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First pages

Chapter One


My childhood was exceptional, to say the least. My mother is mortal, and my father was a shapeshifter. He left after my birth. When I was six months old, my mother was changing my diaper and I changed into a hawk and flew out the window. I was gone for three days and returned to a frantic mother. Of course, I didn’t understand this at the time. As I got older she told me about the incidents, which occurred throughout my childhood, and how she could never report it to the police since she couldn’t explain how her daughter turned into a hawk and flew away. As I got older, I understood what I was doing, and I had established a relationship with other hawks. I had never met another shapeshifter.

My mother told me my father left her before my birth, but she knew he was a shapeshifter hawk. She didn’t know what to expect when I was born, till I flew out the window. She tried locating my father but had no success. At this point, I wanted nothing to do with my father.

Being a shapeshifter was different, interesting, and exhilarating. I would soar high in the sky, touching heaven and feeling the divine within, while plummeting back to earth to scoop up prey. I quickly learned to control this. Regular hawks store the indigestible food in their stomachs and regurgitate the pellets later. Well, I can do that too. But when I regurgitate them, they are balls of fire. I once set a small bush on fire. I was worried that it spread, quickly changed back to human form (even though I was naked) and with bare feet stomped the fire out. After that, I regurgitated the pellets into a pond.

Although turning into a hawk was a cool thing to do, and I loved hanging out with other hawks, as I hit puberty I realized the drawbacks. When I was sixteen I started dating one of the cutest football players in school. With my auburn hair and green eyes, I attracted many boys. But Luke was the boy I wanted and after some flirting at a party, we started dating. Three months into the relationship I had decided to have sex with him. Everything was going fine, until I began to climax. Feathers started sprouting from my body. Luke had his eyes closed and didn’t see but I freaked out. Luke had no idea what I was freaking out about and thankfully it was dark, so he didn’t see the feathers. I pushed him away and ran from the room, grabbing my clothes as I ran. I broke up with Luke the next day, to his bewilderment. Many boys pursued me after that, but I refused any dates. I had no idea how to control this. Unfortunately, now that I’m 30, I cannot maintain a relationship with a man for more than three months. They want to have sex and I just can’t do it. Inevitable, every man breaks up with me.

In high school I did excel academically and received a full scholarship to Chicago University. I studied anthropology, specifically Sumerian culture. During my studies, I became interested in Goddess Spirituality. At twenty-two, I went online and started my own coven. We met in a grove in the woods behind my mother’s house. Although my mother was agnostic, she fully supported my becoming a witch. Our first meeting was on Samhain (Halloween) and there was only three of us. We created an ancestor altar and called on our ancestors to protect us. After that, word spread, and the coven grew to ten people. Although we didn’t have any “leadership” so to speak, the other coven members looked to me for guidance and in creating and running rituals.

Things were going great, except for my love life. I secured a position teaching at Chicago University, owned my own condominium, and met with my coven behind my mother’s house. I still changed into a hawk as often as possible; it became part of my spirituality. To soar up to the heavens to commune with the divine, in human form to hike in the woods and run, just like a hawk flying. However, my closest friends, the members of my coven, had no idea of my “secret identity”. Only my mother knew. Until I met Jack.

Chapter Two


I was soaring, high to the sky and diving down, screeching before grasping my prey in my claws. I flew to a tree and devoured it in seconds. It was then that I sensed I was not alone.  I slowly swiveled my head around, senses alert. I then saw her; another hawk sitting on a branch not far from mine, a little lower down. I knew instantly that she wasn’t just a hawk. She was also a shapeshifter. But I didn’t know her from our clan. Could she be from another clan? If so she would be far away from home. Our clan covered all of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Telepathically, I contacted her.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Stephanie Morgan. Who are you? You’re a shapeshifter too?” She sounded both excited and scared at the same time.

“I’m Jack Wallace. Why are you not part of our clan?”

“Clan? What clan? I belong to a coven.”

“Coven? Like a witch?” I wasn’t sure what she meant.

“Yes. I’m a witch. And I am a shapeshifter hawk.” She sounded a bit more confident now.

“Then why aren’t you part of the clan? All shapeshifter hawks belong to the clan.”

“I don’t know what the clan is. My mother, Amelia, isn’t a shapeshifter. My father was. But he left when I was born.”

I pondered this. Should I bring her to the clan? I have never met a solitary shapeshifter hawk, or known of one or any solitary shapeshifter. I’ve also never met a witch. Does she practice black magic or something? What if she brings that to the clan? What will the Elder think?

“I think we should meet in person. In an hour. Starbucks is the closest. Deal?” I asked.

“Okay. I’ll be wearing jeans and a purple tee shirt. I have auburn hair and green eyes.”

“Okay see you then.” I quickly flew off to dress. I had no idea what to expect.

She was at Starbucks before I got there. Because of her hair she stood out from the crowd. I watched as she got a drink and sat at a small table in the back. I waited in line, got a cappuccino, and walked to the table taking her in. She was slim, but well-toned. I could tell she worked out. Of course, most shapeshifter hawks were well built. Most hiked and ran. I was still unsure of the witch thing. When I reached the table, I noticed the star in a circle she wore around her neck.

“Stephanie?” I asked.

“Yes. You must be Jack.”

I slid into a chair and studied her. I was unsure how to begin but she started talking first.

“I never met another shapeshifter hawk. My father, of course, was one. But since he left at my birth I never knew him. What’s this about a clan?”

How much should I tell her? First, I needed to know about this witchcraft thing.

“Tell me about being a witch.” I asked, rather sternly. I wasn’t religious though I was raised Catholic.

She answered my question with one of her own. “You think I’m a Satanist or that I practice black magic?” She had a slight smile on her face.

I fidgeted uncomfortably. I wondered if turning someone into a frog was an actual thing. I felt a little fear, would she use magic to harm me?

“Yes.” I looked straight in her eyes and she looked open and honest to me.

“I am not. I am a Wiccan. I revere Nature and believe that the Divine is in everything, rocks, trees, plants, animals, people. I believe the Earth is a living being. I celebrate seasons of the year, eight Feasts Plus Full Moons and New Moons. I belong to the Oak Coven. There are about ten of us now. I believe in a God and a Goddess. My coven is mostly women and we focus a lot of our energy on Goddess Spirituality. Our creed is an it harms none, so mote it be. We believe in a three-fold law. Whatever you send out, comes back to you three-fold. We do not believe in the devil or in hell. We believe in reincarnation. We believe in karma, what goes around comes around. So, we do not practice any black magic as, we believe, that negativity and darkness will turn on you.”

She delivered this speech confidently and I felt foolish. I could find nothing wrong with her religion; it sounded cool. I liked the idea of seeing the Divine in everything and I bet many shapeshifter hawks would agree with me. But what about magic? I mean she probably does spells. What kind of spells?

“Do you do spells? What kind of spells do you do?” I asked, leaning forward.

“Yes, we do spells. We have done spells for prosperity, reversing negativity, finding love but not forcing anyone, and especially healing. I am adept at healing.”

That sounded even better. She would be an asset to the clan. We are susceptible to bird flu and although we do yearly inoculations, a case comes up every year and we have a hard time treating the person. Perhaps her healing skill can come in handy.

“Do you have visions? Obviously, you’re telepathic like the other shapeshifters.” I asked.

“I didn’t know I was telepathic until you talked to me. It startled me.” She laughed a little. “But yes, I have visions. I thought it was because I was psychic, as a witch and all.”

“Visions are common to shapeshifter hawks. But they deplete our energy and we must rest after we have one. Most of us have learned to control them.”

“I don’t know how to control my visions.  But I do feel fatigued afterwards. I always need food and a nap.” She looked at her cup and took a sip. “Please tell me about the clan.”

Now was the time. She had a right to know. She needed to be with her own kind. And the clan had a right to know about her.

“The clans are hierarchal. We belong to the Chicago clan which covers Chicago and nearby suburbs. There is also a central Illinois clan, a northern Illinois clan, and a southern clan. Then there are regional clans, Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, etc. There are international clans and there is an international conclave with representatives from each country. Each clan has an Elder. Whenever a new Elder is chosen, two are voted for and they must fight and whoever wins becomes the next Elder. Sometimes the fight ends in the death of another shapeshifter.  Our Elder, Ethan, has been the Elder for thirty years.”

Stephanie was silent as I explained this to her and I expected a barrage of questions. But she remained silent. She had an odd look on her face when I mentioned the Elder. She asked only one question.

“Can I meet the clan?”

“Of course. I mean, I think you should. I’ve never met a solitary shapeshifter before. I’ve heard of them, but most went against clan rules or angered the Elder and clan in some way and are considered rouge. They are banned from all other clans.”

“When can I meet them?”

“Well, we have a council. The Elder isn’t a monarch. Tomorrow I will seek a council meeting and I can call you with arrangements to meet them. Are you free on Friday? That’s probably when the council will want to meet you.”

“Yes.” She gave me her phone number and I keyed it into my phone. She did the same with mine.

“Okay. I will contact them tonight and will get back to you as soon as possible.” I stood up, my hair flopping over my eyes. I flipped it back. “It was nice to meet you Stephanie.” I held out my hand. She shook my hand, “It was nice to meet you too Jack. I look forward to meeting the clan.”

I left the coffee shop, hoping I wasn’t making a mistake. There were no witches in the clan and I certainly hoped she wasn’t a rogue shapeshifter trying to get into a clan. But she did seem genuine. All I could do was talk to the council.

Chapter Three


I received the grimoire from an unknown man. I had been practicing Wicca for ten years, but I felt powerless. I had erratic behavior. The doctor’s diagnosed me with bipolar disorder and put me on medications that made me lethargic. I hated them. I had trouble focusing on my rituals, but I did complete my studies at the Coven Seminary and was awarded a degree of High Priestess. Yet I still felt powerless. My rituals felt meaningless. I wasn’t sure I even believed in what I was doing.

So, I stopped the medication. Everything seemed to open up. The woods were brighter, the colors, the sounds, the smells. Everything was enhanced. I stood in a park and it started raining and I just spun around dancing in the rain while other people packed up their kids and picnics and ran for their cars. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, but I danced and danced. I was laughing, and I felt powerful.

Whenever I wasn’t on medication, drinking always seemed like a great idea. Working in a bookstore didn’t pay well and not having a coven but being a High Priestess didn’t pay anything, so I took twenty dollars that I was going to use for food and headed to O’Malley’s. I sat there with a beer and a shot of whiskey wondering how to expand my spirituality. That was when the man approached me.

He was old. He looked ancient. His face had some many wrinkles it looked like a crumpled-up piece of paper. Wisps of white hair stuck out around his head showing his scalp beneath. He was thin, almost emaciated. But he was dressed in what looked like an expensive suit and tie. His black shoes shone. He sat down next to me and asked me what I desired. I considered his black eyes and couldn’t help but answer him.

“I want to be a powerful witch.” It came out of my mouth without even my realizing I was speaking.

“Well, then I have something for you.” He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a large book which couldn’t possibly have fit there. It was very old looking and had a strange feel to it. When I touched it, I could feel tingling in my fingers. I knew what I held was the answer to my wish. I could feel the power within the book. On the cover was an upside-down pentagram. I frowned at this and turned to the old man.

“Is this black magic?” I asked, remembering my lessons about harming none and the three-fold law.

He touched my hand and I felt a surge of energy. “It’s powerful magic. That is what you desire, is it not?” His gray eyes bored into mine as if he could read my soul.

“Yes. Yes, it is.”

“Then read the book. Do what it says. Learn about the spirits that will help you. And do not lose the book.” He delivered that last sentence as a warning, a strong tone to his voice. And with that, he got up and walked out of the bar.

I couldn’t wait to read the book, so I left the bar leaving the twenty-dollar bill and not waiting for change. When I got home to my ratty apartment, I began to read the book. It was written in a dark brown ink. There was a lengthy introduction and the book was divided into five parts. The first part was on summoning evil spirits, or demons. I flipped through the pages and there were names of demons with their sigils. I quickly scanned through each demon name and glanced at the sigils. At the end of this part was the demon summoning spell, apparently used by Solomon in the Bible to do his work for him. Scrawled in the margin was a notation: start here.

I went back to the beginning and read the book carefully, word for word, till I got to the notation to start here. I read the summoning spell. I pondered this and thought I should find a coven. This way I could demonstrate my power and have followers. I got online and after much searching found the Oak Coven. The contact name was for a Stephanie Morgan and listed an email address. I quickly sent her an email stating I would like to join the coven. Then I went and looked in the mirror. I combed out my silver hair. Even though I was only thirty-five my hair had turned prematurely silver. Not gray, silver. At the Coven Seminary I adopted the name Silver Witch, which sounded better than Betty Simmons. I even had my name legally changed.

It was now midnight and I had to open the bookstore at eight o’clock, so I decided to go to bed. I was so intrigued by the book that I tossed and turned all night. I knew the first demon to summon. Forneus. He gave charisma, the ability to control others and make them do what you want. I would do it tomorrow night and I would influence the witches of Oak Coven. I would be the High Priestess I always wanted to be.

I opened the shop before the manager got there but, as usual, there were no customers. Most people used kindle’s now, and paper books just weren’t valued anymore. I went about dusting the bookshelves, which always seemed to be dusty. I don’t know how Fred managed to keep the shop going. It couldn’t possibly be breaking even. But the shop was over fifty years old and he was eighty and was not about to retire. Next weekend a local author was coming in for a book signing. He had written an historical novel about the Eastland, the ship that sunk in the Chicago River. Apparently, he had ancestors that had died in the disaster and used primary sources and stories from his family to write the book. It sounded boring to me. Not like the grimoire.

Fred came in at ten o’clock and said he was going to work on marketing the book signing. I really didn’t know what else he had to do. Posters were up, the book was displayed, a press release was sent out, an email blast went out to what few customers he had and the author himself was promoting it. I surmised he was going to surf the net. I catch him looking up the strangest things like weird passages in the Bible and Satanology. He had some strange interests. I decided to use the computer at the front desk to see if Stephanie had emailed me back. She did.

“Welcome to Oak Coven! We meet regularly for Feasts, Full Moons, and New Moons. Our rituals are held at 1224 12th Street in Lockport. We have an altar in a wooded area behind the house. Please dress comfortably and for the weather. In case of inclement weather, we hold our rituals in the basement of the house. On Saturday we will be celebrating the Full Moon at seven p.m. You are welcome to join us! Thank you, Stephanie Morgan.”

I was in! I was surprised it was that easy. Most of the covens connected with Coven Seminary required you to take classes and learn their tradition before you could join. This one seemed open to anyone. Anyone I could control.

The day dragged on as a few customers straggled in, most of them buying the book about the Eastland. Finally, eight o’clock rolled around and Fred told me I could go home. I asked if I could leave this Saturday at six p.m. and he agreed. He usually agreed to anything.

As soon as I got home I took a purification bath with rosemary and lavender. I carefully dressed in my black cape, nude underneath. I prepared a circle of salt on the floor and drew a pentagram in the middle. I placed five black candles on each point of the pentagram. Then I began to chant, six times:

“I summon Forneus from hell up to this earth. I summon you to stand before me. Forneus, Forneus, Forneus, I summon you.” At the end of the ritual I shouted Forneus’s name. I sat in the candlelit living room and waited. Nothing happened. Fifteen minutes went by and I thought I had failed. Suddenly, a wet mist seeped into the living room. Briefly, I thought about water damage to the floor and furniture. A creature appeared, filling the living room. It was long, snake like and had scales. There were spikes all the way up to a giant horn on the head. It was green and slimy with a mouth like a lamprey, full of teeth and a forked tongue. I was scared but stood up and straightened my back. “Forneus?” I asked.

“Yesssss.” It hissed. “Why have you summoned me? What is it you want?”

“I want control over the witches of Oak Coven.” I said, trying to keep a tremor from my voice.

“And what will you give me?” I hadn’t thought of this. What did it want? I didn’t have money. I had no idea what a demon would want.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I’ll take your blood!” Suddenly the beast lunged forward and attached its mouth to my body and I felt the teeth dig deep into my skin. I screamed as it began sucking my blood. I don’t know how long it lasted because I passed out and woke up on the living room floor with flickering candles around me. I felt weak and sore. I must have been out for a while since the candles had burned low. It was three a.m. I stood up and almost fell over. But I put the candles out and swept up the salt circle and pentagram. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. While I felt stinging bite marks around my breasts and abdomen, there was no sign on my body that anything had happened. I thought about my bipolar disorder, about how I sometimes confused reality with fantasy and that I hadn’t been on medication in a long time. I wondered if what happened to me was real. Well, I guess I would find out Saturday.

Chapter Four


The week went by slowly as I waited to hear from Jack. Finally, on Thursday he called. “It’s all set up. You can meet us tomorrow at seven p.m.” I didn’t know if I felt relief or anxiety. I thanked him when he said he would pick me up. I was looking over my notes for the Full Moon ritual on Saturday. We had a new visitor coming and I wanted to make it special. It was supposed to be a clear night and we usually had a good view of the moon. I thought I would buy some extra white candles and place them around the circle.  I had notified the other coven members of a new arrival and all decided they would come.

Friday, I sat in my office at the University grading research papers but unable to concentrate on anything I read. It seemed I read the same line over and over on the same paper. It was a paper about Astarte, a Sumerian Goddess, who was also known as Ishtar and Astaroth. This should have interested me, but I kept thinking about tonight, meeting the other shapeshifter hawks. Finally, I gave up and delivered my papers to my teaching assistant, Lily. She seemed thrilled with the task of going through the research papers, so I didn’t feel too bad.

When I got home, I looked in my closet for something suitable to wear. Jeans and a nice shirt? Didn’t seem like that would make a good impression, too casual. A black dress? Too witchy. Finally, I decided on a knee length cobalt blue dress that was flattering but not slutty. I put on a little make-up and brushed my hair out. I sat on the couch nervously waiting till seven o’clock trying not to bite my nails.

Exactly at seven the doorbell rang. I jumped up and nearly ran to the door, but slowed my pace. I opened it and there stood Jack, in a suit and tie, his black hair flopping over his forehead and his blue eyes seemed the same color of my dress.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Um, yeah. I mean yes. I’m ready.”

We took the elevator to the parking garage and walked to his car, an old black Chevy. When we got in, Jack took out a blindfold. I shrunk away from him.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“Right now, until you’re accepted, I have to keep clan headquarters a secret. I can’t let you know where we’re going.” He placed the blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head. I clasped my hands in my lap.

I had no idea how long we drove but it seemed not too long but there were many turns and what seemed like driving in circles as if Jack was trying to confuse my senses. Finally, we pulled into a long drive, gravel it sounded and felt like, and the car stopped. Jack removed the blindfold and I looked at a parking lot full of cars. The “headquarters” was a mansion, beautiful stone work, with an arched door which looked like three-inch-thick solid wood. Jack knocked on the door and a butler arrived within seconds.

“Hello, James.” Jack said, shaking his hand.

“Jack, everyone is here. Let me lead you to the council room.”

This turned out to be in the basement which had high ceilings and reminded me of something medieval, something gothic. There were over fifty people assembled and I wasn’t sure what I expected. They were dressed variably, some in jeans and tees and some dressed more formally like Jack and me. I wasn’t sure if it was that there were so many shapeshifter hawks or so little. But I remembered Jack’s explanation of the clan’s government and realized that overall, there were probably a lot of shapeshifter hawks. And other shapeshifters. I wondered if they possibly outnumbered humans.

The people moved to either side as Jack and I walked to a dais which had a long table on it. I assumed those seated there were the council members. When we reached the dais, I looked at the man in the middle, who must have been the Elder, and found myself staring at my own eyes. I stood there in confusion and shock.

“Strip.” The Elder said.

“Uh, excuse me?” I asked.

“Take your clothes off and shapeshift.”

I looked around at all the people and felt self-conscious. I had a well-toned body, but I wasn’t used to putting it on display. Everyone was staring at me, but I suppose I had to show them I was a shapeshifter. I took my clothes off slowly, aware of everyone staring at me, till I was naked. I looked at Jack, but he kept his eyes forward. I closed my eyes and shapeshifted into a hawk.

I flew to the top of the ceiling and around the large room while the crowd watched. I screeched and dove and landed right in front of the Elder. “Is this what you wanted to see?” I sent telepathically to him.

“Yes. But your mother is mortal right?” He spoke out loud.

“Yes.” I responded.

He nodded. “So, you’re only half a shapeshifter hawk.”

I began to fly again and screech and telepathically send messages to all the people around me that not only was I a shapeshifter, I was a shapeshifter witch. I heard the gasps both aloud and in my head and a murmur of voices overloaded my senses. Some were afraid, some were confused, and some were outright angry. I landed next to Jack and returned to human form, crouched on the ground.

Everyone was silent and stared at me.

“Do you have visions?” One of the council members asked.


“Then have one.” The Elder commanded.

“I-I can’t. I can’t control them.”

“So, again. Half a shapeshifter hawk.” The Elder looked triumphant.

“But she has them. She can learn control.” Jack spoke up for me and all eyes swiveled to him.

“Well, show her Jack.” The Elder said.

Jack crouched next to me. “Stephanie. You’re a witch. Do you know about chakras?”


“I want you to open your chakras.”

I was surprised that shapeshifter hawks used chakras. It was something that Eastern religions and Wiccans used. I closed my eyes and envisioned circles above the chakra points, lighting up as a rainbow. I nodded.

“Okay. Open your third eye.” Jack instructed.

The third eye was in the center of the forehead and was supposed to be responsible for psychic visions. I envisioned the amethyst color expanding and opening, as well as opening my senses.

I nodded and continued to concentrate. I felt everyone’s eyes on me as well as the scrutiny of the council. Flashes of images flew through my brain. I saw a baby turn into a hawk and fly out the window. I saw my mother, pregnant, and a man. I looked closely at the man. Although I had my mother’s hair, he had my green eyes. The eyes are unique because they are a bright, brilliant green. I opened my eyes and looked at the Elder.

“You are my father, Ethan Stone.”

Chapter 5


I carefully prepared for the Full Moon. I knew that Oak Coven is under my control. I planned to fully participate in the ritual, but I was going to bring my grimoire and at the end summon the demon Bune to bring money to the coven members. I wanted to show them that I was powerful, more powerful than them, and in turn, become their High Priestess. I’m sure that money would be enough to sway anybody to my side, even though I already have control over them.

I put on a white satin tea length gown. It accented my silver hair. I wore a moonstone necklace, since this was a Full Moon ritual. I left my hair hanging straight, down to the middle of my back. I slipped on white flats and grabbed the grimoire and my purse and left to meet the Oak Coven.

Since I lived in Chicago the drive to Lockport took over an hour. Traffic was bad. I arrived just in time and knocked on the door.

“Hello? I’m Amelia. Are you here for the Full Moon?” A woman, older, with auburn hair greeted me.

“Yes.” I smiled.

“Just follow the path in the garden through the woods and there is a clearing in the back. They are all gathered there.” She smiled and gestured toward the path. I thanked her and followed the scent of flowers, earth, and trees. When I arrived in the clearing, I had to admit it was a beautiful setting. There were about eleven people there and the circle was lit and outlined by several white candles. The altar was set up in an unbroken arc with the circle. Candles were lit, and I saw a stone, a feather, a shell, and an orange candle arranged to represent the elements. There were white roses on the altar, a figure of a Goddess and a deer antler to represent the God. I looked around at the smiling faces.

A young woman, who was obviously Amelia’s daughter judging by the hair color but with brilliant green eyes rather than hazel, approached. “Hi, I’m Stephanie Morgan. Welcome to the Oak Coven.” She proceeded to introduce me to each member. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, something I hadn’t experienced since Coven Seminary.

We all held hands as the Circle was cast and the elementals were called. The ritual was beautiful, not too flowery, but not stilted either. We danced clockwise, holding hands, and chanted to the Goddess. I felt exhilarated. I didn’t know if it was the ritual, the grimoire, or if I was having a bipolar manic episode. The ritual ended, and we thanked and dismissed the elements. We passed around a plate of cheese and crackers and a chalice of wine. It seemed Stephanie was the leader. Especially since this was either her house or her mother’s. I knew she was in my power.

Afterwards, everyone started talking and many complimented me on my outfit. I saw a few peasant dresses, some jeans, and tees, and some with black leggings and black tees. I decided to produce my grimoire.

“Everyone! Thank you so much for having me at your ritual. I look forward to joining in more of your celebrations. I brought with me an old book a friend gave me.” I pulled out the grimoire and held it up to them, keeping the cover with the upside pentagram towards me. “I would like to perform a spell. For prosperity. For all of you.” Smiles all around.

I used a stick to draw a circle and pentagram on the ground. I stared at the sigil for the demon, focusing it in my mind. I muttered the summoning spell under my breath, so they wouldn’t hear me and at the end yelled “Bune!” Minutes passed. Everyone waited expectantly. Fifteen minutes went by and then inside the pentagram appeared a large demon that towered above all, a dragon. He was black with red spikes up his back and a tail that looked like a spear with a red tip. He roared, shooting fire up to the sky and then curled to the ground staring at me. Everyone looked horrified and took a step back.

“What is it you want?” Bune asked me in a gravelly voice.

“Oak Coven asks for prosperity. We want money.” I answered confidently.

Bune looked each member of the coven in the eye, circling his head completely around. The coven members were transfixed. He returned his gaze to me.

“And what do I get in return?” He opened his eyes wide.


About me

I have been writing since I was seven, mostly poetry. This is my first novel written through National Novel Writing Month. I have three grown boys and a cat named Bob. He's my writing buddy. I enjoy reading and writing.I have a M.A. in Special Education and in addition to writing, I am going back to school for a M.S. in information technology.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
I read a book about writing paranormal novels and came up with the idea of shapeshifters, an evil witch trying to destroy them, their government, politics, and social organization.
Q. This book is part of a series, tell us about your series.
This is the first book in a trilogy. The first book ends in a little cliffhanger for you to read more!
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
I kept adding characters that I then needed to develop and the plot kept changing as I added more characters. Trying to get 50,000 words out in a month was challenging.

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