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Chapter 1- A Normal Day

Violet’s leg bounced up and down as she rested her head on her arms and let out a loud yawn. She wasn’t really tired; she was mostly just bored. Watching everyone else run around and have fun wasn’t very interesting.

At one point, a ball bounced lightly off her shoulder, and she slowly lifted her head to look around the courtyard. It didn’t take long to spot the person who’d thrown the ball, because they had an absolutely terrified look on their face. They were obviously scared that Violet was going to brutally retaliate against them.

She snorted. Why would anyone think that the proper response to being barely tapped with an accidental ball would be violence? But there was no proper logic when it came to fear, and if there was one thing that Violet was certain of, it was the fact that everyone playing in the courtyard in that moment was afraid of her.

It would have been amusing to put her head back down, and force the child to come closer if he wanted his toy back, but Violet was feeling generous, and she decided that she had better things to do than scare the other children anyways. She reached down to scoop the ball off of the ground, and then she tossed it back over to the kid who’d thrown it in the first place.

They looked surprised as they instinctively reached out to snatch the ball out of the air. Violet put her head back down, pressing her forehead against her arms so that she was just staring directly at the ground.

If it was possible for Violet to be startled, the sound of someone softly clearing their throat right next to her probably would’ve done the trick. But Violet didn’t react in any way, just kept staring at the ground. Not that her feet or the grass were particularly interesting, but she wasn’t really in the mood to watch someone win a bet with their friends because they’d been brave enough to approach her.

But the child who was standing there didn’t move to head back over to the other children. Instead, they carefully sat down next to Violet. Now her curiosity was piqued. Everyone in the courtyard knew that this particular picnic table was Violet’s, and even when she was late to come outside, the table was always left empty for her. And certainly no one had ever tried to sit down at the table when she was already there. It’s not like Violet would’ve gotten mad if anyone had sat at the table, but the other children all seemed to assume that even the slightest things would be enough to make her mad, and none of them wanted to face her wrath.

Violet sat up straight, and turned to look at the kid who was sitting next to her. They were sitting as far away from Violet as they could get, and there was a wary look on their face, like they were ready to dart away at a moment’s notice. She wasn’t sure what the child wanted, but she wasn’t going to purposely try scaring them away. As fun as it was for everyone to be terrified of her, Violet knew that she wouldn’t miss her tough reputation if it were to disappear.

She waited patiently for the child to speak, since she was pretty sure that anything she said would be enough to send them running. It took what felt like forever before they finally gathered enough courage to talk. “Thanks for throwing my ball back. I uh… I noticed that you looked a bit lonely over here. So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to play with us? It’s just a simple game of catch, so I’m sure you’d be able to play without any trouble.”

There was a strange fluttering feeling in Violet’s heart. She couldn’t remember a single time where any of the other children had invited her to play with them. She knew that it was because they all feared her so much. Violet glanced over at the others who’d been playing catch with the child, and saw that they were all staring at the picnic table with wide eyes, like Violet was about to swallow their friend whole or something. She offered them a quick and tired smile before turning back to the brave child sitting next to her.

To Violet’s surprise, the child had scooted over a couple inches so that they were no longer as far away from her as possible. They were looking up at her with wide, expectant eyes, and she realized that they probably expected an answer. They wanted to invite her to play catch with them.

For a moment, Violet wanted nothing more than to accept the offer. She wanted to walk over to the small group of children that were still staring at her, and start throwing the ball back and forth between them. She wanted to laugh at whatever stupid things the children talked about amongst themselves. Being the one that everyone was afraid of could just be so lonely, and maybe if she played with them, she’d prove that she’s just a normal kid who wants to play and have fun. She wanted that so badly, she was in the middle of standing up before she’d even given an answer to the child sitting next to her.

But before she could stand up fully, she heard a sharp voice bark out her name from the entranceway to the courtyard. She flinched at the way her name was said, knowing that it definitely wasn’t one of the children calling out to her. Violet slowly stood and turned around to see the matron looking at her with hard eyes, the older woman’s hands resting on her hips.

She took a step in the matron’s direction, knowing that the only thing that would come out of disobedience would be punishment. If she didn’t go over to the woman immediately, then Violet would probably be banned from going out into the courtyard for several weeks. Maybe even months. And nothing was worth losing access to the fresh air and the sound of the children playing.

A moment later, Violet felt a hand on her elbow, and she blinked a few times in confusion before she glanced down. The child who’d invited her to play was gently grabbing at her, trying to keep her from going to the matron. “Stay out here and play with us. Don’t go in there. Please.” At the sound of those pleading words, Violet wondered how much the other children knew about their home and their keeper.

But it didn’t really matter how much they were aware of. All that Violet needed to worry about was obeying the matron, and earning her brief minutes of freedom. She was sure that she’d die if she had to go more than a day without a glimpse of the sky. So she just shook her head at the child, and tugged her arm free. It was strange to see how crestfallen they looked at her rejection, like they’d actually wanted her to play catch with them. But a quick glance over at the other children made her decision easier. They all looked relieved that she was going inside with the matron. She shook her head again, then walked over to the door.

The matron didn’t look happy that there had been a delay of even half a minute, and she turned and stomped back into the building. For a moment, Violet hesitated on the threshold. She thought about turning back and running out into the courtyard. She imagined flying away and leaving this entire place behind. She could practically taste the freedom on the tip of her tongue.

But then a shriek of laughter from somewhere behind her broke into her thoughts, and Violet knew that there was no escape. She had to stay because as much as it hurt to be feared and to be isolated, at least she was able to keep everyone safe. The other children were all scared of her and refused to talk with her for the most part, but Violet could still remember cradling most of them in her arms when they were babies, and comforting them whenever they’d cried. The matron had always been jealous that Violet was better with the babies.

They hurried through the dimly lit hallways, and there was a soft thud as the door to the courtyard slammed shut behind them, blotting out the few drops of sunlight that had dared to peek through. There were no windows anywhere, only the pale lights lining the ceilings.

It didn’t take long for them to reach their destination. Violet walked into her room, and peered back at the matron hopefully. She knew that it was impossible, but she couldn’t help desperately wishing that there were some way for this to be a more pleasant visit than normal.

The unimpressed look on the matron’s face was enough to crush the small sliver of hope that Violet had stupidly let build up. The matron crossed her arms over her chest, and tapped one foot impatiently, letting the clicking noise fill the otherwise silent room.

Violet gave a soft sigh of defeat, even though she hadn’t really thought that there was anything else that the matron would’ve been calling her in for. She climbed onto the small cot-like structure that was sticking out of the wall. Once she was settled in, the matron walked over and pressed a few buttons. A moment later, the cot was sucked into the wall, though there was a small glass panel next to Violet’s head so that if she turned to the side she’d be able to look at the matron’s disapproving face. Not that she really wanted to look at the matron.

Violet took a deep breath, then slowly let it out. She shifted until she was staring up at the dark ceiling, and she closed her eyes. Years ago, when she’d first come in here, she’d made the mistake of leaving her eyes open throughout the process. When she’d come back to herself at the end of the day, her eyes had been completely dried out and crusted over with a gross film. She’d been half blind for almost a week after that. Violet had never made that mistake again.

She could feel the normal brisk coldness fill up the small chamber that she was resting in, and she could feel the painful chill in her chest with each breath. Even though she’d done this many times before, it still stung each time. But there was no way to speed up the process, so Violet was always left feeling like she was suffocating for several minutes before everything else could happen.

When she was younger, Violet used to fight the feeling of not having enough air, and she’d thrash around the chamber, punching at the walls in the hopes of cracking something enough for air to pour in. But now she knew better, and she forced herself to remain calm even as her breathing grew ragged, and she felt light headed. It was actually a good thing, since that meant that everything was going properly.

What felt like it was just a moment later, Violet was able to breath normally, and she began wiggling her fingers and toes to make sure that they were all still working. Sometimes she woke up very stiff and practically unable to move. But luckily, this was a good day, and she breathed out a sigh of relief.

Violet’s eyes slowly fluttered open, and she looked over at where the matron was sitting on her usual couch. The matron looked up at Violet, and blinked a few times before nodding to the door. Violet knew that she needed to leave. She was never allowed to stay in this room after she was finished doing her job.

She had to press her hands against the walls to try and keep herself upright as she moved towards her bedroom. The other children were all placed in large dorm rooms, each room as long as a hallway and lined with beds on every wall. There were three rooms, one for the females, one for the males, and one for everyone else. But then there was Violet, who got an entire room to herself. It wasn’t particularly large or glamorous, but it gave her privacy, which was something not many of the children could claim to have.

Violet staggered into her room, then flopped down onto her bed. It wasn’t a particularly comfortable bed, with the springs always poking into her back, and a single pillow that felt as thin as paper when she rested her head on it, but when she was completely exhausted, it felt like it could be the bed of a king.

She closed her eyes, and let herself rest. She knew that she’d be allowed to go out into the courtyard tomorrow for a little bit of extra time. She was always afforded extra time outside the day after working. And there was nothing Violet could think of that pleased her more than being able to breath in the fresh air of the great outdoors. And on the days she got extra time, she was able to wander around the courtyard without the distraction of the other children to worry about, and she could tend to the little scrubby plants that lined the courtyard walls.

None of the other children cared about those little plants, and the matron definitely didn’t care about them, but Violet liked taking care of them. While she was indirectly protecting all of the children whenever she did her job, it wasn’t the same as actually physically holding and taking care of a living thing. That’s why Violet liked helping with the babies so much. But there hadn’t been any new babies in a very long time, which is why Violet contented herself with the plants.

Violet curled up beneath her worn out old blanket, and wrapped it tightly around herself as she drifted off to sleep. But as she slept, instead of dreaming of her plants, or the bright sky, Violet could only hear that child’s voice, asking her to play with them because she must be lonely. Even though she’d never take them up on their offer, Violet felt happy that they’d thought of her at all.

Chapter 2- The Greatest Treasure

Violet stared out over the courtyard, watching all of the other children run around and have fun. While she wished that she could join them, some days she found herself completely satisfied just being able to see them. They were all the living proof that Violet’s job was working properly to keep them all alive and safe.

And she also enjoyed occasionally tipping her head back to stare up at the sky. It was the same bright pink that it always was, and it brought a sense of calmness to Violet. She knew that she’d never be able to flee, but so long as she could always come out and look up at the sky, Violet didn’t feel afraid of anything. She was more than happy to leave the fear to all the other children, even if that meant they were feeling it towards her.

But Violet was pulled out of her relaxed state by the sudden blaring noise that filled the courtyard. She jumped to her feet and looked around. The matron burst through the door to the building, and immediately looked over at Violet. “Get in here now!” Violet looked over at the other children. They looked even more scared than usual, and she wanted to stay and comfort them.

But the matron wanted her to follow, so she couldn’t just ignore that. She quickly hurried after the matron. She didn’t like the sound of the door slamming shut behind them because it sounded much more final and ominous than usual.

They hurried through the hallways, when suddenly the lights flickered out. The lack of windows meant that there wasn’t a single drop of light around them. But the matron’s heels continued clicking down the hall, and Violet knew that both of them had traveled through the halls so many times that there was no way she wouldn’t be able to find her way around.

They reached Violet’s work room, and the matron practically shoved her inside. Violet looked hesitantly over at the cot. It had only been a couple weeks since her last time, and she wasn’t sure she had the strength to go again so soon. But the matron wasn’t even looking at the machine. “Just stay in here. Whatever you do, do not leave this room until I tell you to. Do you understand me?” Violet blinked a few times in obvious confusion, and the matron actually reached forward to grab Violet by the shoulders and shake her a few times. “Do you understand me?” Her voice sounded frantic, and Violet had never heard the woman sound so disturbed before.

Violet dutifully nodded her head, and the matron seemed to relax a bit at that. She turned and hurried out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Violet could hear the sound of the door being locked. It was a bit muffled and strange to hear it while inside the room, but Violet still recognized the sound.

She looked around the room, and wondered what she could do while she waited for the matron to come back. Then she wondered what the matron always did while Violet was working. Violet knew that the older woman always stayed in the room the entire time she was working, but she never saw the matron actually doing anything that could be considered interesting during that time.

Violet wasn’t sure how long she’d been pacing back and forth across the small room before she got bored, and sat down on the matron’s couch. Normally, she’d never be able to get away with that, but even though Violet didn’t know what was going on, she knew that this was obviously nowhere near normal.

She nearly fell asleep on the couch, since it was much more comfortable than her bed was, but there was suddenly a lot of noise coming from out in the hallway. Violet frowned as she got up and inched closer to the door. There were loud bangs and pops coming from out there, and lots of shouting, though she couldn’t make out what was being said by anyone.

All Violet knew was that she didn’t recognize any of the voices, and she definitely didn’t like the sound of all the loud noises. She jumped back when there was a loud bang against the door she was leaning against, and Violet stared at the door with wide eyes. The matron had told her to stay put until she came back, and the matron would have the codes to the room, so she wouldn’t be trying to knock the door down by force.

Violet had no idea what was going on, but she just knew that it couldn’t be anything good. She scrambled over to the cot and punched in the codes to close the chamber. She leapt onto the cot just before it finished sliding into the wall. It occurred to Violet that she’d just trapped herself in there, but she wasn’t afraid. The matron would come back to let her out once everything had calmed down.

She peered through the small pane of glass and watched as the door shook several times, before it was finally knocked off it’s hinges by a small explosion. There was a cloud of smoke around the broken door for a moment, but once it cleared away, Violet saw the intruders.

There were five of them in the room, though there could possibly be more throughout the building. Violet’s heart ached at the thought of anything bad happening to the other children, but she knew that at this point, all she could do was wait it out and hope that the others were unharmed.

She couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt a bunch of innocent children, but she also never would’ve expected people to break down doors and make loud noises, so she had no idea what these people were capable of.

They all looked strangely identical, and Violet had never seen anything like it before. They had skin that looked like mixes of various shades of green swirled around, and they had large round heads that almost looked like they were made out of glass. They didn’t even have any eyes as far as Violet could tell.

When one of them turned their head in her direction (assuming that the black glassy surface was the face), Violet gasped and laid herself out so that she was pressed flat against the surface of the cot. Hopefully they wouldn’t look too much closer. Not that they’d be able to get her out anyways, not without knowing the matron’s codes.

There was a soft tap on the glass, and Violet looked at the intruder who was standing right next to the chamber in the wall. That blank glassy face got even closer, and Violet felt some fear swirl through her belly. No one had ever taught her what to do in a situation like this.

While she wasn’t normally a violent person, Violet knew that it would work out best for everyone if she was able to scare away these weird looking intruders before they could could hurt anyone, or get themselves hurt. She bared her teeth and growled as loudly as she could, not even knowing if sound was able to pass through the chamber that she’d locked herself into.

The intruder didn’t move back. Instead they reached up to touch the sides of their face. Violet wasn’t sure what they were doing when they pushed up on their face. Maybe it was some kind of greeting signal that Violet didn’t know about.

A moment later, she realized that the head was actually being pushed up by the thick black hands, and Violet’s eyes widened in shock. Was the intruder trying to tear their own head off? Had Violet really scared them that badly that they felt this was necessary? She didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

She pounded against the glass pane, and stopped growling. She wasn’t sure what else to do to let the intruder know that they shouldn’t rip their head off. Maybe one of the other children had told the intruders about Violet, and that’s why they were scared? But it still shouldn’t lead to death.

A moment later, the head popped off, and Violet was ready to let out a scream of horror, until she saw that there was another head underneath the one that had been removed, and this one looked fairly normal. It was a young woman with blond hair pulled back and tied up behind her head, and pale blue eyes that were staring at Violet with obvious interest.

Violet frowned as she took in the sight of the intruder. Had the woman put a box over her head to hide herself? Did that mean that all of the intruders were wearing boxes over their heads, but looked normal underneath? But what about the strangely colored skin that all of them shared? Violet had so many questions about these strangers.

Suddenly, the stranger in front of the chamber jerked around to face the doorway at the same time as all the other intruders. All of them were holding strange metal sticks in their hands, and they were pointing their sticks at the matron, who was stumbling in. Sticky black blood was all over the woman, and she looked so unhinged compared to what Violet was used to.

The matron was holding one of the metal sticks, though hers had some red splattered on it. She was growling out some words, but Violet couldn’t hear anything through the chamber walls. Violet pressed her face against the glass pane, hoping that the woman would spot her and know that she was still okay.

The intruders were obviously saying something to the matron, but the matron didn’t seem to be listening. She just looked over at where Violet was trapped in the wall, and she suddenly turned the black stick towards Violet. She opened her mouth to shout something loudly, and then everything happened so quickly that Violet could barely keep up.

Violet instinctively tried to duck away from the viewing window, but she was too slow. There was the sound of glass shattering all around her, and then there was a burning pain in her stomach like nothing she’d ever felt before. She looked down, and saw black blood oozing out of the pained area, and Violet wasn’t sure what had happened, but it was obvious that she’d been injured.

Then there were several very loud bangs that seemed to come from the black sticks, and the matron screamed loudly before collapsing to the floor. The blonde haired intruder rushed over to Violet while one of the others bent down next to the matron. She blinked a few times, then looked at Violet with something close to shock. She opened her mouth to speak, but the words made no sense, and Violet was afraid that she was having a stroke or something.

The woman seemed to realize that her words weren’t getting through to Violet, and she instead reached down. There were several loud tearing noises, and then the woman was peeling off her skin. Violet wasn’t even sure how to react to that horrific sight, or the sight of the matron lying unmoving on the floor, covered in blood. Violet couldn’t help it as she let her eyes roll back and everything went dark.


When Violet returned to consciousness, the first thing she was aware of was something that kept beeping. Then she realized that she was lying on a rather comfortable bed. She slowly opened her eyes to look around, though she immediately shut them again when she saw nothing but bright light everywhere.

She kept opening her eyes for short amounts of time before slamming them shut again, trying to build up a resistence to the oddly bright light. It took awhile, but eventually she was able to keep her eyes open for longer than a couple seconds. They watered pretty badly, but at least she could look around to take in her surroundings.

She was in a white room with bright lights everywhere, and there were several machines that were connected to her through little tubes. One of the tubes held a bright red liquid, and Violet wasn’t sure what it was, while a different tube held a clear liquid, which obviously had to be water.

Violet looked down and saw that there was a blanket tucked gently around her, and it was much nicer than her own blanket, though she wasn’t sure where she was, so she didn’t know if she’d be allowed to keep it or not. Violet tugged the blanket aside, and frowned. It seemed like there was another, thinner blanket around her, except it was shaped in an odd way that had little slots her arms had gone through. She wasn’t sure what the purpose of the smaller blanket was supposed to be.

Suddenly Violet remembered everything that had happened before she’d fainted. There had been so much noise, and then the matron had gone down in a bloody heap, and then Violet had felt lots of pain, and there had been lots of blood from her own body spilling out into the open, where it definitely wasn’t supposed to be.

She fumbled around for a minute, but eventually managed to pull aside the small blanket enough for her to peer at where she’d been injured. There was no sign of any injuries there, but Violet still felt panicked and confused. She tore off the entire blanket to look at herself, and she was very confused. Her skin looked very strange and unnatural.

Instead of her normal blue and silver scales, there was only a strange smooth pinkness. She poked at herself, and found that her skin felt like it was made of elastic with the way it easily pressed in, but when she moved her finger, it moved back into its previous shape. Violet wasn’t sure what to think of this.

It wasn’t like Violet had never seen this kind of skin before. All the other children and the matron had looked more like this, though even they’d had faint outlines of scales etched over their whole bodies. That was one of the reasons everyone else had been afraid of Violet. They didn’t understand why she was covered in leathery scales instead of rubbery skin. But now there was nothing that made Violet different than them. Maybe they wouldn’t be so scared of her anymore.

Violet’s attention was drawn away from her skin when the door to the room opened up, and several strange people walked in. They were wearing strange baggy white blankets over their shoulders, and had strangely bright colored skin. Unless they were wearing even smaller blankets underneath. Maybe that’s what the intruders had been wearing too.

The man in front suddenly reached up to cover his eyes with his arm, and he said something in a polite voice, though his words didn’t make any sense, and Violet tilted her head. Maybe she really had had a stroke. Or maybe there hadn’t been enough air in the chamber and she’d gotten a lot stupider from the lack of air.

One of the women behind the man hurried forward and grabbed at the small blanket that Violet had discarded. She carefully wrapped it around Violet, and Violet didn’t try to stop her. She didn’t understand it, but clearly these people believed that everyone should always have blankets on them. Maybe they thought that it was too cold?

The woman’s soft voice came out while she maneuvered Violet’s arms around, though Violet had no idea what was being said. Whatever these people were saying didn’t sound like any kind of language that Violet had heard of before, and she had gotten proficient at a lot of languages.

When the woman finished wrapping Violet up, she stepped aside, and the man came forward. He leaned over so that he could look Violet in the eyes, and he kept making noises, but Violet wasn’t sure if they were supposed to be calming noises, or actual words. It didn’t really matter either way. The point was that it was indecipherable.

But Violet still had to at least attempt to communicate. “Where’s the matron? Is she okay? Where are the other children? Where are we? Who are you? Why did you break into our place? What happened to my skin? What’s in those tubes?” She knew that it was a lot of questions to throw at them, but she was desperate to learn more.

There was a lot of shouting out in the hallways beyond the small room, and then the door was slammed back open, and someone burst in. Despite the cautious looks on everyone else’s faces, Violet felt safe. She saw that the man who’d just rushed into the room had the same outlines on his skin as the other children, which meant that he had to be from home, even if Violet had never met him before. It was relieving to see someone who didn’t look completely alien.

And it was even better when he spoke in a soft growl that actually made sense to Violet, unlike the strange noises that everyone else had been making around her. “Are you okay?”

Chapter 3- A Strange New World

Briar knew that he was probably going to get in trouble for this. Most people weren’t exactly encouraged to go running around in restricted government hospitals. But as soon as he’d heard the news, he knew that he needed to see it for himself.

Briar had been stuck on Earth for the past twenty years, but he’d been fighting to find his way home the entire time. He’d been scooped up by the American government almost immediately after arriving on Earth, and it had taken a couple of years before they trusted him enough to let him go out on his own. He’d been working on building a portal home ever since, under government supervision, of course.

And when he’d finally completed it, including multiple tests that offered as much proof as possible, he’d been asked to man the computer stations while several elite hand picked soldiers went through the portal. He’d desperately wanted to be one of the ones going through, but he was told that he wasn’t expendable the way that the soldiers were.

From the moment they passed through his portal, Briar had waited with baited breath for them to return. He wanted so badly for them to come back and explain that he was right, and he’d succeeded, and that he could finally go home.

Of course, nothing could ever go as simply as planned. The portal had been open for three days, and then it started fluctuating and acting up like crazy. Briar had rushed around trying to fix everything as it fell apart, but he was only able to patch it all together long enough for the soldiers to emerge.

They were two men short, but they came back with an extra person. Someone from Briar’s home. According to the reports, someone had been injured because of them, and they’d felt responsible, which was why they brought her back with them. She was immediately shipped off to the nearest infirmary.

As soon as Briar found out that he couldn’t go home, because the portal had completely shut down, he’d gone back to his apartment to trash the place and drink himself into a blackout. When he woke up from that is when he learned about the newest aquisition, and then he’d rushed straight to the hospital. He’d run past all of the checkpoints without showing any identification, and then burst into the room with multiple people standing guard out front.

He shoved past the doctors and nurses that were in his way, and then stopped to stare down at the girl lying on the bed. Glossy black hair with streaks of silver and blue was fanned out on the pillow beneath her head. She looked completely human, except for the dark purple eyes that were staring up at him with a dazed confusion. Briar could remember how confused he’d been when he’d first gotten to Earth. There had been nothing familiar around, and he’d been scared out of his mind. But at least he’d been an adult who had been messing around with portal technology.

This girl looked very young, and she hadn’t been taken to Earth by her own choice. He wasn’t sure if anyone would ever choose to come to Earth if they knew what it was like here. Since he didn’t really know what else to say, Briar found himself asking one of the stupider questions that he could think of, naturally slipping into his old tongue. “Are you okay?”

The girl blinked in surprise, and then smiled. “I didn’t think anyone else around here could speak real words.” She had a slight accent, though Briar couldn’t place where it was from. “Sorry, I haven’t spoken Cranton in a while. Do you know any Plestan?”

Briar could remember taking Plestan classes in school. They hadn’t been pleasant at all, and he hadn’t used the language at all since the moment he’d graduated. But at least now he knew where the girl was from. Plest was a small country where all the royalty lived. He shook his head apologetically in answer to her question. “Sorry, I only know Cranton and English.”

The girl furrowed her eyebrows. “English? What’s that?”

He sighed, and sat down on the chair next to the hospital bed, completely ignoring the doctors and guards that were all staring in shock. They apparently hadn’t been expecting to find someone who could speak with their newly acquired alien. “It’s what the people here speak. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re not on Elyon anymore.”

The girl looked even more confused. “What do you mean we’re not on Elyon? Where else could we possibly be?”


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My name is Alanna Young, and I was born in Massachusetts. I've got three brothers and three sisters, along with two rabbits. I play the French horn, and lead an occasional Dungeons and Dragons session.

Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The hardest part of writing this book was definitely the ending. I always have difficulty wrapping up a story, and am often left feeling like I rushed the ending. But I decided that even though the ending did come up fast, it fits with the rest of the story, so I feel like it works out anyways.
Q. What draws you to this genre?
I've always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy. I like those stories that can really draw you away from your life, because they're just so entertaining, while often times still holding useful lessons and morals that can be related back to real life.
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