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October 2014

New Orleans, LA


I don’t think our guy is going to show.” uttered Ornelli.


“He’ll show, said O’Neil, “this is the perfect opportunity for him to take out the governor.”


Jason had this bad feeling in his gut, telling him that today was the day. He had been in this business way too long, not to listen to his gut feelings. Besides, what assassin could pass up an opportunity like this? The governor would be making a speech in the middle of Jackson Square under the Andrew Jackson Statue. The governor would be in a wide opened area on basically all sides. Jason and his task force team had advised the governor’s security staff that this would be a mistake, but the governor had insisted. He was a typical politician, always running for office. He had aspirations for the White House and wanted to spew his nonsense in order to get as many votes as possible. Oh, and he was good. He gave just enough charm and sincerity to have people believe what he was saying. The man should have been an actor, but shouldn’t all politicians.


The governor stated that meeting in the middle of Jackson Square would be the best way to reach everyone with hismessage.” The governor’s message was the reason why he was in this mess in the first place. He had pissed off one too many of the wrong people and now there was a contract on his life. He barely came out of the first two attempts unscathed. O’Neil guessed in politics, it’s easier to just eliminate the competition completely. Talk about cut throat competition. This way you don’t have to compete over who’s the better speaker, or liar, however it’s looked at. There’s no way that anyone could do what the elected official says when he gets into office. If people would’ve paid attention in their high school government, they would know it wasn’t possible. Besides, once the elected official got there, the companies with a vested interest in hispromises,” would want those promises to disappear and would be willing to pay top dollar to make it happen.


The governor and his staff didn’t realize the danger they were in or they were too obsessed in

winning to care. Unfortunately, when this assassin struck, he would take out whoever he needed to reach his mark, including any innocent bystanders who were in the vicinity. Oh yeah, the governor really cared about his citizens. Nobody on the governor’s staff were safe as long as the contract was open. Working for the governor must be great money because the greedy bastards, surrounding the governor, stuck around kissing his ass instead of advising him of the dangers. Money or not, those people sure as hell wouldn’t take a bullet for him when it came down to it.


Jason had given the warning to the governor’s staff. If these idiots wanted to promote the governor’s campaign while there was a threat, it was their conscience. Hopefully, an innocent bystander wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire. He prayed they would catch the asshole assassin before he got his target. Then their job would be to find out the person who hired the assassin.


The United States Government has been chasing this particular assassin around the world for over two years. Never once had they been this close. Today was the day they were going to catch him. They would take him dead or alive, it didn’t matter.


“Man, it’s hot, complained Brazell, standing to the left of the Statue, close to a tree. “It’s October, for goodness sake.”


Quit your complaining, Brazell.O’Neil whispered into the mouthpiece.Is everyone in position? We’ll only have a small window of opportunity for our plan to work and we have no room for anyone to be distracted by the activities around them or the freakin’ weather.” He gave a pointed look to Brazell as he walked the parameter of the Square.


Brazell, in turn, gave him the finger. O’Neil just smirked.


Jason continued to walk around and made sure that he could see each member of his team. He had trained every one of these guys in his unit. Each one was capable and efficient, but his gut still twisted thinking about anything happening to anyone of them. That was one of the things that sucked about their missions. You never knew when a mission could take a turn for the worse.


Ugh… He had to put those thoughts aside or they would drive him mad. They had a job to do and each of his men and women knew what was expected and knew that there was a possibility he or she wouldn’t make it out alive. It was his job to ensure they were well equipped to handle any situation. His team was one of the best and hopefully would prove that today.


Most of his team were in some sort of disguise. He could see Parker dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, masquerading as a caricature artist. Chaves was at one of the local diners acting as a waitress, and several others were walking around as tourist. Only a few like Bromell, Miller, and himself were dressed in black fatigues, hanging back in the shadows of the buildings, watching all of the windows and all of the people, knowing that the asshole would be difficult to spot. The guy was a master at blending into a crowd. The bastard not only could change his physical appearance to blend in, but also his persona to fit any environment. This made capturing him more difficult because how do you catch someone who never has the same face twice. All the agencies had a vague idea about his height and weight. The assassin couldn’t alter what he couldn’t change but he could alter his face often. Hell, the guy even altered his race. This caused the investigating team to think that the guy could’ve been in some government agency or involved in espionage activity. He was too good at disguises and getting in and out of an area without being detected. Not to mention, he was a terrific sniper. His last victim was killed in Guatemala from over a mile away. By the time the tactile team got to where the shot was fired, the shooter was long gone. He was known as Agent Gemini in most government agencies all over the world. The United States wasn’t the only country searching for him.


The only reason the agencies knew all of the shootings were related were the signs that the Gemini left behind at the point of execution. At the beginning of the investigation two years ago, they found a small Roman Numeral II carved into the window pane. As the shootings continued, the shooter started becoming bolder and leaving cards with a Zodiac Gemini stamped on it; hence the name Gemini. There were all types of theories as to why he would leave this sign. Was he a Gemini, a double agent, a twin or something else? The possibilities were endless.


Then someone started to notice a pattern of other killings in the area. It seemed that on the day of the assassination, there would be a brutal rape/murder. A woman would be beaten so badly that she would be unrecognizable. Since many of the shootings were happening in other countries, no one noticed any similarities with the killings. When they went back through the investigations, they found that all the women had tattoos of the Gemini on their body somewhere. The crimes were too similar to discount that our Agent Gemini wasn’t only an assassin, but also a serial rapist/murder. The guy seemed to be slowly going a little crazier with each kill. The government was hoping that eventually the killer would get sloppy enough to be caught.


One by one, each of Jason’s men gave the signal that everything was as it should be. The crowd was thick with locals and tourists. Every person seemed to be hanging on to every word that the governor was saying.


The Governor was standing in front of the Statue with the St. Louis Cathedral behind it. A beautiful backdrop and the Governor knew that this area was a very highly populated with tourists. Most people would stop and look at the Statue and the view and ultimately stand and listen to whoever was speaking. The governor would make sure everyone knew who he was by the time he finished with his speech.


Miller commented into his ear piece,Do they really think that this bleeding heart liberal is going to be the answer to their problems? I mean, come on; I like optimism just as much as the next guy but this guy is spouting out a Utopia that’ll never exist.


People are just looking for hope and change. They figure when you’ve hit rock bottom, there is nowhere left to go but up. If you’ve been through the shit that they have, you’d probably want a bit of a fairytale too.” Bromell observed.


O’Neil listened to the conversation going on between Miller and Bromell through the headset, but before he had a chance to respond, a slight movement caught his eye. He saw someone on the top of the building next to the St. Louis Cathedral.How the hell did he get up there,”O’Neil thought.


He spoke into the microphone in his lapel, “The Gemini’s finally graced us with his presence. He’s at the top of the building next to the cathedral.” He signaled his team to move out. The men closest, started toward the building trying to make it to the top before it was too late.


Seconds later, a shot was fired. The crowd scattered and chaos erupted. O’Neil and Bromell ran toward the crowd that was surrounding the governor. The governor was shot and they had failed their mission. Jason couldn’t tell from the angle that he as at if the governor was still alive.


It only took a moment for the shock to wear off. This bastard was going down. They weren’t going to lose this opportunity to take down the Gemini. He was going to be stopped this time. With the crowd fighting to get out of the area, it was difficult to move much less see if anyone was trying to get away.


Parker spotted someone, about two hundred feet away, who fit the build of their guy and who vaguely looked like the man from the roof. He was weaving in and out of the crowd with his head down like a man with the devil on his heels, while the others in the crowd were looking frantically around trying to escape without being shot. This had to be their guy.


Parker signaled to the rest of the team and they all started closing in on him. The Gemini must have seen them coming, he dodged into the street right into the flow of traffic. The driver of the car slammed on his brakes trying to avoid the man that was running straight at him in the road. That was the biggest mistake that driver ever made. The Gemini pulled out a gun and shot the driver, then pulled the driver’s limp body out the car. Within seconds, their suspect was speeding away, not bothering to stop for the pedestrians who were still trying to get away.


O’Neil’s group got to the driver within seconds after the car pulled away. Bromell pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911. The man was still alive, but if he didn’t get help soon, he was going to die.


Parker ran to get the company’s SUV to pick up the team. Once he was in SUV, he floored it around the corner and picked up O’Neil and those team members that were near O’Neil. There wasn’t time to wait for the rest of the team. The rest would get into the other vehicle and follow as soon as they were able.


Their suspect was on his way out of New Orleans heading for the swamps. They needed to stop the Gemini before he had the opportunity to get take cover in the swamp. If he got into one of the boats in the Bayou, they would never find him. There are too many different directions he could take.


Can’t you drive this car any faster?O’Neil hollered. Parker glared at O’Neil.What do you think I am doing?

Parker had the SUV right on the Gemini’s tail, weaving in and out of lanes, trying to get around the stolen car to stop it but the Gemini used his car to ram them on the side of the car, causing the car to slide down in the muddy ditch. Parker knew he was losing precious time, he tried to put the SUV into gear but the mud and slick grass caused the SUV’s front tires to spin out of control and not gain any traction. Parker jammed the SUV into 4 wheel drive and skidded out of the ditch. Unfortunately, this did waste precious time and caused the bastard to get further ahead of them.


“That bastard’s crazy!” Bromell yelled. He was hitting the head rest behind O’Neil with his fist.


“Hurry up, he’s getting away! O’Neil yelled. Now, he was hitting the dash board. Like this action was going to make them catch up any faster. O’Neil was so pissed that he would hit

anything. He didn’t want to lose this asshole. O’Neil and his team were so close to catching him but it seemed that the Gemini is always a step ahead of those looking for him.


“Dude, you seriously need to stop yelling at me before you piss me off. Parker growled.


Parker slammed his foot on the accelerator and quickly made up for lost time and was soon back on the guy’s tail. Parker tried every possible way to maneuver the SUV in front of the car, but the guy must’ve been expecting the move because he knew which direction to veer his car in order to prevent Parker from coming around. Bromell was just about to lean out of the car to shoot out the guy’s tires when all of a sudden, The Gemini swerved his car and made a quick left turn into the brush. He must’ve known about the turn because it was invisible from the road. At first, O’Neil thought that the guy had decided to do some four wheeling across the swamps but then realized there was a narrow road.


Parker slammed on the brakes and backed up a little to make the turn onto an unpaved road. All of the rain that the area has had recently, caused the road to be muddy with a lot of ruts. The SUV bounced around and made it difficult to drive fast. The only positive thing was if their SUV couldn’t go that fast, neither could the stolen car. They drove about two miles before they spotted the abandoned stolen car. To their left, they could hear the engine of a boat rushing away.


Drive a little further more. Maybe we’ll be able to see where the Gemini’s at.”O’Neil got a brief glance at an air boat before it started to disappear in the draped cypress swamp. Their quarry was getting away.


When the team drove onto the unpaved road, there were cypress trees and Spanish moss on both sides of the road. The further they went in, the thicker the vegetation got, and the Virginia Willow was abundant in this area along with the Red Maple. Along the swamp waters, and black mangrove trees.


Bromell said, “Keep driving and let’s see if we can see another boat. I grew up in these parts and there are always boats on the river.”


A little ways down the road they spotted a swamp tour company, Smitty’s Swamp Tours. There were air boats tied up at the pier, swaying in the murky waters. There was a boat house decorated with different stickers from all over the country at the beginning of the pier’s entrance.


“Stop the car.” O’Neil shouted. He jumped out of the car before it had come to a complete stop and ran towards the pier, a young man stepped out of the boat house and O’Neil shouted with badge in hand as he passed the young man, “US Marshall’s business, stand clear, I need to borrow a boat now!” The young man pointed to a boat that was the closest to them. O’Neil jumped into the boat, started it, and started to pull away from the pier. Two more men ran down the pier and jumped into the boat with O’Neil before he drove too far from the pier and into the swamp.


O’Neil shouted in the wind,Bromell, you take over the driving. I can hear a boat. Drive in the direction we saw a boat heading and let’s hope it’s our guy. We have to catch sight of him before he takes one of the canals and disappears.


It was difficult driving fast through the swamp, having to try to avoid dead trees and rotting stumps. If they made one wrong move, they would be gator food. To press the point of O’Neil’s thinking at that moment, a bull alligator jumped out of the water, attacked a bird that was perched on a tree root. O’Neil couldn’t help the shiver that ran down his spine. He shot a look to Bromell. He didn’t have to say a word. They both knew that would be a horrible fate if anything should happen to the boat.


It took them only a few minutes to find the Gemini and his boat. The overconfident bastard must have thought he was in the clear because he was driving at a more sedate pace. Lucky for the team. They could see the Gemini turn around about to wave at the passerby’s with a smile on his face when he quickly realized it wasn’t just some tourist passing by. He turned around and accelerated the boat once more.






The Gemini had never been afraid of being caught. His arrogance had grown over the years. Why not? He knew he was good at his job; he was the best. They didn’t even have a clue of what he really looked like because they were all idiots.


He laughed to himself thinking they were probably still searching for the road he had turned down so abruptly. He had scoped the area and knew where he could hide in case of pursuit. He always had many different plans of escape. He tried to make sure he planned for every scenario. He turned around when he heard the sound of a boat heading toward him. The only boats in this area were the tour boats of the bayou. He didn’t want anyone to be suspicious of his activity out here, so it was better for him to play the local and wave to the tourist. He turned around and lifted his hand to wave and pasted on a “southern hospitality” smile and then realized it wasn’t a tour; it was that frickin’ US Marshall’s team.


“Dammit!!!” Gemini hollered in frustration. That big bastard, O’Neil, was right on his tail. He had been on his trail for two years. This guy had to be one smart or lucky son of a bitch. The Marshall was the only one in all these years to even get close. When this was over and if he was still alive, he was going to murder that Marshall! That bastard was way too risky to keep around. If he were to ever get caught, there would be a lot of countries fighting over who would be the one to execute him. Even though those countries were generally the ones who hired him, it would be too risky to keep him around due to the secrets he kept.


Right now, he just had to escape these bozos and work on a plan to eliminate them from the equation. There were three of them. He couldn’t take them all out without risking the chance of one of them getting a shot on him. His only chance of survival was to outrun them. Easier said than done… he supposed he could get out of sight long enough to find a place to hide. The thought of hiding left an acidic taste in his mouth. He wasn’t a coward and he resented the fact that he was forced to act like one now. Oh yeah, this team of Marshalls was going to pay.




Miller was yelling,This is suicide. If we keep driving like this, we’re going to kill ourselves and he’ll still get away.


O’Neil yelled back,Just get us close enough to his boat and I’ll jump in. I’ll try to bring the other boat to a stop.


Miller waved him the okay. They sped up, trying to catch the smaller boat. They were just about on the Gemini when he turned into one of the branches of the river. At first, Miller thought that they were screwed, but this maneuver was to their advantage. Miller was able to slow the boat down and get it into position. The other boat was going way too fast and the driver had a difficult time keeping control. He had over corrected and now was trying to straighten the bow out. The Gemini corrected the boat and started to speed off once again. By the time he had the boat under control; O’Neil was able to get close enough to jump onto the deck of boat.


O’Neil was amazed that the boat didn’t tip over with his weight. He barely caught a glimpse of a man with a long shiny object being swung at him. It caught him off guard and hit him in the upper arm. He was able to maintain his balance by driving his body into the other man. They fell to the floor of the boat, wrestling over the shiny knife.


O’Neil punched the man in the face as they were still flying way too fast down the bayou. He needed to stop this boat, so his backup could catch up. He punched the man in the face again and his adversary went down and his foot came off the accelerator causing the boat to stop.


A split second later, the man was right behind O’Neil. O’Neil felt a sharp pain in his side as he was stabbed with the knife. Instinctively, O’Neil put his hand where he was stabbed. O’Neil felt the knife in his side, lifted his hand, and saw the blood. He yanked the knife out and blindly swung and struck the guy across the face with it, leaving a gash that went from his eyebrow to his chin. This caused the man to back off for only seconds to wipe the blood from his eyes, drew his gun…




O’Neil dove to the other side of the boat as a bullet whizzed by him. When the man wiped the blood from his eyes again, O’Neil dove into him once more, catching the man by the waist, and toppling them over the side of the boat. The only thing O’Neil could think about was that all of this blood was going to attract the alligators from miles around, O’Neil needed to end this fight quickly and get out of the water.


O’Neil reached over and grabbed the man. The man came around, catching O’Neil’s chin with a left hook. The hit knocked O’Neil off balance and caused him to lose his hold. When O’Neil finally gained his balance, he saw the man trying to run through the water to get back to the boat. O’Neil ran after him. The man reached in the boat and grabbed the gun from the deck of the boat. He turned around and a shot rang towards O’Neil. This time, O’Neil wasn’t able to dive out of the way.


Luckily, the Geminis vision was obstructed with blood and the shot hit O’Neil’s shoulder. O’Neil fell back into the water. This gave the man enough time to get back into the boat and start to drive away.


A shot was fired somewhere from behind O’Neil. The shot hit The Gemini in the back and fell into the water about fifty yards ahead of the team.


Parker and Miller reached O’Neil and pulled him onto their boat. He was bleeding heavily from the shoulder wound and the stab wound at his ribs and arm. He had lost a lot of blood. While Miller was trying to stop the bleeding, O’Neil was reaching for Miller’s shirt to bring him down to his face. You need to get the man out of the water.O’Neil whispered angrily. If he’s still alive, cuff him immediately, and if he’s dead, pull the body into our boat or his boat. I don’t care which one, I just want to see proof that we got him.O’Neil released Miller’s shirt and finally gave into the unconscious world.


O’Neil woke to Ornelli pulling off his Kevlar vest. O’Neil asked,Did you get the body out of the water?


His men looked at each other. Ornelli said,We didn’t get to the body in time. One of the gators must have gotten to it first because all we found were torn pieces of clothes and a shoe.


We need to continue searching. Without a body, we can’t prove that he’s dead. If we didn’t kill him, he’ll continue to kill.”O’Neil said as he tried to sit up. Ornelli gently pushed him back down and told him he needed to stay down so they could finish working on his bleeding wounds.


Jenkins overheard the conversation between O’Neil and Ornelli. She wanted to stop The Gemini as much as any other member of the team if not more. This was personal to her. She spoke up and held Ornelli’s gaze while the unspoken words went between them. He knew how important it was to get this guy. When she broke eye contact, she turned to looked O’Neil,Yes sir, we will continue with the search.” Then she turned on her heels and walked down the peer. Ornelli silently cursed in his head, but continued his ministrations on O’Neil’s wounds until paramedics arrived.


It took the paramedics a little while to get out to the isolated location. They immediately went to work on O’Neil and began to transport him to the hospital. O’Neil sat up and shouted,I am not leaving this frickin’ area until the search is finished. Fix me up enough that I can help my people.


The bleeding finally stopped, after what seemed like hours and O’Neil was stitched up. He was advised to rest and take it easy for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours so that the stitches can help heal the wounds. If he doesn’t rest, he was told that the wounds could reopen and then become a deadly situation than the initial wounds. O’Neil promised to take it easy, but in reality he knew he wouldn’t. The Gemini needed to be found, whether the man was dead or alive. He and Ornelli joined the search party once the paramedics were finished.


The search went on for hours and didn’t come up with a body or any signs of him being alive. O’Neil stated, “There’s not a chance that the man could still be alive. He was shot in the middle of the back. I saw the blood pouring out him. Without immediate medical attention, he would’ve bled out. Even stating it aloud, he still couldn’t get himself to believe it was over and The Gemini was dead.


Brazell said, “Well, he has been in the water a long time and with all that blood, he has probably attracted every gator in a five mile radius. We may never find his body.”


O’Neil looked at his team, and knew Brazell was probably right, but he couldn’t give up that easily. It was a compulsion to continue to search. They brought in the local search and rescue team to aide in the search. They spent the next two days searching the area and as each hour passed they decided that he couldn’t have made it out of the swamp, not bleeding the way he was after the shot in the back. Just in case they checked all of the nearby hospitals for gunshot victims, and checked with all of the residents who lived in the immediate area. Finally, they declared him dead and left his body in a swampy grave in the bayou.


O’Neil wasn’t comfortable with this decision, but he couldn’t keep everyone out there searching for an indefinite amount of time. It would never sit well with him that they never had physical evidence that The Gemini was truly gone. O’Neil just had to hope for the best.

Chapter 1

Present Day

San Antonio, TX


The ringing of the cell phone drew her attention and brought her out of her daydream. As Emma reached in her purse and grabbed her cell phone, she glanced at the caller ID and rolled her eyes heavenward. She hated that she had someone in her family calling every five minutes checking on her. Her sister, Keri, was calling this time. She prayed for patience as she pressed the talk button.


Taking a deep breath, she said,Hello, Keri.


Hey Emma, where are you?” said Keri.


“I’m at the airport, waiting to board my plane.” She was seated in one of the chairs that faced

the terminals so she can watch people walk by.


There’s no need for you to get snippy. I just wanted to know if you had boarded the plane already. I am so anxious to see you. Did you get Izzy off okay?


Yes, I met her grandparents half way between San Antonio and Abilene yesterday. She seemed really excited about spending the summer with them.” Emma said sadly. It’s really hard and sad to be away from a child that is a mother’s world. But, she could do it. She needed this vacation.


I know that must’ve been hard for you letting Izzy go there all summer. How are you going to survive the summer without her?” Keri said almost sarcastically. Emma couldn’t help but give a sad smile to the receiver of the phone.


Izzy was Emma’s thirteen year old daughter. Izzy had decided that she wanted to spend the summer with her paternal grandparents, but had debated leaving her mother alone for the summer. Emma told her repeatedly and reassured Izzy that she would be fine without our her.


Finally, Izzy was convinced enough to go, after Emma told her daughter that she was going to go out with other adults, get caught up on some reading, and hang out at the river. Emma told Izzy, she would start her summer as a single woman and visit her sister in Washington D.C. It’s sad when you even have to reassure your thirteen year old that you’re okay to be on your own. Emma had always been a very independent woman, but Izzy has gotten it into her head that her mom needed a keeper. Emma knew that she had clung to Izzy more than she should’ve, but they both needed it after the hell they went through before and after the divorce. It was past time for them both to move on.


“I’ll survive. I need to get used to being a single woman again. Besides, this is the perfect time for me to start dating again. It has been a year since my divorce and I need to get out there and get my feet wet. Maybe have a few wild flings along the way.” Emma told Keri as she chuckled to herself. It seemed she was trying to convince herself more than she was trying to convince Keri.


Yeah right!” Keri said as she made a loud, unladylike snort.You’re going to end up spending your summer in your house, reading books, forgetting to eat, and scaring your family to death.” She retorted sarcastically. In a more serious tone she added,You already lost too much weight after the divorce, it took everything we had not to go down there and force you to move somewhere near the rest of us.


You guys do realize I’m a grown woman and can take care of myself. I needed to lose a few pounds anyway Emma was saying until her sister interrupted in order to finish putting in her two cents in on the matter.


And as far as the fling thing goes, please take my advice and go get laid. Get out there and see what’s what. You are far too uptight.” Keri added, giggling softly into the phone.


Ugh! Keri, we can have this conversation when I get there. I should be there in about 6 hours and you can lecture and make fun of me all you want.” She had had this conversation with her family so many times; she already knew every word of the conversation. She loved them, but they needed to back off and let her come out of this on her own. Jake had done a number on her self-esteem, as well as her trust in men. It was going to take time to heal her wounds. Why couldn’t her family understand that?!


“I’ve got to go, they’re starting to board my plane,” Emma lied.


Okay, but call me the moment your plane lands. I wish you would’ve let me pick you up at the airport. I don’t understand why you needed to rent a car. I told you, you could borrow mine at any time,” Keri said continuing to lecture Emma.


As much as Emma loved her sister, she needed to feel some independence from her on this trip. With her nephews rowdiness and her sister’s well-meaning nagging, Emma knew she would need to get out of the house every once in a while. Plus, she didn’t want to have to ask for permission to use Kerri’s car, and explain herself, just to have a little peace and quiet. Kerri had a tendency to get her feelings hurt whenever someone wanted time to themselves.


Again Keri, I have to go. I’ll call you when my plane lands. Good-bye.” She didn’t even wait to hear her sister say good-bye. She swore that Kerri was starting to sound more like their mother every day. Emma laughed to herself. She was sure going to tell Keri that she was turning into mom the moment she saw her. Just the look on her face alone would be priceless and worth the smack she’d definitely get from Keri.


Emma turned her phone completely off and then checked her phone again to make sure it was off and placed it in her purse. There was no way she was taking the chance for one of the other siblings to call and give her more grief. She was going to have at least a 6 hour reprieve from her well-meaning family. She checked her bag and finally heard the announcement that her flight was starting to board.Thank heavens,” she thought. She hated sitting in airports by herself.



Jason O’Neil glanced down at his watch for the umpteenth time while waiting for his flight to

D.C. He had a meeting with a potential client. He didn’t want to go to DC, but he had no choice. He was trying to expand his business and this seemed like a good time to do just that.


About me

Clara Covey is a graduate of ENMU with a Master's Degree in Education. She grew up in Roswell, NM (no she has never seen an alien) and currently lives in South Texas with her husband, children, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 horses. She has been a teacher for 17 years and is aspiring to be a full time writer one day.

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