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First pages


Heavy shrouds of mist enveloped a battlefield, death and decay slowly claimed all but a few of the fading survivors. Disturbingly cold chills throughout the night settled on the kingdom known as Tristfell, it was a small realm full of miners and Demi-Gods. The minerals that came from Tristfell were often very valuable and its ore finest in many kingdoms. Now it lies in waste, for nearly five years Gods and Dragons fought brutally over the foothold of the mountain range. Mount Tristfell towered over the town casting it forever in its shadow. Humans and lesser Gods were caught in the crossfire; death tolls range in the near thousands.

One of the last alive drew in his last breath, he perished from the world of Allasoria frost set in early this year. His severe wounds bled out on the cobblestone roadway eyes rolling back into his skull his grip loosened on the hilt of his blade. The rattle could be heard for a mile then once again silence settled.

Misty fingers began to make its way throughout the bodies first it was a faint ghostly white slowly like sifting through hair it changed to a pale purple. Flesh and muscle melted off the bones as if they came from the oven, turning pitch as night, searing to the soil. The skeletons started becoming animated by the violet mist, bodies of Gods, Dragons and Humans stood at attention when the Wolvainian came out of the mist. A race humans call werewolves raw and savage some are so smart and delve in the arts of shamanism and dark magics.

He stood nearly ten-foot-tall his fur, raven black he wore dark black leather stained in the blood of many victims. His dark evil aura twisted and bent as if they were trapped spirits trying to flee his massive body. Like the pale purple mist, his eye glowed in the same iridescent hue, the other covered with a scar from a bite to the face by his former Alpha his right eye now has no pigment a glossy white iris was all that remained.

Slowly one by one he carved runes on each skull with his dagger made from a Dragons claw, once the carved rune was finished instantly it engulfed the body in flame. From the bone and flame came a dark mass of tissue, muscle, and flesh slowly crept up the bodies making them like his image. Everybody became wolf like each growing black fur it covered their bodies, glowing purple eyes looked all around. As if seeing the world in a new light their minds were open for him to control. Bones breaking and shifting jaws jutting out becoming muzzles, long claws and tails appeared as the new bones grew on their spines, once they were done turning into the monsters before him they stood motionless like a puppet resting while the strings were stoic.

Dragons became demonic-wolf like creature massive wings jutting out of their backs vile poison oozing out of their large mouths. Purple flame rolling across their massive bodies and pitch black scales harder than any known metal. A true sight to behold anything looking upon this creature would be instantly terrified a purplish black flame echoed its movement, the purple mist emanated as they breathed.

The last one he came too was the man who died moments before he came out of the shadows, “You are not ready yet.” The Wolvainian smiled at the young body that still stuck to its formal mortal coil. “I have plans for you Demi-God,” his deep resonating voice seemed to ease the man’s body who looked as if he wanted to rip Wolf's head off. Drawing out his dagger he carved another symbol into his chest unlike the others he fought the change but, eyes blazed gold. The man was defiant even as he changed, his form bent and twisted taking a knee the wolf had to place his hand upon his sweating back and spout fire on him he looked up his eyes burned out golden hue. Until he lost the fight with the more powerful being before him, the wolf cackled as the demi-god bent to his will. He stood taller than the others his wolf-like face bared much more of his makers, the rune on his head glowed gloriously as his fur turns white as snow.

“Ahhh, much better now I want you to lead these new brothers and sisters of yours home.” He only received a nod in return and that is all he needed. With a quick spin, he walked to his new mount. The Dragons scales glowed with the pale violet hue flickering flames spewing out of the moving scales. With a massive thrust, the beast launched into the sky with its new master the others walked into the mist disappearing into the night.

Howls rang throughout the forest and dark mountain range the winged ones took to the sky disappearing into the clouds the others dropped to all fours and darted away within minutes Tristfell became silent once again.

A loud pounding came from a cellar door covered in the rotten burning flesh once the wood gave way to one last kick, a man collapsed gasping for air only to get his lungs stung with freezing cold. He sat up fast when he realized he was covered in some unknown bile it was black and oozed all over him purple flames and the feeling of dread kicked him in the stomach. His features were covered and his long body shook in fear. The only warmth was the warming in his pants he too darted into the night tripping and stumbling once he made it to the edge of the town he looked back an eerie silence gripped him and he sobbed turning once more he didn’t look back.

A feeling of being followed haunted him, the dark forest he darted into creeped him to the bone more than it should have. Every hair on his body stood on end his nappy grungy appearance made his skin crawl blood caked his skin. Sweat and fear made him scratch at his flesh more, taking refuge behind a grand oak he tried to catch his breath.

His stomach roared, startling him. Darkness seemed ever closer, the sky was empty pitch emptiness, movement in the dark in the corner of his eye made him jump. Heart beat pounding in his ribcage for good reason too, his shoulder became hot and pain shot down his spine.

A numbness became him, his feet became heavy he felt his body where the other arm was only to feel warm wet liquid in his hand. Before him a pair of dark purple glowing eyes glared at him, the snarling muzzle of a wolf eyed him down with hunger. With a quick jolt the beast snapped the man’s head clean off, two others joined in feasting on his now lifeless body. The forest floor red with death and howling filled the dark night as they feasted the beasts snapped at each other wildly.

Off to The Haunt…

A brisk morning, doves flying over her head as the young woman rested in a branch up above the Alexandrian garden. Seagulls cawed in a sweet breeze, all around her she could see miles of waves, towering frost tip mountains, and grassy fields. The sun's light trickled through the Wolfthorne branches, some say the tree is as old as the planet itself. Night and day the beautiful tree glowed with a white iridescent hue, she could feel the humming the tree emanated.

A pair of burgundy irises scanned over a beautiful hand written book. Adorned in red and black scales it was authored by the Dragon King Thadas or Thade as many knew him, inscribed in ancient Draconic it still was hard for her to make out. It's beautiful script melded in her mind calling out to her, telling her of a land called Aurora. Turning to another page her eyes glowed with excitement.

All the world at his fingertips and he used his powers to shift the creation for his Angel. Like clay, he carved the land, rose the castle from the soil and rocks from thousands of miles around. the ocean kissed its shores when he brought it to the kingdom. A massive spike jutted out from the middle as he raised his hand it melted into formation then he cooled it to the form it now has. The mountains sang as the sun fingered its way through the clearing clouds. Green lush grass grew plentiful all around tall Wolfthorne trees encased twisting themselves making a vast wall raising stone impregnating it with its roots.

Thadas cultivated her a garden abundant with white snow roses, the purple-hued morning stars still hanging in the sky slowly took the moons powerful life, turning to bed the last clouds dissipated. A brilliant light shone over the land reflecting off the tower of white stone, a warm resonating hum filled the air. Fowl came from miles around life being drawn to the land.

As he flew around he carved the mountains around letting rivers flow through, Aroura itself overcame an entire continent.


“Alexcl, it’s time to come to breakfast.” She knew her mother had more to say so the beautiful Alexcl didn’t move. “We will be heading to Nova when you get finished.”

Instantly she was out of the tree, darting down the few hundred feet gracefully landing. Tucking the book under her arm she used her hands to tie her long white hair up. Blood red lips stuck out against her pale skin, bundled up with a black cloak she found along with the book. It shielded her from all elements, made from Thadas very hide he crafted the cloak with powerful runes granting it with the magic of unknown power. Alexcl’s beauty blossomed this year everything about her radiated however still a young immortal in most eyes. Her silky alabaster hair reached the back of her knees, even curled and tied up, on a day such as today she let it run rampant.

As she grew so did the cloak and she noticed it, having powerful artifacts from the Dragon King was her only worry in life. She wanted Aurora, the land of Thadas it called to her.

With the fall rolling in they needed to get over the ocean to the Kingdom of Nova, ruled by a Dragon known as Chrono. Soon to be the month of the haunt Chrono called out to all the known kingdoms to parley in the events the festival glowed with all the colors of fall. Pints of Dragon Ale and fine Dwarven stouts from North and South Rim competed.

This was the time of year the mighty Dwarves came up with new brews to challenge the Elves of Alexandria, and the Dragons of Nova. Dreath, Alexcl’s uncle nearly won last year, however, he was beaten out once again my Malguise Stormhorn, High King of the Dwarves.

Feeling a chill shrugging it off she ran in for breakfast, Alexandria’s trees glowed with a ghostly hue of white the foliage was a soft alabaster in the center of the kingdom rested the Tree of Ages a Wolfthorne tree that shot up nearly three miles high it took her a bit to run around its vast base. When she caught up with her mother she tossed the cloaks shroud over her head.

“I see you got lost in Thade’s world again huh?” her mother stated and she looked up at her through the cover, “it's ok I used to as well. He could write one of his many talents.”

“You speak of him like he is perfect.”

“He was.”

The two always bickered whether he had really passed or not, something told her he was very much alive. Her mother smiled her fangs weren’t long like hers, her mother was more Elven than whatever else she was, they shared the same likeness and both had burgundy irises and a divine beauty capable of stopping a man with fancy.

Alexcl, however, had different skin, her top layer was thin but just under her hide of scales shone only when she was angry. Eventually, she would get horns like her father, Thymoas the gold Dragon of light and once again like her mother she was breathtaking.

Warm cinnamon rolls, sweet buns and bacon pleasantly kicked them in the nose. Her mouth watered she loved her aunts cooking, next a few pigs roasted and chickens broiled rosemary herbs and a few other amazing scents presented before them.

Diana her aunts beaming smile couldn’t help but rise on her face, Alexcl ran over and gave her a hug. Her blue frosty hair tied back in a queenly fashion and an apron over her tight fitted leather clothes. They were white and golden feathered, clearly, she went and hunted the breakfast herself.

“Well good morning.” Diana’s voice chimed softly, she was taller than her sister in law she embraced her then put her doughy finger in her mouth.

“Likewise, where is Dreath?” Her brother entered the room as if on cue, “never mind then.”

Alexcl had already grabbed a plateful and ran to the table, “well are you ready for your uncle to win this year?” Dreath questioned. Smiling from ear to ear, his tall stature leaned over the table at Alexcl, long sunburst colored hair fell from his angled shoulders. He too wore a similar outfit to his wife the crest of Alexandria was more abundant, his long bow slung over, her burgundy eye met his forest green eyes.

Dreath and his kin are known as Flame Elves, like his much older brother Rendorious, who is forbidden to speak about are very lively and energetic. The kingdom of Alexandria was named after their late mother a millennium ago. As for being forbidden, it was because of Rendorious his mother was killed by a vampire known as Vlad. Vlad has a deadly appetite and has been at war with Shinobaine, Dreath’s father, the vampire was the first ever turned to the sanguine ways by Melas the Goddess of Death. So, the tale of the War of Blood is a terrible one, many lives were lost and many lives were destroyed by allies and the sheer power of deathly influence Vlad had on many.

“I hope you do win, that Dwarven stuff is gross. Will the dragons compete again this year that was yummy?” She said with her mouth full her mother glared at her. Gulping it down with a warm glass of milk. Something tasted odd about the food it was the same as she could remember, yet today there was a slight change she couldn’t pin point it. Perhaps, maybe it was something else she didn’t know. Almost ashy, maybe a little metallic, “did you add any ingredients to these?”

Dreath clapped his hands loudly in excitement, that medal hung before him and he could taste it.

“Dreath, didn’t Chrono also say we need to be there earlier because he has an object of high value you need to see?” Diana stated then placed a plate before him. “Oh, no dear, sorry your uncle distracted me nothing new has been added to these. Everything ok?”

Alexcl looked down at her meal, “it is fine.” Returning to her meal she sat silently, from across the room her mother smiled at her.

“Knowing him it’s another box of pixies, I nearly died to his last valuable object. Plus, the ferry doesn’t leave for a few hours, they just began filling it so we have time.” Dreath interrupted softly.

They all ate in silence until what looked like a witch walk into the room, something struck an oddness to her Alexcl couldn’t pin point it. Of all times, she has been in the kitchen not once has she seen this person, she just fumbled around. The young woman watched her Diana looked puzzled as well.

Seeing she was the elephant in the room she poked her head up from the island, she was very young looking maybe in her teenage years in human like, her golden blonde hair stuck out from her bandana, she had purple irises that scanned the royals in the room. She was tan, with a few freckles on her nose smiling reluctantly she grabbed a cinnamon roll and poof she evaporated. In awe Alexcl stood up running to where the girl was, completely intrigued on how she could just vanish.

“Who was that?” Alexcl demanded, most of the adults shrugged their shoulders until she noticed another he sat next to Dreath silently enjoying a cup of tea, he too had purple eyes stormier looking than the young woman.

His blonde nearly white hair drooped over his right shoulder neatly braided, he was beautiful easily mistaken for a woman high cheek bones and a womanly figure. Clad in beautiful tan robes, threaded with runes that glowed with the same power as her cloak, his Draconic markings resonated power, the threads seemly moved like water. She could see and feel his aura black and somewhat soulless, Alexcl’s jaw dropped how long was he sitting there.

Her mother looked at her, then to the direction she was gawking she stood up startled. “Chargen?” the other two stood stepping back alarmed, “when did you get here?”

“You were all enjoying your breakfast I didn’t want to interrupt,” cracking a smile he didn’t look up from his book, it too was black and housed a similar feel to the book Alexcl had in her possession. The spine and outer cover adorned in the crest of the Dragon King Thade.

Dreath swallowed his rich dark coffee, he sat back down “so, are you coming with us to Nova?” the king of the elves asked, “and you startled the heck out of me wait was that Sage, Astral’s she has gotten, well beautiful?” The young woman popped out from under Chargen’s arm.

“Yup, that’s me.” Sage had a beautiful smile and a soft yet raspy voice, only then did Alexcl notice she had on nearly the same robes as her much older brother. Just more to her liking tight fitted corset and bottles and vials and powder pouches on her belt.

“Yes, this is Sage my youngest sibling, I’m taking her to Nova it’s her first haunt. With Chrono, so antsy he demanded Hellios and I to come, Saline decided she wanted to sit this year out to watch Khan. Sahara should be here as well.” Chargen stated and turned the page.

“Can you do that too?” Alexcl sat next to Chargen looking over the runes studying them meticulously. He could see the love of learning in her eye, a powerful desire to make her mind grow.

“Do what too?” Chargen retorted calmly.

Her eyes became like daggers, he knew that look he used to get it from her mother all the time he looked over the table at her now. Santara drank her tea and smiled as she placed it to her lips. “You know the teleporting thing she just did. How, I want to know?”

“I do, and how about I teach you somethings when we are at sea.” His eyes went back to his book, “hey Sage why don’t you and Alexcl go find Hellios last I saw him he was at the dock.”

She eyed Alexcl and with a huge smile she disappeared yet again, a huge yank on her arm she felt the air suck away from her. Alexcl blinked and she was at the dock her head spun and blood rushed to fast to her brain. “Don’t do that again,” Sage couldn’t help but laugh at her, Alexcl sat down to make the world stop spinning.

“Yah I did that my first few times too, at least we’re out of that stuffy castle its nice out here.” Sage couldn’t stand still, bouncing and fidgeting zipping from one place to the next.

Placing a hand to her head before the dizziness came back, “Sit down damn it.” Just more laughter when she saw that Alexcl was serious she sat, her mouth shut tight biting her lips even then she couldn’t sit still.

What a busy dock, workers moved with a precision guards talked with everyday commuters, clad in white leathers fletched in golden feathers at the shoulders strung mighty bows. Tall Elven men and woman rushed to get things prepared knowing their king and queen will be arriving within hours.

Ocean waves kissed the soft sandy shores, green patina stones where used to make the dock yard its brilliance was welcoming. Pleasant crashes of waves gulls calling brought her right back into her book, much like the sound of the Aurorian ocean sounded in her mind. Aroma from the wolfthorne made it more palpating, she could see the kingdom pulling her.

“Look out!” a boy shouted, Alexcl turned on her heels just in time to evade the flying boy. He fell right off the boat crashing into the white dock.

For what looked like a twelve-year-old he was very handsome, he stood up his hair was a messy grey but it was his golden eyes that caught her complete attention. Clearly, he wasn’t twelve maybe closer to fifty or so in age “You ok, almost hit you?” His voice sounded raspy she heard it once before.

Alexcl looked up at the young man, “I’m fine.” She replied softly.

Sage ran up and hugged him, “You came Khan, Chargen said you weren’t coming?”

“Well I didn’t want to stay home; I’m sure mother is furious with me.” Khan smiled then looked up.

“And his dad is fine with it, there was no reason he had to stay when we are going to have fun.” The young immortals turned their heads up to Hellios, his golden eyes glowed. Just past that he had a strong jaw and he was stupidly handsome, long silver hair tied back into a tail even his smile was perfect. No wonder the queens of the realm got wet when he was near. Tall and golden tanned muscular flesh as it were he wore no shirt, Alexcl looked down the dock at the women caterwauling to him. “So, what are you guys up too, Khan and I were just sparing your free to join if you feel up to it.” Hellios had a strong deep voice but it was his strength that intrigued her.

Like a bolt of lightning she was up the ship side easy, pointing to the rack of weapons she nimbly grabbed two short swords. Sage sat on the large crates that rested on the portside to on look, Khan happily took a breather he sat on a lower crate.

“Anything goes?” She asked the King of the Twilight, he simply nodded and his smile faded showing he was ready.

He stood motionless, his long sword in his left hand it was known as Eaglehorne. One of few crafted by Thadas, it glowed with a black iridescent flame the white blade made of Draconium and the blue steal was what looked like Valkrium. There were only two people on the planet who knew how to forge those steels. Thadas and his father Tyrias, she only read stories of the masterpieces now to see one made her jealous, a little, not much but little.

She studied him, quick flash of sparks flew when she used her Elven speed to slash his chest. He quickly parried, with a summersault she bounded again more sparks, the blades sung furiously she struck at him with the blades. Each parried and reflected to knock her off balance, unlike Khan she mastered a few skills to keep her nimble and in control, and Hellios tactfully managed to graze her left cheek, shoulder and her legs.

“When did he do that” thinking to herself, she lunged again this time with full focus the arc off his blade zapped her. “I see now.”

“You see too late.” He whipped her leg out from under her as she passed by him he slammed his pummel into her side, luckily the cloak protected her. A quick spin and a fast flip she was back to her feet, where he struck her felt like it was bruising.

“Get out of my head.” The young immortal shouted.

Hellios chuckled, motioning for her to keep trying “I’m not in your head, you just think loud.” His smile faded again when she came at him from behind, barely dodging the assault she put much more speed into her attacks. This time when their weapons collided he felt the heat from her swords they were black, the flame was intense if his weapon was any other it would be gone.

Pushing her off just to get another forceful crash from different directions. She could see him sweating, attack after attack the heat kept building, the deck was becoming weak the arcs of black lighting nearly ripped the boxes in twain. Splinters and debris made him use a huge pulse of electricity stunning everything in its wake and sending her flying, Alexcl hit the deck face planting from a twenty foot drop her weapons turned to dust the flame was too much for the feeble weapons. Rushing to her Hellios checked her head while everything else floated around him in a two-hundred-foot radius. Chargen blinked into the area, appearing out of thin air.

“Really, Hellios” he snapped his fingers and all the electricity in the air dissipated. Chargen looked angry, as the King looked down at her he said something but the world blacked out around her.

She was out maybe ten or so minutes, her mother dabbed her head with a warm cloth. Seeing the fury in her mother’s eyes, Alexcl sat up her face had a smile. “Good you are awake. How do you feel?”

“Like I would want to give it another shot,” answering her mother she got out of the bed.

“He isn’t a horse you can’t just get back on and ride.” She stopped herself, “not what I meant.”

“Sure, well how am I supposed to take that?” The young woman figured they now were at sea, well at least on the boat. Which also meant it was time to talk to Chargen about some training.


An Angel…

Sparks flew as a hammer fell, molten metal screamed as it was forged into the shape of a blade. He was working on his second short sword to match its sister blade. Splashing it into the oil bath to give it a quick harden, the young man plunged the oiled blade into the forge again. His father’s golden eyes watched every second, he grunted when he needed to correct the metal. A powerful steel called Draconium it is immensely dense and even harder to forge. These blades took him at least a month to hammer out the rest of the time he worked on melding the other metal Valkrium, it had a bluish hue to it.

Once it was heated enough he started again finally perfect his father took the weapon and began smashing away at it. The young man eyed his father with his icy blue eyes, watching every strike the thunderous hum radiated the forge. His father Tyrias, master of the forges of the great Halcien his skin reddened by the heat of the fire all day. A tall man with long pitch black hair darker than coal, his beard hid his strong jaw. Sweat beaded down his father’s forehead, “Khade the other blade is ready for you to put together.”

Khade simply nodded, his hair matched his father he too was built like a tank not near as tall as his father being half God and Dragon he was divine to look at. A pinnacle of perfectness, with steady hands he wrapped the hilt in blood red dragons hide, the blue Valkrium steel sang with a pleasant hue of blue the white Draconium pulsed with the beat of his heart.

The blades were a good thirty or so inches, and a slight curve giving them a fang like look. The veins in the metal shocked him at first, but after a long time at the forge he got used to it. Attaching the pummel to give it the counter weight it needed.

Behind them resting on a huge stack of furs slept a wolf larger than any known horse. His fur red as blood and he watched the two forge blades of power with his eyes of poppy orange. His large eyes turned to the woman walk into the forge. Her hand glided down his muzzle, closing them in enjoyment.

“You boys look hard at work.” The two men looked up at her, by the gods she was stunning. Long white hair icy blue irises and the face of true beauty, she had long horns that came out of the top of her forehead that curved back behind her ears. Pure white scales turned into her perfect skin where they met. “How’s your costume coming? We only have a week left before we head to the Haunt.” Her voice reverberated a little, she is one of the Astral Dragons at one point many, many years ago they fought the Halcien or Gods for the sake of the planet.

“Yeah, last two pieces now. You think I’m going to win this year?” his voice was neither deep or raspy just right in between.

“Absolutely, you have been hard at it for months, plus you’re my kid you’re going to win.” His father bellowed with excitement, going to the grinder he slid his goggles on. Once again, the blade cried as it sparked, “soon this one will be done go help your mother.” Khade knew what he meant his chore still wasn’t done.

Grimacing he took off out of the forge, the frigid air felt so good the light of the sun was just about in bed. With a low hanging moon peaking her head up above the trees he didn’t realize how late it was already. Oddly he didn’t feel tired at all from working the forge all day for the first time in a while he wasn’t fatigued.

Getting to the stables he saw his young Draligon, which still hadn’t a name. It was just a few months old, the mother knew Khade for many years. The Draligon’s are a rare breed of dragons that had features of lions, even at birth they had enormous wings and colossal paws. Where ever they live, they take on the surroundings, out of the cute litter of three the one with a frosty white mane got Khade’s attention.

Petting his small companion, he went to work on cleaning the stall the mother crunching on a thigh bone from the cattle. She stood to her full height a massive fifteen or so feet, her brown sugar colored mane and scales shimmered in the pale light of the nursery. Walls made of an ancient stone, there were twenty or so stalls each able to house grand size land dragons as he got the stalls cleaned he was greeted by one of the guards.

“Evening Sir,” he grabbed a shovel rolled up his sleeves and went to work. For a human, he was indeed handsome he likes his hair short his helmet covered it most of the time. The Paladins of Amous have an out post on Tyr’s island and most of the time they come here for training, so he as well as many others are adorned in the Paladins garb, it must have been a good day. He was covered in fresh bruises and smelled of a good sweat.

“How’s that book coming?” Khade was very interested in hearing about the world his friend wrote about.

“Well, I started a new chapter its getting closer on getting out, it’s just now I’m having a legion of problems it seems, being a parent and working all the time takes loads of work and training.” With a heavy sigh, he regained his barring’s and smiled. “How is that costume coming?”

“Just near ready.” A second man came around the entryway he seemed very agitated and spooked when he saw Khade.

Gulping back a cough he turned his eyes to the younger of the two, “corporal you are needed.” With that he turned on his heel disappearing into the night.

“Well then sir I more than likely won’t see you until after the haunt good luck on that costume.”

“And you on that book, better have me in it!” Khade chuckled and the young man did the same, he too left him.

Not long after the stables were cleaned Khade entered the night once again, it was a terrible dark this night not a star in the sky something chilled him.

“You feel it too?” His mother whispered, from the shadows.

“Mom, what are you still doing out here?” he said quietly.

She sighed then looked up at the starless night, “you know there is something bad going on I know you can feel it. I don’t know what it is and I’m sure it will show its ugly head at the haunt.”

Trying to see anything in the night sky made his eyes hurt, it became quiet not a sound. “What do you think it would be?” He questioned.

“I haven’t a clue, but I know it’s going to change the way of a lot of things and soon, well nothing is going to happen tonight go fetch yourself some dinner then head to bed we are going to Nova in the morning.”


That night as he lay in bed his eyes became so heavy he couldn’t help but to succumb.


Up and over the mountains of his home he flew, the clouds kissing his face as he soared through them. Bright sunlight licked his scales the warmth hugged him, down in the lush green forest beneath him he could see a strange flash of white lightning. Tucking in his massive wings he darted to the light zipping through the trees the image he could pick up was a woman running he couldn’t make out her features he just knew it was a woman. The ground thundered with each stride lightning sparked off her as she carried on, the massive dragon tried to catch up the wind beneath his wings ripped trees out of the force. Bolting up a mountain face she sprinted without slowing, just at her heels he could see she was leading him somewhere. Launching off the mountain top the woman began to spin using the velocity she shot away from him. With a mighty thrust the dragon shot two maybe three hundred miles over the ocean. Jutting over the vast blue sea was a colossal mountain one in which he has never seen.

A powerful pulling urge tickled his mind as he drew closer the stronger the need to go there enveloped him. A pale purple mist enveloped the mountain and the forest around it. Slowly he could see the trees die misty fingers trailing throughout the land everything turned black he could hear screaming; the planet began to rumble spires jutted out of the ground. A loud heartbeat now rang in his ears as the world around him glowed with a red molten hue the heartbeat weakened. The shattered landscapes let out wretched screams as the planets blood spewed from its wounds then all went black whispers of dead souls kissed his mind, as his eyes focused in the darkness he could see a figure he darted down as fast as he could his large black draconic body felt as he flew in honey. His power drained from him drawing closer his skin melted away still unable to make out the person he roared in fear then the world was pitch black once again.


“You better hurry, save the Angel!” The woman’s voice clear as day which made him shoot up out of his bed, his body dripping in sweat it was a pleasant sound now he needed to find the body which produced it.

His ice blue eyes scanned his room, standing up to his full height he shrugged his broad shoulders. Something still bothered him about the dream, her voice resonated in his head this was not the first time he had heard it this time however it seemed closer as if right on his ear.


About me

I'm Richard B. Batey and I'm a father struggling to keep the bills a float and enjoys his passion for writing. Former Infantryman in the USNG, and struggles daily to land a job. Every night when I try my best to get more writing done when the kids are in bed, I love writing it gets takes me away from everything when I stroke the keys. This story is a start to a great series I mean who doesn't love Dragon's, Gods, and magic I know I do. And I think it's time the world gets introduced to mine.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
My kids, I would love to create a world they can visit when they get older, and this story, as well as many others soon to come, will cement a better life for us all.
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
I'm not going to lie, I would have to say housework and trying to find the right job heck any job to provide for my family and alas I have been defeated many times in my ongoing search for a career. So, I just have to battle my depression and keep marching forwards my kids need me too.
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
High School, it's funny I was never any good at reading other people's stuff so I decided why not write my own stories something different, something I love and would want to read about.

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