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Today marked day nine of my boy-cleanse. That's right, I'd made it over a week without drooling over any of the hot guys at school. I should have won an award for having such amazing self-control, considering cute guys were once my biggest weakness—addiction, really.

After my horrible summer, I had to come up with a plan. My first step was to wean myself off all thoughts of boys and dating them. Where daydreaming about guys during German class used to be my favorite pastime, it was now strictly off limits—even if those foreign guys in the textbook did look like male models. Nope, no big blue eyes or knee-weakening smile would enchant me this school year. And as for getting butterflies in my stomach, they were definitely not a good sign—merely a warning that my defenses were low and that I needed to run in the opposite direction.

My best friend, Maya, thought my boy-cleanse was stupid, but that's only because she'd never caught her boyfriend making out with the girl he'd always said was just his good friend. I should have known things were too good to be true. Popular guys like Nick Bergstrom didn't go for regular choir nerds like me.

I thought since Nick graduated last year I wouldn't have to see him again. But it appeared that even college freshmen needed food every once in a while. That was why I was ducking down behind the chest freezer in Lana's Supermarket on a Friday afternoon, peeking over the top as I waited for Nick to push his cart down another aisle.

I watched him carefully as he moved further from my hiding place, wishing the whole stack of cereal boxes would land on his head. When Nick finally turned down the chip aisle, I dashed toward the bakery to grab a loaf of French bread, wishing for the thousandth time that I didn't have to run errands for my mom in order to use her car. I mean, shouldn't being the youngest child have some perks? But no, not with my parents anyway.

I was dropping the bread in my cart when I caught sight of a guy walking toward me. He was probably a year or two older, tall, with hair so dark it was almost black, and arms sculpted to perfection. This guy wasn't just cute. He had world's-most-beautiful-man written all over him—seriously, he put poor Hans from my German textbook to shame.

I straightened as he sauntered closer, and I finally came to my senses when he smiled at me. Be cool, I thought as I smiled back. He pulled a bag of whole-wheat English muffins off the shelf and studied the ingredient list.

Realizing I was dangerously close to breaking my nine-day streak of not ogling guys, I maneuvered around him and shuffled out of the bakery, whispering my mantra, boy-cleanse, boy-cleanse, boy-cleanse. With a safe distance between us, I peeked back for one last glimpse. I must have stared at his broad shoulders a moment too long, because my cart collided with something. I snapped out of my trance and watched in horror as bagels and muffins toppled to the ground, landing in a heap.

For one tempting moment, I considered leaving the mess and bolting, but my conscience kicked in at the last minute and I scrambled to pick up the mess, hoping the guy wouldn't notice…somehow. I had just finished stuffing a few boxes of poppy seed muffins on the shelf when I turned around to find the gorgeous stranger crouched down with five bags of blueberry bagels in his arms.

You have to be kidding me! My face burned hotter than a curling iron.

"Looks like the bagels decided to attack you today." He chuckled as he placed the bagels on the bakery cart.

"Yeah, they just jumped out at me. I think they wanted to scare me or something." I laughed uncomfortably, wishing I could turn invisible. I should have run from the mess when I had the chance.

"Usually it's the paper towels that come at me, but I'll watch out for the baked goods from now on." He winked and bent over to pick up the last box of muffins. He was both funny and cute—a deadly combination. Thankfully, the butterflies in my stomach were sounding the alarm to retreat. My defenses were definitely low, and I needed to get away before I did something stupid like ask for his number—or ask if he'd marry me. I never dared do things like that normally, but in my weakened state, I could already feel my crazy side coming out.

Before I lost my inhibitions, I simply said, "Thanks for your help…" and waited for him to give me his name as I put the last box of muffins back.

"Arie." He cleared his throat and held his hand out. "My name is Arie."

Ar-ee. Ar-ee drives a Ferrari, the rhyme zipped through my head out of habit. I shook his outstretched hand, noticing his firm handshake. "Nice to meet you, Arie. I'm Emma." I hoped my hand wasn't noticeably sweaty.

He nodded, let my hand drop, and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I just have to ask…" He squinted and tilted his head to the side, a half smile on his lips. "Were you hiding from someone earlier?" He put a hand to the side of his mouth. "I'm new in town and need to know if there are certain people I should avoid."

I cringed. "You saw that?"

He nodded.

How much more embarrassing could this afternoon get? Maybe I should run into the paper towel display and let it bury me.

"I saw my ex-boyfriend and panicked." I shrugged.

"Oh." He nodded then lowered his voice. "I'm guessing it wasn't a 'better off as friends' thing, then?"

"Not quite. It's hard to stay friends after being cheated on." Why was I telling him all this?

Arie looked over my shoulder, pointed a finger, and whispered, "Is that him?"

"What? Where?" I snapped my head around. When I didn't spot Nick anywhere close, I glanced back at Arie—only to find him chuckling.

That was just what a super-hot guy would do—make a joke at someone else's expense. Nick had done that too. I may have thought this guy, Arie, was good-looking at first glance, but now I had come to my senses, I could totally tell he must've had plastic surgery or something. His face was a little too perfect. And those muscles, he must spend half the day at the gym to get them that way—just big enough to seduce unassuming girls, but not too beefy. Some guys were so in love with themselves.

I huffed and gripped my cart full of groceries. "Good one," I said. "But just so you know, it wasn’t because of my ex that I lost control of my cart. It was purely accidental." I squared my shoulders, trying to appear unfazed—difficult considering I was having one of those hot flashes my mom always complained about. "Anyway, I better get going. My ice cream is melting." I actually couldn't even remember if I'd picked up the ice cream yet, but I needed to get out of there before I did something else stupid.

"It was nice to meet you, Emma." He smiled. "I hope we'll run into each other again sometime." His eyes twinkled like he had some secret delight.

I nodded and turned my cart toward the produce section. "I'll try to keep my cart under control next time."

Arie grinned. It would be a shame if I accidentally ran over his foot as I left.



"Hey, Rookie. How's your first day on the job?" The voice of my new supervisor, Jason, boomed through my phone's earpiece. I sat in my truck and waited for my new assignment, Emma Howard, to finish putting her groceries in the trunk of her silver Toyota Camry.

"This internship will be more entertaining than I thought. Are supermarket accidents a regular occurrence for her?"

"Not usually." Jason laughed.

"What about mood swings? You guys told me she's an easygoing girl, but she seemed like she couldn't make up her mind whether to be nice to me or annoyed."

"Well," Jason said. "From what we've observed from a distance, she seemed fine. But we're not the ones right there up close."

"Looks like I get to be the one to discover the answer to my question then," I mumbled into my phone as I watched Emma put her grocery cart away. I hadn't figured teenage girls out when I was in high school, why had I expected it would be easier a few years later?

Once Emma had backed out of her parking spot, I put my truck in gear. "Emma's on the move again," I said. "I'll check in soon."

"Let me know if you need anything," Jason said. "And try not to attract too many high school girls with that baby face of yours. Emma is our focus and the only one we need you to befriend."

"That shouldn't be an issue," I said. That's the last thing I needed—hormonal girls trying to distract me from doing my job. If I kept to the shadows tonight, I could avoid any attention until I officially started school on Monday.

It was hard to imagine one girl would need this much surveillance. She was harmless. I almost felt bad deceiving her the way I had.

But that was the nature of my work.

Secrecy was everything.

Being an undercover bodyguard for a teenage girl definitely wasn't my dream job, but it would look good on my résumé. And I needed all the experience I could get if I wanted a shot at the Secret Service. My being here had been carefully orchestrated in preparation for the expected danger. If someone found out who I really was, it could ruin years of planning…and a lot of document forging to get me into the school in the first place.

I followed Emma back to her house and parked across the street at one of the houses Jason and Sophie owned. The night agent, Bruce, had just moved in a couple months ago, which made it easy for him to keep an eye on her place all night.

Emma got out of her car, popped the trunk, and grabbed several grocery bags before walking into the two-story brick house. The homes here in Utah were a lot newer than the ones in my neighborhood back in Cortland, New York.

From what I’d been told, her house seemed like a calm and loving place. She lived there with two happily married parents. Her dad owned his CPA firm and her mom was a homemaker who volunteered for a lot of community things. Her older brother and sister were out of the house, leading productive lives. Yep, everyone and everything in her life seemed to be perfect.

Just like everything in mine had seemed normal from the outside. But just like my family, hers had dangerous secrets of their own. And unlike her, I'd been able to get away from mine.

Even if I was about to pretend to be in high school again, I’d take it over the pitying looks of the well-meaning citizens of Cortland. Anything would be better than staying in a town where my dad was still considered the local hero.



I texted Maya and Kathryn: Running a little late. Still cleaning the office. I'll be there in ten minutes.

It was Saturday night, and I was stuck at work a lot later than usual. My mom had taken me shopping in St. George all day, so I hadn't had a chance to clean the office until six. It would be fine normally, since my neighbor really didn't care what time I cleaned his office building on Saturdays, but today I wanted to hurry. Landon's beginning-of-the-school-year bash was pretty much the only time the whole senior class would hang out. Everybody would be there, since Landon was the student body president and everyone's friend.

I rushed through my dusting and vacuuming as fast as I could so my friends wouldn't leave without me.

My phone beeped.

Maya: Hurry up before Kathryn loses her nerve to talk to Conner tonight.

A second later, my phone dinged with another message sent to our group.

Kathryn: Feel free to take your time. I'll talk to him next week instead.

I laughed and shook my head as I started grabbing the sacks from the trash bins. Kathryn would take any way out she could. She'd been crushing on Conner for months and still barely said more than two words to him. Maya was right, we needed to get to that party fast.

I locked the building up. Fifteen minutes later, Maya, Kathryn, and I stood on Landon’s front porch, listening to The Chainsmokers blasting from his backyard. As usual, my two best friends were already arguing about Landon’s taste in music—the two were yin and yang, while I was stuck in the middle, ever the referee.

But the funny thing was, they were dressed almost exactly alike. Skinny jeans and black tops.

We waited at the door for a few more minutes before realizing we should probably just go through the gate at the side of the house.

Just as we were stepping off the porch, Maya grabbed my arm and pointed toward the sidewalk.

"Look! It's Mr. Lund," she squealed.

"What? He's at Landon's party?" I squinted into the fading light.

Mr. Lund was the new psychology teacher this year. He was fresh out of college, and Maya seemed all too aware that he was only five years older than us.

"Of course, he's not at the party. He's walking down the sidewalk. Maybe he lives nearby." Maya sounded way too excited that her teacher might live in her neighborhood. She ran a hand through her short brown hair and said, "I need to talk to him for a minute…about an assignment he gave us."

"Go ahead." I nodded in his direction, not wanting to be an accomplice to her flirting with a teacher. "Kathryn and I will wait here."

"Yeah, go ahead," Kathryn agreed.

Maya turned to us. "Come on, he has another guy with him who's really cute." She looked at me, pleading with her eyes. "Pretty please."

Kathryn and I glanced at each other. "Fine," I said. "Let the humiliation begin."

"Thanks," Maya said as she hurried us toward the two men.

The girls at school refer to Mr. Lund by his first name, Shane, as they gossip about him in the girl's locker room before PE. I didn't have any classes from him, so I never had the chance to notice whether his eyes were turquoise green or not. Maya had, of course, confirmed that his eyes were the dreamiest color of green she'd ever seen, and that he smelled even better than he looked. All I noticed was that Mr. Lund was tall, with light hair, and wore clothes that looked way too expensive for his teacher's salary.

"Hi, Mr. Lund!" Maya waved as we came to stand on the grass at the edge of the sidewalk. "Coming to crash the party?"

"Sadly, I wasn't invited." He smiled. With him in jeans and a t-shirt, I could understand how Maya would have a hard time picturing him as just a teacher. He looked like a regular guy. "We're actually headed to a barbecue down the street."

"Darn it." She twisted a strand of hair around her finger as she spoke. "So, do you live around here? I haven't seen you in the neighborhood before."

"Naw, Damian and I share an apartment closer to the school." He gestured to his friend, who was a really big guy. He wasn't quite as tall as Mr. Lund, but he looked like he spent a lot of time either at the gym or pumping up on steroids…or both. I couldn't help but wonder if his muscles were compensation for his receding hairline. When my eyes met his, I quickly directed my attention back to Mr. Lund. He was much less intimidating.

"I don't think I've met your friends yet." Mr. Lund's eyes wandered to Kathryn and me.

"This is Emma." Maya gestured. "And this is Kathryn."

Mr. Lund held out his hand. "It's nice to meet you officially," I said, shaking his hand. "Maya's told me how awesome psychology is this year. I wish I had room in my schedule to take your class, with how fascinating she makes it sound."

"I'm happy to hear that." He smiled. "You never really know how your first year is gonna go."

"From what I've heard around school, you've definitely made an impact." As in, all the senior girls have a crush on you.

I realized that the longer I stood there, the more it would look like I was a part of his fan club as well.

But before I could pull Maya away, Damian asked, "How long have you girls lived in Maplebridge? It seems like a great place."

"I've lived here since I was five," Maya replied with a smile on her full lips.

"My family's been here since before I was born," Kathryn said.

"I'm a native as well," I offered.

Damian's eyes narrowed as he looked me up and down, seeming to commit my tall, slender frame to memory. Creepy. Maya always joked that I had a somewhat exotic look, with my olive skin, dark hair, and light blue eyes, but the way he studied me made me think we'd talked to them a little too long. This Damian guy had to think we were totally hitting on them. Maya obviously was, but I was not in the market for a man. Especially not a creepy older guy with biceps bigger than my thighs.

"Anyway," I said, tugging on Maya and Kathryn's arms. "We have a party to get to. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Lund. You too, Damian."

The two men continued on to their destination, walking past a blue truck that was pulling against the curb. I did a double-take and gasped. Was that Arie, the guy from the store? Could he be coming to Landon's party?

Then I shook the thought away. Arie was probably going to the same barbecue as Mr. Lund and his friend. Wouldn't that be a coincidence if they all knew each other? Maya's crush and my new—my new nothing, I was on a boy-cleanse after all. Arie was simply the guy I embarrassed myself in front of that day.

Yeah, good thing he was going to the barbecue and not the party. It would be so mortifying if everyone found out about my grocery-store incident.


"I'm glad you guys could make it,” Landon greeted us when we finally found our way into his backyard. He and Maya had been neighbors since kindergarten, so we'd spent plenty of time playing at his house growing up.

We were soon joined by Landon's knucklehead friends, Derek and Kalon. While Landon was super chill and cool, his buddies were cocky and thought every girl was in love with them—which, though I hated to admit it, was kind of true.

Derek sidled up to Maya and draped his arm around her shoulder. "So how did you like watching me score the final touchdown in the game last night?" he asked, his wavy brown hair falling across his forehead.

"What? You were there?" Maya rolled her eyes and shoved him away. "I didn't even notice."

Derek took a drink from his cup then said, "Ha-ha, very funny. I know you couldn't keep your eyes off me." He winked at her and gave her what I'm sure he thought was a charming smile.

"Oh yeah," she said as if remembering something. "You were the one who fumbled the ball three times. How could I forget that?"

"Burn!" Kalon slapped Derek on the back.

Maya never could resist pushing Derek's buttons. I figured he needed a little humbling though, to keep his head small enough to fit in his helmet.

"Okay guys, that's enough," Landon interrupted. "Go try using your special charm on some other girls. Maya, Kathryn, and Emma are way too cool for you."

The guys started turning to walk away when Maya stopped them.

"Hey, wait. That actually reminded me of something."

They stopped—probably hoping she'd suddenly become bewitched by their "special charm," as Landon had put it.

"So, my family is planning a date auction later this month, actually in just a couple weeks, and I'm supposed to help find volunteers to be auctioned off."

"You have our attention." Intrigue sparked in Derek's eyes.

"It's actually for my nephew, Braden," Maya continued. "He has to have open heart surgery next month, so we're putting on a community date auction to raise money to help my sister and her husband pay for the medical expenses."

"And it's going to be awesome!" I added. Maya had come up with the idea last week, and I’d been helping her and her mom with the plans since then.

"Do you guys wanna participate?" Maya tucked her hair behind her ears, looking at them as sweetly as she could…which was a feat in itself since she couldn't stand them most of the time.

"Like, be auctioned off?" Kalon asked.

We all nodded.

"I'm sure just having you guys up for bid would raise a ton of money," I added for good measure. I might as well cater to their egos while I was at it.

Derek shrugged and glanced at his buddies. "It would be fun to see the ladies fighting over me." He flexed his biceps as he spoke. "I'm in!"

"Count me in too!" Kalon chimed, folding his arms across his broad chest. "It'll be fun to destroy Derek in this contest."

"Guys! This is not a contest," Maya said.

"Whatever! It's totally a contest." Derek nudged Kalon, a smug look on his face. "And I'm gonna win."

"I'm sure you will." Maya sighed. "I'll be handing out fliers at school on Monday so you'll get all the details then."

"Sounds great!" Derek rubbed his hands. "In fact, I'll help you out right now by spreading the news that any girl can have the chance for a date with me. All it takes is a little money." And with that, he and Kalon wandered off into the crowd.

When they were out of earshot, Maya turned to Landon. "Seriously, I don't know how you can stand hanging around those two."

"Ah, they're not that bad." He waved his hand. "Once you get to know them, they're actually pretty funny."

"I think we'll just take your word on that," I said. "No need to spend any extra time with them to see if you're right." Then my eyes caught on someone in the crowd. I leaned closer to Kathryn and whispered, "Conner's here."

Her fair skin immediately turned pink.

"Let's go say hi," I said.

We were on our way to the table when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Brian Dustup, my fifteen-year-old shadow, was standing behind me. What was he doing at a senior party? And why hadn't my guy-dar warned me of his approach? Oh yeah. This was Brian. The butterflies in my stomach were immune to him.

Brian was a few inches shorter than me, with black-rimmed glasses framing his green eyes. I first met him last year in concert choir, and I think he developed a crush on me while I was still dating Nick. He hadn't asked me on a date since my breakup, but I figured that was only because his parents had the rule that he needed to be sixteen before he dated.

I quickly told Kathryn and Maya I'd catch up with them in a minute, and then turned back to Brian.

"Hi, Brian," I said warily, hoping he wasn't about to ask me out. I'd seen him driving his blue car to school last week, which meant he turned sixteen over the summer.

"Hey, Emma." He seemed to be piecing his next sentence together in his mind before he spoke. "Has Mrs. Jolley said anything about who she's choosing for Brad's spot in Madrigals yet?" Madrigals was the audition chamber choir at our school. I had auditioned the past two years and was thrilled when I made the cut last spring.

"No." I shook my head. "Did you audition for it?"

He nodded.

When he didn't offer anything more, I asked, "How'd it go?"

"I thought I did great, but apparently, some other jerk will be stealing my spot," he huffed.

"Really? That's too bad." I made a show of frowning, though inside I was singing praises to Mrs. Jolley. "Do you know who she picked instead?"

"She wouldn't tell me. She said she wanted to surprise everyone on Monday. That's why I was asking you since you're the teacher's aide."

Oh, yeah, of course.

"I wonder who it could be," I said, my gaze drifting past Brian's ear to spy on Conner and Kathryn. She looked nervous, but it appeared like they were having an actual conversation this time…Maya wasn't even having to say much.

Brian continued to talk to me for a few more minutes, giving the lowdown on every guy he knew had auditioned for the choir. All of whom sounded just fine to me, though Brian had a few arguments on that front.

Eventually, I broke away and was able to hear the tail end of Conner and Kathryn's conversation.

"So tomorrow at four?" Kathryn said.

Conner nodded, his boyish face beaming about the prospect of whatever it was they were planning. "See you then."

And with that, the conversation was over and Conner and his best friend Troy were walking off with their cookies.

"What did I miss?" I asked once they were gone. From the smile on Kathryn's face, it looked like I'd just missed some sort of miracle.

"He asked if I wanted to work on our English assignment together tomorrow."

"Ooh, so like a date!" I squealed. I might be on a boy-cleanse myself, but I could still be excited for my friend. Conner didn't seem like the cheating kind of guy.

"It's not a date," Kathryn said. "It's just homework." Though the huge smile on her face suggested otherwise.

"Whatever it is, I'm so happy for you!" I hugged Kathryn.

"You better call me after your date." Maya grabbed a cookie from the table. "I'll be expecting a play-by-play."

"Me too," I said.

The rest of the party wasn't nearly as eventful as the first part had been. But we had a lot of fun hanging out with all our friends and dancing to the loud upbeat music. By the time Landon's parents shut the party down, I was tired and more than ready to leave. I almost tripped over my own feet when I spotted Arie amongst the departing crowd. He was standing against a tree a few feet away, by himself, looking at his phone. I didn't think he saw me, but I did notice his lips twitch a little when I stumbled, like he was fighting a smile.

What was he doing at a high school party anyway? I thought he was a few years older than me.

Maybe he was friends with Landon's older brother, Brenden?



After lunch on Monday, I met Kathryn by our lockers and walked with her to choir. Choir was one of my favorite classes, for a couple of reasons. For one, I never had homework, which was always a plus. And second, I just really loved to sing. As an alto, I didn't sing the melody in most songs, but it was fun harmonizing and figuring out where my notes fit in with the group. Kathryn was also an alto, so we were able to sit by each other during class, which was fun.

"How did your study date with Conner go yesterday?" I asked as we walked past the auditorium on the way to the choir room.

She blushed and bit her lip. "It was good." Then in a low voice, she said, "When we were sitting at the table, he sat close enough that our arms brushed a couple of times."

I laughed. Brushing arms with someone wasn't usually that big of a deal, but when the guy you liked brushed arms with you, it was the best thing in the world. It had all sorts of hidden meanings that could be analyzed for hours.

"I think he may like you," I said in a sing-song voice.

"I don't know. I-It probably meant nothing."

"I doubt it," I said, smiling.

We soon arrived at the choir room and found our seats. I glanced around the classroom and noticed someone new sitting in the bass section directly behind me. I had to take a second look when I realized it was Arie. What in the world was he doing in Madrigals? Was he like a student teacher or something? I'd never bumped into a stranger so many times in a few days.

Before I could say anything to him, Mrs. Jolley, our choir director, tapped her baton on the music stand.

Mrs. Jolley was in her mid-thirties and had been teaching at Maplebridge High for the past ten years. She was short and peppy, and the students all loved her. “Welcome, students," she said. "As you may have noticed, we have someone new in our class." She gestured for Arie to join her at the front. He stood and made his way next to her, making her look like a midget next to his tall frame.

"Everyone, this is Arie Blackwell, a new senior at our school. He just moved to Maplebridge and will be singing baritone in our choir. As you all know, I've been holding auditions to fill Brad's spot when he moved. Lucky for us, Arie saw the sign-up sheet and came in. Once I heard him sing, I knew I found the baritone for our choir. I'm sure you'll agree with my decision once you hear him sing. He will also be taking Brad's spot in the All-State Choir this year." Arie looked a little embarrassed at having Mrs. Jolley talk so much about him, but it could have been an act. "You may take your seat now, Arie."

Mrs. Jolley went on. "Speaking of All-State Choir, practices start this Saturday and will be held at Ridgecrest High. We don't have a bus going down to these rehearsals, so I want to remind those participating that they are responsible for finding their own way down." I already made plans to drive with Kathryn, so I didn't have anything to worry about.

Later, as Mrs. Jolley led us through warm-ups, I couldn't help but notice the deep melodic sound coming from behind me. Mrs. Jolley hadn't been exaggerating when she said Arie had a great voice. His voice was warm and smooth, like melted chocolate drizzled over a strawberry. After listening for a moment, goosebumps rose all over my arms and neck against my will. Kathryn glanced at me and mouthed, "Wow." I raised my eyebrows and nodded back. How could he get those looks and have that voice?

When class was over, I tried to quickly stuff my folder in my backpack and get out of the classroom before I accidentally flirted with him. I couldn't ruin my twelve-day streak. This was the longest I'd made it so far with my boy-cleanse.

I peeked behind me real quick as I zipped up my backpack, which was a mistake because Arie was looking right at me.

"Hey," he said when our eyes met. "I don't know if you remember me. We met at the store on Friday."

I gave him a bashful smile, remembering the embarrassing experience. "Yeah. That was me in all my glory."

"It's Emma, right?" He remembered my name? Wow! I mean, not wow. Of course, he remembered. Players always did things like that to make a girl feel special.

"That's me. I'm surprised you remembered." I only added that last bit so he wouldn't think I was already on to him.

He leaned forward and whispered, "Who could forget you after that fateful bagel attack?"

I blushed. "I hoped you might have somehow forgotten that little incident."

He smiled. "Sorry, I'll try to forget it now." He closed his eyes briefly, and then looked back at me again. "Okay, it's forgotten." He scrunched his eyebrows together and pointed a finger at me. "Have we met before? You seem really familiar."

"Har, har." I shook my head and smiled despite myself. "Anyway," I glanced at the clock, "it was good to see you again, Arie. I hope you have a great rest of your first day here." I really needed to get away before I started falling prey to his charms. I was already having a hard time keeping my eyes off the cute dimple that formed when he smiled.

"Hold on." He reached into his backpack and drew out a folder. "Could you point me in the direction of AP English with Mrs. Hendrix?" He rifled through the papers in his folder until he found his class schedule, studying it for a moment. "This says it's in room 2B, but I've been turned around all day."

That was my next class. I groaned inwardly. How was I supposed to continue with my plan of ignoring all the hot guys this year if I had the most tempting one ever constantly in my path?


About me

Judy Corry has been addicted to love stories for as long as she can remember. She reads and writes YA Romance because she can't get enough of the feeling of falling in love. Some of her favorite things are chick flicks, chocolate, and playing the piano. She believes in swoony kisses and happily ever afters. Judy met her soul mate while in high school, and married him a few years later. She and her husband live in Southern Utah with their four beautiful and crazy children.

Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The hardest part about writing this book was actually learning how to write a novel. This is the first novel I ever finished. It's been a long process, spread out over five years, but I learned so much and really love it. It's amazing to see how far this story has come!
Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
I decided to become a writer when I was a 26-year-old stay-at-home mom of three young children. I needed a creative outlet and decided I might as well try writing since I loved reading so much. I never looked back!
Q. What draws you to this genre?
I write YA Contemporary Romance because of my own high school romance. That's right, I met my husband in high school. We had our ups and downs (every good story needs a little drama) but I'm a big believer in the possibility of finding true love at a young age and I love sharing that with others.