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First pages

“Looking for Real Love”

The hammers were pounding in his shop constantly while he working on his own projects and also on the many projects of other persons’ in his community. Sometimes it was very old furniture and at other times, it would be metal work or upholstery that has been ripped apart because it had done its time or was used with too little care and needed fixing. But one thing was certain, everyone in the neighborhood could count on Abraham to restore any of their household items and bring them back to life.

If he wasn’t in the shed outdoors working, he would taking care of his farm animals in the field, gathering hay or watering his garden. Lazy was not the name anyone could ever call him, but a strong, dedicated, reliably worker and man, and quite handsome too.

Tall, very dark curly hair, cheekbones high as Mount Everest, and nice plump lips that any woman would want to be kissed by or be kissed. A tan complexion that and admiring female would easily mistake for light brown sweet caramel. Constantly working with his hands caused him to build strong biceps and triceps on his arms, and his constant daily walking back on forth on the farm, pulling, bending and chasing his herds allowed his washboard abs to pop like a very thick piece of carved wood whether he took off his shirt or not.

Naturally, Abraham was a very sizzling-hot man, but he was never consumed or egotistical about his physique, and paid very little attention to his to what some men would desperately hope to have or what some women desire their man to look like.

He was a very hot six-pack and more but, yet still, at the ripe age of twenty-eight, no woman had never haul him to the bedroom and made love to him nor had he ever ask any of the neighborhood girls for a date, although they were all fairly beautiful.

Many of them would wink at him, give him the eye; always flirting with him to get his reaction, but he fail to give them the time of day. Some had even imagined having his baby and went out of their way to get him in the mood and physically ready for action which he would just leave them hot, heated and sexually psychotic, as though their tantalizing and alluring mission weren’t appealing enough for him.

It soon became big talk that something was wrong with him!

Some were rumoring his name that he was very gay even though, they had never seen him being affectionate to anyone who were of the same sex as he while others swore that he was jerking off on the animals on his farm, therefore, he not have any desire for anyone who were of the female sex.

But was none of this really true?

For those who didn’t care about his sexual preference still brought whatever work they wanted to be done, while some had completely stop from bringing him their furniture, pats and pans, or whatever else they needed to have fixed because of the vicious rumors that were being spread all over town about him.

However, Abraham paid the rumors no attention, kept at his tasks each and every day, hoping for the right persons to come by and submit their work to him so he could remain busy and generate an income from his skills and the work he had used it to do for them.

After around four months from his initial set back – attack. It wasn’t only the desperate women who were unable to find a man for themselves who were up in arms against Abraham partaking in bestiality and homosexuality, but also some of the men as well. Especially those who sincerely believed themselves to be of the Christian faith and were constantly preaching brimstone and fire with the little black book they call the bible.

Some were ready to cause an uproar and set his work shop on fire, especially on weekends when they were at home and had very little doing except for going to church and quoting scriptures.

Constantly they would walk past his workshop taunting Abraham and bullying him to pack up and leave town with his abominations and hellish practices.

Abraham try putting in his words, explaining to them that he was none of those things that were being rumored about him and how he was a peaceful man. But the saintly vagabonds weren’t willing to hear it what he had to say, because the rumors were too strong, too convincing, and had already gripped the hearts and minds of many in the community already.

But Abraham wasn’t going to allow anyone of them from around town chase him out of the neighborhood in which he was born and grew up since his fore parent had all these properties there for years upon years.

“It anyone should be leaving here, it should be them and not me!”

Abraham thought to himself.

So the mockery and jeering went on for over a year, with Abraham diligently sticking to his work and paying very little attention, if any to the persons in his community who were constantly spreading awful and disgusting rumors about him being gay and sleeping with the animals on his farm. It was a new low for him and now he was moving from being reserve to slowly becoming isolated.

But one Saturday morning all his pain and dilemma would change when he got up early and went to one of the local hardware shop in town to buy some material for his shop. Just after parking his vehicle and glancing through the rare view mirror, Abraham behold a female who had caught his eyes for the first time in his life. She was nothing like he had ever seen before and told himself that he would have to meet her and made every effort to do so, even though he was no match for the crippling fear that had control over him.

He was like a lion after his pry, lurking and watching for the perfect moment to strike, and so he watched her and waited until she was almost near to his vehicle, he jumped out of his truck, smiled at her, gave her a nod before saying hello to her with his hand stretched out to shake hers.

A big relief was lifted from his shoulders when she politely said hello back to him, and continued conversing with him as they both walk to the entrance of the hardware store.

It was his ever first pick-up line and he was using it confidently as he asked.

“Do you shop here very often?”

Looking at him and smiling she replied.

“Not that often; it all depends on what is needed to be done on the house at the time, I usually come here and get it, instead of driving all the way across town to one of those larger hardware stores and buy it and then haul it back to my house.”

Soon he was opening the door and holding it for her to enter, and as soon as she did, he told her that he was going over by the lumber section, and she in return mentioned to him that she was going to look at floor and wall tiles for her bathroom.

He was desperately hoping that she would have asked him for his name as soon as she had completed her sentence, afraid that if he had first done so, it might not have had a positive outcome. But he liked her, she was the first woman to have caught his eyes, and he didn’t want her to slip away from him. And soon after going in their separate directions, he turn around, only to notice that she was still standing there, staring at his backside as if she was in a daze.

Retracing his steps back to her, he worryingly asked.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, noting is wrong! I was just thinking, I should have asked you for your name and number since you mentioned that you were into building stuff for around the house!”

She replied.

“And you know, I was thinking the exact same thing, about getting your name; that is.”

Abraham replied.

He wasn’t thinking about doing any of her household projects, he was thinking about taking her out on a date, getting to know her better, and having her in his life, possible forever. However, he was now quite very thankful that their contacts were being exchanged so he could pursue knowing all about her even much more.

“Sorry, I should have introduce myself to you first, since I was the one who had stopped you in the parking lot as you were making your way to the store, instead of telling you about my workshop and all my projects.”

Abraham explained.

“My name is Abraham Churchill and I’m living over by Creek Valley around thirty minutes ride from here!”

Abraham stated.

“You’re not living too far away from me. I’m living on the other side of Creek Valley, over by Myrtle Park and Willow-brook Way. By the way, nice to meet you! I’m Roxanna Richards!”

The beautiful woman commented as they shook hands and garnish each other with their smiles.

“May I have your number so I can give you a call sometime in the future?”

Abraham spoke, severely trying to stand bold in his manhood.


Roxanna replied.

Soon she was pulling her phone from her pocketbook, inserting the phone number of her new acquaintance inside of it. And minutes later, he was doing the same, writing her number down in that little black book he carried around with him which had all the numbers of persons whom had stopped by his house, one time or the other, asking him to do some form of work for them.

The connection with a female was now made and Abraham couldn’t wait for the moment to come when he would make that first phone call and ask her out on a date. He was very nervous but at the same time, quite hopeful. Especially since he wanted to get those people in the community off his back, so they would just shut the hell up and stop with the rumors and jeering; declaring that he was gay or he was drawn to bestiality.

“Well, I see you around Roxanna, and please expect to hear from me anytime soon, okay!”

Abraham expressed.

Smiling, they waved good-by and then went their separate ways, with thoughts of each other on their minds.

Abraham was feeling confident that she liked him and wondered if she the feelings were mutual, but only spending time with her could really answer that question for him.

Right after picking up his lumber, cashing them at the cashier and loading them on his truck, Abraham sat in his vehicle waiting to see her exit the store, so he could gazed upon her one more time before heading home.

Roxanna would be out of the store soon and within the next twenty minutes when he had seen her with the store attendant by her side; hauling the large boxes of tiles on the trolley, he removed himself from his truck and went over to assist her.

“I will take it from here!”

Abraham spoke firmly to the store attendant as he took the trolley from his hands and began pushing it towards Roxanna’s car. And just after opening the trunk of the car, he singlehanded lifted all twelve boxes of floor tiles and neatly pack them in the car trunk for her. He was done now and began brushing both his hands together removing whatever residue that were still lingering on his hands from the tile boxes. In that moment, Roxanna took time to thank him for being so generous while she secretly stared up and down, observing the monumental structure of his gorgeous body.

Securely slamming the car trunk, he told her to ride home safely and he would he calling her as soon as he had gotten home and done unloading the lumber from his truck into his work shed.

So he returned to his car and then watched her drove of the parking lot, and then soon, he did the same thing and made his way home.

Driving home Roxanna began thinking about the stranger she had just met today at the hardware store. She thought that he was not only handsome but he was definitely a very strong man and in her bed wasn’t the only place that she wanted him.

“This is the kind of man I really need in my life!”

Roxanna thought to herself.

Especially, since he didn’t seemed like the type who likes fooling around with other women emotions as if such was a tennis ball.

Thirty minutes later Abraham was home and unloading the lumber out of his truck and inside his work shed. Soon after done doing so, he was inside the house and began cleaning all the common areas to entertain his guest whenever she came over. He had never done anything like this before and wasn’t sure of what to expect, but he was doing his best to please her and all that he was doing was for her to feel welcome inside his house whenever she arrives there.

With his house in order and not much work to be done inside his shop, Abraham decided to give Roxanna a call Sunday afternoon, with the intention of inviting her over to his house.

Soon after dialing the number, someone pick up the phone, it was a male voice, Roxanna’s brother, and now Abraham’s heart began pounding rapidly in his chest because he wasn’t sure who the male was at the other end of the line.

“Was she already married?”

“Was she living with a man?”

Abraham asking himself, but those were questions he should have asked her before taking her number.

“Could I speak to Roxanna Richard, please?”

He finally spoke.

“Who should I say is calling?”

The male at the other end of the line asked.

“You could tell her it’s Mr. Abraham Churchill!”

Abraham replied nervously.

Shortly Roxanna was hurrying to the dining room to take the call and soon as put the phone to her ear, Abraham firmly whispered.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a married woman or you had a man living with?”

“And why are you insinuating that I’m living with a man?”

Roxanna replied.

“Because a man just answered the phone when I called you!”

Abraham responded anxiously.

“The man who answered the phone a few minutes ago is not my husband, he is my oldest brother!”

Roxanna informed him.

Hearing the truth had suddenly driven away all the doubts from his mind and now the profuse sweating and anxiety had subsided; causing him to relax and talk with her as he had initially intended to from the beginning.

“Are you seeing anyone at the moment?”

Abraham asked trying not to put his feet in any hot water because of being with another man’s woman.

“No Abraham, I’ve not been or seeing anyone, and I haven’t done so since my fiancée ran off and married my pastor’s daughter.”

Roxanna stated with hurt spewing from her voice.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry to hear that you have gone through such a rough experience!”

Abraham exclaimed.

“Well, you don’t be sorry, you just don’t try putting me through that experience again then expect me to forgive you, if you are interested in having a relationship with me!”

Roxanna express with a tone of seriousness and hurt in her voice.

Since she had been dumped at the church alter, she had waited four years before making any attempt to go out on a date with anyone until now.

“I promise you, I will never put you through anything like that because that isn’t who I am! Whomever had done that to you is just cruel!”

Abraham spoke feeling sadly.

This was not how he was expecting for their conversation to go and now he wanted to start all over from the start and let her know how he was exactly feeling about her. He now was feeling like taking a deep breath or having something cold to drink to ease the tension that was obviously building between them. And so he pause for a moment before he spoke again.

“Roxanna, I really like you! I really would like to take you out on a date or have you come over to my house for dinner, watch a movie or just relax and chat so we can get to know each other better?”

Abraham stated nervously.

In calm, almost shy voice, Roxanna replied.

“I would love that!”

Hearing a favorable response her, Abraham began waving his fist in the air and smiling as if he had just won a championship game.

“When can we go out; this weekend or earlier on in the week?”

Abraham asked excitingly.

“I’ll be off from my job Wednesday, so Wednesday evening or night would be just fine with me!”

Roxanna answered.

“I promise you, I’ll make sure you will never regret it!”

Abraham bellowed out excitingly.

“I trust that you will make sure of that!”

Roxanna mentioned, presuming that he was trying very hard to make sure that she would be happy on their date together.

“Would you like me to come and pick you up at your house or would you like to drive over by my house instead?”

Abraham asked trying to cover all bases for his date preventing all confusions.

“You don’t have to come over here and pick me up, I’ll drive over to your house. At least, I’ll get to know exactly where you live!”

Roxanna responded while rolling her eyes back trying to visualize the route for her to get to his house.

“Do you have pen and paper close by so you can write my address down?”

Abraham asked still in a calm and happy mood.

“I do; go ahead!”

Roxanna replied.

Soon she was scribbling his address on a brown paper bag with a led pencil and when she was done doing so, she joyfully announce to him.

“I got it! I’ll see you Wednesday evening around seven o’clock, okay!”

Roxanna informed him.

“Alright Roxanna, I’m certainly looking forward to it!”

Abraham said with a smirk look on his face.

“Me too!”

Roxanna answered with a large grin on her face.

“Okay then my special lady!”

Abraham replied smilingly before telling her good-bye and putting the phone to rest.

Roxanna stood there in her living room staring at the brown paper bag in her hand, contemplating if this might be the right guy for her. While Abraham, still standing in his kitchen with both hands in the air, flexing his muscles and shaking them like he was in a wrestling ring and ready for the big fight with his opponent.

Withdrawing himself from that exciting mood of over exhilaration, Abraham calm himself down and began cleaning around his house, starting with his living room; rearranging his furniture to set the mood for romance with the beautiful woman he had met in the parking lot of the Whitlock Hardware Store.

He wanted everything in his house to be free from funky odors and shine and sparkling, so she would be very comfortable while there at the house having her date with him. So he began moving old magazines and old broken down furniture out to his work shed. After doing so, he began mopping the floors, whipping away dust from off the shelves so the rooms could look, feel nice and airy and also welcoming to her.

He wanted no stones unturned – he wanted everything to be perfect for Wednesday evening when she showed up at his doorsteps.

And soon after cleaning the house and rearranging the furniture, Abraham turned his attention to his recipes books, hoping that he would add his own creativity to some of the meals that were listing in the books and then prepare a delicious meal for her on her arrival to his home.

He didn’t want to ask her what she wanted to eat for dinner because he wanted to surprise her, see the look on her face when she tasted his cooking, hoping that she like it and ready to lick her fingers. Wine he had already made from over two years ago and had then stock inside the back of his wine cellar. Now he only needed to get some juice just in case she wasn’t up for drinking anything alcoholic and then he thought about getting her some beautiful flowers also.

Trying very hard not to forget anything on his list that he needed to remember for his date with Roxanna, Abraham wrote down on a piece of paper whatever he needed to have for that day and also his intentions and then pasted the piece of paper on his vanity mirror. So every morning after waking up he could be reminded of what he wanted to get for his date before Wednesday evening came around.

Early Tuesday morning he was having a work out cleaning up his yard and trimming the edges of the shrubs and watering the gardens so everything would look alive and bright for the rest of the week, but especially for Wednesday evening when his date arrived. All the dry leaves in the yard were swept into one big heap and then set ablaze. And around ten o’clock Wednesday morning, Abraham had gotten himself dress and of to the supermarket picking up food that he needed to prepare the meal for his date and afterwards, he was off to the flower shop, purchasing fresh flowers not only for the space that he was occupying but also flowers for the woman who would be gracing the humble dwelling place he called home.

Rushing back home with the front of his truck full of stuff, Abraham made several trips from the inside of house to his truck, unloading the groceries he had bought and carefully bringing the flowers so he could have them be preserve vases of cold water. Soon he was washing vegetables, cutting up meat and setting the stage for his romantic dinner with Roxanna Richard.

Feeling very elated that the stage was all set and ready for action, Abraham went to the bathroom to have a shower and got himself nicely dress for when his date arrive he would look presentable to greet her. And soon he was anxiously waiting for her to pull up at his gate and start tooting her horn to let him know that she was there now.

Five-minutes short of seven o’clock she was parked at Abraham Churchill gate looking for any sign that he was there. Not seeing standing on the front porch to greet her, Roxanna opened her car door and made her way up the steps to the beautiful white house with red trimmings all around it and began cautiously rapping at the door.

It was at her second knock that Abraham came barging at the front door to investigate who was there and realize that it was is Roxanna his date standing there.

“Oh, honey you are here! I was waiting for you to toot the horn of your car to let me know that you have arrived!”

Abraham stated, feeling a little disappointed that he wasn’t at the outside to greet her before she walked to the front door.

“I presumed, I had the right address so I just didn’t bother to hank my horn, but I just came up to the front door and knocked instead.”

Roxanna responded.

Seconds later, Abraham invited her to the interior of the house and before inviting her to have a seat, he walked her to the one of the cabinet in the living room and showed her the flowers he had bought for her, explaining to her that he wanted to presented them to her before she came pounding on the front door. But after their date was finish for the evening, he would certainly make sure he brought them to her car for her.

Extremely happy about his kind gesture, Roxanna took the time to embrace him and let him know that she really appreciate the warm curtesy he had shown to her.

From where she was standing, she could see that the dining table was nicely decorated and romantically set for dinner for the both of them; and so she smiled and mentioned to him that he had made every effort for her to be comfortable and that was very thoughtful of him to have done.

Roxanna was quite very happy to be in the space and thought it was very beautiful and welcoming, and with those signs of satisfaction written all over her face, Abraham invited her to have a seat on one of the chairs in the living room.

“This is very nice and cozy!” Roxanna announced as she glance all across the room staring at the art work and the arrangement of the furniture and how unique they were in that space.

But Abraham didn’t want her to really know that he had made most of them all by himself, and what he hadn’t made was in the family for centuries.

With the preparation of his meal just needing a little more time for perfection, Abraham offered his gust a glass of wine so she could continue sipping on it until their meal was done cooking.


And although Roxanna knew she wasn’t a person who could hold or handle any kind of alcoholic drink in in her system, she insisted that she would like to have a glass of wine and thanked him after he had poured it into the glass and handed it to her with a large cherry floating on the top of it.


Looking up at him Roxanna ask smilingly.

“Do you always go out of your way to make everything special and a master piece?”

“For most part, I really do, especially if it involves my work and my woman!”

Abraham replied sternly.

The meal was now done cooking and he began dishing out portions placing them into various ancient food containers and then placing them on the hard wooden table in the dining room. And after done doing so, Abraham invited Roxanna to come and join him at the table; in which she did, after he extended his hands towards her, aiding her up from her chair and walking her across the floor to the dining table.

“Thank you!”

She mentioned as he pulled the chair from under the dinner table and directed for her to be seated.

Staring down at the meals in front of her on the table, Roxanna give her word of compliment, stating how good all the food looked as she smiled at her host and told him thanks once again for preparing such a lovely dinner for her.

Smiling back at her, he happily stated; “You are welcome my dare!” and then he firmly announced.

“Let’s eat! Shall we!”

He had prepared baked fish stuffed with several different herbs and also baked chicken glazed with barbeque sauce, and for staples he had brown rice cooked with coconut milk and tossed with a pack of mixed vegetable with medium size dice tomatoes.

Trying hard to impress her, Abraham did the honors and fixed her plate first after asking her what she wanted from the grouping of food he had prepared for them to have for their dinner date.

Roxanna told him that she would prefer to try the fish since she cook chicken at her house almost every day, however, she would like to try a small portion just to satisfy her curiosity of what his chicken tasted like. Just to appease her, Abraham cut off a portion of the juicy chicken breast and placed it on top of her plate along with the large king fish he had baked for her with a couple spoons of rice tossed with vegetables.

They were now excited and ready to eat and right during the meal Abraham learnt about his date and was very impressed about all she had revealed to him about her past relationships, her work, her family circle and her childhood.

And she too was inspired to learn about the details of his family tree and how he had ended up living on this large property the way he has been living for the past ten years with a reasonable amount of farm animals in his care.

But most importantly, their confession of admiration and love for each other were sincerely expressed. After they were finish eating, chatting away and drinking all that wine, Roxanna and Abraham realize that she was too drunk to drive herself safely home. And so he lifted her, bringing her to his bedroom where he took her shoes off, cover her up with a blanket for her to spend the rest of the night.

And at the dawn of morning, Abraham got up from off the couch, rushed to kitchen and started preparing breakfast for Roxanna because he knew she would have to be at work in the next couple of hours. Soon as breakfast was done, he began waking her and when she arose, she apologize for conking out on him, getting drunk and taking over his bedroom.

Gently, he rubbed her head and told her it was a pleasure to have her in his bed. But soon after she was done eating the breakfast he had prepared for her, Roxanna put on her shoes and hastily began making her way through the front door of his house where she was facing a small mob, standing in front of Abraham’s house chanting; she must die because she has just slept with the man who has been sleeping with his farm animals.

Chapter Two

Standing there completely frozen with her mouth completely wide open, Roxanna wasn’t sure of exactly what to do nest; if she should run back inside Abraham’s house for shelter or take a chance and make it to her car and dash out of there.

Hearing the uproar, Abraham raced to his front door and was completely dumfounded in seeing his neighbors, standing in front of house chanting that he was sexually involve with his animals and that his guest should be ostracized for being there and sleeping with him. Just like him, she was being accused of something that was totally false and now Abraham fear losing the woman he was falling in love with, because of his erroneous suspicions of his neighbors.

The crowd seemed quite angry and he knew that he had to defend her, so she could get out of there and get back home and get ready for her work at the telephone company. He had a rifle inside, but he didn’t want to use it unless it was necessary for him to do so.

“Leave her the hell alone and stop with your nonsense!”

Abraham shouted at the small crowd.

“You have nothing to do but to be watching my house and making up stories about me that you all damn well know is a lie?”

Abraham continued on angrily.

Now some persons in the mob was searching their conscience and contemplating if they should take him down or leave him alone and while they were quiet down a bit and making their decision, Abraham shouted at Roxanna.

“Get in the car and drive!”

Without hesitation she did, and press her foot on the gas as heavily as she could and sped away from the scene as fast as she could as if she was getting away from the Lord on judgement day.

Realizing that the car parked in front of Abraham’s house had left the scene without them actually getting a chance to manhandle and terrorize the stranger who had driven it and how obviously slept by their neighbor house, the crowd of around ten or twelve adults and teenagers began making their way across the street towards him.

He was very strong, but Abraham knew he wasn’t that strong to singlehandedly fight off all twelve adults and teenagers, if they had chosen to physically attack him. So he did the next sensible thing he thought of, and ran for his front door, bolted inside his house and went looking for his rifle and began loading it, readying himself for his attackers.

Soon they were at his doorsteps, banging on his front door and yelling for him to come out so they could whop his ass. Terrified, Abraham wanted to fire a warning shot to ease them away but he thought he should make a call to police station first to let the be aware that he was facing trouble in his community.

Still holding the gun in hand he dialed the emergency number and gave the details to the operator, and minutes later, the Creek Valley sheriff arrived on the scene, got out of his car and began intervening in the matter.

Leaning up the gun behind the front door, Abraham made his way through the front door and approach the officer to brief him on the problems he was encountering with his vicious neighbors.

Without hesitation Abraham Churchill sternly explain to the office the accusation and rumors that his neighbors has been spreading all over the community about him being gay and also about him sleeping with the animals on his farm. Severely causing him to lose much patronage from his longtime customers and trying to ruin his personal relationship with one who came to visit him at his house.

He further went on to express to the officer that he was definitely scared for his life because he was totally shock this morning to open his front door and see this many people attacking his guest because she had spent the night here.

“Why are they watching my house… why are they attacking me? I’m not a criminal – a pedophile! I take care of my farm and run my workshop, but simply because I’m not groping their daughters, all of a sudden, I’m the psychotic one around here!”

Abraham vented loudly.

All the neighbors stood in silence and watch while Abraham lashed out, and when the officers ask who had seen him jumping any of his animals or showing intimate affections with another man, not one single person open their mouths to say a word.

The officer asked the question one more time and yet still no one responded, and some began removing themselves from the scene slowly.

“Well, I’m warning all of you standing here this morning if anything happens to this resident of this community, I’ll be returning here and having you all arrested. And don’t think for a second that I won’t remember your faces and find out who you are because I have all of your faces here on my body camera and also on my dash board camera!”

The officer spoke forcefully.

Turning to Abraham the officer instructed loud enough for all those who were still lingering around to hear.

“Sir, if any of your neighbors come back on your property and start arresting you again, please call the police station and I’ll bring my squad around her and have them all arrested. You understand me?”

“Because there are no laws that are against you having sex with whomever you want to as long as it is a mutual agreement, except, the law of having sex with a minor!”

The officer explained.

“But I’m neither none of what they are accusing me of doing! Some of these school girls, they come by here numerous times and start flirting with me; I totally ignore them and continue doing whatever I’m doing because I know that they are just kids and probably don’t know what they are doing or what they really want!”

Abraham expressed with look of worry on his face.

“Well I commend you for doing the right thing because if any of them reports that you molested them or had sex with them whether they consented to it or not, then you are going to be in big trouble with the law and be charged with statuary rape!”

The officer informed Abraham.

“Sir, I’m pretty much aware of those laws and that is one of the reasons why I don’t even look at them or entertain their behavior!”

Abraham interjected.

“Mr. Churchill, you seemed like a decent guy; and as I said before, if any of your neighbors come back to your door steps and continue harassing you or damage your property, please call the station right away and we will be over here to deal with them for you!”


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