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First pages

Chapter One



“Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Yes, yes, yes. That’s its baby...that’s it. I’m cumming. I’m cum…”

The phone rang right at the exact moment Mychal was going to release all his manly juices into Miracle’s moist and ripened vagina. It had been two weeks since the two had time to become intimate and they both were raving like wild animals in the jungle. They never had any issues when it came to the bedroom. One thing was for sure, sex, love making, screwing or whatever term they decided to use this week, it was never a problem. Often, Miracle and Mychal would not speak for days, but they would come together and cohabitate magically and go right back to not speaking for several more days. It’s amazing and crazy, at the same time—when the bodies are connected sexually, nothing else matters.

“Please, baby, don’t answer that right now,” Mychal pleaded in a low raspy voice.

His manhood was harder than Fort Knox. He was backed up like the Brooklyn Bridge in rush hour traffic and he wanted to release it, now.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Some one better be dead. Who the hell is calling at this damn hour anyway?” Mychal snapped again.

“Maybe, they will hang up,” Miracle whispered.

Shit, Miracle thought, she needed this just as much as he did. Unfortunately, she hadn’t cum, yet; but it was still good. Mychal knew how to make her body scream. He knew every curve and inch of her body. He knew where to stroke, when to touch and how to move. It always took her longer to reach her climax, but she would get there. Who in the hell was calling at this hour?

The phone kept ringing and ringing.

“Mychal, I have to answer it. It’s going wake up the entire house, if I don’t.” “Goddammit! Somebody better be dead!”

“Mychal!” Miracle yelled and rolled over to pick up the phone. “Hello,” Miracle said, but couldn’t understand the caller.

“Who is this? Calm down. What are you saying? I can’t understand you. Please, you are scaring me,” Miracle mumbled.

“Joey, is that you? Joey, Joey, I need you to calm down. I can’t understand you, baby. What are you saying?” Miracle begged.

“Oh, no!” Miracle covered her mouth, when she finally comprehended what he was saying.

“Joey, I’m so sorry. It’s going to be okay,” Miracle continued, as she tried to hear Joey through his sobbing.

“Who is there with you? Where are you? Joey, please, baby, calm down. Let me speak with Mark. I know. I know. Put Mark on the phone,” Miracle pleaded with Joey.

Joey finally handed the phone to Mark.

“Hello, Mark. He is a mess. Is there any way you can give him something to calm him down? What happened?” Miracle inquired.

“Okay, I understand. I know Joseph should be the one to tell me, but he is a wreck right now and I can’t get anything out of him. Mark will you please stay with him until I get there? I will try to get a flight out later today. Thanks, Mark, I really appreciate it.”

Joseph was screaming hysterically in the background.

“Mark, can you please put him back on the phone,” Miracle broke in. “Oh, God!” Miracle sighed.

“I will try, Mark replied. He is running around the room screaming at the top of his lungs. Joseph, Joseph, please, come get the phone and talk to Miracle,” Mark requested in a stern, but soft voice.

Joseph grabbed the phone. “Dead! Miracle. Tracey’s dead! Jesus, dead!”

“Joey, Joey, listen to me, baby. I will be there. I am going to get a flight out later today and be there soon. Joey you must pull yourself together. I don’t know what is going on, but I will be there soon.”

Miracle caught her breath.

“I love you, Joey. Please, try to get some rest and I’ll see you soon.” Miracle hung up the phone.

Mychal was staring at her.

“What the hell was that all about?” Mychal spat.

He was still upset lying there in his birthday suit that the good Lord generously blessed him with. Mychal was 6’5” lean, but very muscular and the color of hot tar. He was so black that he shined. He had played basketball since he could walk straight and he always had an athlete’s body. His skin was silky smooth and he took great pride in making sure it was always well moisturized. He was so dark that he never wanted to be called ashy.

Mychal knew kids were cruel, so he made sure that he took care of his skin. It didn’t fail him either. It also helped that he was a talented basketball player. He knew he had to do something to stand out. He never wanted to be teased and he knew with skin that color he would be, so he picked up a talent and mastered it. Instead of people teasing him, they wanted to be him. The things he could do with a basketball, others only dreamed about. He was sure to be the next big thing.

“It was Joseph,” Miracle responded. “I don’t know what is going on. He just kept screaming dead. I’m going to have to get a flight down there, later today.”

“Who is he talking about?” “I don’t know,” Miracle lied.

She knew exactly who he was talking about, but she lied because she wasn’t ready to open that can of worms, right now. Mychal was already pissed because he was interrupted in the middle of reaching Mt. Rushmore. This was not the time to have this conversation with him. She hated lying to her husband, but this was for the best if she intended on getting any sleep. She had a long day ahead and from the looks of things, it was going to be a doozy.

Mychal gave Miracle a skeptical look and shrugged his shoulders. His mind was on one thing—his hard penis.

“Oh, well…since you’re leaving later today, we might as well finish what we started before the damn phone rings again,” he grinned.

He rolled on top of Miracle and began kissing her body from head to toe. Her body tingled and some tension was released. She still had Joey on her mind, but right now, she needed this more than anything.

She could only imagine what she was walking into. It was no telling with Joey. She let her mind wander back to when she met Mychal and how they used to have sex any and everywhere. Her thoughts took her back to one evening, when they were on Mychal’s apartment balcony and he sat her down in a chair. He slowly removed her shorts and panties, opened her legs and started licking on her toes through her thong sandals. He made his way up to her toned legs and landed at the women’s most precious spot! The memory made Miracle let out a low moan that excited Mychal and urged him to finish the task expeditiously. Damn, she loved this man. Even after all of these years, he still had it. He landed his mouth on that spot again and Miracle was in euphoria.

Chapter Two



The alarm clock screeched and Miracle sat straight up in the bed. She really hated the alarm clock and had been saying for years that she was going to trash it, but never had. She had it since college and now could not bring herself to throw it away. Her mom gave it to her when she left home, because she was so worried the girl would never make it to class on time.

She remembered her mom saying. “Baby, you know you’re a hard sleeper. Take this clock. I know it’s loud, but you won’t miss class,” her mother explained. She was so proud of Miracle.

“Thanks mom.” She didn’t know she would go deaf in the process of not missing class.

Miracle smiled at the memory as she hit the snooze button on the damn annoying alarm.

“Five more minutes, please.” Just five more she pleaded with herself. She reached next to her, but she already knew that Mychal was out of the bed. He rose without the call of an alarm. He was probably on mile four or five by now, and making his way back home. She fell back on the pillow and grabbed her forehead. She thought of Joey and what the hell was going on with him. She would call him a little later, after she had her flight information. She had to get the kids out of the house first and make sure dad was okay.

“Dad!” Oh, hell, what was she going to do with Dad? Just relax Miracle. Five more damn minutes. She thought as she closed her eyes.

“Good morning Dad,” Miracle greeted him and smiled, as she walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, baby,” Patrick responded.

The kids were sitting around the table eating breakfast and Patrick was reading the paper. That was one good thing about having her dad there. He was a cook in the Marines in his early days and when he retired he was a Chef for the government, until he retired, again. He always made sure the kids had breakfast in the morning, if she slept late.

“Thanks, Dad!”

“No problem, baby girl. You know I’ll do anything for my baby.” He smiled.

Her dad was still as handsome as he could be to her. His hair was turning salt and pepper, as well as his beard. He reminded her of Richard Roundtree, except he’s more handsome, of course. People used to always stop us when we were out asking for his autograph, because they thought he was the famous actor.

My dad would just smile and say, “No, no you’re making a mistake. I’m not him.”

I’m sure it boosted his ego a bit. My mom would just grab his arm a little tighter and pull him even closer.

“Mom, don’t forget I have practice tonight. Are you or dad picking me up?”

Mason asked.

“Huh?” Miracle was still miles away.

“I have basketball practice tonight. Who’s picking me up?” Mason repeated.

“Probably, your dad.”

“Dad, what?” Mychal interjected as he walked in with sweat dripping from everywhere.

“I have to go out of town,” Miracle responded ignoring Mychal.

“What? Why?” Mason inquisitively asked.

“Out of town,” Patrick chimed in. “What’s going on?”

Mychal shot Miracle a look like yeah what’s going on. She rolled her eyes at him. She hated when he was being a smart ass in front of the kids.

“Is everything okay, baby girl?” Patrick inquired. Miracle really didn’t want to get into it right now.

“Yeah, is everything okay, Miracle?” Mychal shot at her.

She could have thrown the coffee cup she had in her hand right at his head. Mychal just smiled.

He is such an ass sometimes, Miracle thought to herself. Of course, all eyes were on her. McKenzie was staring also. Usually, she could count on her daughter to have her back, but this time she was out there all by herself.

“Uhm, Uhm…I have to go to Atlanta to check on Uncle Joey. I’m not sure what’s going on, I can’t really say right now, but I just know that I have to go down there. I will only be gone for a couple of days. Dad should be able to handle things here while I’m away,” she said sarcastically.

She licked out her tongue at him playfully. She knew that was a joke. She would call Rosita, her backup housekeeper, to see if she was available to help out while she was in Atlanta. Miracle remembered when she went away on a girl’s weekend getaway a few months ago and all hell broke loose. Mychal claimed he could handle the kids.

Yeah right. He fell apart.

She got back to the house being a damn disaster—the kids had pretty much missed every routine weekend activity and had run buck wild for two days. The image was permanently burned in her mind.

“Oh, hell, no!” Miracle said out loud. Rosita would be called and she prayed she was available.

One more damn thing to do on her never-ending list.

“Geez! Mom, who’s going take me to dance class?” McKenzie finally spoke up.

“I can take you, pumpkin,” Mychal replied.

“Mom,” McKenzie retorted looking at her mom.

“Don’t worry, baby. You will get there. I got everything under control. Always do.”

“Really?” Mychal crooned as he walked passed and tapped her butt.

Mychal added, “I’m going to take a shower, since you have everything under control.”

“Yeah, do that, you stink.”

How can you love and hate someone so much at the same time? she wondered.

“Get finished, guys. The bus will be here soon. I can’t afford for y’all to miss the bus, today. Not today. If I’m not here when you get home from school, I will call later and check in on you guys.”

Mason and McKenzie finished their breakfast and gathered their things to leave.

“What no hugs and kisses,” Miracle called out.

Mason gave his mom a look that said, “I’m too old for that!”

“Boy, get your butt over here. I bet you don’t have a problem kissing up on those little fresh girls at school.”

“Really, mom!” “Yeah, really!”

Mason hugged his mom and kissed her on the cheek. “Later!” he breathed.

“Later!” she retorted.

McKenzie grabbed her and hugged her tight.

“See you, mom. Have a safe trip. Love you!”

“Love you too, baby.” Miracle smiled as she watched her children walk out of the kitchen. Those were her babies. She didn’t care how old they got, they would always be her babies.

“Okay, baby girl, the kids are gone. What the hell is going on with that brother of yours, now?”

“Dad, I really don’t know,” Miracle lied again.

Mychal hadn’t left for work—yet; and she didn’t want to take the chance of him walking in on their conversation. Miracle hated when her dad grilled her. She felt like she was a kid all over again. He had a way of making her feel like an innocent child and not a grown-ass woman.

“He called a little after midnight, crying, screaming and repeating the word dead. I have no clue what the heck is going on with Joey. I tried talking to him on the phone, but that wasn’t working. He wouldn’t give me anything. Mark was there, but he wouldn’t tell me what was going on either. He said that I would have to hear it from Joey, so that’s why I am headed down there today, to find out what’s going on.”

“That boy is always in some shit,” Patrick spat.

“I remember when he was in high school and we got a call at two am in the morning from the police, asking if we knew where our son was. And of course, I said that he’s in his damn bed."

“Sir, I think you should go check,” the policeman said.

I did and he wasn’t there.

The policeman said, “I believe, we have your son, here. He was just picked up with a group of kids, who stole a car. They hit a tree, then, the car went into the pool in someone’s backyard.”

“He was with that damn Mark,” Patrick spat.

“Every time he was with Mark, he got in trouble. I hated him then, and I hate him now.”

“Dad it wasn’t Mark. It was Matthew. He just met Mark when he moved to


“It was Mark. Don’t tell me. I know who it was,” Patrick adamantly stated.

“Mark. I remember it, just like it was yesterday. I was the one who got the call, not you.”

Miracle just took a deep breath and grabbed her forehead. She did not feel like this right now. She did not want to get into a pissing match with her dad over Joey right now. This was the one subject that could definitely trigger whatever his condition was and she just was not in the mood for it. She had too much to do.

“Okay, dad, your right. Mark.”

“I know I’m right.” He mumbled under his breath.

Miracle kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the kitchen, leaving him mumbling and looking at the newspaper.

~ ~ ~

Miracle entered the library and turned on the computer. She figured she would get her business taken care of instead of arguing with her father about Joey. She managed to get everything done. When she emerged from the library, it was early afternoon. She had booked a flight for later in the evening. She needed to pack and make sure everything was together for Rosita when she arrived. She was relieved that she could reach Rosita and she was available to come and stay with the family. Miracle was headed upstairs and passed by the family room where she saw her father sitting on the couch watching Family Feud with Steve Harvey.

“Sex,” he screamed.

“Dad! What in the world?” Miracle exclaimed.

“Family Feud.” He grinned.

“They asked 100 men, ‘what’s the number one thing wives hold back from their husbands’.”

“Really, dad?” “Yup!”

“I’m going to pack,” Miracle smirked.

“It’s true, baby girl. Sad, but true. Did you find out what’s going on with Joseph?”

Patrick questioned.

“No, not yet. I was going to call him, when I got upstairs. I have a flight out later this evening.”

“Okay. I’ll be here waiting.” He turned his attention back to the television. Miracle shook her head and walked out of the room.

~ ~ ~

“Hello, Joey.” She paused, while he responded.

“Joey you don’t sound good. What’s going on?”

His voice sounded as if he were slurring his words.

“What have you taken, Joey? I can barely understand you. You’re scaring me.”

Miracle continued, “I have a flight out in a couple of hours. I will be there soon. Joey, can you, please, tell me what is going on?”

Miracle listened to Joey once more.

“What? What are you saying? Joey? Joey?”

The thud of the phone hitting the floor was the only response Miracle received.

“Hello? Hello?”

“Hey, Miracle. It’s Mark. He’s kind of heavily sedated, right now. It was the only way we could get him to calm down.”

Miracle was hanging on to Mark’s words.

“He wouldn’t stop screaming and running around the house. I called the doctor over earlier and he gave him some medication to calm him down. He was in shock. I didn’t want to do it, but, baby, I had no choice. He was acting like a madman. None of your family is here, so I had to make the decision. I hope you’re not mad at me.”

“No, not at all, Mark. I understand. However, can you, please, just tell me what is happening? It’s obvious, I can’t get any information from Joey, so you are the next best thing.”

“Uhm, I really didn’t want to do this over the phone. “I know you are worried out of your mind.”

“I just want to know what happened,” Miracle pleaded.

“I know you do, but you should have that conversation with Joseph,” Mark insisted.

“You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry, Mark.” She paused and added, “I’m just shocked that’s all. I will see you guys shortly. I was about to pack. I’ll be there soon.”

Miracle sighed. “Give him a big hug and kiss for me, please.”

“I will. Just get here. He needs you,” Mark said as he hung up the phone.

Miracle began weeping. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She sat frozen for a few minutes trying to take it all in. She couldn’t imagine what Joseph was going through. The worst part was that she couldn’t even share the news with Mychal. Not just yet. Miracle had to get to Atlanta first and check on Joey.

Damn, why now? She got up and began packing.

Chapter Three



Joseph was in a tranquilized state. He was gone. His body was there, but his mind was many miles away. He was remembering his wedding day.

It was perfect from beginning to end. People say that there is no perfect wedding day. Well, not true. Their day was PERFECT! It was just as they had envisioned it. He couldn’t believe that it had only been six months. It was way too soon. This just wasn’t fair.

Who the hell loses their spouse after only six months of marriage? God had to be playing some kind of cruel joke. Maybe, he was being pranked.

Mark was always playing jokes on him. This had to be one of his elaborate jokes. But he went too far this time. Joseph tried to scream at Mark to stop the joking and bring Tracey back, but nothing would exit from his vocal cords. It was like they were ripped from his throat. His whole body was numb. Every fiber of his being was stiff. He felt like he was dead himself. It was like rigor mortis had set in. If this wasn’t death, it might as well be.

How would he survive? Tracey was gone. His life. His love. His very existence.

He wanted to cry but his ducts were dehydrated. They could produce nothing— not one single teardrop.

“Joseph, why don’t you go and try to lie down. You really need to go get some sleep. You have been awake for 24 hours now. This is not healthy. You’re starting to scare me,” Mark uttered.

“Did you hear what the doctor said? If you don’t get some rest soon, he is going to come back and give you something to make you sleep for a couple of days or take you to the hospital and make you stay there until you rest,” Mark added.

“Please, at least just go lie down and rest your body.It will help,” Mark pleaded again.

Joseph was thinking, Help. Nothing will fucking help other than Tracey being risen from the dead like Lazarus. If Tracey doesn’t walk through that door right now, then nothing will help.

“Nothing!” Joseph finally managed to scream.

“Joseph please calm down. I just want you to try to get some sleep. You look awful. If you only knew how you looked, you would be running to the bed,” Mark smiled. He tried to lighten it up.

Joseph had always been big on his looks. He never left the house unless he was put together from head to toe, no matter what the task or event.

Mark whispered in a low voice, “Joey, I can’t imagine what you’re feeling, but you must rest. You will be no good to yourself or anyone for that matter, if you don’t get some rest. People will start arriving soon and at some point you are going to have to start making arrangements. You will not be able to think clearly and do the wonderful things you do with no rest.”

Mark waited for Joey to answer him and when he didn’t, he continued, “I know you, and you are only going to want the best for Tracey. You would not be able to live with yourself, if it is something less. It would be what Tracey would want as well.”

Somehow that seemed to soften Joseph. Mark had a way of playing with Joseph’s psyche. He had to turn it around and make it all about his skills and what he could do.

The notable Joseph Jones could not put on an event without it being talked about, even if it was a funeral. Atlanta always had his events on their lips. Joseph was the events extraordinaire of ATL. People sought him out to handle their events. His events were like magic in the making.

“I guess, I should go lie down,” Joseph sighed at Mark.

“Yes, you should. You will feel better and look better,” Mark shot back.

Then, replied, “No, seriously, Joey, I’m sure you will feel better once you get some rest. Hopefully, by the time you wake up, Miracle will be here, and you all can begin to make arrangements.”

“Thanks, Mark, I really appreciate you being here.” Joseph managed to get the words out. “I know, I’ve been a hot damn mess and you’ve put up with my craziness. It means a lot to me. I know it will probably get worse, before it gets better, so please just bear with me. However, I lost my best friend, my love, my life. It’s going to take me some time.”

“Of course,” Mark responded. “I wouldn’t dare think it would be any other way.

Joseph, I will be here for as long as you need me. I’m your friend.”

He thought a moment and said, “When you hurt, I hurt. I loved Tracey, as well. This is difficult for me, too. I’m being strong for you, but trust me, it’s not easy. Take all the time you need, my friend. That is part of the healing and grieving process. We all experience it, just in different ways. However, we must remember…time is the healer of all wounds. But each person’s time is personal. Now, go lay down!”

~ ~ ~

Miracle descended the stairs with her suitcase and carry-on bag. Her dad was still watching television.

“Dad, you still in front of the television?”

“Sure am, baby girl. I ain’t bothering nobody, so don’t bother me.” “I’m about to head out to the airport.”

“You’re leaving before the kids and Mychal get home?”

“Yes. This was the only flight going to Atlanta, and I need to get there today. I got in touch with Rosita. She is going to get the kids from school and take them to their activities. She will be here the next couple of days until I return. Treat her nice.

Dad, please, don’t say any inappropriate comments.” “Who, me?” Patrick stated shyly.

The last time Rosita was there she almost quit by the time Miracle had returned. Her dad had said some pretty off the wall stuff. Miracle knew her dad was going through something, but that wasn’t even it. Patrick was just being an asshole—plain and simple.

“Well, did you call Joey? What is so pressing that you must be in Atlanta today?”

Patrick smirked.

“It’s Tracey.”

“Apparently, Tracey died last night.”

“Died. What the hell you mean died? What happened?”

“I don’t know, dad. I’m just as shocked as you are. Joey couldn’t even explain.

He is a wreck. Once I get all the details, when I get there, I will be able to shed some light on the whole situation.”

“Okay, baby girl, I’m going to take your word for it. I will leave it alone until you get there, but you can bet your ass in grass that I will be waiting for you to call back here.”

Huh! Here we go again, Miracle thought to herself.

The doorbell rang right on queue and saved her from her dad’s shenanigans. Miracle walked to the door. She already knew it was the car service. She wasn’t expecting anyone else. The driver grabbed her bags and walked them out to the black Lincoln Town car and placed them in the trunk.

“Give me a few minutes, please, and I’ll be right out.

“Absolutely, Ma’am.” He nodded his head and got into the driver’s seat and closed the door.

Miracle walked over to the cream and black marble top accent foyer table and picked up her purse. She dug inside and pulled out an envelope addressed to Mychal. She sat it on the table.

Miracle gave her dad a hug and kissed his cheek. “I’ll call you guys when I get there. Remember, dad, be good,” she called out as she exited the house. She was a little nervous about leaving her dad at home alone, but Mychal would be there in less than an hour and she had nosey Ms. Lawson from across the street watching the house. She had been alerted to call immediately, if anything looked suspicious. Miracle knew Ms. Lawson had no problem doing just that. She was their private neighborhood watch.

Chapter Four



Miracle took a quick moment to compose herself, before ringing the doorbell. She knew Joey was going to be a mess and she had to be strong. Everyone knew they could depend on her to always be the strong one.

Get yourself together Miracle. Now, isn’t the time. It’s not about you, girlfriend.

Miracle rang the bell and Mark answered the door.

“Miracle!” he exclaimed grabbing her and giving her a big hug.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” He looked her over and hugged her again. “You’re looking good, girl. Did you lose some weight?”

“I don’t think so,” Miracle chuckled.

She was in one of her good weight places, right now. Her 5’7” body was carrying her 165 pounds well. Her skin resembled a freshly baked golden brown pound cake. Yo-yos should have been her favorite toy, because that’s what her weight did…yo-yo. She had tried pretty much every fad diet there was, but couldn’t stick with it more than a week.

Mark kissed her cheek. “Well you look great!”

“Mark, please, you’re always trying to make a girl feel good.” “Let me take your bags.”

Mark reached for her suitcase and carry-on bag from her shoulder. Miracle closed the door and followed Mark into the condo. The place was immaculate, as always. Joseph had been a neat freak, since he was a child. Miracle was amazed even as kids he always had everything in order. All of his toys were color coordinated and his closet was neat and organized.

He used to always come to her room and shake his head and say, “Miracle, this room is a disaster.”

“I know where everything is. Whatever I need is right at arm’s length,” She would joke.

“Yeah that’s the problem. Everything is at arm’s length,” Joey would retaliate.

Miracle smiled at the memory. They had a lot of good memories from their childhood, but their family was not without issues. All families had some type of dysfunction; it just would depend on the family as to how severe.

Bring it back, Miracle. Now is not the time to hash up old memories.

“Where is Joseph?” She had to get back to the present.

“He’s lying down,” Mark replied. “I finally got him to take a nap. He had been up for 24 hours straight and was a hot mess. He was literally running around the house screaming and yelling. Hmmm…Let’s get some tea and talk.”

Mark sat Miracle’s bags down next to a 1940’s mahogany breakfast table that was decorated with little knickknacks from Joey’s travels. There was a wedding picture of Joey and Tracey in the middle of the table. Miracle paused for a moment to look at the picture. They looked so happy in the picture. They were smiling and had their whole lives ahead of them.

What the hell happened? She thought. That was only six months ago.

“I know,” Mark broke her gaze. He knew what she was thinking, as well.

They walked down the hall and into the kitchen. Miracle could never decide if the kitchen, Joseph’s room or hell, the bathroom was the best room in the house. The whole damn house was just super chic stylish. Joey had the eye. That was his gift and thank goodness, he knew it and so did everyone else. He had been styling, as long as she could remember. Joey would sit for hours drawing and styling whatever he got his hands on.

Their father would get so upset. “What are you doing, boy?” He would yell.

“Boys don’t do that.”

“Miriam, what the hell is wrong with this boy?” he’d ask.

My mom would look my dad straight in the eye and say nothing. Miriam didn’t play. She took a lot from my dad, but when it came to her children—that was one area she didn’t budge. You couldn’t talk about her babies—nobody! That meant NOBODY. She was the sweetest women you ever wanted to meet and would give you the clothes off her back and her last dime, but talk about her children and another side appeared. It was scary. That was the Miriam you didn’t want to meet.

The sound of the cabinet closing bought Miracle back to the kitchen.

“What kind of tea do you want, Miracle? Girl, you were a million miles away,”

Mark chuckled.

“Sorry. This just has me thinking of things from the past. I guess death does that. Bring up forgotten memories that were buried. I’ll take Peppermint tea.”

Mark went over to the oversized panty and pulled out Joseph’s plethora of gourmet teas. The commercial gas range had 10 burners. Who needed 10 burners? The Alessi bird whistle tea kettle was atop the first burner. Mark was moving around the kitchen like it was his own space.

He and Joseph and been friends for over 10 years, since Joseph moved back to the states. He felt really comfortable in the space. That’s how Joey made you feel, once he accepted you into his world.


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