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First pages


A group of masked, armed men quickly and quietly moved through a deserted, dark garage with focus and determination on the upcoming mission and its complexity. They got into the black SUV with tinted glasses in the darkest corner. The first passenger turned on the walkie-talkie as he sat on the black leather seat. A brief neutral voice spoke into the walkie-talkie: “We're in the vehicle, so far everything is going according to plan. The equipment is in the car and we are off to the agreed location."

A quiet and serious voice immediately answered: "Alright. All the others will soon take their position. We don't know when the target is going to leave the current location. I have a source that will inform me in time so be ready to move when I tell you to. The bad weather will greatly facilitate the achievement of our goal. This attack must be successfully carried out."

"Affirmative. We're going to wait for your order," the passenger answered, knowing the end result of a successful attack; monumental changes of global proportion at the world level. Nothing will ever be the same after that and it really was not an exaggeration.

It would start like a small snowball that would become bigger and bigger. The avalanche that will follow will be enormous and it will devastate everything in its way.

Corruption will always be in mankind, he never doubted that. People always go bad, corrupt and they will always have the desire for power and control. He did not have a problem with that, but the people that he worked for had that complex. He saw it in their eyes, but he didn’t really care as long as they paid him regularly.

The world was currently in a chaos and he had the feeling that things will only get worse. America was caught unprepared for the crisis that had gripped the entire world. Yet, another fuel to the fire was the new cold war that had started because of the anti-missile shields stationed in Europe. Things that would happen would be a prelude to change in Europe. Anyway, the world needs a new direction. He didn't feel any regret or guilty conscience that would have warned him of what they were about to do. Conscience in this line of work is turned off. The ones that have it don’t live long.


He took the 9mm submachine gun of Germany Heckler and Koch MP5 in his hands and insert magazine with bullets. This is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world, having been adopted by 40 nations and many agencies. Although it was developer in 1960s he still preferred old and trustworthy weapons. There were many variations of this classic weapons like MP5A2, MP5SD1, MP5SD4; which was one of the sign of his popularity. He was using one of this variation called MP5SF.

Others around him were also doing the same with an incredible speed and agility which they had come to possess over the years. Rifles were all cocked, anticipating the chaos of epic proportions about to start. He had an egoistic and sardonic smile on his face. The passenger nodded to the driver as a sign that they were good to go and the driver turned on the ignition without a word.

The engine quietly roared from the first attempt. The black SUV headed towards its destiny, leaving a lazy slow deserted parking lot in a very dark and gloomy morning.

Part 1 - Chapter 1

It was an gloomy autumn morning and there were thick, big, dark clouds in the sky. A strong, cold wind occasionally joined them, creating a gloomy atmosphere. The weather conditions were so bad that most would say that the evening was descending, rather than say a new day was coming. The air felt like an introduction before the coming storm.

He really didn't want to rise early from the warmth of the bed in a time like this, and especially on a Saturday. With a great strength of will he arose and left for the agency. Alex, under the alias Snow Fox, was currently working as the Prime Minister's personal security guard. Alex had been using this alias for a long time, since he started working at the agency. His current assignment started a little less than a month ago, and honestly he didn’t like this guardian job one bit, no matter how important a task they said it is.

His previous job description was much better and more adventurous than this boring guardian job. It was more like following the Prime minister to long marathon meetings, sitting and waiting till the very end. There were few exceptions in form of parties where he met new people. A party that was luxurious and fancy just wasn’t his stuff, but hey, drinks and fancy cuisine was free at least. While eating modestly, he was invisible to the crowd. Noticing lots of stuffs, like dress codes and body language, he couldn’t say anything positive about people, but he didn’t hate them. It was more like pity for their boring life and selfish mentality, with many faces in life pretending just to be close to the center of power.

Alex was no fool like before, when he thought that politics was one of the most honorable and respectful jobs. He knew what kind of game was played in the world of politics and he didn’t like politics or the people with their hidden agendas, even he knew that politics was the main part of his job.

His current task was securing a Prime Minister from the alleged threats against him from some new terrorist organizations. His mission was simple, guard the Prime Minister. For some, this job may have been the most exciting job, but not for him. Amused with that kind of thinking, he stood for about an hour and a half in the hallway, not really registering the environment around him. Absolutely nothing was going on.

Nothing was stirring, not even a millimeter. Monotony was complemented in full adding a gray day as a bonus.

"Luckily for me, I got up from a warm bed so I could watch the walls and ceiling. And to sleep with my eyes open," He thought, looking at statues for what seemed like the 100th time.

Here and there, some assistants to politicians would have climbed up and down the stairs at their busy pace. One of them was so in a rush that few of his papers fell.

It was very close to him so Alex helped the young man with a nervous posture. Within the short period of picking the papers up and giving it, Alex noticed that its content was about a security issue which the European Union considered important enough to update its Member States about. The young man thanked him, and then ran off again. The papers were now much tighter in his hands. The assistant climbed to the top of the stairs then turn left. Alex thought that this must be some really important topic on the security of European states that was diverse and different in each country. Honestly, he never saw anything on this security issue or heard about it in his agency. But then again, information between politicians and security agencies were rarely shared except when necessary. From his experience, lots of job that the agency was doing was putting out the fire that they created.

Beside this thing, absolutely nothing else happened. He moved a weight from one leg to the other looking around, blowing in the air of long lasting boredom. His location was pretty far from the open massive wooden doors, but he still felt the harsh and cold wind now and then. The thin jacket of the agency was very poor protection against the wind, which whistled quite loud. He put his hands in his pocket, reaching for the black gloves with Norwegian sign. For a second he looked at them and then put them on hope to get a little protection from the weather. Alex was standing on the red royal carpet with gold borders and stared a little more in detail at the small, gray stone figurines in small holes on the hall. The tiny stone statue was holding a court hammer in one hand and scales on the other. It looked like the judge decided on the death penalty, which was a paradox because this country did not have the death penalty. From his serious look it could be read clearly that crime doesn't pay.

Looking back on his life and work, he couldn't help but laugh quietly with irony on this paradox. His past showed a lot of examples in which dangerous people manage to get away.



Through the years he realized that the world is not black and white, but with shades of grey that goes up and down.

In his ear was a small white and uncomfortable hearing device same as the other bodyguards. It was his fastest contact with the agency. After a long time he finally heard her voice. The last time they spoke was an hour ago. He believed she was bored like he was.

"What's the situation?" a female voice asked him, breaking his artificial thoughts.

"Nothing has been unusual; just a couple of explosions and shootings from everywhere. Even from fruit stand. We were attacked by about 50 enemies with bazookas and guns. They pulled weapons from oranges and raspberries. But fear not…I got them all with a single burst. They fell down like sitting ducks."

Alex replied with a humorous tone, cheering up a little when he heard her voice. On the other side of connection, he heard quiet and pleasant laughter.

"No, no, just kidding, all is Okay. All is quiet for the moment. Boring. This boring was not since ...watching domestic movies."

Snow Fox joked on the fact about movies that he had heard from colleagues from the agency that was longer in Croatia. Once again he heard the sweet laughter, but this time a little louder and with it another voice in the distance of the connection.

"Everything is all right." He heard the same female voice that sounded a little distant.

"I'm sorry. I had to explain to them what it was.” She added now sounding closer.

"Oh, it's all right. I hope they're not grumpy today. Sorry if I got you in trouble."

"Don't worry, you did not," replied the gentle voice that helped him forget boredom.

Snow Fox had known the person on the other end of the line for a long time. The voice belonged to Michelle, a woman from the agency who was in charge of communication and coordination. Michelle was a little bit lower than he was, armed with a beautiful and neat wavy black hair down to her shoulders and almond colored eyes. She had a beautiful and natural face with a few tiny moles above the left eye and close to right ear.


Her body was in good shape, which wasn't odd considering the job, possessing that incredible moral ethics and brightness, so it was not surprising that she was very popular at the agency. She came from the French subsidiary to help educate agents. Very quickly they became friends, becoming almost inseparable. They were together almost every day the past month. His feelings towards her were very positive and gentle at the beginning. As time passed, his feelings became stronger. He wanted to be sure that she was really that good person that he saw in her, hoping that she felt the same.

Several times they were together on assignment, but on her insistence and with the consent of the head of this mission, she requested to work today to help Snow Fox who didn't actually know about it. He looked at his not so elegant but functional black and blue watch that was showing nine and thirty two minutes.

At last, he heard the conversation in the upper hallway, ending the silence that had reigned for so long. He turned towards the sound and saw how the serious Prime Minister was climbing down the stairs with two men, discussing very vigorously and passionately.

The Prime Minister was a middle-aged man with black, thick dotted by a white-haired shade, showing that he had lots of worries on his mind. On his face Alex noticed bitterness. He was a little chubby, but with an impression of sympathetic fatness.

He had the same black suit with an orange tie as always. Alex didn't actually understand fashion so much, but somehow he suspected that the Prime Minister was strong in this area.

With a fast pace he moved down the hall with two other high-ranking man in faancy black suit, chatting very briskly and vigorously in fluent English. It looked as if he was trying to explain something, but he couldn't tell what exactly, he however managed to make out some words, such as security and suspicious.

"The Prime Minister is done. We're coming out. Judging from his facial expression, it can't be anything good." Snow Fox said quietly to the Agency.

"I am sending the driver. It's a tough job. Even if they give me a huge offer for this kind of job that he is doing I wouldn’t accept it." She replied. Alex agreed with his opinion. “I agree. We have same opinion.”

A few seconds later in front of the entrance a black Audi vehicle arrived.



Snow Fox quickly marched towards the car outside. When he got to the car, he opened the door for the passenger. He left the door open, standing next to it. His eyes were busy, closely following the environment for any suspicious activity.

There was absolutely nobody on the streets, which was not surprising given the bad weather and strong wind which turned up the intensity. Fortunately, he didn't have to wait long as the Prime Minister came with a fast pace to the door, fighting against the strong wind. He looked fast towards the entrance and then entered the car with a tinted glass. The moment he walked in, Snow Fox firmly shut the door, quickly moving to the rear side of the car. He opened the door and got inside sitting next to the Prime Minister.

The driver started the car from the first try before speaking: "It's really a terrible time today. They said that the weather will be even worse today. I turned up the heat."

Both Snow Fox and Prime Minister kept quiet. The car glided elegantly on the deserted and wet road. The driver sped carefully, even though the road was without traffic. Soon they got to the intersection, turning to the right.

The heavy silence in the car was interrupted by Snow Fox: "Judging by your reaction, I see that this meeting didn’t end well?"

The Prime Minister snapped from his motionless starr at the window, turned around and answered with a sigh: "Strictly confidential, deals with the European Union. All I can say it is some kind of urgent safety measure. We just got in, and already there are so many problems. Like there are not enough problems with this country already and with the ones that want to crush this beautiful country."

"You know how the proverb goes, every start is difficult. I am impressed that you have patience and nerves to work this job. For no amount of money would I do your job, got to admit it. Hundreds of people, hundreds of request," Snow Fox tried to encourage the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister just nodded his head and continued: "Yes, it looks that way. You have to have both. Thanks for the honesty. I got to say that I appreciate your opinion more than a bunch of people that are turning as the wind just to stay in power.”

He was quiet for a moment then started again.

“My previous bodyguard had a similar countenance I think. I know that you're not very happy witt the job but... frankly I don't understand why they took


my longtime bodyguard and great friend, and put you on just a few weeks before the election." Snow Fox knew the Prime Minister's opinion about this mission, but he had no hard feelings.

"It's weird to me too, but the Agency despite my opposition, did that. They gave me this mission under the excuse that there was an imminent threat on you. You have not heard of it. We've talked about it already. In addition, I have to be honest...There are a lots of better, more capable hands in the Agency than me. I have made mistakes a few it was really unclear to me why I was entrusted with this task. The excuse was that I'm one of their best men." He was being honest.

The Prime Minister, who was a good, honest and decent man carefully listened to him. Snow Fox really hoped that the Prime Minister would get re-elected. Various newspapers and television polls showed him possibly winning with over 20 percent. The time he had spent with him revealed him to be a really dedicated, honorable, moral man, which was a rarity in this business, in Alex' opinion. He had very nasty opponents who wanted to knock him down by any means, at least according to what Alex had heard. The past was haunting this place for decades and it still was. His interest wasn’t in the world of politics. In fact, it was the opposite, trying to reduce politics to the barest minimum. Although he knew too well that politics actually affected his work and tasks.

There were days when the Prime Minister worked almost throughout the day and this had consequences on his private life. However, he would always call his wife and children at least two times a day and sometimes more when he was totally lost to find out things like how well their son Denis passed his geography exam and what it was like with his daughter Ariel at the dentist's. Alex had always stood on the side, but he heard how he really cared for his family and how was living a double life.

"Maybe for a reason they can remove you, if you mess up the thing. I don’t know... Basically, as far as this emergency meeting is concerned, I'm not really satisfied with what they told me that I have to do."

The car turned slowly again to the right moving at a speed of about 50 kilometers per hour.

"That's the way it is with hierarchy." Snow Fox answered.

The silence took over again, but this time the silence filled the howling of strong wind blowing away leaves.


Several of them had completed their journey on the windshield with stains from the rain. They did not stay glued for long as the wind railed them on further.

On the Prime Minister's face Snow Fox saw hesitation to say or not to say the things that bothered him. Snow Fox didn’t forced him to speak, from field experience the game of psychology had great tactical importance for obtaining information.

Finally, he spoke with a grain of despair in his voice: "I can only say that all Member States must sign this protocol. I have very little knowledge about what exactly he's doing. They only said that it is about the security of the European Union, and that's all. I've tried to explore it a little bit more, but I ran into a brick wall. It is very suspicious to me."

For a while the car was being driven on a concrete road full of holes, but thanks to the good shock absorbers, they didn’t sense the excessive bouncing over them. The driver turned on the radio. For a few seconds there was a slow jazz-style music then the driver switched to the next station. The Prime Minister said to return to the previous station.

As the car swerved to the left, the Prime Minister said: "This protocol should soon be signed in secret at the headquarters of the Union. It is called security protocol 9."

Snow Fox was really interested in this topic that he had heard something about at the Agency, mostly through rumors but he suddenly heard statics, irritating noise in the left ear bud, so he pulled it out of the ear. Communication technique broke down again, this was slowly getting on his nerves and he was unaware that it was part of the plan.

In the middle of the turn in the right, a robust black BMW SUV suddenly appeared hitting the Prime Minister's car with mediocre speed. The black BMW X series was slightly hit in the front door and because of the impact of strike, the Prime Minister stumbled forward, falling almost next to the bodyguard that looked up to the other car. Snow Fox’s first thought was that it was an accidental collision, but when he looked at the other car, it was clear to him this was an attack. Three people quickly appeared from the car with tinted glasses.

All three of them wore black masks, with slits for the eyes and mouth. The attackers were armed with short automatic MP5 rifles which they quickly aimed at the car. Without speeches or announcements, the terrorists started shooting at the Prime Minister's car.

Part 1 - Chapter 2

The driver of the Prime Minister's car leaned over to the right side, below the driver's board, while the bullets kept hitting the bulletproof glass. Snow Fox tried to contact the agency but all he heard again was the noise out of the headset in his ear and the termination of the connection. He realized that the termination of the connection was planned. Now it was all up to him. It was not the first time he would find himself in a situation like this. There was no other option than to return fire.

He pulled out his gun, which was in the holster on the left side, and told the Prime Minister with a voice louder than a tremendous noise of short bursts, to put on the vest that was under the seat. He was looking for it, but could not find it.

The glass was to their their good fortunes still whole; with few cracks on it. Snow Fox told him to lie down and not move which he did without question. He opened the door to the left leaving them open on purpose. In a crouched position, he went to the hood of the car under strong fire. The car was bulletproof, but a few holes could be seen, mostly on the hood of the car. The windshield began to deform. He opened the driver's door for cover. The driver was holding the walkie-talkie in his right hand, maintaining a lying position from below the dashboard. He tried to get someone on the line, but without success.

Snow Fox quickly stood up from the shelter when he heard the enemies pull out to change their magazine. They quietly made arrangements, and all he could hear were several words in Russian. He knew it was Russian, one of the languages he was familiar with. The words he caught were something like according to plan and the second part. He began to shoot at the attacker that was closest to him. Two of the bullets ended their journey on the left part of his chest. The attacker did not fall, but retreated further to cover behind the nearest opened door. Snow Fox realized that the attackers were armed with good armor-piercing vest. He continued to shoot very quickly at the other two who were well hidden, until he ran out of bullets, crouching back to cover. Bullet holes had appeared on their armored car.




From the corner of his eyes, he saw the Prime Minister's driver rise from the cover of the dashboard going out through the open driver's door, he appeared next to Snow Fox quickly and skillfully.

He was an agent as well, but he was from the national agency.

"There's no answer. It seems they have disabled the communication system. Now we are alone," concluded the apparently angry driver.

Snow Fox mad an expressive face that marked the unspoken sentence: Yes, tell me something new.

"I know. Our enemies have bullet-proof vests."

The driver pulled out his gun from his cover below the right shoulder.

Snow Fox pulled out the empty magazine; inserted a new one releasing the barrel by pulling backwards. They both used the HS2000 gun, the Hrvatski samokres. This gun was accepted by the Croatian military and law enforcement as standard sidearm weapon. In HS series of Croatian built weapons existed also HS 9, HS 9 FX, HS 40 and many more. Despite the fact that Snow Fox heard for million types of side arm, he was using only few of them. He was using fire arms like Five Seven, USP and Glock. They gave him this weapon and from the first impression it was quite good. But that was not on the mission.


He suddenly heard a bang and the breakage of glass. The Prime Minister's car was enhanced with a strong fiber glass and synthetic composition, but Snow Fox had already warned that this was very little protection against serious attacks. They rejected his claims on the grounds of the current major economic crisis, despite alleged threats against the Prime Minister. Although the meeting was secret, someone found out about it. The driver stood up and fired three times, but without any success. The attackers were hiding behind cover. Snow Fox was quickly thinking about their options of escape under the constant strong fire that followed. The car could not go forward because of the attackers. They could have gone only backwards, but judging by the steam from the engine which sounded weird, he wasn't exactly sure of that option. They had no choice. Snow Fox went behind the backseat door into the vehicle and announced the plan to the Prime Minister. He told him about the plan and noticed his unusual behavior. He just mumbled some unintelligible words. Snow Fox attributed his behavior to his nerves due to the situation on ground, he went back out to tell the driver to start the car.

As they attempted an escape in reverse, the driver got shot. He fell backwards hitting the backseat door and rolling away from the car into open space. The door hit Snow Fox who he stumbled a little. He lifted himself up fast and fired three bullets without watching. In a crouched position he came up to the steering wheel without closing the door, feeling sorry for the driver as he saw his blood flow on the sidewalk.

He ignored the pieces of glass on the driver and passenger seats. He could not help him because he was out in open space without any cover, he had to leave and hope that he was not dead but somehow, he doubted it.

In his lying position he put the car in reverse with his right hand and with the left hand fired towards the nearest enemy without looking. His foot reached the clutch and gas pedal. The car's engine roared going backwards rapidly, resulting in a happy yell from Snow Fox.

Peeking at the attackers, he saw surprise as one of them spoke furiously through a walkie-talkie. His car was moving rapidly fast backwards, away from their unorganized and sloppy enemies.

In the moment when he thought they were off the hook of the weird tactics and amateur approach of the attackers, another black SUV BMW class approached. Snow Fox saw them approaching at a high speed. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the Prime Minister lying motionless on his stomach, holding his hands to his head and still mumbling something.

His reaction was to turn the steering wheel to the right, turning up the car to ninety degrees. The BMW was too fast, hitting the Prime Minister's car in the mid region. The car turned on the roof once and then got back on its wheels.

Snow Fox was tossed in the air while holding on tight to the steering wheel, defying gravity but when the car was on the roof, he let go. He fell on his back with excruciating pain. Behind him, he heard how the Prime Minister hit the door, ceiling and got back on the seat. After the car was back on its wheels on the road, Snow Fox rose up from the seat, ignoring the pain in his back and a slight dizziness.

Through the empty space that used to be the windshield he saw how the first car suddenly returned hitting them in rear end, pushing them aside and breaking parts of the glass on the deformed car.

Part 1 - Chapter 3

From the second BMW there were four masked armed attackers. Snow Fox still dazed from the rolling over, came out from the other side where he had the largest cover from the enemy and opened fire. He saw a red light dot pass him to focus on the Prime Minister.

Looking up he saw a man at the top of the little building holding a sniper rifle aimed at the Prime Minister who had peeked out of the car, all in shock and pale as a sheet. He raised his gun up to him just before fire collapsed from the left and right side. Snow Fox felt pain at the top of his shoulder, he unconsciously twitched his hand and fell to the ground. The opened door protected him from attackers who were ahead, but not those in the behind. He heard a specific sniper bullet that pierced through the back window plowing into the Prime Minister. The remaining glass in the car began to crack under the force of bullets. The interior of the car contained flying bullets in the seat and the driver’s board, turning the interior of the car in a total mess. The remaining glass ruptured, turning into small and sharp pieces. Few bullets made holes in the black, leather seats. He opened the back door in order to protect himself from the rear attackers.


Snow Fox found himself in the crossfire. People in the first car joined the shootout with their colleagues. They were trying to shoot him on every side so he was pinned down in an improvised position, partially resistant to bullets. The escape plan had failed, he could neither move forward nor backwards with the broken car. Snow Fox looked back and all he saw was the motionless Prime Minister in an unnatural position, with eyes wide open. His head was on the armrest, hands behind the body and legs on the floor. There was dark red fluid oozing from his mouth, he was done Snow Fox thought. There was no more salvation for him, he realized that if he got away with this, it was yet another failed mission. Snow Fox saw it now, blood profusely coming out of small holes in his body, because of the bullets that flew with the car and rammed into him. The blood increasingly spread on the clean black leather seat. Suddenly he heard a quiet and broken voice struggle to say something.

"They deceived me. I was suspicious when they quickly called me to come. I hid the code ... I'm not ..." the Prime Minister struggled as his head fell


on the seat, the red color started to spread and drip from the seat to the floor.

Snow Fox knew it was over. Now all he could do was to escape and save himself.

He would take care of his failure and the consequences if he survived this sloppy but efficient attack. He turned around to the front and opened fire in a moment of rage.

Through the front empty space that used to be a windshield he hit an enemy from the first car in the neck as the attackers where reloading their weapons. Suddenly, he heard a sound different from that of the enemy. He leaned and saw the Prime Minister's driver in the distance, leaning against the wall. With his last strength he was expending his remaining bullets. He hit one in the head and then crashed to the ground, firing a final shot that ended up in the back tire of the Prime Minister's car.

There were two more attackers from the first car and three from the rear BMW. He decided to have a go at the first car that was stuck in the Prime Minister's car, tightly gripping his gun. As an enemy shot the driver, Snow Fox capitalized and used that moment to kill him. The bullet entered the right side of his face, coming through the other side and plowing into the backrest of the seat.

Just one more attacker remained from the first car, hiding in the cover of the passenger seat. He had some free space to the right of the first car which he immediately used to his advantage. Moving forward to the first car he fired blindly towards the attackers from the other car. A sniper opened fire above him, but hit the hood of the car that lifted steam. Firing on the run and crouching quickly upwards, he manage to hit the sniper in the head with a second shot. The sniper's weapon fell on rocky ground. For a second he thought he saw it fall in slow motion.

He managed to get to the hood of the first car uninjured, except for a little nick to the shoulder stepping over a dead attacker and taking his MP5. He walked cautiously into the car and pointed a gun at the attacker who was hiding behind the open door of the car. Pressing the trigger he heard a click. The HS was empty. He threw the gun at him and with his other hand fired a few shots from the MP5. The attacker staggered to the right side. Snow Fox immediately put the transmission speed in reverse, moving the car in reverse and quickly turning him for 180 degrees in the left direction.

With that maneuver, he hit the attacker who realized too late with an open door.

The attacker fell to the floor on his back, dropping his MP5 weapon. Three of the attackers in the other car ran towards him, shooting without hesitation. He quickly stepped angrily on the accelerator and headed to where they had first bumped into each other. The BMW engine was loud, but the bullets hitting the SUV were louder.

He cast a quick look at the motionless driver who was lying on his stomach, dark red fluid spreading all around him.


Thanks to his sacrifice, Snow Fox was able to live for another day. For a second he thought to thank him and help him but deep down he knew that there was no salvation. He had to run off and tell everyone about the attack, his sacrifice would not be in vain.

The back window broke down and this facilitated Snow Fox' escape. It seemed that the SUV was not so well protected with unbreakable glass. Moving through the deserted street with enemies on his heel, he stepped on the gas to the end, breaking a work in progress blockade. The enemies with MP5 were frantically hitting the hull at the back of the car. Amidst the bullet storm he heard a specific sniper shot that hit the hull plating of the car twice. Snow Fox realized that they were not some professionals. At least he thought so.


About me

I graduate 2014. Masters Degree in journalism from Faculty of political science in Zagreb. Over journalist internship, I worked on covering tech and IT biz tech news. I currently live in Croatia in Zagreb.

Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
Series is plan to start small then expand with other great nations like Russia and China. Although story is fictional, there are real organization like EU, NATO and UN. With dynamic and intense action and multi-layer story, this Tom Clancy style book infuses advanced technologies.
Q. Which writers inspire you?
Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Lee Child...
Q. What did you learn while writing this book?
Through research I learned a lot of things about functioning of EU and NATO, real weapons that are used in story (SCAR, MP5, Five Seven).

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