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First pages


Husband, Jailal, stood by holding bed-sheet over a broken window, an only source of incoming wind and rain water at thundering night. Though he had faced window, brightening with thunders in darkness, but his ears continuously sensing the panic shout of his wife, Malti, who was passing through labor pain of child delivery at backside of Jailal. "Oh God ... help me".

Pain kicked its legs in womb and slipping to break the muscular walls. Membranes strained to throw big iron bubble from pin hole with dark red fluid. Around major and minor 40 heart attacks, during delivery process, brought solace for 22 year old Malti with last pitched shout. Thrilled by feminine screams and shouts, Jailal eagerly expected something about birth. A little smile brushed up his long wait. But no voice chanted other than of thunders and pushed him into nervousness. He could not wait more so he suddenly turned back. Stinky room filled with feeble yellow light of a bulb hanging on top of bed and waving with wind, casting the dancing shadows of utensils on unpainted wall. 

Doctor, sitting aside, found struggling with his medical instruments over a newborn. Impatient Jailal being frightened, somehow managed to fix bed-sheet over window with the help of tattered umbrella and ran to reach near Malti. A young woman clad in saree laid on bed and surpassing the pain of broken muscles and flesh and overwhelming with the joy of delivery.

An emotional eye contact for a moment between poor couple, communicated their all joy and fear and consoled each other to keep patience still.
Jailal picked up a piece of cloth and cleaned her heavily sweating face and held her hand. With lot of prays and hopes for wonders, they both looked together at doctor who was still struggling with a baby. 
After few minutes of tension, the medical experience of doctor resulted into the first cry of baby. Couple jumped into richness of happy moment in their poverty. But how the poverty could tolerate their happiness, still they had to pass through more traumas.

“Your child is mentally disturbed and suffering from metabolic disorders ...and...” after a while sudden low voice of doctor took away their smile at thundering night.

It was rainy season of 1994 A.D. in Katni (a then small town famous for mines and mining goons, in India), when a financially suffering Jailal (husband) and Malti (wife), started praying from the healthy birth to the healthy life of a child. A tear emerged out at an eye corner of Malti but immediately got dried up and her facial expressions retained some strength and hopes. With warmth, she squeezed the sleeves of Jailal, whose heart was sinking badly with screams of child. 
"It’s little, don't worry" Malti tried to console her husband.

As a practitioner and human who could better understand the intolerable pain of a child, doctor briefed the condition and suggested to spend enormous wealth for treatment else in an option, he insisted to take decision of sacrificing child at earliest by emphasizing over ‘killer pain’, enduring by child.

‘God! My baby... would get dead??? …. by pain or lack of treatment ….’ A panic thought deepened the sorrow of Jailal’s mind.
Though doctor had left the wooden skimpy house but still his traces were heavy on medical prescription in the hands of Jailal. Malti learned the hassles of torn pockets of Jailal. Hence as a supporting wife, Malti sat up on bed "I have some money ...” ... "you just take out that umbrella and get ready" and confident gestures pointed a tattered umbrella fixed over the window.

Helpless Jailal took a glance of confident sweating face of Malti but could not be able to speak his condition. Thawed from his frozen state he reluctantly just reached near window to have some other arrangement for wind and rain water. By removing bed-sheet from the window, he could hear the noise of runnel overflowing with rainy water at outside of window. Therefore, he tried to poke out but dark weeds, immersing under rain, could not let him to visualize runnel overflow. He smelled the moist air but immediately preferred to get ready in darkness, to go out for medicines. Off-white shirt contrasted over age-old brown pant with many stitches.

"Few minutes more ..." a sweet voice of Malti chanted from back so thirty year old Jailal turned to watch her. She looked busy in searching her treasure kept at corners or below the clothes, utensils. Jailal felt low upon noticing struggle of Malti just after delivery of baby. He looked down at her feet. A little blood on her shivering legs thrown a wave of pity and emblazoned the body state of Malti in Jailal's heart. He could even ask Malti to take rest; suddenly a scream of child wrenched his all feelings. And he kept silence with a heavy blink of eyes, a tear rolled down in speed.

Finally, Malti came up with hand full of coins and confidently gave it all to Jailal. Though she expected some gain in support of her husband but her expectations did not turn so far. Depressed Jailal stepped out for market at night, sheltering under the tattered umbrella, avoiding heavy rain and wind. 

At home, Malti fed baby with breast milk, giving some relief to sick and desperately waited for her husband's return. Malti was only 22 years young simple beauty, but owned the responsibilities of mother and wife simultaneously, on her weak body after delivery. She forgot the travails of delivery and cared her yearning child, eternally. Wait goes on and her heart continuously got twisted by screams of sick child on each second of time. She kept on praying for her husband's early return with medicines from market.


July2015 A.D.

Early morning, a castle of servants was so energetic that a king was getting ready.
At 7 o’clock, servants were in hurry inside palatial house as per their routine. Jailal was strolling on stretched balcony wearing track-suit of a military brigadier. Age-old servant, Hemu, reached to balcony holding tea-tray and newspaper. 
“Sir, shall I prepare tea?” Hemu asked.
“Yes, Hemu” “And give me that cigar and newspaper” Jailal ordered and sat on chair at center of balcony, chanting with chirrups and decorated with dark green leaves all around. 
“Tea ... please” “Sir, breakfast is also ready and I have kept geyser ON” Hemu informed.

Soon, Jailal got ready in formal full-sleeved shirt covering small tummy, tie and pant, holding coat on hand in bend posture of hand. Face looked properly shaved on mirror and hair blended with black and white. He took steps to go out for office but at main door of bungalow he impinged with a group of 2 men and 2 women.

“Yes????” Strong gentle voice of Jailal asked.
“Sir, we are from charity firm” “We need donation from your grace” a man among the group introduced their reason.
“What you will do with that money” Jailal’s confident eyes looked at man. 
“Sir, check out our documents and plan …” man tried to open a file for description “That’s okay, tell me in brief” but got interrupted by Jailal in between.
“Sir, we will spend this money for education of poor children” one woman amongst the group politely said.
“Then again you will come back to me”... “For employment of those educated kids” sarcastic words blasted by Jailal in continuation.
“We didn’t get you, Sir” low voice of woman reacted.
“Nothing per your IQ” “I suggest” “Don’t force those kids to be educated” “If they want to be educated, let them to polish boots and get money for education” Jailal diplomatically denied for donation and moved forward placing cigar between the lips.

Few steps ahead “What about dogs?” Jailal shouted on servant.
Hemu ran and reached at gate “We ordered good breed from foreign, Sir” terrified servant replied back.
“Soon, tie dogs on gate to avoid such donations, salesmen etc” Jailal got into car and gone onto his way, leaving behind insulted charity volunteers.


An owl flied from the top of a rotten cottage in outskirts of city at night and disturbed the stray dogs. All roared their barks by lifting their heads towards moon which was half under the smoky clouds.
But these barks could not break the position of a dark human figure looming over the table inside a cottage. Hands kept crossed over lap.

Though barking of dogs echoing inside cottage but still not sensing inside the mind of human. Similarly stinking smell reached till his nose but could not be sensed till mind. 
It's solitude or horror that could not be judged. But eyes opened widely and slowly face flushed off its gentleness with surging cruelty.

Very gently, human started to bend down his head towards table now, resembling a drug addict is about to inhale drug next. Head continued its journey towards table with broadly opened eyes, capturing the only view of table.
Barking dogs also got silent at out and maintained 'pin drop silence' on street.

In a while, a little arc drawn in air by traversing head and stopped nearby to table. Eyes adjusted its pupil only to table and rest all became black or vacuum, such as of no existence. Head constantly processed the desire and physically remained stagnant. Then again head started its motion down towards table. Smooth and slow head motion continues the previous arc in air, keeping the radius of backbone.
Upon reaching in parallel to table, head again got stopped. Eyes gazed at table and looked like thirsty to burn. Even breathes slowed down in its pace to avoid a little noise in air, thereby dissolving a horrific silence.

Only head in whole body was marking the motion edged at backbone whereas rest of the body behaved as dead. For next few minutes, head did not move and maintained its steady state. Then suddenly whole body of human thrived with wave of sudden energy flew from lower body to head and already widely opened eyes tried to tear its eyelids till extreme. And it was a sudden grab of live lizard under teeth by human. This madly act had happened without help of hands.

Vertically tilted lizard started squirming badly under teeth. Squirm, squirm and squirm happened. Dirty bottom flesh of lizard started its struggle while trapping.
Pain of squinted lizard continuously increases and felt by environment but no interruption caused by anyone or anything. Still silence stood in attention with horror of darkness and rotten smell. Only speechless lizard badly squirmed.

Teeth found to be settled on dirty skin from outside. Perhaps tongue of human would have licked the top skin of lizard from inside. Few minutes later, canine tooth pricked into dirty skin and one drop of blood emerged out around the tooth. Blood started to flow down, following the way over lizard's skin to human lip, chin and then fell down on floor, marking a blood path followed behind.
Lizard’s tail stroke on human's cheek many times for pity. But used to, environment knew that lizard has to die.

Situation aggravated and its pain surged to peak. Lizard is not dead yet but was not even living. Acute pain continued on side fleshes. Blood veins got trapped and forced the unconsciousness. Lizard came in fettle where neither could help to it nor could get help from others. Just everything eagerly waited for next moment, either release of half dead lizard or of full death punishment.

For few minutes, pale expressions got prevailed over face of human while lizard found tormented under teeth. It seemed easy and comfortable to have a dirty captured under teeth.
Later expression of cruelty raised to extreme and enforced the kiloton’s momentum from jaws and doused the lizard in full of blood. Teeth over bridged the dirty flesh and lips plopped up in fluid. Lizard was dead now and still trapped under teeth.
Neither noise nor voice, but death had occurred for innocent insect, which was not even revealed bit on face of human.

Was it a hobby or a psycho behavior, this could not be judged. Or it was a hobby of a psycho person?

Mostly drug addict shows drastic changes in their behavior before and after of drug inhalation.


“Are you there?” 51-year-old Jailal having brigadier like physique, holding Cigar in hand, knocked the door. He, clad in redingote, smoked out a thick cloud while standing out of his son’s room.
No reply sounded and hence encouraged Jailal to gently open the door, there first sight came of late Malti's portrait stapled on wall with a garland over it. Immediately he shifted his view and looked over bed and found nobody inside. He loud on servant “Where is Yash???” harsh military voice fell on servant named Hemu.
“Baba, didn’t come back, Sir”
Jailal checked out his watch, and it was 2:30 at night “My duke might be enjoying in a party” rigid voice felt pride and dialed on son’s cell phone number.

“Hello” Jailal addressed.
“Hello Uncle” “am John speaking” voice heard on phone.
“Where is Yash?” 
“He is sleeping in my room” “If it’s urgent, shall I wake him up”. 
“No” Jailal dropped the call and looked down on floor with diminishing pride from heart. He felt low as from long back he was waiting for his son but did not get equal care in response. Then he went back into his room.

Over the twenty-one years Jailal had established his business empire of marble stones, ranging from white to colored marbles. He is a renowned business tycoon of a metro-city Jabalpur (former British colonial city-90 kms at distance from Katni). Construing his ill affection in thoughts, Jailal alone wandered in his luxurious room decorated with imported colored stones. His son Yash has grown up and now a charming naughty personality of a 'happening' college, enjoying his life in utmost lavishness.

After an hour, doorbell of same palatial house rang. Sleeping servant, Hemu woke up and quietly opened the door; but suddenly a body fell on him. He tried to manage that body but found, Yash is in unconscious state. Hence Hemu dragged Yash till room, maintaining silence on path and put him on bed then removed the shoes and checked out that Yash has consumed drugs heavily. Servant unfolded the bed sheet over Yash and came out but there he got frightened to see Jailal's standing.
A hiccup followed “Baba, came before sometime” “He is studying for his examination with his friends, so he got late” Hemu said.
“Hmm” Jailal turned back and left the place.

How a concerned and caring father could sleep well when his son came in tipsy state at night so again in the morning 8 am, Jailal took a round near Yash's room and found him slept from the slightly opened door.

At afternoon, Yash woke up and sat on bed. At that time Hemu entered to clean his room.
“Good morning Kaka” Yash greeted age-old loyal servant.
Hemu smiled “Good afternoon, your father was looking for you”.
In reaction, Yash ignored the said and saw his mobile, which was blinking with message alert. Casual Yash did not care for message and in yawning act asked to servant
“Are you alright? Looking dull today” 
“Am fine, I guess it’s your drunkenness which caused me to look dull” Hemu taunted with smile.
“Hope so” … “are you angry with me?” 
“Who am I to be angry, you are my lord”
“Please Kaka” apologetic Yash reacted.
“Breakfast is ready, shall I serve?” Servant changed the topic. 
“Yeah, I’ll be there at table in 20 minutes”.

Then Yash left for washroom in yawning act and after half an hour he was at dining table. While having breakfast, he read message from unknown number:
SMS: ‘Good morning’ 
He simply deleted this message and dialed 7 on ‘speed dialing’ for his best friend 
“John, are we going college?”
“Okay, I’ll pick you”


A tinted goggle, reflecting various youths fashioned in yellow, green colors along the road, contrasted with waving curly hairs on forehead. Yash entered into college on his black expensive bike wearing denim blue jeans and violet T-shirt. John sat in steady position at back seat to keep balance in 100kmph speed. College brightened with different youthful colors and aesthetic infrastructure. Grey alleys bordering by green grasses. Youngsters spread all over from volley-ball court to cafeteria.

“Check out that” “Yash came” 
“He is so handsome, naa” “and energetic”
“I especially like his noodles on head” little chewy laughter cracked out among girls standing near parking area.
"Whatever! Those curly hair add freshness on his face”
“Hmm” “I like his fitness” “not a bulky bouncer” again they laughed.
“Have you noticed his lovely manager’s voice” “Oh My God! I die to hear that”
“But he is bit adamant like Boss” “I hate this” 
“I too felt this” “but it suits him” ... “overall he is all-time sponsor of his group”

“Oh, my idiot hairs” “can’t be proper at time” then a good gesture placed strand of hair at right, when young, clean-shaved male face with glowing skin in sunlight, passed from nearby the bunch of girls, and joined his group which was settled on library stairs. Group was also fashioned in colored clothes. Since a friend of friends came so group had to cheer up.

“Hey, LK” “You gonnaa kill lecture” “Lecture Killer”
“John’s Papa came” laughter happened.
“Hello all” Yash acknowledged everyone and made a small hit on one friend’s bump. 
“Hey, I had instructed you, not to bump me” a fatty, innocent Guddu reacted 
“Relax Guddu” “It reduces calories” Yash said in chill manner.
“Yeah really” “You should allow us also” “Will be good for your health” crowd also crafted a prank and laughed on innocent white bear.
“No thanks” countered by Guddu.

“How was the night?” a sudden taunt was targeted on smiling Yash by Sania, his girlfriend. A pretty beautiful girl having sober eyes, thin lips, appealing chin, freshly young glazed figure. She was matured enough to understand his reckless behavior. 
“Good” “We celebrated John’s birthday, drugs over cake” “cigarettes in place of candles” Yash replied.

“Belated Happy birthday John” “You didn’t tell us” “You should have told us” “Rascal, you didn’t invite me” all friends started teasing John; a geek short heighted boy hesitantly looked at Yash and chuckled but did not say anything.
To handle the tease, Yash diverted everyone with “Buddies I have bought 15 movie tickets to bunk, who all will love to join me and this matured lady” he fingered towards Sania.
“Nopes, will go to class” immediately Sania opposed.
“What about tickets then?”
“On all last three days, 15 tickets are coming with you”... “Could you enter classroom once?” 
“Today is last” Yash’s firm voice ordered in a bossy manner.
“Hey Sania, don’t be boring” “we know you wanna be topper”..... “All will go movie again”
“Yeah, will go” “Yippy” “I love your style Yash” friends supported him.

Then consented Sania smiled “Okay” and shrank her eyes over John and said while nudging “But your birthday should come once in a year”
Here instantly Yash, received a message from unknown number
SMS: ‘Hi’
Again he deleted this message then they all gone on to speed their bikes. A ‘Hippy’ group always called themselves ‘Masti Gang’ of 15 people.


'Masti gang' reached to movie hall and parked their bikes. A very first task made by ‘Guddu’, fatty fellow of gang. He purchased a bucket of popcorn. The very next task made by others, all rushed their hands on popcorn and grabbed their hand full. Astonished Guddu looked upon everyone and thrown the empty bucket in dustbin and jumped on counter again but after a while. He ordered one big jar of cold drink and smoothly turned back to have a look on others. Everybody looked busy on movie posters. In hurry, he inserted a straw into jar following 14 other straws into jar. Guddu tried to pull that jar, but in every second it felt less weighed. Clever Guddu, started to suck as much as he could. 
“Thanks, Guddu”
“Yeah really nice, Guddu”
“You always take care of OUR food”
Big laugh and thank sounded in movie hall on puzzled Guddu. They all cheered and got settled down in a row inside theatre, and then movie started. Within half an hour, everyone got mesmerized under genre of movie. In flow, movie took a change and a very sad song played.

“I think, John could do romantic dance on this sad song” suddenly Guddu cracked a joke and a breeze of laugh flown over the group, breaking seriousness of sad song.
That joke could not be tolerated by teased John and he raised his voice “You know” “Who was the center of this laugh?”

“Dumbo, You” confident Guddu again tried a second joke by strengthening his lead, which could not be again tolerated by John “Actually and really they all laughed on your debut of cracking jokes” … “Polar bear”

Everyone got disturbed from movie and took part in mess-up, “Yeah, that was not laughter, but we laughed exclusively for you, Guddu” “Really Guddu, we want you to crack more jokes” “Yeah” “please crack jokes” “Be hero of our group” everyone started belittling Guddu.
“Please guys, concentrate on movie” Handling the situation, Yash gave a taciturn.

Then all spent 2 hours in watching movie and came out with light mood.
“What’s next?”
“Please” “Don’t wanna ruin my taste”
“Okay, then will leave to home”
“Yeah, will meet tomorrow”
“Guddu, come, I will drop you at home”
“Bye, bye friends”
Then smoky bikes uprooted and got dispersed in different directions.


Pigeons flew over big white dome of college. Small streets of campus looked nice with grey in combination to green grasses along. Following those streets few students walked into classrooms, few buddies laid on green grasses in leisure, few loaded on vehicles, entered-exited college, and few reached to basketball court. Everywhere youth was scattered in its different colors. Amongst this entire young world, one middle-aged, chemistry lecturer was walking fast to reach in classroom. He ignored so many ‘good afternoon’ wishes, heard along the way. Then a punctual lecturer reached to classroom. He entered and checked his watch and felt happy to be on time. He kept his books on table, spoke a word ‘Chemistry’ and then started to write on board.

‘H2 + O = H2O (water)’

When youngsters were interested in ‘love chemistry’ there lecturer started teaching them ‘science chemistry’ and was continuously scratching so many equations of different reactions.

One hour later, youngsters got puzzled and this generation, started dealing with amazing doubts in their mind. Above equation looks simple but why whole world gets changed when only one O is added more in above equation.

‘H2 + O2 = H2O2, Hydrogen peroxide’, H2O should feel rich by getting one more O.

And what is the use of catalyst. If normal reaction is happening in 0.021 seconds then what is the big Nobel Prize achievement in completing reaction within 0.02 seconds through catalyst. Likewise, many doubts clouded over students, which could not be asked to lecturer because it could hurt ‘dignity’, ‘reputation’, so maintaining silence seemed to be an intelligent approach by youngsters.

Sitting in class without interest, they all got slept with open eyes. No doubts, no questions. Few scratched on benches to write their name or to draw ‘heart’ love symbol. Few drew each other’s face on notebook, giving the impression over lecturer that they are very studious and noting down the important points. Henceforth lecturer got encouraged for teaching and started giving all efforts to chemistry.

Suddenly teaching voice of lecturer got cadence with some humming sound in background. But who could had stop chemistry lecturer. Teaching moved on its own pace. In competition, the humming sound didn’t stop and was continuously providing chorus to lecturer’s melodious teaching voice. Within 5 minutes, combination of lecturer’s voice and humming sound converted the classroom into Opera house.

Meanwhile, at the back of lecturer, closed lips of students got chuckled. Nobody desired to break seal of lips because anger of lecturer might broke out on that student. Lecturer tried to tolerate at its height but humming sound started to clearly buzz in classroom.

“May I know who is an excellent singer in our classroom” Sarcastically lecturer asked.

And a first break through on humming sound event landed. No reply came from anyone. Still humming sounded.

Lecturer tried to ignore sound as he was not able to judge culprit who was creating this playback chorus. But sound rigorously challenged the patience of lecturer. Every minute, sound crossed its ignoring limit and compelled lecturer to get irritate.

“Who is this stupid?” lecturer shouted.

Again no answer arrived and pleasant humming sound kept its ambiance. Lecturer stared on few students and asked them to stand up.

“John, you are that singer, come on stand up” Lecturer made a fluke

“No, no, I am not doing that” John tried to save himself.

“So Hary, you are the culprit” lecturer continuously made flukes.

“No, sir, you can check my mouth”

“Then who is this rascal, irritating me” abusive lecturer thrown out his frustration of ‘chemistry’ on students.

But every dialogue of lecturer got converted into lyrics with humming sound. No matters, whether it was anger or polite wording, playback chorus put its availability behind all words.

Also humming sound kept increasing in background of all victims’ reply in parallel. This gone above the height of irritation when faces of all students seemed silent but pleasant sound maintained its echo in classroom.

“If you all, will not tell me, this stupid’s name then I will not teach you” Lecturer thought to keep a bet.

At this instant, humming sound got little bit louder and again no one responded; hopefully lecturer got the reply that nobody is interested in studying.

In next minute, angry lecturer picked up his books from desk and moved forward to go out of class. Nearby door he stopped and looked at everybody. All idols were sited in unchanged postures, no movements.

“I will complain to principal about you all” “You all are idiots” “Donkey”.

Then finally lecturer left classroom following a big shout from mob. Everybody laughed, enjoyed and thanked Yash for his mischief, to get rid out of subject boredom. Students celebrated mischief by dancing on benches, shouting, laughing, writing on board about lecturer etc. They wrote on board:

‘Success of Yash over Chemistry’

Youth can never be forgotten. It is the absurd energy but at height of enjoyment.

Suddenly Yash received one message on cell phone from unknown number:

SMS: “Well Done”

Where everyone in classroom was praising him, there one appreciation from unknown number didn’t matter for Yash, so he just deleted message.

In sequence, smiling turn by girlfriend Sania happened from front bench and appreciated laughing Yash at last bench.

Both have contacted and talked each other in eyes.

Sania eyes ‘you are very naughty’ ‘But I love you’

‘I love you too and it was all for your smile, your happiness’ Yash eyes’ replied.

Then simple responding, hidden kiss acted by Yash pushed her into blush and big laugh.


It was a quite dark evening with cool breezes and 'Masti gang' posted event of chemistry lecturer onto web for discussion.

Social networking page: -

Maria’s status updated: “We drank H2O, so H2O got angry”

 Received 3 comments:

Sujila: Then how H2O passes as gas CO2

Maria: Shut Up!

Rajiv: Hey she is just asking, how H2O converts into CO2.Total science.

John’s status updated: “A success party is one which can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that papa thrown at him”

Received 6 comments:

Rajiv: You can be a good poet.

Hary: I am in for party

Maria: Coming

Sujila: in

Esha: Where to reach?

John: as usual gathering point – Marine drive

Hary’s status updated: “After scratching in anger, one should not bite his nails”

Received 3 comments:

Rajiv: Where to scratch?

Hary: Most relaxing part of body, lol

Sujit: Really dude, I cannot express the relaxation

Yash’s status updated: "Person is born ignorant, but not stupid. He is made stupid by education."

Raj: From where you copied?

Yash: Its mine :)

Esha’s status updated: “Attended melodious Opera”

Deepti: Ohh wow!!

Rani: How sweet!

Parul: Yippy, cutyyy!

Hasan’s status updated: “Seen a war without weapon”

Guddu: How a war can be fought without a weapon? Ok it wudn’t b night war.

Bablu: lol, then instead of night war it wud b nightmare

Manisha’s status updated: "Have seen only two races- the Yash intelligent and the chemistry stupid."

Juhi: Really Chemistry is very boring subject

Manisha: Oh My God! Juhi u r the 2nd stupid

Saran: Hey I hav seen ‘3 idiots’ movie, who is 3rd one?

Manisha: “U” stupid

Juhi: Ohh then who are U?

Manisha: I gonna mad, you all are irritating me.

Saran: Are you Mad?

Hemant’s status updated: “Frustration reflects in abusive language”

Priyanka’s status updated: “By education you will be monk, but by complaining you will be kid”

Bran’s status: “Fool full of foolish, party calling party”

Received 3 comments:

 Saran: Tu kuch bhi likhata hai, khud ko samjh aata he? Chutiye (you write absurd, do you even understand yourself?)

Rajiv: Ya, he writes absurd, even he can’t understand what he wrote.

Bran: Sorry! I will improve my writing.

Lecturer’s status updated: “Have earned so much, now thinking to do business”

Received 4 comments:Likes =^\ 212 persons

Wife: Thanks, I will be free from chemistry on meals, I prayed it long back.

Child: How much u earned, Dad?

Friend: Late, but not least :(

Principal: Prepare your backup before quitting.

John posted for friends to inform about party. ‘Masti Gang’ was famous to celebrate each and every event of college. Today chemistry lecturer was the reason of celebration. And the incident was kept on the web for world.


In parallel John called up many friends too.

“Hey dude, come on to Marine drive, we will have ceremony”

“Which ceremony?” “It’s your birthday?”



“Today new stupid has born, our chemistry lecturer”

“Ohh, hahaha, Yash papa gave birth to one more fool”

“Ya ... Help me and inform others”

“Yup sure”

Party invitation got distributed in seconds to whole ‘Masti Gang’

Sometimes ‘Masti gang’ had plans or sometimes they gathered without plan. Usually after gathering they were deciding what to do next.

Friends rushed to marine drive as per their conveyance. John reached on stylish bike. Saran came on bicycle as he stayed nearby; someone came through local train, someone by bus and someone by taxi. And at last the financer Yash came by his expensive car.

‘Hey Yash where is Sania’

‘Will pick her on the way’ Yash replied

‘Okay guys what’z the plan?’

‘Will go for movie’

‘Hey it will be boring for 3 hrs.’

‘Okay will go to pub’

‘That sounds good’

‘I am ready’

‘Am also in’

‘It will be late for home’ Maria mentioned her worry.

‘You girls always have excuses’

‘No yar, really Dad scolds’

‘Hey cutyy, will leave early and I will drop you home’ John said

‘Yehhh, John is flirting’ Juhi teased John.

‘No yar, I am helping her’

‘Stop it yar, decide quickly’

‘Listen everybody, as per our group rituals; I have bought a cake for chemistry birthday’


Everybody got hotchpotch to cut the cake but it got inaugurated by Yash. Then everybody ate it and few thrown on each other. Somebody brought mineral water bottles, cold drinks. They all sat on Marine drive, a sea shore, well-constructed to sit. Ambience of ‘Marine drive’ felt amazing to them. Stadium like benches along the sea shore and parallel road, gave a charming and pleasant environment. They made prank of chemistry lecturer, shared their reactions on mischief. John flirted with Maria. Few silently enjoyed sea waves. Girls tried to crack their light jokes but encountered ambiguous comments by boys.

Amid all this Yash missed someone i.e. Sania. He wrote a message and sent to Sania

“Missing you, will reach you soon, once they all over”

And then he got mixed up with his friend. Within a minute he got reply, his cell phone screen showed

SMS: “Enjoy at maximum!”

He read and smiled, but when focused, he got wooly as it was the message from unknown number.

Immediately he called back on that number, but it announced to be switched off. He checked around himself for suspicious. But nothing looked so noticeable. Street seemed busy with people, vehicles, hawkers etc. Yash deleted that message and again got involved with his friends.


About me

I am a Business Analyst in software MNC. Born in India and spent good professional years in Europe. Profession nourished my skills of imagination. Last few decades saw new technologies therefore I have noticed few but important glitches in those, which can destroy the life of anyone even if he is rich and secured. Therefore those glitches are placed in my book. Also we Indians believe and emphasize on true love without boundaries, hence love became beautiful ingredient of book.

Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
Young-Adults are like vibrant energy. They can be misguided or well-directed. Since book has plot - how a stalker can rule on mind of person. Therefore cover page shows the shadow of cryptic stalker on one side. Have you noticed the red-colored "R" in title "PAIR IT". It's a significant symbol.
Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
I love imagination and dreams. Therefore by many life instances, I have framed the idea of book.
Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
People should live attentively. Dear and Near ones are changing.