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IT WAS A VERY small town, next to the side of the hills, above the valleys, far away from the big cities, but a very interesting place, a quiet city to live according to Mrs. Walton.

Although Mr. Walton had died because a rather and strange causes after just a year of their being moved in to the city, for Mrs. Walton, the place still being a beautiful and quiet town to live and raise his son, Christopher, since passing over the years, remained very calm and welcoming, a peace that was only occasionally interrupted by the neighbors of the Walton, at least for one of the neighbors, Mrs. Sanders who from time to time would enter the noses were they not called her and make opinions about issues that, according to Mrs. Walton, her neighbor only exaggerated. Apparently, Mrs. Sanders had a mania to know what the Walton’s were doing, who for a reason considered a kind of phenomena.

But even worse, she considered Mrs. Walton a kind of werewolf, just because on one occasion she had arrived late to her house, Mrs. Sanders had been kind enough, according to her own words, to bring something for dinner, a huge bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce and a lot of garlic, but actually a lot of garlic, so much that the color of the tomato sauce does not can see between the green of the garlic sauce, and not to mention the smell.

“I thank you for your neighborly kindness,” Mrs. Walton exclaimed as she answered the door and took the bowl of spaghetti, but no before to trying to conceal it a little while perceiving the fragrance of garlic, something that was almost impossible to do. “I just hope you still have some garlic to cook tomorrow,” Mrs. Walton finished as she slammed the door so fast. It was because that reaction, Mrs. Sanders thought the Walton’s were afraid of garlic.

In spite of all that, it was a city where nothing happened. Nothing until that summer morning, that day there were something in the atmosphere, but it was something that not many can feel, at least not the majority, although Mrs. Walton, who started to be worried about it, that was a little different, had awakened the concern.

However, that day, as always, she left very early to work as usual. Christopher was already a young man, and in those days he was preparing to pass a test to have the chance to get in to a new school, one that he really wanted to go, and because it was summer, he did not wanted to stop preparing for his test, he spent hours and hours studying at home, but that day was also a little different for him to, although he had a library at home, he decided to go to the city library.


So, he decided to walk under a warm weather to the library. A weather that was constant during the whole summer. Even though it was very sunny outside, Christopher’s eager to study and learn didn’t stop him. The library where he was going was a couple of blocks away from his house. At the moment he arrived and entered the library, Christopher went directly to the quiet study area an elevated and clean area where tall glass windows were lighting a radiant sunlight on that summer day. When Christopher arrived to the study area the first thing that the guy did was to go and look for a science book, since science was one of his favorite subjects. Immediately he began to look for books that would call his attention.

After a few minutes of being looking for books, Christopher finally found an enormous old and dirty book right in the corner. This book was one of those books that never have been opened. Even though, this was not a science book he decided to take it with him.

Christopher right away thought about reading it and see if it was interesting. He took it to a corner table than he started to go through it. As he was reading he noticed that it was the era of kings and great wizards. It was something that called his attention. When he started to slowly look at it, he saw that that old and weird book was written in a language that he was not able to understand; but he was very curious about it, also he noticed some drawings among the pages that called his attention. There was too little to read since most of the pages only showed drawings. But the thing the caught Christopher’s attention was a pair of witches fighting with a subject that looked like a wizard. Christopher was very concentrated observing and trying to understand what that representation meant.

“Christopher!” exclaimed a voice on the other side of the small quiet area where he was “What are you doing?”

“Hello!” Christopher answered when he saw it was Will, a friend from school, Will was a thin and white skinned guy with light blue eyes and a thin and refined brown hair up to his ears; part of it fell over his eyes. Nonetheless, Will’s face expressed certain simplicity and although he seemed younger than Christopher, they were the same age. Will wasn’t alone; another guy accompanied him a guy who looked timid and with a lost look. His name was Taylor a boy that Will seemed to pick on all the time, however, this didn’t stop Taylor to be with Will every day.

Taylor also had a thin complexion; his eyes and black hair fitted his personality, sort of quiet and stood apart from everyone.

“I see that you’re busy in a very pleasant day like this, when you can be anywhere else besides here” said Will scolding him.

“And what are you doing here?” asked Christopher.

“I am trying to get a bit distracted, I decided to go out for a walk, and what are you doing?” said Will immediately.

“Here I am also getting a bit distracted,” exclaimed Christopher with a sarcastic attitude while he showed Will the old and dirty book that he found.

“Well, I have to leave now since I have been here for a good time­­,” said Will and Taylor next to them just looking without saying something.

“Sounds good,” said Christopher in a quick way while checking the book.

As Christopher looked at the book, he was specifically focusing on the drawing that kept his attention. He could see something very weird, something that happened. Afraid Christopher saw how the two witches were not in the drawing anymore and for a second he thought that he had imagined; however, when he reacted he noticed that the drawing had disappeared.

He continued to observe the book after and as he went through a couple of more pages he found another drawing that called his attention. In this occasion was like a golden door decorated in an eccentric way. The door had a pair of columns with an arched scripture where you were able to see images of snakes crawling on them.

It was a strange type of scripture that he had never seen before. Intending to read it, Christopher put his index finger over the arched letters that were on the image of the door. Then, when he least expected, he saw how the drawn snakes on the columns started to move and went behind the door. Christopher reacted immediately and jumped as he threw the book to the floor.

“But what the heck is happening?” exclaimed Christopher while other people who were seating around saw his reaction. “I’m sorry!” exclaimed him when he noticed that everyone was observing him.

“Young fellow! Please keep it quiet!” A lady yelled that was sitting behind a table near the entrance of the study hall. It was the librarian, a short and obese woman; she had her hair curled up on top of her head with an awful bow. She was on her feet when she heard the loud sound that Christopher made when he dropped the book on the floor.

“If you don’t stay silent, I am going to ask you to leave!”

“I’m sorry; I thought there was a bug on the table. I will stay silent,” exclaimed Christopher.

He got up from his seat and he went right away to pick up the book that he had thrown. Once again he tried to look for the drawing that freighted him so much. Also, he thought of not saying anything to anyone of what had happened; however, he decided to take home the strange book in order to read it in private.

“Excuse me; I would like to take this book home,” said Christopher to the librarian as he approached her.

“Fine, just let me register it on this side over here,” said the librarian while she was checking it out. As she fixed her glasses she was squinting at Christopher. After a few minutes, she noticed Christopher’s impatience to leave and finally she told Christopher that he only had five days to return it.

“Thank you,” said Christopher as he took the book. “You are so kind and nice and nice,” said with a big smile on his face.

Immediately he ran to the exit that was on the other side of the room. He was in such a hurry that he almost fell down before two guys that were entering the library. The librarian was watching him from afar.

“Boys these days don’t respect anyone anymore,” she exclaimed with an indignation gesture.


When Christopher arrived home, he locked himself in his room to be able to go through the book by himself. Sitting in a chair in front of a desk in his room, he placed the book on the desk and looked the title; he noticed that he hadn’t paid attention to it.




“The book that should not be read! ­ What a strange title; a book is not important if it cannot be read, I don’t understand,” said Christopher.

He took the book and observed it all over it. The book was so old, that as he was going through it, some pages fell to the floor. Christopher was so entertained with the book that he did not notice that some pages fell to the floor. He continued flipping the book, his main focus was to find an author; one he couldn’t find anywhere.

He finally gave up; he opened the book once again and started to look through the pages. In it there were many drawings that Christopher thought were very strange. Even though he looked at most of the pages in the book, he did not see anything strange in any other drawings. He tried to look for the page where the two witches were and found out that they were not there. He also looked for the door drawing and when he saw it again he observed that the rolled snakes were not around the door’s strange columns.

Christopher continued trying to read the strange script by writing over the drawing and trying not to put his hands over it, because he knew something bad could happen.

Since he couldn’t read and understand the writing, he thought right away that this might give him an idea as to what happened and what that out of the ordinary book was about. Once again he placed his hand on what looked like symbols at the bottom of the page, this time they were legible to read. And it read the following:



“This is the door that should never be opened,

It is the door to perdition,

It is the door that no one must ever cross,

It is the door that leads to death,

It is the door of the most powerful and fearsome.”




“This is absurd!” Christopher said to himself since he could not find an explanation to the meaning behind the title. “Where is this book coming from?” said Christopher.

Christopher was ready to give up on his intention to find a meaning to what he was seeing, experiencing, and reading. He decided to put his index finger over the arch letters. As he did this, the writing changed in such a way that Christopher was able to read it, even though; there were two words that he did not understand.

ORDUM ABERTER, what is that?” Christopher asked himself out loud, when he read what the writing said after it changed. “This isn’t normal!” he said.

Then a strong breeze burst in Christopher’s room as he opened the window sharply and immediately got up to close it again.

“Christopher!” exclaimed a voice; it was his mother’s, she was calling him. “Son, it’s time to eat!” she said.

“I’ll be right there!” yelled the boy as he closed the book and put it on top of his desk.

When he was about to close his door, the pages that had fallen to the floor, vanished in dust and spread all over the room.


The next morning after the incident, Christopher was in his room studying at his desk. Once again took out the book that he had taken from the library, but on this occasion as he picked it up, one of its pages detached and fell to the floor. Then he remembered that several pages had fallen from the book before and that he didn’t pick them up.

He was surprised to see that they were not there anymore. Then he observed with wonder how the page that had just fallen to the floor had vanished and turned to dust in a couple of seconds.

“What is happening?” he asked out loud. “I must be going crazy!”

“I already know that!” exclaimed Will, who had just walked into Christopher’s room without knocking. “You don’t have to repeat it so I can know.”

“I can tell that you still have the habit of coming in without knocking.” Christopher scolded him. “And what are you doing here?”

“Well, since it is a nice day I wanted to know if you want to go for a walk,” Will answered as he laid comfortably in Christopher’s bed.

“Not really, I’m not in the mood,” exclaimed the indignant boy. “Well the truth is that I don’t have the energy to do it”

“Why, what is wrong?” Will asked. “What is going on, are you sick?”

“I believe I can tell you about it,” said Christopher resigned. “Yesterday when I was at the library I found this book, when I started looking at it, it seemed interesting and I started to go though it, but in a while the drawings seemed to vanish and move.” Christopher explained as he showed him the pages of the book; specifically the page that had the drawing of the door where the serpents were.

“That is not true!” Will yelled. “That is not possible, how can that be?”

“That is the same thing I asked myself; look… there were serpents drawn here and suddenly they moved, as if they hide here.” Christopher continued saying as he pointed to where the serpents had disappeared, and those symbols had changed.

“My friend, I really think you imagined it.” Will murmured without giving much attention to what his friend was narrating to him.

“It is true!” Christopher said in a higher tone of voice. “Besides, there was another drawing that erased, and as if that wasn’t enough… yesterday some pages disappeared and dashed out of sight just as one that disappeared a few minutes ago it fell to the floor and it turned to dust!”

“Look, I think you’re a bit nervous because of your exam; it would be better for you to relax, that way you will not see stuff that doesn’t exist,” Will said.

“I see that you can’t be counted on!” Christopher scolded him again. “What I’m telling you is true, but if you don’t want to believe me, don’t worry… its ok…”

“Well, I should go now, although taking a walk and breathing fresh air would suit you good.” Exclaimed Will.

“No thanks, I think I’ll just go out to the garden for a while.” Christopher said.

“Ok, I’ll see you later.” Will said briefly.


WHILE, IN A REMOTE place, there were some one else who was worry more than Mrs. Walton, and it has to many reasons, but this was a very peculiar man, whit an elegance dress and the way he express his feelings.

Inside of a room into a very enormous and spectacular construction, far a way of any human eyes, in which was a huge room, there were enormous doors that presided the enclosure; in front of these, there were five large and cozy armchairs.

In the middle, there was a larger chair whose size excelled the other four; there was a striking character, an old man. He had a long beard and hair that looked like they both met; his white hair shone with the little light from inside the enormous room. He was slim and somewhat tall, but although he was sat, his head stood out calling the attention with a small hat that he was wearing. His clothes seemed old and filthy; his name was Argo Givins. He had his hand over his forehead and appeared to be very thoughtful. Certainly, on his face, there were troubled gestures that he wasn’t able to hide. His hand was moving back and forth from his forehead to his beard, and every now and then he would be starring at an old wooden clock with a big pendulum that moved from side to side inside a glass cabinet.

After a few minutes, the main door in that gigantic room opened, and besides the “tic-tac” of the clock, a pattern of footsteps was heard. These were the steps of a woman that rushed inside and went around the entire room, it was Madam Helen Kellman; one of members of the council in which they both belonged to. Just as the man, Argo Givins that was sitting, this woman was thinner and seemed old. She was maybe older than Givins. On her face there were some noticeable wrinkles. She had short black hair; her green eyes seemed awake and alert to everything that was moving. Both characters dressed in long black coats.

“Are you Ok?” exclaimed whit a lower voice a woman.

“Not really” reply Givins with a very worry voice. “We have to be ready for an urgent meeting, call the others” ended while he was showing an expression of a huge concern in his face.

“I will let everyone knows and let then be ready for it as soon as possible” Madam Kellman reply.

“It has to be early, tomorrow morning, I believe today is too late to do anything for what is coming?” exclaimed Givins, then he stand up and star walking to the door, next to that peculiar woman with a large complexion. “We will take some decisions tomorrow”



The next morning, Givins have a meeting with all his collaborators, very early in the morning, although apparently nothing happened the night before, some very important event had happened because Christopher’s action.

“I have gathered you here with an urgent matter since I have to tell you what happened last night.” as he was speaking he hesitated to finish the sentence. “Last night, something that I feared occurred, the door of Ordum has been opened.”

“Opened?” exclaimed Madam Kellman. “How can this be possible?”

“I still do not know, but I have a small suspicion that there’s someone who can give us an explanation,” continued Givins. “Although… it’s obvious that one of our worst fears has become a reality again.”

“That is impossible?” whispered another of the presents, Spencer, how despite of his astonishment, he was as fresh as a cucumber.

“But, sir…!” said Scott who was one of the wizards and one called the councilman of the South, a man of medium height and black-curly hair; he had a very short and thick beard in a lock form. It was black, but was already starting to light up with some white hairs where most part of his mouth was barely noticeable. His nose was pointy and broken from the bottom. He had a pair of medium sized glasses and he had a small stomach, but when he was sitting down it looked like it was bigger than its normal size. He was also the most demanding and picky out of all.

“You said that the door could not be opened… again,” said Scott.

“Yes, that’s what I thought,” Givins confirmed in a calmly way as he stood up in front of everyone. Scott said that he remember that there was an old legend, a legend that contradicts certain aspects and if it is true, this will have to do with what happened last night and I don’t want to be the one to confirm that the legend has actually gained strength, but there’s a small possibility for this to be true.

“Do you think that that legend is true?” asked Madam Kellman with a voice and an intimidated face, sitting just in front of Givins’ desk. “Do you really think that someone can open the door in such a way?”

“I don’t think so,” Givins growled between his teeth while he paced back and forth next his chair.

“…But there could be a possibility, I believe, Helen could be confirming it; since the door has been opened already … and unfortunately with her, the most feared horrors and for our most feared worries…”

“So what do you suggest?” asked Scott.

“Good question,” continued Givins without stop talking. “For this reason I called everyone urgently this morning to consult your opinion in this matter that we are all involved in… not only to us as councilmen, but also to all the assistants and the young apprentices and all the people who can help us.”

“I do believe that there’s someone who opened the door and quickly we must find that someone and find out what happened,” said Madam Kelleman to everyone to everyone as she was looking specifically to a man sitting next to her. “Because if we don’t do it, someone else will do it before we do, and you all know what that will mean to all of us… Isn’t that right Spencer?”

“Oh yes, of course, of course!” exclaimed Spencer immediately who was the councilman of the East, whose face demonstrated a clueless attitude. Spencer was a little bit chubby, more than Scott. Spencer was brown skin; he had on a weird hat that looked like a cap with peculiar loop than hung on one side and hit his shoulder every time he moved when he looked at the person speaking to him. He was always the one who had the last opinion. Also, he was kind of quiet and the one who spoke less in many occasions.

“Fine, that’s how it will be,” responded Givins, he stopped suddenly, crossed his arms and looked at everyone who was with him. “I believe we all agree…”

“Of course we all agree,” added Scott.

“Now I would like for each one of you to let your assistants and apprentices know, and more importantly give this matter a high priority. Since we have to finish what started several years ago,” continued Givins. “Now, it is better to leave and only speak with the appropriate people and find out what you can find out relating this issue.”

After those words everyone stood up and left the office they were in immediately. Givins received a suspicious look from Madam Kellman; her green eyes sparkled in a special way, while the old wizard knew the reason for that abnormal look.

The next morning while Givins was in his office going through some books, Scott came in a rush and went towards the old man that seemed busy.

“Sir, sir!” he exclaimed as he came in. “I apologize that I came in this way, but I have something very important to tell you!”

“What has happened my dear Scott?” asked Givins as he put everything on his desk aside. “By the way you look, you must have very important news.”

“Yes!” Scott confirmed very confident of him. “I have found out who is the person that committed such feat…”

“Seriously?” asked Givins very surprised in Scott’s attitude.

“Yes and the truth is Sir that the answer to that question has an even more complicated solution to believe,” continued Scott. “That act was done by a boy that is only thirteen years old.”

“What?” asked Givins surprised? “How can this be possible?” “That act could have been done only by someone whose power is difficult to match, one with an eminent power.”

“Yes, and the hard part to believe is that the boy is not one of us.” Scott said.

“But, how come?” asked Givens, astonished at what he was hearing. “You’re saying that someone with no power was capable of doing such a thing?”

“This is the same thing that I asked myself, but I’ve been to find an explanation about where that energy came from and I found out that it came from this boy,” Scott mentioned with a negative attitude as he was crossing his arms. “And the most interesting thing is that this energy is growing incredibly quick.”

“Excellent!” Givins congratulated him. “Well done, good job, now we must see how to take action, because you may keep in mind my dear Scott, like I had mentioned, these events give us the reason to believe that the legend is true… and we must hurry.”

“Sir…” Scott said in a cold attitude, “Do you really believe that the person the legend speaks of, is this boy?”

“Like I mentioned before, I am pretty sure!” Givins muttered. “I just need to confirm it and keep this boy in observation.” “I want to know how powerful is his power right now and if he didn’t have it before like it has been said, I want to see if now he has a power. I need to know just how eminent is that energy”

“I agree Sir, and that’s how it shall be,” Scott answered as he stood up to leave.

“Thank you for the information, now I must speak to Madam Kellman…” said Givins as Scott left the studio.


Later on in his office, Givins met with Madam Kellman. Once she came into his office, Givins started to give her orders.

“Helen, I have asked you to come here because I want to assign your students a very important task.” Givins said. “But I want you to be the one who tells them and also I want you to be aware of this.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“You will see, it is very simple,” continued Givins as he gave a malicious look. “I want your students to observe a young boy, a thirteen year old boy, whom according to Scott, is the one responsible of opening the entrance to Ordum.”

“A boy?” Madam Kellman seemed confused. “But how can it be possible?”

“I asked myself the same thing” “How can it be possible?” Givins said.

“And if it is true, how is it that you want Rodrigo and Brandon to take over this delicate task?” Asked Madam Kellman very agitated.

“That’s precisely the reason that I want them to take care of this.” Givins said and smiled. “Because it is a delicate task; besides they are the one’s most appropriate for this task.” “You see, the one who was capable of doing this is a young boy, and your students are also young boys that can easily to get close to him, that is why I want them to take this task.”

“Maybe you’re right.” She insinuated not being very convinced. “But how will they do it, I mean…”

“Don’t worry about it…” Givins interrupted. “They will not have any problems; I will personally guide them correctly, but first I wanted you to be aware.”

“If it’s already decided, I will not have an inconvenience.” Madam Kellman confirmed immediately.

“Good, so now I would like you to inform them,” Givins ordered with a soft voice and always very serene. “Besides I want to explain to them the details of this task.”

“That is fine.” Madam Kellman said. “I will let them know that you want to speak with them.” Having said this, she got up from her seat to leave Givins office.


After a while of Madam Kellman leaving, Givins was alone in his office very concentrated on his books and scrolls, and then there was a soft knock at the door.

“Come on in!” Givins exclaimed not losing his concentration on his books.

It was two boys not more than fifteen years old. One of them was Rodrigo, the taller one of the two; his appearance was common and ordinary, he was light skin with clear eyes and very short and dark hair. His figure was slim and he appeared to be very calm.

His partner, who was walking next to him toward Givins desk, was Brandon. This boy was the total opposite of Rodrigo. He was of swarthy complexion, had brown eyes, and was a bit shorter than Rodrigo. His hair was also short and black like Rodrigo, and this boy also seemed to be very calm.

“Madam Kellman said you wanted to talk to us,” Rodrigo said as they got to Givins desk.

“Yes,” he answered very calmly like usual. “I need to talk to you, there is a very, very critical task that I want to assign to you… please take a seat.”

Both boys sat immediately. They both had on long coats, as if they both were coming from a long journey.

“I want you both to pay attention to what I’m going to tell you.” Givins asked the boys as he looked at them in the eyes. “You see, this is a very important task and you are both ideal for this work.” “As you know, a while ago, a few years back, a series of unlikable events occurred that we managed to stop before a total chaos took over the council and our people.” “Yes, I have heard many times about this,” Rodrigo said. “When Madam Feigenholtz wanted…”

“She wanted to do things against the will of a lot of people.” Givins interrupted immediately. “And if they have told you the whole story, you should know that before sending her to her punishment, she managed to store her powers in a medallion that we haven’t found; and I suppose that you have also heard that it was broken in four parts?”

“Yes!” confirmed Brandon. “Then I suppose you know the rest of the story” Givins held his words. “Of course, the things that she did to become the Chief of Council and overall everything that happened back then,” Rodrigo said.

“What about the legend?” “Do you know about that?” Givins asked intrigued.

“I think so, I have heard a little about this in various occasions.” Rodrigo rushed to comment. “It’s about something that will happen again, isn’t it?” “Or something like that, supposedly there were two great wizards that disputed a great power and supposedly that will happen again; but wait a moment…what does that have to do with this task that you are assigning us to?”

“Yes, what does that have to do with us?” Brandon was quick to ask.

“I’m glad you asked.” Givins responded immediately as he looked down at the boy. “That is where your task starts.” “You see, we believe that it has happened again and by the looks of it, there’s another powerful wizard; one who has completed a great feat, but we are still not sure of his power.”

“A feat has been performed?” Rodrigo repeated with wonder. “But how… what happened?”

“Well, that was part of your assignment.” Givins continued explaining to the boys.

“Now, you see, Scott happened to discover that a feat was performed by a boy not older than you; this is why I want you both to get close to him and be able to find out several things.” “Since according to Scott, the most surprising thing is that this boy may not even be a wizard; he doesn’t even belong to our world… at least this is what it seems like.”

“Excuse me Sir?” Brandon interrupted. “But, what feat is that exactly?”

“Very good question...” Givins exclaimed. “Being of his knowledge, part of us exists; a dark world, a world in which no one would want to enter.”

“Yes, a world where the wizards that commit serious faults are banished.” Rodrigo interrupted again. “A place that no one can escape from”

“That’s how it is.” Givins assured firmly. “But a parallel world also exists, a world full of strange powers and exceptional creatures; ones that to our disgrace, they can manage to escape.” “The difference from the world of darkness, the black magic that exists in this parallel place can be delivered.”

“Through The Door of Ordum…” exclaimed Rodrigo, exalted. “You’re not trying to tell us that the feat is that this boy achieved was to open that door?”

“Excellent deduction, young man” Givins said very serene. “Now, I think you know which one, or better yet, which ones are the tasks that I want to assign to you; I want you to observe that boy, I want you to prove if he really is or not a wizard…” “And if he is not, I want you to find out what powers was he able to obtain with his feat; and since you are almost the same age as the boy, I think it will not be difficult for you to get close to him...” “That’s why I want you to be in charge of this very important task…” “Get close to him and gain his trust, because if I can prove my suspicions, this boy could now be a kind of living legend.”


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J B Mathew is a Chicago-base writer who is working on a new fresh Fantasy and Fiction Story, The Elder Spell is a novel dedicated to the young readers. The second part of the story is being prepared for publishing.

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