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Planet Earth, 3013 BC, before the rise of the Egyptian Empire.

A time when only the strong survived and ruled over the weak.

An era where different races worshiped their interpretation of the gods that created them and the Earth they walked on.

During that time, humans from that part of the world that would be the foundation of the mighty Egyptian Dynasty traveled from their homes to the Mediterranean Sea to pay homage to the gods.

Makeshift alters were created near the shore of the ocean. At the break of dawn, people gathered to worship the gold and silver pyramid that came from the heavens. During the day it ascended from the waters and floated several feet over the ocean until the setting sun; it then descended back down to the depths until the next day.

Many faithful followers camped out for days waiting to get a glimpse of the gods leaving their heavenly home. On those days they screamed, cheered, and danced praying it was enough to catch the attention of their “creators,” in the hopes that they would look down, land and visit with them, so that they may give proper devotion and receive blessings.

Bolder worshipers embarked on boats sailing as close as possible to the home of the gods expecting to have their faith recognized. They screamed, some falling off the ships they sailed in as a loud roaring noise that was a mixture of a horn, and a lion vibrated the ocean causing rippling waves.

“Osiris! Cease thy childish games and that infernal noise!”

The deep rumbling voice came from within the subterranean levels of the pyramid. It belonged to a being that had been hailed as the official sun god of Earth by its current inhabitants.

He was almost twice the size of two regular human males of that era if one was sitting on the other’s shoulder making him appear to be a giant amongst the inhabitants.

His large golden eyes shined through his shiny dark almond skin as he wore his hair in a single long thick white blonde braid that sat atop his mostly bald head and hung over his right shoulder as he dressed in garbs of his station.

A thick round pliant gold and blue metallic collar with markings from his homeworld covered the upper part of his chest. It complimented his bracers, belt, skirt, and sandals of the same color and markings revealing a designation of royalty and power.

“I take offense to your accusation cousin,” a softer rumbling voice echoed back at him through the hallways. “I am merely conducting an experiment.”

“The same ‘experiment’ you have been ‘conducting’ for the past sixty-star cycles since we came to this planet,” he scoffed. “The humans are not your playthings.”

“As you very well know, our primary reason for positioning our ship over their ocean and submerging every night is to reduce our interaction with them,” Osiris began to verbally defend himself. “Had we set our ship down on land, and just left it hovering over their sky, they would have set up camps or a city around us. I am just astounded by their immense devotion to beings who to this day have not offered them anything to improve their fundamental lives, yet they continue to venture here day after day to stand in our presence.”

“The point of your long-winded defenses is?”

“I find their blind faith to be something of interest cousin. I also foresee it to be their downfall in the near future if they do not learn to properly balance it.”

“Many would say that our belief in the Awakening is a form of faith.”

“Belief in the Awakening is more based on factual grounds that we …”

“Please do not give me a lecture on our belief system,” Amun-Ra verbally halted his cousin. “You still have yet to explain what blaring that obnoxious sound every time the humans approach our vessel has to do with your research?”

“My experiment is no different than the training of jackolas back home. The difference is where a jackola will react to meat placed in front it and know by smell and sight that it is nourishment. These humans react the same way to the sound believing it to be some kind of fictional blessing we’ve bestowed upon them, with no additional confirmation required.

From the scans I have taken periodically from those in the boats and on the beach, all of their adrenals, heart rate, and electrical impulses are at peak elevation every day they hear the sound. When they leave their mood is quite positive. They are visibly kinder to one another.

Days that they don’t hear the sound, their levels drop severely to borderline depression, some even blame one another to the point of violence as to why they did hear the sound until the following day they return bolstering their efforts to hear it again.

It is quite fascinating and also fulfilling to know that I can brighten their day without directly affecting them.

Oh! The hefty one fell out of the boat again! Last time it took them approximately twenty Earth minutes to pull him in.”

Amun-Ra rubbed the ridge of his nose while muttering to himself.

“And we are the advanced species.”

“Do lighten your demeanor cousin,” Osiris scolded him. “We already have one person with a sour disposition on this exploration, I cannot stomach two. Besides, based on my calculations, at the rate of this species evolution, this incident will long be forgotten, and we shall be nothing more than a faded mythos to the future generation of this planet.”

“Keep the youngling antics to a minimum, Head of the House of Osiris,” Amun-Ra grumbled.

“As always dear cousin. Oh! He just pulled two more into the water with him!”

The Head of the House of Ra continued to his destination. As he neared, he slowed his pace as his ears picked up the conversation inside the room he intended to turn into.

“So, this ‘artificial intelligence’ is capable of breaking down the genetic structure of any organic lifeform it examines on an atomic level to alter or repair it?” asked the voice of a young man.

“Correct, that is one of its many applications,” responded a mechanized voice.

 Amun-Ra subtly made his presence known as he quietly stood in the entrance way of the medical lab as his familiar in its mechanized serpent form gave instruction to a young Egyptian male.

He was one shade lighter than Amun-Ra with his long black silky hair fashioned into the same hairstyle of the Head of the House of Ra, dressed in a similar white and gold outfit to Ra’s minus the chest collar. His powerful athletic physique which was superior to any human of that time, along with the faint white glow emitting from his hazel brown eyes revealed that he was forever changed. The only thing that remained of the young man before was the bright, energetic smile that Amun-Ra first saw when they first met.

Both human and machine halted their lesson to acknowledge his presence.

The young man curtsied with his head bowed while placing his right hand over his left breast speaking fluent Annunaki to him.

“Greetings Lord Amun-Ra.”

“I say to thee again, you may address me as Amun-Ra, Horus,” he responded with an observing smile. “I see you have quickly learned both our language and greeting.”

“Your familiar has given me much proper instruction that I am able to retain.”


“It has taught me the purpose of the restructuring pods, and their inner workings.” Horus nervously gestured.

“Why did you wish to learn their inner workings?” Amun Ra asked stepping forward with a curious visage.

“I am fascinated that such a machine is capable of creating, repairing, and altering life itself. My eyes have been made open since my re-birth,” Horus swallowed. “Since I could understand words I was taught never to question, especially the gods. Now I question everything, I wish to learn everything. My thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched.”

“Quite understandable,” Amun-Ra nodded. “Knowledge is an addictive drug once it is allowed to take hold of you, yet its oceans are so vast one mortal cannot consume it within their lifetime. That is because it was never meant to be.”

“Not unless you are a god,” Horus nervously smiled.

“Not unless you are a god,” Amun-Ra smirked, “Which we are not.”

In the middle of their conversation, another presence was felt in the doorway. A much larger Annunaki male, a foot taller than Amun-Ra stood adorned with his Annunaki body armor in sentry mode. His black pearl skin and fiery red eyes gave him an unspoken intimidating presence.

He glanced at Amun-Ra acknowledging him before glaring at Horus who timidly lowered his head to the floor.

“Lord Set,” he addressed him with the traditional Annunaki curtsey.

Set ignored his respectful gesture turning back to Amun-Ra.

“What transpires here?”

“Horus was detailing me his progression as well as his new-found intimacy with knowledge,” Amun-Ra motioned. “He has been educated on the inner workings of our restructuring pods.”

“Have you now?” Set turned to him with narrowed eyes.

“The restructuring pod possesses many applications,” Horus nervously answered. “In the case of injuries, once it has analyzed and cleaned the wounded area, it then targets the cells and forces them to regenerate at an accelerated rate by bombarding them with Awakening energy.”

“What do you know of Awakening energy?” Set asked with a snarl.

“It is the energy known for giving life to the universe,” Horus timidly recited. “Everything living and non-living is a part of the Awakening. It’s energies to this day continue to expand creating the universe. Shavings of its energy that your species have mastered to contain are what powers this vessel, familiars, and armor.”

Amun-Ra casually leaned in catching Set’s attention.

“You are scaring the boy …again,” He mentally whispered to his cousin.

Set shot Amun-Ra a quick dirty look before making both his visage and stance less aggressive.

“A word, cousin,” Set requested.

“Of course,” Amun-Ra nodded. “Continue with your lesson Horus.”

He followed his cousin Set out of the medical bay walking some ways off so that they could converse privately.

As they stopped, Amun-Ra stood prepared for Set’s disapproving countenance when he turned to confront him.

“This must stop Amun-Ra.”

“What am I doing, that must be stopped, cousin?”

“What you are doing is cruel cousin,” Set admonished Amun-Ra. “By showing them kindnesses you give them hope where there is none, at least for them.”

“Their time with us does not need to be one of mistreatment,” Amun-Ra sternly defended himself.

“Do not accuse me of mistreating them,” Set shot back. “I have children of my own. But I am stern and distant with both the boy and girl for a reason. You know what we must do once our tests and research are over. We cannot leave behind anything or anyone that may unnaturally influence the evolution of the human species.”

“I know all too well the Articles of Genetic Selection cousin, we helped forge them along with the rest of the Dominion Council. I show the boy and girl kindness because I too have children. If reversed I would wish one to treat my own offspring with the same bit of compassion.”

Set softened his stance noticing the troubled look on his cousin’s countenance.

“We venture to their homeworld, studying them like beasts,” Amun-Ra continued while shaking his head. “We then experiment on two of their young to determine if their possible evolution will be a threat to the universe and then must snuff out that same life so that we do not alter the development of their species in the same near future. The bitter taste this leaves in my mouth will not be wiped clean.”

“Swallow the memory of the billions of lives lost during the Razcargian Conflict, the same that claimed the life of your beloved father,” Set softly reminded him. “Remember the countless lives we protect by upholding this venture. We do this for their preservation.”

“There must be a better way cousin.”

“There is always a better way,” Set wisely answered him. “But this is what we must do until that better way is found. Know that Osiris and I carry the weight of this yoke with you and that when the time comes, they will not suffer when we send them to the Awakening.”

Amun-Ra with a heavy heart nodded in agreement with his cousin bringing their discussion to an accord.

“I think we should limit both subjects’ education,” Set brought up another topic, “Especially the boy.”

Amun-Ra folded his arms wearing a perplexed look at his cousin’s advisement.

“Under what grounds?”

“The boy’s uncontrollable thirst for knowledge concerns me, especially in regards to us.”

“Seeing as how we’ve altered their physiology which is gradually granting them access to one hundred percent of their mental capabilities it is only logical for them to attempt to quench that thirst.” Amun-Ra earnestly shrugged.

“It concerns me when we can no longer read their thoughts,” Set pressed. “For such a primitive species, their genetic matrix is the most complexed we have every studied compared to other species. Most species during their evolutionary progression either teeter toward a more physical or mental trait. Humans, barring any external interruption, possess the potential to surpass a large number of intelligent species in these characteristics and other abilities at an alarming rate in the near future, which comes to our next order of business.

What I am about to say, Osiris has already agreed to, the research pertaining to Horus and Sekhmet ends either at the next half star cycle or if our future testing scan of either of them displays a fifty percent cerebral cortex accessibility. Agreed?”

“You had such a conversation without me?” Amun-Ra asked with a vexed visage.

“It was a conversation in passing,” Set answered with folded arms. “Osiris was the one who set terms.”

Knowing that it was a heated debate he wasn’t going to win especially with the two to one odds, Amun-Ra reluctantly nodded in agreement.

˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜

Back in the medical lab, a young Horus entered the hallway following Amun-Ra’s familiar in the opposite direction where Set and his creator walked heading to another room to learn about other technological advancements within the Annunaki vessel.

Although his chipper visage displayed that he was present in his current environment, his mind was elsewhere.

“Sekhmet, are you there my love?” Horus called to her with a thought.

“Yes, my love I am here,” her voice whispered in his mind. “Osiris’s familiar is still supervising my lessons, while he muses himself with the fanatics outside the ship.”

“It matters not,” he scoffed. “I have pulled you into my mind. He is unable to hear our conversation from here.”

“You are privy to Set and Amun-Ra’s conversation?”

“I heard them,” Horus answered while keeping his countenance innocent in front of Amun-Ra’s familiar. “I may not be able to enter or read their minds, but the words they speak to each other cannot be hidden from me. They arrogantly believe that we are incapable of hearing them.”

“How much longer must we endure my love?” Sekhmet asked pleadingly, “When shall we rise against our captors?”

“Soon my precious Sekhmet,” he answered with a soothing tone. “At our current strength combined, we’d be a match for one of these Annunaki dogs, possibly two, but not all three. If we are to be victorious, we must bolster our strength to levels they could not possibly fathom reaching, becoming actual gods.”

“But how do we achieve this, my love?”

“You have already felt it, the few times we were taken outside the vessel so that they can observe our interaction with our current environment. The nurturing rays of the sun itself.”

“I have, but our time outside is always short, and our cells do not drink enough to quickly bolster our might. How can we hope to acquire the energy needed when we are constantly watched?”

“We will not have to my love,” Horus informed her. “The restructuring pods shall do it for us.”

“The pods? How?”

“I am now familiar with their inner workings my love. The same pods that have blessed us with our new-found strength and intelligence will be what they will use to remove us from mortal coil, or so they believe. I can make it so on the day they put us to death, we will be reborn again, this time …as true gods of this world. On that day, we shall slay them all, take this ship and this world for ourselves, and rule and shape it in our own image. We will hang their remains from our first newly erected temple that our people shall make for us, as a warning to any other beings from beyond the stars that would dare venture here and oppose us.”

˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜

One month later,

A battered, worn, and beaten Horus lay paralyzed by the Bleed System embedded within his chest within an encased version of the Bleed System inside a deep dark hollow tomb as a battled ravaged Amun-Ra stood over him gripping his familiar in battle staff mode. The expression on the ancient alien’s countenance read of anger, sorrow, and disappointment all at the same time.

“You have no right … to look upon … me like that,” Horus painfully seethed. “You would have done the same … thing to preserve your life! Especially the life of the woman you love, which you struck from mortal coil! You would have done the same!”

“You are right,” Amun-Ra sadly nodded. “I would have done the same. But not at the cost of the lives you slaughtered. That was you and Sekhmet’s doing, not ours. Your world is vast, most of it desolate, yet you purposely chose areas with heavy inhabitants to wage battle costing countless of innocent lives. Why Horus? Why would you do that to your own people?”

A sick and sinister cackle came from Horus as he glared at Amun-Ra.

“It was all tactical,” he wheezed. “Your big heart for my ‘people’ was your downfall. I’m just surprised to see Set, and Osiris fall first and not you. And they stopped being my ‘people’ the day you made me like this. What is the life of a mortal compared to that of a god?

Amun-Ra desolately shook his head.

“That is why I must do this.”

Amun-Ra knelt down placing his hand on the imprint on the side of the sarcophagus. It lit up as a voice emitted speaking the language of his homeworld.

“Genetic imprint of Amun-Ra recognized.”

Amun-Ra turned the circled handprint from a twelve o’clock position to a three o’clock position activating the encasement causing the lid to slowly slide shut. From within a powerless Horus screamed with rage.

“Amun-Ra! Amun-Ra! Amun-Ra!”

Amun-Ra rose to his feet walking away with the screams of Horus still ringing in his ears.

˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜

Back topside a heartbroken Amun-Ra stood looking up at the hot sun beating down on him as his familiar in serpent mode used solid light construct energy to move tons of sand down the slanted tunnel of the tomb positioned a mile and a half down from the Earth’s surface burying Horus for eternity.

“Horus has been successfully buried,” the Serpent turned to his master.” His entombment has made it possible to communicate with Anu again. There are several messages of concern requesting our current status. Shall I contact the remaining elders on your behalf and relay to them what has occurred?”

“No Apophis,” Amun-Ra shook his head. “Inform them that I will be contacting them shortly to give my update. I need for you to locate and acquire Banafrit.”

“The human you mated with.”

“Ensure her safety and bring her to the ship.”

“As you command,” Apophis bowed.

Apophis’ eyes blazed becoming bright red as it opened up a dimensional portal, it quickly slithered through to complete its mission as the rift in space and time closed behind it. Amun-Ra clutched the chest plate to his armor as he wept bitterly.

“Set … Osiris …my dear cousins …forgive me for what I am about to do. The truth cannot be brought to light. The Articles of Genetic Selection are flawed, and this young race does not deserve to be sentenced to death for what we have done. I also cannot lose her. I cannot bear to lose her.”

With a thought, Amun-Ra’s armor powered up taking him into the skies back to his ship. From high up, he had a clear view of the death and destruction caused by the global battle that would change the course of human history forever. He took his time returning to the transport as he dreaded what he must do next.

Chapter 1

October 2015, The Grand Canyon National Park, midafternoon Colorado time,

At the very bottom of the old dried up riverbed, made out of red rock and first established on February 26, 1919, was a part of the wall of the canyon that was not actually a wall. Although it mimicked the features of its environment, it was created of reinforced metal with a hidden door that slid open once a hidden camera and surveillance system confirmed both facial and retinal recognition of the individual or individuals that wished to enter.

Once the person entered through the hidden faux stone wall door, they went down a sizable elevator shaft one mile underneath the canyon itself where they were met by heavily armed superhuman enhanced guards with high tech body armor, and additional security protocol checks.

Once the individual successfully made it through that checkpoint, they entered a sterile silver hallway with a moving escalator floor which took them to their next destination. During the ride, X-Ray, thermal, and behavioral scans are taken. The door at the end of the trip does not open unless the person clears those last scans.

Finally, if the person cleared the last security scans, the enormous circular silver door splits apart allowing entrance into the facility which houses the next phase of project EVOlution.

Around the facility enhanced guards were strategically placed, while scientists, geneticists, and lab technicians moved about, or where at their stations working to further push the boundaries of human evolution on behalf of the United States Government.

In the center of the facility was the primary reason the lab base was created. Four cylindrical metal chambers lined up next to one another labeled from right to left with numbers one all the way to four. A team of forty lab technicians and geneticists broke into mandatory eight-person crews provided round the clock observation of the four fetuses submerged within a thick clear nutrient fluid in each of the four chambers.

Standing in front of the four chambers with his arms casually clasped behind his back was the new Director of project EVOlution, the soon to be former Secretary of Defense Robert Graves along with Dr. Egan Alexander the Chief Head Scientist of the Colorado facility.

“This batch appears to be progressing very nicely,” Graves nodded.

“Yes, considering that we have passed the five-month incubation period without any fatalities,” Dr. Alexander nodded. “I am quite confident these latest specimens will make it to full maturity.”

“Let us hope so,” Graves sighed. “This projected has already been delayed due to previous setbacks.”

“You’ll have to understand, that this is still new and uncharted territory.” Dr. Alexander explained. “Cloning is one thing, but accelerated growth is a whole new field onto itself. Forcing an embryo to bypass its natural growth process is not the same as changing its eye or hair color. Based on calculations, we still have until the eighteenth month period until we can determine if our efforts are a success.”

“I am fully aware that Rome was not built in a day doctor,” Graves acknowledged. “However, it is imperative that we minimize the delay of this project as much as we possibly can. It took a lot of persuasions to have the anonymity of this organization restored with both administrative and bipartisan support. Our secrecy regardless of who takes the Oval next year is conditional on the success of this program.”

Graves finishing his sentence noticed that Dr. Alexander neither complied nor responded back to what he had just said. He turned to see the doctor looking at him with an extra pale white face riddled with fear.

Before he could ask what had the doctor in such a frightened state, he noticed that Alexander’s eyes weren’t on him, but looking at someone or something over his left shoulder.

Now sensing the presence next to him, a fridge chill ran down Grave’s spine as he slowly turned to his left and shuddered.

Standing next to him was a barefooted young man in his mid-twenties with dark brown skin, and thick curly raven hair wearing nothing more than a tattered multi-colored skirt.

His arms were casually folded behind his back as he observed the creation chambers as if he had been there all along.

“Your calculations are incorrect doctor,” the young man relayed in perfect English. “They won’t last no more than twelve months give or take. None of these specimens have inherited their mother’s regenerative capability, which is key to ensuring they survive the accelerated growth process. A simple fix, expect your current technology is incapable of pinpointing what that gene is in such a complex DNA matrix.”

Graves took a step backward falling into the catatonic doctor, as the young man turned revealing his faint white glowing eyes.


“Are all loyal to me now,” the young man informed.

Graves choked as the enhanced guards within the vicinity snapped to attention remaining where they stood.

“I simply erased all their memories. All they know is that they were born to serve and kill for me. I also removed their existence from the memories of their loved ones, and anyone they have ever encountered, just a tiny fraction of my infinite power. I have also broken the mental tether you have with your ‘agent’ who is protecting your mind,” he smirked. “She still thinks she is guarding it. I could have killed her as well, but that would have drawn attention to me, and I am not ready to be revealed. You know who I am, don’t you boy?”

Graves swallowed deeply to the point of gagging as Dr. Alexander stood behind him clutching his tablet with a mixture of fear and fascination on his face. The young man stepped closer examining Graves.

“Oh yes,” he nodded. “You know very well who I am, and I know what you and those before you have done.”

He walked around Graves and began to examine Dr. Alexander tapping one of the lenses on his glasses, feeling the texture of his lab jacket. With a finger he made the doctor extend his arm to take a look at computer tablet he held while pulling out one of his pens from the front pocket of his lab coat.

“It took me awhile after I recovered from my imprisonment and regained some of my strength to read mind after mind across the planet and follow the trail leading me here. It started with a former soldier or two from a defeated regime, they knew nothing of course. I was then able to locate one of your last surviving soldiers of the Second World War who laid eyes on my beloved. I found it hidden in the deep recesses of his failed mind. That, in turn, narrowed my search to this part of the world, where I searched for those who had knowledge of my ‘Holy Grail.’

Step by step, I followed the trail, reading mind after mind after mind, until I found you, boy.

You in turn upon my command brought me here, unbeknownst to you.

Here, where you have the desecrated remains of my beloved Sekhmet, my Eye. Here, where you mutilated her body with your experimentations to learn the secret of the gods and duplicated them for your own means. Yes, child …I have been down to the lowest level of this facility, and seen what you have done.”

The ancient now stood face to face with a terrified Graves drenched in sweat.

“What is my name …boy?”

“Horus …your name …is Horus.” Graves answered with a swallow while edging his bottom jaw.

The ancient slowly nodded as a sinister smirk formed on his visage.

“As I stood gazing upon the remains of my beloved that you picked apart, the first thing that came to mind to punish you for your insolence, was to shatter every one of your brittle bones with just a thought, and to watch you die a slow and agonizing death.”

He leaned in to whisper into a quaking Graves’ ear.

“But there are worse things than death, boy. Fates far worse than physical pain, for men like yourself who have spent your entire life obtaining power, the greatest pain I can inflict upon you …is just to take it away. And that is what I shall do. You shall be the one to bear witness as I wipe your ruling governments from the face of this planet, and bring this world to heel under my rule.”

“I have news for you, someone went down that road,” Graves found a sliver of defiance to utter his words. “And they failed.”

“Although I already knew what you were about to say,” the ancient smirked, “I am curious to know, why you would say this to me when you know I can kill you for it?”

“Guess it’s the old Army war dog in me,” Graves swallowed. “It tends to come out from time to time. And you can’t be all that powerful if you were locked up somewhere this whole time …Horus.”

A menacing smile formed on Horus’s lips as if he found Graves’s retort amusing. It quickly disappeared as a dull ominous stare took its place.

“Remove your clothes and bow before me. All of you.”

The words were a loud echo within each of their skulls. A shocked Graves, Dr. Alexander, and his terrified lab technicians found themselves stripping off their clothing until they were all stark naked. They all collapsed to their knees scraping and bowing before a sinister grinning Horus. The ancient immortal standing over a humiliated Graves lifted his dusty barefoot bringing it in front of his nostrils.

“Now… kiss my foot …slave.”

A powerless Graves found himself grasping Horus’s foot and bestowing a kiss on it.

“Maddening isn’t it, to be in control of your mind, but not your body? To see, feel, hear, and know all that you do while I command your body with just the words from my lips. The first of many lessons you shall learn boy,” Horus snarled while glaring down at him. “Your experimentations only bore you at best demi-gods who pale in comparison to the god that stands before you. When the time is right, I shall claim this world with a whisper …not a roar.”

Horus turned his attention back to the incubation chambers.

“But for now, I must first resurrect his Sekhmet and bare more children. You there, rise and come forth.”

Dr. Alexander found his body getting to its feet and moving on its own bringing him to stand before Horus.

“Kill the children growing within these chambers.”

Dr. Alexander’s face bore an expression of horror as his body did as commanded moving to one of the computer terminals and typing in the termination code which shut off life support, drained the nutrient bath, and then flooded the chambers with a solution that dissolved the fetuses until there was nothing left of them. Horus nodded with approval as he turned to Graves.

“The first lesson in creating a god boy is to select from superior stock.”

Horus then palmed Dr. Alexander’s face causing him to gasp and collapse onto his knees convulsing. His eyes widened in shock as tears ran down them.

“Oh …oh god …I see …I see it now.” He shuddered.

“Good, you will have three days to rebuild these chambers to my specifications,” Horus instructed him. “Also dispose of the inferior male seed you have stored, you will be using my seed for this birthing process.”

“I …I will require the help of my staff to complete your task Lord Horus,” Dr. Alexander willing bowed before him.

“Very well,” Horus agreed. “All others rise, except for you boy.”

Dr. Alexander rose to his feet along with his staff; he quickly glanced at Graves still down at his knees then back at Horus.

“These two will also remain with me....”

Dr. Alexander looked to who Horus was pointing to, the first was a female lab technician who wore square spectacles, and long brunette hair in a ponytail. Tears streamed from her eyes as she meekly tried to cover herself, the second woman who also burst into tears was a junior biochemist with short, thick curly hair and tan skin.

“These two will remain to clean me, escort me to proper chambers, feed, service, and collect my seed,” Horus commanded, “Afterwards I shall summon you to fashion proper clothing for me. And then accompany me down to the lower levels of this place to tend to the remains of my beloved Sekhmet. Be sure to complete your instruction to your staff before then.”

“Yes, Lord Horus,” Dr. Alexander bowed. “May we please …get dressed?”

“Why?” Horus coldly asked.

“We …are not comfortable to working this way,” he swallowed. “I think we would be more productive if we …”

Before Dr. Alexander to could finish, his words were choked out of him as one of the mind reprogrammed enhanced guards walked up pulling out his sidearm and shot the nearest female lab technician causing screams to erupt throughout the remaining living. Her lifeless body slammed savagely onto the floor causing everyone to jump.


About me

Kipjo K. Ewers was born July 1, 1975. At an early age, he had an active imagination, drawn by his love of science fiction, comic books, and cartoons. Finding inspiration in the loss of his first daughter due to an unfortunate miscarriage he began writing a hero origin story now titled “The First”, which has become a series. During his off time from writing, Mr. Ewers also creates 3D artwork which can be found on sites such as Deviant Art, Runtime, and Renderosity.

Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The hardest part of writing this novel was creating a secondary plot that coincides with the main plot of the series. It was hard to develop characters and storylines to expand upon and keep the interest of the reader.
Q. Why do you write?
I write because I love to create characters and worlds that I can share with readers. It is a mega bonus when that same reader falls in love with the characters, and become invested with the series. Its proof that’s what’s inside my head is something pretty cool.
Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
I figured a story like Genesis needed a green background, also wanted to portray Freedom at the height of her role with a superhero. As you can see between this cover and EVO Uprising, her outfit got a severe color upgrade.