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Chapter 1 Diverging Ideologies.

It was eight o'clock that Saturday, just after a rain filled with wind, thunder and lightning, on the porch of the farm, Lázaro had set up a rocking chair and contemplated a splendid view. The clouds dissipated quickly, and the sun shone brighter, showing all the beauty of the place.

With his Bible open on his legs, he seemed to be in a trance of such admiration for what nature could provide, even after a torrential storm, which began with the fall of hail. The scary panorama before was gone, now it was time for the bright light to show the trees, the grass and the wet grass, bringing, in the future, a more abundant pasture for the grazing animals grazed by the storm.

The family was reunited once more on the farm, after an exhausting week in the great city. His father, Paulo Messias, being an influential politician, was not always present, but on that day there was an exception. A helicopter had just landed in the area, specially designed for those occasions when his father took a break from the engagements for a weekend with his family.

Paulo climbed the steps of the small staircase that led to the porch, turned and waved to the pilots with gestures of dismissal. Lázaro watched him with tranquility. He opened the Bible while his father passed him, without, however, uttering a word in his direction.

Good morning to you, too! Lázaro scoffed. I missed you too, Dad! Lázaro emphasized in a very audible tone.

Paulo stopped in front of the door and his wife Madalena who was already going to greet him. He took a deep breath, handed his folder to Madalena, and slowly returned to his son. As he positioned himself at his side, he touched his shoulder to make him look at her face.

How many times have I told you not to speak to me, especially when I come to the farm to rest?

I think, a thousand times! Replied Lázaro. But you are forgetting our family ties!

I did not want to talk about it, but you force me to say what I do not like ...

Really, Father? From what I see I will have to listen once more to his atheist sermon. I will never get used to it, but the Word says that we must subdue and accept humiliation. So I'm ready!

I created you, trying to introduce you to the political circles, to follow my steps and decided to follow a path of an imaginary god, where it is not certain that it is true ...

Dad! Hissed Lázaro. What doubt is left to you, after you suffered that terrible accident, when you were disowned by the doctors and given as dead? My mother and I prayed unceasingly and relentlessly for you. Does not believe fact, what has been a miracle? I do not understand why the hardness in your heart. You work for the man and I work for the Creator of everything and everyone...

— Conversation! There is no creator of everything and everyone! What exists is a hard and cruel reality, where each one has to seek his and damn others! If you did not realize, after five years, in this hallucinogenic study, trying in every way to get people to submerge your ideas, you became an effeminate, fine man!

— Paulo! — Cried Madalena. — I'm not going to admit to you continuing to talk like this to your son!

— As for you, little sister go back to your little prayer room and cling to your god so that he will always grant the life of luxury that I give you, if there is one! And as for you, Lázaro, I suggest you change your mind and go with me to the capital! He's already 32 years old and has not moved a straw until now for his own livelihood! It's time to look for a real man and throw it in the trash, what you call a bible...

— And become a corrupt and corrupt person? No way! I work for a real Man and not for a vulnerable being and able to finish and annihilate anyone to take possession of their property...

After returning from his room and sitting in the armchair of the room, where Lázaro was already doing his reading, Paulo felt that his son's words greatly oozed his emotion. His gaze fixed on Lázaro spread all his revolt. Lázaro noticed and tried to remain calm and not let him be altered as a result of the situation. He knew deep down, his father was a great man and father of the family and that it was only a moment of emotional imbalance. But it was not like that for Paulo.

— Are you calling me corrupt, corrupt, and a thief, Lázaro?

— I did not refer directly to you, but to what you do! Dad, really, I'm not interested in knowing what you do to have that entire heritage! I am immensely grateful for all that you have done and do for my mother, my sister and me, but definitely, all I most want is to follow the path I have chosen. It does not matter whether or not you believe in God's existence. I have my conviction and nothing and nobody will change it ...

— Lázaro! I am 64 years of age and over 40 years of living in politics and I have enough knowledge to know that you cannot trust anyone and my perception is no different from you! Do not try to introduce into my mind an image of a good lad, for I know that even the quietest of men can undergo changes! One day you will discover that you are mistaken and will realize how much you lived in an imaginary world, make believe and impalpable. Then I'll have the pleasure of looking at you and living the satisfaction that I've always been right in my analogies.

— Let me see if I get it! Are you wishing badly for my life? Do you want to state that your greatest pleasure will be to see me, as they say popularly: screwed?

— That's right, Paulo! — Madalena squeaked. — I got it too! It seems that you have arrived, carrying on your shoulders all the fury lived in that political-animal environment, to unload on your child!

— I feel our conversation is over! — Concluded Paulo. — Just do not forget what I said: one day you'll find out I'm right, and then it might be too late! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to go in my house, take a shower and relax!

Lázaro apparently was disappointed in his father's traditional attitude, for this time he had extrapolated all sense. As a politician, Paulo had held many important positions, but he had shown exhaustion, this point was crucial for the family to expose moments of fury, hypothetically speaking. As Lázaro had quoted, his father had suffered a serious accident and had been in a coma for many months. For his own and religious knowledge, Lázaro tried to make his opinion transparent to his father's skepticism. One thing was certain: his father's last words would stay in his mind for a long time. Never, however heated was the conversation, Paulo would have uttered words so filled with hatred.

Chapter 2 — Business.

In the capital, at the other extreme, in a noble neighborhood, Átila Negrini contended with his partner, the doctor Ciro da Silveira, about amounts collected in the last contract.

— I would like an obvious explanation for not having received the five million Euros agreed on the last installment! I told you once and I'll repeat for the last: I do not trust Martins anymore! Every time he brings us the money, he invents a story for the rest, which is always missing! What I understand, even less, is how you can keep yourself so oblivious to this issue!

— Átila, in every business there is the risk of loss or the possibility of losing a part. Martins is no saint, but he has done a good job. What I think is you should stop injecting that crap, nose down and into the veins. It causes you to have forebodings and make hasty judgments...

— Listen well, doctor! If you insinuate these things to me, again, I will forget our friendship and society and I will go to the dark side that permeates my mind. You know full well that this drug complements me and because of it we have so much money that we do not even knows what to do with it. Am I imposing a serious problem on you and trying to make me feel misfit?

— You see? I just wanted to help you take better care of yourself and a rash thought comes! Just like I said! — Cried Ciro. — If you kept sober most of the time, we would not have lost that ten million Euro order for two meager organs. You drugged yourself so much that day tried to invade the hospital to pick up, the hearts, in the force. We were almost out of sugarcane if I had not stopped him. Átila, we need to improve our way of acting. We have already committed many barbaric crimes...

— What happened, Doctor Ciro? Did you enter the church? Converted? For the guy who plucked the heart out of a person still alive, talking like that sounds like an affront to me! We both know the value of a life very well. We know she's worthless to us. What matters is money, luxury, lust, doctor! We do not care if someone lives or dies. We both have decided that. I have studied the Bible for years, and in all chapters one reads only about death, dominion, and power. I have learned to believe that what matters is the material. The spiritual gets to another plane. Since I began to take what others have, I began to feel the taste of disbelief for the human being. That's when I began to live intensely. What is? You think you're better than me? — Átila confronted his friend as he breathed a white powder through his nostrils.

— You're a cold, meticulous killer. Kill for the sake of killing. Do not you feel remorse for killing so many people, many of them for pure pleasure?

— Killing satisfies me. It's in my blood. The more I kill, the more I feel like killing. You should not criticize me, cruel doctor! You've done worse.

— Here goes the advice, again. You know I've been a doctor for decades, and I know human anatomy well. If you continue with this practice, you will end up suffering a fatal stroke...

— Will you do me a help? Get out of my way, before I disregard you and put a bullet in your head! Why do not you go to Martins and personally take care of the delivery of the organs, so that we do not take damage?

— I'll do it! — Replied Ciro. — I'll send Estêvão to do the preliminary examinations on those people before we take their hearts out. I do not want to run the risk of delivering any of them with any illness.

— Get out of here! — Shouted Átila. — But before you go, here is also some advice: try to do some exercises to lose weight. With almost two hundred pounds, it's getting harder to walk, let alone running from the police! — Átila smiled.

— One of these days, I shall have the pleasure of withdrawing your heart and implanting it in a very sensitive person, just to see the evil in it, to disappear, you pervert. I advise you not to have sex with your victims, after you kill them, to remove your organs.

— Do what? You have no idea of ​​the pleasure it gives me! Our business includes: demeaning; despise; outrage; kill, vilify! Otherwise, how could we be so rich? — Átila smiled more intensely as Ciro withdrew, shaking his head negatively

Chapter 3 — Crossroads of Emotions.

Abigail Messiah was the sister of Lázaro, the kind who used to live intensely, even to the liking of his family. Rebel to the extreme, she liked to dress well, to follow current fashion patterns and to participate in many parties. The only barrier she faced was her boyfriend, Davi Castro. Twenty-three years old, arrogant and troublemaker. He did not miss the opportunity to dabble on friends, college classmates, and anyone who crossed paths. The indomitable! So he called himself. In fact, he's the stone in Lázaro's shoe.

— Where does the young lady think she is going? — Replied Madalena. — You forgot that your father is home today, which is a rarity, and you want all of them together? He will receive the visit of Doctor Ciro who will guide us in my consultations.

— I think that doctor is a great trickster. — Replied Abigail. — That fat one does not stop to look at my legs, every time he comes here. So does Átila, that friend of my father, when he decides to visit us, always at the most inadequate time. I refuse to attend this meeting. Imagine being trapped indoors on a sunny Sunday like this! Nobody deserves!

— I have a theology course to minister at the local church and I cannot miss it — Lázaro warned. — The matter you are dealing with concerns your inquiries, and there is nothing of interest to me, other than to hope that you will have proper treatment. I also do not see the need to serve you here on the farm. Do not get me wrong, please.

— I understand, however, lest there be another psychedelic outbreak from your father, the ideal would be to have everyone present. At least you, Abigail, could keep us company. The employees are off duty and I'll need your help with the house duties.

You can only be joking! — He shouted. — Davi's coming to pick me up for a barbecue. No way, I'd let him drive so many miles to get him back without me!

— I agree with my mother — said Lázaro. — If you still have not lost your virginity, it will not be long before that bad element breaks out into the real world.

— Who do you think you are? Jesus Christ? Do you really think that this nonsense of religion, which my father abhors, will make me change the way I am? You're nothing but an effeminate, religious-effeminate man! Watch out! Generally, whoever enters this area turns out to be someone who tends to show more the feminine side than the masculine...

— Abigail! Do not dare insinuate these offenses to your brother...

— Mother, you can leave! I know exactly what kind of person I am. Nothing that my father and Abigail say or insinuate will make me think differently.

— Now you say that! — Shouted Abigail. — I did not think that way before I got to be Monge! When he smoked a joint and smelled of white powder, he dared not give advice. Do you really think you're safe now? You're a hollow dick saint!

In many of the lessons learned during his ministry of theology, Lázaro had learned that being offended was of no consequence, unless one remembers it. With the exception of his mother who had always treated him well, his father and sister used to instigate his patience in order to make him change his mind about the career to follow.

His past condemned him. He had practiced a number of small, medium, and large offenses, up to the age of twenty. He could not dispute the words of offenses directed at his person, precisely because he had those antecedents.

— I know people very well, to ignore how often the offended pardons, but the offender, never! My past condemns me and this, I can never change, but he also tells me that I will do great works for humanity...

— Great works? Do not make me laugh! That was the best joke anyone could ever tell! — Abigail scoffed. — You're pathetic!

— Whoever does not feel offended or does not feel in the face, the burn of the slap given elsewhere, regardless of its color, is not worthy of being a man.

— Really? Well, look! We have a prophet in our own house! If you are studying the Bible, you really must know the phrase of Jesus: it is only in your own land, with your relatives and in your own home, that a prophet is not properly honored. Let's be sincere and sensible! You have no great honor enough to give sermons!

— Sometimes when I'm in my little prayer room, as the atheist politician Paulo says, I wonder: where did I go wrong? I feel myself in the midst of a great crossroads. Your father, the sword piercing my body. Abigail, all the worries the world has about me. You, Lázaro, a double-acting analgesic, while relieving pain, causes side effects, which will seal my destiny — paraphrased Madalena. — Do what you like! Just let me rest my mind!

Lázaro could not bear Davi, and Davi appeared on the road that gave access to the farm. Her sister's boyfriend was, above all, annoying and cheeky. The length of time they stayed on the farm was totally reversed in the life of Lázaro. For this reason he decided to take his things and leave for the local church.

The moment he got into his car, Davi parked his at his side. Blew the horn imitating the sound of a song, looked at the boy, threw a kiss and smiled. Lázaro was determined to endure his bullshit, though he did not know how much he could resist, so he decided to ignore him and left.

— Why did it take so long? — Abigail asked under her mother's watchful eyes. — The next time you make me run the risk of facing my father's energetic visits; I'll shatter your face!

— That must be why I love you and I want you! Your rebellion fills me with fury! — Davi answered with a smile and a cynical look at Madalena. — What are we waiting for? I did not travel to this end of the world to be making room for the Adams family...

— Listen well, my boy! — Cried Madalena. — Look how you mean to my family! I can sue you for moral damages...

— You do not want to be listening to these things. Would you like? — Scoffed Abigail. — We have the whole Sunday to enjoy ourselves. Screw you guys!

Chapter 4 — A Controllable Holy-diabolical Confrontation.

Eleven thirty in the morning. This was the time that Lázaro had just given the course for the youth of the community. His intention now was to use the next two hours for prayers and meditations. The hunger he felt was eroding his body and he felt some slight nausea. Lázaro went to the church ward and asked for an antacid to kill his heartburn. After a few minutes, feeling better, he decided to go to the snack bar in front of him for a snack.

The place was typical of the small towns of the interior. Right next to the cafeteria was a square where several people played or fraternized. More in the background, a group of six young men baked meat and drank. Lázaro glanced there and paid no attention. After a few minutes, after finishing his lunch, he looked up again toward the group and recognized his sister and Davi in the middle of it. Lázaro looked at his watch and saw that it had been an hour since he felt those symptoms and decided that it would be best to go to the farm.

Her car was parked on the street that was on the other side of where her sister and her boyfriend were. Only way to get there was by crossing the perimeter of the square, so inevitably he needed to move in that direction. Not that he was scared or anything, Lázaro thought, but he wanted to avoid being in the line of sight of his crazy brother-in-law. This was the classification he attributed to Davi.

Davi saw that Lázaro was heading toward him, and after having ingested a significant amount of alcohol, his manner of acting and speaking was far from adequate.

— Look what a most beautiful thing, but full of grace! — Davi hummed. — She does not walk she parades! — She continued, as Abigail smiled at his side. — Where are you going, madwoman?

— Davi, please, I'm not feeling well and I need to get home to rest. All I want is to get my car and leave. I do not care if they drink to the point of committing suicide or something. I ... just ... need ... to leave! — He cut short. — God is a witness that I have done everything to change my life and nothing I can do will prevent me from achieving my goal.

— Wow! Who would have thought I had such a polite brother? Leave it, Davi! We cannot waste time with effeminate, not that I'm homophobic, if you understand me, bro!

— Get out of my way! — Shouted Davi, leaping toward Lázaro and placing his forehead on his. — I'm sick of looking at your pseudo-religious face!

— You will burn in the fire that never goes out, your soul will float over the flames like dried, burned straw, but rather, the lord of the depths will rip your heart out while it is still alive...

— Well, my friend! The only thing that will burn will be the meat that is on the grill of the barbecue. Now get the hell out of it, before I bust your face! — Davi made an eager threat, but not enough to shake Lázaro who stared at him for a few seconds.

After Lázaro had retired, the group began to smile stridently. Before entering his car, the boy looked at them with an analyzer look, for about five seconds. He entered, he maneuvered back down the side street and slowly turned to look at them. Davi was out of his mind and his way of acting was frightening even in Abigail. As Lázaro passed slowly, Davi showed him the middle finger of his right hand and imitated a weapon with his left.

— You got caught up with Lázaro. It's a good thing he's given you a nice and well-deserved beating in the past, but I think it's best not to tease him...

— Is it a riot? Are the brethren corrupted against me? Come on! Your brother has become a mess! This history of theology is only to disguise, while practicing other things. One of these days, I will beat your brother so hard that I will force him to become a real man!

— You're a sadist, Davi. I do not know where I was with my head when I fell in love with you! If you want some advice, I think it's good not to try anything against Lázaro. My father has the powers to have his entire family exterminated and then cut you into pieces that can only be seen through a microscope!

— That your father is a mobster I already knew, but a ripper, this one is new to me!

Chapter 5 — Villages and the Beginning of Decay.

The next week should be just one of the usual, stressful and hallucinatory, but where there is a human being, there will always be a question to be defined and not always achieved: to win! An aspiration that pulsates the heart of every human being. Many give up or become cowed, sometimes out of fear of sacrifice, others out of lack of self-confidence. Without persistence there is no victory. Without fear, decision and effort no one overcomes mediocrity. They are words and phrases of effect that govern minds, from the most innocent to the most intelligent. Many people tend to affirm, with another line of effect, that he who does not believe in himself, crushes, crushes, and crushes the seed of what could turn into a gigantic tree. There is no task that man cannot accomplish successfully, provided he is faced with optimism, will or with the entire disposition to practice evil.

We do not have to read too much, or we have to go in search of information to know that many companies went bankrupt before they were born. Many battles were lost through indecision or lack of determination. What big, positive thoughts build men and works with the same size ratio. Many people never think that they will die, but that there will be the possibility of resurrection.

If the odds of prospering financially depended on practicing for advantageous outcomes, for some it would become the top choice. When we turn on a TV, tune in to a radio station or read a newspaper, we will see that its percentage disclosures will have between 70% of violence, 15% of news of humanitarian interest, 10% of information about improvements for the population and another 5% of uninteresting subjects.

It is said there that he who plans and goes out into the field to perform leads his own destiny, but he who has a proposal, a direction and does not have a goal, revolves around nothingness. This, in fact, was not an affirmation that would fit Átila and his associates.

— If you accept my opinion, I think we're going faster than usual — Estêvão agreed. — We used to be in captivity, only four at a time. Now we have ten women and five men inside. Fifteen other people missing in this city, despite their size, will surely draw close attention from the police and the media. The boss is worried and already shows signs of change. You know him. Despite his father's ties, he has made it clear that he does not tolerate exaggerations.

— Since when did I ask for your opinion? — Replied Átila. — When you ask, I hope you're ready to give your opinion, while it does not happen, do your job, get your share and get out! Just do not think it will be easy to get out of it all without consequences!

— I do not speak for myself — said Estêvão. — Your luck is that he is a very busy man, but on the other hand, when he decides something, he does not know the degree of kinship or friendship...

— And I'm the kind that I usually shut people up when they fill my bag! It will be what will happen to you if you do not shut up!

Estêvão Mendes was a medical clinician who worked in the same hospital where Ciro was the CEO. He was hired by the group to conduct tests on people kidnapped by the gang. Despite participating for several years in the scheme of trafficking women for sexual exploitation abroad and sale of human organs such as hearts, kidneys and livers. This was the work of Átila, leader of the gang, Doctor Ciro da Silveira, who held the withdrawals of the organs and Martins Levi who handled deliveries abroad. They had been practicing barbarism for over fifteen years.

— Átila, the customs have warned me that they are suspicious of the shipments we have sent to Martins. Mateus told me that his boss commented that he intends to change the whole team to avoid, which they call stagnation. If this happens, we will not know how to send the organs to the clients.

— Is it my impression or are you refusing to do your job? — Confessed Átila.

— I'm just being incisive. Mateus is our channel for delivering the organs on time for transplants. If it is transferred, goodbye scheme.

Átila asked that Estêvão wait a little and went to his office. From there he made a call and returned. When he reached Estêvão, he said to him,

— Some causes lack martyrs. They can be small or large, believe it does not matter! Successful ventures almost always come from small opportunities or attempts. If during this process, some obstacle, which can be eliminated, appears, precautionary measures must be taken, not always pleasant, to clear the way. Go inside and take the exams. My butchers are coming and they need to know that you're at the point of being shot down...

— You talk like you mean animals for consumption! That's disgusting! — Said Estêvão. — Do not you feel remorse?

— You feel? How much have you gained from this dirty work? Do not make me lose my temper and do your job!

— That call you made! Is that what I'm thinking? — Asked Estêvão.

— If you're thinking that I told you to kill Mateus is boss... You got it right first time! On target! I have already told you: some causes lack martyrs!

— When are you going to stop with these things? Already have enough money left to live the rest of your life without working, on any island in the Pacific, lucky to have never been discovered and not thinking about stopping?

— It's in the blood, my friend! The head and the heart pulse evil and force me to continue! There is nothing more delightful to see the face of someone demonstrating all the fear and fear, at the time of being cut alive! Have you noticed the women? If it were not for the gags we put on them before opening them, they would scream so loud that our eardrums would burst. The last one I plucked my heart was still alive when I raped her! This is something inexplicable! — Átila looked out of control. — His expression was something not even in the worst horror movies anyone had ever seen. This was Estêvão is thought.

— You're a schizophrenic. A psychopath! Do not just take the lives of those people? Need to practice these horrible acts?

— Amazing! I excited myself with my own words! Now I want to be part of the show, live and in color! Come on! It matters little whether they are sick or not! You will have the pleasure of watching a unique show!

— Are you telling me that I will be forced to witness your vicious deeds? I refuse to participate in this funeral event!

— Your face does not fool me, Doctor Estêvão. You know what we're doing here and yet you accepted our invitation. Now I'll be straight. You're going to go in there with me and my men. Those ten women will be killed, their bodies taken away and raped. Otherwise I'll put a bullet in the center of your head and your organs will also be sold. Remember that we have a very large demand and if we do not comply, we will suffer the consequences. What is going to be?

— Are you drunk! Those women should be sent to Europe. They are not here for organ removal. The boss will not like this! He is the...

— Shut the fuck up! — Átila screamed and held the pistol on Estêvão is forehead that did not seem to matter. — Come in now!

— I do not know how I got into such a thing! Especially when I remember the way you discard the bodies. Throwing them into a river infested with piranhas and seeing those bodies being torn apart is the most horrible thing a human can experience! — Estêvão whispered.

— You can enjoy and get involved, if you understand, in other things, but if you prefer you can keep those piranhas company! You're not exempt from this sin, you son of a bitch! You are part of the scheme! Did not want to have a king's life? How do you think you would do it, except in an unlawful way? Show me, in this country, someone who has enriched with honest work! Do you know some? When I worked from sun to sun, beating point every day and getting humiliated all the work hours to get to the end of the month and receive a meager salary, I had nothing! Not even a bike to tell my friends that I belonged. My father only came home to hit the point on my mother and disappeared. Every time I asked him for money, he would send me to look for work. Until the day I discovered his business and forced him to let me be a part of it. It was only after that that there was prosperity in business.

— I refuse to be part of that horror! I need to get back to the hospital. — Ciro has some organs to send. — Estêvão paused and turned back to Átila. — In order for there to be prosperity in business — he emphasized — someone needs to work and not to practice lusts!

— Come on, you big ass! — Scoffed Átila. — Loose!

While Átila was executing his macabre project, five of his henchmen were campaigning in the parking lot of the international airport. The specific target was Abel Manassés, Chief Inspector of Customs. They had been given clear orders to kidnap him and disappear into it.

It was a rainy day in the capital. The movement in the airport parking lot was intense. According to information given by Mateus, Abel used to leave at seven in the evening. He would go straight to his car and take the central avenue toward the farm, but that night something was going to happen that would put the bandits' entire plan to a standstill: a storm hit the airport area with heavy rain and rapid winds which according to the Time Control Center arrived at 100 km per hour early in the evening of that day. Thousands of hailstones were recorded. Disorders spread throughout the city due to heavy rainfall. A tree had reached a vehicle near the place where the fringes were ringing. Five people had been injured, without gravity, in the collapsing structure of a tarpaulin that covered some vehicles. In addition, the roof of the entrance that led to the main hall collapsed with the force of the winds and prevented the passage of passengers, visitors and employee. A rescue team and several Fire Department cars arrived at the scene to provide relief.

— Screwed! — Cried Éder. — We'll stay here all night waiting for the old man to leave! I have an idea: let's mix up with the help people and get in there and get him...

— I think it best to call Mr. Átila — Joabe suggested. — You know he does not tolerate mistakes and that's why he pays us well.

— To warn you! We have two hundred thousand, each one, to carry out the mission and I will not stop getting that money! So, whoever wants to come with me, whoever does not want to run like a frightened little girl.


About me

My name is Paulo Roberto Gomes Silva, writer. I am 62 years old and currently live exclusively from writing books. I have four written works and the last one is this, Lázaro, written in 13 days, during the Nanowrimo challenge. Brazilian, married, father of 4 children and currently live in the Federal District, Brasília, Brazil. I write for the sheer pleasure of being able to idealize and make a story. To feel that all this was a work and a personal conquest. Be happy to see people reading my

Q. Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from this book?
Jake Gyllenhaal
Q. Why do you write?
I write for the sheer pleasure of being able to idealize and make a story. To feel that all this was a work and a personal conquest. Be happy to see people reading my story and traveling in time and space. Above all gaining knowledge and, also, being part of the adventure.
Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
Of true accounts. Of real events. Real Testimonies. From creativity to writing something new and totally plausible.

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