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First pages


One year ago


On the second floor inside the hayloft space within the old red painted barn, the herd of horses did not live. The naked hand gently touched and then caressed the brown tinted eyebrow on the female. The female giggled with affection.

Then the naked hand shifted down and touched the outline of her soft pink lips. The female chuckles with lust.

Then the naked hand lowered down and touched the outline of her pink tinted silky blouse. The female moaned with passion.

Then the naked hand ripped off the blouse and exposed her naked breasts. The female leaned over and kissed his pair of soft lips, pulling back with a smile and a whisper. “I love you!”

“Yeah!” The triplet leaned down and kissed the female with a soft moan.




Present day and time


Friday May 4th


City of Lacy Spring within US State of Alabama

(15 miles south of Huntsville)

Hot temperatures with sunny blue sky


McCory Ranch home

(four miles northeast Highway 231 and north Highway 31)

Kitchen room setting

2:08 p.m.



Three carefree, seventeen years old, males enter the kitchen at the McCory house, one-at-a-time, coming from the side door, after carefully storing an individual riding transport inside the six-door garage space. They chuckle over a series of stupid redneck gossip coming from the lips of each one of their redneck friends while slamming a heavy and ratty black tinted backpack of books, pens, and paper down on the kitchen floor.

Flamingo scoots ahead with a stern face toward the breakfast table first and then slide down into an empty, thickly padded chair reaching out, grabbing one of the plates, and eats the prepared plate of food in silence.

Every afternoon, his loving, caring, and worry mother Arie has a plate of snacks for her three sons.

Flamingo measures in height at six feet and six inches. His short blonde colored curls peek-a-boo over both of his ear points, where a smashed-down camouflage colored green, beige, and tan ass-backward baseball cap sits on top of his hairy skull. The baseball cap covers the entire forehead. He weighs 269 pounds on a medium-sized body frame with a heart-shaped face, a pair of baby blue eyes, a set of two apple-shaped cheekbones, an aristocratic nose bridge, and a tone of bronze tinted skin.

Inside the kitchen, Cinco moves ahead with a grunt and dashes around the same breakfast table, sliding down on the far end, reaching out and grabs, eating a second prepared plate of food in silence. He uses a set of bad table manners, the ten fingers.

Cinco measures in height at six feet and six inches. His ringlets of blonde colored curls cascade down and cover both of his earlobes and parts of his throat and then slightly bounces across a set of broad shoulders. His hair parts perfectly down the middle of his skull exposing a naked forehead. He weighs 269 pounds on a medium-sized frame with a heart-shaped face, a pair of baby blue eyes, a pair of two apple-shaped cheekbones, an aristocratic nose bridge, and a tone of bronze tinted skin.

Inside the kitchen, Breck slowly moves ahead with a grin and then occupies the side seat at the same breakfast table, grabbing, eating the third prepared plate of food, until the supper meal is served around six o’clock in the evening with his family.

Breck measures in height at six feet and six inches. His cropped blonde colored hair has a wavy part on the left side, flowing across the forehead. He weighs 269 pounds on a medium-sized frame with a heart-shaped face, a pair of baby blue eyes, a pair of two apple-shaped cheekbones, an aristocratic nose bridge, and a tone of bronze tinted skin.

The three males are three brothers and a set of identical triplets, who are named after their deceased father, Breck Freehurst McCory Junior and they are loved by their mother, Arie Dunlap McCory. The first born triplet arrived at 11:57 pm on April 19th under the sign of the Aries, the ram.

The other two triplets arrived at 12:02 am and 12:05 am on April 20th under a different zodiac astrological sign of Taurus, the bull. Taurus-people enjoy tactile physical contact of tender and sensual body touches along with a comfort zone of fake or real pleasing, soothing objects.

Where the child of Aries (aka Breck) loves the game, Taurus (aka Flamingo and Cinco) loves the rewards of the game, since Flamingo and Cinco share the zodiac’s trait of physical pleasures and material goods in their exotic delicious excess.

Taurus-people enjoy their tactile contact of tender and sensual touching along with a comfort zone being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things. The Bull symbol represents both bull-headedness and stubbornness, but each Taurus person is very happy to plod along toward the finish line for the rewards of material possessions which is both flesh and steel.

Not only are the three identical triplets on the cusp of manhood, at the age of eighteen years old, each one shares the cusp of power on the zodiac chart also. A cusp within the zodiac chart is a pointed end, where two very different celestial personalities clash or combine or both into a huge fireball, figuratively speaking, of course. The pointed end represents a range of specific calendar dates that coincide with the movements of the sun which affects the personality of the cusp person.

The Aries-Taurus cusp is called the Cusp of Power that lies between the calendar dates of April 17th through April 22nd. The Aries-Taurus personality is authoritative and bold making the cusp person a natural born leader. The person takes charges of any situation at work or at home or at a social event, when the two zodiac energies mix, creating an impulsive Aries that lends energy and pushes forward toward goals with a practical Taurus trait which takes care of all the details.

The Aries-Taurus cusp person rolls over the opinions and desires of other people and cannot stand to watch any individual do a thing, since the Aries-Taurus cusp person knows the darn right way to do it better.

However, the Aries-Taurus has some good traits also. The person is funny, helpful, strong, and dependable that will always shine with their own powerful light.

Each triplet uses and abuses their Aries-Taurus personality. Breck is the first born leader among the triplets and is responsible for his mother’s welfare. He plans to attend college and then hopefully graduate law school, rather than watching the legal activities from the sidelines as he assists in operating the McCory cow and farm ranch.

Flamingo is the first born academic leader among his school peers while plotting his future toward becoming a medical physician and marrying his high school sweetheart Violet.

Cinco is the first born badass among the teens in Lacy Spring with a pair of scuffed leather boots and scarred fists proving his undefeated title. However, he has recently started to channel all that wild Taurus bullish energy toward the college atmosphere, becoming a future veterinarian who will rule over all the animals on the McCory cow ranch.

Their mother Arie stands five feet and two inches of petiteness, weighing one hundred pounds with more gray hair than blonde while trying to control her three mischievous teen son-of-a-guns on an hourly basis. She was born on October 8th under the zodiac sign of Libra.

A Libra focuses on others and how they relate in their pretty world, since they epitomize balance, harmony, and fair play. The zodiac sign is an image of a set of balancing scales. Arie is a balanced person in both justice and fairness wanting to do what’s best for her boys, her ranch, and her family.

So far, Arie has almost achieved her only dream and desire, a graduation party for her three graduating seniors. She also is shoving them out the front door into the world of college life with a heavy heart, a worried mind, and a fake smile, knowing that a man and a woman must rule their own world without the strands on their mama’s sissy blue tinted cooking apron.

Breck Freehurst McCory, the third is the first born son and wears a very serious or sour personality depending on the current teen scene as the leader of the triplets. He is overly protective of his mother and his two brothers. He usually dresses in a pair of clean blue jeans, a clean white cotton shirt, and his favorite pair of black and blue ostrich-skinned cowboy boots, a blue cowboy hat, and a lightweight sports jacket on cold nights. He drives a jacked up 4x4 white colored pickup truck to school and around the town of Lacey Springs within the US State of Alabama.

Flamingo is really named as Breck Freehurst McCory, the fourth. He wears a very raw, rowdy, and restless teenly personality. He dresses in a pair of repaired and ratty camouflage colored green, beige, and tan cargo pants that ends at the bottom of the kneecaps. He displays daily a vile word-scribbled colored T-shirt, a pair of dark brown worn nasty flip flops on his naked feet, and that same ass-backwards camouflage baseball cap over his ratty blonde hair that falls down around his ears and below his eyeballs. He drives a red tinted Chevy Camaro sports car really very fast, without his mother’s permission. And he is nicknamed Flamingo, after a set of pink tinted flamingo printed animal pajamas during his childhood.

Flamingo had worn a set of pink tinted flamingo-patterned animal pajamas at the age of two years old toddler while carrying around a matching pink tinted flamingo stuffed animal underneath a left armpit. He would not depart with the toy animal during eating, sleeping, or shitting until age of eight years old.

His mother Arie purposefully has stored the hard evidence of numerous visual photographs for visual proof, when Flamingo becomes too rough and raw for her personally blackmailing scheme. She continues to teach her precious middle-child of triplets to act like a proper Southern gentleman while living here in the US State of Alabama.

Flamingo had played the star quarterback for the Lacy Spring High School football team and used to closely follow each daily astrological horoscope on his person, each family member, and each dating teen female while seeking the best compatible female to fuckingly entertain his superficial inflated super-ego. Then, he met his future teenage bride Violet, who complimented his Taurus personality, making them the perfect couple.

And the rest of history is slowly unfolding, after school here inside the McCory home, right now.

Currently, the two high schoolers, Flamingo and Violet will graduate high school and then attend college together. Then, Flamingo will graduate from college and attain a medical degree from Birmingham University, which is nicknamed Burn U, where the institution is located in the city of Birmingham within the US State of Alabama.

Cinco is really named Breck Freehurst McCory, the fifth. He is born behind the buttholes of his older brothers Breck and Flamingo in the city of Homestead within the US State of Florida at a military hospital. Their dad had been a paratrooper for the United States military forces.

Cinco represents the number five in the Spanish language that honors their Florida birthplace. Until their mother Arie had moved all of them back home to the US State of Alabama, when the boys turned two years old, after the tragic death of their biological father.

Cinco is the baby brother of the triplets displaying a happy and laid-back attitude with his friends, families, and foes, including both male and female. He rides a blue tinted motorcycle with his long blonde curls streaming out from the motorcycle helmet and likes to wear a black leather jacket over a stark, sometimes, slightly dirty white short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of black leather riding boots.

He had played the superstar defensive tackle on the Lacy Spring High football team, since he liked to attack people, both verbally and physically.

At the breakfast table, Breck turns with a smile and then stares down at the lumpy backpack on top of the clean floor that belongs to Flamingo, swallowing the good food with a confused brow. “Your backpack is overflowing, Flamingo. I can understand Cinco’s backpack overflowing with every single textbook that he owns for numerous and obvious reasons to study and pass his final, final examinations in order to graduate high school. But, why is your backpack overflowing?”
Flamingo speaks with an open mouth while tossing out used food particles over the food plate and the table. “I have final exams, too, Breck.”

Breck looks up from the backpack and then frowns with more confusion at his brother. “You’re in the advanced placement (AP) class, Flamingo.”

Cinco laughs with an open mouth while tossing out used food particles over his hands, the food plate and the clean wooden table. “I have final exams, too, Breck.”

Breck turns and then frowns at his other brother. “You’re not in AP class, Cinco.”

Flamingo swallows the food with a sour frown and a matching tone. “And I still have a set of final, final exams, before I can graduate from all of my AP courses and then eventually high school before starting college in two weeks.”



Entrance hallway setting

2:11 pm



The original plantation house had displayed eight bedrooms, a music room, a dance hall, a library, a dining room, and a cellar for homemade wines, which was hidden under half underneath the main flooring. There had been located a detached brick kitchen behind the main house, a separate smoke house, a garden house, and several slave cabins for the household staff, not counting the carriage house, the cotton gin, the lumber mill. The brick stove had been used for producing handmade baked red clay bricks, decorating both the manor fireplaces and kitchen ovens.

The kitchen was connected to the plantation house in the year 1875 as a new wing, protruding ugly from the southeast end of structure.

In the year 1810, the oldest son with the McCory clan had built a riding stable beside the carriage house and the blacksmith shop, comprising thirty acres of flat land for boarding horses. The mammals had been comprised of friendly neighbors and interested owners, who also enjoyed breeding thoroughbreds.

He had registered each race horse with the Nashville Jockey Club in the year 1812. He trained the race horses on a small dirt track running around the cotton fields of the farm. His dream faded on the heated day during a friendly race, when he had beaten one of the unfriendly neighbors. The unfriendly neighbor had shot McCory right between the eyeballs with his personal hand pistol.

At the time, one single plantation had been viewed as a little city which provided an array of specialized services from crop production to skilled workers, including millwork, stonemasonry, woodworking, and blacksmithing. The house servants had provided all of domestic duties. The field hands had provided the planting and harvesting rows and rows of white cotton bolls.

Presently, each historic repaired and restored antebellum house in the southern region of the USA exhibits its very set of own unique and beautiful architectural work, including the McCory Manor, which is located in Lacy Springs, Alabama.

The exterior front porch displays a row of four white tinted thirty-seven-foot high columns on top of a square white rock granite base that holds up the forty-two-foot red bricked house. The fat columns are used to keep the thirty-three-foot wide balcony from falling down onto the first and second levels.

The long continuous balcony completely wraps around the exterior of the manor starting above the set of double front entrance doors, swinging around toward a pair of double rear terraces and then overlooking the swimming pool.

The interior walls consist of two-feet thick concrete which is made from whitish-silver tinted limestone rock from the local quarry mine with an individual pink-colored marble fireplace mantle inside every room for warmth during the antebellum cold nights.

One hand painted dead relative watches over each priceless crystal chandelier that hangs down from the ceiling tiles inside every room of the house, not including the private bedrooms anymore.

Baby triplet Cinco had been spooked as a small child waking up to see the white eyeballs of his dead relative. So, his mother Arie had removed the oil portrait inside his room and the other bedroom, hiding the art work inside the attic.

The manor is surrounded by pecan and peach groves spreading around 6,400 acres of cotton, cows, and corn fields.

If walking in a pair of polished or unpolished cowboy boots over the pink-colored bricked walking path, a visitor will see numerous beige colored cement bird bath fountains, rows of camellias, lines of dogwoods, tons of magnolias, crape-myrtles, and perennials flowers. The walking path leads onto a red dirt path underneath the lovely over story maple trees. The trees warn first, since the tree trunks guard an ancient cemetery that is decorated with a set of iron gates and toppled with a set of four vanilla tinted cement eagles, silently squawking and spreading their wings at each guest.

The main block of the manor had been built in the year 1809 by Mr. and Mrs. McCory, the first family of Alabama, making the place one of the oldest surviving houses with the US State and the oldest working plantation harvesting and profiting from the fields of cotton, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, watermelons, and sweet corn during the summer months. Fields of wheat, oats, hay, potatoes, soybeans, and Indian corn are planted and harvested during the fall days and nights.

The manor has rows of oak and maple trees running south three-fourths of a mile coming from County Road No. 254 lining all the way down the paved city street Plymouth Road Rock as a vehicle driver admires twenty acres of neatly manicured green lawn and rows of pretty colorful flower gardens, traveling down a yellow bricked driveway toward the front porch on the McCory ranch house.

The house is 9,000 square feet of living space, consisting of an interior front room, which is called an entrance hall. The entrance hall has a fifteen-foot ceiling, rows of undivided glass windows, a central three-story staircase in marble pink, light gray and white stone. Two curved archways in pretty and shiny orange rosewood stand on each side of the grand staircase.

The entrance hall, or the foyer for the local hicks, is made of dark walnut wood paneling that greets both guests and strangers. The room measures thirty-five feet across an empty space of air where three saddle horses can ride side-by-side after galloping one-by-one up the front porch bricked steps.

Eight years old Cinco had tried and then failed with that horsey maneuver, receiving a severe punishment along with his two brothers and their three stallions.

A curved archway of rosewood decorates the entrance portal on each parlor room which is built between the end corners of the grand staircase, exhibiting a pair of crystal sparking glass door knobs. The house design echoes back the yesteryears of civilized formal entertainment that would have been given by the manor’s gentile couple.

The couple would have served a silver tray of homemade tea biscuits and a teapot of sweet hot tea for a pair of pink-painted lips on a visiting Southern belle inside the east parlor room or belle parlor room.

A tiny whiskey glass and a long lighted cigar tinged the tongue pallet on a Southern gentleman inside the west parlor room or the beau parlor room.

The formal dining room holds a single dining table which is made of dark rich mahogany wood and is held up by four animal-paw sculpted lion feet, extending each wooden bone curved five claws down onto the wooden floor. There are seven wooden leaves in case a set of extra guests come which could feed thirty-two hungry bodies at any meal.

A pair of French Louie armchairs guards the foot or the queen’s end of the table and the head or the king’s side of the table on the elegant dining room table. The other sitting chairs consist of individual side chairs for poking an elbow at your foe or your friend, depending upon your assigned eating seat.

The elegant China setting inside the dining room is the original 200 pieces comprising an individual silver-trimmed eating plate and serving platter with a tiny bouquet splattering of delicate purple flowers in the middle of the white background. The bone china has been baked for the McCory family inside their brick oven on the plantation in the year 1810.

There is a wooden clock inside the dining room on top of a fireplace mantel, an original antique from the McCory family. It still counts out the solar time, like it did in the hours, after the Battle of Franklin in the month of December, in the year 1864.

The most unique room inside the McCory Manor is a semi-circular ballroom with an array of hand carved white tinted flowers at the top of each column and three sets of hand-cast archways which are lined with a set of reflective mirrors coming down from ceiling to the wooden floor, where a yesteryear or present-day Southern belle can see, if her silk skirt has properly covered both of her naked ankles beneath her dancing ball gown during the social gala party.


Inside the belle parlor room, the slender and long body is outstretched on top of the soft blue tinted sofa, reading a book with a grin. Her new husband of nine months is average height and weight. Adair (AJ) Bibb wears a head of thick strands of whitish-gray cropped brown tinted hair, a pair of brown eyes, a pair of blue tinted walking shorts, and a white short-sleeved shirt with a pair of sneakers.

AJ is born with a Cancer personality in the month of July on the ninth. A Cancer person is a very complicated, but deeply conservative individual that displays a home-loving trait. The Cancer person is symbolized by the crab.

An ocean crab is a round-shaped, hard skeleton exterior shell which encloses the sea mammal for protection, survival, and mystery.

Like the ocean crab, the Cancer person is the most mysterious but sensitive, temperamental, caring, and highly intelligent life form under the stars. The Cancer person is one of the hardest signs to understand due to the numerous contradictions that clash with their natural traits, such as, unpredictable, fragile, fearlessness, and deep wisdom. A Cancer person not only knows their own zodiac traits but slowly peels back the layers of other zodiac personalities finding the true hero or villain.

AJ had spent most of life seeking out his ghosts and his villain and then find that person using all of his Cancer personality traits, such as, unpredictable, fearlessness, and deep angry. Well, he didn’t use all of his good Cancer traits. But he did finish the deadly job and now he basks in the glory days of yesteryears.

The female opens the closed door and then stands inside the archway with a gasp. The petite, fifty plus year old, slightly grayish-blonde haired mother of triplets Breck, Flamingo, and Cinco, Arie wears a faded blue jeans skirt, a pink tinted short sleeved blouse, and a pair of naked feet,

slowly moving ahead with a stern face and stops beside her nose profile with a sour frown. “I found you. What are you doing in here?”

He continues to lie on the sofa and read the page inside in the book. “I’m reading.”

She frowns with puzzlement. “Why are you reading a book? The event…”

“I do believe that you would enjoy this book, Arie.”

She exhales with frustration. “Why would I like this book, dear?”

“It’s a crime drama, where the blood, sweat, and tears come from the other guy or gal. You enjoy reading crime dramas, where the villain is the female, not male, darling.”
She exhales again. “Yes, I do enjoy reading crime dramas with both males and females. But, right now, I need…”

He turns the page with a smile. “The novel is about the Quartet. They are four brothers with equal talents, but varied skills that live, work, and play inside the hot, sizzling city of Miami within the US State of Florida here in the USA. You would enjoy reading about the landscape of South Florida, Arie. We should visit the city of Miami, one day, darling.”

She exhales, again. “Yes, we should visit South Florida, one day. Right now, I need…”

“The Quartet consists of Franklin Ferdinand Mangrove, the third, Stuart Thant Gage, the third, Thomas Edison Sawyer, the third and Austin Bartholomew Berrington, the first…”

She gasps. “Wait! Each male has a different last sur-name. How can they be called four brothers? A biological sibling always has the same sur-name.”

He smiles. “Austin, Tom, Stu, and Frank call themselves, the Band of Brothers, but they’re not really a set of biological siblings. They became a set of modern day blood-brothers, when their individual biological great-grandfathers, in the year 1838, inside the wild forests of northern Florida formed the first blood pact with numerous blood proteins serrated by the sharp knife tip upon a finger that bleeds.”

She exhales. “That’s sound intriguing, dear. But I need…”

“The fourth generation of the Quartet, each billionaire non-brother owns and operates one-fourth of an international security company. The business venture is named Quartet Associates, but the owners are sometimes dubbed by their dying enemies and their sneering foes as Quartet Assholes,” he laughs.

She frowns. “That’s not nice, dear! I need…”

He continues to read with a grin. “I’m reading about one-fourth of the Quartet, who is named Frank, right now. He’s not using his brains, his balls, and his billions while causing trouble for the rest of the Quartet brothers.”

She exhales. “AJ, I need…”

“Among the four Quartet brothers, I like Austin Bartholomew Berrington, the bestest. He shoots his Ghost first and asks questions never. He’s the leader and the shortest and the oldest and the meanest of the four Quartet brothers.”

“That’s not nice. AJ…”

“The Quartet runs an international billion-dollar enterprise but becomes a set of red, white, and blue caped crime fighters, solving police cases, without the police and the blue satin cape,” he laughs.

She frowns. “I need help with the tables.”

“What tables?”

She sneers. “The tables that I need help with for the food.”

He continues to read with a smile. “What food?”

“The tables for the food trays that I need help with for the party.”

He grins. “What party?”

“The graduation party, the one for my three graduating sons, Breck, Flamingo and Cinco.”

“That’s next…”

She shouts with a sneer, parking both fists on the waistline. “AJ!”

He drops the book from his smile and then swiftly slides off the sofa, standing over her blonde hair roots with a chuckle as he is taller than his petite wife. He shakes the book in the air near his smile. “You will enjoy this book about the Quarter, darling.”

She exhales. “O! Why would I enjoy this book about the Quartet?”

He smiles with a nod. “It’s written by a vicious, vile, very competent female like your selfie, darling.”

She thumbs back over a collar bone to the open archway with a sneer. “Now!”

He drops the book onto the sofa and moves ahead with a grin. “Yes dear!” He exits the room and stands inside the entrance hall.

She spins around with a stern face, exits the parlor room and then stops, standing in the middle of the entrance hall, pointing at the side wall with a smile. “Place the table on the side wall.”

AJ stands with a sour frown and then shuffles the empty table over to the side wall again. “Arie, I’ve moved the heavy table four times to each side wall. That’s why I took a break to read my…”

“Yes,” she slowly moves backward with a smile and surveys the position of each table for the graduation party. “I know that, but I want the best position for the food, during the party. So, I think we should place all the food tables on this side wall. Then, each guest can enter through the front door and come to the food table first before greeting each new high school graduate inside the parlor room.” She continues to shuffle backward and carefully views the new arrangement. “I don’t think the three new high school graduates care about the party or the guests. I heard that there’s another more funner teen party near the river bank. I think they’ll be attending that one instead.” She stops with a chuckle and stands in front of the closed front doors while surveying the room with the tables. “No. My boys listen to their mother. They will attend my once-in-a-life-time graduation party here first and then go to that party much later.”

The front door chimes with a deep set ding sound.

Arie spins around with a grin and moves ahead to the front doors in silence.

AJ leans over the table with a set of heavy breathes after moving al the furniture up and down each side wall in silence.

Arie stops in front of the double doors and reaches over, grabbing the handles, pulling open both metal door frames with a smile.

One side of the open archway reveals a tall and skinny female. The female displays a brown tinted colored ponytail, a tone of light brown tinted skin, and a pair of brown tinted eyes. Her body is dressed in a pair of cut-off blue jeans, a white tinted short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of blue tinted high heeled sandals. She holds an infant baby in her chest while standing on top of the porch concrete in the heat of the day.

A second female is as an elderly woman with a permanent sneer wearing a pair of overalls in faded blue, a cropped bob of brown colored hair, a tone of brown tinted skin, and a pair of brown tinted eyes, who looked like the younger female.

Arie smiles at the guests. “Hello! I’m Arie Bibb. Welcome to our home!”

The elderly woman slaps a hand to her breasts with a smile and a nod. “Good late afternoon! I am sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Bibb. My name is Ferdome Exvanire and this is my daughter Jeranda Exvanire and this is your three month old grandson Breck Freehurst McCory, the sixth.”

AJ pops upright with a gasp and a puzzled brow from the table surface, dashing ahead toward the row of new visitors, stopping a few feet behind the back spine of Arie in shock and amusement. His eyeballs land on the wiggling baby. The baby possesses a head of blonde curls, a pair of blue eyeballs, and a tone of pale skin. Otherwise, AJ would have been suspicious of the new guests, but the mother of the child is a beautiful tall and slender teenager who possessed a tone of matching dark skin, hair, and eyes, where the pale coloring of the baby doesn’t come from the mother’s side of the family.

In front of the open archway, Arie nods with a puzzled brow to elderly woman Ferdome, who is the grandmother of the baby boy. “Please call me, Arie!” She continues to stand in front of the new guests and then shouts out loud to each son inside the kitchen. “Boys, can all of you come into the entrance hall, please?”


Inside the kitchen, at the breakfast table, Cinco scoots out from the chair first and stood upright with a laugh, clapping with a smile, “Presents! Mama has received each one of our graduation presents. I wanted a…”

“You didn’t get that thing or this thing or anything.” Flamingo laughs out loud tossing food particles across his plate.

Cinco smiles with a nod. “Yeah, I did.”

Breck nods with a smile. “Yes, he did.

Flamingo chews the food and then laughs out loud tossing the particles of used food across the table. “Naw, he didn’t.”

Cinco continues to stand and then spins around with a smile, swiftly dashing ahead from his brothers, racing down a narrow hallway with a shout out and then enters the entrance hall with his mother. “Mama, did I get my…?”

Inside the kitchen at the breakfast table, first born triplet Breck scoots back from the table and wipes off the dirty mouth with the napkin, dropping the cloth napkin down on top of the dirty plate. He slowly stands upright with a stern face. “Yes, he did. You should be kinder to our baby brother, Flamingo. We’re all about to leave the house and move on with a set of more adult responsibilities which will aid our mama as she get older in life.”

Flamingo continues to sit and then burps out loud with a grin. “Mama has her new husband AJ that we all love and care about and finally approved, before the wedding. He’ll take care of Mama while we are off and attending college. Then, we’ll all come back here and accept our numerous adult responsibilities at the McCory cow ranch. Until then, I get to act, talk, and burp like a teenager.”

Breck back steps from his brother and the breakfast table with a puzzled brow while shaking his skull with annoyance at Flamingo.

Flamingo has become more arrogant, if that is even possible, during the remaining school year coming from all of his outstanding accomplishments at the tender age of eighteen years old and a high schooler, when he had turned into a man in the month of April.

Breck disappears into the narrow dark hallway, trucking toward the entrance hall, seeking his new graduation gift from his mother and his new step-father AJ.

Flamingo scoots from the breakfast table and wipes the mouth on the naked arm, slowly standing, releasing a set of burps for fun. He spins around and then exits the kitchen last, slowly shuffling down an empty narrow hallway while hearing silence inside the entrance room. He smiles with a chuckle. His mother Arie has gotten each one of her sons a grand surprise gift for their high school graduation that even has silenced the drooling tongue on tattle-tail Cinco.



Entrance hallway setting

2:31 pm



Flamingo enters into the entrance hall with a smile and stops with a confused brow, standing at the end of the line of triples beside Cinco, wearing a sour frown with a matching sour tone at the two new guests inside the open archway. “What’s this crap?”

Arie exhales. “Please present for all ears and eyeballs your set of gentlemen manners, Middle Child!”

Flamingo sneers. “What’s this crap, please?”

Arie continues to stare down with a smile at the baby. “You were always the most astute triplet of the group, Flamingo.”


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I enjoy taking care of my family, my pets, and some stray animals. Then I enjoy writing books that intrigue my neurons and tickle my emotions.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
The curiosity of DNA genes inside a story line.
Q. What draws you to this genre?
Country living and farm lifestyle
Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Yeah, I does.

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