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First pages


He awoke with a sudden start in cold sweat, breathing heavily as he looked around the room. The first thing he recognized was the smell. It smelled of perfumes and fancy clothing. He noticed that it was still dark in the room, save for the moonlight gleaming through the window. He decided to reach over his bed to get his phone. As he turned over, he saw a figure next to him on the bed. A curvy silhouette greeted his eyes, and the facial features of the figure were made visible by the soft glowing light of the moon. His eyes widened as he recognized the woman as the Duchess of Atherton. As he stared at her, his mind flashed back to the night before, the memories flowing like a river as one question screamed in his mind.

“Oh god, what have I done?”

Chapter 1:

The province of Atherton, England is known to the world as a paradise to the world, and is ruled by the Weather ton family, who are descendants of Duke Atherton the First. However, where there is peace, there must be someone to bear the burden of being the outcasts of society. Repeatedly, it was the teachers of the schools of Atherton that bore this burden. Everyday, they were walked all over by the rich students of Atherton, who were lazy and spoiled, but they could do nothing as the rich were very influential, and their parents were so insistent that their perfect little children could do no wrong that eventually, it was declared a law by the Weather ton family that the teachers were to have their rights taken away and more strict sanctions imposed on them. And so, the teachers endured most of the hatred of the land of Atherton, and were forced to wear a badge identifying them as such so hat everyone can see that they chose a shameful profession.

On this cold day in Atherton, Matthew McDermott walked down the streets of Atherton, his hand in his pockets and his face tucked away behind a scarf as he hurried to Atherton Collegiate Academy to teach his students, as he does everyday. As he walked hurriedly down the streets of Atherton, he was wary of his surroundings, hoping to not run into students looking to beat up a teacher. Luckily for him today, he encountered no such persons, and managed to reach his destination without a scratch on his body. As he entered his classroom the condescending stares of the students greeted him, as usual. Matthew set his bags down as the females started chirping to each other about the latest gossip and fashion trends, while the males boasted about the number of teachers that they beat up yesterday, showing off the latest trophies that they obtained from their conquest.

Matthew sighed as he turned to the class and tried to get them to quiet down. “Settle down, class!” He shouted over their voices. “Fuck off, old man!” One of the male students shouted back to him as he showed off his middle finger in defiance. “You can’t tell us what to do, TEACHER”, one of the female students shouted along, putting extra emphasis on the last word to display her disgust. Matthew simply responded, “If you don’t pay attention in class today, you will fail your upcoming quiz!” The students simply rolled their eyes in contempt as he started passing out the notes for the current lesson, as well as the homework. The students knew that they were invincible, as their parents are very wealthy, and had considerable influence on the system. Just one complaint, and Matthew’s life would be over. He would be humiliated and then executed in front of the citizens of Atherton.

And so, Matthew could do nothing except sit at his desk and at least watch the students and check his phone until the bell rings, signalling the end of the school day. He watched as the students just sat and talked, some even playing games on their cell phones, and showing each other pictures of the bloody and battered teachers that some of them beat up on the way to school. Eventually the bell rang, causing an uproar in the classroom as the students eagerly packed up and ran out of the classroom. As always, Matthew was the last to leave, since he must make sure all the students have left, and then lock the classroom behind him. As soon as the last student left, giving Matthew a dirty glare as he did so, he locked the door behind him and started walking out of the Academy to head home.

Chapter 2:

As Matthew walked down the streets of Atherton, he could hear the cruel whispers of the people walking past him, jeering, and laughing at him as he tried to get home. “Oh, look, a TEACHER! What a disgrace!” An elderly man spat at him. “He should be BEAT UP! TEACH HIM HIS PLACE!” A younger man shouted as a crowd began to form around him.

At the mention of beating up a teacher, the crowd that gathered went into an uproar as they all turned to Matthew, bloodlust radiating from their eyes, their bodies trembling in anticipation. They all shouted as they all ran towards Matthew’s direction, eager to make him bleed.

Since it was against the law for a teacher to hit back, all Matthew could do was put his hands up in self defense as they started kicking and punching him. Normally the beating would last for a few hours, depending on the size of the crowd that converged on him, but then he heard a voice shout “STOP!” The crowd momentarily stopped beating up Matthew and turned towards the voice. Their eyes widened as they saw the Duchess of Atherton, Amanda Weather ton, standing before them. They immediately bowed down in front of her, as was customary to do when in the presence of one of the Royal members of the family. “Y-your majesty, what can we do for you today?” one of the men asked. Amanda just smiled as she pointed to the Matthew. “He’s mine.” She simply replied as she forcefully grabbed Matthew by his shirt and dragged him from the crowd, who did not stop her since it was a crime to touch one of the members of the royal family unless they explicitly allow it. Matthew was frightened as he knew he was in a lot of trouble if a member of the Royal family wants to beat him up.

As soon as both were out of sight and in a dark alleyway, Amanda immediately pinned him to the wall, a large grin on her face, like the one the men sported as they beat him up. Matthew stared into her icy blue eyes, and noticed that her eyes did not have the same expression of bloodlust as the men did. His breathing quickened as he noticed the distance between them was decreasing. He turned his face from her, trying to avoid her gaze. He closed his eyes in anticipation for the worst and then he suddenly felt some moisture somewhere on one of his sensitive areas. As he opened his eyes slightly, he looked down to find Amanda biting the nape of his neck firmly, but not hard enough for it to hurt.

Matthew just stood frozen in place as Amanda continued biting and sucking his neck, at the spot where there was a scar that he got when he was slashed in the throat a few months ago. He would be lying if he said that didn't feel good, so he tried to close his eyes and enjoy the feeling on his neck. “God, if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up…” he thought to himself, feeling slightly guilty for harbouring such a thought.

After what felt like an eternity, the feeling on his neck disappeared, and as he opened his eyes again, she was gone. Matthew wondered if he just dreamed of the entire thing, until he put his hand up to his neck and felt some residual moisture on it, as well as some bumps resembling bite marks.

“Whoa…What was that about?” Matthew wondered to himself as he walked out of the alleyway and continued his journey home.

Chapter 3

As Matthew reached home, he immediately dropped his bags and stripped his clothes, intending to take a shower after a long day. As he stepped into the shower and started letting the warm water run down his hair and his body, he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in the alleyway. Was it really the Duchess of Atherton that did that to him? He couldn’t imagine a woman of her status associating herself with someone as shameful as a teacher. Besides, she was arranged to be married to another man who is 17 years her senior. His face flushed in embarrassment as he tried to shake off the memory of that incident.

After he was done his shower, he put on a fresh set of clothes as he settled down to watch TV and prepare the lesson plans for tomorrow. He flipped the TV to a news channel, which was replaying the news of the Duchess’ engagement to a Mr. Oka Matsumoto, a wealthy man from Hokkaido, Japan who is a descendant of an Emperor Mutsuhito, and was 17 years older than the Duchess herself. When a picture of the Duchess showed up on TV, he found himself distracted by her beauty. He found himself longing to run his fingers through her fiery red hair, and kiss her soft, pink lips. His face once again flushed in embarrassment as he tried to shake off the thought. “A Duchess can’t marry a commoner, much less a man as shameful as myself. How silly of me to be even thinking of her…” He mused to himself.

Elsewhere, in the Royal Palace, Amanda sat in her room replaying the incident in the alleyway in her mind. She knew that when she saw Matthew that day, walking down the street heading to school, she knew that she wanted a piece of the action. He was a teacher, after all, and teachers needed to be put in their place. When she saw Matthew getting beat up by the men in the street, she felt extremely selfish and wanted him all to herself, so she used her royal status to get what she wanted, and when they were in the alleyway, she was so looking forward to beating him up. But then, as she considered his frightened green eyes, she found that she couldn’t bring herself to do what the men did. However, she still wanted to leave her mark on him, as a way of showing that she did lay her hands on a teacher. She searched and searched with her eyes until they saw the scar on his neck. She smiled and started biting his neck, making sure that she was biting hard enough so that he knew she was there. However, she couldn’t stay for long, as there was a chance that they could be caught. So as soon as she knew he wasn’t looking, she left him in the alleyway, with a small bitemark to remember her by.

His face was still etched in her memory, every feature displayed as clear as day. She blushed deeply as she started to think about how handsome he is. Much more handsome than the older man that she was about to marry. However, she had to shake the thought off, as a Duchess cannot associate with commoners, especially one as shameful as that man.

So why was she still thinking of him?

Chapter 4

“Matthew…” Amanda moaned as he pinned her to his bed, her sound cut short by his lips crashing onto hers, taking her breath away as she placed her hands on his cheeks, holding his face in place as she tried to bring them closer, their naked bodies in contact with one another. As they broke apart and gasped for air, he looked down at the woman pinned beneath him, her eyes half-lidded with a drunken, lustful expression. “Matthew….” She whispered…

 Matthew awoke with a start, beads of sweat rolling down his face as he tried to calm himself after the dream he just had. He felt his face burning as he tried to shake off the thoughts of Amanda. He immediately went to the bathroom to wash his face. He considered the mirror to see if his face has cooled down, but the first part of his reflection that caught his eyes was a small bruise on his neck, right on top of his old scar, which immediately reminded him of the incident in the alleyway. He let out a sharp exhale as he looked down into the sink, averting his gaze from the mirror.

He wasn’t going to get any sleep if this keeps happening. He went back to his bed, reaching for his phone to check the time.

It was 2:30 in the morning.

Matthew found that he couldn’t sleep, even though his job starts at 8:40 in the morning, so he decided to use his time to finish his lesson plan for today’s class. Perhaps that will distract him from the dream he just had. However, he kind of wishes that the dream was a reality, even if he feels guilty afterwards for doing so.

Unbeknownst to him, Amanda had the same dream, causing her to wake up in cold sweat as well. She couldn’t bring herself to sleep after that dream either. She couldn’t stop replaying the dream in her mind, clearly visualizing his messy black hair and emerald green eyes, and his loving but sneaky smile that he had as he pinned her to the bed with his strong muscles and---.

She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the fantasy threatening to consume her mind. She went to the bathroom to wash her burning face, hoping that by doing so, she can calm herself a bit. She stared at her face in the mirror as she wondered how she ended up thinking of anyone in that way, much less a teacher.

She didn’t get much sleep that night.

Chapter 5

When Matthew arrived at school, the students immediately noticed that he looked different.

“Hey, what’s with the rag, freak?” one of the students quipped at him as he entered the classroom. Matthew couldn’t tell them that the scarf he was wearing was hiding a hickey, since no one would believe him, and on the off chance that they did, he would be in serious trouble. Besides, only people who wanted to commit social suicide would dare to associate themselves with a teacher. So, he simply said that he was cold and decided to wear it today.

“Yeah, whatever.” They replied sarcastically as they turned back to talk to their friends. Although Matthew had a neutral expression on his face, he was extremely frustrated on the inside. How this province even manages to function with brats like them is beyond his understanding. At this rate, the land of Atherton will be the laughing stock of not only the province of England, but the world. But because he had no rights to discipline the students, all he could do was sit back and watch as their education went down the drain.

The day went on as Matthew sat back and watched over the students as all they did was ignore their homework and notes placed in front of them and chatted over trivial gossip and latest conquests until the bell rang. This time, before Matthew left the classroom, he heard footsteps running towards the classroom. He assumed that one of his students forgot something in the classroom, so he decided to wait until they came for whatever they forgot before he locked the door and leaves.

He was astonished when the person who greeted him was not a student, but a woman. The same woman from before, the Duchess of Atherton, Amanda Weather ton. Normally, he would bow in her presence, but before he could even move, she started to move towards him, and before he realized it, she had him pinned to the floor, with her hands pinning his wrist above his head.

Matthew just started breathing rapidly in fright as she started removing his scarf, smiling as she saw her handiwork from the previous day. Since he was not allowed to do anything, he could only watch as she had her way with him. He braced himself for the worst when he suddenly felt a soft hand on his face. Amanda had placed her hand on his cheek, and when he opened his eyes, he found that the distance between their faces was shorter than before, with him staring once more inside her icy blue eyes. Then suddenly she closed the distance between their lips as Matthew’s eyes widened in shock. Here was the Duchess of Atherton, on the floor, kissing him like her life depended on it. But then he suddenly felt drowsy, but whether it was because he was running out of oxygen, or because he was intoxicated by her scent, he did not know, nor did he care. Matthew just closed his eyes and relaxed, hoping that the feeling of her soft lips against his will linger for a while.

After they completely depleted their oxygen supply, Amanda broke the kiss and started gasping for air. She looked down at him, with her half-lidded eyes and intoxicated smile, just as Matthew dreamt about the night before. Suddenly, Amanda started to speak as she lifted his hand and placed it over her bosom.

“Please…Matthew, I want you…to do this with me…” She whispered softly.

Chapter 6

Matthew’s eyes widened at her request. Was she propositioning him?! He briefly wondered if he was still in a dream, since there was no way that a woman of her status would ever come close to a person like him. Even though it was also against the law to talk back to any member of the Royal Family, he decided to risk it since as far as he can tell, she did not seem as malicious as the other members of the royal family. “W-why are you choosing me, of all people?” He asked her in a small voice. Once again, he closed his eyes preparing for the worst, but nothing came. In fact, when he opened his eyes again, he found that Amanda had disappeared again. He started to think that he was hallucinating due to the many stresses in his life. He put on his coat and was about to swing his bag over his shoulders when he noticed a piece of pink stationary sticking out of one of the pockets of the exterior. He was sure that it was not there before, so he decided to take it out and look at it.

On the stationary was an address, as well as a phone number, along with the message, “Call me soon, Matthew. XOXOXO”. This was not a dream. He quickly stuffed the note in his jacket pocket and rushed home, hoping that no one saw their little tryst in the classroom. Luckily, he did not encounter any people wanting to beat him up this time, so he was able to get home safely. Once he was home, he continued his routine of showering before settling down and making new lesson plans while watching TV. But this time, he was distracted by the note that Amanda had given him.

He started wondering if he should try and call her, and see what she says. But what if this was a trap? An excuse to kill him? This plot was common in the land of Atherton, and that was how he lost many of his friends. He wanted to hear her sweet voice for a bit, but was it worth risking death? On the other hand, if you do not do what the royal family asks you to do, you will be executed. After debating with himself, he decided that it would not hurt to call her. There is nothing wrong with a causal conversation. It’s not like he’s going to visit her and engage in a one-night stand.

Meanwhile, Amanda was waiting inside a small apartment at an obscure area of the province. It was nothing like her room back at the palace, but it was still decently clean and comfortable. She sat by the phone, waiting, and wondering if Matthew will call her or not. She did not force him to call her, but a part of her hoped that he will call her on his own free will. But then she realized that perhaps he thought it was a trap, and he had every right to think that, since trapping teachers and having them killed was a common practice in Atherton, which she knew some of her friends did. Their first and second encounters did not help to build a sense of trust between them.

‘I really didn’t think this through…” She groaned to herself. Suddenly, the phone started ringing. She eagerly picked up the phone and clicked the answer button.


“Hi. Is this Amanda?”

She smiled as she heard that familiar voice on the other end. “Matthew…”

“Yes, it’s me. You wanted me to call you. And there was no way I could refuse an order from you. So, is there anything you would like to talk about?”

“…Yes, Matthew. I want to see you.”

“Your parents will not allow it, and you should not associate yourself with me. You know that you cannot associate yourself with a commoner, especially one as shameful as me. Also, you are engaged to be married. If you are seen sneaking around with another man…!”

“Matthew, I am not asking you to meet me in my house. I am asking you to meet me at the place I told you. Please…? I just want to talk to you.”

Matthew just looked at the pink stationary again, mentally reading the address on the stationary. He knows that it was not the address of the royal palace. He does recognize it as an obscure part of Atherton.

“Okay. But only because I have to listen to you.”

“I know. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

And with that, Amanda hung up.

“Love you.” Matthew repeated the last two words that Amanda said to him before she hung up. Did he imagine that, or did she really say that? Matthew just looked at the calendar to see if he can make time to go visit her. He noticed that tomorrow was the weekend, so he can visit her then. In the meantime, he will try and finish his work so that he does not have to worry about it later. After he finished his chores for the day, he went to sleep, partially excited and partially scared. Just what did this woman want with him?

Chapter 7

The next day, Matthew got up, showered, and dressed up in his best clothing before he left to go visit Amanda. Of course, because he was very poor, his best clothing was no different than his casual clothing, except that his best clothing had no holes. As soon as he was ready, he went out of the house and started walking to the address he was told to go to. It took a while since he did not have a car, nor could he hail a taxi since taxi drivers have the right to refuse service to someone if they were a teacher. Since there was barely anybody on the streets during the weekend, he felt more safer walking on the streets. It took a few hours but eventually he reached the address. He looked up to see a 5-storey apartment building, which was decent looking, but pales in comparison to the large royal palace square in the middle of Atherton. He went inside and took the elevator to the top floor, and eventually reached a door with the room number that matches the number given to him. He knocked on the door, praying that it wasn’t a trap.

He heard the door click open and standing there at the door was Amanda. She had her long hair hanging from her face, with her icy blue eyes meeting his emerald green eyes. She invited him in and let him take a seat in the apartment. He sat down on one of the couches as Amanda went into the kitchen to get some snacks and drinks. After all, even though she is a Duchess in the eyes of the people, in here, she was just a commoner, and she knows how to treat her guests.

Throughout his time, Matthew stayed silent until Amanda came out with a plate of snacks and two glasses of wine. “You may speak, Matthew. In here, I am not a Duchess, but a common citizen.” Amanda gently said to him.

“Okay, so you wanted me to come here so we can talk. “Matthew replied. “Now that I am here, what would you like to talk about?”

Amanda just took a seat next to him and took a shaky breath as she started opening to him.

“Well to start off, I want you to know that I am sorry that I kept scaring you and trying to attack you. “

“Well, I am a teacher, so you don’t have to apologize for that. I don’t have rights, after all, remember?” Matthew replied, but he had difficulty hiding the resentment in his voice, even though he knew it wasn’t fair to blame Amanda for this, because it was her parents that set up the laws, and she does not have full power until she becomes Queen.

“…But I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to fit in with my family and this society. My father encouraged me to go out, find a teacher, and beat at least one of them up for exercise. But I couldn’t do it, because I realized that what they were doing to teachers was cruel and heartless, and after listening to you outside of the classroom, I know that it was the fault of the students, not the teachers. And parents are too blind to see it. “Amanda then turned her face to meet Matthew’s, her eyes pleading for forgiveness and craving his love. “How can such an innocent man like you ever deserve the hatred of the world?” She mused as she brought her hand up to his face, tracing it down to his neck.

“W-what are you doing?” Matthew squeaked nervously as her hands slid back up her face while she started leaning closer. “Has anyone told you how cute you are~?” She said in a different tone of voice. Suddenly, their faces were close, making Matthew uncomfortable. “W-wait, we can’t do this! I-if we get found out…! W-what--” But Amanda just put her fingers up to his lips as she leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, as if her life depended on kissing the man she loves.

 Whether it was because Matthew drank a little too much wine, or he became intoxicated with lust, he did not try to fight back this time. Instead, he leaned in to the kiss, putting more effort into it than the previous attempts, tangling his hands inside her long, red hair as she gripped his short, black hair as if she was hanging on for dear life. They were so desperate for one another that they could not hide the raw passion threatening to burst from their heart. However, Amanda broke apart their kiss, and said to him. “Let’s take it to someplace where no one can hear us~.” She stood up and led Matthew by the hand to her bedroom, which consisted of a bed, a mirror on the opposite end of the bed, and a window with sun shining through it. She sat on the bed and motioned for him to follow her. “C’mon, no one is going to hear us in here.” She grinned mischievously. Matthew just walked over to her and then proceeded to flip her on her back, pinning her wrists to the side as she once did to him.

“Now, where were we?”

Chapter 8

Amanda smirked as she stuck her tongue out at him. “I’ll show you, if you let me go, naughty boy~” She said in a sly voice. It aroused his curiosity, so he cautiously let her go, allowing her to sit up and start taking off his clothes. As his shirt came off, Amanda saw scars all over his wiry, yet muscular body, no doubt from the numerous encounters he had with the citizens of Atherton. She ran her hands over each of them, kissing, biting, and sucking firmly on each one she touched, causing Matthew to breathe shakily and his lower area to flare up. He tried to control himself but found his attempts to be futile as a moan escaped from his lips. When Amanda was done with each scar on his body, she stepped back to admire her handiwork before she started taking her clothes off right in front of Matthew. His mouth gaped open as he saw Amanda’s naked body for the first time. She had cream colored skin, supple breasts, and completely bare in her lower area. To him, she looked like a goddess. He prayed that if this was a dream, that he never wakes up from it.

She walked up to Matthew and grinned as she pulled down his pants, revealing his swollen erection which was practically leaking pre-ejaculate and begging for attention. “A-are you seriously going to do this?” Matthew asked in a shaky voice. “Well, I learned from the books that a woman does that for a man that she loves. This is my first time, so I am not good at this. But I am willing to try. “Then she opened her mouth and took his member inside, sliding up and down his length, causing him to moan louder. He looked down at her and saw her clearly focused on trying her best giving him pleasure with her mouth. The sensation felt wet, and warm, and he wanted more of it. He felt a spark swelling up from below his shaft, so he pulled Amanda’s hair to tell her that he was going to burst. In response, she slid her mouth all the way down the length of his shaft, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist to keep him in place as he unleashed a stream of thick, white fluid down her throat as he pushed down on her head instinctively.

When he was finished, she let go of her tight grip and released his member from her mouth with a slight pop, a messy string of drool connecting her tongue to the tip of the shaft. She looked at his member, which was still hard, but now it was also sticky and wet from the treatment she gave it with her mouth. “Well looks like you are ready for Round 2, buster.” She grinned as she looked up at Matthew while flicking the tip of his cock with her finger. “By the way, you taste pretty sweet. “She added with a wink. Something snapped inside of Matthew as she did that, because he growled as he flipped Amanda over onto her back and then crashed his lips onto hers, causing her to moan in response as they drained their oxygen supply. Eventually, they broke their kiss and gasped for air. Matthew looked below him and saw that Amanda’s face now bore a drunken expression, with her eyes half lidded and a smile that screamed intoxication. Her entire body was trembling as sweat glistened her skin. Everything about her body was begging for him to enter her, especially when she started to run her hands on his chest and arms, which was firm and muscular. He dreamt about this night, but to experience it was so much better than what he could have done in his dreams. However, he didn’t want to forcefully enter her without her consent, because it was against his moral code.

“Do you really want me to do this?” He asked her with a slight tremble in his voice.

“Please…do it…!” She trembled in excitement as she spread her legs, displaying her entrance for Matthew to see. He could see the glistening nectar drip out of her flower, and feeling curious and somewhat petty, he slid his one of his fingers into her entrance. He could feel it pulsing as he wiggled his finger around inside, causing Amanda to whimper and beg him to stop teasing her. “Not yet~. You need to be punished for teasing me back then. Did you forget about that?” He replied as he slid another finger into her hole, stretching it further and leaving Amanda in tears. “I’m sorry!! Please, I want you in me NOW!! “She screamed, practically begging him to fuck her. Satisfied, Matthew plunged his member into her wet entrance, causing Amanda to scream profanities mixed with praise as she felt her hole stretching and burning far greater than when he used his fingers. Her hands gripped the bedsheets tightly for support. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asked her, worried that he entered her too roughly. She nodded and replied “Yes, keep going…please. I’m fine.” She smiled as she put a hand on his face, which was soft and warm. Although his memory of sexual education from middle school was a little fuzzy, he still remembered the basic movements for sex. He slid his member in and out of her in an alternating pattern while planting kisses and bite marks on face, neck, and breasts, tickling her with his messy black hair as he is doing so, causing her to moan louder and louder, begging him to go harder and faster as she got more explicit with her profanities. She wrapped her legs around him, while she dug her nails into his back, clinging to him as if she was afraid that he will leave.

“Ma—Matthew~~” She moaned. “I’m c-close~!”

“M-me too... “he grunted. “Let’s do it together.”

Amanda took one of her hands and entwined it with Matthews’, squeezing each others’ hand and as they both reached their climax together, with his hot, sticky fluid shooting straight into her womb, flooding the area with a warm, explosive sensation that triggered her flower to clamp down on his shaft, milking it for every drop of cum that was available.

As they came down from their high, Matthew slid his member out and rolled himself off her. His entire body felt sticky, wet, and tired, as well as Amanda’s. She could feel his sticky fluid leaking out of her entrance. She sighed in satisfaction as she rolled to her left to meet Matthew’s face.

“Are you okay?” He asked her, hoping that he did not hurt her during the act.

“I’m okay, sweetheart. I’m just a little full right now” She said with a big grin as she placed her hand on her womb. Matthew couldn’t help but let out a short laugh at her sense of humor. For a Duchess, she had an incredibly dirty mind.

” I love you, Matthew”, she whispered softly as she drifted off to sleep with a smile. Before she fell into a slumber, she heard him say “I love you too, Princess.”



About me

My name is Anna, and I love to write, ever since I was a kid. As I grew up, I also learned to express my stories as comics, but soon that became boring, and I went back to writing to express myself. I tend to draw inspiration from everything I see, whether it is some TV show, or even a simple picture, sometimes ideas start to form. But sometimes it is bothersome.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
Some Vietnamese drama that my mom showed me. I don't remember the title but I do remember that it ended very sadly and tragically.
Q. What books have influenced your life the most?
Honestly, I read a lot of Stephen King and Agatha Christie novels, but I mainly draw inspiration from Stephen King.
Q. What books are you reading now?
1984 by George Orwell. A friend lent it to me, but I still need to get around to reading it. I hate my busy schedule sometimes.

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