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G-Ma knew exactly when she came up with the idea. She was raising two thirteen year old grandsons who hit puberty with a roar. These boys/men were driving her nuts. Their attitudes were driving her crazy! Not only that, but they had tempers that were quick to flare. And if the one tried the gorilla move, stepping into her personal space and puffing out his chest, at her one more time she was apt to go ballistic! Finally, one day she snapped. Trying to watch a show on tv and relax, her larger grandson came in, landed on the floor in front of her and started trying to grab the remote out of her hand. After telling him to stop several times she had this sudden urge to take the remote and beat the living shit right out of the boy! Instead she got into her car and drove for a couple of hours.

Passing a yard sell she saw a box of china sitting on a table. Paying the huge amount of fifty cents for the entire box, G-Ma drove to the nearest mall. Driving around the back she knew their was a cement block wall. Parking, she grabbed the box of china and walked down the wall several feet away from her car. Setting the box down she looked around. Nope, no one around. Grabbing a cup out of the box she hurled it with all her might. Hitting the wall, it shattered. Grabbing another bit of china, an old chipped gravy boat, she hurled that one next. When it shattered and bits flew all over she felt such a release of all the anger she was feeling. Grabbing piece after piece of the china she threw it. Sometimes she hurled, sometimes she tossed, sometimes she flipped it over shoulder. With each shattered piece her anger got lower and lower. As she reached the last piece she wound up and gave it her all. The plate flew thru the air, hitting the wall like a frisbee. Watching it smash against the wall G-Ma gave a big sign of relief. Man, oh man she felt so much better. Turning around, she saw a small crowd had gathered. Blushing, she turned a bright red. The crowd started to applaud which only made her blush more. Seeing a young boy holding a broom and dust pan she walked over and held out her hand. Giving her the broom he followed her back with the dust pan. “I made the mess I should clean it up.” She started sweeping and pushed everything into the dustpan. “Ma’am, why were your breaking all your good china dishes?” Looking at the mess she grinned at him. “Oh Honey, this isn’t my good china. I bought it at a yard sell just so I could do this.” Looking at her like she was nuts he started laughing. Finally, slowing down he gave him a big grin. G-Ma smiled back at him, “Kiddo, I needed to vent some anger. I was so pissed off I was ready to seriously hurt someone, so I did this instead. Haven’t you ever been so angry you just wanted to smack someone?” When he thought it over he nodded. “Well, this made me feel so much better, now I can go home and deal with everything without exploding.” Giving her a cheeky smile the boy looked at her as she finished sweeping things up. “Maybe I’ll tell my mom about this. It might help her too!” And just like that The Venting Club idea was formed.

G-Ma found an old recording studio for rent right on Coast Highway. The entire building was only about 1000 square feet, but that was perfect for her shop. She hired her nephew and his crew to fix it up, and that way she saved a little money. She had them paint the walls a soothing soft blue so people would feel relaxed. Then she gathered a couple of overstuffed couches and filled the shelves with local natural products (which she had tried first. Some were really great for the skin, even old skin!) Then she had set up each of her rooms. She had the Throwing Room, the Screaming Room, the Gonna Hurt You Room and finally, the Bobbit Room. The Throwing Room was painted a medium blue. One one wall she had a bright red and white target, on another wall she had the silhouette of a man. On a third wall she had the black silhouette of a woman. On the fourth wall she had the silhouette of children of all ages. In a big, black Tupperware container G-Ma had assorted dishes and glasses that could be thrown against the walls (re-enforced with cement blocks). The Screaming Room was painted a medium red cover. G-Ma had a dummy inside, sitting in an overstuffed chair (fully dressed) and people could tack pictures to it of the people they were venting about. The Gonna Hurt You Room was painted a deep royal blue. In this one G-Ma had a rubber dummy standing in it that people could hit, slap and bang on with an assortment of items like a rubber bat, ruler, fly swatter etc.. The Bobbit Room was painted a rich royal purple. G-Ma was thrilled with this room and it came with a dummy (standing up) that people could scream at, yell at, hit it, slap it and finally a short sword that they could chop the males penis off with!

(Yeah, she had even named the dummies, Billy, Mike and Sam. Hell sometimes she had full conversations with them. At least they didn’t argue, and they always, well most of the time, they agreed with her ideas.)

G-Ma enjoyed her shop. She liked meeting people. She liked helping people, and she really felt like her weird little shop did help people. She liked how small groups would gather and talk. Plus, it kept her up on what was happening around town. It was great thing for her. By nature she was snoopy, and liked to know what was going on. But she also liked to help people, preferably from in the back ground. The shop let her keep current on the affairs around town (in more ways then one) and let her help a little here and there, with no one else being the wiser to who or what made certain little things happen. Sometimes, she would just slip a paper to someone with information on it, usually a name and address or maybe a phone number. Sometimes she just happen to mention someone she knew who had gone thru a similar situation and how they had resolved it (the person in her stories usually did not exist). This would often lead the person in need to a resolution of their problems. Usually, a little nudge is all people needed. Sometimes a little nudge in other ways helped to.


Gary stood outside The Venting Club and frowned. He’d been hearing about this place for awhile now, and had wanted to come see it for himself. From the sound of it, the place catered to women. The women he’d overheard talking about it sounded as if they had a great time, and got rid of a lot of anger here. He thought it was a place he could use. Especially, when Shirley was in one of her moods, which was most of the time. Gary wasn’t a big man, standing at about five feet five, with a slight build. He had been in the glee club at school, not a jock. When big Shirley, (Shirley measured up to five feet nine inches barefoot, plus she always wore heels), with her dark brown hair and snapping brown eyes, had chosen him for her boyfriend after he moved back home from college, he’d been amazed. With his brand new degree and license as a pharmacist he had been quite a catch. Now, fifteen years later he felt like he’d been married for a century. Shirley, as he had discovered, was a bully, a bitch. She had given him three daughters who were all copies of her in looks and personality. He was their favorite target so he should know. It was bad enough that Shirley badgered him and harassed him, and yes, verbally abused him, but just this morning his youngest daughter, ten year old Susie, had told him he was such a loser and that when she got married her husband would be someone who could make more money and would give it all to her. Not like her weakling father who wouldn’t even give her money for a new iPod! She had just gotten a new iPod a month earlier for her birthday, but had broken it when she got angry and threw it at her bedroom door. That was why he was standing here gawking. He really needed to vent because this morning he had come sooooo close to grabbing his ten year old daughter and beating the shit right out of her! Men needed to vent too, damn it. When the door opened and a small woman came walking out she smiled at him shyly and held the door for him. What should he do? Glancing around he realized if he didn’t go in he’d look even weirder then he already was standing there staring into the window. With a nod of thank you he walked inside.

The shop was empty except for a little older lady behind the counter. A little bell tinkled above the door as it closed. The woman gave him a big smile and watched as he glanced around the shop. He inhaled and smiled, somewhere in the shop something smelled very nice, slightly musky but good. Picking up a pretty blue bottle of liquid he saw it was liquid soap for men! Little Boy Blue Soap. Popping the lid up he sniffed at it. It smell cool and crisp and nice, not all perfumey like a lot of soaps. More manly then that hard bar soap that Shirley bought for him. Walking toward the back of the shop where the counter was he read the label, not really understanding all the ingredients but, recognizing enough to know it should soften the skin. Placing it on the counter he gave the little woman a small smile. “I think I’ll try this please.” With a sparkle in her eyes she rang up his purchase. “I didn’t know you had things for men in here?” Smiling, she pointed to the price sign over her head. “See the sign, we have male and females. Both men and women need a place to vent. With all the stress in the world these days we all need a place to go to vent, and not hurt anyone just because we are stressed and tired of carrying it around.” Nodding, Gary agreed with the woman. “Have you ever seen a pressure cooker?” When he nodded. “If you don’t release some of that press the dang thing will explode, shooting everything inside all over the place. People are like that too.” Gary nodded, then he looked up at the sign again and realized he really did want to scream at his family, but it would hurt them. He knew from experience that words could hurt. “I think I’d like to try out The Screaming Room.” Good choice, G-Ma thought, for the little man in front of her looked like he wanted to pop.

Entering the Screaming Room, at first, Gary didn’t know what to do. And what if someone heard him in here, they would think he was crazy! Frowning he looked toward the door, could anyone hear him in here? Taking a deep breath he yelled. Watching the door, he waited for someone to check on him. Next he scream as high pitched as he could. Then he watched the door. Nope, no one came by to see what was going on. Walking around, he looked the dummy over. He wanted to yell at Shirley, but this thing was a guy. Walking over to the side of the room he looked in a big box sitting there. Wow, all kinds of goodies were in there. When he saw a black wig he realize it looked a lot like Shirley's hair. Pulling it out he walked over and put it on the dummy. Oh yea, this was better. After putting the wig on he walked around the dummy, and let his anger build. Finally he stopped and put his hands on his hips and glared at the dummy. “Shirley I hate you, I really do.” Taking a deep breath he exhaled loudly. Damn, that had felt good. “You know when we got married I thought I was the luckiest of men. For you had agreed to marry little old me!” Pausing he thought about it for minute. “Why Shirley, why did you start to hate me so much? Or did you always hate me?” Looking sadly at the dummy, he saw the two minute warning light come on. “Well, I guess that’s it for today. I will be back because I do feel better now.” Taking the wig off he dropped it into the box and walked over to the door glancing back at the dummy. “Shirley, you are a bitch.” With a big grin, he opened the door and exited.

When Gary came out he found G-Ma looking at her laptop. When she turned and looked at him he actually blushed! G-Ma was willing to bet the man did not realize the ring of blonde curls circling his bald dome was sticking out all which ways from where he had obviously been using his hands on it. Smiling, she offered him a cup of tea, but he declined. He felt a little embarrassed by all the screaming and name calling he had done in the room. If Shirley knew what he had called her, said to her, oh my God, Gary thought. Shirley was a nightmare on good days, if she had heard what he said to her his life would be over! Walking out of the shop he felt so much better then when he had walked in. Smiling, he wandered down the street. At first, he had been afraid someone would hear him. He gave a couple of screams, but when no one came rushing in he felt a little better. But when he started to curse out Shirley, (the female dummy had been a little distracting at first) he had started out in a whisper. By the time the two minute warning light came on he was screaming, shouting and cussing like a sailor at the dummy who had now turned into Shirley! Yes, a dummy for a dummy he remembered yelling at her a few times. He had even told her how much he hated having sex with her and hoped she would never want sex again. He knew in in the back of his mind that come Saturday night she would expect him to perform. And he’d better make it good for her, or she would berate him about it all week until the next Saturday rolled around. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t get any satisfaction, only Shirley had to feel good. After fifteen years of marriage, Gary knew exactly what would get her off! And as quickly as possible. He was almost to the point that he dreaded Saturdays!


Tommy wandered down the street looking in the shop windows. He really wasn’t seeing much of what was displayed he was to angry. He had been sleeping all snug and warm next to his mother when that creepy Chris guy had come into the room, grabbed him and tossed him out the door. When Tommy heard his mother scream he had pounded on the door yelling for Chris or his mother to open the door. A loud slap sounded from inside, and then his mother had stopped screaming. Tommy pressed his ear against the door and he could hear his mother whimpering. Kicking the door, he turned away and left before the manager could get word of the noise and come up there. If she did she might throw his mother out of her room. Tommy liked having his mother where he could find her. And when she had a room that meant he had a room for at least a few hours every day so he didn’t have to find places to go to stay out of sight. Stopping in front of a shop with a vase of pretty lavender flowers, Tommy stood looking at the pretty flowers. He kind of had a memory of flowers like those, in a yard next to a bunch of toys for a really little kid. Were they his toys when he had been a baby, when his mother and Tommy had lived in a house before his mother got sick from that crap she took, that she needed so much. Shaking his head he read the sign on the window.


Come on in and get rid of your stress!


Tommy frowned at the sign. Was stress the same as anger? He watched as two older women walked out of the shop laughing. “That felt so good! When I went in I was so angry at Bob, but after beating him up now I feel sooooo much better!” The two women laughed again as they walked down the street. Tommy watched them and wondered how an old woman like that could beat up someone named Bob. Putting his hands on the window to cut the glare of the sun he leaned in and saw an old woman sitting behind a counter holding a book. Looking to the left he saw a couple of girls sitting on a couch drinking soda and munching on cookies. His stomach rumbled and he wished he had a few of those cookies. Feeling someone watching him he looked up and his eyes locked on the old woman behind the counter. Giving him a little smile she waved at him to come in. Stepping back he frowned. Was this some kind of trick? Was she trying to trap him and then she would call the cops to come get him? Glancing over he eyed the cookies again. This time when his stomach rumbled it also clenched in pain. Maybe he could just get a couple and then take off, he was fast and could escape a lot of places. Slowly Tommy opened the door and looked around. The old woman watched him for a few seconds and then gave him a smile. “Hey sweetie, would you like a cookie?” Tommy figured she was the one to keep an eye on, so he watched her as he nodded, and her smile grew bigger. “Well, come on in. We have a few different kinds on the table over there. Grab a napkin and a cookie, or you know, better yet why don’t you get at least one of each kind so you can tell me which one is the best.” Tommy slowly walked over to the table and saw all different kinds of cookies. His mouth started to water and his hands were shaking as he took a napkin. Then he took one cookie and put it on his napkin. Stopping he look over to the old woman. When she nodded, he took another one. Glancing at her, he saw her give him an encouraging smile so he took two off the next tray. When she gave him an even bigger smile Tommy felt light head with joy. He filled his napkin up with cookies (he must have scored at least a dozen! wow!) and then he popped one into his mouth. Oh it was so good! Chocolate with chocolate chips and it wasn’t old and hard, it was soft and he could feel the chocolate chips melting on his tongue. Tommy didn’t realize he moaned in pleasure. The girls on the couch watched as he chewed, but stayed quiet. They could feel how skittish he was and didn’t what to scare him off. Poor kid looked like he hadn’t had a good meal in months. Tommy was enjoying his cookie so much he didn’t hear when the old woman walked over and poured him a glass of milk from a little refrigerator next to the table. Tommy jumped and jerked back away from the old woman. “It’s okay sweetie. I just thought you might like some milk to go with your cookies. That’s how I like mine.” Tommy took the glass G-Ma offered him. Gulping the rest of his cookie he swallowed and gave her a whispered, ‘Thank you.” Nodding, and giving him a you’re welcome, G-Ma went back to the counter then looked at the little boy. “Come on over here and have a seat.” G-Ma paused and gave him a smile. “Unless, of coarse, you would prefer to sit on the couch with the girls?” When Tommy’s eyes widen she wiggled her eyebrows in a silly manner, and watched as a goofy smile quirked his lips up. Shaking his head he hurried over to the counter and climbed up on a tall stool there. He sloshed his milk onto the counter and a look of fright filled his eyes as his jerked up to G-Ma’s. G-Ma snatched a paper towel off the roll under the counter, wiped it up and threw the towel away then she proceeded to dip her cookie in her cup of milk and munched on it. She watched as the tension slowly left his shoulders and he relax a little eating his cookies. When he gulped the rest of his milk G-Ma refilled his cup without saying a word. Tommy felt so weird sitting there with the old woman. Glancing around he saw the girls were chatting to each other and totally ignoring him. Looking up at the sign above the counter Tommy frowned as he read the names of the rooms and the description below them. He didn’t understand what they were but he saw there were prices next to each room and arched a brow. Wow, people paid a lot of money to come here, he thought. Finishing his cookies he sighed. His stomach didn’t hurt anymore. Smiling at G-Ma he glanced up at the sign again. “What do you guys do here?” G-Ma smiled at him and pointed up at the sign. “well, when people get angry, or hurt or are feeling unhappy they can come in here to get rid of those unhappy feelings.” Pausing she tried to think how to explain this to such a young child. “In one room we have old dishes and people get to throw them and break them against the wall.” Seeing his confusion, she shrugged. “It makes people feel better sometimes.” Watching as he thought this thru she had to smile at how serious he was. Leaning her elbows on the counter she smiled at him as she came eye level with him. “Want to give it a try?” Excitement filled his eyes for a second, then he looked up at the price, he didn’t have any money, Tommy shook his head. Leaning back G-Ma looked at his sad little face. “You know, you would be doing me a favor if you tried it out, for free of coarse. I’ve been thinking of adding a children’s hour and I could really use a child's opinion on how much it would help them.” Excitement filled his eyes again at the idea of trying this new thing. Looking down at the empty napkin Tommy knew he should help her. She had given him cookies and milk so he did kind of owe her right? “Okay, but I just have to throw some old dishes right?” Tommy knew to watch out when people offered him anything for free. “Yep, that’s all. Come on, just follow me.” G-Ma nodded at one of the girls to watch the store and led Tommy into the back where the rooms were. Tommy slowly followed G-Ma until she stopped in front of a room with a sign on it that said, THROWING ROOM.

Walking inside G-Ma showed him the box of old dishes. Lifting a pair of safety goggles off a hook by the box G-Ma slipped them over his head covering his eyes. Making a few adjustments she gave him a nod then pointed out the circle drawn on the floor. “Now, when you are throwing the dishes you must stay inside the circle. If you are inside the circle you should be safe from the pieces that fly when the dishes break. Okay?” Tommy nodded then stood waiting. Giving him a smile G-Ma motioned toward the dishes. “Go ahead, pick one out and throw it against the wall.” Tommy reached into the box and pulled out a chipped coffee cup. Looking at G-Ma, who gave him a nod Tommy turned around and threw the cup against the wall. The cup broke and shatter and Tommy heard clapping. Spinning around he saw G-Ma clapping happily. Grabbing another dish out, a plate this time, Tommy wound up and really threw the dish! It hit the wall with a bang and shattered. G-Ma gave him a thumbs up. Tommy threw several more dishes and was practically dancing inside the circle. He looked so happy, G-Ma stood behind him grinning. Once Tommy had emptied the box of dishes he frowned down into the empty box, then looked up at G-Ma. “Don’t worry, I can always get more. But right now, how was it?” Tommy grinned from ear to ear! “It was great! I do feel better.” G-Ma nodded at him and smiled. Yes, he did look better. Tommy looked around the room and saw one wall had a silhouette of a person on it. He’d been so involved in throwing the dishes he really hadn’t noticed it before. “What is that for?” G-Ma gave him a little smile. “Sometimes when people come in they are angry at someone. A husband, wife, maybe a mother or a father. Sometimes just a bully on the street. When they are they can pretend that is the person they are angry at and throw dishes at them without actually hurting the real person. Can you understand that?” Tommy looked at her then at the person on the wall, then he nodded. Maybe next time he could pretend that was ugly Chris who had thrown him out of his mother’s room. Grinning at her he followed G-Ma out of the room. He really wanted to come back.


G-Ma did not notice the little woman at first, because G-Ma was gabbing with one of her regular customers about that customers new grand baby. When she did notice her, the little dark haired woman was practically hiding behind one of the shelves of aromatherapy that she sold. And the shelf wasn’t that high. When she had designed her storefront, G-Ma had turned it into a comfortable place where you could come in, shop for aromatherapy, soothing natural health care products, or sit and have a cup of coffee or tea, (thank you Keurig!) and just relax before or after you used one of the venting rooms. Some people had even started to use the comfy couches as gathering places to discuss their issues. G-ma thought everything was working out well. It was amazing how many people left her shop feeling so much better than when they came in. G-Ma loved it. And she was getting real good at spotting the ones who needed to just talk to someone.

Now, watching the little shy woman slipping around the shop G-Ma knew this one needed help. Walking over to the Keurig she popped in a chocolate capsule and place a cup under on to the machine. As it brewed she glanced at the woman who was inching closer. The smell of the hot chocolate was drawing her in. G-Ma took the finished chocolate off the machine, put another cup under, and then placed the finished cup on the counter toward the woman. “Would you like a cup?” Taking a sip, the woman closed her eyes and inhaled the aroma. Then she opened her eyes and looked up at G-Ma when she heard her give a little “Ah”. The two women shared a small smile. “Nothing like chocolate to give a woman a lift.” Nodding in agreement the woman whispered, “Thank you.” Nodding, G-Ma sipped her drink. Interesting accent G-Ma thought, not quite British, but not Irish either. Glancing around the little woman fidgeted nervously. “I heard about your shop. Is it true you can hit things?” G-Ma smiled at the woman and nodded, “Oh yea, it’s a great way to release tense and anger, and not really hurt anyone. And it’s a lot better then holding it all inside and letting it build until you end up with high blood pressure or a heart attack!” Giving the woman a wink she grinned at her, “A lot more fun too!” The woman nodded and finished her chocolate drink. “Er, how much does something like that cost?” G-Ma looked at her and thought about the woman in front of her. She was clean, her clothes were clean, so she wasn’t homeless. But she was skittish, very skittish. And she had such sadness in her eyes. This was a woman who need help. When a car horn honked and the woman jumped G-Ma added to her thoughts, the woman needed to de-stress something terrible. Leaning on the counter G-Ma looked up at the board behind her. “Well, it depends on what you want. You see we have a Throwing Room, where you can throw china against a solid wall and shatter everything! This is a favorite. I mean think about it. Haven’t there been days when you really want to just smash every dish in the house but didn’t because you’d have to replace them!” The woman nodded. “Then we have the Screaming Room. Now this one you can go into it and scream, yell, swear whatever you want to the people who have hurt you or just plain driven you over the edge of sanity! Since no one can hear what’s being said, and I can only imagine some of the name calling that goes on inside of there, you can say things you would never say to actual people!” Giggling, G-Ma saw the woman nod. “Then we have the Gonna Hurt You Room. This one is very popular. It has a bunch of items in there that you can use on one of the guys as we call our dummies. You can slap, hit, kick the guy with anything in the room!” Smiling at the woman she saw a flicker of interest. “Now, the last room we have is called the Bobbit Room! Yep, that’s what it means. You get 15 minutes in each room. When you hit 13 minutes the warning light will flash and that gives you two whole minutes to finish up venting. In the Bobbit Room that’s when you get to use the sword hanging on the wall! Yep, the guy comes with his own do-da! You can yank it, twist it, kick it, hit it any oh thing you want, and then when the light flashes you take the sword and whack that sucker off! Some people have been known to chopped it off in pieces!” Both women started laughing like loons as they imagined this. G-Ma had a feeling this woman had not laugh much lately for her laughter sounded rusty. G-Ma wiped the tears of laughter off her face and gave the little woman a soft smile. Yea, this woman didn’t have much money so maybe this would be her pro bono, she gave them every once in awhile when she knew someone really needed one. “Each room has it’s own price according to what is involved. Now, which one would you like to try today?” When the woman looked concerned and then glanced at the price board hanging on the wall, she frowned. G-Ma could practically heard her counting what little money she had and if she dared to spend it this way. “You know, since you haven’t been in before I could mark it down as if you had a welcome coupon and then it wouldn’t cost you anything.” G-Ma winked at the woman. “Just between us though.” The woman looked up at the price board. Nodding, she thought about each room. Her had nodded as she thought about each one. The Throwing Room. The Screaming Room. The Gonna Hurt You Room. And finally the Bobbit Room. G-Ma watched as her eyes landed on the Bobbit Room and they lit up. Oh yea, most woman liked that room. Men had a tendency to cringe at the thought of it. Finally the woman looked back at G-Ma. “I think I would like to try the Throwing Room please.” Nodding, G-Ma smiled. “By the way everyone calls me G-Ma, what should I call you?’ Shyly the woman smiled up at her. “My name is Emily.” Emily had a cultured, soft ladylike voice. G-Ma smiled at her, “Please don’t mind me asking, but what is that wonderful accent?” Emily gave a little laugh. “I grew up in South America, in Guyana.

G-Ma escorted Emily into the Throwing Room and showed her the big box of china. It was old and some was chipped but it was still good for throwing. Indicating the wall Emily could see they were made out of bricks so the china would shattered easily. Handing Emily a pair of safety goggles G-Ma helped her adjust them to fit and told her there was only two rules. One was that you had to wear the goggles at all times while in the room. Also, two was that you had to stay on the white circle part of the floor. Looking at the floor Emily saw that the center of the floor was white circle which was about five feet wide. All around the white floor was a dark red floor. “That way the shattered china won’t hit you.” Nodding in understanding Emily eyed the china. What should she throw first, she was wondering. G-Ma walked out closing the door with a big smile on her face. Yea, this would do Emily good.

When Emily came out of the the Throwing Room She looked at G-Ma and blushed, but she did look so much more relaxed. Handing her a cup of chamoline tea. Emily sat in one of the comfy couches and sipped her tea. G-Ma leaned on the counter next to her and gave her a little smile. “Felt better then you ever thought it would didn’t it?” Nodding Emily smiled. “I never would have done that at home. My husband would think I was crazy.” Shaking her head she could just imagine what her husband would do to her if she broke all the china. G-Ma saw a flash of sadness in Emily’s eyes. Patting her hand she met the woman’s eyes. “That’s why we have the Venting Room Sweetie. Here, no one thinks your crazy.” Winking G-Ma looked around the shop as if watching for anyone who might over hear her. “I’m the craziest thing in here but don’t go telling anyone else that.” With another wink G-Ma burst into laughter and so did emily. Yes, that made the sadness leave for awhile. A few minutes later Emily left and G-Ma knew she’d be back.


About me

I have worked in many fields over the years including, but not limited to; a private investigator, an investigating reporter, a columnist, etc… (Yes, I am a snoopy person by nature.) I am also a mother, ex-wife and grandmother. I seem to have a way of wandering into the middle of things. People talk to me, even when they won’t talk to other people (like the police.). I grew up in a small town in Michigan but have lived in California for years. I am Kat Austin, (yes, my grandkids call me G-Ma.)

Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
I go this idea from memories of my mother. Mom actually use to buy used china to break when she got ticked off.
Q. Where can readers find out more about you?
I am currently building a web site called Just Kat's World. It will be a little while before I conquer site building!
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
Becoming a writer wasn't really a choice. With so many stories constantly running thru my brain I had no choice but to write them down.

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