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What If the Biggest Solar Storm on Record Happened Tomorrow?

Hogan stared out through the window shades of his Atlanta apartment craning his neck to look towards the river and wondering if it would be a good day for fishing tomorrow. He had been diligently watching and researching space weather reports on the internet for the last week for many reasons. One of the reasons was his latest scientific and personal curiosity if geomagnetic storms affected game fishes predatory instincts.


Some folks might say upon meeting him for the first time that this odd character seemed to be unusually fixated on the subject of solar storms. The reasoning behind this observation was because he often brought the celestial phenomenon up during conversations at the local watering hole that he liked to frequent after work sometimes.


He would knowingly tell his bar patron friends as well as strangers that got within conversation distance of him on many occasions “Static on TV, a solar storm was causing it, phone not working... a solar storm was the problem, he would even advise tourists that they shouldn’t travel on a specific day because of the geomagnetic storms that were supposed to be occurring on a certain date increased the radiation they would be exposed to in the airplanes cabin.


No conversation was ever complete or totally over in Hogan’s mind unless he had managed to mention somewhere in it a few of his explanations and thoughts about the great Solar Storm of 1859 known as the Carrington Event.


He seemed to particularly enjoy talking about how that famous solar storm had managed to set fire to telegraph offices and wooden buildings worldwide back then and what did people think would happen today if a mega solar flare occurred again with our dependence on technology.


Most people had never heard of or for that matter even considered the possibility of this type of disaster reeking havoc upon modern technology before. Hogan delighted in entertaining his questioners and skeptical listeners with his historic knowledge and rhetoric of what had occurred on that historic eventful day. He also had a few warnings and survival tips for those that asked or would listen to his advisements.


The first thing that he had to do was get them to wrap their heads around just exactly what a solar storm was and wasn’t. Mostly all he wanted them to realize was that this type of space weather storm occurs all the time and that they weren’t some weird once in a lifetime historical fluke of note like the dinosaurs dying off from an asteroid.


Pretty much everyone seemed to have already heard of the Northern Lights or Auroras that occur regularly lighting up the sky in the Northwest. As the magnetosphere gets bombarded by solar winds, stunning blue lights can appear over the upper reaches of the Northern hemisphere and the lower parts of the southern hemisphere.


Many people knew about this phenomenon but most people don’t know the magnitude of destruction of the 1859 super solar storm. They didn’t know for example that it has been documented that the solar flares of that particular storm were so powerful that "people in the northeastern U.S. could read newspaper print just from the light of the aurora that night. He liked to detail how the telegraph operators of those times got electrically shocked and how telegraph systems all over Europe and North America had failed and sprayed out fiery sparks from telegraph poles that ignited widespread fires.


Inevitably the subject would turn to modern times and he was asked “What was it he thought” professionally would happen in this technology jazzed up cell phone reliant world we lived in.


“It is going to be like living in pure hell!” He would say with a warning sigh. “Not if, but when we experienced a repeat of the 1859 Carrington Event it would devastate the modern world and send humanity back technology-wise to the 1800’s. It was only recently that NASA just observed and recorded a non earth facing coronal mass ejection that was about double the size of the 1859 one which is very scary indeed. The scientists didn’t know until recently that those storms can go off the charts in power when trying to be measured with the instruments we had. “ Hogan would say with a serious look on his face


Hogan would then go down the list of infrastructure failures a solar storm would cause like no gas, no ATMs, no street lights, no traffic signals, no cell phones etc. He would go on and on elaborating that compared to that event, today’s information superhighway, the telegraph system in 1859 may have appeared to be nothing more than a mere foot path or dirt road, but the “Victorian Internet” as it were was also a critical means of transmitting news, sending private messages and engaging in commerce. He mentioned lots of stuff people didn’t really want to know at first like our current fragile system of just in time grocery deliveries being affected by no gas for the trucks to deliver. But they got more concerned and interested in the subject as the night grew longer and after he added some recent history.


Just a little bit of space weather interference can cause havoc like when the entire Province of Quebec Canada in 1989 went dark. When that particular solar storm started up the solar flare that accompanied the suns outburst immediately caused short-wave radio interference, including the jamming of radio signals from Radio Free Europe into Russia. It was thought that the signals had been jammed by the Kremlin, but it was only the sun acting up!


Then In less than 2 minutes whoosh, the entire Quebec power grid lost power. During the 12-hour blackout that followed, millions of people suddenly found themselves in dark office buildings and underground pedestrian tunnels, and some experienced the panic of being trapped in stalled elevators. Most people woke up to icy cold homes for breakfast. The blackout also closed schools and businesses; it also kept the Montreal Metro shut during the morning rush hour, and closed Dorval Airport stranding travelers.

Now keep in mind the Quebec Blackout was by no means a local event although you can get geographic based storms. Some of the U.S. electrical utilities had their own cliffhanger problems to deal with. New York Power lost 150 megawatts the moment the Quebec power grid went down. The New England Power Pool lost 1,410 megawatts at about the same time. Service to 96 electrical utilities in New England was interrupted while other reserves of electrical power were brought online. Luckily, the U.S. had the power to spare at the time…but just barely. Across the United States from coast to coast, over 200 power grid problems erupted within minutes of the start of the March 13 storm. Fortunately, none of these caused a blackout. But Hogan warned “It could all happen again… in the blink of an eye an event could cause grid down societal destruction.” That’s what he worried about, that’s what he tried to plan for.

This was usually when the conversation went one way or the other and for better or worse. When he was asked what it was he thought about whatever it was the government was doing about avoiding the geomagnetic mega disaster he was predicting. Hogan explained it wasn’t a personal doomsday prophecy of his but that NASA said a CME of magnitude that could destroy infrastructure had a 10-12 % chance of happening at any given moment. It wasn’t an “if” but a “when” scenario. His reply as to what the Government was going to do emergency management wise when one actually did happen stunned and flabbergasted them no end. The fact was that the Government was basically doing nothing more than talking about it. Talk! That’s all they have done for years is talk about it and the power companies lobby that the safety measures are too expensive for the anticipated risk.

This is the particular point when the big change in conversation generally came about after Hogan admitted to being a prepper and enjoyed being part of that survival minded community. (Someone who prepares for disasters is called a prepper) He prepared for solar storms and grid down situations. He watched their faces carefully for their reactions whether positive or negative to this you would think a non politically correct statement by the reactions of some people.

Generally, a tense laugh off response was necessary and an explanation that no, he didn’t have a bunker to go to followed by another explanation by him that he wasn’t one of them crazy “Doomsday Preppers” like you see on NATGEO. Seems a lot of people either don’t know what a prepper is or held a media influenced low opinion of all preppers as nut jobs in general.

Some people however occasionally became more friendly and interested in what it took to be a prepper and a lively conversation was struck up. Many people could be heard to remark how sensible that outlook sounded in general especially in these trying times of world and climatic unrest. People also usually agreed with him that their grandparents all had big pantries so what was wrong with going back to living that way and storing some food for hard times and bad weather? People just didn’t seem to do that much these days and the majority weren’t even ready for something like a snow storm food wise, oftentimes.

Hogan made sure to point out the fact that he was a Business Continuity professional first and foremost though as his job and vocation and that was what had brought him here to Atlanta. Being a practicing prepper as his hobby was secondary to his crisis communication and risk planning in outlooks and outcomes for his clients trying to make their factories and such more resilient to disaster.

He explained that he wrote professional continuity plans for businesses to help try to recover their operations as soon as possible after disasters. This was his livelihood and he pointed out that it was in this bar right here that he had picked up his latest big emergency planning contract.

Being in this business of disaster planning gave him and his clients a rather unique perspective on the effects of solar storms and electromagnetic pulses in general and the big insurance companies had even gotten involved and issued their own findings on financial risk estimated at 2.6 trillion dollars but Hogan didn’t know how they came up with that figure.

Maybe a favorite client of his who was sort of a real-estate mogul in this city would wander in and add to the conversation while they were talking he explained, but it was doubtful. The more posh restaurants and country clubs were usually his thing. However his employer followed the insurance market and had some insights.

Anyway, about six months ago, Hogan had been attending an annual symposium for Emergency Planners and had stopped in here for a drink one day when he got to talking to someone just like he was doing now. He had found out the guy owned as well as managed a lot of commercial properties and office buildings. To make a long story short, after a few meetings he had finally convinced the gentleman to buy what he called his ultimate business continuity planning package to include something special added on which the guy had first looked at him somewhat askance about.

Mr. Salsec had been pretty doubtful at first about that special addendum Hogan had added on to the plan he was going to develop and Salsec was concerned that maybe he was going to be possibly scammed in some way by agreeing to purchase it.

Hogan had mentioned that he had had coined the unusual term Space Weather Preparedness Planning as the title for this star wars thing addendum that he was trying to describe. This addendum would be something special above and beyond his normal all inclusive catastrophic planning package. He had even offered quite a discounted deal on the indices to Mr. Salsec but his client took some considerable convincing of its merits before it was accepted in full.

It didn’t help matters any at all when Hogan was forced to sheepishly explain to him that he actually had no previous written examples of a Space Weather Preparedness plan to show the man. He had many regular plans from his many vested clients and completed high level licensing courses but none inclusive of space weather.

Hogan finally explained to Mr. Salsec that to his knowledge none of the other Business continuity professionals he was acquainted with had ever written one either, let alone ever even conceived of the notion of just how to approach the subject.

Hogan had hooked Mr. Salsec finally on the idea after he had carefully explained that in his less than humble opinion, that he was the most qualified preparedness expert to do a good job on creating such a plan because he understood prepper mentality and homesteading technology and those facts had perked up the man’s interest.

It seems that his new client already had himself a bit of a survivalist bent going on for himself already way before they had met. Mr. Salsec had already taken many of his own practical precautions in order to insure his families survival grid down from any number of catastrophic events like a cyber attack, terrorist attack, dirty bomb, a tornado swarm etc. but he hadn’t given a whole lot of thought to space weather just yet. He had not also for that matter considered just what plain long-term power outages completely shutting down his businesses could do.

What do you do with businesses that are forced to shut down for extended periods of time so that one day they can maybe reopen and return to profitability? Are there possibly any opportunities that can be taken advantage of during the rebuilding or response phases etc in the aftermath of such a calamity to benefit or profit from?

Hogan really had to sit himself down and do a lot of deep soul searching to firmly decide to vacate his home and take on this particular job. The main point of contention for him in accepting this new position meant that he would have to move from rural Alabama to the big city of Atlanta for a period of at least nine or ten long months.

This move was necessary primarily due to his new workload of having to be onsite to safety overview a lot of properties as well as personally inspect a whole lot of trucking supply roads and personnel highway escape routes. A job like this had a lot for him to consider and evaluate and he had seriously considered hiring and taking on some extra help to accomplish it.

The owner and president of the company that he had contracted with had offered as part of Hogan’s compensation to let him stay in a furnished rental property for the duration of the job rent free as well as give him per diem for meals. This sounded pretty good to Hogan at first, he thought he might possibly be in hog heaven on this job until considering what exactly the offer entailed.

Securing this contract would give him a chance to save up some money and also possibly expand his small business. However, he wasn’t very happy with the accommodations. The offered lodging was in an upscale, dead in the middle of downtown high rise apartment complex and there was no way in hell he was staying in a place that was reliant on an elevator or had not one tree in sight.

After a bit of dickering on his part and a considerable amount whining about why he needed a little bit of open space that contained some green vegetation or a tree in it once in awhile, he finally got himself installed cost free in a nice common working man’s apartment in an adjoining town next to the Chattahoochee River called Roswell.

He hadn’t told his boss about his paranoia of all things that had more than five floors or anything taller than a Fire departments hook and ladder truck’s reach so he was picky as to what was acceptable. Force of habit and his own personal safety measures and tastes as well as his love of just plain space consisting of grass and trees influenced his decision.

He normally lived in a small house in the middle of five wooded acres that had a little garden and a tiny creek. He didn’t give two hoots at all that he just had turned down a pretty much free prestigious $5,000 a month apartment for a common one that rented for $850.00. He had his reasons; he also had his personal sanity to think about. To him the apartment he had found was perfect and it was away from downtown and living that close to the river sounded like fun.

Reason number one on that he had located where he did was that he had already figured out using his prepper sense just how close it was that he wanted to be to an aqueous door out of this city should a devastating fire occur. However, beyond that he had already started figuring out which road was the best way for him and his van to get out of this place fast come SHTF for a variety of nasty reasons that ranged from terrorist dirty bomb to a cyber attack destroying a satellite, etc.

People could call him paranoid or say he had become preparedness balmy from doing that odd job of his if they wanted too, but he had the chance to pre-position himself in this move and he was going to do it practical and tactical.

He had decided that his housing search started on the fringes of the city proper and must be near a water feature, a short commute to work as his number one priority to look for.

Mr. Salsec or “Boss” as Hogan often referred to him amicably, using the boss title as a nickname was indeed his boss in many ways. Although you had to understand theirs was a strictly contractual agreement association and not an employer- employee relationship.

Frank Salsec didn’t seem to get this strict division of freedoms at times though and they had their few small differences but not very often. This stubbornness on Mr. Salsec’s part was probably due to his affluence and age usually holding sway over Hogan’s objections, who in turn rarely had to remind Mr. Salsec he was an independent contractor and did things in his own way and on his own time schedule, but that’s another story.

Mostly in the beginning of their association, Mr. Salsec began expanding his preparedness learning from Hogan about the more obscure threats existing in the world in general and to his company specifically.

Hogan’s planning was well received and sufficient for that task however over time Mr. Salsec shifted the focus eventually to preparing more for his family specifically and distracting Hogan.

Hogan didn’t mind telling him survival tips and tricks over lunch or long drinking bouts at this little pub about what was necessary prepperwise to take care of his family, but he couldn’t write a business plan like that for a company. Well he could, but he wasn’t about to make it his life’s work to hang out and provide preparedness advice at that level to every employee or manager the guy had.

Hogan explained that much of this general kind of preparedness information needed was freely available on the internet and if more was needed for the employees’ basic preparedness, brochures were available for cost or no cost from the government printing office.

Many continuity planners as well as the would be so called preparedness consultants just add that free stuff to their plan and charged for it, but Hogan wasn’t one to do that. This kind of “See Spot Run” Dick and Mary Jane level of preparedness examples for the uninitiated was not something he was willing to get into. That kind of FEMA awareness or resilient community information was a necessity but something that a big corporation like Mr. Salsec’s safety officer should have already addressed, Hogan had explained

Boss asked Hogan if he would consider sticking around a bit longer in his duties if he himself put a word in with the Country Club for them to hire him to write their continuity plan.

“Why is that?” Hogan had asked.

“Because you could get a major contract and I could make a bunch of money on the side and we would both feel better about ourselves.” Boss said with a broad grin.

“Ha boss! I would feel a little bit better if you had started that conversation out with that I could make a bunch of money and that you could get a major contract that YOU needed to take care of instead of me. I am stretched pretty thin time wise with my work already. What did you do? Go and start talking to all those business men about continuity plans? Were you sitting with those the country club ones you were telling me about that only have their IT divisions Disaster operation plans that may or may not include backing up their servers in another state written down somewhere if needed?” Hogan asked remembering he had been asked if he could recommend anyone in that particular field because Hogan didn’t do the technical electronic aspects of disaster planning. He usually just reviewed the techs plans and then added the human elements they never contained like the phone numbers for all employees on a pass around sheet, a way to disseminate news to employees regarding wages etc, what to do in a quarantine environment if it was declared etc.

“Yea I did go do something like that, what did you tell me you called it when you sucked me into paying for all this preparedness planning? Your 4 foot effect I think it was that you called it where everyone within 4 feet of you knew what business you were in and you engaged the first interested person that looked like they had money that spoke to you? See, I do listen to you Hogan!” The boss said catching Hogan off guard about how much information he just gave away about himself every time they met.

‘Well yes I do admit that with you I sort of got pointed in your direction as a lead to solicit some business from because someone pointed you out. But I do ok on my own that way, I love to network. I started doing that solicitation crap when I tried my hand at being a stockbroker back in the day; only thing worse is an insurance salesman. I guess until I think of a wily old real-estate wheeler dealer like you sniffing around for a victim. I already told you I would put my name, titles and recommendations on the Business Continuity Company you proposed. That was mostly based on if I could look over other professionals’ plans and make suggestions. But if you remember right I told you city living wasn’t for me and I could do most of the work from my home office in the sticks.” Hogan said proud as a peacock he was asked to head up such a firm with the power of Salsec money and influence but loving his country boy freedoms more.

“Well, hear me out Hogan, before we go to the ballroom at the Country Club for a meeting I would appreciate you visiting my barber, you are starting to look like Samson.” Boss said getting an immediate eye clinch and a bite your tongue held back retort to the insult to Hogan’s alleged dignity.

“Now you just go right ahead and get your feathers unruffled Hogan. You know I didn’t mean to offend you none. Nothing wrong with you getting yourself spiffed up once in awhile. I bet you clean up good! If you remember, I told you awhile back that I was going to take a poke at you and hurt your feelings in business occasionally. I do that to make you uncomfortable sometimes to see how you act under pressure, hell boy if I am paying you top dollar to deal with how my employees are supposed to act in hard times, I better see you doing the same in the real world as well as the apocalyptic scenarios you scare the crap out of me every day with. Now before you turn me down flat on my proposition hear me out. I tell you what, you might know how to camp out in the woods better than me under adverse conditions but I know business better than you ever will. Look here, I don’t need to even ask someone to seriously consider giving you the Atlanta Country Club contract to increase your business and prestige. All I got to do is ask a favor and get it printed in the newspaper that you are possibly being considered for the job and you can make more money than you can think of making using that headline as a reference! Now hush up and let’s get to the meat of the matter as your country butt is always telling me.” Boss said huffily losing patience with Hogan’s either put on or actual country way of southern negotiations when he wanted out of something.

“Ok my friend I am in, I will even get me a real fancy haircut for you. What’s on your mind that’s so all fired important it’s got to be that day?” Hogan said looking for the bar maid.

“I don’t care about your hair you know that, just get it styled a might because you are going to be playing Hollywood and making appearances to the rich and famous as it were. I got to thinking about all them articles you send me sometimes of the super rich building bunkers and such for themselves and others at the community level and they got me to thinking about a new real estate angle. That country club owns a large acreage on the bend of that river, they already jacked the prices for folks having golf course homes etc and of course they got their little conclave thing going. A whole lot of retirees live there, they pay lots of extra cash for security, landscaping, home owners association fees etc. so I said why not add disaster preparedness to that mix? Seems to me you already know everybody and their brother in the manufacturing end or suppliers to the prepper community for food and gear. If you got a membership there and moved around and mingled a little as well as do the emergency plan for that area you could make a million bucks maybe.” Boss offered reminding Hogan it wasn’t what you know in life, but who you know oftentimes that makes you successful.

“Aw man now you got me intrigued and maybe just a bit greedy!” Hogan said slurping his drink before catching himself and responding negatively.

“Frank that would work, I know it would probably work like gangbusters but I can’t do it. If I don’t believe in the product you better believe I can’t sell it and what’s worse than that is if somebody has just got money to burn I can suggest something preparedness wise until the sun comes up something to buy. But as I told you just having survival stuff is worthless if they have the wrong mindset. Tell you what, I can show you some plans that Japanese Emergency Management is using right now for stocking community warehouses of supplies and you can mimic that. I am not into retailing how expensive of a bug out bag to sell folks the components of with a straight face. I usually tell people most of what they buy is too much or unnecessary.” Hogan objected.

“I ain’t talking about us getting into that kind of business at all. I know you got ideals and won’t just sell crap to make a nickel. You are the one that has been preaching all that prepper homesteader rhetoric at me and I understand the reason you want to go back to your little house in the country away from this big city. Tell you what, you put your emergency manager hat back on and get them rich folks to follow you down the same path you follow as a prepper and it might get your preparedness message to go mainstream better.” Boss said before adding “wasn’t it Hogan who had said the government spent millions every year trying to get the hurricane prone gulf coast residents to put together a 72 hour kit but only 40% ever did it? This was his chance to try to do the same thing but now he could do it Hogan’s cheaper, better way.”

“Yes, I remember telling you that. It wasn’t until they nearly doubled the amount of dollars spent and started everyone on an advertising campaign of preparing for the mythical “zombie apocalypse” that they got better results.” Hogan answered

Hogan hated that particular media campaign. It gave the excuse for snot-nosed kids and adults alike to ask their parents to buy big ass knives, swords and axes and such they had no business with without understanding it wasn’t a silly role-playing game. But Mr. Salsec was right; getting the preparedness message out was a driving force in Hogan’s life so he listened patiently.

“Now back to the country club, you can look at apartment rentals and investment returns the closer you are to that amenity being higher than places like where you are living now. What if when you paid your deposit down on an apartment and you were guaranteed by a corporation food and preparations being provided for a disaster located in one of those little Japanese shipping container things we talked about along with a renter’s insurance policy? See you got age restrictive retirement communities etc that have certain caveats in their leasing how about established preparedness communities?” Boss said letting the idea sink in.

“Pretty cool, an already pre-made resilient community setup, why not?” If he could have moved into one for an affordable extra fee he would have done it himself.” Hogan considered.

“I take it you been maybe looking around buying property options?” Hogan said wryly with a small smirk in boss’s direction as he eyed the bar to see if anyone appeared to be listening too closely to them talking business.

“Of course I have considered doing it but that’s none of your business right now, the idea is would you consider writing the Country Clubs emergency plan and giving a talk to a couple developers I have coming there?” Boss said scrutinizing Hogan’s mixed emotions that were furrowing his brow.

Hogan looked up at him and then lowered his head studying his drink that all of the sudden tasted flat. Mr. Salsec wanted answers and he didn’t have them. Going to Atlanta wasn’t as bad as going to hell in New York City but it felt about the same to him right now as he considered what an extended even longer stay in the big city would mean. No planting spring gardens, no homegrown vegetable harvest, no watching flowers form on the fruit trees in the orchard, no pissing or making a campfire in the backyard or letting loose with his 22 or AR rifle whenever he wanted to, no neighbors dogs coming to visit when they wanted to say hi to him and his mate, no nothing but a big old pile of money if he could forgo such of life’s luxuries a little while longer.

“Now as for shaking hands on it and committing to writing a continuity plan you can take a few days to consider. But as for just going to talk about help sell the business and idea of it, I need your answer now.” Boss said.

“I told you before that you need a face man for them folks to look at and not me. I can feed whoever it is you find what they need to be concentrating on. Grab another business continuity specialist or emergency manager to tag along that I can direct the grunt work to. That way you got somebody to answer phones and handle objections and I don’t find myself backed into a corner trying to handle too much.” Hogan suggested.

“We haven’t got the time to go interview and hire one. The meeting I am calling is in only a few days. Don’t you have a prepper friend around here somewhere that already knows basic human survival needs you can get to tag along with you? Maybe somebody that talks about stocking pantries and camping and canning and such? Don’t bring one of them fortress minded or over the top bristling with weapons gun prepper folks though. I would want you to choose someone that can talk about surviving hard times more calmly and holistically, like you do.” Boss asked.

“Uh yea, I might be able to come up with someone that would fit the bill and be willing to play the game with me. Is there anything in it for them personally that I can offer as bait or a bonus to get them to go?” Hogan asked thinking about compensation for what might be viewed as a paid acting or reacting job.

“Hell, they get a fine dinner, a bar tab and a hundred bucks for hanging out talking about prepping, is that fair?” Boss asked not having considered this factor yet but thinking Hogan and whoever he brought with him would probably cost $400 bucks in receipts and tips in there if they hit the bar after an expensive dinner for any lengthy time period.

“Sure I will do it, I am not sure who exactly it is yet I am going to drag along with me though. When did you want us to do that thing again?” Hogan asked.

“I know it’s short notice but would Wednesday be too early to finalize the meeting date on?” Boss asked flinching when Hogan’s eyes momentarily flashed his anger at the time schedule.

“I don’t know who I might end up with to help me on such short notice. I will have to think on that. That’s ok I can come alone if I have to and we sort it out later. What’s that recreational creator or whatever you call that lady that coordinates your employee events think of my Boy Scout idea?” Hogan asked watching the Boss get uncomfortable about one of Hogan’s odder suggestions of using the company’s non profit paid volunteer works time to focus on preparedness.

A lot of companies these days required their workers to take a week or two weeks off to advance the social model while interacting in things like building houses for Habitat for Humanity or Care Givers Day Off, etc. and doing a bit of community service. Usually the employees were free to choose what they wanted to do but helping a Scout with a preparedness badge or learning something about survival benefited both and Hogan pushed it as an option to get people up to speed quicker to just basically take care of themselves or get out in the outdoors.

Well we got the typical Girls Scouts versus the Boy Scout participations objections but that is the only thing going on which is easily remedied. But the message to do these sorts of things got confused when you started making it sound like play day and including fishing, kayaking and canoeing, reptile study and such. I can easily imagine it will work though all people have to think about is no food, nothing to drink and wishing they had some scouting skills. That’s why I wanted you to try to include in your planning some kind of personal level for the employees but I understand it’s too difficult right now at this stage.” Boss said checking his watch before informing Hogan he had to leave soon.


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Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
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