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First pages

A little reminder of where we last left Josie:

Josie won a trip to Oslo, Norway on a television show, The World on a Platter. After a hideous flight she had a hideous week of being led about on a leash by Miss Elizabeth Elway and crew with the only highlight being bumping heads with Harry before bumping heads with them.
After colliding with Harry for a second time as fate would have it, the two spend significant quality time recouping in the hospital where healing infatuation quickly leads to Josie’s real cure, love.
Courting Harry proves to be a daunting task since he’s so shy; as well as a gentleman with a tight lip. Still, once those pesky butterflies got a hold of Josie, she refuses to let them go. Together they tour the sights while Harry freely amply supplies the romance Josie had been missing her whole life.
The only catch is the frustration that begins to mount as Josie waits as patiently as she can for Harry to mount her. It turns out that he’s holding back a couple of secrets that nag his conscience to the point that it won’t allow him to do what he desires most, make love to her. Their passion builds until the pressure reaches its boiling point and, glory be, it looks like Josie is finally going to get what she’d been craving for so long.
Josie’s luck being what it is; their impromptu hook-up gets unhitched mid-flight of passion; due to circumstances beyond their control. The two love birds flee their swinging gondola in shame but even more in love and lust than ever.
In all fairness I should warn you in this volume their long overdue passion starts burning up the pages almost immediately. So best brace yourself…fill your wine goblet to the brim. And so their amorous amour continues:
Chapter One Hundred-Three: Prelude to passion and an interlude to lewd

Love, exciting and new, had finally become lust, long overdue. Josie’s heart raced just contemplating all the possibilities. Other parts of her body aches in ways best not mentioning. Her mind remained up in the clouds.
Who says big things can’t come in small packages? The smallest Ferris wheel she had ever been on gave her the biggest thrill she ever had. After their erotic escapade, amusement parks would never be the same again; and kiddie rides would have adult agendas attached to them forevermore. Gondola, carriage, capsule; Josie didn’t have a clue what the precise technical jargon was for the cozy cart they shared their intimate interlude in. Encapsulated by the fluttering electricity of it all, Josie couldn’t care less. In her journal it would be forever known as their “bucket of love.” Children’s Ferris wheel—hell. It was without a doubt, the best adult ride Josie had ever been on; more fun than all the other rides she had ever ridden combined.
Fun, fun, fun; until the children just had to cry out and spoil their play. The aftermath of their erotic escapade was nearly as fun as their passionate romp in the evening sky. Banished from TusenFryd the two outcasts rallied in each other’s company. Harry and Josie spent their ride back home laughing, blushing, and holding hands together on the steering wheel. This time Harry didn’t pull away. This time he couldn’t. Even though she didn’t receive full satisfaction, Josie didn’t hold a grudge but Harry kind of wished she had.
A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and no matter what he may claim, pleasing a woman is always going to top his mandatory macho list of chores. The man of the hour felt he let the woman of his life down; mainly because he didn’t get an hour; hell persevering Harry barely got a quarter of that. Fifteen minutes of heaven just weren’t nearly enough; he may have been quick on his feet, but not that quick; taking pride in doing the job right. Five more minutes might have done it, he would have preferred ten, but that’s neither here nor there. Have fled the scene of his failed mission, he now had the rest of the night to show Josie exactly how he felt. Harry fully intended to make the most of it…in every intimate way imaginable.
Victory would be his…and hers….and his and hers again and again if he had anything to say about it. His ego was at stake. Her complete satisfaction was his goal. He had to deliver or else. Serious ramifications would ensue if Harry didn’t seriously ram Josie soon. Knowing the hell that she’d been through, Harry wanted more than anything to fully satisfy Josie at least once in her life. One stinking orgasm beyond compare wasn’t too much to ask for, Josie deserved so much more. He was honor bound to give her his A-game; she was bound to let him.
A lot happened in that dimly lit gondola in a short span of time…but not enough. Having gotten to third base on their second date, Harry found bringing Josie joy was his greatest joy. Completing the score could not be postponed. Lips met, tongues tangoed; hands copped, fingers caressed, probed, tugged tenderly, and gently squeezed, teeth nibbled gingerly—all in all, considering the time limit, Harry now knew Josie’s body nearly as well as his own.
If he didn’t achieve satisfaction there was no way she could have. Feeling lower than dirt, Harry could never live with himself if he didn’t remedy that stat. The second he got her home he was determined to try for a World Series grand slam of a homerun.
As fate and Harry’s manhood would have it, Josie’s Nordic dating routine was destined to change abruptly; from a PG-13 rating to XXX. Harry was never one to go off half-cocked, and he wasn’t going to do so now without a fight. It is always better to remain with a little shame than to leave with a great one. Some of Harry’s boner-chilling Norwegian proverbs hit the bull’s eye at times. Faithful to a fault, Josie clung to his side as if he had just rescued her from a ferocious beast. He couldn’t even spare her from a mocking mob. Snuggling next to his purring kitten, Harry felt the greatest need to stroke her fur. So he did.
Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Love, being the greatest miracle of all, can be expressed in as many ways as there are emotions. When a wandering hand finds a mind of its own, on a set course to ultimate pleasure, one must believe that divine intervention has come into play. Harry had the magic touch like he never had it before; surprising even himself with all his newfound tenderness. He never knew he had it in him…and never dreamed he’d get to pass it onto Josie.
As if his all his instincts were bound to Josie on some deep molecular level, he found his quick and nimble fingers finding all the right spots with maximum care and minimal effort. As Harry got Josie all revved up and rearing to go, the new car smell of his Audi Quattro was replaced by musky scents of a different nature. Setting a hysterical historical pace, risking his and her living privileges as well as his driving, Harry made it back to Josie’s hotel in record time; his revving up car coming to a screeching halt as if it were as anxious as its passengers. Looking Josie eagerly in the eyes, a hair-trigger Harry sincerely inquired with every fiber of his being, “May I come in?”
Silently and solemnly, Josie thanked her girl didn’t get what she needed earlier lucky stars. Primed, prodded, and pumped to the brink, she was worried she was going to have to settle for second best; finishing the job herself. Been there done that, don’t feel like doing it again. Her self-service routine had gotten stale and having one hand didn’t make it any fresher. Still she highly doubted she could bring herself to rape a man twice…in the same day. Back home she’d likely ride her companion in the form of a washing machine, Shaky Jake, accumulating even more frequent rinse cycle miles; but here the local Laundromat clientele likely wouldn’t understand. Besides with her arm in a sling, she’d require a step stool to mount-up.
Like life, love is a gamble; for most the biggest gamble of them all. Sometimes one has to risk it all in order to have it all. Right then, on the spot, nothing ventured-nothing gained became her adopted motto. Josie responded to Harry’s inquiry with an immediate enthusiastic, “By all means, this lady insists on it!” He was no fool…at least not any longer. An extremely grateful Harry courteously leaned over and deeply kissed his lady for allowing him such an honor; quickly leaping out and walking around to the passenger door to help her get out asap. There was one slight delay.
Afterthought is good, but forethought is better. Before closing the passenger door he opened the glove box to conveniently snatch out a bottle of fine wine and palm a box of condoms. That was Harry, her Boy Scout proving to be always prepared. A bottle of chocolate syrup and some whipped cream might have come in handy too. Thoughtful Harry would have to get to know Josie a bit better before realizing that.
Harry had his hands full but Josie wasn’t about to let him forget about holding her as well. Somewhat stunned by his latest bold move; she was much more pleased and ergo, in the mood to tease and be teased. All Josie could think was What a relief he asked…I was afraid I’d have to grab him by his penis and drag him to my room!
Making small talk on his way to making her night, the silly superfluous fool apologized for having no flowers or candy. Caring for nothing but him, Josie could care less. She had her squeeze-toy plus a life-sized one to boot. All Harry needed to sweep her off her feet at this point was a smile…and of course a working penis—those ribbed condoms and a fine bottle of wine didn’t hurt. He was ready. She was more than ready. And so two consenting adults headed off to do what consenting adults insist their children never consent to.
The heat was on…and off at the same time. Josie couldn’t help but salivate at the thought of what was to come; neither could Harry; however he perspired much more noticeably than her. Hot entirely for a different reason, reclusive Josie hadn’t had a real man drooling over her in some time. At last, at long last thank God almighty, at long long last a living breathing male worth mating was heading towards her boudoir. She had best seize the opportunity and whatever else she could lay her hands upon before he changed his mind or God forbid, his body finished before hers.
Zest, vigor, fevered fervor all ignited with a passion so strong that God himself couldn’t have stopped them now. Grabbing Harry’s good hand with gusto, Josie hastily dragged him towards her room, posthaste. Harry may have been in a hurry to score but it was Josie who nearly pulled his arm off dragging him across her threshold. Twas the first time that Harry crossed Josie’ threshold, so first things first--a grand tour was required; a brisk, uninhibited, provocative form of foreplay that Josie ingeniously brewed-up in the immense heat of the moment.
With her most seductive grin and the most wayward wiggle in her walk ever, Josie lead hound dog Harry around on an imaginary leash dangling bits of her falling clothing under his nose until the horny dog had only one thing left on his mind, humping her. Strip-teasing being the only dance she ever excelled at meant one seductively sashaying damsel in undress had absolutely no trouble getting a standing ovation from her man down on all fours; even with her stiff elbow. To keep heeled Harry tripping over his own drooling tongue for as long as possible, Josie slowly peeled off one layer at a time. Since she was stark raving craving it just as much as he, it didn’t take long at all. It just seemed to. Libidos running amuck don’t have any patience; love being made for the first has even less. Still romance demanded time for tenderness…a few seconds anyway.
It can be audacious, action-packed, comedic, musical, nearly always dramatic, and even melancholy at times; and the stage for it can be set anywhere. Love has no boundaries. Every form of erotica is as subjective as the performers wish it to be. More imagination comes into play in the bedroom than anywhere else. The games people play pleasing themselves and their partner are as countless as the stars in the night sky. Yet some things remain as standard as they are timeless.
For those filthy scruffy beautiful minds who insist on getting every dirty detail of Harry and Josie’s first time, and for those lazy bones looking for a few tips: Josie began by slinging her sling to the floor and then Harry did the same. Then came Josie’s strip-tease tour, in the following order: the foyer-shoes, living room-blouse, dining nook-jeans, kitchenette-bra, and the near grand finale in the bedroom-panties, and the last touch in the bathroom-socks.
Being certain to remain glued within line-of-sight, Harry didn’t take note of the interior décor at all; other than a quick glancing evaluation of sturdiness and size of bed, his eyes never left Josie’s body. In a monkey-see monkey-do fashion together they danced a stripping tango; he and his banana peeled in sync with her and her fruit basket; only Harry finished by sitting butt naked on her bed to take his socks off. Along the way, ignition had commenced…launch was imminent, with a minor hitch…very slight…and rushed.
What’s the use of having a full bottle of wine in the room if you can’t use its empty remains as an excuse in the morning? Harry was thoughtful enough to provide a top-shelf fermented grape inhibition inhibitor; what sort of hostess wouldn’t immediately break it out? Nude, Josie strutted over to the counter in such a jiggle-fest to fetch the bottle that she nearly knocked it over; and then hunted through the drawers in such a hurry that half the contents fell to the floor, muttering “Damn…damn…damn.” Harry couldn’t care less about the wine; the screw he had in mind had nothing to do with a cork. Her Boy Scout wasn’t perfect after all; her kingdom for a corkscrew!
Worried she might be spoiling the mood, Josie had no idea just how much more she was heightening it. The last thing Josie needed was more frustration in her life, even in the smallest degree. With significant pain, coaxing, extreme determination, a chipped nail, and more under-breath cussing, Josie managed to crudely uncork her foe in several stages using a nail-file. Star-struck, Harry amused himself immensely watching her hunched-over titillating antics from front row rear. All he could manage to say was, “My God, you’re magnificent.” That was all vulnerable Josie needed to hear. As she turned back around she saw all she needed to see as well. Her next cuss word, “damn,” wasn’t muted at all.
Naked, things were most definitely looking up. He was impressively aroused. She was overly aroused. Spontaneous teenagers would have jumped right into the sack then and there. However wiser Harry and Josie preferred a miniscule pit-stop pick-them-up to keep it up. An extremely short slap and tickle chase took them to the kitchenette. With a blasphemously long kiss for a blessing, Adam and Eve sat at the kitchen table guzzling wine from plastic cups and gobbling down a king-sized Snickers, nose-to-nose Lady and the Tramp style. There’s nothing like a little wine to set the mood, unless it’s a lot. A split-second game of spin the empty wine bottle ensued briefly. Three seconds later they retreated victoriously back to the boudoir.
There’s nothing like a high-caliber wine to make a low-caliber girl feel special; unless topped off with one hell of a well hung man. It had been some time since Josie sipped wine that didn’t come in a box; even longer since she had been with a man. Anticipation had her nerves standing on end and another distinct part of Harry standing at undeniable attention, grabbing Josie’s undivided attention. Naughty Kitty was more than ready to purr; she was ready to rumble…and roar. Now that her clothes were no longer in the way, unhampered Josie sped up her tease in preparation of being pleased. Immediate gratification was at hand.
Encouraging gravity to work in her favor, the wanton wildcat got down on all fours, rolling her shoulders as sensuously as she could. As Josie did her best to wag her tail off she seductively sang, “That’s the way, un huh, un huh…I like it, un huh, un huh…” Clapping as only an overexcited child could, Harry drove her onward.
Slinging her long hair wildly to and fro, as if trying to shoo flies off of her heaving buttocks, Josie segued into a very personal very intimate lap-dance. Bucking her sitting bronco she put on quite a show, chuck full of moans and groans, more than any rodeo rider or fan could have hoped for; by the time she slowed down Harry had thrown his whiplash collar on the floor along with what remained of his inhibitions.
If all this fantastic foreplay sounds more fantasy than reality, I should mention that total time elapsed from entry to her room to reaching full initial consummation of their relationship was less than ten minutes. In fact it took far longer to read about it than live it…of course it didn’t exactly end there.

Chapter One Hundred-Four: Hers and his victories

Glory be, Josie had a man in her bedroom and he was buck naked and I do mean buck! It was about time. About to get low down and freaky, relieved finally be getting some, Josie had arrived at Funkytown years behind schedule. About to get laid, she was only a tad bit afraid; having prayed for this hot-n-heavy moment for some time. Just to make sure, Josie was willing to do anything; including making sure what was caught her eye most at the moment did not get away…hint it had only one eye.
For the first time in a long time things were really looking up in Josie’s bedroom. Since Harry was kind enough to sprout a convenient handle for her, Josie pulled the great Viking descendant by his horn into her jiggling act of deprived depravity with great gusto. Alone he jangled, or to be more accurate, dangled; together both jingled and mingled. Her impromptu tug-of-below-the-waist-war was the filthiest fun in the dirtiest sort of way, but also a slight waste of energy and erection that Josie believed might have been used better elsewhere. On the other hand, her heaving breasts and wagging buttocks didn’t seem a waste of time at all to Harry; his continued standing ovation making that more than obvious. Out to enjoy the spectacular view for as long as he could, Harry was in no hurry for splashdown. Still Josie was more than warmed up, she was raring to get to it.
She never worked so hard to get laid in her life. Prior to this flirtation was little more than a wink and a smile to Josie. Teasing and taunting involved eating food seductively, bending over to show her legs, thighs, or cleavage be it buttocks or breasts. Having never worked so hard after disrobing to get laid; Josie danced and pranced around naked simply because she didn’t know what else to do.
Josie didn’t have time for confusion. She wasn’t in the mood. Once the landing pad was open and ready for business why didn’t erect just pounce right in and take her? Harry’s trance over her erotic dance, her come-hither glance, and even her spread-legged stance baffled and bewildered her immensely. Foreplay had always been more concept than reality to Josie; a made-up ideal fantasy conceived of by women wanting everyone else think they had it all; something written about on the pages of romance fiction, not something done for real outside of a movie set. All that was changed immensely irrevocably as underappreciated uneducated Josie learned the difference between having sex and making love.
If at first she didn’t succeed, try, try, and tug again. Not being able to figure out exactly what he wanted, Josie felt she had no choice but to stretch her point. Having reached out with unmitigated gusto and done just that, she was very very reluctant to let go. But achieving her goal couldn’t be accomplished with her hands in the way. Harry just didn’t seem to want to take the hint and take her.
Surrender was not an option…or was it? There comes a time in one’s life when one has to let go and go with the flow; be oneself and do exactly what one wants to. Josie was about to be completely overwhelmed by what could happen when she completely let herself go. Releasing her grip on immediate gratification; surrendering to the moment, Josie just laid back and decided to let Harry do his thing…whatever that might be.
You ever have one of those days when suddenly everything goes your way; a day so “too good to be true” that you can’t help but keep pinching yourself expecting to wake-up? A day so glorious that not only karma, but the tide, the planets, your chakra, your horoscope, and every last one of your lucky-charms all come together in perfect alignment at once? Well, Josie was about to have one of those nights; in fact the first she ever had. For Josie was about to come into her “cumuppance.” Not merely massively more cumuppance than she ever thought she deserved, never mind could have; but more cumuppance than she ever dreamed possible. I know that sinds kind of messy to some and vulgar to others but it sure as hell was neither to her.
Stalling for some unknown reason, Harry showered quivering Josie and as much of her body as he could with every kiss known. As his mighty hands worked their stroking circling caressing magic Josie could take no more, so she lost her mind. Assuming Harry must have needed one good push to get going. Without screaming the “F” word, in spite of all her instinct telling her to do so, Josie finally spoke up for herself, “What are you waiting for big boy…this ride is open for business!” Harry was too preoccupied laying on the sugar smacks to speak a single word. Josie’s one-line sex-talk was a bit pedestrian, but it worked—and how! Her seductive grin, winked eyelash, and widely spread legs declared open season on both her body and soul. It wasn’t exactly a game. It wasn’t exactly a sport either; however it was one-on-one. Any way you chose to look at it, it was about to be one hell of a workout…endorphins included.
It took an excruciatingly agonizingly long second for Harry to react but he sure did. Having been gleefully pulled off his round-about course of desire, her kissaholic spoke, “I take it I don’t need a ticket…” Harry didn’t get a chance to finish his adlib. Not being able to lay still for even a second longer, Josie held nothing back choosing to hit Harry with a full-court press; pulling his body tightly to hers as if nothing else mattered…for nothing else did. With every fiber of his being, Harry responded by taking it all to the hoop. It was on now, no holes or holds barred; no rules or regulations to tame their out-of-control blazing wildfire.
Josie had never come closer to raping a man in her life. With foreplay having done its job and then some; time for the main event had arrived. “My you’re a hairy beast…aren’t you,” she moaned as her fingers passionately struggled to untangle his back fur. Rex didn’t have a hairy back but Harry sure did, which made Josie feel as if she was more with animal than man, wondering for a second if he shed; soon forgetting about that particular beastly trait as another more prominent alpha male trait introduced itself tenderly fiercely, in the most intimate way.
Perfect fit; other than Goldilocks, some say there’s no such thing. Some haven’t met their soul mate yet. It may sound silly; however at that instant Harry and Josie seemed to literally be made for each other; two pieces of a perfect puzzle. Together the two made a perfectly exquisite erotic jigsaw puzzle. Tab P slid into slot V as if it were meant to be; no instructions required. Veins aligned with veins, nerve endings shook hands, and harmonic rhythm commenced on unspoken cue. Thinking was not necessary. Feelings could no longer be contained. Animal instinct took it from there. And, make no mistake about it; it was timid meek Josie who initiated first contact of the most intimate kind.
Wham, bam, bam, bam, bam…Tackled pink, Harry was as slick as silk yet as hard as a steel stake; driven beyond the waxed gates and into the Promised Land before he knew what hit him. Having been ambushed by Josie’s rapture response, he figured it was his turn to surprise her and her trimmed bush by throwing them up against the pillowed wall with, “Take this…you naughty, naughty girl!” From this onslaught on their not-so-limited dialogue degraded to mostly primitive grunts, groans, and moans. Inhibitions were tossed to the wind as passion danced on the breeze. Both parties doing what came natural; neither holding back; both disregarding all the aches and pains to undoubtedly follow; neither would have any complaints. Larger-than-life lunging was countered by even more aggressive plunging in what can only be described as sumptuously violent. With two racing heartbeats beating as one, the tempo took control and their erotic dance set its own rapidly accelerating pace; as mutual lubrication did its thing, mutual satisfaction hit new highs. Mount Vesuvius made less of a ruckus. Together their unbridled enthusiasm was released with such zeal that the intensity of their eruption could be heard not only next door but down below as well. Norwegians being so polite and all, not a single broom handle or fist slammed onto a single surface. With an exulted exhaled great duet moan, Josie collapsed in her completeness, fulling expecting depleted Harry to do the same.
The real power of love is in its ability to inspire passion. Amorous adrenalin being what it is, the opening ceremony was hardly the deal closer; it was only the beginning. As Josie tried to relax, Harry did the opposite. After a quick warm-up to stretch things out, Harry leaned back in for some erotic exploration and the munch munching commenced. Josie didn’t say a word but her eyes popped wide as if they couldn’t believe what was going down. With eager tongue lapping the air and whatever else came into range, Harry’s wide devil grin and raised eyebrows said it all. Nope, Josie hadn’t entered a two-person one-event team competition; she was in a sexual Olympics; the likes of which legends are born…and the luckiest of children as well.
Once hound-dog Harry was sure the heat had climbed to the boiling point yet again, her debauched Don Juan returned to the scene of the conquest. Her Viking had landed…and would be taking her heart prisoner again…and again, like it ever had a chance to escape. Seeking to ravage and pillage Josie’s body to smithereens, her unabashed hero made no secret about it. It was such an outlandishly impressive act that next-door neighbor muted the volume on her television just to be sure she didn’t miss a thing; little did Miss Not-so-Busybody realize she would be staying up nearly all night. The devils as well as the delight are in the details, so hold on tight here we go:
Everything she wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask had already become obsolete. In less than a half hour every single prior sexual experience Josie ever had, became as stale as decade-old bread. Being the spice of life, variety spiced-up love-making to unimaginable levels of satisfaction; Harry’s seemingly endless repertoire of romance included speed as well as slow-motion, applied pressure, and endurance; all applied in a magnificent myriad of taps, strokes, rubs, caresses, touches, kisses, even hits and occasional misses; his extra special specialty being rhythm. Even though most of their time was spent horizontal, and there was no music playing, both Harry and Josie danced in sync not only to their hearts but to the beat of a different drum; several instruments in fact, since virtuoso Harry had a vast variety of percussion instruments driving his never-say-die libido.
With their brains so occupied on sharing pleasure, their little gray cells didn’t expend too much energy on conversation; that’s not to say nothing was said. As their play elevated them to new highs their somewhat goofy sex-talk cheered them on: “You must be punished for being so fine!” Jackhammer Harry drove Josie as if she were the golden railroad spike joining the Union and Pacific together. “Wild thang…you make my back ache!” To the beat of an imaginary Heavy Metal ballad, her hard rocker belly-spanked her doggie-style until Josie howled “Uncle!” At one point they even cheered a duet, “Rock-on baby, rock-on!” performed in nearly perpetual motion.
There is a reason some brides wisely prefer abstinence a week or so before their wedding…their honeymoon night. Pent up sexual frustration can lead to immense sexual release. Encores were not a problem. Nothing was. During numerous repeated performances the tempo repeatedly went from tender to traumatic as both partners chose to test the other’s limits. Their pushed enveloped intertwined went from vertically challenging, to hunched-over doggie, to the standard horizontal missionary; not missing a position in between. Upside-down, inside-out, round-and-round, up-and-down, and mostly in-and-out; there was no limit to their imaginations or their libidos. Energized as if he were made of frisky fissionable material, Harry showed more stamina than stallions half his age; Josie finally getting to show every ounce of stamina that she had accumulated over her hard years as well. Ecstasy was not of the moment or the minute; it was an ongoing reoccurring, relentless marathon of pleasure; a sublime supreme measure of his manhood and her womanhood. Erotic encore after encore he kept going and she kept cumming; as if they were born to make love and nothing more…as if that was all there was…other than breathing every now and then in vain attempts to catch their breath.
Sizzling is far too gentle a word. Scorching comes closer. All-consuming passionfire of love-n-lust best describes it; not that any words could possibly do it justice. Pausing to rekindle their romance even once was never necessary since the raging passion never went out. It was exuberating, exhilarating, energizing, exasperating, exhausting and dare I say by far, the most intimately insane thing either had ever put themselves through; yet with every iota of energy both possessed well spent and gone, they both felt as if their endless passionate love-making was the sanest thing either had ever done, even if it didn’t come close to sounding like it. Screaming thanks to God and each other, the two frolicking teenagers exhaled moans of such exuberance that temporary hearing-loss was only the first of many likely outcomes. Consistently conquered Josie achieved the big “O” to her heart’s and body’s delight only to find another waiting just round the bend. So much so that she found herself wondering if over-zealous hump-happy Harry was trying to split her in two. Perhaps he considered two Josies better than one?
Over the centuries millions of songwriters have come up with a billion scores attempting to set love-making to music. The actual soundtrack to passion is never as melodic as one imagines it to be. As incredibly beautiful as it was, it certainly didn’t sound so sweet. Before either knew it, it was the middle of the night. It wasn’t still. It was everything but peace and quiet. The music Harry and Josie made was only in their hearts. The racket they were making in the real world was anything but romantic. It wasn’t just the bed squeaking, the moaning, the giving thanks, and the headboard knocking the wall; splish splash, they weren’t taking a bath. The rampant ruckus their body parts and bodily fluids made was unmistakably due to wildly wanton ways. Both Harry and Josie were extremely lucky the neighbors didn’t riot, break in insisting on partaking of the orgy, and/or burst out in riotous laughter. Hell it was a miracle the cops didn’t bust down their door with guns out or zippers down.
Generous to anything but a fault, Harry had brought Josie a lot of gifts, but the best gift of all was bringing her to the brink and back again—repeatedly. Several times during his servings of sensual servitude, Josie wasn’t sure how much more she could take. He wasn’t sure how much more he could give, just that he had to give her all he had. Dehydration became an issue. She was about to yell out good grief when spent to the last drop Harry finally exploded his final round inside of her, resulting in her screaming, “Good God!” instead; taking every ounce of her remaining breath to do so.


About me

Having never lived beyond the realm of my imagination I find myself at a crossroad; whereupon I can no longer work for a non-living due to impairments, both physical and mental; so I chose to try to survive via putting my dreams to work for me. I don't read much since doing so gives me a headache as well as the groogies so all I offer is all I have, such as it is. Love me or hate me; at least for once you will get to know me; for I am introvert-maximus in every sense and sentence of the word.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
This is the grand finale to my first attempt at the Great American Novel. Being new to writing I dove in without pause, went overboard, and ended up with 3 volumes. "LOVE" is the inspiration, theme, and motivation behind it all; for I feel that's what truly motivates us all; I worship it in words.
Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Simply to never settle for what you can get; to hold out for what you deserve, what we all do, true love; for that is the only way dreams can come true; fairy-tales as well. So never give-in or give-up; for you never can tell; soulmates do exist; all it takes is faith and heart enough to find one..
Q. Where can readers find out more about you?
I went to Facebook to promote my writing only to fail miserably at that while unburdening my soul. You can find out all you wanted to know about me and more there as long as my posts survive; for I am using no pen-name and deleting nothing. All in hopes of proving being myself hasn't been a waste.

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