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First pages

Chapter One:

“What do you mean Mom is dead?” Allie asks, shocked, starring at her father.

“Your mother, who I loved dearly, is dead,” Her father, Lord Arthur repeats.

“What? How? Why? When?” Allie shouts.

“Calm down,” her father responds. “Why don’t you sit down? I know this is a shock to you.” Her mother, Amelia, had been missing for several days. It was very unlike Allie’s mother, Amelia, because she had never disappeared or left the family before without telling them. Allie loved her mother dearly. At times, she felt like her mother was her best friend and confidant. Allie had always thought that she could tell her mother anything and could count on good advice from her mother, when needed. To Allie, she had been a perfect mother; kind, loving, patient, and caring. All the things one could hope for in a mother.

“Surely, there must be some mistake,” Allie says.

“Her body was found in the woods,” Allie’s father says. “Alexandria, I am afraid that you may be in danger.”

“Why?” Allie asks. “What makes you think that?” Allie had always known she was special or “gifted” as her mother liked to call her. Both, she and her brother, had inherited her mother’s special powers. They could read people’s minds, fly, and disappear if needed. Allie’s mother, Amelia, however, had always warned them to keep their powers a secret and pretend to be “normal” human beings. Since fairies were rare, they were often hunted down for their magical powers. If their powers were exposed, this could put them into danger. Amelia had always warned her children only to use their powers in secret or if they were in danger or had an emergency. Allie’s father, Lord Arthur, was unlike his wife and children. He did not have any special powers, yet, Amelia had married him, a normal human being, and they had two children together, Adam, Alexandria’s older brother, and herself.

“Who? Who would hurt Mom?” Allie questions her father. “Who would want to kill her?”

“I don’t know,” her father answers, honestly. “I don’t have the answers. But you know that some humans hunt down fairies and kill them. I am afraid maybe someone found out about your mother’s powers, although I am not sure how it would have happened. I know your mother always tried to keep her gifts a secret from others.”

“Who found her?” Allie asks.

“After she went missing, I alerted a few friends of mine who I thought might help locate her,” her father explains. “They found her body in the woods. I think it may have been a vampire, judging by the bite on her neck.” Allie had always known that there were some dangers in the world she lived in. She had heard about vampires, but they were rare and so she had never encountered one. Allie’s mother had warned her to be cautious and given her some signs to look for, but never once had Allie encountered one.

“But we will tell our friends any family she had been ill for quite some time. We tried to hide her illness from others, but she had typhoid fever and she succumbed to the illness,” her father instructs her. “This is what both you and Adam must say, if asked questions about your mother’s death. My friends, acquaintances, and I will continue to investigate the cause of her death, but in the meantime, this is what you must do. Do you understand?”

“You want me to lie?” Allie asks.

“Yes,” her father responds. “It is for the best, for your safety. Also, you are not to leave the house for a while, until this is resolved or settled. Unfortunately, I can’t be sure that you and your brother aren’t in danger too. You are both to stay in the house for a while and if you must go somewhere, you are to ask me for permission and tell me exactly where you are going. Also, I want you two to try to stay close together.”

“Have you told Adam yet?” Allie asks.

“No, but he should be done with his fencing lessons shortly and I plan to speak to him then,” her father answers. “There will be a funeral service for her in a few days.”

“One more thing, this came for you in the mail,” her father says, handing her a sealed letter. “I imagine it is from your Prince Friend.” He handed Allie the letter.

“That is one thing your mother and I discussed, we thought we might try to arrange a marriage for you. Your mother, being good friends with Queen Isabella, thought you might have a chance with Prince Henry,” her father states. “I hope your mother’s death won’t change that. I am sure the Queen will be saddened by the news. They were friends since their childhood.”

“Prince Henry is a good man and we have been friends since we were little,” Allie states. “I am sure any girl would be thrilled to have the Prince’s affection but I am not sure that he sees me as anything more than a friend.”

“I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,” Allie explains. “Our mothers thought it would be fun if we became pen pals and practiced our writing skills. So, we started writing weekly letters to each other to satisfy our mothers. I’ve always enjoyed reading his letters and writing to him. But I am not sure if he enjoys our letters as much as I do.”

“I suppose only time will tell,” her father responds. “Well, I will leave you alone. I am sure you have a lot to digest now. But…Alexandria, I love you, dearly. You look so much like her. She loved you so much. You and Adam were her pride and joy. It will not be the same without her.”

“Mom loved you too,” Allie states. “I could see it in the way she looked at you. You were her one true love. I think she would have done anything to please you because she cared so much for you.”

“Well, I leave you to be alone for a while,” her father says. “But please stay in the house. Remember, you might be in danger. Stay close.”

“I will,” Allie promises. “I will be in my bedroom.” Allie was fourteen years old yet she felt more like a twelve-year-old. Allie had always looked young for her age. She was small and people usually assumed she was several years younger. Also, Allie had a sweet childhood. Her mother, Amelia, had hired tutors to teach lessons to both her brother, Adam, and herself. Amelia had taught them herself how to play the piano. Amelia had always loved music.

Until now, Allie had hardly ever needed to worry much. Yes, she was aware that there were dangers in the world yet she had always felt safe in her home with her family. Her parents seemed happily married and only occasionally had arguments. Amelia, was an only child, and her parents, had been wealthy. When Amelia’s parents, Allie’s grandparents, both passed away, they left Amelia with a large sum of money. Allie’s parents owned a nice, large home and several acres of land, in which they kept a farm and horse stables. They raised chickens and cattle on the farm, and earned extra income from the milk and eggs produced.

In her free time, Allie often went horseback riding. For her twelfth birthday, Amelia had given her daughter her own horse, which Allie had named Diamond. Allie and her brother, Adam, enjoyed riding their horses together. They also each helped sometimes with the chores on the farm. They collected eggs from the hens and milked the cow. They cleaned out the stables and fed the horses daily. It was a lot of work, maintaining the farm, but Allie had always enjoyed it. Typically, every morning she would rise early at sunrise and start on her daily chores in the farm. Usually she finished her chores by eleven and she would then bathe and wash herself. Then, most of the time all of the family would have lunch together. After lunch, she and Adam had lessons with their tutors.

Allie tutor was Miss Littleton and she taught Allie about the subjects of English, history, science, and math and Adam was tutored by Mister Miller. Every afternoon, for several hours both Allie and Adam were tutored privately and usually were given homework assignments to complete for their next lesson. Sometimes Miss Littleton had Allie write essays or research certain subject matters to write about. Allie had always liked learning and liked her studies and she found Miss Littleton to be a good teacher.

Allie remembered the letter still in her hand from the Prince. Typically, she would receive a letter from Prince Henry about once a week. Often Prince Henry wrote of his travels. He had to travel often with his father and attend meetings and such.


Dear Alexandria,

It was nice to read your last letter about your attendance at your cousin, Olivia’s birthday party. It sounds like you had a nice time. I always look forward to your letters, especially when you occasionally include some jokes or humor.

I have been away for the past week in the country, Leland, with father. My father and King Isaac, the King of Leland, were to decide on a traveling agreement. They have now decided to title it Traveling Treaty. It will describe who and how many citizens of Leland are allowed to travel to Heartland, and vice versa. It was definitely a learning experience to listen to the two Kings of different lands try to come to an agreement. However, eventually a document was created outlining the rules and both signed their approval.

Now, citizens of Leland will have to have a passport in order to enter Heartland and vice versa. Citizens will also have to be approved before they are allowed to travel and they must state how long they intend to travel and visit for. Before this travel treaty, citizens could freely leave and enter the cities without much (if any regulation). This caused a problem sometimes because a few criminals entered the city of Heartland and committed burglaries. My father’s hope is that this travel treaty, will strengthen our border protection and make it harder for criminals to enter.

As you will see after my letter, my parents wish to invite you and your family to our semi-annual royal ball which will be held exactly one month from now. My brother, Harold, and I both must attend. Mother and father are inviting many friends, both from the country of Heartland and outside of the country. I do hope you will attend. It would be a nice opportunity to see you again.

I am trying to recall the last time we’ve seen each other. I think it was my birthday party, when I turned eighteen about five months ago. I remember that your mother, Amelia, and brother, Adam, attended the party too but your father was away on business and could not attend. I think my mother misses Amelia’s company. I know they were such close friends growing up. My mother only has positive things to say about your mother, Amelia.

I hope you are doing well and that your cousin, Olivia, did not bully you too much as your briefly mentioned in your last letter. Sometimes teenage girls can be mean. I am sorry that she teased you for looking so young and small. Although, perhaps she is slightly jealous and wishes she was as slender as you are. As for looking young for your age, I assure you that will only be a good thing in the future. I often get people commenting that I look several years younger than eighteen but I try not to take it personally. Other than that, I hope all is well with you. It sounds like you are still enjoying your lessons with Miss Littleton and are learning a lot.

Please continue to keep me informed about the happenings in your household.

Your Friend,


As Allie turned the page, she found the invitation to the next royal ball held at Julius Palace:

To: The Augustus Family

From: Her Royal Highness, Queen Isabella, and His Majesty, King Ian

Date: June 3rd

Time: Begins 7 p.m.

Allie couldn’t bring herself to write a letter in reply to Prince Henry’s letter. She could still scarcely believe the news of her beloved mother being dead. It was a loss she could hardly grasp. Amelia, her mother, had always been there and sometimes Allie thought she took her for granted, knowing she could always count on her mother for guidance and advice. Sometimes, to Allie their relationship had felt more like sisters because they each felt they could tell each other anything and everything, including their secrets. What would Allie do now without her mother? Someone knocked on Allie’s door, interrupting her thoughts.

“Allie?” Her brother, Adam, called. “It’s me, open up.” Allie hadn’t realized she had locked her bedroom door. Quickly, she folded Prince Henry’s letter and stashed it away in a drawer filled with other letters from Prince Henry. Allie had once asked Prince Henry to call her Allie for short but Prince Henry still addressed all her letters as Dear Alexandria, her full name.

“Adam,” Allie says, hugging her brother as she opened the door. “Have you heard the news?”

“Father just told me the terrible news,” Adam responds. “Mother’s death.”

“None of it makes sense to me,” Adam states. “If she was being pursued, why didn’t she just disappear, like we always say to do, in the event of danger?”

“Maybe they threatened to hurt the family if she didn’t cooperate?” Allie responds. “If there was one thing I knew about Mom, she would sacrifice anything for her family, even her life, if it came to it.”

“I suppose I didn’t think of that scenario,” Adam says. “But what do you think they wanted from her?”

“Perhaps, they wished to manipulate her and use her powers?” Allie responds. “I don’t think we will ever really know for sure what happened, who killed her, and why? I can hardly even begin to imagine a world without her.”

“Well, I am not giving up so easily,” Adam states. “We’ll find out who did this and get revenge.”

“Adam, please be careful, Father warned us we might be in danger,” Allie warns her brother.

“I’m willing to take the risk if it means we might become closer to finding out who mother’s killer was,” Adam states.

“And how exactly do you plan to do that?” Allie questions Adam.

“One of my friends works in funeral home and he is used to looking at dead bodies, sometimes victims, and often he can discover clues or shed some knowledge about the cause of death,” Adam explains. “I already gave Father the name. I think we should have him look at the body.”The thought disturbed Allie but she realized it might help them to become closer to learning what exactly occurred.

“In the meantime, you stay close, don’t leave the house without someone accompanying you,” Adam instructs. “And of course, keep an ear out for anything suspicious, try reading people’s thoughts and see if you can discover any new information.”

“Okay, I will,” Allie says. “But just promise me, try to be careful, be safe. I have already lost my mother, I can’t imagine losing you too.”

“I will,” Adam promises.

Chapter Two:

The next couple of days passed in a blur for Allie. Her father busied himself with preparations for the funeral service for his deceased wife, while also, trying to search for any more evidence that might shed light into the killer or reason for his wife’s death. Still, in the obituary, her father had written that she had been ill with typhoid fever and that was the cause of death. Her father didn’t want to cause any hysteria that might occur if people discovered the true cause of Amelia’s death, which appeared to be a vampire’s bite.

Adam’s friend, Brad, had examined the body in order to try to glean more information about the cause of death. Brad confirmed that it appeared to be a poisonous bite to the neck. Brad thought maybe it was some kind of snake bite or animal bite, but could not identify what kind of animal the bite had come from.

The day of Amelia’s funeral arrived and Arthur, Allie, and Adam all dressed in black for the funeral service. Allie had wondered whether Queen Isabella and Prince Henry would be able to attend the funeral. Allie knew they had plenty to keep them busy, ruling the country, but she also knew how close the friendship had been between Queen Isabella and her mother, Amelia, since childhood.

Sure enough, Amelia spotted the Queen and the Prince during the service. They also attended the wake, afterwards, where people could view the body, offer condolences, and say goodbye.

“Alexandria, dear,” Queen Isabella addressed her. “I am terribly saddened by your mother’s death. It is a great loss for everyone. I know I will miss her dearly, as will all of her family.”

“Thank you for your sympathy and kindness,” Allie replies. “I know she valued your friendship so much.”

“She was beloved, dear friend, and a wonderful person. Amelia was good at making light of the situation, she had a sense of humor, and she knew how to make people laugh and feel at ease. She will be missed dearly,” Queen Isabella states. Queen Isabella herself was dressed in a black dress but she wore her crown proudly upon her ebony colored hair.

“We are so sorry for your loss,” Prince Henry says, who was standing beside his mother. “Please, let us know if there is anything we can do.”

“You are so kind,” Allie replies.

“We would like to extend an invitation to you and your brother, dear,” Queen Isabella continues. “I am sure this must be extremely hard for you but I think your mother would want our families to remain friends. We would like you to come for tea tomorrow afternoon. Prince Henry will be there and perhaps he can give you a tour of the gardens. Do you like flowers?”

“Yes, flowers are so pretty,” Allie answers. “Who doesn’t like flower?” Queen Isabella smiles.

“Good, please come over at noon for lunch and tea then,” Queen Isabella instructs. “We will look forward to seeing you then. Again, we are terribly sorry for your loss. However, we would like to remind you that our friendship continues.”

“Thank you,” Allie says. “That is so kind of you.”

Chapter Three:

The next day Adam drove the carriage over to the Julius Palace over shortly before noon. They both still wore black, since they were still mourning their mother’s death. The carriage came to a halt at the gate of the palace. There were several soldiers guarding the entrance to the palace.

“Names?” The guard asked.

“The Augustus Family,” Adam answers. “Alexandria and Adam Augustus.”

“Yes, they are expecting you,” the guard states, looking at a list. “You may enter.” The palace was grand, indeed. It was larger than any building that Allie had ever seen.

“Quite a place,” Adam remarks. “Do you think the Prince fancies you?”

“Adam!” Allie exclaims.

“What?” Adam replies. “I’m just asking. You don’t think I’ve noticed the letters that you two have exchanged over the years?”

“We are friends,” Allie responds. “Besides, it initially started because it was both of our mother’s idea when we were young, that we become pen pals.”

“But it has continued for what, four years?” Adam asks.

“We started writing to each other when I was ten and he was fourteen,” Allie answers. “But don’t you think I am too young for him? Besides, he is a Prince, possibly a future King, as if I even stood a chance with him! Think of all the other ladies who would love to marry him.”

“Yes, I am sure the Prince has plenty of admirers,” Adam states. “But maybe if he is smart, he wants someone who will love him for himself and not just because he is a Prince.”

“Maybe,” Allie replies. “But what could he possibly see in me? I’m four years younger than he is and I still look like a child.”

“For now, maybe,” Adam says. “But in a few years, I promise you’ll have become a woman. Mother was beautiful and I think you look like her.”

“That is quite a compliment because our mother was beautiful,” Allie responds. “But I still look more like a child than a woman.” A servant came to park their carriage and Adam and Allie, stepped out of their carriage.

“Look, all I’m saying is it won’t hurt if we read his mind and find out what he really thinks or feels about you,” Adam says. “And maybe, you could try to be nice to him, compliment him, and maybe even flirt with him?”

“Adam,” Allie says, blushing. “Please stay out of it.”

“If you insist,” Adam replies.

“I insist, please, try not to read Prince Henry’s mind so much,” Allie says. “He might suspect something. Why don’t you read the Queen’s mind and I’ll focus on Prince Henry? Do we have a deal?”

“I suppose,” Adam says. Soon, the two of them were shown into the castle by a servant. The servant led them down a long corridor and finally, they reached a room that appeared to be a dining hall. There, sat Queen Isabella, Prince Henry, and Prince Henry’s brother, Harold.

“Welcome,” Queen Isabella says. Allie noticed the Queen was still dressed in a black dress and thought it sign of respect for her mother, Amelia. “We are delighted to have your company.”

“Thank you for the invitation,” Allie says.

“Your father was welcome to come too but I thought that it was likely he was too busy,” Queen Isabella states.

“Yes, he would have liked to come but he had business to attend to,” Allie replies.

“Yes, your father was always a busy man,” Queen Isabella says. “As it is, my husband, King Ian, unfortunately will not be joining us either. He had some business matters he had to attend to. Men, are always busy it seems. However, luckily, both my sons were able to join us, Harold and Henry.” Prince Harold was a couple years older than Prince Henry, and Allie had only met him once before.

“It is a pleasure to have your company,” Prince Harold greets them.

“Yes, we are so glad you could accept our invitation,” Prince Henry says.

“We were so happy to have the invitation,” Allie replies, smiling. Then Allie reads both of their minds at the same time:

“She’s young,” Prince Harold thinks to himself. “Too young, she looks not over twelve. But she does have a pretty face and that golden blond hair, I’ll bet she will be a beauty in a couple years.”

“She’s cute,” Prince Henry thinks. “Little and petite, but cute, and those deep blue eyes are beautiful. She looks like her mother, who was so beautiful. She’ll probably only get more beautiful with age. I wonder what she thinks of me and if she finds me attractive.” Prince Harold had dark brown hair and eyes and was tall. Prince Henry had blond curly locks and green eyes. Allie found them both to be attractive, yet in different ways. They both starred at her, as if taking in her every move.

“Well, please sit down and join us for lunch,” Queen Isabella instructs. “Gentlemen, please sit down.” All five of them sat down at the table for lunch. The lunch was delicious, a salad and soup.

“Tell us more about you, Alexandria,” Queen Isabella says. “What do you like to do you in your free time?”

“Well, I like to paint and draw, mostly flowers and plants,” Allie answers.

“How nice, perhaps, you will draw something for us in the future,” Queen Isabella says.

“She also plays the piano and sings,” Adam says. “And she is musically talented, although she is quite modest.” Allie blushes.

“Oh, would you give us the pleasure of playing something for us?” Queen Isabella asks. “We have a piano in another room. We would love it if you would play a song for us.”

“I would be happy to play a song for you,” Allie replies.

“Why don’t we go to the music room now, if everyone is finished with lunch?” Queen Isabella suggests. They follow Queen Isabella into the music room which is filled with a grand piano.

“Please sit down and play,” Queen Isabella says. Allie decides to play a Piano Sonata, that she composed herself. She had titled it Rose and she thought it was a pretty song. As Allie plays the piano, she reads everyone’s thoughts.

“She can play very well,” the Queen thinks.

“She is good,” Prince Harold thinks.

“She is talented,” Prince Henry thinks. Her audience clapped when she finished playing the song.

“A beautiful piece,” Queen Isabella says. “Thank you for playing it for us.”

“It was my pleasure,” Allie replies.

“I would like to ask Alexandria to go for a walk with me in the gardens, then we could talk in private, and perhaps I could get to know her better,” Prince Henry thinks. “I better ask her before my brother does.”

“Alexandria, may I have the pleasure of taking you on walk in the gardens?” Prince Henry asks.

“Yes, that would be nice,” Alexandria says. To her surprise, Prince Henry takes her hand and wraps her arm around his. He was much taller than her, she hoped she would soon grow taller.

Once they were outside the garden, Prince Henry says, “I always enjoy your letters. I think you are a good writer.”

“Oh, how kind of you,” Allie says. “Do you really think so?”

“Yes, I do. I also liked how honest you were in your letters. You could have chosen not to tell me the specific details about your cousin, Olivia’s birthday party and how Olivia sort of belittled you and put you down, by saying she forgot your age and that she thought you were much younger than her. But you included it in your letter and you tried to joke about it. You wrote that Olivia said you were so little, she thought you looked like a doll.”

“It is somewhat embarrassing,” Allie admits. “I do hope I grow taller. Mother said she was a little bit of a late bloomer, in the sense that she was behind her peers in growth. She says she used to be one of the shortest children but then, once she turned fifteen, she began to grow taller, and she reached the height of most of her peers, an average height.”

“I’m sure you will grow taller in time,” Prince Henry says. “Although I hope you don’t grow taller than me.”

“Why is that?” Allie asks.

“Because, then it would be harder to kiss you, I would have to stand on my tip toes instead of simply bending down a little,” Allie reads his thoughts and then notices him blush.

“Well, it’s just as a man, I suppose it would be better for me to be taller than you, a lady,” Prince Henry responds.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that, I would have a long way to catch up to you, you seem to be almost a foot taller than I am,” Allie comments and Prince Henry smiles.

Allie continues to read Prince Henry’s thoughts, “I wonder what she would do if I kissed her right now. Would she kiss me back?”

“I am terribly sorry about your mother’s death,” Prince Henry says. “It was a shock to all of us. It reminds us all of our mortality and the uncertainty of life. I guess there aren’t any guarantees about how long we are here on Earth. It serves as a reminder that we should appreciate every minute we have and make the most of the time we are given.”

“How true,” Allie replies. “I feel like I took my mother for granted because I just assumed I would have plenty of time with her and now, that she is gone, I suddenly realize just how much I had.”

“Oh, that reminds me I bought you a little something while I was traveling in Leland,” Prince Henry says, reaching into the pocket of his pants, he pulled out a necklace. “It’s for you, may I put it on you?”

“Oh, Henry, you shouldn’t have. You are too kind,” Allie replies.

“I’d like you to have it, as a token of our friendship,” Prince Henry says. “I insist.”

“Okay, if you insist,” Allie says and Prince Henry puts the necklace around her neck. It was a silver necklace with the letter A covered in crystals.

“It’s beautiful,” Allie says.

“Well, I think a beautiful young lady deserves a beautiful necklace,” Prince Henry states and Allie smiles.

“Just do it now, kiss her, now, before you lose the courage,” Allie reads Prince Henry’s thoughts. “If you don’t do it now, you might lose the opportunity.” Allie feels Prince Henry place one of his hands on her back and gently he moves closer, as he leans forward to kiss her on the lips. With his other hand, he tucks back a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and stares into her eyes for a moment. It was Allie’s first kiss. Prince Henry continues to kiss her and because she did not attempt to stop him or move away, he touches her cheek with his hand. Allie also kisses him back in return. Then, Allie hears someone approaching and she pulls away from Prince Henry, just in time to see her brother, Adam, and Prince Harold in the distance.

“There you two are,” Allie hears her brother, Adam call. “We were beginning to wonder where you two went.”

“We didn’t mean to interrupt you two,” Adam says. “But unfortunately, your mother, the Queen, sent Prince Harold and I to fetch you. It seems your father has requested your presence, some sort of emergency.”

“Thank you for the message,” Prince Henry thanks Adam. “I had better go find my father. Sorry to cut our meeting short.”

“Oh, one more thing before we leave,” Prince Harold says.

“Yes,” Adam replies.

“We’d like your permission to come visit you sometimes,” Prince Harold says. “Would it be okay if we drop by your home every now and then and say hello?”

“We would be delighted,” Adam replies. “Feel free to visit us whenever you like.”

“Thank you,” Prince Harold says. “Well, mother said she would still like to speak to both of you for a little bit more but Henry and I had better be going and see to our father.”

“Yes,” Adam replies. “Don’t let us keep you any longer. We will go to see your mother.”

“Goodbye, Alexandria,” Prince Henry says. “I do hope we will see each other again soon.”

“Yes,” Allie replies. “Feel free to stop by our home and come visit us, whenever you like.”

“I will,” Prince Henry says, before leaving with his brother.


“I think Prince Henry likes you,” Adam says, once the two brothers had left and were out of sight.

“Did you read his thoughts?” Allie asks. “I asked you not too.”

“Well, sorry I couldn’t resist,” Adam replies, and then he notices the necklace around Allie’s neck. “Did he give you that necklace?”

“Yes, it is a gift from him, he got it while traveling,” Allie replies.

“Just serves as more evidence to back up my claim,” Adam says. “I think you may have found your first suitor.”

“Please,” Allie says. “We had better go to see the Queen or she will begin to wonder where we are.” The two of them head back to the music room, where they had left her.

“Oh, there you two are,” Queen Isabella greets them. “I am sorry that my sons had to leave. There seems to have been some kind of emergency.”

“It was lovely seeing you both,” Queen Isabella says. “I do hope you both will attend the semi-annual ball that will be held here at Julius Palace in one month.”

“We would love too,” Adam replies. “Thank you for the invitation.”

“Yes, thank you,” Allie says.

“Very good,” Queen Isabella replies. “We will look forward to seeing you then.”


About me

Beginning at a young age, I was an avid reader and I also developed an interest in writing as a hobby. I enjoy creating stories for reader's and letting my imagination run wild! I love animals. I own two Shetland Sheepdogs, named Anna and Molly. I live in Batavia, Illinois. When I am not writing and reading, I enjoy traveling. I have been to many states in the United States. I also love the outdoors and nature. I like swimming, bicycling, and kayaking.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
I've always liked the Cinderella story but I decided to embellish the story. I wanted to create a fantasy world with a heroine whom has special powers.
Q. What draws you to this genre?
I enjoy reading fantasy books because I like feeling like I am escaping into another world when I read a good fantasy book. It is a lot of fun to write fantasy too because there are no limitations and it gives the author a lot of freedom to create a magical world filled with interesting characters.
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
I have been writing since I was a child. From a young age, I was an avid reader and I also enjoyed writing as a hobby. One thing I love about being an author is the sense of power that you hold. The author gets to create memorable characters and then decide what becomes of the characters.