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First pages

Chapter 1

Friday night in downtown Sacramento, too hot for March, and a hopping bar bustled with activity. Young people of college age moved in the haze, listening to the loud music, dancing and soaking in the sexual tension. The music throbbed and people danced carelessly, some with sweat-soaked faces. The dance floor was small, so everyone danced close. Cocktail waitresses with black low-cut blouses moved through the crowd, holding trays high and serving patrons who sat at small round tables that ringed the dance floor. College aged men kept the tips coming to the waitresses who flirted and allowed their blouses to open just enough to show skimpy bras.

A woman sat in a corner table, petite with dark hair, cut short and feathered bangs, that nearly reached her eyes. Her lips were red and her eyes light brown and made-up to look smoky and seductive. She sipped red wine and several men approached her asking her to dance, but she politely said no, smiling but shaking her head and offering no excuses. She wore a tight black leather jacket and dark designer jeans that hugged her form.

The poorly ventilated bar was muggy with the Sacramento, California temperature unseasonably warm for March and all the doors and windows closed, but the heat seemed to not bother the woman wearing the leather coat.

Michael Parker strolled confidently into the bar alone. He was a senior at Sac State and ready to graduate in May. This was his favorite place to meet someone to enjoy for the night. He was tall, ruggedly handsome, a communications major and heads turned as he walked near the dance floor. His thick, wavy, dark hair shined in the soft light of the bar and his striking blue eyes held the gaze of the women he passed. He held a Corona and glanced around for someone who might interest him. His eyes met the eyes of the woman in the corner wearing the leather coat. She didn’t look away. He smiled at her and raised his bottle slightly. She didn’t smile but still didn’t look away. He walked in her direction and noticed that she looked younger than he had originally thought, no more than someone in their late teens, but she was drinking wine, so she must be at least twenty-one.

When he reached the table, he said, “Hi.”

“Hello,” she responded coolly.

“I’m Michael.”

“Okay,” she said.

“What’s your name?” Michael asked confidently.

“My business.”

“Well, hello, My. I assume that’s your first name. I must admit though, that Business is an unusual last name, unless it’s My-Business which could be a hyphenated first name, like Joe-Bob or something.”

The woman didn’t smile and she raised her nose as if sniffing the air. Michael looked around, wondering what that was about.

“Are you a student, My?”

She half-smiled and said, “Yeah.”

“At Sac State?”


“So am I. I’m graduating this year.”


“What are you interested in studying?”

“I’m an art major.”

“Oh. You like to draw?”

“Yeah. I like to draw,” she repeated sarcastically.

Michael knew that this wasn’t going well, but he liked a challenge and this girl was very attractive. He’d stay for a while, at least.

He glanced around at all the people dancing. Though the music was fast, it seemed that everyone coupled on the dance floor was dancing close and he thought that most would end up in bed together before the night was finished. He was hoping for a similar outcome.

Michael said, “I like this bar and I always like the music.”

“The music’s good,” the mysterious girl agreed.

“Dance?” he asked.

She shrugged and stood.

They walked together out onto the small floor. She began to dance and he watched with rapt attention as her body moved. He stepped closer and began to dance himself, trying to get close to her, but she danced away and joined two girls, who were dancing close to each other. They smiled as the mysterious girl joined them. Michael tried to move closer. The two girls laughed as Michael tried to get the mysterious woman’s attention. She looked at him and smiled, then danced closer to him, not facing him, but moving her backside against his body. Michael seem hypnotized and he stared at the woman like she was the only person in the bar. She smiled over her shoulder at him as he stared down, then she reached her arm around his neck and turned to him, quickly kissing his lips. He tried to return it, but she pulled away and danced back with the two girls. Michael noticed a taste from her lips, something that seemed familiar, something fragrant and unexpected.

She threw her head back, smiled at him, again, then danced back, putting both arms around his neck and slow dancing with him, pushing her body against his.

He gazed into her eyes and she whispered, “Let’s go.”

She turned and walked from the dance floor, leaving Michael somewhat stunned.

He followed.

She stepped quickly from the club and out into the warm night, putting some distance between herself and Michael. The moon was full above and it blocked out all but the brightest stars. Michael jogged to catch up and he took her arm, trying to slow her, pulling her around to him.

“Wait,” he said.

She turned and smiled at him then said, “You’ll need to be quick to keep up with me, Michael.”

“I’m quick enough.”

“I guess you’ll do,” she said.

She turned, again, and walked away and Michael walked quickly to keep pace with her.

“Where are we going?” Michael asked.

“Not far,” she said.

“You still haven’t told me your name.”

She glanced sideways at him and smiled seductively, but didn’t speak.

“Why so mysterious?” Michael asked. “What’s your trip?”

She turned to him and pulled him hard to her lips and kissed him, this time lingering a bit. He, again, tasted honey and flowers, and he felt light headed as if someone had slipped a drug into his drink, but he had to admit that it was the best drug that he had ever taken.

She pulled away and walked around a corner and into a dark alley that was a couple of blocks from the bar.

He followed her.

She stopped and stood by a building, watching as he cleared the corner.

He approached her.

She smiled again, though, it was hard for Michael to see. He felt a little suspicious and he glanced around, hoping that this wasn’t some kind of trap to rob him, but the woman was alone in the alley. He slowed and stepped to her. She reached for his neck, putting both arms around it, then pulled him close. She seemed to sniff him and he thought that odd, but then she kissed his lips slowly, taking her time and sliding her tongue against his. Michael had been kissed many times in his life, but never like this. He seemed to melt at the kiss. He slid his hand up and cupped one of the woman’s small breasts.

She didn’t resist, allowing him full access. Then she kissed his neck, sliding her tongue along his jugular vein.

He felt her pull back and he slightly opened his eyes to find the woman staring at him. The pupils of her light brown eyes sparked red in the dark and seemed to glow.

The woman’s kiss intoxicated him, but he managed to pull back further.

He said, “What are you?”

“Hungry,” she said and she pulled his neck back to her and bit down.

Michael tried to resist at first, but the woman’s kiss had made him weak and her embrace was strong. There was no pain in the bite. In fact, it felt as intoxicating as the woman’s kiss and he melted into her arms and succumbed to her embrace. He could feel something enter his veins and drift through their pathways, intensely pleasurable. His eyes blurred, then darkness encroached his vision from the edges inward and he drifted…

Chapter 2

I had no idea when I left for college, back in September, that my whole concept of the world would be changed. I knew that college was supposed to be eye-opening, but then I met Lisa Hyde and the world flipped upside-down.

Lisa and I became close. When I first met her, I couldn’t imagine that she would attract me. Her gothic style wasn’t what I found appealing, and her haunting attitude was unnerving, but sometimes you need to get to know someone before you can make that judgment. Lisa was different, though, in many ways. She was born with gifts and those gifts saved my life on two occasions, then she left, not just me, but school, altogether, and was gone for some months. I was crushed and managed to not get myself in any more life-threatening situations while she was gone. Then, without warning, she returned.

I remember that day distinctly. I thought that I would never see her again. Then there she was, back at the college and sitting in the commons, facing the window and staring through its glass onto the campus just like I had seen her do so many times before. I wasn’t even sure it was her. She had changed her look, but by her posture and the way her head was set, caused me to think that it was Lisa. I walked up to get a better look, peeking at this Lisa look-a-like from the side. She turned to me and half-smiled.

“Hi, Eric,” she said affectionately.

“It is you,” I said because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She said, “I have a story to tell you.”

I nodded.

She had asked me to come to her room and once my classes were finished, I did so. She answered her door and I followed her inside. Her room hadn’t changed. It had two beds and was set-up to be shared by a roommate, but Lisa had lost hers and the college hadn’t replaced the girl. I sat down on the extra bed and Lisa sat across from me on her own bunk. I thought back to an afternoon in the past where we spent some time there, nude and wrapped in each other’s arms. It was probably the most frightening, and wondrous day of my life, but each for different reasons than you might imagine. It was the day that I learned just who, or should I say what, Lisa was.

That day started like any other. I got up, showered, and walked across the campus to my first class. I’ve often wondered if, on the day of people’s death, that they somehow feel differently. Do they wake in the morning of that fateful day thinking that something about it was going to separate it from every other day in their life? That day, I felt nothing special. But it was nearly my last day. Thanks to Lisa, though, it wasn’t. Maybe that’s why I didn’t feel any differently, the fates knew that Lisa would save me.

That morning, I entered the building for my class and walked straight into a gunman, who was doing what gunmen do, killing randomly, destroying good lives, and causing chaos to people who did nothing to him. Lisa was standing behind me. The gunman’s hand leveled the gun between my eyes, leaving me frozen with fear. Everything slowed down then. He was so close that I could see his finger tighten on the trigger, the madness in his eyes and the sweat on his brow and upper lip. His hair was in disarray and his clothes, which looked to have been expensive, were in tatters with pieces of dried grass and other things stuck to them as if he’d been rolling in a field. He was a professor from this building, though not mine.

“Eric?” Vijay said from somewhere in the distance pulling me back into the present. My mind was far away, lost in time. I had pulled the blinds and lost track of real time. The room was dark.

Vijay was my roommate and good friend. His grandparents had immigrated from India and his father, who was born here, had become a doctor. I was so lost in my daydream that I didn’t hear him enter the dorm room we shared.

“Eric?” he repeated.

“Hey, V,” I said tearing my wandering mind from my musings and drifting unwillingly back to the present.

“You were lost in thought,” he commented, wondering if I wanted to talk about it. He wouldn’t pry.

“Yeah, I was,” I said shortly. “What time is it?” I asked not being able to see the clock from where I was laying on my bed.

“7:20 and I’m hungry. Have you had dinner?”

“No, but I’m not very hungry.”

“Eric, you are going to have to forget about Lisa and move on, or try to patch things up with her.”

“It’s more complicated than that, V.”

“It always is,” he said. “Come and eat with me.”


I scraped myself from bed and pulled on my shoes. We stepped out into a mild Sacramento evening. The sun had descended and a full moon rose low on the horizon, large and orange against a cloudless sky. On the way to the commons, Vijay was quiet and my mind drifted back to my musings.

When the gunman had pointed the gun at me, Lisa touched my shoulder and we were gone. I mean no longer there. I thought that I must have been shot and was now dead. People don’t just disappear, but we did. That was the frightful part, now the wondrous. You would think that I was going to say that the wondrous part was from having the chance to lay wrapped in the arms of a beautiful, nude girl, but, nice as that was, that wasn’t it.

Lisa had taken me to someplace that couldn’t exist, but did. She called it going into, “the blue,” because that’s just what it was. It was a place, very real, that she thought lay between two realities. It had depth, width and length, but was just one color, pale blue. We stood there and I looked around and knew that sometime in my past, I had been there before… The blue

I was a child, no more than three and had a good friend, Esa. When we were left alone to play in her backyard, she would take me to her, “pecial pace,” the blue and she would cause things to happen there, kittens would appear or puppies and we would play. When she could tell that her mother was approaching, she would bring us back. The Esa of my childhood was the Lisa of my college. Somehow, and through a quirk of fate, we ended up in the same college at the same time, though, she was a sophomore and I a freshman and we had no inkling of the other.

“Eric,” Vijay said, breaking through another distracting daydream.

“Oh… What?”

He nodded towards the door, opening it to the commons where I had stopped but made no attempt to enter.

He said, “Maybe you need to see a doctor. You’re not acting right.”

“For my body or my head?” I asked jokingly.

“Yes,” he said smirking. “Let’s go eat.”

We walked into the commons with the spell of my daydream broken. I glanced around. The place was nearly full with students laughing, eating, reading and studying. To my right, I could see the art group and Lisa sitting at a long table. I recognized most of the people there from before when Lisa had to leave to go on her quest. JoJo, who desperately wanted to sleep with Lisa, was there and other regulars in their group. There was one girl who I didn’t recognize, she was petite, with dark hair that had a hint of color, maybe blue, showing in the florescent lights of the commons. I thought that she was pretty.

Lisa hadn’t looked up. She seemed to be reading a newspaper and I motioned to Vijay for us to go and get some food. We walked into the food area and grabbed a couple of pieces of pizza and a Coke, then paid and found a table far away from Lisa.

I don’t know what to think about Lisa. I miss her. I like her. I’m extremely attracted to her, but the things I know about her and the things that she has told me, give me the willies and since her return, I can’t seem to get past that fact. Before she left, we were on our way to becoming a couple, but since her return, we haven’t been able to reconnect in any way.

Vijay and I began stuffing our faces with pizza. He started talking about a class and I wasn’t listening when I heard a voice from over my shoulder.

“Hi, Eric. Hi, Vijay,” Lisa said.

She smiled tentatively, standing there holding the newspaper.

“Hi,” I said shortly.

“Haven’t seen you for a bit,” she said turning her attention to me. “How are you doing?”

“Good. I’m doing good,” I lied.

She nodded. “Well, I’m going to work on a project with a friend. See you around.”

The girl who was sitting at Lisa’s table, who I didn’t know, walked up.

“Are you ready?” she asked Lisa, but glanced at us.

“Yep. Oh, this is Ashley,” Lisa said quickly introducing her to us.

“Ashley, this is Vijay and Eric.”

We both waved lamely and she nodded, but only half smiled. It looked forced.

Lisa looked at me for a long moment then said, “Well, got to go.”

She turned then, and walked from the commons with Ashley, chatting to each other.

“She still likes you, you know,” Vijay said watching me watch Lisa until I could no longer see her.

I sighed and said, “Maybe.”

“Come on, Eric,” Vijay said exasperated. “And you still like her.”

“I really don’t know.”

Then V said, “I wonder who her friend is? She’s pretty cute.”

“Yeah, but she didn’t seem very friendly.”

“Maybe that’s because she knows that Lisa likes you and you’re ignoring her.”

“I guess. Let’s go,” I said finishing my pizza and feeling miserable. “I have some studying to do.”

We got up and walked from the commons.

Chapter 3

Lisa and Ashley walked from the commons into a mild night, lit by the full moon which had risen further in the sky and no longer looked orange.

Ashley said, “What was that about? You could cut the tension with a knife.”

“It’s a long story,” Lisa said with a sigh.

“Was one of those guys your boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend?”

“Yep, Eric. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fine with me. Do you want to go to your room or mine to do our sketches?”

“Let’s go to my room,” Lisa offered.

Ashley nodded.

They walked silently on the paths, barely lit by lights on poles and the moon. Their dorm was two buildings over.  It was a large, square, austere building, with four floors and painted canary yellow. They walked up several steps to reach the front double doors. Entering, they strode up a short flight of stairs and stepped into a long hallway with rooms on both sides. After passing several doors, they reached Lisa’s room. They entered and Lisa had put all her pictures back up on the wall, including the full body, nude pictures of Eric that she had done for a class before she left.

Ashley walked in and stared at all the work that Lisa had on display.

She said, “The face is different, but are these sketches of Eric?” She pointed to the six posed pictures of a nude man lined up by the door.

“Ah, well. Yeah, but he wouldn’t pose nude. He wore a Speedo and I got the more strategic parts from the internet.”

“But the rest is him,” Ashley said matter-of-factly.

“In the flesh. I did my best to distort his face, though. He was afraid that his mom and sister might come across the pictures of him naked.”

Ashley and Lisa both chuckled.

Lisa asked, “How could you tell it was him?”

“Don’t know. There something in the body language, like he wouldn’t have wanted to be in the Speedo. It’s the same feeling that I got from him in the commons, like he’s forcing himself to stay away from you and it’s killing him.”

“It’s killing me, too.”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” Ashley said smiling. “Besides, you have a great likeness of his face right above the nude sketches.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Lisa said glancing at a picture of Eric’s face that she had drawn the year before he came to school at Sac State. That was one of Lisa’s real gifts. She got glimpses of the future in the shapes and textures of the world. She thought back to the first time she saw Eric in the commons a year after seeing and drawing the image that flashed in the simple texture that appeared on the wall of her dorm room. It was shocking to see the person that she had drawn walk into the commons. It was like seeing a ghost.

Ashley interrupted Lisa’s thoughts, “Let’s get to work.”

“You first, then me,” Lisa suggested.


Ashley looked around the room then said, “This is really good work. You’re talented.”

“Thanks,” Lisa said.

“I’m not just saying that. I think you’re gifted.”

Lisa blushed, “Thank you. I’ve worked hard.”

“It shows.”

Ashley took off her shoe, revealing a petite foot. The project was to draw a foot from several different angles, including from underneath. Lisa had Ashley sit on a chair and put her foot up on another chair.

“We can do this at the same time,” Lisa realized, pulling off her shoe, brushing some sock lint from her foot, then putting it on the chair next to Ashley’s.

“Good idea. This will work,” Ashley said.

They got down to work, sketching. Ashley glanced up at Lisa and asked, “So, what’s up with you and Eric. I mean what happened?”

“In a few words, we became close, then my mom died. I found a box with some messages for me from my father. He had left my mom and me when I was young, then disappeared, and I thought that he just didn’t care, but found out some of the reasons why he left and what he was looking for. I tried to follow up on those reason’s, but they seemed lost in time. I had to leave school for a while, a couple of months or so, and when I got back, things weren’t the same between Eric and me.”

Ashley looked up. “Lisa, I get that you don’t want to tell me. That story couldn’t be more vague.”

“I know. The details are… personal… I don’t mean to be unkind, I just can’t talk about some of it right now.”

“Why? Was your father a spy?”

“No, but he was into … things…”

“Okay?” Ashley said questioningly, but let it drop.

They worked on their sketches for an hour then Ashley said, “Well, are you getting tired of staring at my foot, yet?”

Lisa smiled, “I guess, though you have a very pretty foot.”

Ashley smiled back. “So, Lisa, why were you pouring over that newspaper so intently back in the commons?”

“I was looking for articles on those strange deaths that have been happening in Sacramento in the last three months.”

“The ones where they said that someone is killing people and making it look like we have a vampire on the loose.”

“Yeah, that’s the ones.”

“Why the interest?”

“Ah, well, I live here for one thing, and… something else.”

“Geeze, Lisa, sometimes you’re so mysterious. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”


“So, you believe in vampires?” Ashley asked.

“I believe in a lot of things that most people don’t. I’ve had some experiences.”

“Really. Maybe you’ll tell me some time?”

“Maybe some time.”

“Okay. I’m off. I have some more studying to do,” Ashley said rising and picking up her shoe. “I’ll see you tomorrow for the rest of the sketch.”

“Sounds good,” Lisa replied slipping on her sock.

Ashley slipped on her shoe, smiled and walked from the room.

Lisa stared at her sketch of Ashley’s foot, thinking about the last strange death that happened in Old Sacramento two nights prior. A man was found dead in an alley, not completely drained of his blood, but enough of it gone to kill him. He also had two punctures in his jugular vein.

Lisa had been exposed to strange deaths on her visit to Albuquerque, New Mexico, when she met Christof and Claudine and began to get the picture of what her father was looking for before he disappeared when Lisa was young.

That was a strange trip and she now regretted telling Eric all the details of it, including her night spent in bed with the hypnotizing Claudine. She felt some grief then, what had happened to her new friends? What had happened to Christof, Claudine and Arturo? And also, what had happened to all those dead men in Christof’s driveway. Their necks appeared to have been ripped apart.

Lisa had searched for information about those deaths, but there was nothing to be found. Someone was covering them up. Someone didn’t want news of how they died to leak out, but Lisa had gone there and she had seen the bodies. She also had searched the house for her three missing friends, but they were nowhere to be found and had left in a hurry, leaving all their possessions.

Lisa’s mind drifted to Christof and Claudine. She had become close to them and had agreed to go away with them, but they disappeared that day under the most mysterious of circumstances and left her without a direction, so she came back to Sacramento and Eric.

Eric, she thought pausing, no wonder he was having trouble reconnecting with her. She had, after all, chosen to go away with Christof and Claudine, and she had told Eric that she had slept with Claudine. Maybe, sometimes, honesty isn’t the best policy.

Chapter 4

Lisa woke early, long before sunrise. Long shadows painted her ceiling, mingled with light thrown from a lamp that lit the campus just outside her window and streamed through a crack between her blinds. She glanced at her clock and still had more than two hours to sleep, but she felt something. She didn’t feel alone. Lisa rose onto her elbows and peered around her room. She knew that she had been dreaming, but couldn’t quite recall the dream. She only had the sense of it. What she was left with was a memory of two people, both of which haunted her waking and sleeping thoughts, all that was left from her trip to Albuquerque.

Lisa whispered, “Christof? Claudine?”

They couldn’t be here. It was just a dream. Her feelings resurfaced, feelings that she had for both of them. The problem was, though, that she couldn’t trust her feelings for either of them. First of all, Claudine had seduced her, though, Lisa had never had the slightest interest in females for romantic reasons. Christof could have seduced her if he had just had the chance and she would have accompanied him to his bed.

Both had disappeared, though. Both gone without a trace and she replayed that day in her mind, again, looking for some missing clue. Something that was there, but had alluded her.

Lisa had traveled to Albuquerque, looking for answers to her father’s disappearance and she found some answers, but not the ones that she sought. She found people who were similar to her in some ways. Arturo, Claudine and Christof could disappear from this world and go into the blue just like her, that place of mystery that she thought existed between two realities, but they also had discovered a way to extend their lives. Claudine and Christof used their powers of seduction to connect to people and extract something from them, powers that Lisa knew all too well, and that drew her like iron filings to a magnet.

They said that they were both over twelve hundred years old and that Arturo was at least sixteen hundred years old, himself. She would have never believed this of course, but Christof gave her a dramatic demonstration of his super human ability to heal. He said that they all had this ability to heal wounds and sicknesses at an astounding rate. Christof showed this to Lisa by cutting his hand deeply, and as she watched, the wound healed itself in less than an hour, completely.

There was no answer to her quiet call. Christof and Claudine were not there, not that she could tell. Like Lisa, doors, locks, or for that matter, walls could not stop them from entering her room if they desired. It was easy to pop into the blue and then pop back out on the other side of any wall.

Lisa laid back and settled to sleep with her mind trying to recall the dream.

Chapter 5

Lisa woke a bit later, glanced at her clock and rose to start her day. She grabbed a change and shuffled to the shower room which was bustling with female students hustling to get to their classes. Some were showering, while others were at the mirrors putting on the barest of make-up.

Lisa showered and went back to her room for her backpack and then to the commons to grab an apple. When she entered, she involuntarily looked for Eric. He was usually there at this time of the day, but not this morning. She went and bought an apple, a newspaper, and a cup of coffee. When she sat down, she opened the paper and began perusing the articles for the strange deaths that had been occurring around Sac State. Something about them had raised her suspicions. Though the deaths weren’t exactly like the deaths in Albuquerque, they had a similar feel. She finished the front page and turned to the second. No new deaths and nothing about the Sac State student who had been killed two nights prior.

“Hi, Lisa,” came a female voice from behind her.

Lisa turned to see Ashley. “Oh, hi, Ashley.”

“You okay?” Ashley asked noticing that Lisa seemed in a mood.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Is this about that guy Eric?”

“Well, kind of.”

“Do you want me to kick his ass for you?!”

Lisa laughed. “It’s not his fault. Besides, you know the saying that, if it’s meant to be, it will be.”

“Yeah, but sometimes guys need to get their butts kicked.”

“Have you had breakfast, yet?”

“Nope. I’ll be right back,” Ashley said turning and walking to the food tables. She grabbed an English muffin and some peanut butter, paid and walked back to Lisa’s table. Lisa had folded up her paper and was crunching on her apple.

They quietly finished eating and walked together from the commons.

Ashley said, “Let’s get to class and show everyone the drawings of our beautiful feet.”

Lisa laughed and nodded and they walked together to their class.



They both had the next two classes together and at the end of the second, walked out into a bright sunny day.

“Want to get lunch?” Ashley asked.

“Okay,” Lisa agreed.

Lisa had only known Ashley for a couple of months. Ashley had started school a month before Lisa’s return, late in the semester. Ashley had transferred in and had to wait for someone to drop the classes that she wanted to get into because they were all filled. As it turned out, she got into the two art classes that she wanted because Lisa left to go to Albuquerque. When Lisa returned, the school allowed Lisa to pick up her classes and also allowed Ashley to stay.

The two girls walked together to the commons and on the way, saw Eric and Vijay leaving the building.

Eric stopped and said, “Hi.”

Vijay waved.

“Hi,” Lisa said, but Ashley just stared.

“Well, got to get to class,” Eric said.

Lisa nodded and as her and Ashley walked away, Ashley said, “If I were a witch, I turn him into a toad.”

“It really isn’t his fault, Ashley. He’s a good guy. Someday, I’ll tell you the story.”

“Yeah, but you’re my friend and he’s making you feel bad.”

Lisa and Ashley entered the commons and walked to the food line. Each got a sandwich, chips and a bottle of water, then they took them to a table near the large plate glass windows that overlooked the campus. Lisa sat facing out and Ashley sat on the other side of the table facing Lisa.

They ate quietly and the sun glistened off the windows and shown through a large tree that threw shadows on the top corner of the glass. Lisa stared out the large plate glass windows and sighed. Through her peripheral vision, she saw an odd flash in the shadows cast by the tree against the windowpane.


Lisa jerked, and looked in that direction.


Ashley had just taken a bite of her sandwich and seeing Lisa’s strange expression, stopped chewing with her mouth slightly open and looked over her shoulder in the direction of Lisa’s odd gaze. Lisa stared transfixed at the flash.

“What?” Ashley asked.

Lisa shook her head. “Ah, nothing,” Lisa said.

“Really? You looked like a plane was going to fly through the window.”

“Oh, sorry. I was thinking and it distracted me.”


About me

I began writing late in life. I had just retired and was interested in attempting to write a story that had been living in my head for some time. It became my first book, "Sideways." It’s a story that involves our world being visited by creatures from another dimension and two people, becoming romantically involved, who find themselves in the middle of the mystery. I love novels and to be taken away by a great story and fun characters. There is something truly magic about a good book. Thanks

Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
This book is part of a three book series, so far, that deals with several things. One is how humans sometimes have unexplained glimpses into the future. Another is the metamorphosis of my characters as they discover that normal humans are not alone on this planet.
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The hardest part of writing this book was the ending. I had the story, but not the ending. I had put my main character into a tough spot and wasn't sure how she would get out of it. When the ending happens in your head and you love it, the book becomes magic.
Q. What draws you to this genre?
Life's mysteries draws me to this genera. No matter who you are, or where you're from, most people believe in some kind of afterlife that includes God and maybe angels and they must exist in some kind of parallel dimension with different physics. It opens up possibilities and makes you think.

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