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First pages

The Present

A Sudden Rain

The kiss was long and deep and he was filled with a pleasure that he could not explain.

It was all the more beautiful because it was raining and he was soaking wet. But unlike the other times, this time he really loved the rain. The rain was rejuvenating him.

He should have been cold, but her kiss was compensating for it. She was in his embrace and she somehow just seemed perfect for him. Like as if she was made for him. She had a lithe and powerful body. But the thing which really took his breath away, were her gray twinkling eyes. Those eyes never lost her sparkle and they were fiery – the look in her eyes spoke of a girl who knew her mind.

And that look excited him.

"Will you marry me?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

There was a stillness in the air.

Through every single drop of rain, Aaditya savoured that silence.

He just did not know the effect of his sentence on her. But then he did realize that unusually she was looking slightly flustered as she was studying him.

She seemed to look into him, as if she was trying to read something wrong in his lines.

"What did you just now say?" Her usually husky voice was faint as she was looking at him and for a huge second, the raindrops were so loud that Aaditya almost did not hear her.

But then he did not need to hear her words.

She was not a great liar. Her eyes told him of her doubt. That doubt – it hurt. Slightly. But then, she could not know him that well.

He meant what he had said. He really meant it. If this woman really agreed, he would be with her for the rest of his life.

"Will you marry me, Sahana?" Aaditya asked her quietly.

Probably, the timing was wrong. Aaditya did not know whether anyone ever proposed with the rain pouring down on them.

But to him it was perfect. She seemed like the rains to him - unstoppable and completely capable of consuming him.

Aaditya opened his eyes as he looked at the woman in front of him. A woman whom he had been searching for the past five years – a woman whom he had loved with his whole heart – a woman whom he had wanted to share his life – but now she was a woman whom he just wanted to apologize. He just wanted to apologize to her and hope she understood that he had made a mistake.

Her gray eyes were accentuated with her eye-liner and if anything it reminded Aadi of the life-giving monsoon clouds – the very same clouds under which he had asked this woman to be his.... Aadi’s breath was caught in his throat as the memory of that day, five years back, seemed to lash out at him and he was sure that he could even hear the squeal of thunder and the lightening, which had lit up the skies, when he had told that girl that he wanted her.

He looked at the lady in front of him and realized that the eyes of the girl were still the same ... no... this was a woman.

Not because she was older. She had the same charm, the same curves, the same lithe body with a beautiful half pout lighting up her features and her loose hair was dancing like it had life of its own. But her eyes....

Aaditya stopped himself because what he was thinking was unforgivable. This woman was not his.... That was a door closed to him.

Her dark shade of the saree just draped perfectly on her shoulders and her loose hair brought out the beauty of her gray eyes better.

Just that the eyes now seemed more mature.

That willingness to believe which had been there in that younger girl whom Aadi knew, was missing from the woman before him.

Aaditya felt his guilt wrench his gut and he realized that the woman's walls were up. Not that he blamed her for it. If someone had done what he had done to her, probably, they would have slapped him.

At least, she was being civil about it.

"Mr. Raik? Aaditya Raik?" Her voice just carried that same huskiness that had excited him once.

Worse, Aadi realized that it still excited him, robbing him of his capacity to speak. He lamely nodded, as her eyebrows lifted as she studied him.

She pretended that she did not know him. That hurt him. That familiar pout on her face, that smile which lit up her face on seeing him... Aadi could see none of it. She was a perfect stranger to him and that was suddenly unmanageable for him.

"Your meeting should start in another fifteen minutes," she said nodding, waving her pen to her right. "Three more people have to come for your meeting."

Aaditya nodded again, because for a brief second he had forgotten why he had come here at all.

One look of those gray eyes was sending him all sorts of vibes, and it was messing with his head.

That was when Aaditya realized that she was probably working here – in the high class five star Marina Towers. Agreed, she looked very posh, too posh to be working here, but she obviously was.

Though, he was the CTO of the city's oldest electronics company, she seemed more sure of herself. It was the same confidence which she had always had.

Aadi turned as another woman nervously came behind Sahana and the other woman was watching the scene, a little worried.

Sahana turned briefly to look at the woman behind her and then she turned to Aaditya who was staring blankly at her and he was still not able to take his eyes off Sahana.

It did not matter to him that she did not care. She still had a grip on his soul – one which he could not deny.

"You will be delayed for your meeting, Mr. Raik," She told him as her gray eyes turned slightly cold. "Don't you have to be on time for it? You don't have to waste your time staring at my face."

Aadi nodded lamely. But she did not even look back as she handed over the pen to the woman behind her and walked away from there.

All Aadi saw were her clacking heels which marched perfectly as she walked away from the table.

He was praying that she turned at least once.

Now that he had finally found her, words completely failed him. Originally, when he was searching for her, he had planned on telling her so many things – on finding her – things which he hoped that she would understand. He just hoped she would understand that he had made a mistake five years back. An unforgivable mistake. He just needed a chance to undo it. Just one.

But she never turned back.


The Broken Cup

The mid-morning sun of the city of Sthapan was pouring into the room and Sahana Varyn just hated it. Every bit of it.

She curtly nodded at her PA-cum-secretary, who was just outside her room and she hoped no one saw that she was rattled. Badly.

"You don't have to waste your time staring at my face...." She had snapped at him because she was furious. More than furious.

The smug, stupid bastard.

But then Sahana was honest with herself. Slightly.

Watching Aadi again had brought back memories. Hard hitting memories – memories which burnt her more than the hot Sthapan morning sun. That was why she had snapped at him.

Because what she had felt on seeing him was just unforgivable. Watching Aaditya here should not have done this to her. She was through him. At least that was what she told herself – she had been telling herself for the past five years. And until now, she thought that it was true.

But the fact was, that for a huge second, watching Aaditya walk towards the conference room in that confident gait of his, had shaken her up. Badly. Aaditya's look brought back that girl – that girl whom Sahana had changed, no moulded into what she was, right now.

"Ma'am, the interior decorators just called and said that they would be delayed."

That was from Mrs. Malathi Jayaraman, Sahana’s PA.

Mrs. Malathi was a plump and beautiful woman. At fifty, she had brown eyes which smiled easily and masked the shrewd business sense of the woman. Usually, talking to Mrs. Malathi, always brought that smile on Sahana's face. Because Sahana still had to find another woman who had the same zest that Mrs. Malathi had in her life. Married and with two children, Mrs. Malathi was everything that Sahana was not. Which was probably why they had hit it off immediately. What Sahana had with her business sense, Mrs. Malathi had with her strict, no-nonsense approach to everything.

Mrs. Malathi was Sahana's right hand woman as Sahana was running the huge hotel. And Sahana would honestly cut off her arm, instead of doing anything without her PA.

"Sahana?" Mrs. Malathi looked around as there was no one else in the office besides the two of them.

Sahana rolled her eyes. She just did not understand why Mrs. Malathi had to be so fastidious when there were others in the place.

Sahana was half of Mrs. Malathi's age. Mrs. Malathi would be more than entitled to call Sahana by her name. But despite that, Mrs. Malathi did that only when there was no one else in the office. As was right now.

"A very worried Ankita just called me a few seconds back," Mrs. Malathi declared, a little slowly.

"Ankita?" Sahana asked looking confused. All for a second.

Then she realized who Ankita was, as Sahana rolled her eyes again. "Tell her to be on time when we have rented the Purple room for some Board meeting."

Sahana named all the meeting rooms in her hotel after some colour, because it was the easiest to understand when someone was referring to it. Apparently, even her customers liked that idea.

Mrs. Malathi nodded as she gave Sahana a knowing smile.

"That is exactly it." She continued in the same slow voice. "Ankita came in late today and you took over her job as the receptionist?"

"Just because I run the hotel, does not mean I cannot do anything else." Sahana said shaking her head and giving a dry chuckle. "And I have done everything here at the hotel."

She was proud as she looked around the twelve storey Marina Towers. That was a fact. She had joined the place as a manager because she was really desperate for the job. She had not completed her college degree – she just could not. She was looking to escape from the Irragon city and she had cut off all ties of her past. At that time, she just needed the money and a fresh start. The job of the manager at the hotel gave her that opportunity and she had grabbed it.

Then, three years after joining the hotel, when the previous management wanted to sell the place, Sahana had obtained a loan from just about all the sources that she could find and had purchased the hotel.

She worked insane hours – hours which no one could work and her business strategies had worked.

Two years later there was no looking back for her.

Yes, Sahana had every right to be proud of herself.

But then, she had not done all this for pride.

"Every time I see you Sahana, I am reminded of that little girl whom I saw five years back – the kid who wanted so desperately to succeed." Mrs. Malathi said as she smiled at the gray eyes which always looked around as if looking into everything – the real reason why things happened.

And most of the times, Sahana got her answers – she was tenacious and smart enough.

“That little girl who had come to Sthapan to start afresh and then went on to create history.”Mrs. Malathi said proudly with an indulgent smile and she had meant it as a compliment. She really had.

But for a huge second, Sahana's eyes clouded.

Her gray eyes had that dangerous look, which she usually had when she was dealing with miscreants who messed up with her hotel or when Sahana was dealing with her rivals.

Because that kid whom Mrs. Malathi was speaking of, had wanted to succeed because it was an obsession to her.

You are the wrong choice to be his wife...

Those were the words that haunted that kid when she tried to sleep. That kid could not sleep, which was why she went back to work. That kid wanted her work to take over her life so that she did not have time to think about those words. Ever again.

Mrs. Malathi faltered as she saw Sahana's expression.

Naturally, Mrs. Malathi assumed that it was Ankita's actions which brought on that reaction from Sahana and she backtracked.

"It is just a mistake, ma'am." Mrs. Malathi said formally, as she was looking slightly anxious. "Ankita is usually on time. I will make sure she is on time after this."

Sahana was silent, because she really did not want to talk about this or about anything else. She just wanted to go home and sleep away the entire thing and wake up tomorrow, after convincing herself that whatever had happened today was just a nightmare. Nothing more.

But then Sahana did not have that option. Not now. Which was why, she nodded curtly at Mrs. Malathi again,

"As soon as the interior decorators come, I want to meet them." She said quietly as she nodded at her slightly worried secretary again and walked inside her office.

Unfortunately, the broken ice cream cup which she had decorated as a pencil holder was the first thing which Sahana saw in her office.

Her office was tastefully decorated. The carpets were soft and the walls had the velvet purplish surrounding, as in accordance with the rest of the hotel. And the glass table in the centre was aesthetically beautiful. Sahana knew from experience that the chairs in the room were as comfortable as they were classy. The grandfather clock in the side was just to add to the antique value and Sahana knew that her customers really found her room beautiful.

But then none of it was helping her today. In fact, she did not even see the rest of the things in her room. Just the broken cup.

"I need a chocolate ice cream."

"Why do you always order that?"

"I like it."

"From today on, I like it too. I love the way your eyes go, when you eat it."

"You like ice cream, when I eat it?"

"No. I like chocolate ice cream, when you eat it. And I would like it, better if you shared it with me."

"No way! And seriously, how do my eyes go, when I eat ice cream?"

Aadi looked completely lost as he had pondered over her question. He looked so lost that his ice cream cone had melted. Completely.

And she had laughed at his sheepish expression....

Sahana opened her eyes suddenly and she was slightly horrified to find that she was lost in her musings and had missed the intercom buzzing.

She was almost fumbling as she clicked on the device.

"Ma'am, Mr. Dipen is here with his assistant." Mrs. Malathi's voice was formal again.

"Send him in." Sahana's voice sounded slightly hoarse to her own ears. She just hoped that her meeting with the interior decorator was enough to make sure she did not think of her past. That was closed.

She wanted it that way.

A Late Lunch

Unfortunately, the meeting went just perfect.

Aadi had spent most of last night, preparing for the board meeting today.

He knew he had to travel early today morning, which was why he had slept at two at night, after getting all the papers ready.

But that was hardly surprising. Aadi always worked. All the time. That was his passion and his work. He really enjoyed it.

Besides, to be very honest, Aadi did not have anything else to think about. He lived all alone in his huge five bedroom home at Irragon. He had lived there all his life.

During the day times, the home had all the servants – most of whom had been employed by Aadi’s parents, during their lifetime. They had all worked there for Raik Senior and his wife and now they worked for Aadi.

But the house was still huge. Which was why Aadi felt empty as he stared at it. He had never been a noisy person, even as a child. But then still, his home had never been quiet. But now, the silence was all that there was.

There were still times when he suddenly remembered his talks with his father. He even missed his mother’s nagging.

It was for all these reasons, that Aadi preferred to work at nights at home. The whole day he spent at office. He did not want to stare at the walls of this home and think about his past....

It was for all these things that Aadi had prepared for this meeting until two in the morning. He wanted some shut-eye.

Because this was one meeting he did not want to miss. The latest division of M/s. Vertex Pvt Ltd, was not making any profit, but as a CTO, he needed to keep the research of that division going.

It was vital for their next product. That was what he needed to convince the idiots at the Board. Aadi knew that there was a chance they would relocate the division to Sthapan, but then Aadi was ok with that.

He was working on his presentation as his driver was maneuvering through the traffic in the early hours of the morning to come to the city of Sthapan from Irragon.

All through the journey, Aadi was not too hopeful about how the meeting would go. He had been in the Board for five years and he never had it easy. He was just the late chairman's son and held forty nine percent shares of the company and no one really respected him.

Aadi could feel it. He could see that the people in the Board all tolerated him.

But that had changed over the past five years. Aadi had proved that he deserved the position of CTO. Time and Again. His own division was making a handsome profit and almost everyone in the Board knew that it was because of him. But then Aadi had always been like that. He had a plan and he was willing to follow it through – no matter what. Which was exactly why the other shareholders of the company were so happy with him.

But then that was what had made the people in the Board hate Aadi more. Now, pretty much everyone in the Board was happily willing to believe, that he was the rich brat who made it to the top because his father was a very rich man. Almost at every single opportunity, all the other Board members would take a dig at him pointing out the fact that Aadi was here because of privilege and not because he was talented.

But now, Aadi was pretty much used to it.

But then he did not want to drag in all that crap at the board meeting this time. Not inside his own company. Which was why Aadi had wanted the Board Meeting at a hotel – any hotel – outside the company.

Aadi was even more happy when the location of the meeting was not even Irragon. Instead it was in Sthapan. Everyone seemed to agree that the best place in Sthapan for the meeting was Marina Towers. Aadi had no reason to dispute it. He had just agreed to come to the city which was about an hour’s drive from his own city.

Until the morning, Aadi did not even care about where the meeting was going to be held.

Now.... Aadi just could not seem to care that Mr. Joshi, the VP of the Power-Sys Group could just not seem to get Aadi’s point and was asking a hell lot of questions. A hell a lot of stupid questions, which had absolutely no bearing to the matter at hand. But then Mr. Joshi had always been part of the ‘anti-Aadi’ brigade and lost absolutely no time in countering every single proposal that Aadi had ever put forward.

Any other time, Aadi would have got angry. But right now, that was a luxury that Aadi did not have. Paying attention itself was becoming too difficult. All he could see were the gray eyes which looked at him like a perfect stranger. Eyes, which he had wanted to see for a long time – just because he wanted to ask for her forgiveness.

As she had walked away, it sank into Aadi's heart that he had done the impossible. He had made Sahana cold. Uncaringly cold. All because he had lacked the guts to follow his heart. Once.

Which was why, Aadi was surprised with the outcome of the meeting. He was mostly reacting, instead of thinking about the questions which the directors asked him.

And it had worked.

A solid two and half hours later, even Mr. Joshi looked disgruntled as he seemed to have realized that Aadi’s plan as usual was the right one to be followed right now.

Aadi could sense that he had convinced the people. More or less.

They had shifted on to the next topic. All the directors were getting restless, which was when snacks appeared.

For half a second, Aadi hoped he would see her. Just half a second. Then he remembered that walk. Nope, she wouldn't come here. Not even if her life depended on it.

Naturally, he was shocked when he saw her come in.

Behind, the four waiters who had just come inside the room, Sahana walked in.

And Aadi's breath was still caught in his throat.

Sahana was never fair or even beautiful in the traditional sense. She had that mesmerizing dark shade, which accentuated her intelligent face. She was curvy – always had been, and right now her maturity was making her look unimaginably sexy.

Aadi was horrified as he realized that he just could not stop thinking about her. She just had to appear in front of him and that was it – Aadi's internal wiring seemed to go all haywire.

It was almost like another punch to his gut, as he realized that not a hair in her head, showed that she was even thinking about him, let alone be worried about him or coming before him.

"I take it ladies and gentlemen that you are pleased with the arrangements here?" She asked smiling at the Board.

Aadi could see her sharp eyes study the entire room as she nodded at one of the waiters.

The waiter immediately went out to presumably get something else – that was the first time that Aadi began doubting it – Sahana could not be a receptionist here. It just did not seem possible.

"Ms. Varyn," Mr. Kelkar smiled. Aadi was sure that this was the first time from the morning, Mr. Kelkar had even graced all of them with a smile. "With your hotel, I have never doubted that the arrangements would be perfect. Please know that your hotel was the only option we had for this meeting."

"Thank you." Sahana's smile was easy and Aadi realized that she really could make anyone feel at home.

Anyone, other than him.

The waiter came back as he was carrying another bunch of writing pads and left one pad near each member. The waiter left as Sahana nodded again.

She was about to leave and for a brief second, their eyes met.

But then, she again walked away.

And this time too, she did not look back.


It was long after noon that as Aadi had stumbled to the restaurant of Marina Towers.

The meeting had dragged on, a lot more than anticipated and they had discussed all the key issues which were set out.

With all the Board members on the way home, Aadi was now reasonably happy. With the meeting.

He had put forth most of the points that he had wanted and more importantly, the meeting kept him thinking. The best part was that the meeting did not let his mind waver.

Unfortunately, he was ravenously hungry. He did not want to have lunch here at the hotel. Just spending any more time in the hotel was scaring him.

But he was too hungry.

The other Board Directors had all gone back to their homes as many of them were from Sthapan. Aadi was not from the city and he did not know any other places here to eat.

He looked at the happy crowd of the people eating in the restaurant of the Marina Towers and realized that the food here must be excellent. He picked up the menu as the gloved waiter came along.

That was when he saw her walk out – presumably, from the kitchen.

She was talking softly in that tone of hers, as two chefs were hearing her out. No one could even make out her words as abruptly, the chef on the right nodded. The two chefs then were talking with each other and walked back into the kitchen.

Sahana for her part was studying the diners eating and that was when she saw him.

A Quiet Lunch

"I am sorry sir, lunch timings are over."

Aadi did not hear the waiter. He was not even sure whether the waiter was speaking in any language which he knew. All Aadi could understand was that the gray eyes before him were studying him.

“Uh?” Aadi asked as the waiter’s talk was getting incessant and impossible to understand.

The waiter repeated his words but it really did not help Aadi at all. He still stared blankly at the guy not able to understand. Some portion of his working mind was telling him that he was not going to eat here – Aadi was confused, because suddenly that news was making him depressed.

"Get him a special one."

Aadi saw a small pout and slight anger in those gray eyes. But Sahana’s voice was calm as Aadi saw her flick her eyes at the waiter.

"Yes ma'am." There was an implicit obedience from the waiter as he walked inside the kitchen.

Sahana came up close to his table and after a very long time, Aadi felt a waft of her familiar perfume. It was light and still it was making him dizzy. It was with great effort that Aadi ignored all that and studied her gray eyes.

"You are late for lunch. This is the time that the staff have lunch. I just ordered the same lunch for you that we make for myself and my staff." Her eyes were studying him keenly. "Is that ok with you?"

Aadi was finding it difficult to understand the words as Sahana thumbed outside, shrugging slightly. "If you do not want to eat here you can try one or two restaurants outside. The food there is excellent."

Finally, Aadi shook his head.

Most of what she had said was still gibberish to him. But then he realized that he was going to eat here. He was just trying to weave her other words into a sentence and waited for it to make sense.

And then suddenly it clicked.

"If you have also not had lunch, then join me."

It was a dare. Aadi knew that she was just keeping up pretenses and trying to be nice with him. But he just could not stop his words. Besides, he always had lunch with his team. None of them were here with him at Sthapan – the meeting was only for Vice Presidents and Board members. Aadi could not drag his team here to come with him. And Aadi really did not want to have his lunch alone. That was the only meals he had with other people – his breakfast and his dinner were always lonely affairs.

He watched her with baited breath wondering what she would say – and Aadi was honest – he was waiting for that girl whom he used to know. Just once.

"Whether I eat or not, is not your concern." Her words were a whiplash and it looked as if she was trying to look into him and she looked vicious. Really vicious.

He deserved that – the coldness and the words. Both. But it still hurt.

And for the first time, since the morning Aadi found himself getting angry. Agreed, he had hurt her in the past, but he was trying to make amends for it. Really trying to.

"Please don't do this. I am trying to be nice...." He said trying to curb his anger. And as he spoke, he was staring at her, wishing for the millionth time that he could know for sure about what was going on behind those gray eyes.

"Why are you trying to be nice for?"

Probably, it was the question or the tone or her uncaring attitude as she asked the question. Aadi did not know what the reason really was. But it crashed into his head that Sahana really did not care. Not anymore.

Beyond the hunger, now he was just feeling bitter.

"Cancel my lunch." He said getting up and he was making a herculean attempt to crush his anger again and unfortunately he was not doing a good job of it. "I am not hungry." He said shaking his head.

She was looking at him with slight anger and another expression which was very easy to identify. He saw it daily on his own face – guilt.

"Stop creating a scene.” She hissed angrily at him. “Whatever problems we have is between us. I do not want to drag my people or my customers into this." She snapped at him and it was obvious, that she was struggling to reign in her own temper.

That was the first time, Aadi realized that the other diners who were about to finish their lunch were openly staring at them.

Agreed, their dialogue was not too loud, but their expressions were.

But Aadi saw none of it.

“I do not want to have lunch here....” He stopped talking as he saw a sudden grimace on her face, followed by something inexplicable as she looked at him and nodded again.

"I will join you for lunch here." She said as she turned to the waiter.

Aadi was suddenly not sure whether this was even a good idea. Eating lunch here, with this woman suddenly seemed like something far too huge. More than he could handle. But having no other choice, he sat down uncertainly as another gloved waiter came and pulled up her chair as she sat down nodding at the first waiter.

"Thank you," she smiled at the waiter. Then she remembered something as she turned to the second waiter. "Please tell Mrs. Malathi, that I would not be joining her for lunch today. Ask her to go ahead and have lunch."

The waiter nodded a little nervously. But then the waiter’s nervousness was expected. If it was true that Sahana Varyn ran Marina Towers, it was equally true that she did a brilliant job of it, because she had Mrs. Malathi with her. Mostly, the people who worked at Marina Towers were all slightly scared of Mrs. Malathi. More than slightly.

The second waiter walked away a little hesitatingly from the place as the first waiter entered the kitchen.

That was when Sahana turned her attention to Aadi and gave him a full blast of those gray eyes.

The sudden smile in her eyes was gone and she was looking serious again.

"You look beautiful when you smile. As always."

The words were out before he could stop himself and Aadi was grateful that his voice was not hoarse. A second later, he nearly bit his lips again as he realized he could not take back his words.

Because there it was again.

Unlike other people whom Aadi knew, Sahana never got red angry. She got white angry – she became frigid with anger. Her smile seemed to become almost pasted and her eyes grew as cold as icicles when she got angry.

For a second Aadi was afraid she was going to start yelling here. But then she took another deep breath. "I have been taught not to talk while eating. It seems to be a good idea," she told him.

The waiter appeared breaking up whatever Aadi was going to say.

The waiter served the plates correctly and it was obvious that the waiter was nervous.


The lunch was excellent, which was a pity.

Because true to her word, Sahana just did not talk at all. She was studying her plate and the food.

Aadi was studying her and he was then forced to study his own plate.

Three times, during the lunch he had tried to talk to her, but he had been interrupted by the waiter all the three times.

Half an hour later, he was feeling surprisingly full and he realized that it was the best food he had had outside his home and he was feeling surprisingly happy.

He saw her nibble at the last pieces of food from her clean plate and smiled again. Not many knew it – but Sahana ate like a horse. She was one of the few women who genuinely enjoyed good food and loved it too and she just did not believe in wasting food. Apparently, that had not changed over the years.

She was just using the finger bowl and the waiter had taken away the plates, when Aadi found his voice again.

"I am sorry."

Aadi meant it. He really did.

But he just did not know how to make the woman before him understand it. Words seemed inadequate for what he was feeling. But then he did not have that easy flow of language which he usually had. His heart was hurting him and getting the words out was very, very difficult. But he really meant it.

“I am very sorry, Sahana. You do not know what happened after that day, that you came to meet my mom,” Aadi said again.

Her expression froze again and for a brief second, Aadi was horrified to find that her hands were trembling at his words.

But she controlled herself as she pulled her hands under the table. She was studying the table cloth and for a huge second, Aadi was not even sure, she was listening to him.


About me

I grew up with a staple diet of adventure, mystery and mythology books. I have always had a passion for writing and my family's encouragement brought out the story teller in me. On a dare, I started writing a romance novel. So what started as scribbles on scraps of paper graduated to short articles and has now reached the stage of a romance novel.

Q. What books have influenced your life the most?
Veda Vyasa's Mahabharatha. The single book has it all.
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
My family's encouragement and constant nagging of bedtime stories resulted in my taking up the pen.
Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
The story is about a couple who meet each other after a really long time. Time pulled them apart and now they want to get back together. This is the reason I felt that this cover conveyed the story as best as it could.

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