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“Heavenly Waters”

One by one they were all marching into the house of worship; looking very dignified and attired into their very best!

Whatever that looked like!

While the passionate sounds of the preacher man could be heard from way into the distance encouraging souls; young and old to come to Christ; so he could deliver them, set them free from all their sinful ailments and reserve for them a place in salvation!

“Come to Christ, he will heal you!”

“Come to Christ, he will make away where there is no other way!”

“Come to Christ, so he will fix that cheating husband of yours and that whoring wife who promised to love and honor you, until death!”

“Come to Christ, He will open doors that are closed and closed doors that are open and causing you pure problems in your lives!

“I don’t care what you look like I want you, to come to Christ!”

“If you are ugly come!”

“If you think you are the hottest think on the block, come!”

“If you have your own teeth, your own hair, your own nails and your own eyes; come!

“If you don’t have your own hair, your own nails or your own teeth inside your mouth, still come!”

“Christ will still accept you regardless of your faults, failure and fornicating behaviors; just come!

“If you are a drug pusher; come!”

“If you are a theft still come… Brother Steve, please keep a close eye on the offering basket for me!”

“If you are a murderer come to Christ; just don’t murder anybody in my church!”

“If you are a rum belly and a wine head, still come to Christ!”

If you love harlotry and harlotry loves you back, still come to Christ, only he is able to set you free!”

“If you finger fairing and have trouble with your tongue; come to Christ; he will deliver you of that gossiping and lying spirit you have buried inside of you!”

“If you are a man and you love sleeping with men, come!

“And if you are a woman and you love sleeping with other women, still come to Christ; he will pardon you!”

“Whatever your evil deeds and your sinful apparatus, come to Christ and he will save you from it”

Were the ongoing declaration of the preaching man many called Reverent Ron who stood on the pulpit every Sunday morning encouraging the good, the bad, and the ugly to come to Christ!

And for those who saw him as an unlearned man, a former man of the streets pushing pills, pimps and prostitutes, he would usually turn his head away from them when he saw them trying to find a seat amongst his congregations while he yelled out on the top of his voice…

“If you think you are too good to be here, there is the door; don’t let the door knot hit you where the good lord have split you!”

“Because, if you come here to be seen with you braggadocios self and pull this microphone out of my hands, you have something else coming!”

“Sister Jonson, did you walk with your knife today?”

“Because I know, you didn’t leave your house this morning without putting that knife inside your purse, and I also know I can depend on you to defend me!”

Pastor Ron would continue on, laughingly!

While Sister Jonson who usually sits at the end on the third row of benches, a few feet away from the pulpit, stood up and declared to the entire congregation that indeed, she had walked to church with her knife that Sunday morning because one can never be too careful even when coming into the house of the Lord!

Causing a sudden outburst of laughter and giggles from the seemingly attentive congregation who were repeatedly convicted with the words “No matter your situation; come to Christ” as they approach the wide open doors of the huge white church building and were ushered to their seats!

Still standing, she went on to broadcast to the congregation that she will never leave home without her knife, since she is a senior citizen who many believed has a world of cash in her bag coming to the church with!

And furthermore, by the time she calls for help and the police arrive, the crooks who rob her money would be long gone! But with her knife, she could slow them down or make it easier to identify them with two or three jabs from her knife when the cops arrived!

For the first time comers to the flock, this was quite shocking to hear, especially, coming from an old woman’s mouth who looked very dainty and sophisticated; and many were now intrigued to find out what next would be revealed from the mouths in the massive congregation!

Soon after unveiling the truth about her arming herself with weaponry, Reverent Ron spoke bringing an air of contradiction to the elderly woman’s revelation!

“Sister Jonson, I must honestly say, you give this church the biggest tithes and offerings, and I can feel assured that whenever you walk through these doors, the light and water bills will be paid for and food will definitely be on my plate!”

For a moment Sister Jonson stared at the reverent in great disbelief while contemplating to herself that Reverent Ron had just told the entire church audience that she had money and quite plenty of it; so she could afford to pay for the utilities of the church building, and also, put food on his table which wasn’t a small one!

Now everyone in the congregation knew that she had plenty of the “Benjamin’s” and that she also armed herself with a knife whenever she was heading out for church!

Feeling a sense of disappointment and disbelief, Sister Jonson pulled her knife from her purse, ran towards the pulpit with it and began dangling it in front of Reverent Ron’s face while exclaiming to him that she was going to stop giving the church money to pay for their utilities or give him offering so he and his hungry belly children could eat well!

Believing that she would harm him with the knife in front of the whole congregation, Reverent Ron hurryingly made his way through the back door of the church, race to his office and locked himself inside until word came to him that it was now safe for him to return to the pulpit!

Many in the congregation couldn’t believe their eyes while some were rushing to the front area of the pew to get a glimpse of what the elderly woman looked like!

Not wanting to be any body’s spectacle, Sister Jonson flicked her ratchet knife back into its safety mood, placed it inside her purse, and exited the church building without even looking back to see if others were following her!

On the outside of the church, all who knew her and loved her began asking her where was she going and the church service hadn’t even begun as yet?

And in her state of vexation, Sister Jonson responded that she was very missed off with Reverent Ron announcing to the whole congregation that whenever she walked through the church doors, he knew she had enough money to pay off the utilities of the church and feed him and his children!

“That was not something for him to broadcast to the entire church knowing that it’s almost pure strangers inside there who might want to follow me home or possible come by my house and kick down my church presuming that I have a lot of money at home waiting to bring to the church!”

Sister Jonson vented loudly!

It was Hyacinth, one of the very active mothers of the church who had known Sister Jonson for a very long time and knew of her many good deeds towards the Heavenly Waters Pentecostal Church who had opened her hands wide embracing the petite elderly woman; soothing her hurt and pain away until her joy had been restored!

However, sister Jonson decide she wouldn’t return to the inside of the church and seat herself on the third row of the pew like she was accustom to doing, but instead, she would place herself on one of the benches way in the back of the church!

Since her heart was still very heavy and quite against the actions displayed by Reverent Ron earlier on in front the entire church congregation.

And while seated in the far back of the church amongst many wrong doers who were even selling illegal drugs inside of the church Sister Jonson contemplated on not giving too much of her hard working pension funds to the advancement or the operations of Reverent Ron growing congregation!

The gathering flock was just about spiritually settled after the choir had song a soul touching hymnal to welcome Reverent Ron back to the congregation! It was his cue, to let him know it was now time for him to bring the Biblical word to the waiting flock… words which would probably spiritually encourage most of them for the week, and others, a day or two!

Out of his street clothing, Reverent Ron swiftly marched onto the church podium dress in a black gown with a monogram of the cross stitched from his neck all the way down to his feet, at the front of it, his coverless bible in one hand, and a microphone in the other hand as he shouted into it!

“Stand on your feet and praise the Lord!”

“Now look to the person next to you; whether you have your teeth or not; smile at them and say, God is going to do something new in my life today!”

Like trained sheep they all obeyed, even though, some were embarrass to carry out the simple task of smiling knowing that the persons they were smiling with would only be staring only gums or a mouth with many missing tooth!

However, they all followed suit because the “Man of god” had bid them to do so, although, they weren’t sure what that new thing was or when it would ever materialize in their lives!

And before Reverent Ron could open his bible and read the word of the day he turned his attention to Sister Jonson once again as he looked out in the audience to see if she was still sitting at the third row of the pew; her usual spot!

Happy for him she wasn’t seated there, but little did he know that she was comfortable sitting all the way in the back of the church ready to take in everything that would be coming from his mouth.

Not seeing her immediate presence anywhere in the church audience, Reverent Ron the preacher man, began lashing out to the congregation about his faithful church member, Sister Jonson!

“Sister Jonson his now vex with me because I told the truth; but a pity she doesn’t know that her big money will not get her to heaven or allow her any big position in this church! So if any of you think that you are going to come inside this church with you big envelops full of cash and then think; you automatically can tell me what to do, then you might as well just turn around and head back straight through the door!”

“Because I’m the reverent pastor of this church and no one is going to tell me what to do while I’m in charge of running this congregation!”

Reverent Ron vented!

“Sister Jonson is a generous giver and has been coming to this church ever since she was a child; I’m told! But, as you all witnessed, she still has the devil inside her… chasing after the pastor of the church with a knife all the way on the pulpit which is supposed to be a place of reverence in this church or any other church… she is crazy!”

Reverent Ron continued to expel from his fiery tongue!

Everyone in the congregation now began staring at each other with suspicious eyes while others began nudging at each other with their elbows suggesting affirmation of the reverent words!

Even though, others with reasonable senses, believed that he was absolutely at fault; disrespecting his church member and being unappreciative of the elderly woman’s generosity to the church he was supposed to be overseeing!

The chattering sounds of whispers could be heard everywhere around the church building while Reverent Ron still standing on the pulpit wondering if he had said too much and if what he was saying was of the “holy spirit”!

But, he was recently ordained and new to the congregation, and he wanted to lead the church in a different direction than it had been going towards for many years!

And felt that the very seasoned church members who has been there for what seems like forever and those who were sitting as various board members of the church would disagree with the direction he intended on leading the organization.

However, he wanted Sister Jonson and those like her who were accustom to giving the church almost half of their monthly pension and were their practice to silence the voice of the new comers to know that he was fully in charge now! And was very capable of leading this congregation without them constantly budding in every decision he attempted to make or saw fitting for the church to move forward in the direction he wanted it to

Needless-to-say, Reverent Ron wasn’t quite done deliberating on Sister Jonson case, hoping that her, and those like her would get the full picture of what he was proclaiming from the pulpit.

“I’m not telling anybody to leave the church; if you want to leave that is solely up to you, and it only tells me that you wanted to leave and go somewhere else a long time a go!”

Reverent Ron spoke!

“What I’m telling all of you today is that things are going to be different around here, and no way your money; no matter how big or small it might be; it will not give you any authority to tell me what to do or how to carry-out the affairs of the Heavenly Waters congregation!”

“So if any of you want to follow Sister Jonson foot-steps; I’m not holding you back… go straight ahead!”

Reverent Ron spoke firmly!

In the meantime, the well-dressed woman everyone refer to as Sister Jonson, stood up from amongst the congregation with one bag over her shoulder and her purse clutch under her arm and step by step made her way from between the pews with tears bubbling in her eyes!

Reverent Ron was shock to see her!

He didn’t know that she was still there – still amongst the flock of the Heavenly Waters congregation!

Seeing her making her way from between the pews Reverent panic believing that she was coming at him with the knife again!

And in the midst of his frightening anticipation, Reverent Ron shouted into the microphone!

“Sister Jonson, if you make one more foot-step to this church rostrum, I am going to call the police and have them arrest you; you hear me!”

By now, Sister Jonson was standing in the dead center of the church isle, very up-set, but had her eyes dead focus on Reverent Ron face as if her mean stares could knock him out right there on the podium! But, her strength wasn’t to tussle and argue with the so call “Man of God” but was reserve for her to find her way home and sleep off the strange humiliation she had encountered in the place of worship which she had been attending from her eyes were at her knees!

But, before she made her way through the massive church doors which she had spent many years keeping clean and polishing to appease and welcome new members to the flock, she had one word of advice to deliver to Reverent Ron; and without lingering or any hesitancy she blurted out!

“Never you bite the hands that feed you; you ungrateful son of a bitch!”

With those words emitted from her tongue for the entire church to hear, Sister Jonson made her way through the doors of the Heavenly Waters Pentecostal Church without looking back!

Her words of profanity and sudden departure had caused uproar of oops and awes among the alarming congregation while some felt that her words were justifiable uttered and didn’t care to cast any further judgment upon her as she left the church building!

Still clutching the microphone in his hand and body leaned up against the oak pine podium Reverent Ron held the microphone to his mouth and shouted…

“Thank you Jesus; one demon has finally left the building!”

Causing an outburst of laughter by many and a scandalous and appalling reaction by others seated in the audience!

With the trickling down of laughter, Reverent Ron began praying with wild eyes searching the crowded room for what I possible thought were more demons!

“Lord, give me the strength to pray out of your church every wizard and warlock, every voodoo priest and goddesses, every crafty-works and manipulation of your Holy Spirit; in Jesus name I pray, and let the church say, Amen and Amen!”

Not seeing a single soul leaving out of the building; Reverent Ron was now ready to turn the pages of the bible to find the scripture of the day’s sermon!

Deciding to read from 1 Corinthian 13: 1-3

“Though, I speak with the tongues of men and of angels; and have not charity, I become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, and though I have all faith; so as to remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing!

And though, I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profit me nothing!”

Concluding the scriptures from his Bible, Reverent Ron looked into the audience and softly uttered;

“Here ends the reading of God’s Holy word!”

While many in the congregation shouted out a big mighty Amen and others resorted to behaving as if; they were literally being burned with the holy-ghost fire as they screamed on the top of their lungs and began speaking in unknown languages!

But, Reverent Ron was ready to give them something new for sure!

And instead of elaborating on the text or building a message steaming from what he had just read like most clergy men usually do; the preacher man looked to the side and called out his side man who was the bearer of many titles; bidding him to bring the offering baskets from the basement of the church; so as to start collecting the offerings, tithing, and any other fund that would be needed to carry out the daily operations of the Heavenly Waters Pentecostal Church!

Seconds later, Brother Steve who was known to be treasurer, usher, armor-bearer and deacon in the church among other things; was back from the basement of the church carrying in his hands around ten straw baskets! And ready to hand them out to the nurses of the church who sometimes were known to play the role of an usher in the church and also attend to the pastor’s needs!

Even though some people had come prepared to give others weren’t, and began digging in their purses for whatever change they could muster to place inside the baskets so they could obtained that newness that Reverent Ron had proclaimed them!

The choir seated behind him was dead quiet and realizing the silence behind him, he turned around at them with bulging and shouted…

“All the songs in the hymnal are still there; so can you all please, find something and sing while the congregation prepares their tithes and offerings for the baskets!”

With an attitude he turned away from the choir and now his face was back to the audience and he began declaring to them that they had no love for their God or else, they would have prepared the little that they have for him from the night before or before they had left their houses this morning!

And before the church choir began their selection, Reverent Ron began declaring to the flock that most of them were born late and they will spend their entire lives be late for everything!

Somewhat amused by his own words, he began laughing out loud as he went on to say with much humor…

“Some of you inside here; is going to be late for your new jobs, your wedding and even for your own funerals! But one thing, I must tell you all right now; don’t be late for your wedding or your funeral and then have me up at this hot podium waiting to send you off to your spouse or to your creator!

“Because I’m not sticking around in no hot church and wait to bless none of you all… then again, by that time you will all install an air condition on the rostrum for your pastor; so he doesn’t scorch to death from all the heat emanating through these zinc ceilings!”

Many in the flock found his comment to be funny while others just sat there with a stiff neck, a stiff face, and stiff lips, not showing any inclination they were tickled by his jovial or funny personality!

The choir was now singing loudly and harmoniously the words “Blessed Be Your Name Oh Lord” while one by one each person from the pews began marching up to the alter vigorously to give whatever they had for the Lord in tithes and offering!

Very soon four of the offering baskets were filled to the brim with cash, checks and envelops; causing Brother Steve to hurryingly grab them away from the ushers hands, handed them new sets of baskets then raced to the basement to lock away all that they had already collected from the generous flock!

Minutes later, the other baskets too were also filled up with money and was brought to the basement and securely locked away!

The choir was now silent and Reverent was now announcing for anyone with any spare change still in their hand bags that they wanted to give to the church must please come now and give it to one of the ushers or Brother Steve!

With no one else volunteering to bring their spare change to the last offering basket, Brother Steve disappeared from off the scene and was nowhere to be found until the clock strike twelve-thirty and Reverent Ron raced to the basement of the church and began banging on Brother Steve’s tiny office door!

Seeing the disappointing look on Brother Steve’s face, Reverent Ron knew exactly what they meant… the collection quota didn’t reach the expected amount!

And with that revelation being realized, Reverent Ron slammed the tiny office door to Brother Steve’s office, in his face, raced back to the podium and began declaring to the flock to bring all that they had at home, into the house of the Lord; next Sunday!

“Many of you have plenty of gold, silver and many other jewelry at home that you haven’t touched for years and will never wear in this life time; well, I summon you to bring them into the house of the Lord and see the new thing he will do in your life!”

“Some of you are unable to get your breakthrough simply because you fail to let go off the stuff you have at home only pulling you down!”

“You cannot be charitable and still holding on to stuff some fool bought you some ten or fifteen years ago… let me tell you a secret, the sentiments in that thing has gone a long time ago just like the man or woman who had given it to you!”

Many were now convicted by his words and were now on their feet waving handkerchiefs and tiny rags as they shout, “Preach Reverent Ron, Preach!”

Some shouted;

“Hallelujah, I know he is talking about me!”

While others did their merry dance, as if, they had already gotten their breakthrough!

Seeing the church fanatics leaping form their pews and dancing in the isle of the church, Reverent Ron felt assured that he had somehow touched some soulful nerves and was now expecting to receive an overflow of valuables coming his way at the following Sunday morning ceremony!

Feeling confident with that assurance of abundance gracing his collection baskets soon, Reverent Ron signaled to the choir to start singing something lively… a chorus that was full of rhythm that would keep the flock dancing; because according to him, he was having church service and not conducting a funeral!

At the end of the lively chorus, Reverent Ron pronounced the benediction over the congregation, ran back to the basement to meet with Brother Steve Cunningham about the precise counting of the collection which has had him very worried!

 But, there inside his tiny office, Reverent Ron found Brother Steve with hands stuck inside his pockets, face red like ripe tomatoes, and weeping!

Chapter 2

Reverent Ron was young; in his early forties!

He was strong and of a resilient character!

Noting much could hold him down!

He was always striking hard to reach the highest level of recognition, acclamation and pushing suggestions and proposal to city officials in order for them to change the way they do business in the municipal offices across the various cities.

Oftentimes quoting scriptures to prove to them that he was right and their system was very wrong!

He was mentally witty, physically fit and had a very charismatic personality that cause many to wonder, if he was still using crack or cocaine, and others to doubt if he was actually called by God to preach the gospel!

One minute, he was hugging and kissing on you with so much love and passion; and the next minute, he was speaking into your life about the good that will soon come your way because God Almighty was in control.

And at other times, he would just step past you like you were a dust bin… you didn’t exist… you didn’t matter to him or his congregation!

Sometimes his mannerisms were so cold and seemed so very evil causing many to feel fear in approaching him no matter how desperately they needed his assistance!

However, time and time again he has declared it in his preaching that he wasn’t the man he used to be, and that God Almighty was still working on him no matter what anyone in the congregation thought about him and his actions!

Oftentimes venting that some of them were only jealous of him and wanted to take his position of running the church but, there was no way that any of them could do a better job of running the church than he could.

And when he wasn’t complaining or venting about people in the congregation having bad-mind of his position, he would be venting of persons being envious of his very beautiful wife!

Most times, throwing utterances about females being covetous of his wife beauty and men were being very grudging and resentful because they didn’t have a wife that looked like his!


Reverent Ron’s wife, Tamara, was indeed drop dead gorgeous and had bored him four children; two boys and two girls which none of them looked like either of them!

But after standing in front of the congregation one Sunday morning to give her testimony about all that the Lord has done for her, and where he had brought her from; all envy and jealousy anyone was harboring only slid to the gutters! And after hearing her grieve stricken testimony; many in the congregation were now only feeling pity for her! Causing many to reach for their handkerchiefs and started wiping away the dripping and the trickling of tears!

As her testimony entails, she was indeed a lonely woman! A woman who had four children to raise and a husband who was gone ninety percent of the time to only god knows where in the world; claiming that he is saving souls for Christ!

He was saving the whole wide world for the heavenliest; but, his own household was in shambles, and needed him there; in more ways than one!

Even through the difficult storm Tamara claimed that she was having with her husband Reverent Ron, she made her proclamation to the entire congregation that she loved her husband, and probably always will!

But, many in the congregation were taking notice, reading every drop of word that spilled from her lips and dissecting every line on her face searching for the god honest truth!

Yes, she might have loved him; but she wasn’t a happy woman!

“But, wasn’t marriage about happiness – being happy with the one you love?”

Many in the audience were asking!

Filled with the holy-ghost, speaking in tongues, and covered under the blood of Jesus, many men in the church were seriously thinking of putting in their application to fill a void that Reverent Ron seemed to be avoiding!

Some men had even started fasting and praying fervently in hopes that the Almighty would direct them on how to go about taking Reverent Ron’s wife; away from him!

But, a rumor began spreading about Brother Steven Cunningham filling such a gap of being with the Reverent wife, since he was the only one who knew Reverent Ron’s itinerary and had knowledge of when he was leaving the country, and also, when he was returning home!

For a very long time, it was the covert truth many feared talking about openly, even though Tamara’s fourth child had all the dead resemblances of Brother Steve and all his quirky personality which was practically staring everyone dead in the face!

Everyone could see the profound resemblance between the child and Brother Steve, except for Reverent Ron, who would oftentimes hand over the screaming toddler not to the mother; but into the outstretched arms of his dearly beloved assistant, Steve Cunningham who was always there for him at his beckon call!

Nevertheless, entering the tiny office and seeing his assistance face flush with redness and watery eyes, it was very obvious to Reverent Ron that something was terribly wrong and upsetting to Brother Steve.

Having the door ajar to allow some natural light and fresh air into the room, and also gazing eyes, Reverent Ron turned to Brother Steve and asked without compassion… “What’s the matter with you this time why you crying; you receive of your mother’s passing; again?”

Now, Brother Steve began chuckling with laughter, removed his glasses and began wiping away the sad tears from his eyes!

Knowing fairly well, Reverent Ron was only trying to humor him since it was quite apparent to him that he was very upset!

In spite of his humorous utterances and jovial personality Brother Steve still wanted Reverent Ron to know that his actions earlier on were very hurting and demeaning, and insisted that he apologize to him!

So, Brother Steve spoke his mind!

“Reverent Ron, I really don’t appreciate you slamming my office door right in my face while I’m having a conversation with you; just because the collection isn’t what you expect them to be or satisfying to you! I’m deeply hurt by your behavior and would appreciate if you don’t treat me like that around here ever again!”

But, instead of apologizing to Brother Steve who was known to be always at his beckon called, Reverent Ron avoided his statement and instead asked;

“What is the total tally for the collection this morning?”

Frozen and with bulging eyes Brother Steve just stood there speechless unable to say a word about the total disregard he was receiving from the man of the cloth!

Determine to get an apology for him brother Steve went on to say…

“I deserve to get some respect around here! I have been nothing but loyal to you, and this is the way you are treating me; yelling at me and slamming door in my face!”

Still yet, Reverent Ron wouldn’t apologize to his loyal servant Brother Steve and began filling his hearing with all sorts of descriptivist!

“You know what is wrong with you Brother Steve, I think you are too damn sensitive and dainty, and I need some people around here who aren’t as delicate and touchy as you are! So if you don’t like me slamming your office door in your face, then there is the door out there, pack your stuff and please leave!”

With those words expelled from his mouth Reverent Ron grab the paper containing the total tallying of the church collection, walked towards the tiny door and slammed it real hard once again; causing Brother Steve to jump from the echoing sound from it!

Luckily, it wasn’t directly in Steve’s face, this time around, however, it was still upsetting and very disturbing to him

Telling Brother Steve to pack up his stuff and leave the premises of the church was even a bigger insult to him since Reverent Ron knew quite well that he had recently lost his apartment and was encouraged by Reverent Ron to come and stay in the basement of the church until he has gotten back on his feet!

Feeling perplexed – troubled and ashamed, Brother Steve sat on his little wiggly chair and began weeping acrimoniously!

There were persons who he could have gone and stay with but at this stage in his life, he sincerely didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, especially, since he had recently turned his life around and just like Jesus Christ disciples, had decided to follow Reverent Ron and walk in the way of the Lord Almighty!

Less than thirty minutes later, Reverent Ron was back in the church basement pounding on Brother Steve’s officer door demanding that he opened it! And when he did, Reverent Ron asked…

“You’re still crying?”

“You really need something to cry about!”

Reverent Ron suggested.

“Do you know; how many things they have done to our Lord Jesus Christ and yet still, he didn’t shed a single tear?”

“The only time the Bible states that Jesus wept, was when his disciple kept on falling asleep and wouldn’t watch his back when his enemies were coming after him to slaughter him and string him upon a tree!”

“And here you are, crying over the sound of a little tiny door that was slammed in your face; get over it!”

“And please, get on the phone and call Sister Jonson and tell her that I’m coming by her house this evening to pay her a peaceful visit! And in the meantime, please, dry your tears; because you really don’t look good weeping; not at all!”

“Stay inside your office and put yourself together, and please for heaven sakes, don’t come out here in the hall-way and scare away the children from their Sunday school classes with that snorted face of yours!”

“And call Sister Jonson; right now… don’t let me reach over her house and she tells me, she didn’t receive any call from you!”

Reverent Ron continued to bellow out to Brother Steve.

With those words delivered into Brother Steve ears, Reverent Ron hastily left the building, hurried into his car and made his way to Sister Jonson’s house hoping he could get her to give him the offering that she had brought with her to give to the church earlier this morning!

Right through the entire ride to Sister Jonson’s house, Reverent Ron kept on praying for Sister Jonson not to be mad with him anymore and give the fund she so generously use to give to the church!

Which many a time usually cover the entire utility bills for the church and had change left over to purchase grocery for Reverent Ron’s household! His vehicle was now parked across the street from Sister Jonson’s house and with inquisitive eyes he looked from top to bottom of the house searching for any sign that she was still at home!

But, the entire home seemed to be lifeless and lack of any human activity inside and out!

Needing that extra donut for his cause, Reverent Ron was relentless and determine to stick around for a while unto Sister Jonson returned home!

The waiting had now become over bearing and Reverent Ron decided to start knocking on the doors of Sister Jonson’s neighbors enquiring if any of them knew where she was or when she would be returning home!


About me

My name is Constance C. Williams and writing story is a passion of mine for a very long time. I love writing various genres and tell stories that inspires change in people, motivate, inform and humor my readers at times. Some of what I like writing are dramatic, suspenseful and Romantic novels. Away from writing, I love seeing the world, love traveling, visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. One of my ambition is to open and mental health facility where the mentally ill can heal.

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