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Chicago First Steps

I arrived home in Farmington Hills weighing ten pounds more than my preferred weight. I was horrified by my looks. Mom and I had a lovely Christmas together. I lost the weight that I had gained in New York City quickly. By spring, my sunny disposition had returned; and I felt like myself again.


Michigan State University Revisited


Spring quarter, I visited Barbie in East Lansing. Barbie had majored in social work for self-discovery. Finding a husband continued to be Barbie's primary objective after graduation. I wanted a social work job.


Jobs in social work were hard to find. The economy was in a recession; and social work funding was cut nationally. Barbie suggested that we travel to Chicago and interview for a flight attendant position with Pan Am Airlines. Barbie hoped to find a Jewish husband working as a flight attendant.


On the day of our interview, it was hot and humid. My hair went wild with waves. I put my hair in a bun after being introduced to the interviewer. My last-minute change in appearance was no doubt was a mistake. It showed that I was nervous. Barbie, on the other hand, was in rare form, and breezed through the interview. Afterward, she was also the life of the party at a Greek restaurant where we danced until early in the morning.


I awoke from sleeping on the floor with a major hangover and stiff as a board. We were in Chicago for only a few days. Barbie insisted that we go out to a fancy Sunday brunch before returning to East Lansing. At the brunch table, a friendly middle-aged Italian came up to me and started a conversation. I had no reason to suspect Bob of attempted infidelity. His wife and children were sitting at the table and listening. I had yet to understand that members of an international political network imprison women.


During our conversation, Bob learned that I was visiting Chicago for an airline interview; but I really wanted to practice social work. He seemed to empathize with my frustration in finding work. Bob offered to help me get a social work job in Chicago.


I had no knowledge of his political connections. I did not realize that Bob was a member of an international political network (KIPN) with ties to drug cartels around the world. Nor did I know that he was directly involved with human trafficking of young women and underage girls.


I saw no reason to fear Bob’s intentions as his wife listened to our conversation. When Bob offered to help with relocation to Chicago and offered his contacts for government work, I accepted without thinking about possible risks. I was hungry for an opportunity to make a difference in the world.


A couple of weeks later, Bob made flight arrangements for me. I insisted on moving back to New York City, in-spite of Barbie’s objections. Barbie warned me about the danger of my decision. I dismissed her comments as jealousy.


I flew to New York City first class and was picked up by Bob at the airport in a Lamborghini. Bob checked me into a KIPN hotel at the airport. I stayed there for two days. I moved to a KIPN hotel in downtown Chicago. I was told to order anything that I wanted from room service. I lived on shrimp cocktail for days. I noticed that I felt dizzy much of the time, but I concluded it was my diet. Model food galore!


I didn’t worry about my hotel room charges. I assumed that Bob and his wife were wealthy philanthropists. He was old enough to be my father. A few days after my arrival, Bob stopped by to share dinner with me.


Afterward, he walked me to my room. Bob came in with me and unexpectedly lay down on my bed. He smiled and explained that I would have to pay him back for KIPN favors. He then demanded oral sex. I was shocked speechless.


He pulled me on the bed; and I refused to touch him. I cried out hysterically. Bob told me that I had no choice but to perform sexual favors. He told me, “You will be arrested unless you follow instructions and cooperate.” I was raped.


Afterward, I cried myself to sleep in terror. When I called Bob the next day to follow up on the bill; he refused to answer my calls. Instead, Krick appeared at my hotel door and introduced himself as a prospective employer.


My life quickly became a living nightmare. I had no idea wealthy men use money to buy power and wield their power to violate human rights. I unwittingly became a prisoner. I lost all freedom and rights.


A Sociopath Entrance


Krick communicated with the advanced skill of an amazing sociopath and/or psychopath. His charming smile disarmed me. My vagina was strangely soaked wet always. I began to have a constant urge for an orgasm.


I mistakenly believed that Krick was concerned about my safety. Krick convinced me he was different than Bob. I didn’t know that Bob’s association with KIPN was that of a contract killer.


I enjoyed working in the auto show for Krick. I loved being a model with thousands of people walking by. He paid me well; and I found myself attracted to him. At the end of the week, Krick wanted to order room service. He decided to soak in the huge tub in my room.


Krick told me his father is a Libyan. He talked about his life growing up with racism against Blacks in America. His story shocked me. I was sad for his pain. He needed love, I concluded. I had continued to have an overwhelming desire for sex. I was soaking wet when he insisted we have sex. I had time to say no only once before he penetrated me forcefully.


Krick recommended that I get a commission sales job back home and save for relocation. Krick offered me later auto show model work. He promised to pay my bill at the KIPN hotel and handle Bob. Krick was more than twelve years older than me. I was naïve and just the type of girl that KIPN members prey on. I was young and had very little family. I had no idea what was being done to me.


I never thought for a minute that Krick would violate my human rights with no remorse. I would have never guessed he was a psychopath. He carried on-and-on about women’s rights when he seduced me. If only I had thought long and hard about Bob’s statements and being raped. Instead, I trusted Krick.


I worked hard to forget about Bob’s sexual assault. I didn’t stop to analyze the situation. I had no clue what danger I was in or what KIPN represented.


I returned to Farmington Hills and secured a job in grocery sales. I had the van loaded by five-thirty in the morning and stocked grocery shelves, until early evening. Mom came along and helped. She worked hard and had a smile on her face. We had fun working together. I saved several thousand dollars in two months. I felt safe returning to Chicago. I believed I would be safe in Chicago because of Krick.


I rented an apartment close to the beach. I had no furniture. Krick did nothing to help me. I had used most of my savings to rent an apartment and relocate. I was near financial destitution when Krick offered me an opportunity to work in the Detroit Auto Show.


Krick told me that I had to allow Bob to coordinate my introductions for other work in Chicago. Bob called me; and I cooperated. Bob referred me to an attorney for temporary work. I ignored my gut reactions.


State Power


Bob referred me to Abraham, a Russian immigrant. His KIPN law firm managed money for major banks, both national and international banks. Abraham was also the chief attorney for one major bank that allowed unlimited overdraft protection. I was told that Abraham would contact top political officials in Chicago government to secure my social work job.


I began work as a receptionist and runner for Abraham’s firm. I answered the telephones and delivered checks to the KIPN banks. Several weeks later, Abraham told me Krick controlled everyone’s life; and I had no choice but to do as I was told.


Sociopath Demands and Sexual Assault


During the trip to the Detroit Auto Show, Krick forced me to perform oral sex under a blanket in the back of the van. His protégé Andy drove to the auto show. I was horrified but said nothing.


But my anger overcame my fear when we got to the auto show. I screamed at Krick and ran away from him. It did no good. He found me. I was unprepared for handling a psychopath like Krick. I had no idea what to do.


I lost control. I hid from Krick during the show while he searched everywhere for me. When Krick finally found me a second time, his ruthless nature was clearly apparent. With piercing crimson-brown eyes protruding, Krick threatened me for hiding from him. He fired me on the spot. “This is the last auto show that you will ever work!” Krick exclaimed.


By nightfall, Krick’s schizophrenic personality issues were clear. His personality shifted back into the charming self. Krick demanded sex with a demure smile. I quickly grasped Krick’s psychological issues. It allowed me to catch my breath. But I still had no idea what danger I would face.



After the auto show, Krick's power became even more evident. Krick demanded that I help him clean an apartment when a tenant moved out. As we drove on the expressway, Krick brutally forced shoved my face into his groin and my mouth on his penis. He demanded oral sex.


Krick dropped me off at his apartment building with his customized cleaning supplies. I had no choice but to ready the vacant apartment for a new tenant. Krick demanded that I give his property the full treatment. “No need to scrub, use chemicals.” He demanded that every spot in the moldy grout of the bathtub disappear. I knew it was impossible; but I tried.


Krick told me he would return later that evening with dinner. He left me to starve as treatment for my behavior at the auto show. I spent all Friday and Saturday cleaning the vacant apartment with nothing to eat.


I was left alone with no food or transportation for the rest of the weekend. I didn’t dare try to leave. I was hypnotized. I didn’t have bus fare or telephone money. Monday morning, I was unable to go to work.


Krick controlled me with financial abuse and humiliation. I was fired from my job working for Abraham for missing work without calling. I was horrified and driven to panic for the first time.


Sexual Slavery


I tried to avoid Krick. But it was impossible. I was forced to perform sex slave duties in a condominium building where major film stars live. He tried to convince me to accept an acting job in a pornographic film and forced me to endure his animal-like sexual assaults.


I started to respond to his sexual demands automatically. I was highly programmed. My hormones were in a constant state of extreme imbalance. My vagina was always wet. I had no idea why. I hated having sex with Krick.


I dated men with money and power who were not KIPN members to rebel against Krick's power. I dated attorneys, stockbrokers, and mortgage bankers to name a few. I had lunch and dinner with judges who knew Abraham. Krick lost it. On Christmas Day, I had a date with banker who propositioned me as a prostitute. This was my Christmas present from Krick.


I was forced to borrow fifty dollars from Krick. My social work job was delayed repeatedly. He demanded that I give him my bracelet from Don that was worth thousands as collateral. I paid him back and asked for the return of my bracelet. Krick informed me that he had already sold it.


Krick and I argued about my bracelet. I refused to have sex with Krick; and he raped me. Sex was exceptionally painful as he thrust himself violently into me. I threatened to call the police and report him. Initially, Krick did not respond to my outburst. He silently planned my fate. I waited for his response with great fear.


Krick gave much thought to his response to my threat to go to the police. He instantly developed a life-long plan of violence to silence me. Krick put on his bathrobe and rearranged his art collection with dramatic flair. Krick’s gallery and living space were above a pornography store. Krick owned the building.


Krick’s calm demeanor ended abruptly. After processing my comments, Krick glared at me with fury. His finger nearly protruded into my eye. He interrogated me about my intentions. Krick responded with threats of violence. “Do you know what happens to girls that look like you when they go to the police?” “They end-up with a coke-bottle face!” I failed to understand the implied meaning of Krick’s threat for decades. Nor did I understand the full extent of my danger. I was terrified no less.


Safety Flight


I contacted a girl that I had befriended during her first visit to New York City. Rose told me before she left for Massachusetts that I could visit her at any time. Rose was true to her word. I left everything behind and fled secretly to Massachusetts for my safety. I realized Krick had threatened to end my life.


In Massachusetts, I immediately found a job working as a health counselor for Amanda. She was an immigrant from Sweden. Amanda trained me in the art of applying her patented gel for cellulite. The gel when applied to the abdomen, buttocks and legs allows women to lose inches without losing weight.


Obese rich women were willing to pay thousands of dollars for the treatment; and sales were quite easy. I was given free treatments. I was thrilled to get free treatments and enjoyed my job. Amanda had virtually no cellulite on her legs at the age of sixty.


Amanda introduced me to the concept of mind control. During a blustery winter snow storm, we traveled to the Boston Home and Garden Show to demonstrate the patented gel. We were late. Amanda told me to practice mind control. While listening to classical music, Amanda and I visualized an empty parking spot for the last hour of our drive.


When we pulled up to the entrance doors of the convention center in Boston there was a parking space large enough for Amanda’s four-door vehicle. Massachusetts quickly felt like home. I was paid a generous commission; and work was a source of joy. Rose and I enjoyed each other’s' company. Rose showed me around and introduced me to her friends. I became quite skilled in the game of darts. I toyed with a Bostonian accent around her friends just for fun. I made friends, worked hard, and felt safe living with Rose and her parents for a couple of months.


Without warning, Rose’s mother called me to a telephone call from Krick. I unwittingly answered it; and I was shocked beyond comprehension. I had told no one where I was going. I had expected to never have contact with Krick again. I quickly recalled Krick's former comment that he always knew exactly where Neva was and what she was doing. Neva dated Krick just prior to me. She moved to a very small town in the middle of nowhere. Krick had warned me. I froze with fear.


Krick insisted that I return to Chicago. He informed me that my social work position with the Child Welfare Services had finally been approved, in-spite of the freeze on hiring. Krick promised me that things would be different when I returned to Chicago. In a state of shock, I failed to ask him how he had found me. I had no idea how he tracked me.


I was too scared to think and easily intimidated. I did not want to return to Chicago and immediately told Krick so. Krick did not give up and repeated telephone calls ensued. A couple of weeks later Krick called Rose and her parents to enlist their help. Krick bribed them. Krick painted a Norman Rockwell portrait of our future life. When that strategy failed, Krick used relentless intimidation.


Krick told me that I had to accept the job. He said that I had no choice in the matter. Political favors had been exchanged; and I owed him. I said no. Krick continued with his intimidation. I was frightened and confused. Krick did not stop. I continued to refuse to return to Chicago; Rose and her parents began to pressure me to leave.


I still refused to return to Chicago. Rose and her parents told me that I was no longer welcome to live with them. I had no choice. Krick took control of my life with intimidation and bribery. Somehow, Krick knew me well. He talked as though he had been following my development from early childhood when we discussed my plans and goals.


Krick told me that he had a detailed plan for my relocation. He offered me work in the New York City Auto Show. Krick told me that I could stay at an apartment that he and Andy shared after the show.


I shared a room with Krick at the Plaza Hotel on Central Park during the show. Krick spared no expense; and the majestic decor that illuminated the walls throughout the Plaza Hotel stunned me. Rainbow-glass reflections from a chandelier illuminated our room. It was just like the crystal chandeliers at the entrance to the hotel. I was impressed beyond words by the display of wealth.


We needed additional help with the show. I offered Jamie and Joey a job. It was the first time that Jamie, Joey, and I had spent time together since I had quit school. Working together proved to be an engaging experience for Jamie, Joey, and myself. We worked twelve hours non-stop in the show.


Krick took us to the best delis in New York City. He treated me well in front of the children. At the end of the show, Krick refused to pay Jamie and Joey what they were promised. Cheating people out of money was second nature to Krick. Krick charged his own mother for a black and white used television.


I visited Krick at work on Michigan Avenue after the show. His employees were disrespectful. His brother was openly hostile. This was my first experience in being programmed to accept public humiliation.


I moved-in to his apartment on Michigan Avenue. Andy took me aside in the hallway to warn me about Krick and KIPN members. Andy told me “You have no idea what these people will do to your life.” Just before we finished talking, Krick came home.


Andy and I were so engaged in our conversation that we didn’t hear or see Krick arrive home. It was easy for Krick to sneak up on us and secretly listen to our conversation. After hearing our conversation, Krick forced me violently into the bedroom as he pulled me by my long hair, ripped off my shirt with buttons flying wildly and raped me.


Krick told Andy he had lost use of the company van for personal use, and was on probation at work. Andy and I were not allowed to talk to each other ever again. Krick also told me that I had to move- in with Ida. Krick broke every promise that he had made. I was forced to starve again. Krick threatened me when I told him I would not be silent. Krick told me I had to endure my life as he commanded it. My vagina was soaking wet whenever he raped me.


I found the courage to speak-up. I intimidated him back. I told him he was a rapist and got in his face as I did so. I confronted him for his psychopathic behavior. I informed him that he would never control me. I denied him power. Krick was a former boxing champion. I didn’t care.


I refused to accept being his property. I showed no fear. I pushed his radical Muslim buttons as fully possible. Krick lost self-control. Krick vacuumed endlessly without moving. As his beady-brown glare pierced the floor, he thrashed the carpet uncontrollably with the vacuum.


I realized that I had entered a world of political corruption where wealthy men buy and sell women into slavery. I broke the KIPN code of silence. I told a Chicago policeman who dated my roommate that I was a victim of violence against women. Krick’s coke-bottle face consequence took its first step. Unwittingly, I empowered political corruption to control my life. I had no clue that I would suffer horrific crimes with no justice available to me.

Newport Beach Childhood

I grew up in Newport Beach, California. As a child, I was free to explore nature at the beach. I walked along the beach and heard peace. I spent endless hours playing in the sun. I walked along the seashore and collected seashells or jellyfish. Nature’s gifts gave me great joy as a child.


I was a baby who basked in the sun in my playpen. My sun suit was half unbuttoned for a childhood suntan. I had rolls of healthy baby fat. I knew innocence and smiled with childhood joy, stretching from ear to ear.


My parents divorced when I was six months old. Mom and I continued to live in Newport Beach. We could still afford the cost of rent after the divorce. Of course, timely rent payments required the receipt of court-ordered alimony and child support. Cash flow was always an issue. Mom and I had numerous small apartments close to the beach.


We moved frequently because we often ran out of money. My father’s financial abuse with support payments was never ending. Mom and I loved the lifestyle of California. We chose to live in California even though it was expensive to do so.


My mother’s parents lived in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Mom was a gifted pianist. Women were then forced to conform to traditional female role models. Mom had been offered a scholarship for advanced study at a prestigious New York music school. Her immigrant parents had refused to allow her to accept it. Mom did not attend music school. Mom was forced to marry a man that she did not love. Mom did not marry the successful jazz musician whom she loved. Mom later gave-up playing the piano altogether.


I was raised per the latest fad in parenting. I never heard the word “no.” I was free to do whatever I pleased. My childhood freedom had both positive and negative impacts on my growth and development. I did not develop self-discipline until adulthood. I explored the world of nature at the ocean shore with immeasurable curiosity.


Off to Work I Go


My father was an engineer in the aerospace industry. He became a major project director and earned a very substantial income. Yet, he often paid alimony and child support late to punish my mother. So, I went to work.


I helped support us by winning baby contests. I was a natural in front of the camera. My mother enrolled me in dance and acting classes at the age of three. I dreamed of becoming a childhood actress.


Mom believed in traditional female roles and never considered leaving me with a babysitter all day while she went to work. Being a mother was Mom’s life work.


Mom had no training in money management. She had little experience in caring for her own affairs. I tried to help. We were a team. Mom gave me much respect when I assumed adult roles.


At the age of three, I started helping with the laundry. It made the task go faster and gave us more time for the beach. By the age of five, I became responsible for a good share of the housework. I also helped plan our budget. I spent most of my time playing on the beach with Mom, helping Mom, and preparing for my career as an actress.


Mom and I moved a lot. I had one early childhood best friend, a five-year-old boy. He lived next door to me. We played house in a tent. I was the Mom. I found him easy to relate to; and he liked me immensely. I spent most of my time around adults. Mom was my mother, best friend, career counselor and playmate. I was a precocious child to say the least.


Our apartment was broken into and flooded when I was five years old. I had spent the day smiling sunshine and creating sandcastle dreams. My joy from being at the beach was lost. Mom and I arrived home to find most of our possessions destroyed by water damage. Mom was instantly on the alert and explained future harassment was likely. I did not understand what she was talking about.


We walked up from the strand and entered the apartment complex. The door to our efficiency apartment on the second floor was open. Water was spewing down two flights of cement stairs. Inside the apartment, all our furniture was submerged in inches of water. The water spurted full force from all the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, as I splashed my way to shut it off.


Mom concluded that my father flooded our home. I didn’t see my father Don at the apartment. I could remember the sound of a familiar vehicle pulling away as we approached the apartment complex. But I couldn’t understand why my father would do such a thing to me. I had not spent time with my father. I did not know him.


I asked Mom why Don hated us so much. Mom explained that she was a descendant of Highland Germany aristocracy. Don’s ancestors were also aristocrats, but they were from Lowland Germany. This made no sense to me; and I asked Mom to explain further. Mom told me that my father’s ancestors were the damned Germans. She also told me to keep my ancestry secret. I was to tell people that I was Norwegian and Danish. I was still confused; but I dropped the matter. My mother was clearly very upset by the flood. We never spoke of the matter again.


I knew Don had issues. My father always sent the child support check late. Don made it impossible for Mom and me to manage our money. One week we were forced to live on popcorn and butter. Don was exceptionally late with payment. We starved without reporting Don's violation of court ordered alimony and child support. Don also refused to establish a life and health insurance policy in my name as ordered by the court.


I spent my fifth birthday with my father. Don took me to see the dolphins and out to lunch. Don also bought me a pair of black patent leather dress shoes with a strap across the top. This is the first time that I was alone with my father. I returned home unhappy, disappointed, and ashamed.


I do not remember the details clearly. But I will never forget the shame that I felt after the experience. I had no contact with my father for years to come.


Father's New Family


I did not speak to Don for years. Don remarried immediately after my mother divorced him. Don bought property in Palos Verdes, California and lived like a king. Don and Lulu lived in a multi-million-dollar estate with a swimming pool that stretched to the cliffs.


Don had two more children. Bobby, my half-brother was two years younger and Amy my half-sister was four years younger than I am. Don’s elitist values were fulfilled. His property included a prestigious home, a rich wife, two children and an absorbent amount of money in the bank that he kept hidden from Lulu and Mom.


I saw Don a second time in Palos Verdes during my latency years. Don invalidated me throughout the visit with put-downs about my mother. Don complained about Mom’s refusal to work. He claimed Mom was just lazy. At dinner, I was forced to finish everything on my plate. I had never had lamb; and it tasted strange to me. I expressed my opinion and was harshly reprimanded for it. I was forced to eat it and gagged when I swallowed n response.


Don told me I looked like my Mom. He called me and Mom social outcasts and losers. We had no more money. Don stole Mom’s money when they got married and never gave it back to her. My grandparents refused to speak to him because of it. It became part of his hidden assets. Don lived like royalty while I starved. Don felt no remorse. Don told me I got what I deserved. I concluded my father truly despised me just for being.


Financial Abuse and Destitution


Child support checks became sparse and even more untimely after Palos Verdes. Time after time, Don starved us. Mom and I were repeatedly forced into financial destitution. I developed life-long health problems from malnutrition.


Don threatened Mom for refusing to work. Don filed in court to end alimony payments. Don sliced her tires the day of the court hearing on alimony. Don made sure that she didn’t have taxi or bus fare when he refused to send even a child support payment. Mom lost alimony due to failure to appear.


Mom and I were forced to move because of the reduced support payments. I changed schools often because of stalking and harassment. Mom tried to get the police to protect her, but they refused to do anything about it. Mom was terrified.


Don found Mom and me. We tried to keep our address a secret, but Don got the address from a court clerk. Mom got pregnant; and Don refused to support another child. My baby brother was put up for adoption. It broke Mom’s heart.


In between apartments we lived in motels that rented by the week. Finally, we decided to move away from the beach. Lynwood was considerably less expensive than Newport Beach. We hoped to fulfill my dream of getting an acting job at a nearby studio. My mother’s distant relatives lived nearby. We hoped for a fresh start.


It was an amazing Christmas in Lynwood. There were so many presents that I was overwhelmed with childhood joy. I was the only young child at the family gathering. Mom and I rarely had money for toys or dolls. I felt amazed by the tree lined with presents mostly for me.


Mom and I stabilized in Lynwood for a while. I made new friends at school and spent time with my family. I lived in my first house and had a back yard with an apple tree. But it didn't last for long. Mom and I were rendered homeless by Don’s financial abuse. It didn’t matter to Don that he was rich. Don expressed his hatred of us with financial abuse. I couldn’t figure out how to stop it.


In exasperation, my mother cried out “I just can’t take this anymore!” Mom suffered greatly from the trauma of violence against women. My mother feared that we would soon also lose our motel room. Don kept refusing to pay child support. Mom accidentally took too many Valium.


The medical profession considered victims of domestic violence to be simply neurotic at the time and not provided services. Controlled substances were prescribed instead. After the domestic violence divorce, Mom’s doctor prescribed Valium and Seconal for sleep. These medications were made available to Mom for the rest of her life. The drugs impaired her psychologically and physically. Mom was unable to walk or stand for any length of time without falling to the ground, by the age of forty-five. No medical testing or treatment was ever recommended. In effect, the doctors ended her life.


I will never forget calling 911, at the age of nine. My mother was crawling on the floor from the bathroom unable to walk or talk coherently. I called my cousin; and she came to pick me up immediately. The police arrived and called Don. My father refused to let me stay with my relatives while my mother was in the hospital. The police took custody of me.


My father gave me a choice between the state institution for girls and living with him. I chose the state institution. I will never forget the terror of being locked-up. Walking to the cafeteria, older girls sneered and threatened me. The sound of the locked door closing reverberated in my mind and gave me nightmares. I felt punished by the legal system after being starved by my father. My father was a member of Krick International Political Network (KIPN) and had great political power.


For two days, I worried nonstop about what would happen to my mother. I wondered how I would survive being locked up. I knew I could not survive living with my father. It was legal to house children who were temporary and permanent wards of the court for different reasons all together. Children caught-up in custody battles, children who were abuse victims, and juvenile offenders (including murderers) of all ages lived together in the same state institutions.


I refused to speak to my father at all during my forty-eight-hour prison sentence at the state institution for girls. Mom and I left for Michigan when she was released. Her overdose was determined to be accidental.


Don gave Mom a final two-hundred-dollar child support payment. He made us promise to never return to California. Child support was not enforced out of state at the time. Mom had no legal protection from domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or financial abuse. Such was the world that I knew as a young child. I had no idea this was to be my adult life experience as well.

Adolescence in Farmington

My latency years in Farmington, Michigan were difficult times for me. I refused to give up my dreams to be an actress. I constantly pointed out to others that I was born in California. My peers in California had taught me to value being different.


Mom and I lived with my grandparents when we first relocated. My grandmother who was merely four-foot eight inches in height ruled the house with great dramatics. Her fury was particularly evident when my grandparents argued in German about lost and stolen money. My grandmother would win arguments by hurling the most expensive family china plates at my grandfather’s head. The speed and velocity were amazing. My grandfather stood six-foot four inches and barely avoided injury as he ducked out the back door to escape.


Eventually, I decided to conform to fit-in in Michigan. I didn’t like it, but I saw no choice. Michigan peers made it clear to me that my desire to express my individuality made me an outcast. I felt like an outsider. When I dressed like a Californian people stared at me. I was shy. No one knew this was the case. I used my strong acting skills to project a different image.


About me

Julia Peterson is a special education teacher and education consultant. After a career in protective services, she decided to work with abused children in a positive setting and returned to graduate school. Ms. Peterson earned a Masters at the University of Illinois at Chicago and taught public school for over twenty years. Past students included many victims of violence. She specializes in the use of metacognitive strategies that make reading a joy easily acquired.

Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
It is the author’s hope that the novel will lead people to “think about thinking” and end violence-against-women. “With Money, You Buy Power: With Power, You Do Anything” is a wake-up call for social action.
Q. What books have influenced your life the most?
John Dewey in "Experience and Education" taught me to be an existentialist. Education must relate to real life experiences, be student centered and is central to democracy. Eckhardt Tolle in "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" taught me to be present and practice mindfulness.
Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
Real life experiences of women inspired it.

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