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Sit Down My Love

Every night around seven o’clock she would past the same spot walking ever so briskly like she was always in a hurry! Whether to catch a bus or a train her feet would be moving speedily so as to reach her destination in time!

Wherever that was!

With feet strong, firm and shiny; showing off their caramel complexion as lights from the passing vehicles would project onto her body displaying a glistening appearance of smoothness and shininess, as though, beady stars were imbedded into her honey glaze skin.

Over her shoulder would be the accessories of fashionable bags which would hang at her elbow while colorful shawls dangle and dance from her neck each time the win blew upon her; causing her to look even more attractive to the gazing eyes staring upon her each time they would see her passing by!

Her focus was never to the left or the right, and never to the hissing sounds either always begging for her undivided attention each night she was heading to her destination; but always, only to wherever she was going!

There was no denying it that she was indeed beautiful and didn’t needed much from Mary-Kay, L’Oreal or Black Opal to enhance what the supreme master had already given to her!

Naturally, she was looking fluffy, fertile and fantastic and everywhere she went, all the eyes of the men would be staring at her in amazement like they had seen a goddess in the flesh!

Just looking at her one would only see bubbles of colorful lights glowing out of her skin; a radiant glow which would depict to others that she was definitely indeed a perfect creature!

Almost too heavenly and free from all the drama and personal baggage they would have encountered time and time again in pursuing previous pursuers!

Similar to a Christmas tree, she was always the center of attention wherever she went!

Every man with warm red blood running through his veins wanted to know more about her while hoping that she would be the one… the one who would let them forget about any previous relationships and settle down with her for good!

While some men thought, she was just too hot for them and nervously feared that she could have them in constant altercations with other guys who desperately wanted her all for themselves!

But, someone was constantly lurking in the shadows and keenly watching her; and he was very adamant about knowing who this young, gracious and beautiful woman is! This gracious beauty who had not only caught his eyes but also his heart and the picture of her forever seared into his brain as he would keenly watch her passing his place of work each evening around 7:00 pm.

For sure, she had gotten his attention and he wanted her to know what she was doing to him – the effect she had on him and how he was feeling about her!

However, his courage was very low and he knew that he was in no position to care for such a woman as gorgeous as her… a woman who seemed as classy as the royals dwelling in palaces!

And for several months once the clock touched 6:55 pm, Eric Bent would race to the outside of the gas station building where worked and lingered around just to see this beautiful woman pasting by his place of business.

Oftentimes, hoping that he would develop enough courage to say something to her that would make her realize how deeply he was feeling about her!

She was in his fantasy day and night; he just couldn’t get her out of his head and he wanted desperately to approach her! Many times he would actually checked himself to find out if he was obsessively crazy about her, or, he was only falling in love with her because what her outer appearance looks like!

He thought about the implications it would have on his life if he made that move allowing her into his world!

Secretly, he thought about starting life all over again, providing a new home with the woman he now considered to be the apple of his eyes and the sweetness of his soul!

All the risks had outweighed the implications and he considered it to be passion and absolutely real love!

Now he began thinking about all that he wanted to do for her so as to make her life much better… fulfilling some of her unattainable dreams which would pull her closer to him and possible add to their memoir!

Eric began saving money towards a car because he saw himself driving her places; the both of them going on long romantic rides in the wide country sides!

He dreamt about picking her up from work, her school and any other place that she would call him to take her!

Soon after the car was achieved, Eric fantasy shifted to something else… he began preparing money towards buying a home and having the illusion that Corny would be having his children; and often imagining them nestling up together, watching movies and sipping on hot chocolate!

All that he was now doing was only because he fantasied about doing such with her!

It was now three years since Eric had been eyeing Corny and the two strangers whose encounters were only by sight still remained as such; gazing up at each other, every time the clock touched 7:00 pm outside of a busy gas station located on Arlington Road.

But, the years were going fast and Eric knew he had to say something to her or possible lose her to someone else for good, if she wasn’t already taken by then!

He wanted their encounter to be very special and not with him being all sweaty, full of grease and grim, and attired in an overall that made him looked bigger than he actually was and like a dirty clown without the red nose popping on his face!

However, time was of the essence and three years and six months after admiring this beauty from a distance, Eric decided to make his move!

Abruptly stopping her, one Friday night while she was on her way to another destination that seemed very important to her, but which he was ignorant of!

Standing on the grounds of the gas station where many pedestrian use as a short-cut to the main street or to the bus station, Eric patiently waited for his beloved victim and as she approached him, he smiling asked her.

“Hi gorgeous, are you leaving work or leaving home?”

His face and his long stares were very familiar to her, and so smiling back at him, she asked.

“And, why do you want know?”

Still smiling, he replied.

“I would certainly like to kill this curiosity which has been eating me up for the longest while!”

“I have been admiring you for years now and I just can’t wait any longer to meet you!”

The strange beauty then replied, laughingly.

“Okay, let me help you kill your curiosity, I’m on my way to work, now!”

It was the first time he had seen her mouth opened… had seen her laugh and how beautifully her pearly white set in her mouth, and immediately, he had fallen even deeper in love with her!

“She is stunningly beautiful, inside and out!”

He told himself.

“So what kind of work do you do?”

Eric asked with concern in his eyes.

Intentionally ignoring his question, Corny turned to him and asked with a questioning look on her face.

“Who am I speaking to, may I ask?”

Eric was now flooded with anxiety as burst of perspiration took hold of his body while he try finding word apologizing for not introducing himself by name, before being nosy in her personal life.

“I’m so very sorry, my name is Eric, Eric Bent and I’m the supervisor at this gas station; and I’ve been working here over five years now!”

Eric replied nervously.

“Well, I am Corny Thousands and it is nice to meet you, Eric, but I do have to run now and catch my bus before it leaves me stranded causing me to be late for work… I hope to chat with you another time, ok Eric!”

The drop dead gorgeous beauty said while trying to walk away in a hurry from his presences!

“If you should ever miss the bus; please come back here, and I will give you a ride to work, alright!”

Eric said loudly, with all sincerity in his voice, as he tried reaching for her hands to touch her.

Relaxing his grip from around her hand, their eyes held focus while their stares were fixated for a brief moment as she hastily walked away from his loosen grip, and he stood his ground, staring at her back until she was out of sight!

With her disappearance, Eric returned to the office and back to duty even though, his thoughts were consumed with the woman he just met named, Corny Thousand, the woman he had waited for almost four years to introduce himself to, and now, had finally done so!

His moments with her, even though brief, were precious to him and he knew he wanted her now more than ever!

The next four hours would be time for Eric to reside from his duty and right up until 11:00 pm that Friday evening, his thoughts were consumed with the elegant beauty who had given him her name as Corny Thousands!

Reaching home from work that Friday evening wasn’t any different for Eric and he went to bed thinking about where Corny worked and what time she would be off from work during the early hours of the morning.

He had calculated that she would be off from work around three to four o’clock in the morning since most businesses held an eight hour shift, and she usually passes his place of business 7:00 pm. But he had no clue of what company or business establishment she was working for since she had hurryingly whisk away from his hands to catch the bus!

Completely stretched out on his back before falling asleep, Eric thought about how he would make sure that he would gathered the information about where Corny was working when she was passing by his place of work the following day.

Corny had caught her bus to work that Friday evening just in time, and had made her way to work like she usually did!

However, her mind wasn’t set on Eric and his wooing words at the time, because to her, it was a trend for men to be telling her how beautiful she is and filling her head with all that they could do and wanted to do for her!

She had something up her sleeves more important than just being the pretty delicate flowers on some man’s arm that they could parade around and about with like their sport car!

Her main focus now was getting pay and saving enough money so she could send herself back to school, to improve on her education as a hotel manager.

The position she was holding now was in one of the biggest hotels in the city; but it wasn’t the position that would help her make her move up the ladder to where her desired ambitions were lying.

For her, it was good money, honest money and money she could save enough of to make her dreams be fulfilled, that was if, no major bumps came in the road that would holt her backwards and reverse any of her plans!

Corny was pretty focus and knew what she wanted for a very long time now, she also knew that she didn’t want any man exchanging with her their fat wallets for a piece of her beautiful flesh… very determined, she wanted to push open those career doors all by herself!

By nine pm., her costumes were on and she stepped out on stage looking like a goddess with her large feathers in hand while dancing to her favorite song “You can’t hurry love” as the well-dress audience stared upon her like they had seen an angelic being from the heavens!

Chapter 2

Comfortable disguise by her cabaret costumes on stage Corny would leave out of the luxurious Windom Hotel each morning around four o’clock without being detected by anyone in the audience who had seen her on stage.

Many wanted to meet her and find out who she really is as a person, but such was strictly against hotel policy… her contract with the hotel adamantly ruled against such – no mingling with guests of the hotel unless you are a waitress or a waiter and the guests needed you to serve them food from the hotel kitchen.

That was the recommendation written in the contract that Corny was given by the hotel, and she had adhere to it without complaint or complications; because this job was her stepping stone to wherever she needed to be.

For years Corny worked the stage of the Windom Hotel as a cabaret dancer until she had accumulated enough funds to pay for her college tuition for at least a year.

Soon after, she began thinking about juggling both work and school desperately hoping and trying to see the light at the end of tunnel – anticipating for the day to come when her graduation from college would be realized.

But, it just wasn’t the right time for such as yet!

Similar to many other evenings when Corny was heading to work, Eric would be standing outside the building of the gas station waiting to see her; the woman who had engross and grip his heart string and soul!

He wanted to know much more about her, as much as she would allow him to grasp!

At 6:55 pm Eric made his way to the outside of the gas station building and stood in the pathway where he knew that Corny would walk past by him; just so he could say something to her!

Not long after his exit from the inside of the building Corny came walking along looking radiant and gorgeous as ever!

Her name stained inside his brain as he called out;

“Corny, how are you doing?”

“I’m pretty good, and you!”

She replied.

“Here, thinking only about you!”

Eric responded with a broad smile on his face.

He desperately wanted her to know how he was feeling about her and wanted to waste no more time in letting her understand that she was constantly on his mind.

“Well, I thank you for thinking about me; I only hope that it is all pleasant thoughts, though!”

Corny responded as she looked deep into his eyes trying to figure out what he really wanted from her.

Like a telepathic wind blowing between them, Eric began giving her what she was trying to figure out without her asking him.

“I didn’t get where you were working, the other night when we chatted briefly; so if you don’t mind, could you please tell me where you are working?”

Erick asked politely.

“I am working at the Windom Hotel in New Providence!”

Corny replied without an itch!

“And what is it that you do there, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Eric inquired.

“I am an entertainer there!”

Corny answered proudly.

Suddenly, Eric’s eyes began bulging with excitement and his face lit up like a high voltage cell-phone lamp as he asked with great enthusiasm!

“You are an entertainer… really, what kind of entertainer are you?”

“I’m a dancer there!”

Corny responded without showing any expression that she was quite as enthused as he was, or that she was ready for the next question, or even ready to dash off to work like she had done the first time they had spoken!

“Well, I must come and see you dance one of these weekends when I am off from work!”

Eric suggested excitingly!

“In order for you to come and see me dance, you first must to be a guest at the hotel; booking a room for the weekend or something like that!”

“The entertainment staff is only for the guests who are staying at the hotel, which it’s a part of their package when booking their stay at the hotel.”

Corny informed him!

“So persons cannot just walk in from off the streets just to see you dance… pretty interesting job… no wonder you look so very fit like most of your days are spent inside of a gym working out!”

Eric stated amusingly.

“Certainly, I do work out a lot, because my contract stated that I should and my job requires it!”

“If I should ever show up on the stage looking like I’m out of shape and unable to perform; my contract could be cancelled just like that!”

Corny explained while snapping her finger!

Eric was trying his very best to get all the information he wanted from out of her, so he could feel secure and well knowledgeable about the woman he secretly wanted to spend the rest of his life with!

This was his chance to get it and he was taking every bit of it!

In a moment hands were being stuck into his pockets while staring straight into her eyes, he went on to ask…

“I suppose, you are done working very late in the nights?”

One hand now removed from his pockets and brushing against her face while he waited for an answer from her!

Corny now looking away from him trying to think, as she honestly replied to his question…

“I usually leave work four o’clock in the mornings when all the guests have returned to their rooms or have taken up residency in the hotel bar and restaurant gauging for something to eat or drink!”

Pleased with her answer, Eric was onto the next question while she inwardly told herself that he surely was in the wrong business!

“So how do you reach home at that time of the morning when there are no public transportation operating on the roads as yet?”

It was a question asked, with great concern written all over his face!

“The hotel has a vehicle that brings each worker home in the morning, but we have to find our way to work in the evenings, though!”

Corny explained proudly.

“Well that isn’t bad… it is quite good that your employers provide you with transportation so you can reach home safely!”

Eric express.

Now Corny was staring at her wrist watch and realizing that time was now of the essence and she needed to end her conversation and go catch her bus right away; before she turns up at her place of work late!

A deed which would be a phenomenon to all her fellow employees, since she had never been late for work, ever!

Corny waving good-bye to him and leaving his side made Eric passionately wanting to reach out his arms to her and wrap them around her while packing kisses on her cheeks and tender mooches on her lips!

But, he was unable to do so, because his entire attire was greasy, grimy and actually filthy from the dirt around the surroundings of the gas station.

As she left his side though, Eric felt a great appreciation towards her! He was feeling plenty gratitude that she had stopped and chatted with him a few minutes, resulting in him getting to know her much better!

With his spirit all hyped up now, butterfly dancing in his chest and a sense of merriment in his heart, Eric returned to the inside of the gas station to continue with his daily running of the gas station establishment.

But, Eric wasn’t the only one who was feeling good about that quick chat, Corny too was feeling elated that she had spent some time talking to the man who always stared at her, but said very little until just recently!

During her time changing in her dressing room at work and performing on the large stage in the hotel auditorium, Corny thought about her conversation with Eric, and her feelings towards him; greasy clothing and all!

She had to admit that he was quite a handsome man, and would be even more handsome if he was out of those dirty and grimy clothing!

Nevertheless, she performed her duties just like she had done many nights before, until, a new dawning was being realized and it was now time to jump into the company’s vehicle and head on home!

Entering the hotel parking lot four o’clock in the morning, before the sun came bursting forth so she could hold her seat in the van the company provided for transporting its workers home, Corny was surprisingly shocked to see a figure standing in the parking lot gazing at her!

A figure that was looking quite familiar to her!

It was Eric, and he was waving his hands at her; beckoning for her to come over to where he was standing!

With an expressing of utterly surprise all over her face, Corny yelled out;

“What are you doing here this time of the morning?”

Staring deep down into her soul, Eric replied…

“I’m here to take you home!”

“Since you have to past by my place of work before you reach home; I just thought, it would be okay to stop by here, pick you up and we both could ride home together!”

Eric explained!

She was looking a bit flustered… a bit lost for words, and she managed to state her proclamation.

“But, I thought I told you that my company proves a vehicle that brings home each employee in the mornings after they have finished working!”

Corny stated with an unsettling look of concern written all over her face!

Now, she wasn’t sure what, he was really up to!

“Perhaps, up to no-good!”

She thought!

Was he stalking her, or, was he there to find out if she actually had told him the truth when they had spoken the day before?

“Yes, you had told me about the company’s vehicle and its purpose; bringing you home in the mornings. But I just thought that we could ride home together, and in so doing we could get to know each other much better!”

Eric explained calmly.

In the meantime, Corny was checking out Eric from head to toe!

He was looking much more handsome than she even realized he ever would be; awfully handsome that nudged something deep inside of her soul!

And before she could say anything else, and without her permission, Eric strong and masculine hands enveloped her tightly, releasing into her nostrils the sweet fragrance of his cologne, his minty breath, and the pleasant scent from the shampoo he had used to cleanse the greases and grime from his hair!

Enclosed in his large masculine arms, she felt comforted, secure and protected; and as though, she could rest in his bosom forever!

If this is what he felt like, and this is what she would have for herself, on a permanent basis, then she definitely wanted it!

However, she couldn’t stand there locked into his harms all morning while the morning sun fought its way through the surface of the darkness!

Gently shoving her shoulders from his consoling grip and soothing embrace, Corny looked into Eric’s eyes, and told him that she needed to go and see the driver of the van right away; so she could informed him that she wouldn’t be riding with him home that morning, therefore, he shouldn’t bother waiting for her to take the seat in the van.

After relating her intentions to the driver of the van, Corny fetched her bags for the employee’s staff-room, and then returned to where she had recently left Eric standing and waiting for her in the parking lot.

He was very generous to have met her half away on her way to his car, gentle taking the bags from her hands and placing them on the backseat of his car!

Seconds later, he then proceeded to open the door to the passenger’s side of the car; patiently waiting until she had been seated comfortable in his car before taking his position around the steering wheel, and began making his way off the premises of the hotel!

Moments later, they were driving out of the hotel parking lot and heading towards Arlington Road which was in close proximity to where Corny was living and exactly on the street where Eric had been working for quite a while now.

Periodically, glancing at her and then on the road, Eric then decided to speak while Corny embraced herself for the many questions she suspected he was going to ask her! Like she was in a courtroom about to be interrogated by some defense attorney while seated on the judgment stand on the courtroom!

“I should have asked you this question from the very first time I met you; but you, always being in a rush, didn’t permitted me to do so! But now, I think this is the perfect time for me to ask you this question!”

“Do you have a boyfriend or anyone who you deem as, very special – dating or hoping to marry?”

Eric asked firmly!

Turning her head to look into his eyes before giving him an answer, Corny honestly replied.

“I don’t have that kind of relationship with anyone right now!”

Glancing over at her, Eric quizzically stated!

“Whenever I see you passing by the gas station, I often wondered why any of the good guys haven’t snatched you up as yet, and put a ring on your finger, as beautiful as you are!”

Both hands on the wheels with questioning eyes, he stared over at her, with a state of wonderment still upon his entire face!

Not getting any responses from her, Eric spoke again, hoping that she would open up to him and tell him what was in her heart!

“I think you are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and I really want you for myself, if you will have me!”

Eric continued chokingly.

Putting her hands to her face trying to rub away the sleep, Corny earnestly but sadly responded!

“Probably, in me they haven’t seen that woman who they would like to be their confidant, lover and the mother of their children!”

Moving his hand from the steering to place it in hers, Eric warmly mentioned to Corny;

“Well, I think you are perfect for all three, and I hope someday you will grant me the opportunity to prove that you are more than qualify for all three and even more!”

Looking back at Eric with half sleepy eyes, Corny could only muster under her breath…

“That is so sweet of you to say!”

Tiredness was taking a toll on her!

She was feeling sleepier and sleepier!

Her eyes were closing shut by the minute, her face became droopy while her lips separated causing trickling of saliva to expel from her mouth, and seconds later, Corny was gone into Lula’s Land – fast asleep!

Erick was slowly getting to know her, and he had asked her many questions about her work and had gotten the answers he wanted!

But, there was one very important question that he should have asked her which didn’t come to mind as yet, and that was; where was she living?

Corny was gone; gone into a deep sleep, and Eric was getting closer and closer to the gas station where he was working!

He felt very uncomfortable waking her and wondered what to do next?

He thought about letting her continue to sleep in his car while he got himself ready to start his shift; but soon, he realized that he was quite early for work!

Since he had purposefully left his house early that morning with the intention of going by the Windom Hotel and surprising Corny at work and offering to ride her home!

Less than twenty minutes later, he was pulling up at the Shell Gas Station and positioning himself for parking. However, as soon as the vehicle was put in park, Corny woke up and began looking around in amazement while she rubbed away sleepy marks from her hands and kept on asking!

“We are home now?”

Her question had tickled Eric causing him to chuckle with laughter as he scratched the side of her head lovingly and pronounced to her that they weren’t at home; but at the Shell Gas Station where he was working.

And before she could say another word, Erick asked; “Corny my love, where are you living?”

“Not too far away from here; around a twenty-minute walk or so from here!”

She replied.

While opening the door of the car to exit from the vehicle and begin making her way on home, but, immediately she was alarmingly obstructed by Eric, as he grab the arm-rest of the car door, and ordered her back to be seated in the vehicle as he shook his head and ask!

“What kind of a man, do you think I am?”

“You are not walking home, I am taking you home!”

“I came by your workplace and got you from there this morning, so it is my responsibility to bring you at your door-steps because, that’s where your company’s van would have left you this morning; right?”

Erick spoke, seeking her approval!

Semi-cognitive, Corny only stared into his eyes, because she knew he was right, and he was doing the honorable thing by bringing her to her door-steps!

But she was too darn tired and drowsy to respond to any of his proclamations.

Not getting any reaction out of her, Eric went onto declare!

“Unless, you have a problem with me knowing where you are living, I will let you out of the car right here!”

Eric pronounced with a worrying concern in his voice!

This time Corny only signaled with her thumb for him to get inside the car and drive her home!

Seconds later and without hesitation, he found himself seated beside her and was starting up the engine of his car to drive her to her residence.

“Turn right here and then pull-up at the big silver gate on you left hand side; that is where I’m living!”

Corny instructed.

Like a good boy, Eric followed her instructions and parked his vehicle right in front of her gate as he deliberately poked his head out the window of his car to exam her surroundings while he made his own assessment of the seemingly quiet neighborhood.

Not recalling seeing the sign post at the entrance of the street, Eric quickly asked;

“What’s the name of this street?”

“It’s Melbourne Drive, and the name of the community is Pembroke Hall; so now you know where to find me!” Corny responded laughingly.

It was a fairly decent neighborhood; one of a middle class status with manicured lawns and grilled up windows and doors which many of the houses where freshly painted showing the good up-keep of the homes in the community.

Scrutinizing the house where Corny had given him as her address was quite a little mansion, and he presumed; she could never be living there all by herself!

And since he was still in the phase of getting to know more about her, Eric didn’t bother to waste any time in asking her…

“Who and you are living here?”

“My aunt and I are living together right now!”

Corny replied.

“Is she home now… can I come inside and meet her?”

Eric asked excitingly!

“Not now Eric, maybe another time; please wait until we have gotten to know each other much better; please be patient!”

Corny express; meanwhile attempting to open the door to the passenger side of the car where she was being seated.

Showered in disappointment, Eric removed himself from his seat and went to open the car door to let her out!

Observing the veil of disappointment covering his face now, Corny encouraged him telling him that as soon as she felt comfortable with him being her friend she would certainly introduce him to her aunt.

Measuring her statement to him and concluding that she was quite correct, he agreed that he would be patient with her, and wait for her to make such decisions of when she will bring him to meet anyone in her family circle.

With the veil of dissatisfaction shifting a little, Eric wasn’t done yet; there was still another question he had hitching at his bone for quite a long time which he wanted to ask her!

Nervously, he anticipated that she wouldn’t reject his longstanding proposal of taking her out; out on a date whenever she was off from work!

And before Corny could unlock the big silver gate that separated her yard from the streets, Eric nervously ask, with his fingers crossed in his pants pocket for good luck!

“Can we go out… on a date… if you want… when you are off from work?”

It was a question Corny thought she should think about first, before giving him her answer!

She remembered the way he hugged her earlier this morning in the hotel parking lot, and how special it had felt to her!

She thought about wanting more and more of it!

She knew she couldn’t just base a good relationship on a pleasant hug and a man’s sweet cologne!

It needed much more than that; but right now, she was awfully exhausted and only wanted to get under the shower and hop into bed so she could be ready for her hectic and physically demanding job later on in the night!

Gazing upon his face as they both stood in front her gate Corny could still feel his presence – his warm embrace against her face… the tingle sensation it brought along the curves of her spine that had made her shiver in both mind and body!

The tightness of his large muscles that felt like a baby’s blanket against her skin that only made her want to rest upon his chest forever was still having an effect in her!

It was a feeling… a very good feeling that had made her jolted with internal pleasure for the very first time in her adult life!

Unable to contain the rippling sensation that caused her to dance from the inside to the outside of her body; Corny without hesitation knew that she wanted more of him!

More of that feeling that had her mind neither here, or there, and with that desire to be shrouded, to be swathed, to be surrounded in his loving arms once again, Corny excitingly said, “Yes!” to Eric’s question.

Chapter 3

Way into the afternoon on Sunday before Corny had gotten out of bed and carefully prepared her meal for the day; not wanting to add an inch of pound to her already tiny waist line!

After completely swallowing down everything, she spent some time reminiscing with her dear aunt, about how the job was treating her and also about her lodging over by the hotel for the entire upcoming week before she had forgotten!

Because this was the week in which the dance team had a new number to rehearse at the hotel to keep their dancing routines on the stage fresh and spicy!

Preventing babbling tongues from gossiping that their number was out-dated and boring!

It was a part of the dancers contract to keep the shows fresh, recent and clean so as to keeping the hotel guests and audience coming back for more.

One week of rehearsing their new number in the hotel, Corny would return home at the end of it and then fall back into her usual routine of sleeping late and taking the bus to work each evening.

This information also needed to be given to Eric, so he wouldn’t spend time outside the gas station expecting her to pass by in the evenings on her way to work!


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