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Chapter 1: Yes or No???

Sophie’s Perspective

We were sitting on the steps, I was looking at the Venus and Geoff was looking at me. The sun was passing through and pushing a lot of natural light in the area.

"Sophie," Geoff asked, looking at me.

"Yeah?" I asked distracted, working on the shadowing.

"I have a question," he said.

"I have no idea where her arms are," I replied absentmindedly. Almost done, I thought as I finished that last section.

"That's not my question," he said and then kneeled in front of me.

"Geoff?" I asked, realizing that he looked suspiciously like Kevin when he proposed to Heather on the Queen Mary.

"Sophie, could you stand for a minute?" Geoff asked. I got up reluctantly as a crowd of amused people gathered around us.

"Sophie, I fell in love with you on these steps," he started to say. "Even when we were apart, you were with me. I love you so much, I don't care if our home is London or Santa Barbara. I just want us to be together. I want it to be official."

I looked down into his eyes. My eyes started to get blurry and it wasn't the contacts I was currently sporting. "It couldn't be any more official then it already is," I reminded him quietly.

"I want it to be official in front of everyone, in the eyes of God and the law. Sophie, I want to marry you and make a life together. Will you marry me?" Geoff asked, pulling a small black box out of his pocket.

My heart stopped for a minute, the world was only us. "Yes, yes of course," I squeaked, as Geoff stood up and pulled me to him. There was applause from the amused on-lookers as we kissed.

"I love you, take me back to the hotel," I whispered in his ear as we broke to breathe.

Geoff grabbed my bag, sketchbook and pencils, and me. A few minutes later he flagged a cab and we were back at our hotel. Smiling, we walked through the lobby and entered the elevator. Once inside, we started to make out like teenagers. We had done that in the cab too, ignoring the driver who could have driven us across Paris for all we knew. Geoff had thrown some cash at the guy to calm any issues he might have had with any PDA. I hoped that there were no cameras in this elevator as we were getting pretty close to being indecent. My hand was dancing over his crotch, feeling his length as his fingers were circling my nipple.

We barely made into the room when Geoff pushed me against the door. He started to assault my neck, while pushing his hand up my shirt. His fingers started to graze my breast. I moaned and moved my hand back to his erection.

Geoff stopped me. "Uh-uh," he said looking at my confused expression, "legs on my waist."

I nodded too lost in lust to question his plans. Geoff carried me over and laid me down, giggling, on the bed. The giggles didn't last because he managed to get my jeans and panties off before he landed on the bed. Dude, I didn't even see how he did that so fast.

"You're going to stop giggling now," he said as he went down on me. His tongue making a lap around my labia, then my clit and then my entrance, teasing me inside.

"Geoff," I moaned, the giggling stopped for the time being. The pressure started to build up, especially when he added two fingers, and before I knew it I was flying.

"You stopped giggling," Geoff said, with a devilish smile. He prolonged my climax, coaxing it with his fingers.

"I had something better to do," I panted, looking down at him. "Love me?"

"With pleasure," he said climbing and settling between my legs. “I will love you forever."

After that, we laid back in bed, with my head on Geoff's chest and his arms around me. "You know I had a whole different proposal in mind," he said.

"Tell me about it," I asked, drawing circles on his chest.

"I had this whole thing planned out on the boat for tomorrow evening," he said, "but you looked so damn adorable on the stairs drawing. I was thinking back to that picture I have of you from that trip we took. I had to ask. Sorry about the fuck up."

I leaned on my elbow and looked in his eyes. "That would have been nice too," I told him sincerely, "but I love how you did it. It was perfect for me. I told you, I'm not Michelin stars. I'm picnics on the beach."

"You deserve Michelin stars," Geoff said pushing my hair from eyes. "But I'm glad you loved it."

"Thank you," I told him, glad he wasn't getting moody. "Do you want a big wedding? If you do, that's fine. I know you have a lot of friends and business associates."

"Don't be ridiculous. I just want to be married to you. I told you before, whether it's Vegas or Westminster Abbey, it's about us," Geoff told me, bringing me up for a kiss.

"Any preferences?" I asked, thinking maybe a beach wedding back home would be nice or maybe his parents' garden.

"Only one – I would like my grandfather to perform the ceremony.”

"Any special rules for me?" I asked, not knowing the ins and outs of marrying in the Anglican Church.

"None as long as you're marrying me," he replied with a wolfish grin. "Seriously, I don't think so, but I’ll check with my grandfather just to be on the safe side."

"I'm totally fine with that," I said since I wasn’t religious at all. "I guess the only question is do you think your parents would let us use their garden for a small wedding, fifty people tops?"

"I think my mother would love that," he said, pulling me back to him. "How about next spring? I don't want a long engagement."

"A year works for me," I answered, getting on top of him.

Our bliss was short lived. A few hours after our engagement, we got a call from Imogen who told us Rev. Carmichael had a heart attack. We were on the first train back to England. This one event would spark changes we hadn't even contemplated.

Chapter 2: Maybe I should walk down the aisle to the Jaws theme song…

Sophie’s Perspective

It was a scary week between worrying about Linus and trying to comfort Ethel. She was petrified about her husband’s health.

When we arrived from Paris, we met up with the family in the King George's Hospital surgical waiting room. Everyone was waiting for Rev. Carmichael to have his bypass surgery done. I hated hospitals, especially since Dan had died.

"He'll be fine," I told Geoff, stroking his hand. I hoped I hadn't just lied to him.

"Good Lord! Is that Grandma Livingstone's ring?" Imogen asked, catching sight of my hand.

With all the excitement, we hadn't told the family about our engagement. Emma jumped up from where she was sitting. Damian was at the office and was spared the whole squealing bit that followed.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she screamed running over to see the ring on my finger. "How, when!"

"Jesus, Emma, calm down," Geoff hissed looking at the small group of people staring at Emma.

"Tell me," she demanded ignoring her brother.

"Please do dear, it would be nice to have something to break this dreary mood," Mrs. Carmichael said, putting down her knitting.

"We got engaged over the weekend," I told them, turning beet red.

"How did he did do it?" Emma squealed.

"Why don't we talk about it later, Dr. Masen is coming out," Duncan told his daughter, effectively killing her mania.

Dr. Masen informed us that Rev. Carmichael would be fine but needed to rest. We could see him the next day, but right now only Duncan and Ethel were allowed to see him. Imogen suggested that we have lunch since none of us had eaten all day and allow the Carmichaels some time together. Damian met us at the restaurant across the street.

Emma bounced over to him and pointed out my left hand. "Sophie, you hooked Geoff, eh," Damian said in that smug way of his.

"Yup, forever," Geoff said kissing my temple, repelling my anti-Damian thoughts.

The lunch was spent with Damian shaking his head and winking at me like we were at a strip club and Emma demanding that we have a wedding the same size as hers. Given that her grandfather just had major surgery and Geoff and I were exhausted from our whirlwind trip, we blew her off.

"You can't be serious Sophie. You have to want a large wedding. Every girl dreams of a large wedding," Emma insisted.

"Emma, enough," Imogen said. "It’s their decision. My only requirement, children, is that I'm there."

"I'm sure my mom feels the same way," I said, smiling at her gratefully.

"Well, ok. At least let me help you plan this very simple wedding," Emma pleaded with us.

Geoff nodded noncommittally. He looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was extremely close with his grandfather and he looked exhausted.

"You ready for home, babe," I asked quietly as the waitress came with the bill.

Geoff nodded. "Yeah, I need some sleep," he told me ruefully. I knew what he was thinking. We hadn't slept that much thinking we could sleep in the next day. Imogen's call came in at 5:00 am and we made back to London by 9:00 am for the surgery. Not to mention the stress. We were operating on minimal sleep.

"We're going home to get some rest," I told Imogen.

Imogen nodded. "We're not going to be able to see Linus until tomorrow," she said, "Get some sleep, darlings. I'm so proud of you, Geoff."

We got up promising to call later and grabbed a cab back to my place. It was closer to the hospital. "I love these stars you have here," he said looking at the ceiling from my bed, eyeing the cheap vinyl I had put on in a whim when I moved in. He touched them, the ceiling being low enough on the loft bed for his long arms to touch.

"What's on your mind? Your grandfather?" I asked quietly as I snuggled to him.

"It's one of the things," he admitted. "Sophie, I know we’re talking about next spring but how would you feel about getting married this summer?"

"I could be talked into it but why the hurry?"

"I know how crazy this sounds, but I keep thinking of my grandfather dying. I want him to be there for my wedding. He was there for me when everything went south at Dowsford."

Given what I went through with my father, I could understand. Truth was, earlier when Emma spoke about the wedding of my dreams that included Dan walking me down the aisle. Of course when I had been five, and the aisle march had been to the Smurfs’ theme music. When I was a teenager, it was “It smells like Teen Spirit” being played live by Nirvana. Now neither was possible.

"When would you like to do it? This fall?" I asked.

"How about August," he replied.

"Okay, August," I agreed. "How about 18th? We could take a trip back home for our honeymoon."

"Deal, Emma is going to have a fit," Geoff smirked.

"Probably," I replied as I drifted off.

As it turned out getting married in three months was the best idea Geoff ever had. After Emma and Mrs. Livingstone got over the initial shock, they both agreed a large wedding was out of the question. Imogen agreed to let us have the wedding at their country home. Mary got in on the planning action and we were able to pull together a small private wedding. The only bummer was that Lucy was going away. Her husband got an assignment to work in China for a year and they were moving in July.

My other friends were going to fly out for the ceremony. We all agreed to have dinner in London instead of a traditional bachelor/bachelorette party. Given the size of the wedding we chose to minimize everything. There would be no attendants and I was going to walk myself down the aisle. That was a point of contention with Mary who thought for some reason that Bruce should have that honor.

My future in-laws were also not thrilled with my intention to keep my name and hyphenate it. To be honest, I had never thought of that before since the idea of getting married was so far from my psyche. Now that it was here, I couldn't fathom giving up my maiden name. I had been Sophie Walker for almost 27 years.

Granted, I wanted that connection with Geoff that sharing a name brought, but I also didn't want to lose my past. There was the fact that all my degrees had my maiden name on them, not to mention, all my legal paperwork, including my work visa. Being a Walker-Carmichael frankly made practical sense. I could be a Walker professionally and a Carmichael privately. Since Geoff was okay with it and made it very clear to his family, I thought that would be the end of it.

Hah, hah, hah, I forgot that I was marrying into the land of passive-aggression. One Saturday morning a few weeks before the wedding, I was packing my apartment up so I could move in with Geoff. My other condition for getting married was that I would not move into the Geoff/Kelly love nest, so we spent the better part of two months looking for a new place. We found one magically after Imogen stepped in to help.

"Sophie," Samantha buzzed me on the phone, "Imogen Carmichael is on the phone."

I groaned internally wondering if I was about to get a repeat of last night's name fiasco. My in-laws hadn't taken the news well. "I'll take it," I said, taking a deep breath and looked at the line. It lit up, "Imogen?"

"Sophie darling, I'm so glad you took the call. I found it dear, the perfect place for you and Geoff," she squealed. "You have to come see this."

"Ok, I'm game," I told her, checking my calendar, which showed no other appointments. Geoff and I couldn't find anything we could agree on without going out of our price range. Correction – my price range. I wanted to be an equal partner with Geoff on this, not moving into something he could buy with his trust fund.

"Brilliant! I'm coming to your building," she said. "I should be there in 15 minutes."

"See you then," I said hanging up the phone and then buzzing my assistant to let her know I was leaving for the day.

Imogen's car pulled up and I got in the back with her. "My friend’s mother just passed away, God rest her soul. Her children have grown and she wants to downsize. She lives in semi-detached in Primrose Hill. "

Imogen passed me the folder. The price was definitely right and I wouldn't have to sell my house in California to afford it. It had a small backyard and a parking space. Since I was committing to be in the UK for the time being I wanted to get a car. Not having one was driving me crazy. The inside looked a little drab and there were definite repairs needed, but once I walked inside I fell in love. Geoff met me there a few minutes later and declared we found a winner. We put an offer on the spot. Lex who was in between moves himself offered to come to help with the repairs, so we could get it livable by our wedding date.

Lex was crashing in my apartment while I stayed at Geoff's. I was packing up boxes when my doorbell rang. I figured it was Lex who forgot his keys again. "You know, jackass, I gave you those keys for a reason," I said, hitting the buzzer.

"Dear, it's Miranda and Ethel," Mrs. Carmichael said into the intercom after a moment.

Oh God, I moaned internally. "Please come in, but Geoff isn't here, he is playing squash with a friend," I explained. Then kicked myself mentally. I just reminded my future, conservative in-laws that we were living in sin.

"That's okay dear, we just wanted to speak with you about a couple of ideas we had for the ceremony," she replied after a pause. Since Rev. Carmichael had been released, Mrs. Carmichael had become obsessed about the wedding as well.

"No problem," I replied, hitting the buzzer again.

They walked into my small studio littered with boxes while I was running around making spaces for them. For a moment I wondered how I had accumulated so many things in a short amount of time.

"I'm so sorry, I've been trying to get everything done before the wedding," I explained. "May I offer you coffee or tea?"

Mrs. Livingstone looked distressed and Mrs. Carmichael looked amused. "That's alright dear," Mrs. Livingstone said sitting down, "I don’t want you to have to unpack anything. Please have a seat."

"Okay," I muttered grabbing the spare chair, "how can I help you ladies?"

Just as Mrs. Carmichael was planning to speak, Lex barged into the apartment looking like Dan Akroyd from that old SNL sketch where he played the dude with plumber's crack.

"Sophie, when the fuck are you going to move some of this sh-," he stopped when he saw I wasn't alone.

If Dan had been alive he would have died laughing before hitting Lex behind the head. "Lex, these are Geoff's grandparents, Mrs. Ethel Carmichael and Mrs. Miranda Livingstone," I replied ready to kill him.

"My apologies, ladies," Lex said, changing tracks and bringing out the charm, "I'm Alexander Decker. Sophie and I have been friends since we were in diapers. I apologize for my earlier behavior. Please call me Lex."

"Yes, the American musician," Mrs. Livingstone said, raising an eyebrow. I could read that old woman's mind, I didn't need Dan for that one. She was praising Jesus that Emma was already married, maybe to a complete tool but at least a tool who resided in the UK and no longer sported a ponytail. Damian had cut off his ponytail before the wedding and never regrew it to Emma's relief.

"Yes ma'am," Lex said, "There is no food in here, let me run down to the coffee shop downstairs and I'll get you all some breakfast."

Bastard, I thought, he was going to leave me alone with this. "That would be lovely, Lex," Mrs. Carmichael said, "And it's Ethel, dear. I would love a cup of coffee with cream and sugar."

"It's still Mrs. Livingstone, Mr. Decker, but I will take some coffee but black," Mrs. Livingstone told him getting her cigarette holder out and lighting up.

Lex's eyes bulged, but he opened the window for me before he left. "So, where were we?" Mrs. Livingstone said, looking around. "Sophie, darling, Ethel and I wanted to talk to you about why you are keeping your maiden name."

Fuck, I groaned internally. "Sophie, I know that today young people are choosing different paths then we did," Mrs. Livingstone started, "but taking your husband's name shows commitment to the family. That's why I didn't complain when Imogen opted to take Duncan's name."

There was a difference, I thought, Duncan had an issue with it and Geoff didn't. "Miranda, Ethel, professionally I'm known as Sophia Walker. All my degrees and licensures are under that name," I replied calmly, terminally annoyed with this discussion.

"Well, dear, once you ,have a baby you're going to want to quit working. Geoff makes more than enough," Mrs. Livingstone said, puffing on her cigarette. "The licensures won't be necessary."

Over my dead body, both Dan and Mary whispered in my mind. If I learned one thing from Mary was never depend on a man to provide for you. Dan sent me 5000 miles away for the best education possible so I wouldn't have to depend on anyone.

"Baby steps, Miranda," Mrs. Carmichael replied, patting Mrs. Livingstone's leg. "We're starting with the last name."

"Ethel, Miranda," I started to say very carefully, "I have reasons for wanting to hyphenate my name, both professionally and personally. It was the first thing my dad gave me. He's not here to give me away and that in itself is making this very difficult for me to do. He's not going to see my kids, who will have Geoff's last name. Now, this wedding can be a joyous occasion that we spend the next six weeks planning, including shopping for a wedding dress or we could argue about my last name."

That seemed to take the wind out of their sails. Mrs. Carmichael was about to say something when Geoff walked in, sweaty from his squash game, with Lex behind him. I had a feeling Lex called him. I could have kissed them both.

Geoff looked pissed. "Gran, Grandmother, you are both not bothering Sophie about that name nonsense again, are you?" he demanded, "I told you already it's between me and her and I'm fine with what we decided." Both women shrunk in their chairs. They knew they had overstepped their boundaries.

"Actually, we were talking about great-grandchildren," I replied, getting up to hug him. Both of the ladies looked at me with gratitude.

"Really," Geoff said, not buying it. Lex was snickering, he didn't buy it either.

"We were talking about how you and I want to start a family soon," I said, smiling at him.

That got both women beaming.

After that incident, both families backed off my name and other wedding issues like having a larger guest list. As a peace offering to everyone, including my mom, I decided to get my wedding dress in New York. It was midway for everyone and the store Emma found had locations in London so I could get the alterations done there.

It was a little awkward at first since my mother hadn't seen Emma or Imogen since my disastrous art show in school, but Heather and Jill worked their magic and we had a great weekend, with the exception of the meringue dresses Mrs. Livingstone thought I should get. They were high neck Victorians that looked something out of Little House on the Prairie.

As bad as they were, nothing topped Mary's pick. A lacy number that looked like something out of Madonna's Material Girl era. Emma, Jill, and Heather actually found the dress. It was an ivory dress shaped like an inverted Calla Lily. It had an A-line skirt and a lace overlay. It was perfect, not too fancy but elegant. Mary saw my face and plunked down a credit card on the spot.

"Mom," I protested as the sales clerk wrote up the order.

"Hush Sophie," she said, "You're saving me the expense of the wedding. The least I can do is buy your dress." Geoff and I were paying for the wedding ourselves.

"Thanks," I replied as we hugged. That gesture meant a lot more than either of us could express.

Emma was still not pregnant. She was trying to remain positive, but it was obvious she was becoming more depressed. She had her period right before the trip and spent most of the plane ride in the bathroom with me, crying. Emma tried to remain upbeat, but it was getting worse. She refused to see a counselor also, no matter how much I pleaded with her. I tried talking to Damian about getting her to see a counselor, but I would have had more success talking to a chimp.

We were moving into our place when I attempted to talk to him about it.

We were in the new kitchen and I was directing Lex and Damian on where some boxes needed to go. "Damian do you have a sec?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," he said surprised. I couldn't blame him since I don't think he or I ever had a private talk.

We walked over to the backyard. "Do you mind?" he asked, lighting up a cigarette.

"Uh – no, go ahead," I told him.

"This place is nice," he said, "you know Duncan and Imogen would have gotten you a place closer to them if you asked."

"This place fits me fine," I replied, knowing that my future in-laws had helped them finance their loft in Soho. I loved Duncan and Imogen, but I didn't want to be indebted to them.

He nodded and continued puffing. "So, what's up Sophie?" Damian asked.

I took a deep breath aware of how much I was sounding like a busybody. "I'm worried about Emma," I told him.

He frowned. "Why?" Damian asked like I was crazy.

"She seems really depressed about not getting pregnant," I explained. "She’s acting like I did when I lost my dad."

Damian looked at me like I was a child asking him about Santa. "Sophie, I'm sure you went through a hard time with your father, but Emma is different. She's fine," he replied.

I took a deep breath and said, "Damian, she is not fine. Every time I talk to her about it, she blows me off."

"And that should tell you everything you need to know," he retorted coldly, no longer smiling. "It's none of your business. Drop it or I'll bring this conversation up to Emma."

And with that he ended the discussion and went back into the house. Lex came out a couple of minutes later. "That asshole is a grade A prick," he said, putting his arm on me.

"You're telling me," I replied, "And I'm about to be related to the fucker. Lex, am I blowing this out of proportion?"

"No, you're not, but Damian was right about one thing. This isn't your business. Emma is going to have to fix this herself," he said sadly.

Damian didn't bring it up nor did Emma. If she knew about our conversation, she ignored it. Either way he was back to being his smarmy self the next day after he stormed out of my backyard. Somehow I didn't think this would be the end of it.

Chapter 3: And Geoff gave her something new…

Sophie’s Perspective

The week before the wedding, I came down with a bug where I threw up at the oddest times of the day. I couldn't shake it and I didn't have time to get to a doctor. The day before the wedding, we had the rehearsal dinner and I thought I had finally beaten it as I hadn't thrown up all day. I should never bet against Murphy’s Law. At 5:30 I was getting ready for the rehearsal dinner when the nausea kicked in.

"Sophie?” Heather asked, knocking on the door.

"Just a second," I croaked feeling miserable. I could only hope that the sickness would leave me soon.

Heather and Jill walked into the bathroom once I stopped heaving. "Sophie, sweetie, I am going to ask you a question," Jill said gently, "Are you pregnant?"

"What! You’re kidding," I barked laughing.

"You’ve been sick a lot in the last couple of days," Heather said, looking at my midsection.

"You two are hilarious. There is no possible way that I could be pregnant. It's a virus or a bug or food poisoning or something," I replied brushing my teeth.

"Food poisoning doesn't last a week," Heather retorted dryly, "When was your last period?"

"It was –" I started to say and remembered that there was a box of tampons in my medicine cabinet that I never opened last month. Doing the math in my head, I realized it was right before we left for Paris.

I switched pill types before the trip since my insurance started to charge more for the brand name over the generic ones. Geoff's grandfather had been in the hospital when I was supposed to start taking them and I had forgotten the first couple. We had stopped using condoms a long time ago. If I was pregnant, this baby was conceived the night we got engaged or when we set our date.

It was a small chance, but it was there. "How the fuck could I be so stupid," I moaned into my hands.

"It's possible?" Jill asked gently.

"It's possible," I admitted then moaned. "Oh shit, Geoff and Emma are going to kill me."

"You're getting married tomorrow and Geoff is over the moon with you," Jill replied. "Emma will have to get used to the idea."

"Excuse me, but why would Emma be upset," Heather asked confused. I hadn't told her about Emma's fertility issues.

"She's trying to have a baby," Jill explained but then turned to me. "But if you are, she should be happy for you."

"Ah," Heather replied, "Well, this could be a lot to do about nothing. Sophie, you need to take a test."

"And if it's positive?" I asked, feeling awful, not because of my supposed pregnancy.

"If it's positive, no alcohol for you in the foreseeable future, but you’ll get a baby in nine months," Jill said in her ever present matter of fact voice. "And if Geoff acts like an ass, David will kill him."

"I'll get a test while you plot the assassination," Heather deadpanned, "See you in a few"

"Jill, can you get Geoff?" I asked suddenly. If I was pregnant, Geoff should be the first to know.

"Sure," she said understanding, "you want him here?"

"If I am pregnant he should be the first to know," I explained.

"You're right," Jill replied and then got this evil smirk on her face. "And if he acts like an asshole I can kill him on the spot."

"Funny," I told her dryly, remember how excited David had been when Jill finally got pregnant. I was petrified, thinking of Geoff's reaction. Sure, we had talked about children and when we wanted them, but in a year or two. We wanted some time to enjoy together as a married couple. For a moment, I remembered how sick Geoff looked when he told me that Kelly was pregnant. I had a vision of him ordering me away like he had in high school.

Heather came back a couple of minutes later. "Here you go," she said, giving me a bag with a couple of boxes.

"Two?" I asked.

"You want to be sure," Heather replied seriously.

I shrugged my shoulders and figured that she knew what she was talking about. She used five to confirm Sebastian. "Did you call Geoff?" I asked, feeling sick again.

"I texted David, he's coming right now," Jill said, handing a paper cup.

"What's this for?" I asked dumbly.

"For you to pee in," she said, "You don't want to pee on yourself or drop it in the toilet and need a new one."

"Oh," I replied, never thinking about the messiness of this. Which was ridiculous since I had been there each time Heather or Jill had taken this test.

"Don't worry Sophie, Geoff is going to be thrilled," Heather told me, patting my hand. "If not, Lex and Kevin get to beat him up and you come home to Goleta and raise the baby with us."

"Oh yeah, real simple," I replied wringing my hands, wishing I had remembered condoms that night.

I had to laugh at the irony as flashes of Emma and Heather's teen pregnancy scares flashed through my mind. Here I was, the last of my friends to have sex, a virgin into my twenties, I had been on birth control since I was 16, never had sex without a condom until I was with Geoff. One freaking time without one and I was the first one of my friends to go down the aisle knocked up. "You play, you pay, honey," Dan's voice reminded me.

A knock on my door broke my trip down memory lane. "Ladies," Geoff said, looking at us on the floor, "what is so fascinating about the floor?"

"We'll let Sophie tell you," Heather said. "Come on Jill."

Geoff sat down with me, concerned. "Sophie, what's the matter darling?" he asked.

"Geoff, do you remember the night we decided on our wedding date," I asked quietly.

"Of course, in your loft, looking at those cheap stars, why," he said.

"I'm late," I answered quietly.

"I'm not following," Geoff said confused.

"Geoff, we didn't use a condom and I forgot a couple of pills," I said cringing internally, waiting for his explosion.

Geoff looked at me for a minute, registering my meaning and a huge grin broke out. "You mean you're pregnant?" he asked, excited.

"I'm not sure. Heather bought the tests and they're in the bathroom, but I wanted you to be the first to know."

"This is brilliant!" he shouted, kissing me, then stepped back. "Are you not happy?"

"I was more worried about you and your reaction," I replied, my eyes getting wet.

"My darling, I told you before. I want a family with you. Sure it's a little earlier than we thought, but who cares," Geoff said.


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