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1 The Alien

Lieutenant James Mc Clure, born into a military family, his father Irish with red curly hair. His mother black with flowing black hair. Her mixture unknown except she was beautiful. He married a black woman, Elizabeth, from Texas, and had a seven-year-old daughter, named Ana. They lived a quarter of a mile from the beach in the southern part of Texas.

He entered the airbase in Texas and proceeded quickly to the chutes. He had his orders, “Fly his Starfighter beside the unmanned cargo ship taking supplies to the new space station in space.” No one knew what had caused the previous cargo ships to disappear suddenly. They thought his Starfighter would be fast enough to follow the load. They had placed another fuel tank to give him another thirty minutes. He would be almost empty of fuel once he pushed through the atmosphere.

He entered the chute and climbed into his Starfighter. He closed the lid and waited. He knew the cargo ship would be already in the atmosphere pushing towards the space station. He was faster. He checked his harness. He knew the ‘G’ forces would be severe.

The green light appeared. He released the magnetic lock. The Starfighter suddenly shot straight up going to high ‘G’ forces all the way up. He would be going very fast once he reached the outer atmosphere. He turned on his outboard camera. He could see the cargo ship coming into view. It had already released its booster thrusters. He looked at his altimeter. It read sixty thousand.

Coming up to it fast, he noticed another vessel suddenly in front of him. It seemed to come out of nowhere between him and the cargo ship.

The vessel fired a laser and the cargo ship disintegrated and fell from the sky. Jim did not wait for instructions. He pushed the missile button and all six of his missiles sprouted out from his fuselage. The inboard computer had the spacecraft on screen. He punched it, and pushed the fire button with his right thumb. A missile flew from his fuselage, hit the vessel in its side, and sent it spiraling towards the Earth.

He followed it down through the atmosphere, and jettisoned his ancillary fuel tank while over the ocean. The craft circle in as it slowly descended. Finally, it crash-landed by skidding across the permafrost in the state of Kansas ten miles east from the now deserted Kansas City.

It did not blow up. He came in low to check the crash site and begin to take bearings of the area using the plane’s computer. He also marked the GPS location of his phone’s computer, memorized the location and slipped it into his pocket. He had just shot down an UFO, something that did not exist.

He turned his heading towards his base in Texas, and began wondering what he was going to tell his superiors. He brought his plane in low allowing the computer to have control. The ramp came up quick as his thruster reversed.

When he stepped out of his plane, he saw six men dressed in black waiting for him.

One of them reached in and disconnected his camera and computer, and placed in a black bag. They did not say anything, but took him to a waiting tube car. The car entered the tubes, and in minutes, they headed for San Diego and the capital under the ocean.

Jim tried to relax. His mind focused on the GPS on his phone. “They are going to tell him there is no such thing as a UFO. They are going to ask him how the cargo ship blew up. What was he going to tell them?” The six people in black continued to sit and look at him, but no one said a word. He knew they had been told not to talk to him. They, whoever they were, wanted the only interview.

The tube pulled into the San Diego station. The six dark suits took him to a submersible. It left the station and dove underwater. Ten minutes later, they docked and went through the hatches. They stepped into a waiting car, entered a tube and moved through the large bubble below the ocean surface.

The structure, made out of very hard plastic fibers, could take a direct torpedo hit and survive. It had the ability to surface, if the need was there, and even move its location using the six engines located on its sides. It had no ties to the surface or the floor of the ocean and could maintain any depth it chose. It had the ability to descend two thousand feet and survive. Some believed it could go deeper, but they only tested it at the two-thousand-foot level.

Communication came from antennas that floated near the ocean surface. Of course, these could be withdrawn if needed. They grew their own food using the lights in climate controlled biological centers. It all worked very much like the space station circling Earth except instead of space, it had a water environment.

The car left the tube and slid to a stop in a large open area that resembled a park. It had trees, lights from above, and a flowing fountain. The floor had the same plastic fibers, but it had a green hue to it. Steps led up to an open door. He followed two of the dark suits leaving one on each side and two behind him. They climbed the stairs and entered the building.

The inside of the building was spacious with people moving in all directions seemly going somewhere. When the dark suits entered, all activity stopped and the people quickly left the building. In moments, it emptied as they continued across the room to the main closed door with two security people standing beside it. Their feet echoed as they walked across the hard surface. Upon reaching the door, the security men nodded and the door opened.

When they entered, Jim could see large conference rooms on both side of the aisle with twenty or more chairs around long rectangle tables. Next came several offices with closed doors, until the last one, the largest at the end came into view. It had two guards one on each side of the door. The lead man of the six suits carrying the black bag nodded to the guards. They left and five of the six suits took up positions outside the door. The sixth man carrying the black bag opened the door and pushed James inside.

A woman secretary with delicate features, Miss Honey, sat behind a desk. She looked up when the two entered the office, and said, “You are to go right in, sir, she is expecting you.”

The dark suit pushed Jim forward towards the closed door. When they entered the room, a large six-foot woman dressed in a flowing blue dress sat behind an oak desk. Beside her stood a tall man dressed in khaki clothes one would find in the outback of Australia. He wore a brim hat to finish the look. He also had a weapon’s belt on his waist consisting of a laser and a blaster. The laser could penetrate most things, but it would have a difficult time placing a hole in the thick plastic shell. The blaster was a crowd control weapon. It did not kill unless applied at very close range and narrow beam. It would drop a crowd of people in place for two hours or more depending on the beam size and distance.

The black suit handed the man in khaki the black bag and said, “I think he has a GPS on his phone.”

The man in the khaki dress nodded and took the bag. The black suit turned and left the room. He took up his position outside the door.

The woman behind the desk remained sitting, smiled and said, “You may take a seat Lieutenant Mc Clure. We are all on the same side here, are we not?”

“Yes ma’am,” James said and seated himself feeling slightly relieved.

After he had adjusted himself, she said, “I am Ma’am High Achiever,” and then nodding to her left she continued, “And this is Mr. Anderson, my personal bodyguard. He is very good with his weapons and abilities.

“Yes ma’am, a ... Ma’am High Achiever.”

“You know who I am,”

“Yes ma’am, you are head of the religious order who presently controls the planet Earth.”

Her smile disappeared as she asked, “Do you have some objection to this?”

“No ma’am, I am in your service.”

Then looking hard at him, she said, “Now you may hand me your phone.”

“Yes ma’am,” James said and fumbled for the phone in his pocket. He started to hand it to her when Mr. Anderson intercepted, and placed it in his pocket.

When James settled back into his chair, she stared at him and asked, “Why did you shoot down our cargo ship?”

“I didn’t shoot it down, ma’am,” Jim said. “I fired my missile after the cargo ship was already damaged and falling from the sky. You may check the camera.”

“The ground support reported you fired your missile and the cargo ship fell out of the air,” Ma’am High Achiever said.

“I fired at another aircraft,” Jim said, “The one that disabled the cargo ship. I even followed it to the ground as reported on the computer tracking system. All you have to do is go there and pick it up. Then you will know who has been attacking our cargo ships!”

“We will be checking out your report,” Ma’am High Achiever said, “But for now you are temporarily on leave. You are not to talk to anyone meaning your lawyer or the press. There have been no formal charges, so you will not be needing one. If you cannot abide by this, you will be arrested or shot depending what is easier.”

“Am I being charged with the destruction of the cargo ship?” Jim asked.

“I said we are not charging you with anything until all of the facts have been revealed.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You are not to discuss this with your family,” Ma’am High Achiever said, “There are extremes in this government who would not look kindly to that. You would only be putting them in danger. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jim said and then asked in a low voice, “How long do I have?”

“We will need time to investigate the incident, if that is what you are asking,” Ma’am High Achiever said.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Jim said quietly.

“You are free man at the moment, Lieutenant,” Ma’am High Achiever said, and continued, “You may leave.”

Jim slowly stood. He looked at Mr. Anderson for any emotion, but all he received was a nod towards the door.

After Jim left, Mr. Anderson opened the black bag and took out the camera. He sat it up in front of Ma’am High Achiever, and rewound it back before the cargo ship exploded. They both looked at it as the UFO suddenly popped up in front of the lieutenant’s aircraft. It seemed to have come out of nowhere. It sent a ray into the cargo ship disabling it. They saw the missile leave the Starfighter and strike the UFO. The camera followed it to the ground as in skidded across the permafrost and came to a stop.

Ma’am High Achiever took a deep breath and allowed the air to slowly flow out, and said, “He really did shoot down a UFO. In another time, he would-be given a hero’s welcome. Now, he will be dead within twenty-four hours.”

“The important point here, ma’am, he shot down a UFO. We are not ready for a war with an unknown foe, especially one that comes out of nowhere at any time. We have no space capabilities to defend ourselves.”

“Then we will have to change that, Mr. Anderson. We will construct seven huge ships. We will call them life boats in space in case the Earth is no longer livable, but we will make sure they have fighting capability, we need Battlestar Ships, and a fleet of starships!”




Jim knew he had no ally in Ma’am High Achiever. He had only hours unless he could give them more proof. Ma’am High Achiever warned him not to tell his family. She may be correct in this, but what’s to prevent them from killing his family as well, and clean up the loose ends. No, he would have to protect them.

The big question: “Why are they trying to keep a lid on the UFO incidences?” This was an outright attack, yet he knew they would ignore it? Why? Has the enemy already infiltrated the government and now controls it?

He thought about taking the tube back to Texas. He still had clearance, but he was also on a short leash. Ma’am High Achiever did say she would give him time. That will not be more than twenty-four hours. Yes, he needed speed, and that meant the tube. He boarded it in San Diego. In Texas one hour later, he noticed two of the dark suits following him. They allowed him to depart the tube and take his car to his home on the southern coast of Texas.

He needed to protect his family immediately. He looked at his watch, twenty hours remaining before they come looking for him. When he entered his home, he hugged his wife, and Ana. He was very close to them.

Pushing them back, he said, “We’re leaving immediately, pack light, one bag.” He went to the computer and opened up his bank account. They had not taken his funds yet. He slipped his card in and had the funds in the bank transferred to his cash card. Now he had his money. The card had a limit depending on how much you placed on it. The old method of placing the money in the bank and using your card against it, changed to the card being the same as cash. You actually withdrew the money from the bank and placed it on your card. The chip was the money. When you spent it all, the card would be no good.

Finished, he changed to civilian clothes that included a heavy jacket and his laser from a hidden compartment. He picked up the one bag his wife had packed and headed for the door with them following him. In seconds, he was on the road. He needed to change cars quickly. They probably placed a chip in the car, and be picking up everything they said.

“What’s happening?” Elizabeth asked.

Jim shook his head indicating it was best not to talk. Then he said, “I think we should have a holiday. The Air Force is giving me a leave of absence. So where would you like to go.” He used his hands to indicate someone might be listening.

“Somewhere where there are not a lot of people?” Elizabeth said.

“How about Hawaii, Papa?” Ana asked from the back seat.

“I like Hawaii, I wonder how much it will cost?”

Jim continued this light talk until he reached downtown Houston. He found a car dealership. He pulled in and the three of them disembarked. He began looking at cars. At this time, the cars floated off the ground a foot or so allowing them to go over unsmooth areas. The roads had large cracks in them from the Earthquakes making cars with wheels difficult to move.

He wanted a rugged one that could go over water and use solar panels for fuel. The stored energy cells also allowed night driving as well. Heavier than his light city driving car, but it could hover higher in the air.

He finally settled on one and traded his car in for it. The dealer already had another customer waiting for his car.

He stopped next at a supply store and picked up supplies for camping. This include freeze dried food, and other survival gear. These items became very popular because of the need (the Earths unsettling events) available to anyone willing to pay for them.

Two hours, they finished shopping. Now down to eighteen hours and counting. He purchased another phone with a GPS. It was time to leave.

Finally, on the road heading north his wife finally asked, “Is it safe to talk now?

“Yes, I think so, but you must forget everything I am about to tell you.”

“Okay, let’s have it! You are not some type of spy for the underground or in some paranormal group?”

“No, I shot down a UFO,” Jim said. “The government does not recognize UFOs. Therefore, they are going to be accusing me of shooting down one of our cargo ships going to the ‘Charlie’ space station.”

“You didn’t did you?” Elizabeth asked.

“Of course not,” Jim said. “The UFO suddenly appeared and shot down the cargo ship. I in turn shot it down.”

“I thought you had cameras on board,” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, of course. Who do you think has the camera now, our Ma’am High Achiever? She’s given me twenty-four hours to get my house in order, before she orders my execution.”

“Did she come right out and say that?”

“No, but that was the intent,” Jim said. “They even took my phone.”

“What did she exactly say?”

“She hinted I would be accused of sending a missile into the cargo ship, but they would look into incident before charging me. They are not going to say it was a UFO shooting it down. I figured that would give me about twenty-four hours, that’s eighteen now.”

“Then where are we going?” “Kansas!”


“That’s where the UFO crashed,” Jim said.

“Then what?”

“I will take back the evidence and make the world see we are being invaded by foreign beings.”

“That’s a big leap when only one of their crafts has been shot down,” Elizabeth said.

“It’s not so big,” Jim said. “Next time it could be thousands of them. Presently all we have is two Starfighters that use up their fuel just leaving the atmosphere.”

”You think they are going to allow you to go pick up their prize? “Elizabeth asked.

“We have an eighteen-hour head start before they begin looking for me. Then another day before they finally decide where I might be going, then another day before they send in a plane to burn it.”

“We going with you because?”

“To keep you safe, or from being used as a hostage if I find something. You are going to have to stay hidden until this is over. The best way to hide you is to take you with me.’

“They might be bombing us too,” Elizabeth said.

“Not for three days,” Jim said. “I hope to be back here by then.”

They were nearing the Wildlife Sanctuary. He knew where the patrols would be and when the aircraft would go over the area. This was his duty at one time. The sun had already set. He needed to be above the boundary before daylight, and he had to run without lights. It would save his cells and allow him to run longer. The hover car ran almost silently because it was an electric motor creating the airflow.

He decided to go overland through Oklahoma and Missouri before he turned west. He would be in the open when he crossed the Missouri river and entered Kansas. He needed to be in position at daybreak to make his run for the UFO craft. Then he would hide out and wait for night again. The moon, almost full, gave him the light he needed along with the nearly a cloudless night. He passed under the tube. Now they will know someone has entered the Wildlife Sanctuary. He hoped they would think he was a hunter looking for buffalo.

Moving eighty miles an hour over the terrain, he remained above the tree line a good hundred feet going across the ravines and valleys. Once he had his speed, the craft was less a vertical machine, and became a horizontal one allowing him to pick up speed. Towards morning, he had to watch his charge. The high speed depleted his storage cells quickly.

Down to ten hours, he hope they would delay the three days. He told his wife this, but he will be lucky to have a day and a half starting when he left Ma’am High Achiever’s office. He may have to make his run in the daylight.

2 Discovery

Captain Hood, a broad shoulder, big man with a receding hairline, entered Ma’am High Achiever’s office. She remained behind her desk with her man Anderson beside her.

Hood stopped in front of her desk, saluted, and said, “Reporting as ordered ma’am.”

She waited a moment and then she asked, “Do you think you can handle a delicate problem, Captain.”

“I am at your disposal, ma’am,” Captain Hood said.

“It seems we have an actual UFO craft that has crashed in Kansas,” She stopped a moment, than she continued, “We would like it recovered. This is a need to know operation.”

“Yes ma’am, I will go myself.”

“You will take it to our underground facility in Utah, is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am, but how will I find it. Kansas is still very large.”

Ma’am High Achiever smiled, handed him the phone she took from Jim, and said, “Remember, complete discretion, you will find the coordinates in here.”

Taking the phone, he said, “Yes ma’am, complete discretion.”

“There’s one more thing,” She said and paused a second, “A Lieutenant Mc Clure may also be looking for it.”

“And if he finds it, ma’am?”

“He is not to find it,” she said, “He destroyed a government cargo ship, and may be intent on doing the same with the UFO.”

“You did not say what I should do if he finds the UFO?”

“Do I have to spell it out to you,” She shouted. “There will be no witnesses!”

“Yes ma’am,” Captain Hood said, “I only wanted clarification.”

“Then that will be all!”

“Yes ma’am,” he said, turned and left.

She slowly turned to Mr. Anderson, and asked, “You said he can be reliable.”

“Yes ma’am,” Mr. Anderson said. “He is looking to become an admiral.”

“Do you think we made a mistake,” She asked.

“I think our Lieutenant has given you little choice,” Mr. Anderson said.

“Maybe he will not go looking for it,” She said.

“He has already purchased an overland cruiser,” Mr. Anderson said, “It is not used for city driving. There was also a breach into the reserve.”

“He has a family?”

“Yes ma’am, security has not been able to find them. It is believed they are with him.”

“Are we into killing families, Mr. Anderson?”

“We do what is necessary, ma’am. Sometimes it is not pleasant.”




Captain Hood on his military hovercraft moved over the terrain heading north towards Kansas. He had called ahead and had a hovercraft and driver waiting for him at the tube station next to the Wildlife Sanctuary. They had been moving north across the Texas Panhandle heading for Kansas City. He had Jim’s phone in his hands. He activated the GPS and pointed the direction to his driver. He touched his laser, and knew he would have to remove this witness also.

They have been moving overland all night and now it was midmorning. The weather had turned cold. He could see a front developing. That meant freezing rain or blinding show. He will have to pull up soon. He searched the horizon. He saw a farm house in a low depression of land. He pointed that direction, and said, “We’ll take cover in that building. It seems to be still standing.”

“Yes sir,” the driver said and turned the hovercraft that direction.




Jim reached the Missouri river, and followed it west. He would be in Kansas soon. He could see the deserted towns along the half-frozen river. His wife and Ana slept beside him. He did not bother to wake them.

He kept moving straight into the approaching storm. He needed to reach the UFO before the military did. He knew the storm would slow them up. He decided not to wait until nightfall to go for the UFO. He had a feeling it would be too late then.

He could see Kansas City in the distance, then ten miles due west of there. He knew the storm would reach him before then. He increased the speed to one hundred twenty the maximum output for his machine in the daytime. He looked at the deserted city below as he flew two hundred feet above the city. The intense cold and ice hanging on everything sent the people south. In this area, the rain froze on the cold objects. Meaning the land and buildings were extremely cold. When the rain touched the cold buildings, cars, etc. it turned to instant ice sometimes becoming several inches thick before the sun finally melted it off. This would repeat itself every time it rained.

In the winter, the snow would not melt for long periods. The roads iced up most of the year making it difficult for ground cars. Then with the Earthquakes increasing in frequency, the people began moving south.

By the city, he moved overland. The river had turned north. He punched in the coordinates on his phone and noted the direction his GPS pointed.

His wife, Elizabeth, woke beside him, and asked, “Where are we?”


“I thought you were going to wait until tonight?”

“I may be too late then.”

“They can see us out here in the open, dear.”

“There’s a storm coming in,” Jim said, “They’ll be taking cover before it hits.”

“What about us?” She asked. “Shouldn’t we be taking cover?”

“Yes, as soon as I retrieve something from the UFO,” Jim said. “We’re almost there.”

“I think you are cutting it a bit close, dear.”

He looked at his phone as it pinged. “There it is!” He shouted and reduced his speed as he approached the craft. The wind increased as he pulled up beside it. “We got here first! You stay in the hovercraft. I’ll check it out.”

Jim jumped from the hovercraft and looked at the UFO. Round, sixteen foot high and a good forty-foot wide, he looked where his missile had taken out a portion of the right half revealing a gaping hole. The landing took out a portion of the leading edge.

The wind had increased making it hard to walk. He looked inside the vessel thinking he would be seeing the alien, but the vehicle was empty. He looked around outside quickly and saw footprints leading towards Kansas City.

“They must of have passed the alien,” he thought. “It’s been thirty-six-hours; he could be in the city.”

No time to think about, he returned to the alien ship, this time going inside. Short on room, but he managed the control panel by bending in places. Taking his laser, he cut through the control panel and removed an eighteen by twelve inch section. He took a bag from his pocket and slipped the eighteen by twelve inch piece into it. “This should be good for something,” he said to himself.

He came back out of vehicle, smiled and raised the bag up for his wife and Ana to see looking out the window. He climbed back into the vehicle, threw the bag into the back seat, turned the hovercraft and headed toward to Kansas City.

Elizabeth did not say anything for a few minutes. She waited until the craft leveled out and going one hundred and twenty miles an hour. Then she asked, “Is there a body in that bag?”

“No, it seems our friend has taken off on foot.” “Then what is in the bag?”

“The control panel, it should reveal something.”

The storm already upon them before they reached Kansas City. The winds, fierce, reaching over a hundred miles an hour in places. Jim had to slow the craft to keep control. He moved it into the city and looked for a place to hide his vehicle. He knew they would be coming to the UFO site when the storm lightened up. He did not want any surprises. He found a large underground parking structure under a downtown hotel, and moved slowly into it. He turned the craft to point it outward. He wanted a quick departure. Setting the vehicle down, he said, “This is it for a while. We have enough cell power for about six hours that we should conserve, meaning we should take advantage of the hotel.”

“It may be locked,” Elizabeth said.

“We’ll get in, but let’s move along before the full force of the front arrives.” Jumping from the vehicle, he pulled the bag out of the back seat and helped his wife down. Ana, already down, asked, “Can I look in the bag, daddy?”

“When we get inside, let’s go!” Leading the way, he took them to the front of the hotel. They found the door open. Jim looked at it realizing someone had recently used a laser on it. They may be having company. He knew only military personnel carried lasers. He removed his laser and entered the hotel. The floor, full of dust, had a set of footprints leading towards the huge hall.

He put his finger to his lips and pointed to reception desk. Elizabeth and Ana quickly moved behind it as Jim followed the footprints. The howl of the wind outside covered up any noise they made. Then on the couch ahead of him, he saw the alien. It appeared to be decomposing. In fact, he saw it decomposing in front of his eyes.

Coming in closer he could make out the features of the ‘Being’. Its laser lay on the floor beside him. Moving in quickly he moved the laser away from the alien. Looking at the laser, it appeared to be made out of a material he was not familiar with. He slipped it into his bag.

The alien, obviously dead, did not show any indication the missile had done this. Everything seemed to be intact. Its body made out of a strange metal had some fleshy parts in places. The flesh and metal seemed to blend, but the fleshy parts seemed to be decomposing rapidly.

Ana and Elizabeth came up slowly behind him and looked at the alien. “It looks like an android daddy,” Ana said softly.

“Certainly the larger portion of it is, but I wonder what made it deteriorate so fast?”

“Look at the tissue portion,” Elizabeth said. “It’s decomposing as I’m looking at it.

“Maybe it doesn’t like to breath our air,” Ana said.

“You are probably right,” Jim said, “And why they haven’t invaded us.”

“What are you going to do with him?” Elizabeth asked.

“The way he’s decomposing, I don’t think he will last long enough to take him back with us,” Jim said.

“Maybe you should bury him,” Elizabeth said. “He may have some foreign disease.”

“Or burn him!” Jim said.

“Do we have to watch?” Elizabeth asked.

“No, why don’t you go find us a room on the first floor.”

Elizabeth took Ana’s hand and started towards the first floor rooms.

“Wait! Wait!” Ana screamed, “I want to watch!”

“No you don’t!” Pulling her arm, she continued, “Now come along!”

Jim took several pictures with his phone before he started his laser working. He tried to preserve the metal portion of the body. It did not seem to be decomposing. When only the metal left, he shook it clean of ash, and dropped the parts in another black bag. He expected it to be heavy, but it felt light.

He thought about spending the night, but suddenly he had the urge they should be moving on while they had the cover of the storm. He had six hours of solar cell left. He should take advantage of it.

Going to the first room where his wife and Ana went, he entered and said, “It’s all done, but we have to go now. We’re too close to the UFO craft. We need more distance. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He turned and led them back to the hovercraft. The storm had picked up its intensity. Holding hands, they made it back to the garage with Jim carrying the two black bags.

They quickly climbed inside. Jim threw the two bags in the back seat and started the hovercraft. They slowly moved out into the storm and followed the Missouri River East staying low to the water where the wind was less. He cut his speed down to sixty miles an hour. What little sun that managed to get through the dark clouds did give the craft a few more hours of power.

He planned to follow the Mississippi River south to the tube station located there. This would allow him to stay low and avoid the radar. The storm would also make it difficult for them to tract him. The storm moving east would be following him to ensure his cover. It would take longer, then going cross-country, but it would be safer.

Captain Hood waited out the storm in the large country house. He came out of the house and noticed the buildup of ice on his hovercraft. He gave the door a light charge with his laser being careful not to seal the door and pulled the door open. It did not close properly after the laser melting. The metal bent slightly under the heat.

He climbed in ahead of his driver, and said,” Let’s go! We’ve wasted enough time.”

“Yes sir, the driver said. He banged hard on the door and the ice fell to the ground. He climbed in, and closed the door. He smiled knowing the Captain’s door remained ajar, and started the hovercraft.

Quickly up in the air and moving, six hours later, they spotted the UFO craft. The driver started to bring the craft down beside the UFO, when Captain Hood said, “Let’s park it back a bit.”

“Yes sir,” the driver said and brought the hovercraft down two hundred feet from the UFO. He asked, “Is this far enough, sir?”


About me

I have been writing for forty years and decide I would share some of my stories with others. Writing is always exciting for me as the drama unfolds.

Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
This is the first book of the series that carries the reader through events in this universe and events beyond this universe. The first book deals with the early life of Ana before she starts her adventures inside and outside this dimension.
Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
The book is called "Bodhi" meaning awakening. New philosophies are revealed in the chapters that are not yet accepted. Where do the aliens really come from? How do they disappear suddenly into thin air?
Q. What did you learn while writing this book?
The writing experience is a learning experience. When I write I have no idea where the story is going. I am always very excited to see where the story will take me.

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