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First pages

Chapter 1

“So, after they defeated their father, Cronus, they came to be known as the three main Gods,” Miss J drones on as I slump into my chair, bored out of my mind. I am so over listening about stupid Greek Mythology. I sigh and look out the window, resting my chin in the palm of my hand. I tune Miss J out and focus on the soothing pitter-patter of rain hitting against the large window.

“Miss Amber?” I suddenly hear my name, causing me to slightly jump. I turn my head quickly to the front to see Miss J staring at me sternly, arms crossed. I hate it when teachers call on you when they know you aren’t listening. I inwardly groan, and take a deep breath, dreading the already expected embarrassment.

“Yes?” I ask, feeling my cheeks beginning to burn already.

“The names of the three main Greek Gods?” she asks, raising her eyebrow at me. By the look on her face and the tone of her voice, I can tell that she knows I’m not going to be able to answer the question. But really, how am I supposed to know? I feel everyone’s eyes on me as I look around the classroom for any clues, but there is absolutely nothing about ‘the three main Greek Gods’.

“Um…” I start, and just as I’m about to say ‘I don’t know’, something in my brain clicks. Three names come to my mind, and for some reason I just have the feeling that I know the correct answer. “Zeus… Poseidon… And Hades?” I answer, but it comes out as more of a question. She looks at me with clear surprise. Oh no. They probably won’t even remotely close to their names. Is Poseidon even a name?

“Correct. Well done,” she praises, giving me an approving smile. I try to conceal the surprise from my face. Wait, what? I return her smile with a small forced one of my own. How did I know that? I have never learnt anything about Greek Mythology. Suddenly a loud ringing erupts, and I soon realise that the piercing noise is the bell. I shake myself out of my thoughts, gather my belongings and exit the classroom.


“Hey! Amber! What was that?” I hear my best friend Mason’s amused voice call as I am walking down the crowded, plain school hallway. I look up at his towering, muscular frame as he catches up to walk beside me. His short light brown hair is messy as always and his dark chocolate eyes are bright. Mason looks down at me with a grin plastered on his tan, handsome face.

“What was what?” I ask innocently, even though I know exactly what he is talking about.

“You know what. How did you even know the answer? You literally never pay attention in class,” he says, snickering. I shoot him a dirty look and shrug.

“I don’t know. I must have heard her mention them before,” I mumble, trying to convince both him and myself. He nods, and then abruptly turns around with a goofy grin on his face. “What?” I ask, narrowing my eyes.

“Guess what tomorrow is?” he asks grinning. I groan, and let my head fall backwards. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I almost forgot.

“No surprises. Or gifts.” I demand sternly, putting my hands on my hips. His mouth turns downwards slightly. He shakes his head.

“Come on. Let’s get to our next class,” he mumbles, pulling me with him as we make our way down the now less crowded hall.

t t t

The rest of the day flies by, and before I know it, I am in Mason’s pristine bedroom. I lie on my back on top of his black coloured bed, and stare at his white ceiling. Now that I think about it, for a guy, Mason is super neat and his room is pretty sophisticated. There aren’t any posters on his perfectly clean white walls. There are no clothes randomly thrown around the room. Nothing is out of place. Everything in his room is matched to the black and white theme, other than his dark wood floors. I hear his door open and close, distracting me from my thoughts. I sit upright and see him walking in with a plate full of delicious looking brownies that his mom just made. Just seeing the food makes me realise how hungry I still am after dinner. He takes a seat on the right side of the bed beside me. I stare down at the plate hungrily, and see that there is a purple and blue striped birthday candle stuck in a brownie that is strategically placed in the middle. I shake my head in disapproval.

“Really Mason? A candle?” I sigh, giving him a pointed look. He nods, a serious look plastered onto his face. He pulls out a lighter from his faded blue jeans’ pocket, and easily lights the candle.

“Make a wish,” he smiles. I just stare at the candle, and then back at him. He begins glaring at me. I sigh and roll my eyes. I blow out the candle and look up to see him smiling in victory. I shake my head.

“Happy?” I ask, exasperated.

“Very,” he responds, a smug look on his face.

“Great. Let’s eat them now.” I say, grabbing a brownie eagerly. I take a bite and savour the rich chocolate taste and how the mini chocolate chips melt in my mouth. We eat in a comfortable silence for a couple of minutes, until Mason breaks it.


“Yeah?” I question, looking up at him to see a soft expression.

“Why don’t you like celebrating your birthday?” he asks softly. I look at my legging-clad crossed legs uncomfortably.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” I brush off, trying to convince him and myself.

“Amber, I’m your best friend. You can tell me,” he says in a comforting voice. I look into his pleading eyes and sigh in defeat.

“It’s stupid. It’s just – every year that my birthday comes around, it’s a reminder that my birth parents gave me up when I was born. It’s a reminder that they didn’t want me. It’s a reminder that even my adoptive parents don’t care about me.” I admit, starting to feel tears build up in my eyes. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, as hot tears begin to roll down my cheeks. Strong arms engulf me, and I welcome the warmth.

“Amber, I am so sorry,” he says sympathetically. Such simple words that so many people say, yet somehow, he manages to put so much meaning into them. I pull away from him and he looks down at me with a soft expression on his face.

“Amber, I’m sure your birth parents adored you. They probably gave you up because they loved you so much and they couldn’t look after you the way you deserved. Your adoptive parents are idiots for not loving you. But other than them, everyone else does. I do. My parents do. Everyone at school does. Even my grandparents love you!” he exclaims. I let out a small laugh, as I wipe my tears.

“I’m sorry. I’m being stupid.” I apologise, and he shakes his head.

“No, you’re not. You need to let it out sometimes. It’s good for you,” he comforts, and I smile in appreciation. “I think we should go to sleep now,” he suggests, and I nod in agreement. I quickly go to the bathroom and change into simple cotton shorts and a black singlet top. I come back into the room, and walk over to the bed. I slide underneath the warm fluffy blanket and rest my head on the soft, feather-stuffed pillow. The lights go out, and I hear Mason slip onto his blow-up bed.

“Sweet dreams, Amber,” he says softly. I smile to myself. He is seriously the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

“Sweet dreams, Mason,” I respond, before letting myself drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter 2:

I slowly open my eyes to the excruciatingly loud alarm that is going off. I groan and turn over to where Mason is. I look curiously at the empty bed he should be in and yawn as I slowly get up. Grabbing the clothes that I packed in my bag for today, I make my way towards the shower. For some reason, I have a certain bounce in my step as I walk across Mason’s room towards the bathroom. Happiness floods through me, which confuses me, as I am usually miserable on my birthdays. Deciding to just go with my newfound happiness, I shower and get changed as quickly as possible, before assessing myself in the full-length mirror. My long sleeved black dress falls a few centimetres down from my mid thighs. The dress has two sets of symmetrical silver fake buttons on each side at the front, making it resemble an elegant coat. I pull on some stockings and tug on almost knee high boots. I quickly apply soft, natural makeup and give my long, dark brown wavy hair a brush. I look at my face in the reflection and notice that my features seem more defined than usual. I shake my head, and roll my eyes at myself. I’m probably just imagining things. I grab my bag and walk outside Mason’s room. As soon as I walk out, I am hit with the deliciously familiar smell of waffles. My mouth begins to water as I make my way downstairs and into the pristine all-white kitchen. As I walk into the amazing smelling kitchen, I see Mason cleaning various dishes intently.

“Morning,” I greet suddenly, and he jumps. He puts his hand on his chest and breathes heavily.

“You scared me!” he exclaims dramatically. I laugh and he smiles, coming over to hug me. “Happy birthday Amber. Everything will be good today. You’ll see.” He assures me, and I simply hug him back with a big smile plastered on my face. He grabs my hand and leads me into his large lounge room.

“What are we doing here?” I question, eager for the delicious smelling waffles I smelt on the way. He grins at me mischievously.

“Wait here,” he orders, before leaving the room. I frown at the doorway he disappeared through. Where did he go? I stand in the middle of his lounge room for a few minutes, quickly becoming bored, before he comes back into the room with an elegant black box. I look at it curiously.

“What is that?” I ask, peering down, and he smiles.

“This is your birthday present,” he states, grinning wildly, and I shake my head.

“I thought I said no presents,” I sigh, as I take the expensive looking box from his hand. He shrugs.

“You didn’t really expect me to listen, did you?” he asks with a serious face and I let out a small laugh. I carefully open the box to reveal an elegant, delicate diamond bracelet. My mouth falls open and I am left completely speechless. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I have honestly ever seen.

“Mason! Please don’t tell me these are real diamonds,” I demand. He smiles sheepishly, making my eyes soften and I shake my head at him. “You shouldn’t have… thank you.” I let out, smiling warmly, before wrapping my arms around him tightly.

“You’re welcome,” he answers softly. We break apart, and I proceed to look at my beautiful, intricate bracelet. I put my wrist out and hand him the bracelet. He carefully clips it onto my wrist and I smile at the way the diamonds sparkle in the light.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful. I seriously love it,” I tell him truthfully, and he gives me a big, contagious smile.



Mason leads me into his modern dining room, which smells of the mouth-watering waffles that Mason made. As we enter, I see his parents, Mary and Jason setting the wooden dining table. Mary has her light brown hair up in a messy bun, and is wearing a white robe, which looks as if it may be a little too tight for her plump body. Jason looks well put together as always, his greying hair styled neatly and the elegant suit he is wearing without any sign of a crease. Mary notices Mason and I, and her eyes instantly light up. She travels over to us, smiling broadly.

“Happy birthday dear!” she exclaims brightly, before wrapping me in a tight hug. “I can’t believe you’re eighteen,” she whispers, her voice slightly breaking. She breaks apart and is instantly replaced by Jason. The smell of expensive-smelling cologne hits my nose.

“Happy birthday,” Jason says softly. We break apart, and I stare at the delicious looking waffles. Each one is topped with whipped cream that resembles delicate fluffy clouds, maple syrup and two ruby red strawberries. I smile at the delicious looking sight. I can’t believe that they always put so much effort in for me.

“Thank you, guys, so much. This seriously means so much to me,” I say honestly, starting to tear up.

“It was our pleasure!” Mary responds in her usual bubbly voice, still smiling.

“Let’s eat before it gets cold,” Mason offers eagerly, and I laugh at his obvious desire to devour the waffles. But I honestly can’t blame him. We all sit down at the table and dig in.

t t t

“I am so full from that breakfast,” Mason complains as we walk into school together.

“Same,” I nod in agreement, still smiling at how warm Mason and his family are towards me. As we walk down the hallway, I hear a few ‘happy birthdays’ being called out to me.

“Amber! Happy birthday!” I hear the familiar voice of my friend Jessie call. My mouth turns upwards into a smile, but then instantly falls when I see her making her way towards Mason and I, Josh trailing behind her. I feel Mason become tense. I have to stop myself from groaning as I stare at the boy who broke my heart. I just hope that he doesn’t try to apologise for cheating on me like he always does. They come closer to us, and I force a smile.
“Thanks Jessie,” I smile at her, successfully ignoring Josh. She looks between Josh and I, offering an apologetic smile. I stare at Josh and wonder why I ever fell for him. His blonde short curly hair frames his angular face, and his grey eyes bare into me. It was not his looks that drew me to him, as he is not the most attractive guy, but it was the fact that he seemed so kind. That was before I realised he was a cheating pig who only cares about himself.

“Amber,” Josh’s soft voice distracts me from my thoughts. I look into his pleading, puppy-dog like eyes. He opens his mouth to say something, and I know by the look on his face he is about to apologise yet again. Before I can say anything, I tug on Mason’s shirt.

“We should get going,” I say, looking at Mason to see him shooting daggers with his eyes at Josh.

“Great idea,” he grinds out, taking my hand and leading me down the hallway and away from Josh.

t t t

Mason and I sit behind desks right next to each other, waiting for history class to begin. Mason taps his pen against his desk impatiently, while I stare blankly ahead. Miss J finally stops fiddling with her Microsoft laptop and looks up at the class.

“Okay everyone! Quiet down!” she yells over the loud classroom. Everyone slowly begins to stop talking and looks towards the teacher. “Today, we are going to watch a movie about the Greek Gods, so sit back and enjoy,” she tells us, as she presses play. I lean my chin in the palm of my hand. I’m already bored. I look over to Mason and see that he is scribbling in his book with a look of deep concentration. I tap my fingers against the wooden desk, and stare at the clock. We have only been in class for five minutes. I inwardly groan. Great, so I have fifty-five minutes of absolute boredom. Just as I consider counting every minute, there is a loud BANG. I instinctively flinch at the unexpected loud noise, and my heartbeat accelerates to the point I am afraid it might jump out of my chest. I turn towards the noise and see the classroom door has been knocked down from its hinges. My eyes widen as I look at everyone else’s stunned and scared expressions. I look at Miss J in hope that she knows what is going on. By the look of her terrified expression, she does not. She pauses the movie and steps towards the door slowly and cautiously. Mason and I both exchange worried glances, before looking back at Miss J, whose face is as white as a sheet. I feel the butterflies bouncing around in my stomach knotting up as I breathe heavily. Miss J starts to back away from the hole where the door once was, and everyone is dead silent. Suddenly a giant golden lion bursts into the room and everyone screams in terror, including me. I feel glued to my chair, but I force myself to stand up as quickly as I can and run to the back of the room. I back up against the wall and try calming myself down, but fail terribly. Why is there a lion in the school? How is a lion at our school? The creature prowls into the room, taking in everybody with its large brown eyes, which look as if they are ready to kill. I take a closer look at the lion, and notice that it has… a goat’s head… coming out of its back. Am I seeing things? I look even closer, and notice that its tail is actually a snake. Oh, my God. I think I am going crazy.

“Amber!” I hear Mason call, and I look up to see him running towards me in desperation.

“Mason! What is that?” I shout, almost on the verge of tears, knowing that we will probably all die.

“I don’t know!” he shouts back, fear evident in his eyes. Everyone is running around the room, frantically screaming. The lion like creature stands in the middle of the room, surveying everyone. It is almost like he is searching for something… or someone. Its eyes scan the room, until they finally land on me. My heart stops beating and my stomach drops. It lets out an ear-piercing roar, while fire streams out of its mouth. It runs at full speed towards me and I scream. As it is about to pounce onto me, the creature falls limply onto the ground. I breathe heavily and stare at it in shock. A dagger is jabbed violently into its heart, blood oozing out of the fatal wound. I look up from the now dead-looking creature and see a boy around my age standing tall and staring at it in disgust. His dirty blond hair is short and messy, framing his very handsome face. His bright blue eyes that are the colour of a crystal clear blue-sky contrast against his tan skin. He moves his gaze from the creature and over to me, offering a small smile. I smile back, until the realisation hits me that he just casually strolled into our class and stabbed this… whatever this is. My eyes widen as I look at him in confusion and fear. He takes a glass cylinder out of his pocket and holds it out in front of him. Purple smoke comes from the top of everyone’s head and floats into the glass cylinder. I look at everyone in the classroom to see that they all behold the same blank expressions. Is that what I look like right now? Fear and confusion build up inside me as I stare at my classmates’ glassy eyes. The purple smoke travels back through the glass cylinder and then disappears. It is then followed by a blue smoke, which comes out of the cylinder and then goes into everyone’s heads. I look at him in absolute shock. How is this actually happening? What is actually happening? The blond boy comes over to me, and grabs my hand tightly. I jump slightly in shock, as my heartbeat accelerates and I try to shake off his grip, but he doesn’t budge. I look at everyone’s blank expressions and come to the realisation that nobody is going to help me.

“Let go of me!” I scream, as my heart starts beating even faster.

“Sh. I’m not going to harm you. You need to trust me,” he says, calmly. I shake my head firmly. He puts his hand on the deadly looking creature lying limply on the floor, which now has blood dripping from its wound, and then suddenly there is a flash of colours. I close my eyes tightly, wishing I could be anywhere else. 

Chapter 3:

I feel myself falling, and I keep my eyes squeezed tightly shut. The falling feeling abruptly stops, and I slowly open my eyes to be greeted with a beautiful view of hazy clouds and what looks to be a city down below. I soon realise I am standing on freshly mowed green grass on top of a mountain. My eyes widen, and I look at my surroundings in shock. How did I get on top of a mountain? I turn around to see the largest architecture I have ever seen. I stare at the incredibly large old-style, grey brick castle in awe. It towers over me, high in the sky and I swear it takes up more land than New York. I didn’t think that a mountain could have so much land. In the corner of my eye I see movement and turn around quickly to see the blond nameless guy standing over that terrifying creature. The butterflies begin fluttering again, and I back away from him in my terrified state.

“How did we get here?” I ask, my voice slightly shaking. He takes a couple steps towards me, and I take a couple steps away from him. He puts his hands up, as if to say he means no harm, though it doesn’t reassure me at all.

“I transported you here,” he explains carefully. I raise my eyebrow, and stand a little bit taller, putting on a brave face.

“Sure,” I answer sarcastically, rolling my eyes. He looks at me seriously.

“Okay, how else would you explain how we got here?” he questions, this time raising his eyebrows. I look at him, completely speechless. I honestly don’t know how to explain it, and the crazy thing is, I actually believe him. This is all too real to be a dream or figment of my imagination.

“Okay, I believe you,” I surrender, before frowning in thought. “What did you do to the people in my class?” I ask, remembering the glass cylinder incident. He has a blank expression at first, before the realisation dawns on him.

“Oh right, The Memory Definer. The purple smoke that came from their heads was their memory of that particular moment. When it goes into The Memory Definer, you have to think of how you want to change the memory. Then the blue smoke that comes out of it and travels into their heads is the changed event,” he explains, as casual as ever. What? I shake my head. How is this even remotely real? “I made them believe that a man came into the classroom, attacked everyone and kidnapped you,” he tells me, and I frown at him, worried how Mason will react. He is probably worried sick about me… I’ll have to deal with that later. I take a deep breath, for the first time noticing how fresh and crisp the air is. Focusing on what’s really important right now, I look down at the ground to see the creature that tried to kill me lying on the floor, unmoving.

“What is that?” I ask, pointing at the beast. He looks down at it in disgust.

“It’s a Chimaera.” he sneers, kicking it. I raise my eyebrows in question.

“A what?” I ask, tilting my head slightly to the side.

“It’s a fire breathing creature that is part lion, snake and goat,” he explains to me casually. I nod slowly, trying to take it all in. I study him cautiously, and take a deep breath. Deciding I can trust him, I walk closer to him, and he seems to let out a breath of relief.

“Why did it try to kill me?” I ask, still staring at it in caution, scared that it will suddenly jump up and attack me. He frowns in thought.

“I actually don’t know,” he admits, his frown deepening. So that thing attacked me for an unknown reason. Great. I look back over to the boy as I inspect him. He looks like a normal human to me.

“So, what are you?” I ask, looking him up and down. He looks at me, amusement sparkling in his sky-blue eyes.

“I’m a Half God. The technical term, Demi God.” he informs me. I raise my eyebrows in surprise. Demi God… I remember that term from the Greek Mythology unit we are studying in history. I really don’t want to believe him, but I feel like I probably should. I nod, trying my hardest to play it cool.

“I think I believe you.” I tell him, still unsure, and he chuckles slightly.

“Good,” he smiles.

“Quick question. Why am I here? And where is here?” I ask, looking around at my serene surroundings. He chuckles in amusement.

“You’re on Mount Olympus because you’re a Goddess,” he states simply. I stare at him blankly in complete shock and disbelief. I’m a… Goddess? That can’t be true. 

“Are you sure?” I ask sceptically, and he nods firmly.

“Positive.” he answers with confidence. I raise my eyebrows, not completely convinced. 
“So, I’m like you?” I question, deciding to just go along with it. He shakes his head, once again confusing me successfully.

“No. I’m a half blood. You’re a pure blood. Full Goddess,” he tells me, and I realise now that he isn’t looking me directly me in the eye. His head is slightly bowed to the ground and his eyes are cast downwards. I clear my throat and he looks up slightly. I raise my eyebrow at him.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” I demand.

“Because you’re a pure blood, and I’m only half,” he explains, still not looking me in the eyes. I roll my eyes at the ridiculousness of the whole situation, and put my hands on my hips.

“Okay, then as a pure blood I demand you to look at me. And treat me like an equal,” I order sternly, and he chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. He slowly raises his head and looks me straight in the eyes. I nod my head, indicating I approve. “Better. Now we can be friends,” I state, now offering a smile. He returns my smile with one of his own.

“I’m Chryses, but everyone just calls me Chris,” he tells me. Chryses. That’s such a strange name.

“I’m Am-“ I start, but am cut off by Chris.

“Ambrosia.” He states simply. I raise my eyebrows. What?

“No. I’m Amber,” I correct him, laughing at his mistake. He snickers.

“That’s your shortened name. But your real name is Ambrosia.” he informs me. Huh. Ambrosia.

“I actually don’t mind that name,” I think aloud, and he laughs.
“Good to know you like your own name,” he jokes, and just like that, some of the awkward tension that was there to begin with is gone. I look back up at the grand castle.

“What is that?” I ask one of the many questions running through my mind. He smiles and follows my gaze.

“That’s ‘The Olympus Academy’. It’s our school,” he explains, and I put my hands on my hips, staring at him blankly.

Our school?” I ask, narrowing my eyes. He nods, smiling in amusement at my obvious lack of enthusiasm.

“This is the school you will attend,” he informs me.

“Great. I got transported from my school to some magical place just to go to another school,” I retort sarcastically, and he bursts out laughing. Well maybe going to a God’s school will be more interesting.

“Oh, and just so you know, everyone’s talking about you,” he informs me casually.
“Why?” I ask, frowning up at him.

“Well you’re the only Goddess that will be attending the school. In fact, you’re the first Goddess to be born in a long time. They usually just breed half-bloods now,” he tells me, once again looking at me in awe. I glare at him.

“We aren’t going to be friends if you keep staring at me like I am the Queen,” I tell him seriously, cocking my eyebrow, and he lets out a soft laugh.

“Sorry. We never see Gods or Goddesses. I’ve never met one before,” he says, shaking his head. I tilt my head to the side.

“Really? What about your parents? One of them was a God or Goddess, right?” I question him.

“Yeah. I don’t know my father or mother,” he replies, sadness now shining in his eyes. I frown in confusion.

“Why not?” I ask.

“The only reason half-bloods, or Demi Gods, are born is so that they can fight alongside the Gods if there is ever a war. So as soon as we are born, we are sent straight to school,” he explains, shrugging. His happy face I’d already grown accustomed to is now turning slightly sad.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know my parents either,” I comfort him, and he gives me a sad smile.

“You will.” He states simply, making me frown in confusion. “Come on. I’ll show you around,” he changes the subject, putting a smile back on again. I smile back at him. “By the way, happy birthday,” he says, smiling widely. My eyes narrow at him in suspicion.

“How did you know it was my birthday?” I ask, and he chuckles.

“Because when I was told to pick you up, I overheard some of the teachers talking about you,” he explains, and I frown.
“What did they say?” I ask, curiosity getting the better of me.

“They were just talking about you and speculating about why you were hidden until now. One of the things they actually knew for sure was that you were being brought into our world because you turned eighteen,” he explains, and I frown in thought.
“Wait, so you don’t know why this world was kept a secret from me, and your teachers don’t know either?” I question, completely confused.

“No, only full blooded Gods and Goddesses know information like that,” he explains and I nod in understanding. I wonder why this world was kept a secret from me so long… I wonder who my birth parents are.

“Are you ready?” Chris asks as we stand outside the massive archway that leads into the school. I peer up at the now intimidating building with wariness.

“Nope. But let’s go,” I respond a little shakily, and he shakes his head, smiling in amusement.

“I think we are going to be good friends, Amber,” he states, an amused twinkle in his eye.

“I think so too, Chris,” I reply truthfully, smiling at the guy I was afraid of only moments ago. He laughs, and leads me into the school. I look around at the gigantic, gorgeous, old looking brick castle. It forms in an oval shape around the courtyard I am currently standing in. Two pathways curve around an oval shaped green land, which has a massive round pond in the middle of it, surrounded by statues. It looks almost as if the statues are guarding the pond. This place is amazing. I smile up at the castle, and turn to Chris.

“This is beautiful!” I exclaim, and he smiles in agreement.

“Yeah it is. And see that archway across the courtyard?” he points at a brick archway, and I nod. “Outside there is where we do our physical training,” he explains. I nod, taking it all in. Wow, so there is even more land. I wasn’t expecting that. I still can’t believe that this all on a mountain.

“Is this whole castle just for Demi Gods?” I ask, looking unbelievably at the massive structure.

“Well yeah. This is the only school in the whole world for Demi Gods,” he says, gesturing to it. My eyes widen in shock.

“Really? So, all of the Demi Gods are here?” I ask, looking around.

“All the young Demi Gods.” He nods. Well that explains why the building is so massive.

“Where do you go when you grow up?” I ask, frowning in thought.

“We can live anywhere we want. But if there is a war, we can be summoned immediately,” he explains as I continue to look around in awe, until a question hits me.

“Chris?” I ask, looking at him.


“Where will I be living?” I ask. Will I be living at my stepparent’s place, and visit here every day? Will I be able to go back to America? Will I be able to see Mason again?

“Ah. Well most students live either inside the castle, or in small houses around Mount Olympus. But since you’re a Goddess, you have a house up in Athanasía,” he explains, and I stare at him blankly. He lets out an amused laugh. “Athanasía translates to immortal. It’s where most of the God’s and Goddesses live.” He explains.

“Huh.” I say, frowning at the idea. So, I’d be isolated from everyone? Great. “Where is everyone?” I ask, looking at the empty courtyard.



About me

Bella Stojkovski is a sixteen-year-old student living in Sydney, with a passion for writing. She loves nothing more than immersing herself in the writing process, from in-depth research to creating visual mood boards to bring the characters and settings to life. When she is not writing or studying, Bella pursues her passion for acting and singing. Her other great love is travel, with her favourite city being New York.

Q. Why do you write?
I love to write because writing transports me to another world where anything is possible and I am free to be creative, and I would like the opportunity to share that with others.
Q. What did you learn while writing this book?
I learnt that considering book characters reflect real life people, and real life people aren't perfect, my characters must have flaws. It took a while for me to grasp that no matter how hard I try, the characters can't be perfect, and that imperfection is much more unique and interesting.
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The hardest part of writing the book was, because I am such a perfectionist, visualising a made up world to every single little detail.

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