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First pages

Chapter 1

Sam Dunkin was a well known writer. He stood six foot three inches and weighed in at 210 pounds. His shoulders were broad and sturdy. He fashioned his straight and dark-brown hair hanging along the nape of his neck. Sam’s bronzed complexion along with his deep-set eyes casted an air of mystical charm. Indeed Sam had his entire life ahead of him, but events caused Sam to fall into a deep depression.

While driving down Hollywood Boulevard Sam struggled with the memory of the death of his only child Jason. He often took long drives when thinking of Jason. Primarily drinking seemed to help but often led to periods of emotional grief and sorrow. Sam realized that he had been drinking too much but drinking helped him to forget. While driving Sam sensed that there was something strange about the day. Sam did not concerned himself with his strange feelings—he just kept his mind stayed on Jason. Sam reflected on that horrible afternoon, four years before, when he took his nine-

year-old son to the circus as a birthday gift.

The Recollection


Jason loved the circus. It was his first time to visiting one. Jason said it was just like what he saw on TV. After the circus Sam stopped to pick up supplies for his new book. The only parking space available was on the opposite side of the street. Jason was tired so he waited in the Jeep while Sam headed for the store. Sam hesitated, stopped in his tracks and thought about leaving Jason in the car unsupervised. It won’t be the first time that Jason had waited for Sam alone in the Jeep; beside Sam felt that he would have a good view from the store.

“Jason, you can stay here in the Jeep until I return.”

Jason was a jolly kid and he jumped up and down and said,

“Okay daddies.”

Jason called his parents ‘daddies’ and ‘mummies’ as he liked teasing them. Sam and his wife—Christina—loved it when Jason addressed them as such; they knew he was teasing. Jason had red straight hair—as his mother—. Sam loved it when Jason would look up at him and how his hair would fall neatly on his brow. His light blue eyes were very much alive. Certainly he inherited his looks from his mom. Sam thought. Jason had a birthmark on his right index finger that appeared to have been a discolored mole. He would joke about the birthmark pretending to have chicken-pots. Jason had been wearing a red baseball cap; he never left home without his red baseball cap. Sam sighed as he reminisced on.

“I’ll be back son.”

Sam was well aware of how Christina unapproved of leaving Jason in the Jeep alone. However, Sam had seen no harm in it— besides—Sam felt that Jason was old enough. Sam left for the book supply store. While in line to pay for supplies Sam thought of how long it might take him to finish his book. The store clerk interrupted his thoughts by saying in a loud voice to the customer who was standing in front of Sam.

“Thanks and please come again.”

The store was crowded with people shopping and browsing as the store clerk casually, out of habit, glanced out the window. Sam could see Jason from the jeep waving to him. Sam waved back. As Sam moved up in line, he could only see the rear end of the Jeep. Just as Sam began to back-up to take another look at

his son, the store clerk eagerly shouted,

”Next please!”

“I’ll take this please,” said Sam.

”Will this be all?

“Yes, thank you.”

While Sam checked his pockets for cash, the store clerk suddenly noticed something occurring outside the store and he said,

“Wow! What’s going on out there? People are running and scramming all over the place.”


People began racing toward the front of the store to see what all the commotion was. Sam was alarmed for Jason and began pushing through the crowd while trying to get out of the store. He had a strong feeling that it was relate to Jason. Sam’s heart raced as he dashed out the store. Jason was not in the Jeep and Sam yelled, “Jason! Where are you son?”

“Daddy help!”

Sam quickly turned, but he could not see his son. A chubby

woman pointed in the opposite direction of Sam, saying in a loud and irritating voice,

“There, that man has taken your son.”

“What? Where, what man has taken my son?”

Jason called out to his father again, but in all confusion, Sam could not ascertain the location of the call. The woman said while still pointing,

“There! Over there!”

Sam ran in the direction of the pointing woman. Sam yelled, “Stop!”

Sam raced toward his son, but the strange man who was carrying Jason over his shoulder ran faster. Jason looked up and saw his father coming for him. He held his hand out while calling out to his father once more.

“Help me Daddy!”

The strange man turned the corner into a vacant alleyway. There was only one way in and one way out. When Sam arrived at that very same corner he was astonished to see a vacant alley; both Jason and the strange man were gone.

“Jason—Jason, where are you son?”

With perspiration pouring from Sam's face he observed the alleyway. There were trashcans stacked on top of one another. Graffiti in bright colors displayed the concrete walls, but there were no sign of the strange man or Jason. Sam thought that he had heard Jason calling out to him—but this time—the call was very faint with an echo fading away in distance,

”daaaady, daaaaaady,”

Sam witnessed on the left-hand side of the alleyway cones of light; once again Sam thought he had heard his son cried-out,


Sam ran to the wall punching, kicking and hoping that the wall would open up somehow while shouting,

“Jason—Jason, where are you son? Jason my son.”

Tears traveled down Sam’s face as he gasped for breath. The sounds of sirens louder by the second and soon red, yellow, and blue neon lights swapped the area. By the time the police had arrived, Sam was repeatedly saying,

“I saw them come in this alleyway. Where did they go?”

Sam slowly backed up against the concrete wall and slowly slid onto his buttocks weeping for Jason and staring at the graffiti walls.

Christina hysterically cried, argued, argued, and cried as she

walked the floor back and forth. Christina was at best a charming woman. She had come from a wealthy family. A father well known for being the best cosmetic surgeon on the West coast. She flourished her straight—shoulder-length—red hair back and off of her face into a bun. Although Sam had loved her at one time, after the disappearance of Jason, Sam realized that he had come to love her for who she was and that was Jason’s mother and nothing more.

Sam was a devoted husband and infidelity had never crossed his mind but he believed that it had crossed Christina's mind more than not. But it didn’t matter anymore. He was no longer in love with her.

It was Sam’s first successful book and Christina knew that he would be even more of a success. Martin Novak, Christina’s father, had introduced Christina to Sam at the request of Christina. She desired Sam and she knew that she would have him. Sam was only twenty years old and just starting his life. While Christina was ten years his senior. Christina promised herself to marry and have a family before she reached her 35th birthday. She saw to it that Sam married her one-year after introduction. Although Christina was in a hurry to become a mother, it took them five years before they became parents after marriage.

Christina nervously paced the floor back and forth crying and arguing with Sam about leaving Jason in the Jeep alone.

“It was only for a couple of minutes. I am so sorry! He's my

son too. Don’t worry. We’ll find him.”


“Who is this man and what does he want with our son? Why

our son Sam? Is it money he wants? Then give it to him, just don’t let him hurt my baby.”


“I don’t know what he wants Christina. We will find him. Don’t

worry. We will find him,”


Sam said nervously as he watched Christina's behavior. Christina appeared more nervous than frightened and even seemed to be a bit secretive as though she was hiding something. Sam thought.

Two weeks had expired since the abduction of Jason and Sam called the detective working on the case, Detective Hackman, because Sam had received upsetting information of Jason. Detective Hackman was a man of fifty-five and had been working on the Dunkin’s case from the beginning. He had a thick mustache and bushy eyebrows. His hair was of mixed gray, and he walked with a limp from an old bullet injury. Detective Frank Lewis was a twenty-five-year-old, clean-cut rookie who worked with Hackman. It was Lewis’ first day as Detective Hackman’s partner and very honored to work with him. Lewis admired Hackman as did everyone in the department because he was fair and always got his man or woman. Detective Hackman rang the doorbell to the Dunkin’s estate.

The Dunkin’s estate was a French Colonial with a large walled garden that grew trailing fuchsias and deep pink ivy-leafs. The large living room was airy and had traditional furnishings. The four spaced garage held four automobiles each. A blue Cherokee Jeep in which Sam drove and a red Cherokee Jeep in which Christina barely drove. There were also a white Lexus and a navy blue BMW that belonged to Christina that was gifts from daddy. The housekeeper had the day off so Sam sadly and nervously answered the door.

“Come in Detectives please,” Sam said with regret,

”Christina is troubled so the Doctor sedated her. The shock of this morning's mail was to much for her to bear.”


“I understand,” said Detective Hackman.


“Mr. Dunkin this is my partner Detective Lewis who will be working on your sons’ case along with myself.”


Detective Lewis extended his hand and said,

“Hello Mr. Dunkin.”

There was no responds from Sam instead he walked over toward the arch between the dining room and the living room in a daze with one finger in his mouth. His head hung down as if he was in deep thought. Nervously he walked back and forth between the arches. Detective Lewis said,

“Mr. Dunkin I can only speculate how you must feel, but I need to see what you received in the mail today.”


Working with detective Lewis for just two days and the first time on the case, Detective Hackman grew fond of the young Detective. He admired the way he was conducting the investigation. In the corner of the room was a gray and white marble table that set a medium-size white box. Sam walked over toward the table with both his hands shaking and picked up the box. He passed the box to Detective Lewis. Detective Lewis opened the box and slowly took out a very small object. The object was of a small child’s index finger. Detective Lewis said without displaying any emotion,

“Mr. Dunkin is this your sons’ finger?”

“Yes,” Sam said nervously as he shuddered.

“And how do you know this Mr. Dunkin?”

Sam paced the floor and said,

”Because of the birthmark on the finger.”

With shaking hands and teary eyes that he tried very hard to suppress, Sam continued,

“Yes, it is my sons’...” Sam was choked up; he could barely pronounce his words, but after clearing his throat, he repeated,

“Yes, its my son’s finger.”

Sam walked over toward Detective Lewis and reached for the box and said,

“It also contains another object.”

Sam took out a red cap and said with tears falling from his face,

”This is my sons’ red baseball cap.”

There was silence in the room. Sam examined the contents for the

hundredth time. Detective Hackman said,

”Mr. Dunkin this does not necessarily mean that your son is...” “What—Dead!”

Detective Hackman stared at Sam attempting to console while extending his hand toward the box. Sam hesitated at first and then he gave the box over to Detective Hackman. Detective Hackman said,

“We are going to have to hold onto this for evidence.”

“Sure of course.”

Detective Hackman glanced over at Lewis and both men walked toward the door and Detective Hackman said,

“I’m so sorry Mr. Dunkin. We are doing our best and everything possible in trying to find your son. If we hear anything we will not hesitate to call you right away.”


Detectives’ Hackman and Lewis left the house. Sam settled in his preferred chair and softly repeated to himself over and over,

“My son is dead my son is dead.”

From that day on there weren’t any other contacts; never a ransom note or a telephone call from the kidnapper. Sam and Christina agreed to separate and then eventually divorce the same year of Jason’s abduction.

Sam hits a bump in the road and breaks his concentration of reminiscing and he becomes excited and shouts aloud,

“That’s it, it’s Jason’s birthday today, June 24th.”

If Jason had lived, he would have been 13-years old today. Sam thought. Sam is excited about Jason’s birthday and at the same time sad for his death.

“Yeah,” Sam sighed, “it was a day like today.”

The drive began to agitated Sam so he headed home, parked the jeep and sat in his preferred chair. Sam, now depressed, said aloud,

“Bacardi-old-buddy, I need you!”

Sam had a bottle of Rum, and or a shot of Scotch, every day—even though he knew that after sobering up he would feel even worst. Nonetheless, Sam got smashed and had been for four long years. However, on this particular day, Sam decided to go to Mexico. He felt a change of scenery might be just what he needed. He even believed that he might finish his book in Mexico. Sam

already a wealthy man did not write for the money. Writing relaxed

Sam and gave him a sense of self worth. I felt compelled to go to Mexico, Sam thought, hoping there in Mexico, he would again restore his self worth—and maybe in time forget his life in California. Sam packed a bag and took a train to Mexico. He would be doing too much drinking to drive himself.

Christina met Alexander, who at times reside in Manhattan, three years before marrying Sam. Christina’s father gave one of his famous dinner parties. Deldia wanted so much to attend. She loved the glamorous and wealthy party life. She was beautiful when she entered the room. She turned every head. She wore a black, short, silk dress with spaghetti straps. Her straight-golden-blonde hair reached all the way down to the hem of her garment. She wore it all back and off her face hanging long. She stood five foot one inch and weighed in 100 pounds. Deldia, a proud woman who walked with her head uplifted as if she was a goddess. Her complexion was flawless, but strange. Her eyes were large and pale-green in color. They were as if looking into a warm and green forest on a sunny spring morning. They were hypnotic eyes. She appeared to have been a young woman of twenty-five without exaggeration. Alexander did not wanted to attend the party. He was not fond of the social life, but as usual, he wanted to please his mother; he agreed to take her if she would agree to wear his favorite color, which is black. Deldia agreed and he accompanied his mother to the dinner party. Although Alexander did not like socializing, he loved dressing up for the occasion and smelling good was his way of manipulating the masses. Alexander was handsome in a designer’s turtleneck and a velvet trimmed black on black wool-tuxedo. His scent was of $2,000 fragrance that he had purchased while on one of his travels in Paris. He stands at a statuette six foot four inches and weighs in on 200 pounds. His hair is of a golden-blonde as his mother's and his eyes were also as his mother' a pale-green. He kept his hair crew cut short. His face appeared a baby smooth. He has arch eyebrows and a medium dented nose with full lips and a dimpled chain. He was will-build and very sexy as well as charming. He, like his mother, has a hypnotic facade. Indeed this was a unusual group of people in both appearance and power. Although Alexander was eager, however nonchalant in his character, while standing in a corner talking with a beautiful brunette who was wearing a sexy white outfit he desired to have her. Nonetheless, he remembered distinctly what Deldia had advised—not to take up with anyone at the party. She had explained that if any of the guests were to go missing that it would easily traced back to him.

From across the room, Christina noticed Alexander as he conversed with the brunette and Alexander noticed Christina noticing him. Alexander was young and impressive. Christina was most elegant in her light green, silk dress that complimented her figure. She displayed her red shoulder-length hair flowing as she walked towards Alexander very, very slowly enjoying his attention. Her hips slowly swayed back and forth, as she moved closer and closer and she said in a seductive whisper,

”My name is Christina.”

Alexander was stunned and he said,

”And my name is Alexander VanFuhr.”

Neither Christina nor Alexander gave regards to the other woman. The brunette glanced at Christina and then up at Alexander and without saying a word she turned and walked away. Alexander took Christina’s hand, kissed it, and said in a sexy, but egotistical


”Your dress is lovely, it compliments ‘My' eyes.”

Christina thought of how gorgeous Alexander was. The black on black apparel along with his golden-blonde hair and green eyes had certainly made him stand out from all the rest. Christina looked down at her pale green dress and she said,

”Why yes, it does and surely you do have lovely eyes.”

They both stood staring at one another.

Christina was forty-one-years old when she met Alexander and Alexander was just turning twenty-one. In the first month of their relationship, Christina learned of Alexander’s telekinetic powers. Now divorced from Sam, she was at first, amazed, and then with time, she became fearful as she realized Alexander was entirely unstable. After the first four months of their relationship, Christina wanted out, but Alexander became upset and rebelled against it. He became dangerously aggressive and Christina did not contest the relationship fear of Alexander. He was so dangerous that his sister Araina, would watch the news of victimized women only in fear of her brother being the perpetrator.

There had been times when Christina would not hear from Alexander months at a time. Alexander would send for her by texting or by telephone whenever the mood stuck him too. On this, particular day the mood struck and unaware of her being divorced from Sam, Alexander texted her. After awhile with no respond he telephone her at the Dunkin’s residence. The housekeeper answered the



“Hello, may I speak to Mrs. Dunkin please?”

“I’m sorry, but Mrs. Dunkin no longer resides at this address.”

The housekeeper said, who was a middle-aged woman who went by the name, Rachel. Rachel had a heavy Yiddish accent, was not fond of Christina, and was very happy that she had left the house as well as the marriage. Poor mister Dunkin, the housekeeper would say. Both the housekeeper and Sam were well aware of Christina’s infidelity.

“I see,” said Alexander, “where could I find her.”

Alexander was angry, but did not indicate it in any way to the housekeeper. The housekeeper continued,

“She went to live with her second husband.”

The housekeeper got great joy out of volunteering such information in hope that Alexander would never call the Dunkin’s house again. She was well aware of it being the same person who was calling the house for Christina for years, and she said with great joy,

“And don’t you ever call here again!” The housekeeper abruptly

hung up the phone. Alexander was exasperated, perplexed, and very, very angry. He walked over to the window to think. He was angry largely because Christina had not mentioned that she was divorced from Sam and married to someone other than himself.

Alexander turned away from the window and sat at his work-area where there were an expensive group of computer technology along with many desks. He tried to remember the last time that he had been with Christina and it became difficult for him to concentrate. Feeling betrayed, he switched on the computers to do some research on the newly weds. He found an article that stated Christina, married millionaire Jade Jordan, and owner of a prestige automobile company in Paris. In addition, they were honeymooning in Europe and plan to return home in two weeks to their luxurious estate in Beverly Hills. The paper was dated two years ago. Alexander shouted aloud.

“She has been married to him for two years...”

Alexander found another article that stated that the Jordan’s and their two-year-old daughter, Jessica was returning from vacationing in Europe. Alexander was dazed and he became even more agitated. He turned off the computer and yelled,

“Two year old daughter, Jessica.”

Alexander stared out the window in deep thought and side aloud to himself,

“Could Jessica really be mine? I think so, it all adds up.”

Chapter 2

Before teleporting to a particular destination, Alexander must be familiar with the location. His plan is to teleport into the house of Christina Jordan, but first, he would need a tour of the house, or a least a blueprint of the house. Alexander rules out the tour and considers the blueprint.

“I would teleport into the bedroom of my daughter, Jessica late at night, when everyone is asleep.”


Alexander murmurs to himself.

“Unlike Jason, I would abduct little Jessica for my very own, after all, she is of my blood.”


Alexander stops without warning, stars into space, but his mind stayed on his plan as his mind wonders,

I must first hire someone that I can trust. I am going to need someone who does not care about anything, but money.


“That should not be too hard to find,”

Alexander said aloud,

“I have lots of money.”

Alexander then displays a sinful smile. Although he can easily teleport and steel the blueprint himself. However, he did not want to take any chances revealing his powers. He had too much to lose and to much work to do in revenging himself.

Alexander hires a “free-lance” thief who was very good at his craft to steal the blueprints to the Jordan’s estate. His name is Russell, Jack Russell. Alexander set up a meeting with Russell at a bar and restaurant outside of Manhattan to discuss the plans. The two men sat at the bar and the bartender asked,

“What will you gentlemen be having?”

Russell articulates his words very slowly with a high pitch that irritates Alexander to the point of killing him right on the spot.

”I’ll have a Cognac...straight,” said Russell.

“The same,” said Alexander.

Alexander doesn’t get much satisfaction out of drinking, but will drink when trying to manipulate his audience and this is a time of manipulation. Russell is a thin man with long slim fingers. His complexion was very pale. He had little beady eyes and a long pointed nose with a thin line that represents his mouth. His outfit is an out dated polyester, double-breasted suite that hangs unevenly—caused by the hump in his back. Jack Russell is exactly what Alexander needs, someone who understands money and did not concern himself with how he makes it. After Russell found out what Alexander wanted him to do, he becomes insulted.

“That’s all you want me to do...steal a blueprint?”

“That is correct.”

Russell seriously responds,

“You mean to tell me...for just stealing a are going to pay me $50,000 dollars?”


“Do I have to repeat myself? Are you willing to take the job or not?”

“Yeah, sure Mr. VanFuhr...but don’t you want me to kill somebody or something?”


Alexander nearly spoke out harshly in the bar, but then, he becomes unruffled by closing his eyes, holding his breathe for three seconds and then said, “No, just the blueprint.” Alexander gives Russell, $25,000 and said,

”I will give you the rest on delivery of the blueprint.”

Russell begins counting the money and said,

”I guess it’s all here. How soon do you want the blueprint Mr. VanFuhr?”


“How soon do you want the rest of your money?”

Alexander gets up from the barstool, not saying a word, he puts a $50 dollar bill on top of the counter and said,

”I will be in touch.”

Alexander leaves the bar without touching his drink. Russell stays and consumes both his and Alexander’s drink; waits for the change from the fifty-dollar bill and without tipping the bartender, he leaves the bar.

After gathering information of the Jordan’s estate, Russell makes a few phone calls. He seizes the blueprint, notifies Alexander assembling at the same bar. The transaction occurs, and again, Alexander is the first to leave.

After studying the blueprint, that same day, Alexander

constructs a strategy to teleport to baby Jessica’s room, that same night at mid-night.

Baby Jessica would not fall asleep, so Christina puts her into bed with her. An hour later, Jessica finally falls asleep. Christina puts on her robe and takes Jessica back into her room. As Christina tucks Jessica into bed, she notices ‘cones of light’ appearing in the corner of the room—right away Christina knew exactly what was happening. She waited for this day; she knew eventually that she would have to deal with Alexander, so she prepared herself. Christina reaches into the pocket of her robe for the semiautomatic handgun in which she kept just for this occasion. She did not remove the weapon from her robe, but she fixes her finger around the trigger as she slowly turned towards the light. With her left hand, she quickly covers Jessica with the covers. Afterwards, she takes the weapon from her robe’s pocket and stand in a swat-stance with both hands firmly clinching the weapon. She knew exactly how to use it. Christina releases the safety lock and aims the semiautomatic directly at Alexander. Alexander is surprise seeing the gun and Christina shouts out,

“You will never take my daughter.”

Christina has always suspect Alexander of having something to do with the disappearance of her and Sam's son Jason. Christina fires the weapon until it was empty. Cones of light and Alexander vanished. Christina is sure that she had hit him several times.

Christina’s husband Jade is away on business in New York for the weekend. Christina is home alone aside from the two lived-in help, who quickly runs from their live-in lodge to see what the disturbance was. By the time they reached the main house, Christina drives away. Christina is aware of Alexander not being aware of her changing residence, also she is aware that Alexander has to familiarize himself with her house before teleporting inside.

Christina nervously drives down the quiet and abandoned streets. She has a strong suspicion that Alexander has called over to Sam’s house, which brings to mind, her former housekeeper. Christina shouts aloud, “Rachel!” Baby Jessica, firmly fasten in her car seat looks up at her mother and said, “Mommy?”

“It’s okay baby, mommy is just thinking out loud.”

Christina realizes that Alexander cannot pinpoint her location

outside the house without the knowledge of the neighborhood. She hopes that Alexander has not been familiar with the street in which she is now escaping. Christina tries very hard to be optimistic hoping that, if not already dead, Alexander is severely injured and dying from the gun wounds. If Alexander wants me bad enough, she thought, he would think to find me at my father’s house. Therefore, we will go to Jade mother’s house, she thought.

In the remains of the evening, Christina and Baby Jessica stayed with Jade’s mother, Elizabeth. Elizabeth insists that Christina called the police,

“I will, but not now, I will call them in the morning. I need to put Jessica to bed.”


Elizabeth sighs as she watches Christina carry Jessica off to bed. That woman is troubled, Elizabeth thought.

In the morning, Detectives’ Hackman and Lewis entered the house of Elizabeth Jordan. Christina is sitting in the living room nervously drinking a cup of coffee while Jessica fast asleep in bed.

“Mrs. Dunkin, oh I’m sorry, it’s Mrs. Jordan now,” said Detective Hackman.

“Yes, hello Detective Hackman.”

“I didn’t mean any offense.”

“None taken,” said Christina.

“This is Detective Lewis, my partner.” Detective Lewis extends his hand,

“Hello Mrs. Jordan.”

“Hello Detective Lewis, would you care for a ‘hot’ cup of coffee?” Detective Lewis smiles and says,

“No thank you,”

Never turning her attention away from the young Detective.

“And you Detective Hackman, would you care for a cup of coffee?” “No thank you, Mrs. Jordan.”

Elizabeth observed her daughter-in-law flirting. Even in distress, Christina has time to flirt. She cherished younger men. Indeed Christina is a beautiful and exquisite woman, even in jeans and a pullover sweater and hair up in a ponytail.

“Are you sure you won’t have a cup of ‘hot’ coffee, Detective Lewis?” Detective Lewis said with much appreciation,

“No, thank you Mrs. Jordan.”

Detective Hackman glances at his young partner and rolls his eyes towards the ceiling. Detective Hackman said in a more official mode,

“Mrs. Jordan, will you please tell us what happened at your home last night?”

Christina forced her stare away from Detective Lewis and turning her attention towards Detective Hackman and said,

‘There was a breaking and entering at my home last night. He was about seventeen or eighteen years of age. Asian male, short and thin. That’s all I can tell you.”


“What about your husband, was he in the house at the time?”

“No. My husband is away on business, New York, and will not be returning until tomorrow. Look Detective Hackman, there is nothing else that I can tell you. Besides I am rather busy this morning and have to go out to take care of a few things before it gets to late—so, will you and Detective Lewis excuse me.”


“Sure Mrs. Jordan, if we need to speak to you again, where could we reach you?”


Christina lowered her head, and out of flirtation sighed.

“You can reach me at my home.”

”Thank you Mrs. Jordan.”

Detective Hackman nod his head at both women and said, ”Have a good morning, ladies.”

Detective Lewis follows,

“Have a good morning ladies.”

Christina walks Detective Lewis to the door and said in a whisper,

“You’re sure you won’t have that hot cup of coffee?”

Detective Lewis said,

“Yelp, I mean, yes am sure.”

Outside the house, Detective Hackman said,

”That woman is hiding something. She has always appeared strange to me, even at the time of her sons’ disappearance four years ago.”


Detective Lewis said,




…with a broad smile on his face…,


“And she’s doing a darn good job at flirting.”


Detective Hackman observed his partner and in a teasing gesture he said,


“Detective, I am disappointed in you, I thought that you would have had more control.”


Detective Lewis becomes embarrass and after clearing his voice and regaining his regular pitch, he said,


“Yep, one would think so.”


Detective Hackman chuckles aloud and said,


“I think she is hiding something.”


After regaining his regular pitch, Detective Lewis said in a more and serious tone,


“I spoke with the police officer that was on duty in that neighborhood last night and he said he didn’t hear or see anything. He said it’s usually a quiet patrol.”


“Well, we’ve better have someone check the grounds and question the help just the same.”


Elizabeth questions Christina of what she is going to do concerning her ordeal, but Christina, in a hurry, said,

“I have to go out for a couple of hours. Can Jessica stay here with you until I return?”


“You know Jessica can stay here as long as you need her too.Christina, you must tell me what is going on here, or at least call Jade to inform him of the situation.”


“No, I don’t want to involve Jade.”

“Jade is your husband Christina, you involved him the day you married him.”


“Look Elizabeth, I am well aware of your disapproval of me, but I must take care of something before Jade returns home.”


Christina takes Elizabeth by the hand,

“Everything is going to be okay. Don’t worry.”

Christina leaves the house and goes back home to pack a bag and to leave a note for Jade explaining that she will explain everything later. After arriving home, Christina begins writing the note immediately. She settles at the dinning-room table with a pen and note pad. As she begins to write, a voice from behind said,

”Get up!”

Christina fearfully vaults from her chair. Stammering over her words she said,

“I thought you were…”

“ silly lady…as you can see, I am not dead...I am invincible, I cannot die.”




About me

Reside in Pennsylvania Lover of science fiction: Love writing about Telepathy, Teleportation, and other fictionalized planets mixed with love and relationships. Writer of two novels and working on a third. I eared my degrees in English literature, Education and Public Administration. In my free time, I love to get lost in nature and write. I enjoy deep-sea fishing and flying. I will resume my position as a trainee pilot sometime in the near future…fingers crossed!

Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Intersex (Hermaphrodite) is a real occurrence.
Q. Why do you write?
Writing gives me a sense of purpose.
Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
My imagination.

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