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Chapter 1 - The Brooch, the Hammer and the Pearl

It is early eve. In two days' time Mother and Father will have the annual celebration of their union.

“You have been staring into that sentence for the last five minutes, brother.”

I shot a look at my brother, who, as per his usual, managed to sit down by my side without me noticing anything. I took a deep breath and opted to ignore my younger sibling. Loki's tremendous ability to vex me will NOT stir me from my given task.

“I am surprised you have even gotten this far, brother.”

The small smile playing on his lips was as aggravating as always. I resisted the urge to display my annoyance to my little brother.

“ 'tis a task from Mother.” I finally admonished. “ I do not wish to disappoint her, nor do I wish to be interrupted in any way in order to complete this task.”

Loki's green eyes sparkled with mischief. I knew that look well and I did not like it.

“Believe what you will, my brother. I do not have the desire to intervene with this task of yours in any way.” Loki grinned. “It is entertainment enough to watch you as you are.”

My hand itched to grab Mjolnir and give chase to settle the score with my brother. He was, however, in his rights as my younger brother to gloat at my current predicament. Loki was the one who excelled at smithing words and not I. But now it was my task and my duty to put my thoughts into words and to learn from them for it was through my disregard of words that I caused my dear friend Lady Sif such hefty grievance.

After a while Loki grew bored with my presence and thankfully left me to my own devices. For a while I considered the merits of asking for Loki's expertise in this matter but Mother's strict instructions stayed my tongue. It was by my own thoughtless actions that I had caused the Lady Sif's loss of her vaulted gem-encrusted brooch which had once belonged to her dear grandmother. Mother had been very disappointed with me for several days now and it pains me that I had not been able to recognize both hers and Lady Sif's suffering due to my brash foolishness as Loki had eloquently put it earlier this afternoon.

This whole written apology ordeal has me at my wits' end and if my brother's words were to be taken into account (which I will vehemently refuse to do), my wit's end is not a very long journey to achieve. Perhaps he used different wording, but I care little for his jabs when I am not in a jesting mood.


It has not been a full day and yet I feel Mjolnir's lack of presence quite keenly. Mother had insisted it be put away for the duration of Lady Sif's brooch's repairs. My Father had nearly dismissed Mother's requests, but the look in her eyes was enough to have me relinquish my weapon without a word. Not having Mjolnir by my side pains me greatly, but this is a mere inconvenience in the face of Mother's disappointment.

I have yet to complete Lady Sif's letter of apology, though I shall try to finish this endeavor in the morn. It is too late now to dwell on these things.


The Lady Sif still avoids me. This morning when we broke our fast she presented me with complete ignorance of my being and any and all attempts to speak with her resulted in failure. Mother greeted me cordially as usual, which eased at least a bit my worries. She asked me if I had written the letter yet, to which I replied with a negative and her spirits seemed to slightly dampen.


My Father Odin has been very busy these last few days. Judging by Mother's reaction, his business has nothing or little to do with the preparations for their anniversary. According to Loki, and I spent a large part of my noon and afternoon with my little brother, Father has been dealing with some sort of insurgence.

“Father watches over all the Nine Realms and Mother knows that. But Father should allow more time for Mother. I have been distracting her as best as I can as of the last few days, but even I cannot completely distract Mother of the thought that her anniversary has become just another duty for Father.”

It was an unusual situation for the two of us. Usually we would engage in some form of brotherly tomfoolery, but right now both of us were in Loki's chambers, sitting across from each other and being more or less annoyed or miserable.

No. It wasn't an unusual situation. When matters of the family were concerned, Loki and I would put aside everything to figure out what to do and how to fix whatever was wrong. And such situations usually always involved visiting my brother in his chambers, for he would be in some sort of mood and unless I stir him from his books and schemes, he would spend his days and nights hauled up in there.

“Mother was in very good spirits this morn.” I lamented, trying to understand what would've caused her mood to do such a dive in nearly no time and without any indication of which I would be aware.

“That would be Father's fault.” My brother said bitterly and my gut feeling told me near instantaneously that Loki was involved in some way or form.

“Loki, what did you do?” I asked, already dreading the answer.

My younger brother sighed dejectedly.

“Usually Father has some sort of gift or surprise for Mother which she receives several days before their anniversary. This year Father forgot.” He ran his hands through his hair, a sort of a nervous habit, which I've seen only once or twice in my life before. “So I took it upon myself to give Mother a gift from Father.”

“ Oh, Loki.”

Oh, my Brother. As devious and mischievous as he is, he does have a very soft spot in his heart for Mother. And for once, I had no reprimand for him.

His story went as such:

Mother had received his gift in Father's name, a beautiful engraved necklace. Father, however, had been missing on some important errand and upon his return Loki's plan had been discovered, thus Father was cross with Loki, while mother, touched by Loki's attempt to make her happy, did her best to dissuade Father from punishing him.

“ Thus we find the both of us in the same situation, don't we brother?” Loki chuckled, but his laugh did not reach his eyes. “ Father found time to punish me, and yet Mother still has no gift from him.”

We were silent for a while.

“Perhaps Father has to deal with something very urgent.”

“He does.” Was Loki's curt answer.

I looked up at him.

“You know something.” I said to him.

“I do.”

I leaned forward.

“Will you not tell me, brother?” I asked, knowing full well that if he was in one of his moods the chances of getting anything out of him would be very poor.

“Something breached our defenses several nights ago. Heimdall saw nothing. The nearest guards had been alerted and there was some sort of battle. Only one of the guards survived. She spoke of some sort of shadow people and half-rotted corpse monsters.”

Loki stood up from his position and walked over to a cabinet. He opened it and I could not see what he was doing from the cabinet doors, but I was certain he was accessing a secret compartment of sorts. As he closed the cabinet I could not see what he had gotten from it. His hands were seemingly empty. And then he took one of my hands and dropped something it and closed my palm.

I opened my palm and took a look.

“What is this, brother?” I asked, staring at what seemed to be a green translucent pearl whose center was made of pure darkness.

“The shadow creatures that the guards managed to kill dropped these upon dissolving. I managed to sneak a few of these before more guards arrived.”

“Does mother know?”

“I am not certain. Mother has been busy with preparations for the anniversary. I do not wish to worry her any further.”

“Why hasn't Father come to us with this? Have we not proven ourselves worthy of defending the Realms?”

“Right now we are merely the naughty children that need punishment. At least this time I am not serving my punishment alone.”

I reached to grab the hilt of Mjolnir but I grasped at air.

“You sigh so dejectedly, brother. One would think you are pining for a maiden.” Loki jested.

I cuffed him on the ears, to which he responded by poking my sides. Naughty children indeed!


I spent yesterday finally composing the letter of apology for the Lady Sif. She has continued to avoid me, but Loki tells me it is more for my own good than any actual felt grievance. I do not what to think of his words. On one side I am happy that the Lady Sif does not truly feel as angry as I originally thought. On the other side, it was Loki who has told me this and I know from previous experience that one should never put complete trust into my younger brother lest they become a victim to his tricks.

Mother was in a significantly better mood this morn than the previous day. Whether she truly is in a better mood or just a show for the attending guests, I do not know. I have very little understanding of how the mind of women works and Mother is no exception to that.

Father, on the other hand, I've barely managed to see once late last night and he seemed preoccupied with some task. He was speaking with several of his advisers and a man whose identity I was not sure of, but seemed to be a man of knowledge and study, not unlike Loki. Naturally, my brother did not take well that Father would seek the counsel of someone else and not his own sons, especially where that unknown man was concerned. I tried to ask him if he knows who he is, but Loki did not seem inclined to answer. Instead of pestering him any further, I left him with Mother, while I made my way to try and give my letter to Lady Sif. Again.


My hammer Mjolnir is locked inside the Weapons' Vault of Asgard. Father had me leave it there to be locked up until further notice. I've spent every single day since (and that is a total of three days and a half) walking past the vault, not unlike a stray animal waiting for scraps in front of the Butcher's. Loki's words, not mine.

Today, should all things go well, Mother said, she'd have my Father allow me to wield Mjolnir again.

“Thus you are a bundle of nerves, as impatient and eager and a small child waiting upon his gift.”

“ Loki!”

“The Lady Sif has agreed to accept your letter of apology. You may thank me at a later date for that, brother. “ He pulled at a lock of my hair, prompting me to shove him aside. He regained his footing almost immediately and was once more by my side, whispering. “ I have news of Father's endeavors.”

That was his way of saying that he has been sneaking about Father's errands again. Instead of reprimanding him as I usually do, I prompted to listen more intently.

“The man with the small pair of glasses on his nose-”

“The one you seemed to hate?” I guessed.

Loki seemed miffed at my interruption.

“Yes, exactly the one. He had been tasked with examining one of those undead pigmen the guards brought into the castle last night.”

“Last night? There have been more attacks?” I exclaimed.

“Be more quiet, you oaf! Yes, there was an attack once more last night. This time closer to the castle. Father has ordered further increase of defenses. And that man used to be one of my tutors. He is from Niffleheim and very knowledgeable about all kinds of undead.”

“But undead pigmen?” I questioned, unsure.

“'tis a very ugly, half-rotten creature, brother. I could smell the monster all the way from my hiding place and it was not very pleasant. Rotten flesh mixed with the smell of fire and brimstone. Highly unpleasant and also highly unusual.”

Chapter 2: Something is coming

I kept my silence valiantly, thus proving Fandral's assumptions and providing Loki yet again with a reason to cackle at my misfortune. As pleasant as Fandral's presence was, it was also counterproductive to my brother and mine's endeavor to discover what exactly is attacking our realm. To Loki's ire, and I was certain such things would irritate him, the other two parts of the Warriors Three joined us for a bit of small talk. Volstagg the Voluminous spoke of their adventure from which they had returned late eve yesterday. Hogun the Grim was as taciturn as always, though I could see that their adventure had released at least a small portion of the tension in his shoulders.

Just as we said our goodbyes, a group of newly arrived dignitaries approached Loki and I and, being princes of Asgard, we did our duty and welcomed them.


“It would seem that having a private conversation with my own brother is not to be today. Go to your chambers and prepare for the celebrations, Thor. I shall do the same. But tonight, after the brunt of the festivities die down, we shall speak again. There are some things that I must show you.” with these words my younger brother abruptly turned away from me and strode purposefully towards his chambers.

For a moment I simply stood there in the hallway, trying to discern Loki's intentions. He was my brother and a Prince of Asgard, but he was also as sure as day a man of his own interests and a large part of me wondered what kind of benefit would he have should I prove to be a means to his end. Past experiences with him have taught me that he never did anything without at least the promise for personal gain of some kind. But even for him, as scheming and mischievous as he was, family was well beyond personal gain and he had always desperately sought Father's approval above all else.

On my way to my chambers, my mind busied myself with thoughts of this strange new threat that was upon our realm. As I entered my rooms I noted that I had been absently playing with that small dark green pearl Loki had given me. Strange, really. I believed I had left it within Loki's room, upon his desk and yet here it had been, securely hidden in one of my pockets. Perhaps this was yet another trick of Loki's and he had planted it upon myself for whatever reason he may have had.


I was still playing with that thing in my hand. This absent-mindedness unnerved me, especially because this was the product of some unknown magic. I hastily placed the pearl upon the nearest surface which happened to be the bed-side table on the right side of my bed. I felt irritated with myself for the irrational abruptness with which I had disposed of the item from myself. Strange things were afoot. Stranger powers were at play and there was nothing that could come to my mind other than the bittersweet grief for the comforting feeling of Mjolnir's grip in my hands that I was lacking.

If only I had my hammer in my hands to make this feeling of ineptitude go away. It was a strange and irrational feeling, not unlike a helplessness of sorts. It made me restless and irritable, but above all else, it made me feel not like myself.


Something is coming.

I can feel it in my gut.

Something is coming and I do not have Mjolnir by my side.


A bath puts most of my unease to rest, even if it is only a temporary reprieve from my worries. My shoulders are relaxed and my posture straight and not strained as it was earlier. I look upon myself in the mirror and try not to have my gaze attached to where Mjolnir would usually be.

Someone is knocking on the door. It is a series of three curt raps which I relate to my brother Loki and his often paper-thin patience when it comes to myself. I find him dressed in new fine clothes. I recognize his green leather outer coat, or, rather, I recognize the beast whose hide is now essentially the coat. His helm was under one arm, his posture was springy and his eyebrows were raised expectantly at me. He, like myself, was full of nervous energy and his eyes glinted with wariness that I am more used to seeing during battle and not within the castle itself. That weariness was well hidden behind a deceptively cheery and open smile.

He greeted me and I did so in turn. We made small talk on our way to the Grand Reception Hall though my mind was mostly elsewhere. I fancied Loki being in a similar state though he was far more skilled than I hiding his trepidation and he easily diverted any and all attention upon myself with his usual charm and guile.

As we slowly made our way towards the Grand Reception Hall I noted the unusually high number of guards in the castle. True, Loki had mentioned increase in defenses, but I had never thought that Father would be as obvious as he was right now. Such a display in front of foreign dignitaries either spoke of strength or of making a show, a spectacle of it. It was also unlike Father to do this in such a manner. Mother was most likely aware something was going on and as much as I desired to speak to her about all of this, I knew I could not just rip this piece of happiness from her. Such a discussion would take place in the morrow, along with my brother Loki and in the presence of the All-Father.


“We are being watched.” Loki's voice was barely above whisper but it rang so clear in my head that it nearly gave me a start. I spared my brother a glance but he did not appear to have spoken at all in the past few seconds. I kept my quiet and merely looked ahead to where he was looking – Volstagg was laughing at something Fandral had said. Hogun and the Lady Sif were also there, looking as different as day from night. Hogun seemed far grimmer than usual and he seemed weary, which contrasted a lot with his disposition not even three hours ago. The Lady Sif was radiant and beautiful, her dark hair twisted into an elaborate style and decorated with white-

“The pearl?” I mumbled quietly.

That cursed bauble was on my person again! I steeled my jaw to refrain myself from cursing aloud. Loki noted my sudden reaction and his brows creased before rapidly rising once he noticed how one of my hands was so specifically clenched around a certain something.

“Why have you brought that?” Loki asked pleasantly, carefully, as if talking about something else and not the pearl in my hand.

I was about to tell him that this cursed thing kept appearing on my person no matter what but at that moment Father approached us.

“Thor! Loki! My sons! You are finally here! Your mother was worried we'd have to start without you.”

Father gave us each a tight hug and led us towards the main table, where mother was already seated. There was no trace of worry or even the slightest bit of anxiousness on his face. Perhaps everything was fine and I was merely imagining this urgency that I was feeling?

Loki gave my arm a squeeze and as I turned to glance at him I noticed the look he was giving me. It was only for a second or so, but I had noticed it, as Loki had intended. Perhaps Loki's trickery was based on father's own? It would seem so as he was doing a superb job presenting a calm and jovial exterior.

Mother rose from her seat as we approached her with Father. He kissed her hands then took his own seat. Loki and I kissed Mother's cheeks in turn and then made to take our own seats.

“Thor you seem troubled.” Mother said, grasping my face in her warm, gentle hands. “Worry not, my child. Everything will be fine.”

Loki scoffed theatrically and slapped one of my shoulders playfully.

“Now you are the one worrying mother, Thor. No need to be such a properly chastised child, brother. The Lady Sif has already forgiven you for your transgressions; you'll get your Mjolnir back as soon as this celebration is over. Now drink some mead, Thor, so that you can feel like a warrior again and we can all rest from this drama.”

All those around us laughed merrily at my brother's words and I felt my jaw tighten with anger and embarrassment. Mother put a hand on my shoulder before I could do something brash with the ire that had now risen within me. For her sake I maintained my composure but nothing could stop my warning glare towards my brother, who merely smirked at me.


Food was served as all the guests were now seated and a din of chatter had risen all over the Grand Reception Hall. For the most part I was still angry with Loki's underhanded behavior and kept to my mead, hoping its pleasant taste and its buzz would disperse my bad mood soon enough for Mother and Father's sake.

I had to put my mead aside when our own food was served and I took up a bowl of hearty stew. I was about to try the stew when I saw its wisps of steam form tiny words over the surface, that looked suspiciously like Loki's elegant script. I threw my brother a bemused glance while he merely pointed with a look of his own towards what he had written me.

Mother and Father know, the tiny words read, something is coming.

The last part made my skin crawl as a cold chill swept over me.

So it hadn't been only myself with this feeling.


I made a mental note of the distance between the Grand Reception Hall and Father's Vault. It was something I did often ever since Mjolnir was taken from me.

It was not far and that gave me some measure of reassurance, should something happen.


Loki is no fan of being drunk thus he never took in large amounts of any spirits. I, however, had very different notions about the importance of spirits during one's merry-making. Even so I was not surprised to discover that Loki had somehow enchanted my cup to turn any and all mead within it into harmless, non-alcoholic nectar. And every time I sipped it was of different fruit.

Normally I would be well in my rights to demand my mead. But tonight's circumstances excused his precautions. Should anything happen I'd rather be sober and battle-ready.

Something is coming.

Mjolnir is only so many steps away and the guards were probably instructed to let me have Mjolnir back in my possession once the celebration is over.


Main course is served. Prime Vanaheim veal prepared to mouth-watering perfection. My only regret is the lack of proper mead, but it was a small sacrifice, one that I intended to remedy as soon as this phantom danger was over.

Loki, as always, pecked at the Veal, his tastes laying more with lighter foods and not the hearty Asgardian staple.

“Eat, brother.” I encouraged him, taking large bites of my own serving. He needed the strength this meal would provide. Did wizards, enchanters and magic users in general not require sustenance for their spells? I took another large bite, slightly spraying him with dripping veal juices. He cringed disgustedly and maintained that expression as he wiped away at himself with a cloth he Magicked from thin air.

I tried to apologize for that but Loki raised his hand.

“Swallow, and then speak, brother. I beg of you.” he said through ground teeth.

I left Loki to his own dining devices. I trusted him as my brother to be ready should anything happen and who was I to understand the ins and outs of magic?

Chapter 3: Mischief Managed

One of the guards rushed to my father amidst the celebration and the two exchanged a few words before the guard went away. I could not hear what they were talking about over the din but Father did not react in any way and maintained his composure. He whispered something to Mother and he himself left quietly.

Finally, Mother turned to the two of us, and just now did I notice Loki paying rapt attention as well.

"Your father will be right back, my sons. No need to worry." she smiled warmly and turned back to her cup of mead.

"Of course, Mother." Loki smiled back at her and as Mother turned away he looked at me and whispered quietly, just so only I could hear him. "Stay here, I will be right back."

I scowled but then I noticed his image shimmering very slightly and it happened so quickly at first I thought I had imagined it. When I tried to touch Loki's arm, my fingers went right through. My eyebrows rose high on my forehead. Truly, my brother was the very essence of audacity, to cast such an illusion, right next to Mother and in front of everyone in the Grand Reception Hall no less. He was, indeed, very skilled at his craft, as non-Asgardian-like as it was.


"Thor, you seem very nervous. Is something wrong?" Mother suddenly asked and I stilled, like a deer caught unawares by a pack of wolves.

Had Mother noticed Loki's machinations? What do I tell her about my brother? Why would my brother put me in such a situation? I did not wish to lie, let alone to lie to my own Mother! What would she think of me as this whole farce would blow up into my face in a matter of few moments! Loki was the Lie-smith and not I!

"Mother, I-" I began, feeling as flustered and terrified of the situation as a small child getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

"My poor brother cannot wait through a little celebration for the sake of his parents just to get his toy back." Loki stated as he playfully pinched my cheek and handing me my cup. "Here, brother, have some mead and lay those nerves to rest."

Usually I would be angry. But as always when Loki is concerned, I felt more flabbergasted and confused rather than annoyed by his behavior. Was he not an illusion mere moments ago? Yet here he was, handing me my cup of nec- This is mead again!

"Calm down, you oaf! I can be only at so many places at once!" I heard Loki's voice hiss out at me, the sound reverberating within my head, just like when we were walking towards the Grand Reception Hall. 'tis was yet another of Loki's tricks, I was certain.

I tried to nudge him with my elbow just to see if he was still here or if he was an illusion once more. My elbow went through as easily as through air and I discreetly pulled away, hoping no one noticed. I took to my cup of mead once more, relishing the return of the blissful drink. For the next few moments all I could think about was the seamlessness of Loki's shenanigans and all I could do about them was wonder how did he do what he did.

I heard a loud, joyous laughter that reminded me of a bubbling summer creek and the symphony of song birds of the early morn. The Lady Sif was laughing at something Fandral had said. Truly, she was resplendent and wonderful this eve and I was glad she had deigned to accept my apology before the celebration itself. It filled my heart with relief that our friendship was no longer in jeopardy. A truer and more honorable friend would be a challenge to find.

Her dress was lovely, simple and elegant of design but of expensive, lush cloth that complemented her clear fair skin and there was a single lock of her black tresses that was purposefully left out to tease all on-lookers.

I was shaken out of my musings from Mother's soft chuckles. I found her gazing at me with a knowing look and suddenly I discovered just how interesting the swirling motions of my mead could be.


Father was yet to come back but most could hardly notice at this point, given their states of inebriation. My eyes swept over the gathered crowd of dignitaries, seeing people from all over the realms, most notably from Vanaheim and even quite a few were from Alfheim. I found myself glancing over to where Lady Sif and the Warriors Three had been seated. I noted that while very merry, they did not appear to have over-indulged in mead and other spirits, much like myself. I was certain then, that not only did they know there was something amiss, but they were also prepared to defend the Realm, should it come to that tonight. A small form of ease swept through myself as that thought occurred to me.


Loki was still gone, though his illusionary image offered quite the proof of his presence, even if it was a false one. I spoke with mother, trying my best to maintain the pleasant atmosphere at our table. Luckily enough, some of her old friends from Vanaheim approached her and I found myself alone with Loki's illusion on our table.

At this point the Lady Sif approached us and invited us over for a chat with the Warriors Three and herself. I took a deep sharp intake of breath. This was it. Loki would be discovered for sure. As Lady Sif leaned forward between us, I felt as if my heart had gone up and taken residence within my throat but that moment passed abruptly as I saw her using Loki's shoulder for support with one hand. Perhaps he had managed to return in time for the Lady Sif's approach? I would probably never know.

My place was on battlefields and such games of guile and subterfuge were never in any way something I boasted prowess with. I would leave them to those of such ability, namely my brother Loki.

"Thor, Loki, you should not spend so much time together lest a fight breaks out and Her Majesty, the All-Mother, has to call her celebration short to pull the two of you apart." There was a certain coyness within the Lady Sif's words that I took note of. Perhaps a result of the atmosphere and the mead? Somehow I had my doubts, but before I could think on this any further, my everything stalled as I could smell the faint scent of peach flowers and honey. I could feel her warmth radiating from her figure and her smile was as radiant as everything about her.

"Thor? Are you coming?"

"I-of course, Lady Sif." I missed out on the conversation and I inwardly chastised myself for my foolishness. I stood and followed Loki and Lady Sif towards where the Warriors Three were heading – one of the many balconies that were connected to the Grand Reception Hall. The balconies on this side were connected to the gardens that were only a few small steps bellow us.

The skies were clear and littered with stars and the gardens themselves were dimly lit, in contrast to their usual bright lighting. Perhaps Mother had ordered it to create a nice, romantic atmosphere. There were already a few couples in the not too far distance that I could see perusing the gardens to have small private chats. On the edges of the garden I could see stationed pairs of guards at every single exit.

"It would be hard to make our exit unnoticed through here." Hogun commented, scowling.

Obviously I had missed an important part of the conversation Loki, the Lady Sif and myself had partaken.

"There is a small hidden gateway over in the west part of the Gardens, by the pond with the lilies and the goldfish." Loki said.

"The one with the Fountain of the Three Maidens?" Volstagg asked.

"Just the one."

"Let us go then." I stated impatiently and made my way forward, eager to leave the gardens and find out what was going on.


"So, where is this hidden entrance?" I asked as all six of us were now next to the pond.

The goldfish were swimming languidly among the lily stems and there were coins glittering on the bottom through the clear waters. For a moment or so Loki remained silent, while the rest of us looked at him expectantly.

"Loki, will you care to elaborate on the location of this hidden entrance?" Fandral intoned, Volstagg nodding beside him.

"Well, you will find the means to access it to be quite...crude.” Loki finally said.

"We were made to understand time was of the essence."

"Quite so my Dashing friend. Ahem." Loki cleared his throat, straightened his posture and clasped his hands behind his back. "In order to access the secret passage one must...twist the, ah, teats of the most, ah, endowed maiden."

The silence was palpable.


Lady Sif volunteered to do the deed. Loki refuses to tell us how he learned of this secret passage.


The secret passage leads to a remote hallway near the kitchens. Volstagg had the most difficulty exiting on the other end, given his size. Even at this distance, we could still hear the music and the chatter from the Grand Reception Hall. I noted yet again the amount of guards even here, in this part of the castle.

"These are no patrols. They are looking for something." the Lady Sif said. “We must make haste."

The secrecy behind this whole ordeal had to do with the fact that Father had ordered the Royal Guard to take care of this problem and he himself was actively working on it. By involving ourselves without his direct, official consent one could say that we were breaking Asgardian law by impeding on the Royal Guard's progress.

However, we wanted to know what was going on. I wanted to know what was going on. And if I could do something to protect Asgard, then I would do it. It was not just a sense of duty for my homeland. It was something that we felt as part of our life as warriors of Asgard. And even Loki, who was the least warrior-like of all six of us, professed care and love for his home, friends and family in his own way.


"These are the Lady Sif's quarters." I stated, glancing uncertainly at our lady companion.

"Of course they are. We are visiting Lady Sif. There is much for us to discuss." the Lady Sif said, much to our confusion.

Then Loki rolled his eyes and promptly shimmered out of existence.


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