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Chapter 1 The year 2785

1.1 Introduction

Abraham Goldstein was looking out through the windows of the 3000 meters high Goldstein Tower built in the center of Antarctica. The Goldstein Tower was the second largest structure on Earth built in a pyramid shape to support its tremendous weight and to make the building secure from attacks and prevent it from collapsing under its weight. From the top of Goldstein Tower Abraham Goldstein could see all of his domains, the lush farmlands, the vast, serene parks and the residential complexes where his loyal followers lived. Abraham sighed, in spite of owning all of this he was not satisfied, he wanted to own more, be more, and be stronger. At the age of 250 years, he hoped that ­his DNA was possible to regenerate once more so that he would feel like a young man again. He knew there were no guarantees, as the DNA regeneration technology had only been around for a couple of hundred years and at his age, he was on the fringes of what was thought possible to achieve with the technology. Regardless of what he did death might be coming crawling closer.


Abraham exhaled and relaxed. Tomorrow would be a great day, and if age hadn’t done him in by 250, he would probably survive another day.


The reason Abraham was excited for the morning was that of the reports from his science laboratory that the divine detection program was ready to be launched. He had specially ordered his team of scientists staff that he was to be the first person to use the new technology and hopefully it would answer all his questions about the Gods and make him meet his divine being.


The Divine Detection program was the latest Marvel of quantum physics and a secret project of House Goldstein. It essentially scanned through every dimension possible, and if it managed to find the divine dimension it could transport the consciousness of the person plugged into that dimension, so he could meet the divine beings while still being alive.


Wanting to meet the divinity fresh mentally and physically Abraham entered the sleeping pod in his bedroom, set it for four hours, which was twice his daily sleep allowance, and instantly fell asleep.

1.2 The solar system in 2785

In 2785 most of the solar system was inhabited with Mars being the major population center with 4 billion inhabitants. Earth, in turn, had only 1 billion inhabitants who were living their life in abundance as almost all the wealth and ownership in the solar system was centered on Terrans, which was the common denomination for humans living on Earth.


The background to the limited population on Earth was that the ruling Terran Council in the 23rd century had decreed that everyone who was not rich enough or had good enough genes were to be sterilized or deported to Mars. A lot of people had opted to be sterilized and live out their lives peacefully while others had left Earth. Since the 24th century the population of Earth had been stabilized around 1 billion, which the Terran Council had determined, was the ideal population to avoid civil conflict and resource shortfall.


In 2785 every birth and death on Earth were tightly regulated, and no natural births occurred. Instead, every citizen was allowed to apply to have a child, and through a scientific DNA selection, every individual was granted the best possible outcome from his or her parental source genetic material. Individuals who were rich could usually apply to have more than one child, while poor people and people with undesired genetics were to leave the planet if they wanted offspring.


Different measures also controlled the climate on Earth. The climate was controlled through launching large mirrors and shades orbiting Earth. The mirrors increased the amount of solar energy on the surface making cold areas such as Antarctica warmer, while the shades decreased the amount of sunshine making the surface cooler; such as in tropical areas.


The Global Sea Level had fallen with over 100 meters due to water being transported to other planets to make these planets livable and also from the water used for fusion power. Fusion power was the most important energy source on Earth and the solar system, and as consequence one of the biggest problems was the oversaturation of oxygen around power plants as the fusion of the hydrogen in water left excessive amounts of oxygen in the air. The oxygen level in the air around the fusion power plants was in some cases almost 100 %, so it was highly dangerous to live close to them as such high oxygen levels made humans delirious and sick


Technically the planet Earth was still divided into different countries, but since long they had lost their meaning as all the political and economic power was with the major company conglomerates enterprises. The company conglomerates governed Earth via The Terran Council, which consisted of House Goldstein that ruled Antarctica, Australia, and South America; House White that ruled North America; House Muller that ruled Europe; House Rashid that ruled the Middle East and Africa and House Cheng that ruled most of the Asian continent. Through the planetary Council, they convened and made sure that life on Earth was plentiful and peaceful. There had been peace on Earth through the Pax Terran agreement for 300 years. Outside of Earth, however, the Houses were always fighting through supporting different sides in proxy wars on other planets where the wars on Mars were the most violent ones.


All the major population centers on Earth connected to a network of trains that operated in vacuum tubes and could reach a speed of 10,000 kilometers an hour. This way all the major cities could reach each other within an hour or two.


Mars in 2785 was a chaotic place short of resources and full of warring factions. When the planet was terraformed 500 years earlier, it had never been meant for more than 200 million people, and now 500 years later it stood at 20 times that amount. The excessive population meant that water and other natural resources were always in short supply and the only things that seemed to exist in abundance were weapons and synthetic drugs. In spite of its imperfections, many of the Martians still loved the Martian lifestyle, as it was freer than the Terran one. On Mars, people could still love whom they wanted, have children when they wanted, and party when wanted while everything was tightly regulated on Earth. Freedom came at a price though as the life expectancy on Mars was 40 years while it was 150 years on Earth. Abraham Goldstein who was 250 years old was the oldest man on Earth as he was a wealthy man who could get his team of scientists to prolong and extend his life a lot longer than most people


Worth mentioning is that life on Mars could have been a lot better if the Terran Council had not feared the Martian way of life so much and intentionally kept the planet weak. The terms of trade between the planets were extremely unbalanced where the Houses of the Terran Council took whatever they wanted from Mars by paying next to nothing. This was done either by The Terran Council supporting sides in one of the many planetary wars on Mars by supplying weaponry to their preferred factions or by simply intimidating the Martians with the superior Terran technology and creating mayhem and chaos when the Martians dared to resist. No export of Terran technology to Mars was allowed so essentially most of Martian only had access to 500-year-old technology way behind the technology of the Terrans. If the Terran Council had wanted to, they could have given Mars a proper and safe atmosphere saving its inhabitants from the toxic amount of stellar background radiation they received and the lack of food ration, oxygen, and appropriate nutrients. Instead, these resources were spent on having a massive Terran military fleet circling Mars to show the Martians who were the masters of the solar system.


The different circumstances had evolved humans differently on the different planets. The people on Earth were all picture perfect due to the genetic pre-selection. Depending on the culture they could be athletic or lean, but in all cultures, they had perfect complexion and perfect posture. They were highly intelligent humanoids but also highly obedient and non-questioning as that was how the ruling classes liked their Terran humanoids to be. The inferior humans on Mars all had different genetic malfunction and defects from actinic radiation and genetic mutation. They had hunched backs, pale and crumpled skin, bad breath and a high likelihood for artificial drug addictions. On the flipside, they were radiation, virus and infection resistant and a lot more resilient than their Terran counterparts even though they eventually died from sickness and hunger when the circumstances got too rough. It was said on Mars that the pompous and arrogant Terrans wouldn't last a week on Mars living a Martians life, a statement that was probably correct.


Because of their radiation resistance, Martians were employed to do dangerous jobs in the solar system such as building and maintaining the automated mining stations on Jupiter's Moons and terraforming asteroids for Terran holiday resorts. A lot of them smuggled Terran technology back to Mars, so the expeditions hiring Martians were never allowed to run on newest technology due to the paranoia of the planetary councils. The Terran militants were always watching strictly under force control and to ensure that the Martians are doing their dangerous work all for the benefits of Earth Council's money and power.


Among other inhabited places in the solar system; Venus was only used as a mining and penal colony with a very limited population. The population was limited because the volcanoes of Venus regularly spewed out more toxins and lava, so all attempts to terraform had failed. Instead, Venus was only used for its automated natural elemental resource mines and prison camps handled by Terran militants where condemned prisoners of misbehaving Martians and captured ex-rebels lived in endless darkness and suffering. Life expectancy for anyone living on Venus was less than 15 years.


Likewise, Mercury was too close to the sun to terraform for humanoid settlements properly.


Many of the Asteroids were used by wealthy Terrans as holiday houses as technology existed that could put them in any selected orbit around the sun, with artificial atmosphere and artificial gravity. A lot of Asteroids also circled Earth in this manner, as view of Earth was the latest in fashion for wealthy Terrans


Finally, a few planets orbiting other stars had human colonies. While the technology existed to travel this far, the houses of Earth did not see it as viable investments. The fastest travel speed possible with the technology of the time was 1/10th of the speed of light, which meant that it took at least 40 years to reach Alpha Centauri B, the closest star. While it was possible to travel this far by cryogenically freezing the crew before the trip, it was simply not profitable to do so, as it was impossible to control the inhabitants of colonies on Alpha Centauri as it took four years to send them a message and 40 years to travel there.


However, a few colonies had been set up outside of the solar system. These colonies had been founded by eccentric trillionaires with no heirs and no better use for their money. All of these colonies were completely independent and had very limited contact with Earth.

1.3 The Divine Suicide and Ascension Plan

Abraham Goldstein woke up 4 hours later full of energy. He took the elevator 800 levels down, to a top-secret research lab 300 meters below ground. It was so secret, that not even his own family did not know about it. Due to its enormous expense, he had to create a fake project elsewhere to explain the costs. He met up with Jack Brown, lead scientist for the project whom he had snatched from House White with an offer he couldn't refuse. While it had created a diplomatic crisis with House White, it had been worth getting expertise from the outside as the in-house science team was more likely to betray him to one of his family members than outsiders would.


Abraham Goldstein:

Is the machine ready?


Jack Brown:

Yes, it should be operational now, I must warn you though, as per your instructions we haven't tested the device yet and it might be dangerous.


Abraham Goldstein:

And you are not going to check the machine for that matter. I am not spending 80 billion Terran Credits on a scientist's toy; this is MY toy!


The 80 billion Terran Credits devoted to the Divine Detector machine was an absolute fortune. The construction of the entire 3000 meters high Goldstein tower had cost 120 billion Terran Credits, and that was an 800 level building with 16000 rooms.

The reason the divine detector was so expensive was that it was connected to a massive particle accelerator spanning over 5 kilometers underground and also because it used a lot of rare and hard-to-get materials. To keep the project safe from prying relatives Abraham had also been forced to buy the rare materials from the black market, regardless, he had money, and he could afford it.


Jack Brown:

Understood, sir! We have scanned the entire spectra of dimensions, and we believe that the one you are looking for is located at coordinates Gamma; Omega; Delta; one; nine; eight; five.


Abraham Goldstein:

Excellent, plug me in.


Jack Brown:

Okay, I’ll keep you in the divine dimension for less than a second due to your safety. You’ll probably experience it as a lot longer as we predict that time moves very slowly in there.


Jack Brown started the Divine Detector, and immediately Abraham Goldstein could feel that his consciousness left his body. He was traveling through space at speed faster than light. Abraham could see how he was passing by the photons which light consists of. In a glimpse, he crashed down in an open courtyard.


Abraham had mixed feelings as he stood up in the courtyard. It was so beautiful and so eerie at the same time. He looked down in a pond full of lotus flowers. In the reflection of the pond, he could see The Goldstein tower below as if he was on a floating structure high up in the sky. Abraham almost got completely paralyzed by the fascination of watching his creation from this new angle, but he snapped out of it. He was here with a purpose; to meet God. He saw a big gate at the end of the courtyard, and his gut feeling told him it was the right way. He walked through the gate, and he entered a throne room. At the far end of it was a golden throne full of gemstones. It reflected the sunlight more intensely than Abraham had ever seen before. After marveling at its beauty for a while, he looked below the throne. There was a dead man in robes lying on the ground; face down. Abraham approached the lifeless body and turned it around. He looked at it in awe. The corpse belonged to Yahweh the god of his people, the god of his dreams that he knew of. But Yahweh was dead? How could this be?


After the initial shock, he knew that he would have to find a reason behind all of this for the sanity of his mind. He started searching the clothes of the dead deity, and he managed to find a letter. Although it was written in ancient letters and an ancient language he could not comprehend, Abraham instinctively understood the meaning of the message. The letter said;


"This is how I end my life, a knife to the throat. I thought that being the sole ruler of humanity was all I ever wanted; I thought it so much, so I expelled the other divines from my realm. The only one I allowed to stay was Lucifer my best friend and lover. One day, however, I got jealous on Lucifer as well and killed him. I was now the only divine left. Being the sole ruler is not a life to live. I am constantly lonely and battling with guilt and my demons. Humanity does not need me anymore, and I don't feel the need to live either. This is my end.


Yours Truly



PS. Since you are reading this, humanity obviously needs a god after all. Take my place, go to the left altar of my throne and you’ll know how.”


Abraham stepped up and walked to the altar. What he saw baffled and fascinated him. On the altar, he saw a blueprint for three different microchips. The top chip was the god chip; it allowed the user to connect with and communicate with up to 10 million followers. It also enabled the user to directly control the actions of anyone with an angel chip implanted. The middle chip was the angel chip. It allowed whoever having it inserted to connect with up to 100 followers at the time. The bottom chip was the human chip. It made it possible for gods and angels to enter the mind of anyone having the chip implanted in their brain and communicates with them. In contrast to the angel chip, the human chip did not allow the god to control the human's actions directly. The God chip also had the feature that the one wearing it could instantaneously kill anyone with an angel or human chip implanted.

He instantly memorized the schematics. The world then blurred in front of his eyes, and before he knew it, he was back in the research lab of Goldstein Tower.


Jack Brown approached Abraham as he came back to consciousness:

Did you find what you were looking for?


Abraham Goldstein:

No, but I found something else.

Can you extract three microchips schematics from my memory?


Jack Brown:

Yes, wait a second.

Yes, I got them.

Do you know what they are?


Abraham Goldstein:

Yes, but it is none of your business. All I need to know is can you make them?


Jack Brown:

Yes, with our particle replicator machine we can replicate any item we have a blueprint of, including those schematics.


Abraham Goldstein


I want one microchip of the top schematic plan and 300 microchips of the bottom plan. None of the middle ones for now. Have them done by tomorrow.

And make sure this stays between us, for your families’ sake.


Jack Brown:

Yes sir, consider it done sir.


Abraham Goldstein left the room, and Jack Brown sighed. He felt a very ominous feeling gripping him. Although he was an agnostic, humans should not try to reach the divine realm nonetheless. What was the story with these microchips his boss asked him to make? What happened after Abraham was being connected to the machine for just a few seconds? Jack Brown had never seen any microchips like these schematics before, and he could only speculate what they would do. Regardless he would do as Abraham ordered him and produced the batch. He owed Abraham that and his life.


A decade earlier, Jack Brown had done the unthinkable and fallen in love with a Martian woman during a House White research expedition on Mars. When Benjamin White, the director of the Mars expedition had found out about the love affair, he condemned Jack Brown's entire research team, consisting of 16 researchers in total and revoked their Terran citizenships. He did this, as House White was the most racist of the elitist Terran houses. They were showing their power by publicly shaming and deporting a group of prominent researchers for the crime of one of them falling in love with Martians. This showed their people on Earth that it was not okay for anyone to have relations with Martians, regardless of how important you were. Unfortunately for Benjamin White, his move to banish House White's foremost quantum physics science team over a race matter was not appreciated by his peers, and he was assassinated during a board meeting later that year. By that time, however, no trace of the team was to be found, and it took House White years to see that Abraham Goldstein had hired Jack Brown with his team personally.


Fortunately for Jack Brown and his staff; Abraham Goldstein was more pragmatic than racist and had contacted the team promising them safe re-entry to Earth as well as new Terran citizenships at the end of their contracts if they chose to come and work for him. He even promised Jack Brown that he was allowed to have children with his Martian women and that both she and the children would be granted Terran citizenships by Abraham Goldstein personally when the project finished.


With no time to waste, Jack Brown gathered his team to start making the microchips requested by Abraham. It would be a difficult task but luckily they were all experts at using the particle replicator machine, and they had access to every element possible at their disposal.

1.4 Abraham Goldstein is reflecting and making new plans.

Abraham Goldstein was sitting in his penthouse reflecting over the event that happened the day before. He had very mixed feelings about the occurrence. On the one hand, it was a damn shame that Yahweh was dead, as he had so much respect for him and wanted to learn everything there was to learn from the great creator. On the other hand, this had opened up the opportunity for him to reach his ultimate goal, to be bigger than any man before him, to be immortal, to be a god. This was after all his destiny; it wasn't chance that led him to the divine dimension, it was providence. Yahweh as the all-seeing god had appointed him to be his successor and it was his duty to comply with this.


But first of all, he had to find out whether the divine microchip worked. The god version of the chip was big and bulky as it needed to be able to communicate with up to ten million worshippers at once. To protect it, Abraham had ordered Jack Brown to forge it into a golden crown. Abraham put on the crown and screamed of pain as the chip in the crown merged into his brain, and the crown was stuck into place. A young and beautiful female servant came rushing in.



Are you okay sir; I heard a loud scream.


Abraham Goldstein:

I have never been better.



That's excellent sir. May I ask about the golden crown, I have never seen you wear it before. It is the most beautiful thing I saw in this entire universe.


Abraham Goldstein:

You are not paid to ask questions! Be gone!


Abraham clenched his teeth in frustration after the servant had left. He had used to be sleeping with his servants all the time when he was younger and more virile. He still wanted to keep up the illusion that he was sleeping with his servants, so he kept hiring young and beautiful girls to be his aides. The truth was that he had not had sex with anyone for the last 100 years. He simply could not feel physical attraction anymore. The researchers behind the DNA regeneration technology had told him this was a common side effect of the technology and that many people could not feel sexual attraction at all after the natural lifespan of their genes ended.


Abraham thought of his former wife Lillian Goldstein who had been dead for 130 years. She had refused DNA regeneration technology claiming that if god had wanted her to live longer, he would have given her genes that would last longer, and artificially extending one's life lead to misery. He had mourned her passing and had simply not been able to connect properly with anyone since; hence he was very lonely.


Abraham got back to the matter at hand. The divine golden crown on his head had given him an excruciating headache but had not given him any divine clarity and thoughtful supernormal insights into the realities of the world. He realized that the purpose of the golden crown had never been to provide deeper knowledge but merely to control the subjects below him. Indeed the human chip for the followers below him needed to be tested, and luckily a good candidate had appeared.


A suspected spy from House Cheng had been caught earlier in the day. While there was a legal system in place, this was rarely applied to spies as the de jure system stated that torture was not allowed and that the suspect was innocent until proven guilty. None of the Houses were keen to give spies a fair trial and risk to lose them and valuable information, so the de-facto way of treating spies was to detain them without a record, try to break them down through torture and extract whatever information possible. Regardless if someone was found to be a spy or not they were then killed. Spies were murdered to avoid them to return with information to their employer and innocents were killed to avoid having them report what happened to the local non-corporate authorities. The latter was not an issue for House Goldstein as there were no non-corporate authorities on Antarctica. This was the reason that House Goldstein was the richest and mightiest faction. While their competitors had to pretend to pay taxes and follow the local laws Goldstein's headquarter in their own nation saved them this hassle.


With no time to waste, Goldstein took the elevator down to another basement level of Goldstein tower where the Abraham Goldstein's counterespionage department was located.

1.5 A successful test

Wilfred Zhang was terrified. His right leg was broken, his left arm had burns, and his left leg had frostbites. He was well aware that he would never see his family again and all he could hope for was a swift death. To his bitterness, the worst part was that he was completely innocent of the allegations. He had come to negotiate a trade deal for a minor independent Chinese company. Before he had got that far though masked men had grabbed him, and tied him up and blindfolded him to transport him to this dark room. Unbeknownst to Wilfred Zhang, he had been set up by an agent from House Muller who was sent to spy on the upcoming Annual General Meeting of House Goldstein. The House Muller agent did this as he reckoned that best way to not be detected was to focus the attention elsewhere, collateral damage was just a part of covert warfare after all.


Wilfred Zhang looked up. To his big surprise, he saw a very familiar face in front of him, the face of Abraham Goldstein. Wilfred Zhang was baffled; he could never have imagined that the leader of a House personally came down to oversee the torture of a prisoner, what information could they possibly think he had. And why on Earth was Abraham Goldstein wearing a golden crown on his head, no one did that. Suddenly Abraham signaled to the guards to hold Wilfred while he pressed something into his ear. Then they all left the room without saying a word.


In the next room observing Wilfred, Abraham Goldstein felt a great joy. The chip had melted into Wilfred's brain and merged with the brain stem. The technology was working; he could feel what Wilfred was feeling, he could see what Wilfred was seeing, and he could read his mind. Apparently, poor Wilfred wasn't a spy after all just an innocent man petrified of his imminent death and never being able to see his family again. "Oh well I can sort you out," Abraham thought and started transmitting to Wilfred


Abraham Goldstein (As voice in Wilfred’s head)

Wilfred, Wilfred can you hear me.

This is God; I can show you the path out of here.


Wilfred Zhang (screaming out loud):

What? What the fuck is this, what are you doing to me.


Abraham Goldstein:

Don’t question, just believe and follow the path


Wilfred Zhang (resigned):

Okay god, please show me the path


Abraham Goldstein:

Good, you'll be rewarded.

You'll see your family again, and the pain will be gone.


Abraham then induced a hallucination in the brain of Wilfred Zhang where he thought he was back home with his family and the pain was gone. It didn't last for long though as Abraham got distracted when the amazed black ops operatives talked among themselves:


Black Ops 1:

What the heck is happening? What is he doing?


Black Ops 2

I have no idea


Abraham Goldstein:

Don’t worry gentlemen. Everything is working exactly as it should. This man is innocent. You’ll keep him locked up alive and unhurt until I personally instruct you otherwise.

Make sure he gets medical attention immediately; I don't want him dead.


Abraham Goldstein left the level, and the flabbergasted Black Ops operatives sat quietly in the room for a long time trying to figure out what just happened.

1.6 More test subjects are acquired

Abraham Goldstein was back at his Penthouse in Goldstein Tower. He marveled over the day's successful technology test. The technology he had found was a pure divine inspiration and not imagination nor insanity, which of course was options, he couldn't reasonably rule out before. Given that divine technology worked, that would imply that everything else he had experienced was also genuine and not a product of his imagination.


An issue he had thankfully noticed during the tests earlier in the day was that he had to focus his entire mind to control the mind of one person below him. As soon as he got distracted, he lost the connection, and the power over the test subjects mind was lost. While controlling the mind of one individual at the time was useful, it hardly made him a divine being, so he had to step up his performance as the divine chip was meant to be able to control up to 10,000 people at the same time.


The first step would be to connect more test subjects. Abraham was thinking of getting his black ops team to acquire new subjects, but he realized there was a much easier way. His female assistants had a clause in their contracts that they were to satisfy his sexual desires if requested. Although Abraham was sure, they were all happy that he hadn't made use of that clause it was now time to use it and give them the time of their lives at the same time. He had eight female assistants hired in total, and this evening Jenny Lundberg from Northern Europe was the one on duty. He called her on the intercom asking her to come over in a sexy dress.


A bit later she arrived in the room. She seemed anxious and reluctant, she had been hired for over three years, and Abraham had during this time never used any sexual innuendo at all. Asking her to come in late at night wearing a sexy dress was completely different from his usual self. The Abraham she knew liked to spend hours reading ancient tomes or some other boring things which were perfectly natural as he was 220 years older than her after all.


Abraham Goldstein:

Hello Jenny, I have called you over tonight so you can honor clause 6.6 of your employment contract.


Jenny Lundberg (speaking nervously)

He-he I don’t know what that means I haven’t read the contract since I started.


Abraham Goldstein:

It means that you and I are going to have sex tonight.

Come here, I don’t like asking twice!


Jenny stood petrified and did not know what to do. Abraham decided that he did not have time to wait, so he walked up to her and pressed the human chip into her ear. She felt a sharp pain but soon forgot about the pain as she became head over heel aroused. The next 25 minutes she had sex that was out of this world with the oldest man on the planet. Or at least that's what Jenny thought. In reality, Abraham was sitting on a couch with an excellent scotch watching her hallucinate while controlling her hallucination.


Although he for the first time in 100 years felt some sexual arousal he chose not to act on it. His body was an old vessel with not much time left; it would be unwise to risk losing his future immortality trying to please something that was going to disappear soon anyway.

1.7 Back to the divine dimension

A few days later Abraham Goldstein was back down on the basement level where the Divine Detector was located. He had managed to chip 6 out of 8 assistants. The last two had stormed off when he requested sex and mentioned the contract. It wasn't a big deal; he would just have to fire them, and if they were to complain somewhere about his behavior he would simply show the world their signed contracts, and that would be the end of that. The purpose of his trip back to the divine dimension was to see if he could control multiple subjects from there at the same time. An hour in the divine dimension was equivalent to a second in the real world so with a bit of luck he would be able to control several subjects at the same time without losing connection. He had arranged so that all his six assistants would be at the spa room of his Penthouse level. They would all get an experience out of this world today. He quickly connected to each of them, and yes they were all waiting for him in the spa. "Good girls," he thought and smiled.


Jack Brown and few of his team members walked in. Jack approached Abraham.


Jack Brown:

I brought some more people today.

20 minutes in there is a hell of a long time, Would be equivalent to 50 days in that dimension if what you are saying is correct.


Abraham Goldstein:

So I get 50 days from 20 minutes. That sounds like an absolutely excellent way to extend my life.


Jack Brown:

There is one more problem, the immense amount of energy that the machine is using…


Abraham Goldstein:

Yes, I got your memo; I have ordered all non-essential production to shut down for the next 30 minutes.


Jack Brown:

A lot of people will complain.


Abraham Goldstein:

No doubt but that’s my problem and not yours.

I don’t have time for more questions.

Start the machine


A brief moment later he arrived in the divine dimension. He decided to take a seat under a lotus tree and test if he could connect with all the subjects at once. He could. The feeling was even more immense than just taking over a single subject before he had felt like a master, but now he actually felt like a god. He invoked himself and his subjects into an orgasmic trance. He could feel how days and nights passed by as he was engulfed by the transcendental feelings of spirituality and desire. In no time at all, he was back in the divine detector lab.


Jack Brown:

You look blissful…


Abraham Goldstein:


Turn on all the production again; I don’t want my whiny grandson to whine more than necessary about lost money.


About me

Martin Lundqvist is a 32 year old Swede who lives in Sydney Australia. This is my second book that I wrote in 2017.

Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
The Cover is mixing ancient and futuristic themes which is the main subject of the book. The characters on the cover are the main characters in the book.
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
I wrote my first book in 2013 as I had previously written a blog but I wanted to get into fiction instead.
Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
This book is inspired by the cruelty that is depicted in religion mixed with a probable scenario for how mankind will develop in the future. It mixes themes such as genetic engineering, faith and manipulation.

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