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Shit happens!

Life is a journey crammed full of unpredictable events, both good and bad. Out of the blue things happen for no particular reason. Unavoidable, unintended circumstances simply materialize that need to be dealt with for what they really are; shit! What could you have done differently? Conclusion; absolutely nothing!

Karma is completely different! The only similarity being good and bad, but unlike chance events, Karma is only ever triggered as a consequence to an action! It then becomes a person’s destiny or fate!

Incontestably, ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, the only uncertainty is when? It will most definitely come back and when it does be warned, be scared, but above all be very prepared!

If you are the trigger, it will be due to a deliberate act of wrongdoing, perhaps from being unnecessarily mean or having executed hurt with malicious intent. Watch out! Soon you will be going head to head with the biggest bitch of all - Karma!

Regretfully it will be too late to take back what you have done. You will have to learn the hard way and get a taste of your own medicine! Bad Karma is the punishment that fits the crime!

For victims; be patient, a virtue in itself! Sit back and enjoy in the knowledge Karma will do its thing! Do not be concerned to the timescale, it will happen when least expected and when it does you will have played no part, your conscious will be clear!

Treat people how you would like to be treated! Act with kindness and consideration towards your fellow life passengers and be rewarded with positivity.

For those conniving, lying, unfaithful, or individuals who abuse their power and status to line their pockets with the sadness and grief of others, be warned!

Karma will be knocking, sooner than you think…


You never know when the death clock will strike to indicate it is time to go. Time for you to depart, leave this world and family and friends in it. Time to take that final breath and allow for tradition and religion to take over.

People will cry over you, they will say kind words and remember you, but eventually everyday life will continue. You will become the image in a photograph, the distant memory, as people you knew say their own goodbyes.

Then from the words on your gravestone or the plaque on your favourite park bench sat on by many, just your name will be brought back to life by strangers.

Sometimes, it will not matter if you were good or bad, as only those who were closest to you will know the truth.

Be genuine and honest in life! For it will all come out when you are no longer there to provide the necessary explanations. When the truth comes out, warts and all, the process of being forgotten will speed up. Soon it will be as if you never even existed!

‘What Goes Around Comes Around!’

Chapter One

Susan’s Story

“I’m leaving you”


From the sheer force Roger used to lob the set of car keys in her direction, Susan predicted her day, at the very least was going to be challenging! Potentially one of those where an ‘Out of Order’ sign should be placed around her neck giving her the perfect excuse to bid the day goodbye and go back to bed!


Quickly composing herself, she decided deliberately to ignore the unnecessary look of menace on his face, even though inwardly, she couldn’t help, but feel a little surprised and oddly worried by his reckless action and foul facial features he displayed.


Sufficiently unsettled by such an unpredicted and unwarranted act; without being too dramatic, she could have sworn she could feel them skim the top of her head, before landing with a heavy thud making a dent in the grass verge behind her.


As much, as she wanted to put it down to a bit of spontaneous horseplay; perhaps an error of judgement on his behalf? An injection of too much enthusiasm used for the task in hand. So, why did she sense he had meant it and intentionally tried to hurt her?


The weighty assortment of metal keys had speedily made their way towards her, giving her no opportunity to move out of the way, let alone consider any possible means of escape!


However, if her initial suspicions were accurate and he had succeeded; ‘Newsflash Roger’ she wouldn’t be going anywhere!


Perhaps she was way off beam in her rationale? Innocently Roger could have been trying out one of his latest throwing techniques? Practising getting his ‘beamer’ right or mastering the art of an excellent ‘full toss?


This random train of thought was all but guesswork with these double entendre names she couldn’t forget, having childishly screamed with laughter when Roger patiently had tried to explain their correct meaning and association as cricketing techniques.


Cricket to Susan was like watching paint dry; not that she had ever actually watched paint dry, but it appeared in her world just a very pointless time-consuming pastime! It was an alien sport and therefore not one of her strong points. Such was her ignorance, the only ‘Ashes’ she knew about were those created by smokers or undertakers and this was coming from a woman who lived a stone’s throw from Lords Cricket Ground! She concluded a bit of warning from Roger would have been most welcome!


Retrieving the keys, still a bit shaken, she looked in his direction.


“I assume, I’m driving?”


Without any words her question was answered, as Roger proceeded to get into the passenger seat. It was odd, she couldn’t place why he was in such a foul mood, but now being the nominated driver, she had bigger things to worry about!


“Billy’s just wiped a bogey on me” complained Richard, looking indignant about the vile act his little brother had just committed. Billy giggled with delight and continued to stick one of his fingers far up into his left nostril to locate another snotty gem; this time to present his other brother Evan with, who was currently engrossed on his phone killing zombies.


Until a suitable one was found to share and scare, Billy continued to greedily sample a few of his finest, using the traditional method of pick, lick and if too good to be wasted on his siblings, then chew and swallow.


“Mum, Billy’s eating his bogies again!”, Richard shouted in desperation, having observed a number of sticky blobs leave Billy’s nostrils and predictably end up in his mouth. Richard couldn’t help, but be momentarily transfixed whilst watching this disgusting act, not able to comprehend Billy’s apparent level of enjoyment!He felt quite queasy and turned to look out of the window, but his movements were constricted and to his utter disappointment, he could clearly still see Billy’s reflection tucking away into his ready-made mucus meal! Massive portions of yuckamucka!


“Mum, please do something!”


Susan heard the desperation in his voice. Normally she would have been there, armed with her handy packet of disposable tissues, having already extracted one from the front pocket of her handbag in preparation, ready, just waiting in the wings to attack and wipe away any nasal slime, whilst actively discouraging him from continuing on such a nasty adenoidal expedition.


The contents of her bag were vast, but practical. Susan was equipped for any possible outcome having children may bring. Her handbag was her survival kit, without it, she knew she would be absolutely scuppered; like Shera without a sword, Wonder Woman minus both bullet proof wristbands or Cat Woman without the whip!


It was her most used and private possession! No one else in the family unit ever felt brave or confident enough to enter into the depths of her brightly coloured carpet bag with the assortment of items that filled its inner recesses. Instead overcome, intimidated by its sheer bulk, they chose to steer clear of what could be nothing more than a nerve-wracking experience!


Now located in the depths of the boot, regrettably she had no way of retrieving it! With no foot-well to store it in, the only available space being on Rogers side, which when suggested was met with a number of strong and unhelpful protests! Roger had not held back in his general unwillingness to assist! Therefore, Susan was unable to help, with not a spare Kleenex in sight!


Roger, she noted was far too used to not dealing with Billy and any of his unsavoury habits, therefore out of habit, he didn’t make any attempt to lend a hand. Susan felt far too distracted by the challenges of the road ahead and in the quest to get them all home safely to do anything about it. Helplessly, she continued in the hope Billy’s supply of mucus would run dry allowing the rest of the journey to be in peace and harmony!


Detesting motorway driving more than anything in the world, she could feel her body become as stiff as a face mask left on way over the recommended time. Out of routine she couldn’t help, but lean forward, hunched over the wheel, both hands firmly in place like a formula one racing driver, just lacking the speed! Going over 60 mph wasn’t even a consideration, far too used to poodling about Central London, Susan was only accustomed and conditioned to coping with endless queues of traffic. Large stretches of open road scared her, especially when littered with huge lorries, who when overtaking made her and the car feel, as though they would get blown over and discarded somewhere along the wayside.


Any driver located behind would at a push only be able to see the top of her glasses, so it was a common mistake to wrongly assume such accessories were to aid the vision belonging to a little old lady. This addition to the vehicle sensibly staying in the slow lane, no matter how many openings were created for safe carriage to move over and leave instead of obediently following the steady convoy of HGV’s ahead.


In the back seat of the family Toyota Corolla, situated in the middle Evan was zoned out holding his newish iPhone 7 at an angle, so neither of his parents were able to zoom in on the huge crack noticeably making its way down the screen. He lived in fear of retribution and knew they would a) take it away from him b) ground him c) give him no pocket money or worst-case scenario d) all of the above!


What was that annoying little prick doing now? And why was it, no matter what the irritating pint-sized shit did, Mum still loved him unconditionally? He sighed, why would she never entertain ever hearing anything bad said about him? “Leave Billy alone, he’s only little!” It would always be the same reply, whenever he or Richard protested or dared to make a negative comment about their younger sibling and his very odd and at times uncouth behaviour.


“Mother dear, he is chucky and deep down you know it! Don’t coming crying to me when he’s hacked off your legs with a machete!”


As temping as it was to say, Evan appreciated such a wild statement of reasoning or unreasoning was a bit extreme, especially as 1) no machete was ever left lying around and 2) they didn’t even own a machete!


However, unlike his Mother, he knew exactly what one looked like! He suspected she would simply innocently deposit such a harmful item directly into Billy’s toy box where it would reside with the huge collection of swords, guns and weapons of human destruction. Toys Billy constantly played with and used to maim others; all plastic and therefore deemed perfectly safe, but both Evan and Richard had scars to prove otherwise!


It was challenging enough trying to kill all these lively little demented on-screen corpses with Mum at the wheel, without having to keep Billy and the contents of his bogey buffet at arm’s length!


Not wishing to, at one-point Evan had been temporarily forced mentally back into the car, as he had become aware of one of Billy’s chubby arms behind him, leaning across to carry out his dastardly deed in planting a number of nasty nasal droppings onto Richards new sports top.


Regretfully his runt radar wasn’t fully switched on. Just as he was about to get into a prime position to blast the masses and eliminate the motely mob of walking dead, shooting them all into oblivion and be presented with an array of gruesome images of animated flesh splattering everywhere; Billy struck again!


“You disgusting little turd!”


Evan was mightily pissed off! The chance of an upgrade to become the proud owner of a superior weapon of his choice was now out of reach!


“Do you know what have you done you phlegm pygmy?”


Billy smiled evilly at his older brother, pleased to have successfully left his signature mark once again!


“Evan, leave Billy alone, he’s only little!”


Susan’s voice interrupted Evan’s train of disturbing thoughts all focussing on revenge and an assortment of different methods of torture he could bestow on this riling rug rat! He felt far too vexed to even acknowledge or answer back! There was no alternative, he would have to start the level all over again, but not without getting his own back!


Lifting his right bum cheek, Evan let out the most enormous fart; one which quickly filled the air with the most offensive smell; a distinctive and all too familiar gust of a MacDonald’s Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin mixed with what could only be described as raw sewage began to waft nicely around the car’s interior.


“Get that you little creep!”


Evan roughly grabbed Billy by the back of the neck and pushed him closer to where the sickening stench had originated. Billy began to scream.


“Evan, leave Billy alone, he’s only little!” Susan snapped. She felt frustrated not to be able to fulfil her normal role of chief carer and referee, currently unable to physically move, her upper body now resembling a lunatic in a straightjacket!


“Roger, Roger for Christ sake do something!”


Susan was gripping the steering wheel so tightly, she actually thought she was going to pull it off! Momentarily an alarming vision entered her head, one in which she completely lost control, randomly skidding into the central reservation, wiping out all the neighbouring cars and causing a major incident!




Her voice elevated into a deafening screech! It came out so high pitched, she was certain all the dogs in the surrounding area of the motorway were pricking up their ears and would soon be seen racing along the banks of this stretch of ruler straight road, tongues lopping from their jaws in the mission to locate such a disturbance!


Roger did not take kindly to such an uncalled-for reaction! Dazed, he felt, as though Susan may have actually perforated his right ear drum through her extreme shrieking and in such a small space! What was wrong with the woman?


“What the devil are you playing at?”


Instantly fuming, his face became contorted like a heavyweight boxer at the beginning of a fight, squaring up to his opponent, as he glared in her direction.


Before this unpleasant interruption, he had been able to totally switch off into a place full of lovely thoughts. He had been completely lost in another world, minus his wife, minus his children and minus any bloody noise!


Susan in no mood to apologise, glared back! Why was it that Roger always had to do his own thing? Couldn’t he hear the commotion from the back seat? For goodness sake, what was wrong with him? He could have been sitting in the next car roaming the motorway and still hear it! She wondered how he could be so oblivious to the current state of his family affairs within the vehicle he was actually sitting in?


She couldn’t help, but continue her rant, now in full flow in her head whilst adding a few more random questions she needed to get off her chest, but in this case her mind would just have to do! Why was it always her being the disciplinarian? She was always the one who told the children off and who said ‘No’. Why was it always her as the bad cop, never the good cop and certainly never the off-duty cop? Come hell or high water, it was always down to her where the children were concerned, even though there were two of them ‘aka parents’, yet usually she acted and felt like a single parent!


Briefly looking at him, Susan could feel her frown line scream out for Botox, having become so knitted, it was now almost tattooed into her forehead! She was infuriated, incensed and in no position to do anything about anything! Why had it taken for her to transform into a screaming banshee before Roger finally got involved?


So far, he had spent the journey doing his own thing, which she noted from her observations had been a combination of daydreaming followed by texting. She couldn’t help, but be curious about whom he was texting?


“Open the windows, open the windows, I can’t breathe!”


Richard began to shout dramatically from the back of the car, having spied the emotional bandwagon passing through and jumping firmly onto it, not for one moment wanting to be left out of the latest family drama!


He began to wave his arms around like a human windmill, not giving any consideration to the space restriction, which would normally hamper and prevent such movements. Accidentally he slammed one straight into the side of Evans face.


Evans response was rapid, if not a tad harsh! He quickly thumped him back and in return gave Richard a dead arm for good measure to ensure there would be no repeat.


At first, only the heavy thud of Evan’s fist making contact with Richard’s arm could be heard and then for a few seconds complete silence followed. However, it was short lived, as Richard began to wail, making a noise largely associated with an air raid siren; starting quietly, then steadily building up, all the while gaining momentum, getting louder and louder, until it clashed horribly with Billy’s screams!


The noise level within the car was simply unbearable! Completely off the Richter scale! It was mind numbingly, ear bleedingly, neck hair raisingly, eyeball poppingly, blood tearing inducingly loud!


“Oh my god”


Susan tried desperately hard not to react, but was feeling tested to the max! With as much concentration as she could muster, she continued on her mission to do what she thought would help the situation and potentially act as a solution to the initial problem; the eggy fumes.


However, things had moved on, but she felt unable to properly function to address and conquer the additional issues whilst in transit!


Carelessly she fumbled with the set of buttons on the driver’s door whilst keeping one hand firmly on the wheel and her eyes constantly on the road. Her prime objective was to deactivate the child locks and open Richard’s window to allow fresh air to circulate. Frustratingly, all she seemed to do was repeatedly open and close all the windows in quick succession.


To any passing motorist, it may appear the Black Toyota Corolla travelling at a snail’s pace had a life of its own or was sending out some sort of SOS message. But it was only Susan, who felt as though she needed to be saved!


Randomly she continued to press anything slightly raised located on the panel of the driver’s door. By still not looking, she proceeded to haphazardly lock and unlock the car and at one point very nearly open her door scaring herself witless! Susan would only admit to herself, this unfortunate event and act of craziness had resulted in her peeing, just a little!


She felt a huge wave, not tsunami size, but nevertheless a very high level of unadulterated gratefulness to ‘Tena Lady’ and all whom contributed to its introduction and design onto the marketplace! A product which she appreciated was now being put to the test and severely challenged! Feeling nothing, but immense relief, rather than the initial horror she remembered when first making the decision to invest in a packet of these powerful save the day dribble drawers to enter her world!


“For the love of god Susan, STOP!”


It was a plea and command all rolled into one coming from Roger. Susan obeyed. She realised the array of knobs were unfamiliar territory. By not actually looking what she was doing was nothing, but damn right dangerous! Scolding herself, she wondered what had come over her to even attempt such a hazardous task whilst on the move? What on earth had she been thinking? But that was the problem, she couldn’t actually think rationally, not with all this shocking behaviour and noise from the children whilst trying to cope with her fear of motorway driving!


Instantly she felt cross, but only with herself. After so many years exposed to a vast and varied number of children related noises, by rights she should be completely immune! Ironically when it was just her with the children, there was very little or no drama, apart from with Billy; who was still at an age where he constantly tested everyone’s patience, including hers, as part of his daily routine! When Roger was brought into the equation, everyone became highly charged and all acted differently, including her!


Susan knew she became unnecessarily nervous and clumsy, constantly questioning or blaming herself for everything negative that ever happened. In truth, she always felt under Rogers microscope and everything she said or did was under constant scrutiny to his unconstructive critique leaving her feeling like she never met up to any of his expectations! Roger liked to pick fault! He seemed to enjoy making her feel like a failure and had the ability to make her feel instantly on edge, as if something bad was about to happen at any moment!


But today instead of being subservient to keep the peace, she felt her blood boil, as her blood pressure continued to rise.


Susan longed to be at home; all cosy, kitted out in her favourite mismatching pyjamas, and very worn, ultra-comfy reindeer slippers. Oh, how she adored those crazy indoor shoes that instantly brought both warmth and cheer, not just to her feet but to her world! Life always seemed much simpler with reindeers on her feet! Strangely they infuriated Roger, even though he had purchased them for her on behalf of the children! Perhaps he wrongly assumed she would find them utterly ridiculous, not even entertain them and just store them away until the next school fete?


Roger made no bones in expressing his concerns. He considered them unsafe, not suitable and without appropriate grips! In his words “an accident just waiting to happen!” But when had Roger become a member of the slipper police? So, whether it was to prove him wrong or just simply to be defiant, she couldn’t help, but place them on her feet and pad around loudly at every chance she got. It appeared to her Roger needed to be reminded; ‘a reindeer is for all year round, not just Christmas!’


The untimely and unexpected blasts of icy cold air created from Susan’s irrational flicking and synchronized window display had not helped to improve Rogers mood. Irrationally he swung around in his seat to witness Billy’s tear stained bogey face. Unable to compete with Richards wails, Billy was in the last throes and stages of crying, making small sobbing noises in between gasping for air.


Roger couldn’t be sure if Billy’s odd breathing pattern was as a result of him getting so upset or from the lack of quality air circulating in the back of the car? From the sounds he was making, he concluded, Billy was probably restocking up on his mucus supplies, especially given the overall air quality, in preparation for his next batch of nose-picking!


Roger wondered idly was it normal for a child of Billy’s age to constantly have his fingers permanently stuck up his nose?


“For goodness sake Evan, why did you make your brothers cry?”


Evan, unaware of his Dad’s line of questioning was wired for sound and in another world. He continued to stare blankly at his feet, his head moving slightly in rhythm to Ed Sheeran.


“Evan, look at me while I’m talking to you!”


Richard could see his Dad becoming impatient. Trying to be helpful, pleased to be presented with an opportunity, he nudged Evan a bit too sharply to try and make him aware of their Dad’s angry red face peering oddly from his seat still restrained by his seat belt.


Taking umbrage, Evan nudged Richard back even harder still blissfully unaware of the set of menacing and now protruding eyes peeking from the front, currently staring intently at him!


Evan was irritated! What the dickens was wrong with this family? First Billy with his bogie spreading, then Richard striking him and now he was poking him in the ribs? Once again he wished he was an only child! But before he had time to indulge in what this may be like or for the penny to finally drop about the real meaning behind Richard’s continued prodding; it was too late! Evan hadn’t seen what was coming!


Fuelled with frustration at the total lack of acknowledgment from his first born, Roger decided to make a stand whilst sitting down and with limited movement. From his restricted seating arrangement, he managed to successfully reach around and grab the iPhone out of Evans hands.


“What the blazes has happened to this?”


Roger examined the cracked screen, running his finger up and down the glass, at the same time vocalising a lot of tutting and muttering. A bit too aggressively he pushed away the hand belonging to Evan abruptly popping through the partition between the passenger and driver seats trying to retrieve his property back.


“I don’t think so young man!”


Roger said it in a way causing Evan to cringe, instantly reminded of one of the anally retentive teachers he disliked for being an enforcer of all the laws of the land, not just the rules of the school.


Roger held the phone at arm’s length, as far out of reach as possible away from Evan!


With his redundant headphones still hanging from his ears, Evan had to accept he was officially disconnected from his apple world; the whole reason for his existence. Slumping down in his seat, he sighed deeply! Could things get any worse before reaching home? He wished instead of being in this smelly old car, he was in a Tardis, where at the press of a button he would be transported straight to his bedroom and his PlayStation! Happy days!


“Have you seen this?”


Roger was hopping mad. Without any thought, he unexpectedly thrust the offending item right under Susan’s face, partially blocking her view, as she continued to drive. This sudden action caused her to automatically place her foot on the brake, but luckily with no negative repercussions! Thank heavens for her compliance within the two-chevron rule!However, such irresponsible behaviour from Roger made her nerves feel instantly frayed resulting in additional leakage!


“I am stopping at the next services”


Sick of all the drama, Susan needed to escape the confines of the car with its dodgy aroma and all the members of her crazy family! She felt the need to gather herself sufficiently together again for the remainder of their onward journey.


Once again, Roger spun around this time to face Susan, unfortunately, an act he executed far too quickly and very nearly garrotted himself on his seatbelt that failed to flex!


He wasn’t at all happy about having to stop, and he was seriously hacked off with Evan about the state of his phone! It had been a birthday present less than a month ago, the ungrateful little bastard!


Briefly, Roger chastised himself for not getting the insurance in order, then he opted to take the easy road out and blame Susan for such an oversight feeling instantly better. Once again, he was free from any burden; normally known as responsibility!


Susan didn’t need to look in his direction or at his face! She knew exactly what it would be like. As soon, as she announced she was going to take a break, she knew it would be one of pure unadulterated displeasure, mixed with him looking mortally wounded and offended. Susan knew this look of old!


When Roger didn’t get his own way, a rash would appear which would slowly spread up his neck onto his face, until finally he would resemble a dead ringer for ‘Hell boy!’Susan in her imaginary blinkers wondered where the rash would currently be residing?


Having been married to him for fifteen years, she felt she knew everything about him, both good and bad!


Roger was notorious for being a ‘no stopping’ sort of driver, no matter what the distance or the duration spent in transit. His continual refusal to take a pit stop along the way never failed to enrage her, as well, as his repeated lack of recognition about their children’s varying ages and subsequently varying degrees of bladder control!


With Roger at the wheel, going on a road trip in the Rumble household was very similar to preparing for a major operation; nil by mouth upon awaking on the day was the only way to overcome his punishing and rigid set of motorways driving rules!


Predictably on reaching their destinations, as soon as the seatbelts signs were off and the restricting harnesses had been hastily discarded, the very same pieces of webbed polyester that had pressed against each of their bladders for the last and longest part of the journey, once the doors were unlocked, it was the survival of the fittest! She and the two older boys would literally sprint; putting Usain Bolt to shame, to the nearest convenience, whether it be a toilet, a bush or anything within easy reach and away from prying eyes to regain that feeling of normality and relief! Always an initial giddiness was experienced, as normal patterns of thought returned allowing them to think freely about other things, other than wetting themselves!


There were only ever two exceptions; Billy, who at four years old was still allowed to wear nappy pants for any long journeys and not forgetting Roger, the man with a bladder of steel and the compassion of a non-urine producing spider!


Susan started to see the familiar signs indicating a slip road ahead, and as soon as the motorway was left behind, she followed the road forward and found a suitable parking bay on offer.


Cries of “feed me” could be heard from the back seat, as the small group of all-day grazers started to excitedly get themselves out of the car in anticipation of receiving sweets and treats!


Roger was reluctant to leave the vehicle. He made his excuses of having to make a few ‘business’ calls. Obliging without any fuss, Susan rounded up the troops.


“Would you be able to come into the burger place when you’re ready, to take the boys to the toilet?”


She noticed an instant look of boredom from Roger at such a suggestion.


“Mum, at fifteen, I think I can manage to go to the toilet by myself!”


Evan was also making a face to confirm his overall disapproval at her treating him like a baby


Free from the car, he observed his two brothers. Seeing an opportunity to gain some much-needed brownie points to help get his phone back, he volunteered to take them with him.


“Mum, stop worrying, let’s go and get a burger!”


“You will begin to look like a burger!”


Susan fondly ruffled his hair, a huge error on her part, temporarily forgetting how precious Evan was about his coiffure and how he did not take kindly to her alien fingers disturbing his gelled creation!


“Don’t be long!” Roger warned. “I don’t want to be sitting here all day. whilst you’re all stuffing your faces!”


As they walked away, Susan noticed Roger was already on the phone talking animatedly to someone.


“Why is Dad always in such a bad mood?” Richard asked, as they continued making their way excitedly to fries and freedom, away from the open road.


Roger watched Susan and the children go. He was still reeling with disbelief at her actually bringing the vehicle to a stop!He shook his head in wonder!Had Susan been completely oblivious when travelling as passenger and co-pilot, with him sitting at the helm? Had she not noticed? He never stopped!


Bloody women drivers! No stamina and no common sense! They would have still been doing 110 mph down the M5, instead of sitting here stationery if he had been driving!


In all the years, they had journeyed together, Roger had done the majority of the driving, not because he necessarily liked it, but because it meant he would be unable to assist with the children with good reason!


Richard, aka ‘the human hoover’ finished his food before anyone else. Bored, he began to fidget and tear up the box his meal had come in, making a complete mess.


“Can I go back to the car please Mum?”


Susan reluctantly agreed. As he jumped up ready to go, she gave him words of warning; “Don’t disturb your Dad and remember to tell him we won’t be long, this coffee is still scalding, but I’m so thirsty I need to finish it!”


Seated at one of the windows, Susan was just able to see where they had parked and spotted Richard on route to the car.


She attempted another sip of her drink, but it made her cry out, as the burning liquid numbed her tongue and burnt the roof of her mouth. Placing the cup back down, she took off the plastic lid to blow onto it, in the hope she could cool it down. The steam escaped with such force, she felt as though she was on the receiving end of a facial. Susan continued to puff into her Americano, feeling a bit like Thomas the Tank Engine chuffing down the tracks, all the while gathering the necessary pace and momentum to complete her mission.


For a change, Billy was quiet. He was happily munching away through the contents of his meal box containing chicken nuggets, fries and some sweetcorn. Every now and then, he would become distracted by the free plastic wind-up toy included. Susan thought it had to be the ugliest looking mouse dressed as a Samurai Warrior she had ever seen; not that she had seen many or any mice dressed as Samurai Warriors before! She watched each time Billy pressed a button located in its back which would make its sword come to life and start to move up and down. Such rabble-rousing movements made Billy forget about eating and instead become a sparring partner in an imaginary fighting scene where he added an assortment of odd noises, much to the surprise and disapproval of the other diners!


About me

Originally a Londoner, it is nearly twenty years since relocating to a town in Warwickshire. I have a long-suffering husband who has accepted my passion for writing, as I type away frantically into the wee small hours! We have two teenagers, two pugs and one crazy cat who often attacks me, just because he can! I love to write and have dreamed for many years of becoming a successful author, although I would be hugely satisfied to be successful enough to write full time and afford a cleaner!

Q. Why do you write?
It is something and somewhere I can go to escape into another world full of storylines and characters I have created. Having read hundreds of women’s fiction/chick lit genre over the years, all thoroughly enjoyable, I felt confidently I too could produce books to be enjoyed by others!
Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
I am currently working on the second book called ‘Anything is Possible!’ In this book Hawkins Terrace welcomes some new and unexpected characters who all have a story to tell with chapters they would never read aloud! Anything is possible if you dare to dream or have enough nerve!
Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
I chose the cover of a lifejacket covered in wedding rings, as I felt it summed up a good image for relationships needing help! A number of the characters go on their own personal journeys and often find themselves in very choppy waters!

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