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The year is 2027, things haven’t changed much in the past ten years. Drowns are delivering packages, and cars are flying now. Technology is controlling everything, but as man progresses many things about his history is still undiscovered.

Doctor Bruce Webster is one of the top authorities on oceans and the things that live in them. He has published many books on this subject, and Bruce loves his job. After over twenty years in this field, he needs a hobby, Bruce decides to collect artifacts.

While in Israel on vacation, Bruce found a diary that dated back thousands of years. This hand- written book explains how man stumbled on the keys to unlock the Leviathan. This is a creature that is mentioned in the Bible, locked away in the bottom of the ocean. The strange journal was passed down through generations, it says the Leviathan key ended up on a ship called the Rose Marie, that sank in the Bermuda Triangle two hundred years before.

For years’ scientist, have been trying to explain the mystery surrounding the power of the Triangle. Doctor Webster discovered the Leviathan, was placed in the ocean millions of years previously. He feels it has controlled atmospheres, radio waves, weather, and has caused the boats and planes in the Triangle to disappear. Webster believes that the Leviathan has the same power the arch covenant, had in Biblical times.

Doctor Webster is sixty years old and is in great shape, and even a master diver, but he can’t do this alone. He employs his two young friends that are ex-Navy Seals, to help him.

Ronnie Martian, and David Ackerman have been friends with Doctor Webster for years, but both have doubts about his big ideas. He’s had them on treasure hunting dives before, only to come up empty.

On a partly cloudy day in Key West Florida Doctor Webster and his friends set out on their first Leviathan dive. As expected strange things began to happen. From phantom ships, to lighting fog, they met all sorts of challenges. The sunken ship Rose Marie, sat on the ocean bottom for years. However once Doctor Webster’s team enter this relic, currents begin to push the ship over into a deep ravine. Bruce grabbed the Leviathan box, and gets out just before the ship falls hundreds of feet, crashing into pieces.

Bruce has his first treasure. To see something crafted millions of years before their time, was amazing. The twelve- inch gold key emitted a blinding orange light, just one evidence of its power.

This journey had plenty of setbacks, but to make it even more difficult Bruce has a rival. One of his college buddies Steve Morrison hit it big in the computer business. Steve also collects artifacts. He highjacks Bruce’s team on every turn.

Doctor Webster discovers three more keys in different locations. Their second dive was in the Pacific Ocean. This is where Blake Rogers is brought on the team. Again, many surprises await them. Three headed snakes are guarding the Leviathan box, but Bruce and his team succeed, they have the second key.

The third dive was really a challenge, the Leviathan box is 3200 feet underwater, in the Arctic Ocean. Diving with regular scuba equipment was not an option. It seemed impossible, but Bruce happens to have a friend who owns a submersible. Ronnie piolets this modern sub, and when him and Bruce reach this Leviathan box, it causes all types of disturbances. The power of the Leviathan is working against them, from underwater earthquakes, to giant whirlpools. It does not look good.

They get trapped underwater for two days. All power to the sub is lost, the little air they have, is was almost gone. A top-secret diving suit is their only chance to be rescued.

Out of all the Leviathan dives, the forth came closest to taking Bruce, and his team’s lives. Doctor Bruce Webster knows Steve Morrison is hot on their trail. The forth box is 3600 feet down. It could take weeks, even months to come up with a submersible, so Bruce decides to go through the Kentucky Caverns to reach the Atlantic Ocean. The cave floor is cold and uneven. They spend days climbing over endless rocks. It is tough going.

After two weeks, underground they run into cannibals, explorers lost there from years before. One by one the team’s guides are captured and eaten. This cavern finally takes Bruce’s team 3500 feet below sea-level. There they find an underground lake that leads to the ocean, only one hundred feet below is the Leviathan.

Bruce and his team have almost been killed, and pushed to their physical limits, but they have all the keys to the Leviathan. They find an old coal mine that takes Bruce, Ronne, David and Blake to the surface. They end up in a small town called Windsor Virginia is located just off highway fifty-eight. When Bruce’s team finally breathe a sigh of relief, their highjacked by Steve Morrison’s men, the Leviathan keys are stolen.

Steve Morrison already has plans to sell the last and most important Leviathan key to a small country like North Korea, and let them use the monster to conquer bigger countries. Several days of negotiations, and the North Korea government wants to see this Leviathan creature before they pay the fifty million dollars Steve is asking.

Mister Morrison purchases a mini-sub because the Leviathan creature is 1000 feet down. Steve hitches a ride on a freighter headed to the Bermuda Triangle. He has one of his employees who used to be in the Navy, piolets the sub. Stan Ramirez had no idea what he is about to encounter.

Nervously Stan follows the radio instructions of his boss setting the keys in the right holes using the subs retractable arm. One by one the keys are turned, and the enormous creature is released.

The Leviathan creature has a one-hundred-foot wingspan. It is sixty feet from its head to tail, that is covered with sharp metal-like stones. No one on earth has seen anything like it. Steve thought he read in his research, that whoever had the Leviathan keys could control the creature.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Leviathan pours hot brimstone down on Steve Morrison, he dies a very painful death. Acid and Brimstone is dumped in the large freighter, it splits in half before going under, all the crew are killed.

This creature has one purpose, to destroy any weapons of war or violence. Its first stop the Norfolk Virginia Naval Station. While traveling by night the Leviathan focus its camera-like eyes, and super ears on all the violence that is happening in our cities. It seems to be recording these events. The Leviathan also burns almost every gun factory on the east coast. With one head emitting fire, one emitting brimstone, and the other head emitting acid, it doesn’t take long before nothing, but destruction is in its wake.

President Sam Walker is dumbfounded. Even his ten years in the Army could not prepare him for anything like this. He calls the Joint Chiefs.

They all watch in horror as the Creature destroys two aircraft carriers, and several other Navy ships. “Can that be some type of drone from Russia or China,” President Walker asks.

“We don’t know sir,” General Wilder head of the Joint Chiefs says. “Well get someone that does,” the president shouts. Six of the top doctors and professors in archology, zoology, and DNA research are brought to Washington DC to help find out how to stop this beast.

Doctor Bruce Webster, Ronnie Martian, David Ackerman, and Blake Rogers, begin to feel guilty seeing all the destruction the Leviathan is causing, so the fly to Washington to help. Bruce explains how this all got started, and asks President Walker if he can they and communicate with the Leviathan. Bruce feels this creature must have been put here for a purpose, and he wants to see if talking to it will help.

The president goes along with Bruce’s plan, but Generals Wilder and McCoy had another idea. They want to shoot sub-nuclear weapons at it. Galveston Texas is the creature’s next destination. Bruce’s team and a plane load of reporters meet it there. Only Doctor Bruce Webster and reporter Jennie Madison can approach the Leviathan.

To Bruce’s surprise the creature knew exactly who he was. It told him many things about his past. It decides Bruce is an honorable man, so the creature tells him where its power comes from, and how it can be stopped. It also explains that nuclear weapons cannot be used on it, because the Leviathan will be spilt into two.

The creature even warned Bruce that two Generals were planning a nuclear strike within the hour. Can Doctor Bruce Webster, who started this whole adventure get to DC in time to stop this attack. Follow this fast-passed story and find out.


It’s April 6, 2027, a drone hovered near the front door of the Western Key Marina, verifying the address, before delivering its package. It’s a beautiful spring day over the crystal blue waters of Key West Florida. This is a vacation spot for many this time of year, but is also the home of thirty-four-year-old, Ronnie Martian an ex-Navy Seal. The day brings back memories because Ronnie, left the Navy two years before, on this exact day. A diving accident caused Ronnie to leave the military, but scuba diving is his passion, he won’t give it up. It was exactly nine months ago, Ronnie and his friends started on a journey that changed everything.

It’s seven o’clock in the morning, Ronnie is already working out with the weights. His huge biceps bulge as he pumps the three hundred-pound weights with ease. He spends every morning in the gym to keep his six-foot muscular body in shape. His straight dark hair is tucked under a sweatband, trying to keep the moisture out of his hypnotizing dark brown eyes. The girls along the Western Key Marina always smiling and flirting with Ronnie.

“Hello Ronnie, are you giving a class today,” a beautiful blonde asked with a big grin.

“Yes, I am,” Ronnie winks and smiles at them.

Ronnie remembered a time when he was a lot younger, and very fat. The girls would tease him. Martha, his Italian mother would always tell Ronnie, “There would be a day when the girls will come to you.” Ronnie realized his mother was right.

Walter Martin, his father was a hard- working black man, that lived through the tough times of the forties. Walter joined the military and that’s when things started to change. He met Martha while in Italy. They feel in love, married and Ronnie was born.

Ronne was only six years old when Martha got the call, her husband was killed in action. She missed her Walter dearly. The years flew by and before she knew it, Ronnie was nineteen trying to find a career. Martha’s heart was broken when Ronne said he was going in the Navy. After basics, Ronnie began to enjoy the military life. A spot came open for the Navy Seals, so Ronnie took it.

Sergeant Ronnie Martin career was on the fast track. However, it was off the coast of Mexico, while Ronnie was diving in an old wrecked ship, that everything changed. Out of the blue there was an earth trimmer. Ronnie was swimming through an old hatch, when the door fell on his leg. He was not crippled, but several nerves got damaged. Ronnie was asked to take a desk job. That’s when he decided to take his honorable discharge and get out of the service.

Ronnie still scuba dives, he even gives classes at the Sheraton Hotel twice a week, that is where he’s headed now.

“Hello Ronnie,” two of his female students says when he walks in the pool area of the hotel. Jessy Browning is a brunette with blue eyes and well- shaped body. Her bikini top struggles to cover those breasts. Alice Smith her red-head friend is a little on the heavy side, but a gorgeous smile.

Ronnie’s classes consist of two females, and three males Allen, Randy, and Kurt. they are rambunctious, but Ronnie kept them under control. For safety reasons, he liked his classes small, to watch each student closely. Out of the five scuba diving students only a couple were serious.

“Let’s review how to place the regulator, belts and hoses on your tanks. Ronnie shows them once, and lets his students do it.

“Very good, it looks like all of you paid attention last time. Remember diving is always using the buddy system, so help each other get your tanks on, and let’s get in the water. Also, on that note, once you get your diving certificate, You Never Dive Alone,” he added.

“Why, Mr. Martian,” Jessy asked.

“Ok, let’s say you’re on a routine dive about one hundred feet. Everything starts out good, but you are alone, and your regulator goes out,” Ronnie paints a mental picture for them.

“What can you do?”

“Nothing, I guess.”

“Exactly, this is the part where your arms open trying to get that last breath, and you die,” Ronnie explained.

Jessy and Alice shake their heads, wondering if taking scuba lessons was such a good idea after all.

“Couldn’t you just swim to the surface,” Allen asked.

“Yes, you could, but there is the risk of getting the Bends,” Ronnie said.

“What is that Mr. Martian,” they all asked.

“I don’t want to give you science lesson. To put it simply the compressed air in your scuba tank is denser that the air you breathe. When you dive deep, say one hundred feet or more, this denser air causes a problem. It makes the nitrogen in your body to form bubbles in your blood. These bubbles will block circulation. This can lead to many bad things including death,” He watched all of their reactions, most seemed concerned.

“What is with you and this death thing today Mr. Martin,” Alice asked her fat faces seeming to swell.

“I’m not trying to scare you, but you need to know the dangers as well as the enjoyment of scuba diving.”

“Ok since everyone has on their tanks, I want all of you to sit on the side if the pool at the deep end,” he sat down first.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they see the deep end. Ronnie had the in the shallow end of the pool for weeks.

“Next, every time before entering the water check your regulator. There is a red button on the right side of your dive belt. That little rush of air tells you your regulator is working.”

“Now, I want everyone to jump in, but don’t put on your mask, we will do that underwater. Once that is done, don’t try to swim, just allow your body float down to the bottom. I will be there to check on you,” Ronnie said.

All the students enjoy finally getting in deeper water, even if it is just a swimming pool. Ronnie has developed a system. Since he can’t talk underwater he takes preprinted signs down with him to continue his instruction.

“The first thing you need to do when diving is “RELAX,” Ronnie first sign says.

“If you are tense or excited you’ll use more air,” his next sign says. Ronnie swims around each student checking them.

“Our first exercise is put the mask on, and clear the water as quick as you can,” his next sign says. All the students quickly start the task, wanting to get their face covered as soon as possible.

Ronnie is surprised Jessy finished first and she did it perfectly. She gets a motor-con with a smiley face sign. Allen finishes next, not wanting to be shown up by a girl, even if she is beautiful. Ronnie checked each of them to be sure everything was right.

“Great work guys, you all look good, now let’s surface,” Ronnie’s last sign said.

“Wow, Mr. Martin that was awesome,” Allen said as they climb out of the water.

“When can we go in the ocean,” Kurt asked.

“Probably after a few more dives in the pool.”

“Ah man; ok,” Kurt is satisfied.

“Class was great Mr. Martin, see you next week. We already took our regulators off the tanks,” Jessy and Alice said as they leave.

“Hey everyone, next week’s class will be at my new pool facility. Pick up a flier with the address and phone numbers,” Ronnie points to a small table with a regulator holding down a stack of fliers.

“Great we’ll be there,” the girls said.

Ever since Ronnie was a kid, he wanted his own business. He stumbled onto an old YMCA building not far from downtown. Ronnie got a business loan and bought the place. He reloads the air tanks, crams other equipment in the back of his jeep and heads downtown.

“How’s it coming David,” Ronnie asked when he walked in their new building. He’s impressed with the progress.

“It’s coming good, I’ve got to finish sheet rocking that last room on the end.” David Ackerman has on blue a tee-shirt, with Navy in gold letters on the front. The shirt’s sleeves are cut off, and David’s large muscular arms are covered with paint splatters, even in his sandy brown hair. He is about a half a foot taller than Ronnie, but they both are as tough as nails, and have been friends for years.

“I just finished yours and the other offices up front, come and look,” David lead Ronnie down the newly carpeted hallway. The smell of sheet rock mud and paint is still in the air. When Ronnie brought this building, these were storage rooms. David put up the walls, and he laid carpet.

“Wow man this is great,” Ronnie sees the new carpet and the walls are painted in a light beige.

“You’re the man Dave,” Ronnie gives him a high five. I’m going to call the guys to paint the swimming pool and we are finished.” Ronnie is proud of their new building.

David’s cell phone rings. He frowned when he saw the number. “I told you to stop calling me, I’ll get your money as soon as I get paid from this job,” he yells.

David Ackerman had a great career in the Navy, he was also a Seal, and a lieutenant on a destroyer. Him and Ronnie completed a couple of missions together. One tour when they were docked at the Philippines, David decided to go shore for some much-needed R and R. He went to a bar like most sailors do, and had a few drinks.

Everything was fine, until a group of Philippine guys came in drunk, and looking for trouble. One of them kept talking about David, pushing him to fight. When David finally lost it; it took three sailors to pull him off the small guy. David beat him so bad he was hospitalized.

This was a devastating blow to David’s career. He was forced out of the Navy, but luckily, he kept his benefits. David went in with Ronnie to purchase this building, so he is a vested partner.

“You shouldn’t let her get to you like that,” Ronnie said.

“Yeah, I know. All that woman thinks about is money.”

Suddenly the sound of a submarine ring tone echoes through the building. It’s Ronnie’s phone this time.

“A submarine, really dude,” David laughed.

“Hello doc, what’s on your mind?”

“Do you have anyone around you,” Doctor Bruce Webster whispered.

“No…are we doing that spy thing again,” Ronnie frowns thinking about the last episode with the doctor.

“I can’t tell you over the phone, meet at the Beachcomber, hurry this is really important. If David is there, I want to see him too,” Bruce looked around to see if anyone is watching.

“The doc wants to see us, let’s get cleaned up,” Ronnie said.

“I am not wasting time with that crack pot. The last time with him, I did not even get paid,” David complains.

“I know; I didn’t either,” Ronnie heads to the showers. The YMCA they brought had working restrooms and showers. All the plumbing is in good shape and Ronnie already had the water turned on.

“You’re going anyway,” David asked.

“Yes, it sounds different this time,” Ronnie said.

“How can you tell he always sounds like a crackpot.”

After showering, Ronnie and David quickly jump into shorts, and pull clean tee-shirts over their muscular bodies. It is the middle of summer in Key West, the weather is hot. They are in Ronnie’s red Jeep and headed to Beachcombers. It is a popular restaurant and bar in the Key West area. People come here from miles around for the food, beer, and atmosphere.

It is set up on a Hawaiian theme. White lights are wrapped around the palm trees outside and inside, and are also ran through beams in the ceiling. Sixty-year-old Doctor Bruce Webster is in good shape for a man his age. He runs a mile every day and can scuba dive with the best. His hair is longer than Bruce normally wears, and it is mostly gray. He has been so engrossed in his work to worry about appearance. All he did was shower, grab the first pair of clothes in reach, and throw on a baseball cap.

Doctor Webster sat at a table in the back of the crowded restaurant. His serious blue eyes peered over his wire-rim glasses, which he only used for close reading. Nervously, he waited for his two young friends.

Webster has been studying the oceans for most of his twenty-year career. However, the past two years he has become interested in ancient artifacts, especially ones mentioned in the Bible.

In the town, Ashdod Israel, Doctor Webster stumbled across a book that dated back thousands of years. The information he found changed his life, and now Bruce is ready to search for something that has the power to wipe out humanity.

A red Jeep finally pulls up at the Beachcomber. Ronnie and David jump out. Ronnie walks inside fast, but David is not thrilled to see Doctor Webster again. They see Bruce Webster crouched over something he has on the table, looking nervous.

“Hey Ronnie, back here,” Bruce stands up and yelled over the loud jukebox music. People are dancing in the middle of the floor, so Ronne weaves his way through them. David stopped at the bar.

“Ok Bruce, what’s so important,” Ronnie sat down and ordered a beer. A beautiful girl wearing a yellow bikini with a red sash covering part of her lower body, came to wait on them.

“You won’t believe what I found,” Bruce said with a boyish grin. Suddenly, he goes into this spy thing, looking around like someone is going to kidnap him.

“What is it Bruce,” Ronnie is trying to be patient with him. He was taught to respect older people.

Bruce looked around one more time, and said, “It’s the Leviathan.”

Ronnie has never seen him this happy.

“Come on doc, you mean the one mentioned in the Bible?”

“Oh, so you have heard of it,” Bruce is surprised.

“Yes, I was raised in the church. There are no specifics of where or what the Leviathan is,” Ronnie said.

“Not in the King James Bible, but I have been studying the Torah, the Hebrew Bible. In the city of Ashdod Israel, I found and old Bible. Inside it was a journal from sea captain that sailed the waters near America. In his journal, he mentioned a sea monster in the region,” Bruce said.

“What region,” Ronnie asked.

“The Triangle,” Bruce knew how he would react.

“Bruce we’ve been there before and can up empty.”

“Yes, I know I’ve had some empty searches, but this is the real deal.”

Ronnie sits against the back of his chair folding his arms. “Bruce, you know fuel is expensive. I can’t keep running my boat out on these dreams of yours.”

“This is not a dream. Bruce pulled the journal out of a leather bag. He shows him where a Captain Reynolds was sailing near the latitude and longitude of the Triangle. He mentioned strange things happening in and around his ship. Reynolds crew saw something in the water, that was five times as big as his ship,” Bruce explained.

“Reynolds made notations on the sides and back pages, read them,” Bruce says.

Ronnie turns the journal sideways and squints to see the small letters. “The creature has been following us for days. I’m not sure if its waiting for a time or location to sink us. I know it must be after the Leviathan box we have on board. My men for some reason pulled it up in their nets while fishing. None of us knew what this box was, until a crewmember opened it. A blinding light surged out, and the creature has followed us ever since.”

“About a year ago, a friend of mine gave me a map and said guard this with your life, awesome power lies within. I folded the map and stuck it in this journal thinking my friend was crazy.”

“My ship is the Rose Marie. The creature is attacking us now; we are going down. My crew was lost, I only survived, along with this journal. The Leviathan box was on my ship, along with a map showing locations of other boxes. If you decide to search for the boxes, be careful, this journey could cost you your life,” Captain Reynolds.”

Ronnie sits back in his chair, but this time he is smiling. “So, this ship sank in the Triangle, and has a key to release the Leviathan,” he asked.

“Yes, also the journal said, the keys in the boxes had tremendous power. Do you remember the story about the Ten Commandments, and how they were put into a box called the Arch Covenant? Ronnie nods.

“Well, I believe this key is so powerful, it is causing all the disturbance in and around the Triangle.” Bruce explained.

Ronnie is really paying attention now. “Why would anyone want to release a creature like that anyway,” he asked.

“Whoever found the keys would not have to release the creature, but with them, they could change the course of ships and planes. Imagine what an important discovery that would be,” Bruce said.

Ronnie eyes light up now. He has known Doctor Webster for years, and has seen people flock to his book signings. “Maybe I can be recognized too,” Ronnie thought, now ready for an adventure. “Tell me more about this ship the Rose Marie.”

“Believe it or not, a friend at NASA let me use their satellite, and I’ve found the location of the Rose Marie.” Bruce pulled out pictures of a wrecked ship taken miles above the earth.

“Here this is a better one,” Bruce hands Ronnie another photo he had rolled up in his bag.

“Are you sure Bruce, I can’t see it,” Ronnie complained.

“Use this magnifying glass.”

Ronnie moves the magnifying glass close and then back a little. He stopped and did it again. “I see it, I really see. It says Rose Marie,” Ronnie finally said now smiling.

“Where’s David,” Bruce asked.

“He stopped at the bar. You know David is still angry about our last adventure where we spent seven days at sea and came back empty handed,” Ronnie explained.

“I understand, get him over here, so we can talk,” Bruce ordered.

“Hey David, come on over, Doctor Webster wants to talk to you,” Ronnie yelled.

Reluctantly David comes to the table barley speaking to the doctor. “Hey David, I know your angry about our last adventure and I apologize,” Bruce reached in his pocket and pulled out a one-hundred-dollar bill and gave it to David.

“This is a Pease Offering.”

“Wow, doc, thanks,” David is stunned.

Ronnie can’t believe it, he has never seen Bruce give away money. “What’s in this trip for me,” he blurted out.

Bruce rubbed his chin as he thought. “I’ll give you half of everything we find,” Bruce said.

“What are you two talking about,” David asked.

“I’ve got something you might be interested in. Have you ever heard of the Leviathan,” Bruce asked?

“No, what is that?”

“It is sea creature mentioned in the Bible, that is locked away in the ocean. However, what if we could find the keys to unlock it,” Bruce asked.

“Why would you want to unlock a creature like that,” David looks at Ronnie.

“We wouldn’t unlock it, but can you imagine how important a discovery that would be?” David does not answer.

“I know you’ve heard of the things disappeared or been pushed off course in the Bermuda Triangle. I believe that the Leviathan key was causing all the problems. I’ve got satellite photos if a ship that has a Leviathan key on it. All we must do is bring it up. Are you in,” Bruce asked.

“What’s in it for me?” David gave him a hard stare.

“I already told Ronnie, I’ll split half with him, so you two have to split the other half. Do you agree,” Bruce asked?

David looked at Ronne, “What do you think?”

“I think everything looks very promising this time, I’m in. If I can charge you for the use of my boat and fuel,” Ronnie adds.

“Ok, figure it up and I’ll pay it,” Bruce said.

David and Ronnie can’t believe it, Doctor Webster usually complained about every penny he spends. “This must be for real you’re not complaining about money,” David slapped Bruce on the back and smiled. Bruce flinches. David is six feet two and weighed two hundred twenty pounds of solid muscle.

“How deep is the Rose Marie,” Ronnie asked.

“The readings say it’s about eight hundred feet,” Bruce said.

“We’ll need some helium added to our air tank,” David wonders how the doc will react now.

“Just get what you need, I’ll pay for everything,” Bruce said, he’s even smiling. For some reason, David can sense the doctor is holding back something. He knows Webster can be sneaky sometimes.

“Hey doc, how much are you going to get if we find this Leviathan key?”

“A lot of money,” he said not looking them in the eyes.

“How much, a lot are we talking about,” David walked up close to him.

“One million dollars,” Bruce admitted not wanting to start a confrontation.

“Oh, my God, did you hear that partner we’re rich,” David shouted. Bruce and Ronnie quickly get him to be quiet. “We have to keep this secret. You never know who is listening,” Bruce whispered.

“When do we start,” David was ready now.

“It will take a day or so to get everything ready. Today is Wednesday, so let’s say Friday,” Ronnie said. He cherishes the boat his father left when he died. It is not brand new or anything, but the Calypso is dependable.

All three men are on clouds. “I know you guys will be busy, but I want both of you over to my house for dinner to celebrate Thursday six o’clock,” Doctor Webster said, Ronnie and David nodded in agreement.

Ronnie takes David home. He rents a small trailer right on the beach. This is perfect for David because he surfs a lot. “I’ll pick you up around six o’clock tomorrow,” Ronnie said after David got out of his Jeep.

“Good, that will give me the morning to surf and pick up a woman,” David laughed.

“You and your women,” Ronnie shook his head.

“Ronnie, it’s all in how you handle them. I never let them stay long, that’s the key,” David gave him a high five and walked in his trailer.

While driving home, Ronnie’s mind is flooded with thoughts of what he will do with all that money. When he pulled up to his house Ronnie’s phone rang, it Beth his sister.

“Ronnie Martian, why don’t you ever answer your phone,” Beth barked.

“It is nice to hear from sis; don’t you ever have anything good to say. I’ve been working, so I can’t answer the phone every time you call. Oh, I’ve got a charter job lined up, we are leaving Friday, and I won’t be able to answer the phone for a few days,” Ronnie said.

“You can’t take your cell phone on the boat with you,” Beth asked.

“There’s no reception where we are going,” Ronnie knew what’s coming next.

“You’re not going to the Triangle again are you. The last time you guys went out there, the boat stopped, and the Coast Guard had to rescue you. Don’t you think it’s time for you and Doctor Webster to grow up,” Beth scolded.

“We are grown up. Doctor Webster is really on to something this time, you’ll see.” Ronnie said.

“Mother wants to know when you are coming home, it’s been over a year since dad died,” Beth said. Ronnie sighed. He misses his father so much, going home just reopens the wound in his heart.

“After I finish this charter, I’ll be home, you can tell mom.” Beth knows if Ronnie tells mom he’ll keep his word.

David is up early the next morning surfing. Ronnie is out getting supplies. He buys air and helium tanks, extra regulators, and a few diver’s masks. Doctor Webster sent Ronnie to places where he has accounts, so everything is charged to him.

“It’s a good feeling to get what you need and not worry about money. We will all be able to fell this soon,” Ronnie thought.


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Author Gilbert Collins resides in Moody Alabama and is retired. He has been writing for eleven years and published four novels. "The Forgotten Man, Still Forgotten," Romance Novels. "The Peterson House," a ghost story. "The Feeding," science fiction. I love to write and I'm inspired by my life experiences.