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First pages

Chapter One

“Eddison!” Eddy shot up, eyes barely opening from his deep sleep. The world around him seemed to spin as he adjusted his eyes to the light above him, realizing he was spinning. He pressed his heels on the floor, and his chair halted. Slightly more awake, he looked back down and saw the glaring face of his boss, and a stack of papers that had been thrown on his desk. “Are those papers done?” His boss, Fredrickson, furiously exclaimed. “The due date is today!”

“The due date?” Eddy muttered, before shooting up to be at eye level with his boss, “Oh, right! The due date, actually- “He was going to say the papers were ready, but Fredrickson interrupted him, “Too late! I already had someone else do them. I saw this coming.” Eddy didn’t say anything. He knew what was expected of him, and it wasn’t much. Eddy was surprised he even still had his job. Every day, it seemed one day closer to unemployment.

“Sorry.” Eddy avoided eye contact, and noticed the entire office staring at him. “You should be,” Fredrickson growled, “You’re lucky we’re short on staff, or I would fire you where you stand.” Fredrickson stomped out of Eddy’s cubicle and into his own office, where he slammed his door shut. After that, everyone averted their eyes and returned to their job. Eddy stood in silence, before finally slumping down in his seat, sighing deeply.

“The one time I had it done,” muttering to himself, Eddy placed his face in his palms, “I still mess it up.”

It was a daily thing. Eddy would get a new project each month, with a deadline. He would constantly put it off, either until the last minute or just forget about it, and Fredrickson would yell at him. Sometimes the higher ups would yell at him, and the office would make it a huge debacle. It was nearly every single time Eddy walked into the office, he was meet with sniggers and shushes. It wasn’t the ideal job. Certainly not. But it paid, quite well actually. After spending time thinking, and maybe crying, just a little, Eddy went back to his job, deleting all his work immediately. He just needed to do what was expected of him.


Not too far, in a nearby greenhouse, it wasn’t Holly wasn’t having an easy day either. “Holly!” Trees flinched at the familiar screech, but made no effort to hide her disdain, and continued drinking her coffee, but the she-beast came at her anyway.

What have I told you about coffee in the greenhouse?” Karen tried to speak in a whisper, but her shrill tone and loud mouth made it come out more as a scolding. Trees finished her sip, and set the coffee gently down on the nearby table. “No, do enlighten me,” Trees sighed, “I mean, you’d tell me no matter what, right?” Karen’s face turned red, but she somehow didn’t explode.

“I told you,” Karen did some crazy hand motions, and tried taking deep breaths to no avail, “time and time again, coffee is not good for plants!” Trees had a thoughtful look on her face, nodded, and grabbed her coffee, finishing it. “Well, luckily for the plants, I didn’t get any for them.” Karen stood, fuming, seemingly considering murder. Then, suddenly, Karen flew into a rage, and smacked the coffee cup out of Trees’ hand. Trees stared at the cup on the ground for a long time. Not really caring much. It wasn’t like there was any coffee left.

“Wow. Rude.” Trees tried to turn away, but Karen had a firm grip on her shoulder, and spun her around. “How dare you! You disrespect your profession!” Trees rolled her eyes, and flicked Karen’s hand off her shoulder, while listening to her screaming about her flowers or whatever, “It’s a gift to be as good with plants like you, but you refuse to use your talents!” Trees scowled. It all started as a joke, because her last name was Trees. Then, she got good, and the expectations set in. The joke backfired, and here she was. Stuck as a miserable plant lady. Trees considered saying something, retaliating, maybe even yelling at Karen, but all that came out was a scoff and, “Whatever.” She whipped around and grabbed her jacket, hastily heading for the door. She heard Karen yell after her, but ignored her. Quickly, she headed down the street, avoiding colliding into anyone in her hasty pace. After walking for two blocks, she headed into a coffee shop. People were chatting and others were working. Sighing, Trees took off her jacket, and headed towards the line. Mostly, people clad in business suits were waiting in line, with a few younger people to boot. The line was moving slowly, and it seemed to take forever for Trees to finally get her drink. When she sat down, she began having a mental argument in her head. While she was glad to be away from Karen, Trees felt like she overreacted, and should go back. But, at the same time, didn't feel like being yelled at by Karen again. This was the only job she had, should she really jeopardize it because she didn't feel like doing it anymore?


“You what?!” Jax exclaimed, gradually lowering his voice to a whisper, as he looked anxiously at the car shop. He held back a sigh, and place his hand on his forehead. “Why…did you do that?” Silence prevailed on the line for a long time. Before she answered, “Micah said that- “

“What did I say about Micah?” Jax sat down, placing the phone on his other ear. Silence again. “That you broke up.” She answered again. Jax didn’t know what else to say. It was certainly…a situation. Micah wasn’t…the most supportive person. “So, you just let him in and take some stuff?” She must’ve nodded, before realizing he couldn’t see, and mumbled, “Yeah.” Jax suppressed anther sigh, and tried his best to stay calm. “Okay…when I’m off work, I’ll file a report,” Jax stood up, “Probably won’t be able to do anything, though. You did let him in.” Once again, complete silence stood on the line, as background noise in the workshop was the only thing that perturbed the silence. “Any pain today?” Jax asked this quietly. As though he didn’t even want her to know.

“Ah- “She seemed startled to hear the question, but quickly broke out of her shock-Nope! No pain! I’ve felt great all day!” The forcefulness of her answer seemed forced, to say the least. But Jax didn’t push it. He knew better than to force an answer out of her. “Okay…love you. Bye” Hearing her say her goodbyes, Jax put down his phone and shoved it in his pockets. Looking around the workshop, Jax saw that all eyes, including customers, were on him. He smiled, “Nothing’s wrong! Just a phone call!” After all the wary gazes had looked away and gone back to their business, Jax slumped back down.

“What a mess…” Jax continued to mumble to himself, trying not to start yelling. His sister was so naïve, and to top it off, there would likely be a hospital visit later today, again. She was constantly in the hospital, Leukemia was hard enough for her, but having a multitude of other health issues made it difficult to keep up with the bills for Jax. He could only hope she was telling the truth about not feeling any pain. It seemed unlikely, but it was the best he could hope for, given the situation. After contemplating for a couple more minutes, Jax picked himself up. He needed to work right now, he could worry about paying the bills later.


The bar was filled to the brim. People dating, others hanging out with friends, everyone was alike. Damien, however, sat alone by the bar, spinning a cup of a simple water. His thoughts were brimming, and his mood was low, but a confident smile was plastered across his face. Today was pretty good! He won three boxing matches in a row, before forfeiting. He had earned quite a bit from the bets, and knew he could live in peace, at least for a couple of months.

 But life was boring. It was always the same drill. “No drink tonight?” The bartender, finished with her current jobs, had chosen to speak with Damien. “Rough night?” He smirked, “Nah, just don’t feel like drinking tonight.” Swallowing his emptiness, Damien pulled a confident front and drank his water. “It gets boring after a while.” The bartender nodded, and looked beyond him. “Well, watch out for the fellow there. His name is Marc, he’s been picking fights, and judging by the look on his face, I’m judging your night isn’t over yet.” As she walked away to serve another customer, Damien turned around to see who she was talking about. Sure enough, there he was. He was playing pool while eyeing Damien. Deep down, Damien didn’t feel like fighting, and was hoping the guy was just checking him out. But obviously that wasn’t the case.

“What’re you looking at?” Marc spat, loud enough to pretty much silence the entire bar. Damien, feeling the fight ignite inside him scoff, “Nothing impressive, I guess.” A couple of ‘OH’s sounded from the crowd, but the crowd stayed quiet, intently watching, as though they hoped the two would fight. ‘Marc’ let out a low growl, “You should take that back.” Damien smirked, and took a sip of his drink, then turned around in his barstool to get a better look at him.

“And why should I?” Damien smiled slyly, staring at Marc intently to see any reaction. Marc tensed and put down the pool cue, walking over until he was almost an arm’s length away. “Do you know who you’re talkin’ to?” Marc was seething, but trying to keep a cool, calm voice. For the first time, Damien’s lips turned into a frown. “Do you know who you’re talking to?” Damien kept his calm, hoping to stay on the moral side of things, but could feel his temper slipping. This guy…he wasn’t going to back down. He could tell. Damien knew a fight was coming, but wasn’t hoping to be the one who started it.

 And he didn’t, because Marc swung a fist towards Damien’s face. Damien ducked, grabbed his arm and punched him in the stomach, earning a groan from Marc, and a chorus of approval from the audience. Damien heard the bartender shout from the other side of the counter, but ignored her as Marc swung another fist at his face, this time, successfully colliding his fist with Damien’s face. Damien grunted and reacted as fast as possible, once again hitting Marc’s stomach, but also punching him in the face before he could react again. Marc fell on the floor, he face was bruised, and he glared up at Damien.

Then, he got up and left, the audience booing him as he left, and others chanting Damien’s name. The bartender was scolding Damien, and the audience for encouraging them, and got on his case about fighting in the bar again. Damien didn’t really care, however. He suppressed a sigh, and sat back down at the counter, everyone returning to their earlier activities. “That was stupid,” The bartender scolded, “Why’d you have to provoke him?” Damien sighed, “I’m tired of people picking fights with me too, you know. Get me a drink.”

After that, Damien stumbled out of the bar, being kicked out by the bartender. She came out with him, shaking her head and talking about not drinking and driving, and how she should just let him sit on the street until he got to his senses. Damien didn’t care. He was just as tired of this as she was. It was the same thing each week. Someone recognizes him, and feels the urge to beat him up, just to prove their masculinity, or something. He didn’t want to fight at all. But it was what he was good at. And he was recognized, and paid for it. It didn’t matter. He just needed to do what he was good at.

Chapter Two

Trees shivered in her seat. She wasn't cold or anything, she just felt...goosebumps. 'That's odd...' She mused on what could happen. Trees was in the coffee shop all day, so it's not like anything happened. Maybe Karen was on her way, or something. It was almost closing time, and the employees were starting to glare at Trees, probably thinking that she was going to keep them open or something. Deciding it would probably be best to go, Trees gathered her thoughts, and pulled on her jacket, stepping outside, she prepared to feel cold, but it was pleasantly warm.

Or rather, unpleasantly, because Trees would rather that shiver come from a rush of cold air or something. It didn't seem like anything would happen, however. No sign of Karen, or no sign of any murderer or something. It was just silence. Shrugging, Trees began walking. Everything was so quiet, it was as though a pin dropping could sound like thunder. Not thinking about anything, Trees rounded the corner, and bumped into someone, causing the guy to fall down.

Sighing inwardly, Trees knew that she couldn't just walk away, and extended a hand to the guy to help him out. He chuckled nervously and grabbed her hand.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention, are you okay?" He smiled, though Trees could see he was extremely awkward and nervous. Trees considered what to say. She wasn't very used to interaction, and didn't particular care for the guy, but didn't want to be rude. "No, it's alright, I wasn't paying attention either." She decided to ignore his question and just tried to apologize as well. He seemed to catch onto it, and tensed up.

"Uh, well, is it alright if I walk with you for a bit," He scratched the back of his head, "I'm not too fond of walking on my own at night." Trees was taken aback by his question. What an odd thing to a complete stranger. "What if I'm a robber," Trees said, almost flabbergasted, "I could be a killer, too." The stranger tilted his head and seemed to consider this for a moment. His hands fidgeted, then he shook his head decisively.

"If that were true, why would you tell me?" He smiled and shrugged, "Sorry if I caused any inconvenience, if you really don't want me to walk with me, I'll just be on my way." Trees stared in shock. He was really that willing to trust a stranger like that? She struggled to respond, but the only words that came out were, "Fine, you can walk with me."

Inwardly, she was seething, but she couldn't just let him be on his way. The guy was obviously way too naïve to be left on his own. He was almost certainly going to be actually mugged at this time of night. The guy turned, clearly surprised, but smiled and said, "Oh no, you don’t have to. It's no trouble." Trees shook her head, "No way, you'll probably actually be mugged or something stupid like that." The guy seemed torn but ultimately, they ended up walking down the street in silence. The awkward silence between them felt horrible for Trees, but as she looked at the guy on the edge of her vision she saw him smiling. Obviously, the awkward silence was a one-sided thing.

"So, what's your name?" Trees looked at him a little surprised, he caught onto her shock and chuckled, "If you don't mind telling, that is."

Processing it, Trees almost forgot to answer, but after a couple of seconds, blurted out, "Uh, Trees. Holly Trees. But just call me Trees." She felt herself grow red with embarrassment, but the guy didn't seem to mind. "That's a nice name! My names Eddy!" 'What is this guy, stupid?' Trees found herself wondering. He seemed so oblivious to the awkwardness. They wandered through the city, Trees not necessarily wanting him to know where she lived, while he appeared to lost.

"I usually get off work early," he murmured, "I'm not used to navigating in that dark." Trees struggled to stay calm. Did he really not know where he was? Surveying him, she figured she could win in a fight with him. He was pretty scrawny. Before she could say anything, she felt a man shove into with force. She was thrown to the ground, and the man sprinted down the street. Before she said anything, Trees felt to her pockets, and realized he wallet was not in there. Without hesitation Trees screamed, "Get back here, you jack-ass!" She began sprinting after the thief, ignoring the cry from what's-his-face and rounding the corner to see the guy turn down an alley.


"See you tomorrow, Jackson." Jax picked up his bag, and nodded at his manager, saying his goodbyes and walking out of his workplace. He gripped his phone in hand, hoping his sister would call, but didn't think she would, after all, she was almost as stubborn as him. He made his over to the nearby park, needed to clear his mind.

Everything seemed like it was falling apart around him. He feared for his sister's life, and was barely able to pay for the hospital bills, which seemed to get more expensive with each trip. He was stuck with a job that was just barely able to pay the bills, which left little money for food or clothes. Jax was so stuck worrying about his financial status, that he didn't notice someone standing behind him.

"Worrying again, Jackson?" Jax almost called out, but caught himself at the last moment, recognizing the voice.

"Booker? Why'd you sneak up on me like that?" He almost said, 'what the hell is wrong with you' But did not want to be rude. Booker was a heavyset man, with scruffy hair, and big goggles covering his eyes. He used to be a famous surgeon and doctor but after an... incident that Booker never spoke about, was cast out of the fame and became an outcast. Booker's biggest feature was mechanical arm on his right. Rumor was, he cut it off just to see how his body would react. But Booker wasn't like that. He seemed perfectly normal, if not a little eccentric. In response to Jax's question, Booker shrugged and slumped down on the bench next to Jax.

"No reason. Just wanted to see how you would react." Jax smiled. Booker was always observing people. He would do a lot just to get some sort of reaction from a person. It was...strange, the efforts he would go through just to get the reaction. "But, you were worrying again. Do you need another loan?" Booker smiled, Jax sighed. "Not, probably not," Jax shrugged and tried his best to return Booker's smile, "I shouldn't have to pay too much for the next visit."

"Another visit?" Booker inquired, leaning in closer, beckoning Jax to give details. "Well," He began, "It's a hunch, but that last time I called my sister, it seemed like she was in pain. Hopefully by the time I get back, she'll be in better shape." Jax felt the words flow out of his mouth, not realizing what he was saying. After the impact settled in, Jax heaved out a sigh.

"Hopefully I'll have enough for the hospital bill is we go." Turning to Booker, Jax saw a frown on his face. He was calculating...thinking. After a steady silence, Booker spoke up. "You need a better job." Jax turned, shocked.

"W-what?" He sputtered, confused with Booker's strange conclusion. Booker smiled. "Well, you've been doing small jobs for me, but I have a proposition for you!" He held up a card. Jax hesitantly grabbed the card and read the contents, while Booker spoke. "I started a business! I figured you would be at least a little interested."

"A business?" Jax muttered as he read the card. Sure, it seemed pretty legit. A phone number was listed, and it looked pretty nice. But...what was it for? "Uh, Booker, what is the business for." Booker grinned, "I'll tell you! If you agree to work for me!" For whatever reason, Jax felt goosebumps.

"This kind of feels like a cult," Jax muttered, unsure of Booker's response, "I'll have to think about some more." When Jax looked up, he flinched at the scowl Booker had. But almost as soon as he looked, Booker returned to his grin. "Well, my boy, this is the offer of a lifetime!" Jax let out a nervous chuckle, suddenly anxious to go home again. Jax sat up and stammered, "Well, I should get going home now!" He turned immediately, unnerved to be around Booker.

Booker was like family to Jax. But sometimes...he was unnerved to be around Booker. "I'll be waiting for your answer then, Jackson!" Jax didn't respond, and kept a steady pace until he got out of the park. As he got out, he sighed and stopped for a moment to check his phone.

Out of nowhere, some random guy shoved in into the brick fence that surrounded the park. Jax dropped his phone and groaned, rubbing his head, which had slammed into the fence. He waited to hear the guy apologize, or something, but he just continued running down the street.

"I'm tired of this crap," Jax huffed and started sprinting after the guy, "GET BACK HERE!" He screeched, probably freaking out more than one neighbor as he sprinted down the street.


"What do you mean I can’t come in?!" Damien groaned outside of the bar, probably sounding like a whiny child. The woman sighed and rubbed her temples. "Are you serious? You've gotten into 5 barfights in the past week! I'm not letting you back in until all the damage is paid for!"

"Technically six." Damien muttered, earning a glare from the bartender. "You're not allowed in! End of it!" She slammed the door and walked out of sight.

"Now what?" He muttered. Nothing was happening, and the boxing tournament was not due to start until next year. It didn't help that his job was really boring and monotonous compared to fighting. He didn't even enjoy boxing! Damien considered indulging in his hobby, but...that was rather embarrassing.

While thinking, he mindlessly wandered the streets, knowing he could fight off any muggers. Looking around, he could see how bad the city really was. Any parks in sight were overgrown and littered with trash, and most of the buildings looked rundown. He never thought about how bad it was. The city had been like this for all his life. In fact, most of the world seemed to be the same, as this was meant to be one of the richest cities. Which, with how much money it had, wasn't really much. The city truly was falling apart, wasn't it?

A sudden screech, or whatever that sound was, grabbed his interest. It was...a chase. There was a guy who, judging by his odd clothing style, was a mugger. Behind him were one, two...three people chasing after him! Damien felt that they had personal grudges against the guy. He almost went against his better judgment by calling the police, wasn't like they could do anything in the state the station was in.

He, too, sprinted across the street and after the man with poor fashion tastes. Or, rather the mugger. More than one of those men seemed to dress like a circus.


Eddy cursed at himself. Why was he doing this?! Chasing after a woman who was chasing after some thug! He wasn't built for this. He tried desperately hard to keep up his pace and keep up with...what was her name? Threes? Whatever it was, she had crazy stamina, Eddy was shocked he could still see her.

Suddenly, a third person appeared. He was small, and had an oversized jacket on. If Eddy could describe his face, pure rage would be the most accurate. Next thing, there was a third guy. He seemed pretty flair-y. He sported a flashy smile, and had an overexaggerated sprint. They must have looked like a freak-show running down the street. Eddy would've considered talking to them under normal circumstances, but being barely unable to keep up with a stranger, he couldn't exactly.

Mentally slapping himself, Eddy continued running through the streets. He considered actually stopping when the group running made a sharp turn.

"Wha-?" Instead of stopping like he decided, he followed them into a shadowy run-down building that looked like it was barely held up by beams.

"This is probably a bad idea..."

Chapter Three

Eddy panted, stopping short to catch his breath. By some miracle, the girl he was with stopped in front of the building. The other two who were following the mugger as well had stopped as well, and were looking at each other in confusion. The one with the jacket spoke first, he was short, but had a deep voice which showed he was much older than his height implied, "Why are you people following him?" The taller man next to him seemed shocked at how deep his voice was, but as the small one turned to glare, he turned away. The girl, Trees, Eddy thought, growled.

"I don't know about you three, but he stole my wallet." Eddy had a sudden realization. That's why she chased after him! Eddy wasn't entirely sure why, and just chased after her so she wouldn't be alone. Although, he did not want to admit he just didn't want to be alone.

"Uh, he shoved me into a wall and I got upset." The small one rubbed his head and seemed aloof.

"That's it? You're just upset?" The taller guy scoffed, earning an immediate reaction from the smaller one. "Oh yeah?! And why'd you follow! I didn't even see the guy touch you!" He yelled, but hushed his voice down. Technically, they weren't supposed to be there. The taller guy seemed aloof, kicked the ground and muttered, "Yeah, I kind of just wanted to get some excitement." The smaller guy looked smug and was about to say something before Eddy decided not to let the argument escalate.

"Um, what are your guy's names? I'm Eddy and I think she's-" Eddy turned Trees, but she was gone. "Uh-"

"Oh yeah, she left when we started talking." The taller guy laughed. "Sorry, thought you knew." Eddy stood there, with his jaw slacked. That building looked like it could barely stand up on its own! What would happen in two people started to fight in there?

"Well then, let's go!" The short guy rushed in before Eddy could protest. The tall guy chased in as well.

"Crap!" Eddy fumbled with his footing, but ran in as well. He was goning to die.


 Jax stood still. He was looking for any sound, the girl probably would be making a lot, while the mugger would probably be silent. He listened, but felt someone barrel into him, and he felt.

"Who the-"

"Oh, hey! Sorry short guy!" It was the gangly freak. Jax scowled.

"I'm not short! And it's Jax!" The gangly guy held his hands up jokingly and was laughing.

"Oops, sorry shorty!" Jax was about to scream but remembered the situation and turned his back on the guy, scowling. "This isn't a game!" The guy pulled up a sly smile and snickered, "Why do you need to tell yourself that?" Jax screamed on the inside, but kept a calm demeanor, "What is wrong with you?!"

"A lot of things." Jax stared long and hard at the guy, unsure if he was joking or not. Before he could conclude, the guy who was left outside came in wheezing and panting, looking like he was about to pass out.

"You look like you're about to pass out." Jax mused. The panting guy, as Jax concluded he would call him, seemed to be the exact opposite of athletic. No one said anything.

"You three are here too?" The girl from before had appeared, seemingly from nowhere.

"Uh, where did you come from?" The tall guy stared, shocked. "Are you a ghost?" The girl glared at him and pulled out something from her pocket. "I got my wallet back," completely ignoring his question she narrowed her eyes, "Why did you come in here?" Everyone stayed quiet. Then the panting guy spoke, "We should get out of here, it's not very safe."

"Wait, what happened to the mugger?" Jax spoke, remembering the reason everyone ran in here. The girl shrugged, "I don't know. He ran off after I threw him into a wall. I would've stopped him, but I didn't want to."

"You threw him into a wall?" The panting guy looked surprised. At this moment, he seemed to look around. "Really, we got to go, this place could collapse at any second."

As if clockwork, a disturbingly loud and horrible noise came from the building. It sounded like a cat had been thrown into a tub. Or something equally horrible. A snap came from inside the walls.

"Oh, crap, RUN!" The panting guy tried to run, but rubble barely missed him, blocking the exit. Suddenly, everyone realized the danger they were in. The environment changed drastically, as though the debris that blocked the exit had held together the entire building. Slowly, before anyone could make a run for it, building debris began dropping in front of everyone, causing a panic, but nowhere safe to run. Slowly watching everything fall around him made Jax stop and think. This was it. There was no more fighting, he couldn't anymore. A crash heard from above signaled the debris that would likely kill him.

It was time to prepare.


"I'm so dead." Damien screamed in his head. All because some crazy chick threw a dude into a wall. This kind of sucked. Panic seared through him as he saw all the ways to run away were slowly blocked off by falling debris. As he heard a sickening crash up above, he looked up. Holding back a cry he prepared for it to fall down and crush all the bones in his body.

But nothing happened.

After gathering the courage to look up, he was shocked to see that everything had stopped. Not just stopped falling, literally stopped. Bits of rubble were sitting there floating in the air. Menacingly.

"Fate is changing."

"What the hell?!" That voice was not one of the four that had entered the building. Turning around, Damien saw no one. At least no one except the others, who had seemed shocked at the stoppage of incoming death.

"Who are you!?" The short angry guy was angrier and still short. He was calling out toward the unseen voice, and seemed just as confused as the group. Before anyone could speak again, a silhouette appeared. It had an awkward, gangly appearance, and the light behind it changed the entire atmosphere.

"I am fate."

"What does that mean?" The guy who was out of breath took a step forward, closer than anyone else was willing to go. The figure turned its body to face him.

"I am fate. I can control your fate, and I'm changing it." Everyone turned to look each other confused, but the figure wasn't done. "That is, if you accept your new fate." Everyone then turned to look at the figure, which had lit up different shades of colors.

"What do you mean?" Out of breath guy spoke again, taking another step closer.

"It's time for change," It appeared to be staring at everyone, and Damien suddenly felt very uneased, "And it will start with you four."

Before anyone could ask questions, it made a hand motion, and two dim lights were flown in front of everyone. "On one side, I will leave, and the rubble will crush you. As it would if you continue on this path," It motioned to one, glowing red, then turned to the other one, which turned yellow, "Or, you can change." It stopped speaking, and seemed to motion that they ask questions now. Everyone turned, but Damien spoke first.

"Will our lives get better?" He leered at the figure, hoping it would look surprise or something, but without a pause, it answered, "If you follow the path you are meant to, yes."

"That's vague!" Damien yelled, but was shushed by the girl, who glared him into silence.

"What do we have to do?" Damien realized the obvious question, and mentally slapped himself. He considered himself lucky that they had more than one question.

The figure nodded, and once again, answered without hesitation, "Dedicate your lives to helping others.

"Like superheroes?!" The guy who was out of breath earlier, seemed not to mean to say that out loud, and sheepishly smiled. But the figure seemed to agree.

"In your terms, yes, like superheroes." Shocked, the group stared at each other. A seemingly stupid question was the truth. They would be like heroes? That seemed to indicate so much. Powers, specifically. Would they control thunder? Water?

"That's bullcrap!"


Trees didn't know why, but she was outraged. What kind of thing was this? What was it to decide this kind of thing?


About me

Eltrys Hannes is only my pen name! I'm a high school student who is itchy to start their career as a writer! I'm excited to be sharing any of my stories, and I'd be super glad to see anyone reading my stories!

Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
I've been on a super hero kick for a while now! this was inspired by those such movies. Mostly by the DC Comics universe.
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Trying to write as many words as possible for each chapter. As it was NaNo Wrimo book, I tried to aim for at least 2,000 words per chapter. Sometimes it can easily, other times it was really difficult to find inspiration.
Q. Why do you write?
I enjoy telling stories. I have so many that I have yet to share. I love each and everyone one of my characters, and I always wanted to share them with other people

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