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Bad Guy


Bob had a masturbation problem and he wanted to stop so bad at first. Sometimes Bob would masturbate fifty times within a span of five hours. Sometimes Bob would have to soak his penis in ice in order to cool the constant stinging from rubbing it all the time. Bob masturbated for comfort, but also every now and then something supernatural would happen to Bob's body after he would masturbate.

Bob couldn't understand it himself, but every time he would masturbate, something would happen. It all started a few months ago at a funeral service where Bob had to attend. Bob had to attend the funeral service because it was his funeral. Bob was supposed to be dead and it all started when Bob's corpse suddenly developed an erection. Bob remembered the terrified screams when he climbed out of his casket with his hand between his legs masturbating. Bob told his daughter that he couldn't remember how he died nor could he figure out why his body started changing after he masturbated.

Bob's twenty-four year old daughter Simone planned to come back from college to spend time with her father and she was heartbroken over his sudden death. She didn't understand how her father could have suffered a massive heart attack, especially since he was in good physical condition. Simone would go and workout with her father at a local fitness center every week. Simone thought that she would have her father forever since he had the body of a superhero with perfect six pack abs for a fifty-three year old.

She never thought that she would lose her father to a heart attack. Also she never thought in her wildest dreams that she would see her father stepping out of his casket at his own funeral holding his dick in his hand. It was a traumatizing experience for Simone. It was an experience that she would never forget. How is my dad alive again? And why was he masturbating? Those were just some of the questions that were rummaging through Simone's head. Bob pretended that his memory was hazy on how he died.

He also pretended not to know why a strange occurrence would happen to him every time he masturbated. Sometimes Bob would think about his past life and he struggled to keep his past life hidden from his daughter. Bob felt guilty for killing a man and assuming his identity. He felt guilty for lying to Simone for a while and making her believe that she had her father back. After a while, Bob's guilt got to him and he decided to tell his daughter the truth about himself. It was kind of hard for him to continue lying to Simone especially after she witnessed him do something superhuman after he masturbated.

Bob was actually surprised at how well Simone took the truth. The only thing she said to her father after he told her the truth was..."Why didn't you tell me this all along?" Simone said that to her father before she fainted. This was actually the sixth time Simone fainted from shock and the first time she fainted was at her father's funeral. Bob caused his daughter to faint a lot, especially when he masturbated in front of her one night in her bathroom and caused her whole house to vibrate. Not only did the house begin to vibrate from the result of Bob masturbating, but also an interstellar fire began to shoot out of the man's mouth and eyes, which terrified Simone to the point that she passed out and couldn't hardly remember anything when she woke up the next day.

When Simone came back to consciousness, she found herself laying in her bed and not remembering how she got there. As time rolled passed, Simone began to remember what her father told her and what she saw him do in her bathroom. But she thought that it was all a dream, until she witnessed her father do it again. Before passing out, Simone did remember that her house was shaking and she thought that it was an earthquake in her dream. She was so frightened by what she saw her father do before passing out that when she came to, she didn't remember seeing fire shooting out of his eyes and mouth.

Maybe this was because of the shock of it all that caused her mind to snap and reject the surrealism behind what she saw her father do. Simone was forced to confront the truth again when she witnessed her father do something incredible on two separate occasions. The first occasion was when Simone went with her father to visit her mother's grave and watched as her father began masturbating before bringing her mother back from the dead. Simone was traumatized, but surprisingly she didn't faint.

The second occasion was when she witnessed her dad kill a wanted serial killer after masturbating. Simone would never forget how she watched her father rip the man's head off with his bare hands after pleasuring himself and turning into what looked like The Incredible Hulk if he was covered in fire. There was something about Bob's masturbating that would sometimes turn him into a supernatural inter-dimensional being that was covered in a cosmic fire. Bob's masturbation activated something inside of his body that would transform him from being a man to something beyond human.

Bob told his daughter that he wasn't who she thought he was. He told her his real name which was Ramesis and that he was using a human body as his permanent covering. Bob was really a runaway alien car thief and a retired Star Command police captain named Ramesis, who admitted to Simone that his masturbation comforted him and that it was his drug of choice after his wife and daughter were murdered.

Ramesis admitted to Simone that he killed her father by sending a death signal to his heart so that he could enter his body after his death and hide his identity. Ramesis explained to Simone that he used to be a corrupt Star Command police captain, who retired and was running from an interstellar crime lord who wanted him dead, because Ramesis attempted to kill him to get revenge for the death of his wife and daughter. Ramesis told Simone that the crime lord killed his wife and child because he refused to continue working for him. Ramesis attempted to beat the crime lord to death, but he ended up getting shot at by one of the crime lord's security guards. Ramesis killed the security guard, so not only was he in trouble for injuring the crime lord, he was also in trouble for killing one of the crime lord's men. Ramesis knew that after putting the crime lord in the hospital and killing one of his men, he had to relocate and hide his identity. The stress of losing his wife and daughter and running from a crime lord who wanted him dead, caused Ramesis to fall into his sexual addiction in order to comfort his soul.

Ramesis told Simone that earth was the only place he could think of escaping and hiding after attempting to kill the crime boss of the largest interstellar crime syndicate in the universe. Ramesis also went on to explain the job that he used to do for the crime lord. The job was stealing cars that only used gasoline and shipping them off of earth, so that the gasoline could be siphoned out of the fuel tanks and converted into a narcotic like substance called CG7. Ramesis explained that CG7 was an hallucinogenic type drug and that interstellar drug dealers made trillions from selling it to drug addicted customers throughout the universe.

CG7 was very expensive and it costed a thousand dollars in earth currency for one ounce. Ramesis was getting paid by the crime lord to steal millions of vehicles from earth with the help of other paid criminals. Every car that was stolen for the day was to be shipped to a mobile space station based crime syndicate warehouse, where the cars were stripped down and their fuel tanks emptied.

Over 2.9 billions of gasoline was converted each year and it's chemical elements restructured to create the chemical substance CG7. Ramesis admitted to Simone that he stole her car three months before he killed her father. He admitted to Simone that he was a bad guy for stealing her red metallic 2019 Mazda 6. He admitted that he was a bad guy for giving her father a massive heart attack so that he could take over. He admitted that he was a murderer and that he was sorry for what he did, but he was desperate. Ramesis said that he still could be her father.

He told Simone to still see him as her dad and that he would never leave her or her mother. He promised Simone that he wouldn't let anything happen to her or her mother like he allowed the crime lord to kill his wife and daughter. He promised Simone that he wouldn't let it happen again. Ramesis wanted Simone to see him as her father since he was in her father's body, and at first Simone was able to do it.

At first Simone took it well and felt that she never lost her dad. Simone was happy at first as she went back to her routine of going to the fitness center every week with her father and going out to dinner with him and her mom. One day Simone went to the Superbowl with her father. The young woman was happy until one night while spending time with her dad, she got drunk and went off on him realizing that Ramesis could never be her father even though he was in his body.

Ramesis had to endure getting the hell beat out of him that night. Ramesis was powerful enough to tear Simone apart and vaporize her, but he would never dream of harming her and he understood that she was still angry at him for what he did to her father. That night Ramesis saw how fragile the human body was. Ramesis was surprised that his nose was already bleeding from Simone slapping him and punching him in the face a few times. Ramesis also never experienced pain before and it was a very unpleasant sensation that he never wanted to feel again. Simone later apologized for beating up on her fake alien father and she cried in his arms for the rest of the night.

"You're in my father's body, but you're not him! You're nothing but a fucking asshole who killed my father! You're right, you’re a bad guy! You're a fucking piece of shit!" Ramesis would never forget what Simone said to him that night through her tears while hitting him in his face and chest and shoving him around the living room.

Ramesis knew that it was coming because he had the capability of seeing one year into the future and he could see the night that Simone was going to get drunk and angry with him for what he did. On the other hand, Simone's mother whose name was Diane didn't get angry or scared of Ramesis after he told her and showed her what he really was.

After being brought back from the dead, Diane saw Ramesis as an angel from heaven who was occupying her husband's body. Diane felt a little guilty for not really wanting her real husband back, because the real Bob wasn't big between his legs, and he wasn't as good in the bedroom as Ramesis was...


Chapter One

Pamela was the hottest alien porno actress in the universe, and she was known for being the queen of alien pornography. Pamela starred in her first adult film when she was twenty two. Before Pamela came onto the scene, alien pornography wasn't as popular as human adult entertainment. It seemed like alien pornography lacked a sexy luster that human pornography had, and because of that, human audiences couldn't identify with alien porno films. Pamela was a revolution to the alien porno industry and the human porno industry as well. She was a winner of six best Alien Adult Actress of The Year awards and a winner of six Intergalactic X-rated Star awards.

Pamela was a Zion, which was an angelic type alien race. Even though Pamela was an alien, she looked very much like a human, only her skin was gold and she had two black angel wings that could retract and expand out of her back. To describe her looks, imagine a young Britney Spears with golden skin, two black feathered wings connected to her back and eyes that glowed slightly like the moon. Zion beings were also incredibly strong and they could see clearly through pitch black darkness.

Pamela was a very beautiful alien. She was a shimmering golden skinned runway model with violet colored long flowing hair that looked like a purple waterfall flowing passed her shoulders. She had very big breast, well molded hips and killer legs. Pamela's friends would tease her by saying that she looked like the fictional mutant comic book character Mystique from the X- Men movies, if you dipped her body in gold metallic paint. Pamela had a husband named Bradley and a one year old son named Taylor who she adored more than anything. Pamela's husband was human, and because of this, Pamela ended up losing a lot of her fan base. She still had plenty of fans who loved her, but she also had a lot of haters. Pamela was frequently harassed and haunted by death threats. They were death threats that weren't just directed at her, but at her husband and child. Since Pamela's husband was human, there were some hateful Zions who viewed human beings as a threat.

Pamela created some controversy when she put her husband in one of her x-rated movies. The movie did well with some audiences and critics, but some humans and Zions didn't care for the interspecies relationship between Pamela and her husband in the porno film, which was the bases of the movie's storyline. Pamela was already recieving a lot of hate mail because of her marriage to Bradley. But when she decided to put him in one of her porno movies, that's when the visceral death threats began.

“You fuckin whore!!! If I ever catch you I'm gonna cut your fuckin head off!!! I'm gonna cut off your husband's head and your son's head and hang them on my fuckin wall right next to yours!!!” Those were the hateful words from an anonymous person who sent their threatening email to Pamela a year ago. It was the first death threat that Pamela received in her email. Even though the email was sent to her a year ago, it still haunts her every single day. Pamela has now gotten use to the death threats because none of them sound as sinister as the first death threat she found in her email.

Pamela was an extraterrestrial porn goddess and she felt confident that her human husband and son were protected by the best security detail her money could buy. Everything was working smoothly on the set of Pamela's new movie which was called Dark Energy Pussy. The hot alien adult actress was revving herself up to do a scene that involved having sex with her human co- star inside of a muscle car that was parked on a sandy beach. Pamela sat behind the wheel of a bright red 1972 Mustang convertible which was her car, and she agreed to have her muscle car featured in the movie.

Pamela tapped her fingers on the steering wheel while waiting to take her clothes off . She was excited to do a sex scene with her handsome Australian male co- star whose name was Rob. Rob sat in the passenger seat next to Pamela and he was excited about having sex on screen with a woman who wasn't human and was also his idol. Pamela looked up at the camera drones that were circling and hovering over her and Rob, waiting to shoot the scene at the director's command. A makeup artist was applying a little more foundation on Pamela's cheeks and around her nose.

Everything was gearing up to go, but Pamela oddly felt nervous which she would never feel before doing her sex scenes. Pamela felt a little strange for some reason as she looked around at the cameramen and women who were adjusting their cameras and equipment that surrounded her car.

“I don't understand this, I’ve been in the porno industry for fifteen years but yet I feel so nervous today for some reason, as if I'm doing this for the first time.” Pamela told Rob through her sweet southern accent. Pamela adopted her southern accent from Fort Worth Texas where she grew up after her family moved to earth and decided to take residence in the United States. Pamela’s planet was an earth like planet called Zin Vector Six, but the planet became unhabitable because of a cosmic storm. Millions of Zions were forced to leave their homes and move to other parts of the galaxy with the help of Zion government officials. Some Zions were granted permission to come to earth while others were deported by the government for coming to earth illegally.

Pamela's family fortunately had the proper documentation that was given to them by the Zion government that allowed them to make earth their new home. Unfortunately, even though Pamela and her family were able to make friends with people of human descent, there were Zions out there who wanted to destroy earth in protest of the U.S goverment's deportation law. Some acts of terrorism from Zion militant groups started a war between humans and the Zions. But even though there was a war going on, some Zion people were still able to make peace with human civilization by doing business with corporations and helping to build cars, sell clothing, electronics and food.

Pamela felt she was making her contribution to the human civilization by providing adult entertainment to millions of her fans. She hated that there was a war going on between some of her people and human people, and because of this war, Pamela was getting threatened by some humans and Zions for being married to her husband. It was a prejudice against Pamela that she sadly had to endure until the war was over. She knew that some of her people viewed her as being a traitor for being married to a human. But Pamela didn't care about how others viewed her. She loved her husband no matter what color or species he was, and she felt that a person has a right to choose and love whoever they want and not be reprimanded for enjoying the benefits of living in a free country.

“Would I make you feel even more nervous by telling you how beautiful you are and how I never dreamed I would be in a movie with you.” Pamela's male co- star Rob spoke softly through his Australian accent while reaching over and gently touching Pamela's leg. Pamela knew how much Rob loved her. He idolized her and would always tell her every time he saw her how much he wanted to have sex with her in one of her movies. Now since Rob's dream was becoming a reality it was difficult for him to contain his excitement. Rob not only wanted to have sex with Pamela on screen, but he wanted to have sex with her off screen as well. It was a secret fantasy that made Rob have night sweats in his sleep.

“Mrs. Tron, I know I've said this a million times. But you are the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.” Rob stated. He began groping Pamela's thigh as he opened his mouth again to tell her his secret fantasy which Pamela already knew about. “I know your a married woman, or should I say married alien woman. But I figured since we're about to have sex on screen, why not do it off screen some time? What I'm trying to say is, I would love to take you out on a date and your husband would never have to know.” Rob paused for a minute licking his lips. “There's this nightclub in L.A called Evo and me and my boys go out there all the time. They serve great food there and the music is hot.They have the best deejays who know how to tear up a dance floor. Please Mrs. Tron, let me take you out, it'll just be a one time thing.” Pamela stared at Rob with pity after listening to him desperately beg for her companionship for the millionth time.

“You don't give up do you?” Pamela said through a giggle. She thought it was cute how persistent Rob was. “Even if I wasn't married I couldn't go out with you. Honey you're too young for me.” Pamela told Rob reaching over and touching the side of his face with the back of her hand.

“Your husband is just as young as I am.” Rob gave Pamela a charming crooked smile.

“My husband is thirty-six years old and your twenty-one, which makes you far younger than him.” Pamela explained while looking at the disappointed mist arising in Rob’s dreamy hazel blue eyes.

Pamela took her hand away from her male co- star's face when she saw the director of the film, Sandra, approaching the two of them.

“Okay guys shooting time will begin in about three minutes. Have you guys been rehearsing your lines?” Sandra asked while adjusting her wireless microphone headset.

“All my lines are up here.” Pamela told Sandra while pointing at her head and giving the director a confident smile. Pamela started giggling softly when she saw Sandra look down at Rob's large erected penis. Rob was already naked and his large piece of manhood was standing at attention in the midst of his pubic hairs. Sandra couldn't take her eyes off of Rob's erected penis. It was like looking at a tall wide sculpture of a standing cucumber.

“My God Rob, that is a very good massive hard cock you got there. It looks really firm and sturdy.” Sandra complimented Rob's penis while leaning into the car to get an even closer look between the young man's legs. “I want you to try to keep that erection for a long time because this scene is going to go on for an hour. As soon as Pamela opens up her legs, I want you to fuck her like a beast in heat. I want non-stop pumping action. You gotta good hard on babe, so try not to lose it.” Sandra told Rob giving him a wink and a smile while chewing on her gum. After telling Rob to keep his erection, Sandra then moved her attention back on Pamela. “Pamela, don't forget to spread your wings first before you take off your bra. Also when you take your bra off, remove the strap from your left boob first and then your right.” Pamela acknowledged Sandra's request by nodding her head.

“I got it, left boob first and then the right.” Pamela said. She and Rob looked around at each other and started snickering after watching their director walk off. Sandra had a funny walk that was also oddly sexy. The director sort of walked like a woman who was a gangster trying to use roller skates.

“So she wants me to fuck you like a beast in heat. Which means she basically wants me to go crazy on you. I have a really big cock and you know that. When it's not erected, it's seven inches long. I know she told me to fuck you like a beast in heat, but I don't want to have sex with you so hard that I end up hurting you.” Pamela listened to what Rob was telling her. She gave Rob a side stare while smirking at him.

“You know you gotta do what she says. If she wants you to fuck me like a beast in heat, then you gotta do it whether it hurts me or not. You see, I've worked with her before and you haven't. If you don't do what she says, she can be a real bitch.” Pamela warned her young male co- star while pointing at Sandra who was standing a few feet away already yelling at a cameraman. “See look at her, she's already pissed off.” Pamela giggled while fixing her hair. Rob sighed as he looked over at the hot headed director. The young man didn’t want to lose his erection and in order to keep his penis at a stand still and not have Sandra on his case, he began imagining having sex with every naked woman he's ever seen. He even imagined having sex with alien females including Pamela.

For some reason, Pamela's eyes locked on to a cameraman who was standing off to himself with his smartphone up to his ear. What made Pamela feel a little uneasy was how the cameraman was looking back at her so intensely without even blinking while speaking into his phone. Before Pamela made eye contact with the cameraman, he was already looking at her from a distance. Pamela would never really get unnerved by people staring at her, especially on the set of a porno movie. But there was something unsettling about the way she was being stared at by this cameraman. Pamela first noticed the cameraman staring at her an hour ago but she thought nothing of it.

Pamela thought that the cameraman looked like a white Tupac Shakur when she first saw him, but his white skin looked pale and unnatural as if it was synthetic. In the middle of the camerman's bald head was a tattoo of what looked like a sword to Pamela. He was also skinny but muscular and intimidating in his physical appearance. Pamela also noticed that he was oddly dressed wearing a black suit jacket with white leather pants and a hot pink muscle shirt beneath his jacket. None of the other cameramen were oddly dressed like that. Pamela looked away from the cameraman thinking that she was starting to act paranoid over something silly like a cameraman staring at her.

Maybe he was deep in thought about something while on his phone and wasn't realizing that he was staring hard at Pamela, or maybe he was thinking about something the director told him on how she wanted the sex scene to be shot. All these thoughts were wandering through Pamela's head. She still couldn't quite get over how the cameraman reminded her of a white Tupac Shakur and that made her giggle to herself. Because Tupac Shakur was her favorite rapper along with Keith Urban being her favorite country singer. Even though these musicians were long gone and way before Pamela's time she still was a fan of their music, which she felt was timeless.

“Okay people let’s go, we got thirty seconds before shooting time!” Director Sandra shouted while clapping her hands and cutting a look over at Pamela and Rob. Rob felt unnerved by the director's shouting and the demanding stare she was giving him and Pamela. The young adult actor tried hard to keep his erection and not be nervous as he looked away from the director. Pamela giggled when Rob left the Mustang's passenger seat and slowly crawled on top of her squeezing his slender hips between her legs.

“Remember what she told you honey, fuck me like a beast in heat,” Pamela laughed softly while reminding Rob of the order he was given from the director. Rob started laughing himself from Pamela touching the tip of his nose which helped relieve the tension in his body. Pamela prepared herself to get into character for the sex scene they were about to shoot. She gazed up into Rob's eyes while sliding her yellow painted fingernails across his nipple piercings and his rock solid abs.

Rob sent his sexy alien female co-star into hysterical laughter when his butt accidentally fell against the steering wheel of the Mustang, setting off the muscle car's horn. As Rob tried to adjust himself on top of Pamela's body in the driver seat his butt repeatedly tapped the steering wheel setting off the horn.

“I'm not ready for this, I think my penis is getting soft.” Rob looked embarrassed as he stared down at Pamela who was laughing at him. He also felt his embarrassment become accompanied with nervousness when he looked over at the director, Sandra, who was already yelling at him and telling him to place his hand on Pamela's left boob.

“Is your cock inside of her yet!” Sandra's screeching voice made Rob's ears tingle in irritation.

“Yeah my cock is inside of her!” Rob answered the director while trying not to show irritation in his voice.

“Okay people, here we go! Scene take one in five, four, three, two, one, action!” Pamela and Rob immediately went into the scene when the director pointed her finger at the two of them. The camera drones started rolling as they hovered and hummed above the Mustang. The drones began circling down towards Pamela's muscle car like a group of mechanical vultures. Rob's erected manhood was pumping smoothly between Pamela's legs.

While Pamela was removing the left strap of her mango orange colored bra, she sprouted her black feathered wings from out of her back just like her director told her. Pamela's wings were shaped like a harp and they gave off a pleasant fragrance that was similar to the smell of fresh flowers. Pamela cascaded her hands down the sides of Rob's sweaty muscular arms. Rob had a magnificent physique. He was nothing but pure muscle and every inch of his body was well proportioned. Pamela thought that Rob's body looked like a Roman nude statue. The young man's body was well built and it was turning Pamela on. Pamela normally didn't enjoy doing sex scenes with her male co- stars, but caressing on Rob's body and feeling his cock pumping inside of her, made her feel an excitement that she would only feel while making love to her husband.

Pamela felt a little guilty that she was starting to enjoy having sex on screen. When Pamela starred in her first x-rated film she didn't enjoy the sex but she had to act like she was enjoying it which was tough at first. Now Pamela had become an expert alien porn actress and in order to make it seem like she was really enjoying herself while on camera, she would always think about her million dollar paycheck.

But this was different, and Pamela for the first time was feeling aroused by Rob's penetration. Rob was in the zone and his sweaty muscular body was pumping smoothly into Pamela's vagina. Pamela's vagina was different from a human woman's vagina and the real name for a Zion female’s genitals was called an ivurenis. A Zion female’s genitals could also be called a vagina because it was similar to a human female’s genitals. The only difference was that a Zion female's vagina would glow during sexual arousal and intercourse.

Pamela’s vagina was glowing big time, and she enjoyed Rob's cock inside of her. Her hands were massaging his sweaty back and her lips were dancing with his. Rob was enjoying Pamela just as much as Pamela was enjoying him. The young man enjoyed helping Pamela remove her dress and her bra while pumping himself into her. Rob had never seen something so beautiful and sexy in his life. Pamela's body was extremely shapely and petite. She had the body of a perfect woman only with golden skin and black wings. Her breast were like two large sweaty melon shaped pillows that were perfectly positioned beneath her exquisite neck. Rob moved his lips down to Pamela's chest kissing between her breast. Pamela's titties were moist beneath Rob's lips from her sweat.

Rob sucked and licked on the nipple of Pamela's left boob before slowly moving his mouth over to the nipple of her right boob. The young man sucked and kissed on Pamela's breast while trickling his fingers up and down her curvy waist. Pamela had her legs embracing Rob's waist with the heels of her soft feet tickling his lower back. It was the first sex scene with a man that didn't feel mechanical. Pamela felt like she was one with Rob's body. Her sweaty hips were rhythmically in motion with the pumping rythmic action of Rob's penis.

Rob could feel how moist it was between his female co-stars legs. He could also see a glowing red light coming from between Pamela's inner thighs. The bio light that Pamela's body produced during sexual pleasure looked like a swarm of fireflys coming out of her vagina. The body producing light turned from red to amber. It was hypnotizing to see this light coming from in between the bodies of Pamela and Rob. Even the director, Sandra, was mesmerized by the amber glowing light that exited from between Pamela's shapely legs.

Pamela and Rob were so deep in their sexual act that they almost forgot that they were on the set of a porno movie. All they could see was each other and everyone else disappeared. There were no cameramen walking around the car filming them, there were no camera drones filming overhead and studio lights beaming down on them. The movie set had vanished as far as Pamela and Rob were concerned. Pamela even imagined that her bright red Mustang convertible was a king sized bed. As a wife and a mother, Pamela felt so guilty over her enjoyment of having sex with her co-star. She always promised herself that she would never enjoy doing her job too much, and that's what Pamela believed having sex in a porno film was supposed to be, a job.

Pamela tried not to think about what her father told her after she first told him that she wanted to be in porno movies. She tried not to think about the look on his face that made her heart sink. It was a look of disownment. A look that meant you are no longer my daughter. Pamela tried to keep her mind on the pleasure of Rob driving himself inside of her. She tried to keep her mind on the pleasurable warmth of Rob's sweaty muscular chest pressing against her boobs. She tried to concentrate on his soft lips gently nibbling at her neck and down her chest. Rob kissed the sweat off of Pamela's neck and chest. The young man used his lips to follow a trail of sweat that dropped down between her boobs.

Both Pamela and Rob were releasing ecstatic moans. Pamela moaned in pleasure from feeling the inside of her vagina being moistened and caressed by Rob’s firm penetration. Rob was moaning from the feeling of Pamela's moist vagina tightening around his penis and massaging it like hands shaping a clay sculpture.

“Don't slow down baby doll, don't slow down. Fuck me until it hurts,” Pamela breathlessly whispered in Rob's ear when she felt that he was losing his rhythm a little bit. It was an adrenaline rush at first, until Pamela felt something change. She could sense something was off but because she was so deep in pleasure she wasn't aware of the danger that was coming. Pamela was so enraptured by her orgasm that she didn't even hear or see the gunfire.

She was in a trance with her eyes closed and her body filled with an overwhelming orgasmic heat. The alien porn goddess was completely oblivious to her surroundings, and she had no idea that Rob had just been shot in his head and his body was losing its momentum. The young man lost his sexual power as soon as the bullet went straight through him. Pamela didn't understand why Rob was slowing down. She wanted to keep holding and feeling him pumping inside of her, but now Pamela felt like she was behind the wheel of a sports car with no engine.

“Come on baby doll speed up.” Pamela whispered in her male co-star's ear unaware that he was dead. “Rob!” Pamela finally opened her eyes to see Rob's head laying on her shoulder. She also saw the bullet hole in the back of Rob's head and she could see and feel that the young man's blood had splattered all over her face, neck, and chest. “Baby doll!” Those were the only words Pamela could get out of her mouth before she saw the nose of a shiny silver handgun being pointed at her. A security guard ran towards the gunmen trying to apprehend him but ended up losing. Another security guard who was a woman, tried to wrestle the firearm from the attacker but ended up getting her face blown off. Pamela was frozen in fear with Rob's dead body laying on top of her. The alien adult film actress looked straight into the eyes of the cameraman who was trying to shoot her.


About me

Skye Woods received his first award for writing an article about George Washington Carver, which he wrote for his high school history class. After graduating from a performing arts school, nineteen year old Skye attended college to study assistant nursing and writing. He went on to write his first science fiction novel which opened the door to his writing career. Now at the age of twenty-eight, the young author whose full name is Skyler Woods, promises to write cool books for the young and old.

Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The hardest part for me when I was writing this book, was trying to come up with interesting characters and story plots that the reader would be interested in. I also found it hard to come up with a variety of different short stories, and make sure that they all had there own different atmosphere.
Q. What draws you to this genre?
My love for fantasy and sci-fi comes from my mom, because she wrote a lot of fantasy stories and screenplays. I've always loved fantasy and sci-fi, because I see it as a stress reliever and escapism from real life problems.
Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
The idea for this book came from a collection of watching different sci-fi and fantasy action films such as The Matrix and Blade Runner. Also pop culture and the hip hop culture gave me the idea of wanting to create fantasy that would appeal to the MTV crowd.

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