at him. He tries to swerve, realizing he has drifted into the other lane, but his efforts fail as he barrels head on into the other car. The screech of tires cuts the silence of the quiet summer night. The deafening crunch of fiberglass and metal fills the once peaceful air, muffled by the sound of both engines humming angrily. Within seconds, the soundtrack of crickets and tree frogs is muffled by the shrill sounds of a screaming girl.

Logan opens his eyes and hears his father faintly yelling for him through the phone. He lets out a deflated moan and touches his forehead as the blood drips down his face. Aw, Christ, that’s gonna hurt in the morning. He has an awful habit of not wearing a seatbelt and is lucky he hadn’t flown through the windshield. He opens his jaw in a fake yawn, trying to pop his ears that are muffled with a slight ring in them as he slaps the air bag out of his face. He realizes the ringing sound in his ears is actually the screams of a little girl. Shit!

Logan’s car is in the middle of the road and the other car is stalled slightly in the shoulder. His vision blurs; he’s not sure if it’s from the blood or from the concussion he probably has. He sees headlights approaching and is relieved that someone will see this mess and help them. Logan feels himself fading and his eyes becoming heavier as he reaches for his cell phone that has now relocated itself treacherously underneath the brake pedal. 

Jack’s panic screams through the phone, “John? Johnny!” Dad I just hit someone. I’m on Forest Ridge Road. Call the police.” He hangs up before his dad can even answer.

Logan opens his car door and manages to stand up. I got to go help that little girl. Logan focuses his vision, which lands on a beautifully new yellow corvette that’s front end is completely crunched in. That’s gonna cost me.

The approaching headlights are not slowing down. Logan watches as the car crashes into the back of the Corvette at full speed, pushing it right up against the guardrail and ricocheting into him. Logan wants to scream in fear, but he can’t. A high pitched ring pierces through his ears and what seems like the heaviest weight in the world slams him down, cracking his head against the pavement. His last thought is of Ellie in his arms before darkness blankets over him.


A week earlier…

Ellie Wright takes a deep breath in, letting the wonderful aroma of coffee beans tickle her nose as she walks into the bustling Rose’s café.  She doesn’t enjoy coffee as much as she enjoys a good cup of tea, but the smell of freshly brewed coffee stimulates her senses every morning. She smiles at the Barista who leans over the counter to plant a hello kiss on her cheek.

“Hey Joe! My usual!”

“Girl when will you branch out from a boring Chai Tea Latte? What’s up? You look angry as a fox.” He mechanically makes her drink. Joe is her dream man. He makes a mean drink, is amazing to look at, and is by no means into her.

Ellie hands him a five-dollar bill, “Ugh? Really? I feel like I’m becoming a bitch and I can’t shake it. I don’t know what’s the matter with me lately. Rick even called with a massively funded referral so I should be beaming with joy.”

He hands her change that she robotically drops into the tip jar. “Maybe it’s because you look fierce as hell in that tight dress and that skinny belt does wonders for your hour glass figure!” He snaps his fingers and bumps out his right hip dramatically causing Ellie to laugh. “Speaking of Rick. That athletically lean dark haired tall drink of water I want to just…”

Ellie gasps, “Keep it in your pants Joe! He’s my sister’s ex. I don’t want her sloppy seconds!” Joe rolls his eyes as he foams the milk for her latte.

“That was so fourteen years ago or so, plus you really consider that woman your sister? PLUS, he’s many of women’s sloppy seconds. What does it really matter at this point?” Ellie nods at the sort of rationale behind Joe’s statement, but quickly dismisses it since she doesn’t even know Rick besides for a few house deals and being that he is the father of her niece Charlize, it’s not a man avenue she could even see herself by accidently traveling down.

Joe snaps her out of thoughts. “Fine don’t ride Rick like Seabiscuit, but any hot dates you’re hiding baby blue eyes?”

Ellie sighs, “No. Not even close! It’s been...” She looks off trying to remember her last date. She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear that has fallen out of her loose bun. “You know I fail at all things men.”

Joe theatrically gasps. “Girl you need to stop this dry spell. Your fiancé wasn’t even all that cute and that was SO three years ago. You are becoming bitchy because it’s been forever and a year for you! You need to water that flower baby girl!” Ellie’s eyes bug out at him and she quickly looks over her shoulder making sure no one heard Joe’s outlandishness. 

Ellie giggles, “You are so bad! I’m not really becoming a bitch, right?”

Joe holds his hands up, “I mean…”

She sucks in a deep breath, “Crap, am I? I’ll work on it. I better get going before these people start a riot!” She gestures to the huge string of people behind her who all look impatient with Ellie and Joe.

Joe rolls his eyes at the line, “Tootles noodles! And seriously, go out with the next guy you see! I dare you!” Ellie laughs him off and begins weaving through the crowd of people. Rose’s was the only coffee shop the quaint Hudson Valley town had to offer and you could smell the earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee half way down the street. It was only a forty-minute train ride outside of Manhattan and it somehow felt light years away from the city that never sleeps. The inside façade of Rose’s is that of a wooden barrel. Purposely worn down wood floors, vaulted ceilings, creamy wood benches, tables, and tacky red gingham table clothes are all attempts to elicit a casual atmosphere. Businessmen in suits sip their coffee and read the local paper while housewives in yoga clothes chat away over their gluten, sugar, flavor free, vegan friendly, scones. Ellie intently digs in her purse for the sunglasses that are on top of her head as she makes her way towards the door.

She feels a strong sturdy elbow to the side and watches her drink in slow motion spill all over her dress and onto the floor. “Shit!” Ellie looks down at the diabolical stain on her once beautiful dress.  “Perfect!” The murmur of the café dies for a hot second and then continues as if she were invisible.

The rude man who has now ruined her morning exclaims, “I’m so sorry Love! Let me get some napkins!”

“That would be great. Thanks” Ellie freezes from her pissed off tizzy. Wait one fine fricken minute. Was that an accent I just heard?

They both hastily bend down to pick up the cup as it rolls in circles on the floor.  Their hands graze and both glance up, catching the view of each other’s eyes. The stare is a moment too long, borderline awkward really, but his brown eyes with golden pools at the center mesmerize her. The tension causes them to smile and Ellie can feel her cheeks fill with scorching heat. His lips are pouty, puffy, and pink; the 3p’s every lip should be. I hate you right now, your majesty.  She steps out of the main flow of foot traffic and plunks her stuff down on a table. She sighs loudly as she waits for Prince William to gallantly saunter back over to her with napkins. Why haven’t I caught wind of this hot jerk specimen yet? God his face is so chiseled. She looks at Joe who is making overzealous hand motions and faces for her to make a move on the foreigner who ruined her new dress. She bugs her eyes out at Joe and turns back around to get a better look at the stranger. He is tall, probably around six feet, has on well-fitted light washed jeans, brown leather boots as if he was riding a motorcycle, and a crimson red button down shirt that was casually untucked. She can tell he feels her pissed-off intrigued glare burning a hole in the back of his head as he turns around and looks at her, sheepishly holding up napkins.

Ellie jumps feeling a pesky tap on her shoulder. She whips herself around and is met by Joe’s chestiere cat grin, a new Chai Tea in hand, and eyes blazing with mischief. “Play it cool. Don’t be a bitch.” Ellie can’t help but be nervous by this whole situation. “Shh!” She gestures for him to leave but it’s too late and the sexy, lean, tall Brit has made his way back to her.

“SO sorry about that! I was wrapped up in checking emails. I didn’t even see you.”

Ellie sarcastically jumps over his last words, “Clearly!” She lets out a sigh knowing he and his molten-chocolate brown eyes didn’t mean to ruin her morning.

Joe breaks the ice, “Sorry for Ellie’s rudeness.” He bugs his eyes at her to lock her shit up. Ellie catches his hint and lets out an odd sounding laugh. Joe says as he walks away, “Remember my dare, Ellie doll.” Logan’s brows pinch together clearly confused by Joe and Ellie’s exchange.  Ellie makes herself busy wiping the tea stain that she knows won’t come off without a gallon of stain stick.

She looks up, finally making direct eye contact with the man England so graciously gifted America with. He gets all kinds of fidgety and Ellie is confused as to why, then realizes she is wiping her boobs. She wants to vanish into thin air as she takes another shaky breath in. “I’m Ellie by the way.”

Forgetting about the wet napkin, Ellie holds her hand out for a handshake. The foreigner instead stares with an eyebrow raised and takes the used napkins from her. It leads to an awkward hand-holding experience where Ellie can’t help but realize how soft yet manly his hands even are. They make her hands feel small and feminine. The odd realization fills her cheeks with heat. Once again she is blushing like a little girl with a crush over this man.

“Ellie… What a pretty name. It suits you.” He flashes a perfect pearly-white smile that melts Ellie further into putty. She locks her knees, reminding them to do their job and keep her upright. “I’m Logan…Logan Williams. Pleasure meeting you.”

Logan’s cell rings, ruining their perfect spellbound stare-off. Realizing they are still holding hands, Ellie snatches her hand back to pick up her purse and make a mad dash for the door. Logan reaches for his phone in his back pocket. His brows arch inward and his forehead wrinkles up three times, clearly annoyed by whomever is calling him.

“I should take this.”

Ellie feels nervous bolts of energy surge throughout her limbs. No man has ever had this effect on her and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She waves both hands up in the air hoping the nerves will fly away. “Yah, totally! I have to run anyway.” She smiles and gives a half- assed wave goodbye while she makes her way outside. God that was intense. Okay, Vagina, you can calm down now, he’s gone. Ellie laughs at herself as she gets into her car and starts it. She rolls down her windows to let the heat wave leave her car and begins scrambling around in her purse again. The things I would do for that man. The things I would let him do to me. Okay, I’m being crazy. It really has been too long! Ellie’s lips crack into a smile as she’s unable to hold back herself induced glee. She reaches for her seatbelt and is blind-sighted by the discovery that Logan is leaning down by her window.

Ellie screams out, “Fuck sake!”

He jumps back and begins to laugh very hard. “Pardon me, I didn’t mean to scare you! It’s just…Do you want to go out…for coffee sometime? He chokes the request out still laughing.

Ellie nervously returns his laughter, “I hate coffee! And sorry…I talk like a sailor when not on the clock.” You don’t owe him an explanation. “Or when strange men sneak up on me.”

Logan smirks, “Well shit I get that one!” Ellie smiles, thankful for him trying to make her feel better. She knows she is acting like a teenager during this whole encounter and is livid at herself.

Logan continues, “Anyway, I just assumed you liked coffee since I bumped into you coming out of a café...” He glances at the café and turns back to her.

With his face so close, Ellie worries that she might have morning breath. “I love tea.”

Logan smiles, “Tea? Well considering we are not in England I feel odd taking you out for tea. No offense, but the States do not do tea time properly.” 

Too eagerly, Ellie asks, “Dinner?” Stop vomiting out words, you idiot! She glances down towards her feet, looking for her heart that by now has definitely fallen out of her ass. She clears her throat, in vain. “I mean…If you want. I’m sure you are busy actually…Um…sorry” What are you thinking? Ellie touches her cheeks, almost in pain with the amount of heat in them. Her stomach makes a loud noise, making her even more self-conscious and nervous. What happened to bitchy me? Come back!

Logan chuckles and puts a hand behind his head, giving his neck a scratch, “Are you always this nervous?”

Ellie lets out a pity laugh for herself. “Sorry I’m a bit rusty at this whole pick up thing.”

Logan’s adorable grin makes Ellie’s stomach twist in an even tighter knot. “Oh? You’re picking me up? Here I thought I was picking you up. Looks like I’m the one who’s bad at it.” Ellie feels an actual genuine smile light up her face, realizing he is trying to comfort her for a second time. “Dinner sounds even better than my idea. Do you like sushi? You can get green tea there. Best I can offer you with your love of tea.”

Ellie straightens her back, trying to stretch out the nerves knotting up her belly. “Those are my two favorites actually. Sounds wonderful.” 

Logan confidently taps her window with his hand. She can tell he feels a sense of victory by the way he is standing. “Brilliant! Are you free tonight? What am I thinking? A beautiful woman like you can’t have a night free on such short notice.”

Ellie smiles and her nose crinkles up ever so slightly, knowing that her weeknights usually consist of a glass of wine and work, snuggled up on the couch with her cat, Simba. “Actually…I am free tonight.”

Logan beams, “Splendid!”

Ellie chuckles to herself. Only an Englishman could say the words “splendid” and “brilliant” without sounding like a complete ass hat. “Seven work?”

Logan nods his head. “Yes! Seven works for me just fine.”

She takes out her business card and writes her address on the back of it. “Here’s my address and my cell is on the front.” She hesitates at her craziness for writing where she lives to a stranger, but he seems trust worthy enough.

She hands Logan the card. He inspects it. “Well Ellie M. Wright, I’ll see you tonight.” He smiles a half smile at her and looks down quickly before making eye contact again.

“Great. See you later!” She puts her car in reverse and Logan takes a step back.

Ellie gives a slight wave and drives away. Great. I gave a man my home address. This is how TAKEN 4 happens and Liam Neeson is nowhere in my life to come and save me! When she can’t see Logan in her rear view mirror anymore she lets out a loud sigh and slaps her forehead with her hand. “God, that was so fuckin awkward!” I really need to stop cursing. She begins scratching her chest vigorously; she is just now realizing Logan has made her all kinds of itchy. Oh whatever! Statistics show people who use a lot of curse words are more trustworthy. Ellie says “Ms.,” mocking Logan’s accent accentuating the z sound he made. Hugh Grant over here. 

Ellie continues down the road and stops for a family of deer who slowly make their way across the street. Their indifference to her car might be startling if it weren’t so commonplace around here. It’s not like she lives in “Hicksville USA” or anything, but the woods offer her a sense of privacy and space away from everyone; and Ellie could never find enough space away from people.

Ellie takes a deep breath before getting out of her pearly white Lexus convertible she just bought a month ago. It was her dream car and she put in long work weeks to finally be able to afford it. Plus, it felt good to work hard and treat herself to an expensive present instead of relying upon a man to spoil her. The warm summer breeze brushes her hair away from her face and she smiles at how beautiful the Hudson Valley is during the warmer months. Two giant lusciously green Maple trees offer her office a very homey vibe. The building already looks like a house, which is fitting considering it’s a Real Estate firm. Her staff consists of twenty other agents who work under her company, plus Stacey, an adorable assistant fresh out of college, and Isabelle, the new secretary she just hired a week ago. 

They all greet Ellie with smiles of admiration and appreciation for her. Even though Ellie is technically their boss they all have become her friends as well. Instead of her usual hugs and chatting, she only waves preoccupied as she walks to her modest office in the back.  She drops her Michael Kors purse and files on her desk and takes a deep breath, trying to shake off the teenage-girl high Logan Williams inflicted upon her. She clicks open Multiple Listing Services and searches for all the under-contract homes in Stone County. No sign of Logan Williams anywhere in the buyer’s column. Click-Clickty-Clack. Nothing in Chester County either. Ellie sighs at her failed stalking attempt. Maybe he's renting? I am not going through all the rentals! That's just a whole new level of crazy. She looks at the clock. 9:30 a.m. Okay… just 8 hours to go. She opens up a few folders, trying to distract herself. You can make it through the day without thinking about Logan's perfect lips and English accent, even if they’re more soothing and sexy than Jude Law’s.

"OKAY, WHO IS HE?” Ellie's fresh-out-of-college assistant, Stacey, bubbles into the room and plops herself down on the chair across from Ellie's desk. She has jet black hair with a tint of auburn, a skinny frame, and an adorably round face that makes her look like she’s still in high school.

Ellie looks guilty, as if she just robbed a bank. "Who's who?"

Stacey rolls her big, round, crystal-blue eyes. "The guy my aunt saw you talking to at Rose's? Who is he? She's never seen him before and he had dealer plates on his car."

Ellie takes in a long deep breath and slowly pushes the air out of her mouth; trying to calm down her annoyance level. “You can't pass gas here without someone hearing and telling another person. Plus, why is everyone fricken’ related around here? I’ve had zero family since dad died and Brooke went off to Europe”. Ellie throws her face into her hands to display her dismay.Maybe if I was Irish or Italian I would have family members crawling out of my ass like everyone else does in this town.”

Stacey simply stares. “Are you done?”

Isabelle’s voluptuous Italian curves saunter into Ellie’s office. “Who’s the guy?”

Ellie grunts. “Not you too!” Isabelle leans a curvy hip onto the doorframe. Ellie realizes both women are not letting her off the hook. Damn this is going to be irritating. She just wanted to go out with a perfectly hot stranger without everyone making a fuss about it. Ellie raises her brow, "His names Logan and we have a date tonight!” The three women squeak and forget all maturity and professionalism for the moment. Ellie continues. “I was painfully nervous and he didn’t hesitate to capitalize on my vulnerability!”

Stacey's eyes widen and her voice sounds like a dog’s squeaky toy, "A date! Oh my God! Ellie this is a good thing! Why do you look so petrified?”

The phone rings and Isabelle glances behind her as if the phone were a person. “Ellie quit yourself deprecating doubts and have fun with a sexy stranger!” She turns to answer the phone leaving Ellie with Stacey.

Ellie rests her head on her hands, clearly distressed. “You know I am a complete stooge when it comes to men. If only I could act like the boss bitch I do here.  It’s like I’m two different people!”

Stacey leans her elbows on Ellie’s desk ignoring Ellie’s insecurities. “Is he hot?"

Ellie finally smirks, "It's like the Gods made him in a lab, Stace. His jaw line makes my heart flutter. I didn’t know a jaw line had that kind of power! Plus, he has that dreamy English accent working for him! Which is terribly cliché of me…whatever it works for him." Stacey claps her hands and lets out another squeak. "But now I'm worried! I couldn't find him in the system and you said he had a rental. He seems harmless… I’ll just bring my mace."

Stacey laughs at Ellie. "Girl, you know his name? Just Google him!”

Ellie stares at Stacey, puzzled by her suggestion. She turns to her computer and Googles Logan Williams. Stacey jumps up and leans over Ellie's shoulder. "No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Red flag girl." Ellie ignores her because she only has an Instagram to stay in touch with her sister Charlize easier...well niece. Everyone, including Charlize, believes Ellie is her sister when she really is her Aunt. Her public family life seems perfect, but really is a mess and not really a family to speak of. Her sister, Brooke who is practically estranged at this point, left home when she was fourteen to eventually become a Supermodel. Their step monster Paulina took her off to Europe and everything for her career. Her sister’s ex-lover from years ago, Rick Aldridge is a famous billionaire professional hockey player. They had a kid, Charlize who thinks Paulina is her mother and has no idea Brooke is.

She adds “New Town” to her search and a book signing pops up. "Meet & Greet with Logan Williams, the pen behind the beloved children's character, Plum." Ellie's heart flutters rapidly and the nerves begin to flurry through her again. She clicks the link. Behold! There, in all its glory, Logan’s gorgeously etched-by-Jesus face stares back at her.

Stacey shakes Ellie, forgetting about all things personal space. Then again, Stacey never acts like Ellie is her boss; she acts more like the little sister Ellie never got to have. "He's beautiful! You lucky lady! And he's famous!"

Ellie tries to read the bio, but can't see the screen with Stacey shaking her and nearly giving her whiplash. "He IS a looker, but I would hardly call him famous, Stacey."

Stacey takes control of the mouse and clicks away. "I'm forgetting you have a supermodel sister and an Olympic-bound figure skater niece with a famous hockey player baby daddy. Or whatever the hell he is to your sister."

Ellie shoots Stacey a mom glare. "Shh'! I told you that in confidence. I mean it! Don't ever repeat that.”

Stacey waves away Ellie’s tone and pulls up Logan’s book signing tour schedule, where he's staying, specific tour dates and times, and a little bio about him. “Chill… Here! This is your homework. Memorize it then forget all of it before dinner so you don't seem like a creeper. Also, this adorable bear character is practically this generation’s Winnie the Pooh! Look at it!”

Ellie stares at all of Logan's information and realizes why she keeps Stacey around, besides the fact she has become a good friend. "The next Winnie? That's doubtful…but I'll take your word for it."

Stacey grabs the files off of Ellie's desk. “That bear character looks like the cutest thing ever! Which means he's the cutest thing ever!" She looks off and sighs like a Disney Princess before she shuts Ellie's door. Ellie can't help but laugh in adoration of Stacey's personality.

She looks back at the screen. This bear is adorable. Okay. He’s staying at the Comfort Inn. Book signing today in town…that explains our little meet-cute. Click-Click-Click. A gorgeous brunette holding a bear with Logan’s arm around her is now on the screen. Who’s this beyond-beautiful woman? Apparently, Logan and his wife made this whole bear thing up. A pain of disappointment pierces Ellie’s chest. I knew he was too good to be true. Ellie googles, “Laura Williams/Plum Bear/Children’s book/Bitch” trying to find out dirt on her. She pulls up an article about a tragic split between the two and a nasty lawsuit that has been ensuing over the ownership of the bear. Okay. The article says they are split but are they legally divorced? She clicks all the windows closed feeling guilty for digging into a stranger’s life. I’d rather learn about him the old fashioned way. Aware of her own hypocrisy, she thinks “technology is killing any mystery we have left in this world”. She taps her pen against her desk. Should I go on this date? I don’t want to get in the middle of some sexy man’s drama. Ellie bites her pen. He is separated though.


About me

A. B Walter was born and raised a small town girl in Stony Point, NY. She grew up as a competitive figure skater, but when she turned 18 she decided to pursue a modeling career. She graduated with a BS degree in Marketing from St. Thomas Aquinas College and fell in love with acting where she continues to make a career out of it bouncing between NYC and LA. When she’s not on set, memorizing lines, or writing a new novel on the beach, she is reading a good book with her cat Charlie on her lap.

Q. Why do you write?
I love the escape reading/writing provides me from the normal stresses of life. To pick up a book and completely feel, experience, and relate to a character’s story and emotions is the greatest thing in the world to me. It’s why I act and why I love to write.Providing that entertainment is rewarding
Q. Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from this book?
I based Logan off of Theo James. Rick is smolderingly smooth James Marsden all the way! Pop’s is silly jolly Billy Connolly. Ellie was written with myself in mind. A man once told me I could never be a romantic lead. That I'm not dainty. A woman can be independent, silly, flawed, and be desirable!
Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
“Moments Found” -Rick’s search for his mysteriously absent brother, Bradly Aldridge who will be forced to come out of hiding when the woman of his dreams falls deathly ill. “Moments Away”-Charlize fleeing from her fiancé to Logan's family B&B in England where Logan's charming nephew wants her heart.

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