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As Bridgette pulls into the long driveway, she is struck by the beauty of the majestic marble mansion. The Italian historic manor with its tall pillars and columns is breath-taking. She feels an attraction to the structure. She has read many stories about its history. Stories told of a husband who built it for his beautiful wife in the early 1900’s, a love story remembered through the ages, a concept she finds romantic and endearing. The current owner of the manor is holding an open-house today in celebration of it’s 100th year. During this event, he hopes to attract a buyer, as he has aged and plans to rid himself of his assets. With no heirs, he intends to leave everything to his business partner, a close friend for many years.

Bridgette’s reason for coming is the history behind it. Her great, great grandmother was once the owner of this magnificent place. Her fascination with the manor is relentless. She notices as she drives up the long driveway leading to the front of the massive structure that she is the only one in the driveway. She double-checks the appointment confirmation for date and time. Finding the date and time correct, she thinks it strange there are no other vehicles for the tour. She especially thinks it’s odd that her appointment is made for this time of day since today is the celebration of the manor. She assumed that an appointment was needed to attend the celebration for headcount. With no one in sight, she gets out of her car and approaches the entrance.

The massive towering mahogany doors appear gigantic before her as she approaches. Touching the large handle, she presses the lever down to open. Pushing hard on the enormous door, she feels its heaviness and the bulk of its size. She walks into a spacious area where a large massive stairway looms directly in front of her. The steps are wide, reaching straight up to a beautiful stained-glass window centered at the top of the landing. New steps begin on each side of the stairwell to continue up to the next level. As she looks at the stained-glass window, she catches the shadow of a woman leaving the main stairs to continue up the right side of the stair cases.

“Hello,” Bridgette says loud enough for the woman to hear. At the same moment, a gentleman approaches her from an entryway on her right.

“Hello,” she says again, but in a lowered voice. “I apologize for yelling. I saw someone on the landing just entering the second set of stairs.”

The gentleman pauses, then looks up to the empty landing at the top of the wide stairs. He says, “I only have one reservation for this morning. I didn’t hear anyone come in.”

“I thought I saw a woman walking up the stairs,” Bridgette says, brushing it aside.

“No,” he states slowly, looking at her now with a more direct gaze, as if pondering. There is something about her face that is familiar. Dismissing that thought, he continues, “I’m the only person here. I’ve been waiting in the room next door and no one has entered other than you.”

“I thought today was the celebration of over 100 years of Celestial Manor? This place should be swamped with people,” she says with curiosity.

“The celebration begins later today. No appointment needed for that,” he says now recognizing her confusion. “I apologize if you were misled with time details.”

“No, that’s Ok. It was probably my mistake. I requested the appointment, not realizing the celebration was later in the day and that an appointment wasn’t needed.”

“Do you still wish to have the personal tour? Of course there will be no charge since you were confused with the details.”

Bridgette nods yes.

He says smiling, “Let’s begin your tour then.” As he motions for her to step this way, he puts on a smile as he immediately begins the prepared dialogue for the tour.

She looks at him and decides he is probably as old as the house. His demeanor is stately, a formality she decides is indicative of the time period of his assumed age. His tall thin statured frame reminds her of a soldier in stance. His stiffness seems to soften as he shows genuine sincerity when he speaks of the mansion.

His smile continues as, with a formal tone, he announces, “My name is Victor. I am the guide for Celestial Manor, and I have been a guide here for many years. The manor was built in the early 1900’s by Edward Harrington, a successful businessman from New York. He relocated to Virginia at the urging of his lovely wife, Celeste, for whom he named the manor. Her father’s military career brought him to Virginia regularly. He fell in love with the area, making the decision to move the family south when he retired. Being of prominent stature, Celeste’s father could afford the luxuries of the day so he purchased an estate in Afton. When Edward brought Celeste to visit her family, she fell in love with the beauty of the countryside. Wishing to be near her family, her husband looked at properties close by. Celeste’s father, who wanted his daughter close, showed this parcel of land to Edward, cultivating the idea of a summer home. The view is panoramic in every direction atop a beautiful mountain. It was easy for Edward to say yes for Celeste. It took two years to build the mansion structure due to the marble hauled in from distant locations. Each piece of the property was designed solely by Edward.”

Victor speaks of each room and its contents as they walk the lower floor. The main living area is decorated with thick velvet burgundy drapes, modern in the early 1900s. The furniture is made of deep mahogany wood, decorated with embroidered burgundy and gold material. It goes well with the matching mantle and the wood trim of the room, elegant and regal.

They walk the dining area with its long wooden table and matching cushioned seats. The curtains, unlike the main area are gold in this room. In the center of each end of the table are two short gold candelabras with six small white candles placed strategically for lighting. She doesn’t see the kitchen, but Victor shows Bridgette a butler’s door where the food was placed brought up by a dumbwaiter from the kitchen on the floor below. The meals were topped with dome covers and transported to this floor by the pulley shaft. The China cabinet holds the lovely original dinnerware. In the corner of the room, an easel stands with an enlarged picture of the table setting for an evening. Bridgette stares at it. She has the distinct feeling she has been seated at this table before.

Next, they enter what Victor refers to as the Gentleman’s Room. The men would retire to this room after dinner to smoke a pipe and enjoy conversations of their independent businesses. Victor explains that many a deal could have happened in this room. It has small single tier tables beside each leathered chair, where ashes were emptied into hand-crafted trays. On the corner of the ash trays are several dented sections, the size of a pipe’s ball, where a pipe is placed once it has been smoked. The décor is masculine with four large leather chairs facing a fireplace on the center of one wall. Overhead hangs a metal wrought iron sculpted design with curves in all directions posing as a chandelier. Victor explains that it was handmade by a blacksmith. The room has a lavatory adjacent.

Making their way to the large staircase, Bridgette looks up at the striking stained-glass window. Approaching the window at the top of the stairs, Victor informs Bridgette that Edward designed this window. “The woman in the glass is in his wife’s image.”

Standing in front of the stained glass, Bridgette can see the woman’s face that looks like her own. No matter where Bridgette stands, the eyes are looking back at her. They seem to follow her as she moves. Bridgette, totally captivated says, “It’s beautiful!” Her brown hair with auburn highlights brings out the piercing gray blue eyes that are mesmerizing. Taking in the image, it shows Celeste’s hair cascading down her back and over her right shoulder. As Bridgette stares at the image, Victor tells her that when you are outside, it appears as if she is looking at the luscious landscape surrounding the mansion. She is captured from a side view, looking out the window. When you are inside, it appears as if her eyes meet yours. The glass has a riveting design and uniqueness. There is something about the portrait that makes Bridgette linger immersed in its details. On each side of the window are etched glass doors. Victor pushes on one. To Bridgette’s surprise, the doors lead to a large open balcony that overlooks ponds and statues. Concrete planters are placed all around the edges of the balcony. They are filled with delicate flowers of the season. He points to the glass window. Celeste is looking right at her again.

They return to the stairwell landing inside. The tour continues to the next set of steps around a corner post, the same set she had witnessed the woman climb earlier. The handrails are mahogany with sculpted black wrought-iron design that meets the mahogany bottom rail. The mere look of it suggests great wealth. The steps go directly up to a long hallway where other giant doors give way to large quarters with stylishly decorated eighteenth-century furnishings. Every room has its own suite complete with fireplace and lavatory. It’s surprising, she thinks, that it has electricity. At that moment, Victor explains that this was the first place in the area that had electricity. “Edward spared no expense by putting a power house right on the property to provide for the enormous demand.” He says this with great admiration. He takes her from room to room giving details behind every selection of décor. Each room has its own design with coordinating features. Some are regal, others masculine, and others are specifically designed for femininity and delicate trinkets. The posh settings are lavish with expensive, extravagant details.

Victor and Bridgette enter what he refers to as the master suite. “Celeste and Edward had been to Italy. They stayed in a charming villa where Celeste fell in love with the décor. She designed this room closely resembling the one they had stayed in on their honeymoon. The large bed with its four tall posts, have intricate designs carved into the wood. The armoire was made of the same wood as the posts, with matching carved designs. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington had exquisite tastes as shown by the lavish furnishings here. This room is neither feminine nor masculine.” He ends this portion of the tour by saying, “Celeste died in this room in 1923.”

That information jolts her! Bridgette turns her head quickly as she sees a shadow pass through the doorway down the hall. It wasn’t in the room, but leaving the room. “There she is,” Bridgette says. “The woman I saw on the steps just passed the doorway.”

Victor excuses himself and walks out into the hallway. “Hello, the tour is in here,” he exclaims yelling down the hall. He continues his search looking in each room as he scans the hallways.

While he is out of the room, Bridgette moves around inspecting the items on display, touching things gently. In the distance, she hears a low soft woman’s voice say, “I’m so glad you are finally here.” Bridgette turns quickly, but sees no one. She’s startled, and when Victor returns, she frantically asks, “Did you hear that?”

Victor replies quizzically, “Hear what? I found no one in the hall.”

“A voice,” Bridgette says. “It was a woman’s voice speaking very low. She said she was glad I was finally here!” Bridgette repeats what she heard feeling anxious.

Victor sees her discomfort and responds to her, “No. I’m sorry I didn’t hear it. Are you sure that’s what you heard? These old walls creak and make a lot of noise.”

“Yes, I know that’s what I heard.”

Calmly, he takes her by the arm and they walk out into the hallway. He tries to reassure her by making light of it. He says, “It must be a ghost,” immediately scolding himself internally for saying such a stupid thing.

She quickly looks up at him searching for sincerity of that statement.

He smiles at her and gives a chuckle trying to lighten the moment. “Let’s go outside to see the gardens and waterfalls.” Taking her by the elbow, he leads her to a staircase that leads back toward the stained-glass window.

As she passes, she watches the woman’s face in the glass looking back at her. Their eyes meet, and she finds it difficult to move past it. She stops and envelopes the gaze between them.

Victor continues walking down the large center staircase that leads back down to the foyer, but stops when he notices she’s not behind him. He glances up the staircase to see an image of Celeste standing behind Bridgette looking in his direction. He panics when he sees the unnerving image! He sees that Celeste and Bridgette look exactly alike. Why hadn’t he seen it before? He screams in utter hysteria. “My God, I knew you were in this house. I knew it!”

Startled by the comment, Bridgette looks down at Victor and says, “What?”

The image becomes transparent as Victor rushes up the steps to Bridgette. As the figure fades, he takes Bridgette’s arm and hurries her down the steps. “Let’s continue the tour of the grounds,” he says trying to pretend the sighting and his words never happened. He rushes her outside.

Once outside, she takes a deep breath inhaling the fresh air. She admits to a moment of panic upstairs, and to be honest felt quite vulnerable. Something made her feel tense and uneasy in that house, yet simultaneously drawn to its mystery. She asks Victor, “What did you see?”

The reputation of the manor needs above all to be protected. Any announcement of ghosts could alter any prospect of a sale so he decides to down-play his observation. “The image of you beside Celeste was captivating, as if she was still alive. Your reflection mingled with hers on the glass,” he says covering his emotions storming inside.

She accepts this explanation and tries to brush it aside.

The tour continues with no other unexplainable events. The grounds are just as scenic and beautiful as the internal features of the home. The statured fountains are of Greek design, breaking away from the Italian splendor. Covered walkways lead to more glorious views of the valley. Turning to gaze at the house, she has a moment of Deja vu. Everything seems so familiar.

Wrapping up the tour by entering the main lobby again, Victor provides her with a brochure detailing other tour dates and the history of the manor. He thanks her for coming and escorts her through the large mahogany doors. They part ways with a handshake indicating the tour has come to its conclusion. She walks down the steps toward her parked car in the drive, and turns taking one more look at the large massive home. She again sees the woman. She is standing in front of a window on the second floor. I knew I had seen her, she thinks as she opens her car door to get in. Why is she being so evasive? She starts her car and drives down the lengthy driveway to leave the manor that drew her in from the moment she arrived. What she had not told Victor was that her great, great grandmother was Celeste, a great, great grandmother that died long before she was born.



The big celebration event is in full swing by one o’clock in the afternoon. People are in line, waiting to get in. Victor isn’t used to seeing so many people roaming through the house. It’s usually filled with silence. The manor is open for anyone to walk freely from room to room today. There are tour guides in every room to deliver a prepared speech and to answer questions. They are also there to protect its valuables. As Victor walks through the main quarters, he finds no alarming events to concern him. The earlier vision of Celeste has him unnerved a bit. He is mulling over in his head whether to tell the owner about his sighting. The two had discussed the possibility of it being haunted before, but neither had seen what Victor had seen today. He wonders to himself if today’s activities have something to do with it. Was the date significant? Was the date awakening a long sleeping ghost, or did it have something to do with Bridgette, the nine o’clock appointment? He thought to himself the words Bridgette had said, “I am glad you are finally here.” He wishes now he had questioned her about her family history. Maybe there is a long-lost connection in her heritage that Celeste knows. Without more information, he could only speculate. He has her contact information so he decides to contact her another day to probe more about her family. The thing that strikes him is the resemblance she holds to Celeste. The two standing side-by-side, show strong similarities.

Guests are coming and going all day. The owner, Mr. Barkley, is busy with various investors trying to interest them in the purchase of the property. Unfortunately for him, no one seems to be interested enough to take on the large debt. Most hadn’t a clue what they would do with this enormous castle. The upkeep costs alone would be astronomical, not to mention there are some needed repairs, things that would be costly.

Toward the end of the day, a prospective gentleman walks in leaving Victor with last minute hopes of a purchaser. The visitor walks through the halls with purpose, as if he knows each room. Victor approaches introducing himself, and probes with questions trying to gauge his interest.

Entering the master suite, Victor says, “Gorgeous, don’t you agree? Hello, my name is Victor,” he holds out his hand to shake the visitor’s hand.

“Yes,” he replies with a side-glance toward Victor while roaming the room. “Oh sorry, my name is Jason.” He turns back to shake Victor’s hand. “This place is enormous.”

“Yes,” Victor replies. “It has twenty rooms that encompass an astounding 23,000 square feet.”

”Wow! That’s big! No one lives here?” Jason asks.

“No sir. Not at this time.”

“It’s a shame. It feels like home,” Jason says while still perusing the area.

When Jason had barely made the statement of home, Victor hears simultaneously, “Edward.” He turns to see Celeste staring at Jason.

“My Edward,” she says again looking at Jason lovingly.

Victor looks at Jason for reaction but sees none. Victor turns and excuses himself quickly. He leaves the room beginning to feel panic again. She has appeared for the second time today! He needs to speak to the owner. He rushes down the steps to find him. We have a problem that will cause this house not to sell, not to mention he’s afraid to be in this house anymore.

He makes it back to the main level where he sees Mr. Barkley speaking with guests. He walks up, excuses himself to the members, and asks for a minute of Mr. Barkley’s time.

“What is it Victor? You look upset,” Mr. Barkley suggests after they walk away from the guests.

“Mr. Barkley, we have a ghost in this house.”

“I know, Victor. We have discussed this before.”

“No. I mean she is here right now! I just saw her in the master suite. She is calling a visitor, ‘Edward’.”

Mr. Barkley asks with incredulous disbelief, “What?”

“I’m not kidding. I have seen her twice today. Earlier this morning I gave a tour for a young woman, and Celeste appeared right before my eyes. The visitor was standing in front of the window at the top of the stairs. I continued down the steps, and when I turned back, Celeste was standing behind the young woman. I swear to you, they could have been twins. They looked so much alike! Then, just now, a guest was walking through the suite and Celeste appeared staring at the guest calling him Edward.”

Victor is visibly shaken and unnerved.

“Ok, Ok. Let’s go. I want to see her for myself,” Mr. Barkley says, thinking all the while this is unbelievable. All the way up to the room he’s talking to Victor. “Why would she show herself today? Why these two people? Could it be this one-hundredth celebration has roused a spirit?”

Both quickly climb the stairs to see Jason still roaming the room. Behind him stands Celeste, so clear she looks alive. Mr. Barkley grabs Victor’s arm! The two back quickly out of the room.

“Oh my God, it’s real,” exclaims Mr. Barkley. “He doesn’t appear to see her?”

“I don’t think he does,” Victor replies. “I watched him when she called him Edward. He didn’t respond at all.”

Both turn to re-enter the room, but Jason is coming out.

“Jason, this is the owner, Mr. Barkley,” Victor explains as they halt him in the doorway. “Do you have a minute to talk about your interests in the tour? We’ve been asking guests randomly all day what brought them to the open house.”

“Sure,” Jason responds. “I have always been interested in historical structures. I love the look of this place. I had been out riding earlier this spring and found myself here. There were ‘No Trespassing’ signs up. I told myself if there was ever an open house, I would visit. I‘m an architect; the manor lures me in because of its design.”

”Ok,” Mr. Barkley says with growing interest. He redirects Jason back into the room then proceeds to ask questions of his background. “Do you know anything about the history of the manor?”

“Only what I have read on the Internet and in your brochures,” he says walking around inspecting the room again. “I think the place has a fascinating history.”

“So, no direct history in your past associated with this place? We’re interested in finding out if there are any relatives to the Harrington’s,” Mr. Barkley states.

“No, I’m from this area. I understand they were from New York. I’ve visited New York, but never lived there.”

“Yes, they were originally from New York, but moved back in the early 1900s. The family stayed and set up roots here,” says Mr. Barkley.

Victor asks, “Would you mind leaving us your contact information? We plan to do a gift drawing for one lucky visitor, and would like to include you.”

He hands Victor a card. “Sure. Thanks for the tour.” He shakes their hands and departs.

Victor looks down at the card and reads, “Architect.” He finds it fascinating that this guy is an architect, just like Edward. What a coincidence.

“That would explain his presence, but what about Celeste?” Mr. Barkley thinks aloud. “Why did Celeste call him Edward? And why did she show herself with your nine o’clock appointment?”

“I think we need to look into this further. She did look identical to Celeste,” Victor says with conviction. “She looked very much like her.”

Mr. Barkley tells Victor that he would like to meet her. “Arrange another visit for her when I’m present. I want us to get as much information as we can on both. This is challenging my belief system. I’m an old man looking for answers about life after death. This intrigues me. If there is a connection between Celeste and one of these two, I want to know what it is. Hopefully, the two of them will be interested in learning more as well.”

The next day, Victor makes the call to Bridgette. She’s surprised to hear from him only a day after the visit.

“Hello,” she says with surprise in her voice. “Yes, I visited the manor yesterday.”

Victor says, “You may think this is strange, but the owner of the manor would like to meet you. We had a gift drawing. You are a winner.”

Feeling excited about being selected, she says, “How nice. When would you like me to come pick it up?”

“We have one other guest who has been selected as well, so we need to get with that person first to get his schedule. Is there a particular time that would work best for you?”

“I’m out of school all week, so I’m pretty much available any day,” she says thinking she will cancel anything in conflict with his request.

Victor tells her that he will get back to her once he can set the date. She thanks him, and they hang up.



Bridgette gets the return call from Victor within the hour. Victor asks, “Are you available to come to Celestial Manor tomorrow at noon?” Excitedly, she answers yes, happy this is happening so soon. She’s unable to get to sleep that night, tossing and turning. She restlessly lays there thinking about her visit. She has read everything imaginable about the property, immersing herself in the details. She didn’t know much about her great, great grandmother, as her mother had passed very early in her childhood. She ponders the love story between Celeste and Edward. It makes her dreamy, longing for such a love.

She finally falls into a deep sleep. She dreams she is Celeste, standing at the top of the stairs. Edward is climbing the steps toward her. She is so excited that her heart is pounding as he moves closer. “This doesn’t feel like a dream!” she thinks as he continues to climb the steps. She holds out her hand to him and is surprised when he reaches her and places his hand in hers. She knows she’s going to wake up when she feels his hand, but she doesn’t. He says nothing. He gazes into her eyes, making her breathless with excitement. As he lowers his head to hers, she looks into those beautiful blue eyes and thinks of how much she loves them. His hair is jet black, yet his eyes are a sky blue. The contrast between the darkness of his hair and skin against his bright-blue eyes is a compelling combination. The desire in her erupts even before his lips touch hers. His lips press against hers, and she melts into his arms with such longing, a desire she’s known from long ago. She returns his kisses with fierce abandon. She struggles to know her true self as she kisses him deeply, placing her fingers behind his neck and pulling him down to her as he envelops her and runs his fingers over her back. Their eyes meet between kisses only to reunite with deeper kisses. The heat from the two ignites a rage of passion that both know will be satisfied this very night.

She is suddenly jolted awake. The alarm is beckoning her from a dream that she cannot return to. She is devastated. She lies in bed remembering the dream vividly. It felt so real, she thinks to herself as she pushes her body to get up. She falls back onto the bed with anxiety from the let-down of feeling his love so intensely. She repeats in her mind again, and again, the memory of the dream, not wanting to forget a moment of it. “He didn’t call me Celeste, and he didn’t call me Bridgette either,” she thought. She begins doubting what she has dreamed. She has seen pictures of Celeste and Edward, so was it the two of them that she dreamed of, or was it her and someone else? “Maybe it’s just me wishing I had the kind of love my great, great grandparents enjoyed.” She continues to lie in bed wishing she could sleep again so the dream might begin where it left off.

Finally, she forces herself to get up, to prepare for the day’s event. Going back to the manor may make her feel the romance again. A new dream could develop or the old one could pick up where it left off, she thinks with great hope. She dresses and begins the drive to Celestial Manor, excited to see the prize she has won.

Pulling into the long stretching road again, she looks at the picturesque castle. This time there are three vehicles in the drive. She feels an eerie sense of belonging to this place as she parks. She looks for the woman in the window that she had seen before, but sees no one. She continues to the front door to go in. Not certain whether she should knock, she hesitates for a moment. The door opens, and Victor is there to meet her.

“Hello, Bridgette,” Victor says with warmth. “So glad you could make it.”

“Thank you, Victor.”

“Everyone is here,” he says as he directs her toward the dining area. As she enters, an older gentleman and a man, who looks to be about 30, are seated at the large table in the dining room. Both stand as she walks in.

“Hello, Bridgette,” Mr. Barkley says standing and introducing himself. He turns motioning to the other man and says. “This is Jason Cranston.”

Bridgette shakes their hands as Victor pulls out a chair for her to be seated. The table is decorated with place settings for four. She seats herself beside Victor and across from Mr. Barkley. She feels nervous with this formal setting. She wishes she had dressed up, although no one else looks overly dressed either.

Mr. Barkley begins. “I’ve hired a catering service to provide our lunch.” He motions for the caterers to bring in the food to be placed between them. “We can relax and get to know each other. You were selected randomly, as you know, so tell me about yourselves.”

Everyone is looking at Bridgette. She begins by telling them she has been in this area her whole life. “My last name is Chandler. My father is a doctor at a local University Hospital. My mother died when she was forty. I was a very young age at her passing and have few memories of her. I am an only child. I’m in law school and will graduate in six weeks.”

Bridgette, Victor, and Mr. Barkley turn to Jason. He says, “I’m an Architect.” He points around the room. “I guess that tells you why I came here for the tour. The structures and the history of beautiful homes intrigue me. I come from a long line of architects; my father was one, as was my grandfather. I, too, have been in this area my whole life. I have a brother a year older than myself, and a sister a year younger.”

Bridgette watches him closely. He is well-educated; she can tell by the way he tailors his words. He doesn’t have the southern accent that some Virginians have. He is tall, dark, and handsome. As he speaks, she finds herself startled to notice his sky blue eyes. Her mind moves to her dream. No way, she thinks to herself. She blushes at the details of the dream. He looks similar to the man on the steps. They favor each other she admits. Is this the man in my dream? I think I should know. The dark hair and skin, and the eyes are a solid match. Is it him? She’s not sure.

Jason sits taking in his situation. The girl or woman across from him is striking. She has long thick hair that cascades in layers down her back. The brown color has auburn highlights streaking through the strands. Her eyes are a gray blue. They look gray at first glance, with a hint of blue, which matches perfectly with her olive skin tone and hair color. Her lips are full with a luscious shade of deep natural lipstick emphasizing the plumpness. Her facial features are perfectly proportioned. She is slender, but her breasts are full, emphasizing the slimness of her waist which he noticed as she entered the room earlier. She’s very attractive. With no ring on her finger, he makes the assumption she’s single. He tries to bring his mind back to the conversation by looking at Victor, who is speaking. “Mr. Barkley, Victor, what is this all about? Why were we chosen for this special lunch?” Jason asks with curiosity. “Thank you, by the way.”

Victor explains how they were selected for the prizes, but allows Mr. Barkley to provide the details.

 “Well, I’m going to be honest with you,” Mr. Barkley says. “First, let me give each of you a five- hundred dollar gift card in honor of being selected.” He hands both an envelope. “You were chosen not by random drawing, but by incidents that occurred during your visit. The other day when the two of you visited, did either of you have an experience in this house?”

“What kind of experience do you mean?” Jason asks.

“Bridgette, didn’t you say you heard someone say, ‘Glad you are finally here?’” asks Victor.

“Yes, but I thought you said you didn’t hear it?”

“I didn’t, but what I did see was Celeste standing behind you at the top of the stairs, right before we left for the tour of the grounds.”

“You what?” she says shocked.

“Yes,” Victor says, “she was standing behind you on the staircase.”

“Wow! That scares me. What about Jason? What happened with him?”

Jason adds, “Yes, what does this have to do with me?”

“Well, I also saw her in the master suite with you Jason,” Victor says.

Jason and Bridgette just stare at each other pondering their connection to the ghost.


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