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First pages

Chapter One

Cool, brisk and chilled to the core; the area surrounding held the distinct feel of autumn. Hues of red, brown and gold clung tight upon the branches fighting the oncoming winds of change. In the distance, the sun sank with a solemn slowness beyond the horizon and soon out of view. It beckoned the night while at the same time it embraced the area before blanketing all in the cover of darkness.

The streets, which before bustled and overflowed with excitement died down. Which left the area to feel rather abandoned. Despite the true lack of any real presence that was far from the case.

Near the side and down the road a ways sat a mid-sized silver vehicle. It's headlights turned off, it deterred those passing by. Despite this seeming lack of presence the driver was very much inside. Deep in thought dark chocolate brown eyes gazed forward in an act of pure concentration. The driver's hand tapped lightly against the familiar surface of the cracked and sun aged steering wheel and in his lap sat his cell phone.

The wait was a long one though the drive there had been even longer. A three hour ride to the city which was soon to be followed up with a three hour ride home.

The meeting place, which was a good two blocks away from the driver's appointed spot seemed promising enough. As it would turn out, the place he had settled nearby had been the local hospital, which still cast that veil of mystery to the man.

Mikata Chuya was a rather easy going fellow, though he had no real intent to be taken advantage of. He was by no means an elder man though at 34 years of age he knew he deserved some sort of recognition or in the very least the respect to know of the things he had become involved in.

Upon his form, for such the heist he wore blue jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt. The pants were just comfortable enough and the hooded shirt had been of his very favorite variety a pullover with a pouch like pocket which lie just below his belly. He preferred that for storing his phone or at times like this warming his hands.

Idly Mikata fidgeted with his phone once again. The call he had received a week prior was rather brief and in the end left much which still needed to be explained. While this might have been a large red flag at any other time he couldn't help, but feel as though there had to of been good reason for this. And so he kept those questions to himself.

Long ebony hair, snaked and trailed down his back and over his shoulder in a loose ponytail. His eyes, while brown, accented his pale mint green skin. His body, underneath it all had been rather lithe and the slender, pointed ears of his only mildly gave him all the more an elvish charm.

Broad shoulders momentarily rest back against a worn and patchy black leather seat. What had really brought Mikata to this place in ways had been nothing more than a fragile bond between two former roommates which for one reason or another had so recently been resurrected.

At present Mikata lived alone in a modest studio apartment; it wasn't much but it was a place to call home. Mikata wasn't rich nor was he truly frugal yet he still managed to get by with what he needed or even at times desired.

Mikata pulled up an image of the man he had once knew. Mihari was a solemn and quiet man who mainly kept to himself even back in their college days. The image Mikata captured seemed to highlight him very well. He had piercing violet eyes and hair so blond it practically blended in with his pale tone skin. He was a smoker then and Mikata wouldn't have been surprised if the man still clung onto that habit after these years. He was obsessive but downright secretive and yet despite this he still managed to bring up something of interest every now and again.

There were to be some changes coming up around the bend for Mikata and in ways he was ready to embrace them. As far as this green man was concerned there was no debt that wasn't worth paying back and charitable or no Mihari would owe him.

Truth be told Mikata secretly yearned for a change of pace. He wanted to know what this was about. The pursuit of something new might give him ideas for his writing and nothing was more important to him than keeping his own writing fresh.

His patience over the drawn-out hours was beginning to wear thin. The late hours this had him out at was sure to wreak havoc on his system, if not now than soon. It wouldn't do well for Mikata's health yet he knew at the same time it wouldn't kill him.

Mikata was a Mynth, a being of the sun and while this romp into the unknown had been intriguing to say the least he couldn't help but wonder what had been taking so long. It was only then that his phone began to shake within his grip and upon the screen sat the face of the very man he had been waiting to hear from.

“Hello Mihari,” Mikata answered with a confident tone as a look of exuberance overtook his features. “I take it that you're ready for me now?” The Mynth asked with a fresh second wind. He found this all to be so exciting working in the dead of night with nothing but the shadows of darkness to keep him under cover.

“No, no,” Mikata began once again as his eyes swept the current area, “finding this place was a breeze. GPS is a wonderful thing after all. I do have some input though. This would have been so much more pleasant if we could have made this during the day. That's so much better of a time for me, not to mention I would have loved to see at least some of the sights.” Mikata's features took on a small bit of sadness which he brushed off as playful prodding; if only the other had been there to see him.

“Where are you calling from by the way?” Mikata inquired as in the very least he wasn't seeing anyone nearby. It was then that he recalled the secrecy of Mihari and he let out a laugh, “Yeah, yeah...I know, it's all 'top secret' and all that...” he said though he promptly fell silent as not only over the phone but in the distance he could hear what he could have sworn was ambulance sirens. “Is that an ambulance I hear?” Mikata asked mostly out of confusion.

“I'll have to talk with you later, these sirens are too loud,” Mihari said with a sharpness to his tone as his vision settled on the ambulance's front dash. He knew very well that the noise was not a problem though any excuse he could take advantage of was worth tossing out a small lie for.

Mihari cast his attention toward the driver who really had been doing nothing more than waiting at this point. He gave the other man a stern nod and soon they sped toward the parking lot's exit. The platinum blond man, whom still held his phone to his ear grimaced as what was likely to be more questions poured over the line.

“Stay right where you are!” Mihari demanded with nothing less than a light growl to his tone. “It will make it easier for us to find you,” he reiterated following up with a prompt tapping of the end call button. Mihari slid the small device into his front pocket.

Again Mihari cast his stern gaze toward the driver. He was around a year or two Mikata's senior and in many ways knew that the two of them had lived very different paths after they parted ways. He had no intentions of really learning what the other had been up to all of this time nor did this knowledge hold his interest long enough to care.

He felt his phone within his shirt vibrate but with a swift pass he silenced the call and sent it to voice mail. He really had no time for random calls just yet, especially if it had been who he thought it was.

“I'll request that you drive around a few different blocks,” Mihari began to explain as he reached into the back and produced an EMT coat which he promptly slid onto his form and zipped. “It will be all the better for the plan,” he stated rather vaguely though spoke more in the way that he didn't want to leave too much room for silence.

Mihari drew up his composure and managed to make his expression unreadable as he cast his vision toward the back of the emergency vehicle to what lie within. The idea for this choice of transport had been his and his alone and yet even he found this plan uncharacteristic. Almost irrational in ways. His only hope now is that all his planning would pay was a

“That son-of-a...” Mikata mouthed to himself in awe as he watched the ambulance tear by down the strip. With lights flashing and sirens blaring even he might have thought there was an emergency had he not have known better.

Truth be told it had been quite a time since Mikata had seen the other man though even now this felt sort of out of the ordinary. “I didn't know he had it in him to go through with something like this...”

It was a wonder still whether Mikata had been seen, especially with the sheer speed the truck passed by with. The Mynth was given instructions and they were simple enough; far be it from him to stir up trouble, not until later anyway.

The minutes pressed on since he had seen this display and as amusing as it was his more patient side was beginning to be tested, “Best not to keep me waiting too long Mihari...,” Mikata said to himself as in turn he exited the vehicle, “That lunch you definitely owe me is going up in price if you do...”

No sooner did those thoughts reach Mikata's lips that he had seen it from where he stood. Creeping slowly and now basking in the silence the ambulance turned from around a side street exactly one block from where the silver vehicle sat in waiting.

Steadily it crept it's way down the road until it had come to a resting spot a good several feet in front of Mikata's car, though in the middle of the street much the same.

Thought provoking was the scene and suffice it to say Mikata's interest had been piqued. He had been granted at least the knowledge that he would be transporting two people, though just what sort of condition he would find them in had been left to his imagination. And in light of this recent revelation Mikata wondered now what to expect.

The back doors of the ambulance flung open wide and Mihari as well as the driver went to work with getting the first of the two ready to go. Mihari hopped down to the road below. Before grasping the boy to set him to the ground he tugged a coat tightly about his form.

It was a younger kid, possibly 11-12 years of age and stood around 4'11” which almost made it painful for the Mynth to really try and wrap his mind around. The young stood though so shaky were his legs and so sickly the expression on his features Mikata found it difficult to determine if he was just extremely exhausted due to possibly being awoken from his sleep or worse. His light brown hair sat atop his hair mussy and disheveled likely from his pillow and his attire resembled that of pajamas. He had gunmetal grey eyes which almost shone in the dim street lamp lit night though that was when they were visible.

He had been partially escorted and partially allowed to walk on his own though from the unstable steps he took Mikata almost wondered why. The how's and why's streamed through the Mynth's mind though with a swift clearing of Mihari's throat he caught his cue and opened the back door for the young boy. After he had been secured Mikata closed the door with caution, 'Just what is it they are doing here?' the exhausted writer wondered, though only briefly as the second was about to make their appearance.

In preparation for the arrival of the other Mikata sauntered to the other side, his eyes trained upon the emergency vehicle as he had. Mihari this time had a little more assistance from the driver. This too had been a young man though he appeared to be somewhere ranging between 21-23 years of age. As his feet hit the ground his height could be better guessed at perhaps 5'7” give or take. His demeanor was calm and devoid of emotion as his vision cast forward unblinking. His hair was a deep shade of black and while medium in length it framed his face and accented his features. His eyes were either a dark shade of brown or black, though with poor lighting it was difficult to truly ascertain as for all he could tell there could have been something more. From the looks of it this young man appeared to be far away and lost in thought.

A few more seconds of preparation and Mihari and the driver began stepping forward with the young man. In that very moment many of Mikata's questions were possibly answered as the boy had come into the light; he was a Mynth. This one might very well be affected even more so by the lack of sun than the small boy.

So out of it was the young boy however that any illusions of him being “awake” or “alert” had been shattered in that instant. The young Mynth's feet offered no support which gave way to quite the spectacle as he had been guided with great care to the side of the vehicle. After what felt like an ordeal they were finally able to safely get the dead weight of the boy off of the curb and into the rear driver side seat of the vehicle.

Mihari managed to get the seat-belt around the Mynth's form, one hand holding the stranger upright, the other pulling the straps.

Mikata observed as the boy's head lulled to the side, his hair disheveled fell upon closed eyes and soon he was deeply asleep.

Mihari backed away from the car for a moment to observe the two boys. An expression akin to doubt passed over his features and something about this told Mikata there was still one more thing to be done.

The doctor waved over to the ambulance driver and moments later a navy blue duffel-bag had been placed by his side where Mihari began rummaging within it's depths. From within he pulled a stethoscope, a pair of medical gloves and a small pen light. By all means he had been acting as one whom had been called to the scene of an accident as he performed the usual tasks of checking their heart rate, breathing, pupils, blood pressure; the works.

Mihari let out a sigh which seemed to be his only response. It was either the conditions he was working in or the condition of his patients though either way Mikata could tell it likely wasn't good. With care Mihari closed the car door behind himself, casting the two into darkness. A look of quiet dignity crossed his features as he now turned his attention toward Mikata.

“Before I go I have a few things to say,” Mihari began to say though emphasized the meaning as he cast his gaze over his wire frames. His eyes narrowed and his pause lingered. “I will have to stay back here at the hospital to finish off the rest of my shift. This is of course to keep from raising suspicions. Unfortunately that leaves the task of transporting the two of them up to you,” Mihari words gave way to pause as he let that one sink in. Momentarily he cast his gaze down toward a silver wristwatch. “My shift ends in...exactly one hour and fourty-five minutes. I will be leaving for your place after that. Understand?”

From his pocket Mihari pulled free a sealed envelope. “Take this, it is important. Wait until you have driven at least to the edge of the city before you take a look at it,” Mihari ordered.

A pale green hand graciously accepted the envelope. It was quite the resolve he had to put in place not to tear it open in that instant, and for that matter to keep his mouth from asking where Mihari lost his mind.

“I would hope these things would go without saying but I will say them to be sure there are no misunderstandings,” Mikata raised a single index finger to point to the other for emphasis. “First. Absolutely no speeding. No passing of stop signs, no running of red lights and remember to always use your turning signal. If you must stop somewhere make it quick work. Steer clear of “no parking zones” or designated handicapped spots, I don't want the police involved and some people can get very trigger happy with their reports.” Mihari paused. “Second. Remember you are transporting “precious cargo”, absolutely no off-roading and please watch out for pot-holes. Those boys are highly unstable and there are no guarantees of what will happen. In other words, don't drive like a maniac. Take your time. I want them to get to a safe place in one piece, so in a word I don't care if it takes you five hours instead of three, got it?” The doctor's tone was rather stern in this.

“You make it sound as though I'm completely incompetent...” Mikata began to say, his voice defensive. After some mild consideration Mikata opted to let much else slide for the time as Mihari did seem stressed enough as it was. So in mild defeat he reflected on the recent information, “All right...I catch your drift. Is there anything else that I should know about?”

“One last thing,” Mihari said as he pressed his glasses upward. “I know this may be difficult, but do your best to get them inside. I am fairly certain you will be arriving much sooner than I will and I can't have them sitting in the car waiting for me.”

The realization suddenly dawned on Mikata and he swiveled upon a heel to get a look into the back windows. “Question. Seeing as I am to be transporting them, could you at least tell me their names?” Truthfully he had been curious to ask since the beginning, though only now seemed to be the right timing.

“Right. The brown haired boy; the one in the driver side rear is named “Nicholas”. The boy with the black hair is “Shinji”,” Mihari stated plainly. “You may attempt to talk to them though it's a safe bet they won't be hearing or responding to you anytime soon,” Mihari drew in a deep breath, perhaps to calm himself, and so he continued. “If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Just keep in mind I more than likely won't get through to you until after my shift is over.”

“All right. I'll keep that in mind then,” Mikata stated clearly for the other to hear, though turning towards his car he muttered under his breath. The complaints had not gone unheard, though rather ignored.


“See that you do...” Mihari responded as he too made his retreat.

Chapter Two

The drive home had been an arduous task to endure, far more so than Mikata had anticipated. He spoke to himself throughout the night, he listened to music, he downed as much caffeine as he could get his hands on, he opened the windows and at intervals he would pull to the side of the road to take to pacing about the vehicle. Not only for the act of bringing him motion but for the fresh air as well.

No matter what Mikata did it seemed his own physiology was out to get him as training his attention on anything for too long seemed far too much of a chore. Mynth as a whole were very useless outside of the suns rays which was a deadly weakness to be sure.

“Mihari knew about that from the start but asked me anyway,” Mikata grumbled, though much like his focus his words dissipated into the ether. “No, scratch that. Knowing him this probably fits perfectly into what ever scheme he's concocted...” he mimicked kicking the tire though his foot swiped just short as his intent faded. “Would it have killed him to put us up for the night in a hotel? Let the driving be for the day,” Mikata's logic was sound, or so he had still hoped given the fog that settled into his mind.


Very soon peaceful night gave way to morning and a brand new day. The drive to Mikata's home, or rather his new home, went as well as could be expected. Mikata had learned rather quickly from the contents of his envelope that he would be heading in an entirely different direction. Along with this agreement had come a new place as well as a new life apparently.

Within the envelope had been detailed directions from point a to point b and a key that Mikata could only presume to be the key to a front door. Along with this he had been given the compromise that he could either send for his things or have new ones procured along the way. He had opted for the former and after a few calls he set up the deliveries to be made as soon as possible.

This place was located far off of the beaten path in a small town where trees and wildlife did much abound. The inhabitants knew one another and nothing could get by without anyone else really hearing about it. All the better to stay out of sight or so Mikata surmised.

Mikata's as well as his guests' new home was far more roomy than it at first appeared. It was a two story home with three bedrooms, which for the time had nothing but beds within. One and a half bath, a sizable living room with scarcely a lick of furniture, a kitchen he would have to furnish as well as stock. Though truth be told it did have a spacious backyard, now if only he could have a dog.

With an entrance-way that rivaled the size of Mikata's entire apartment, or in the least likely would have made up a half or so, he felt he had little room to complain.

Upon further inspection of the upstairs hall one room stood out in particular. It's door stood by tightly locked and hanging on it's smooth, wooden surface was a single sign which strongly indicated no entrance. This gave the Mynth the strong inclination that this was their most gracious host's abode so for now he would follow as instructed. Eventually however he did plan to pry.

With time the home would be under Mikata's name or so the paperwork which lie strewn across a single table that stood in the middle of the kitchen foretold. He had seen something along the lines of the name Shotai among them so he could really only presume that Mihari is, or was it's previous owner.

The stack was so haphazardly placed there in such the messy style that there really was no way Mikata could have overlooked them. It was outside of the doctor's character to leave anything out so carelessly though that might have been for Mikata's benefit. After gathering them together to make room for himself he placed them together in a pile on the counter.

Dust and cobwebs hung in the corners and danced in what little sunlight had come within. The floors could have used a good sweeping and the walls a wipe down. To Mikata's eye it seemed like it had been empty for quite sometime.

Mikata hunted through the cupboards and the fridge to find them all to be as he expected; empty. As empty as even his stomach felt in the least and as if on cue his stomach let out a very disturbingly and extended growl.

He would have loved to have something warm to eat, perhaps some tea with a lemon wedge on the side. He would have enjoyed being able to sit back with the morning newspaper which he had the distinct feeling was not going to be delivered. Mikata longed for a nice hot shower. If only ones thoughts could become reality.

In light of it all Mikata opted to get some rest on the single couch which stood near the far wall in the living room. The room itself had hard wood floors and from there one could access the stairs to the bedrooms so at least if one of the boy's got up he wouldn't miss it. The room he had been in left much to be desired and with it sharing the same need for a good cleaning it also took it to the next level with housing a very old fireplace which had definitely seen years without use.

Around him the walls chipped slowly and below him floorboards creaked and squeaked with each step. It was a nice home that was for certain but it was also one that could use much “tender loving care”. It had been abandoned that much was unmistakable, though for what purpose Mikata wasn't sure he would ever really know.

The couch was in an awkward position. It was close enough to the window that it would catch some light, yet far enough that the rays couldn't reach him to their fullest. After some struggle Mikata had managed to pry one of the windows open and for now he would just let some fresh air in.

He might have opted to move the couch closer though so tired from the night's events Mikata had collapsed onto its surface, ignoring as dust rose from its depths. The ordeal of dragging one semi-conscious little boy and an altogether unconscious, full grown adult male up a flight of stairs and to their respective beds had been enough for him to wish for at least one quiet day.

Mikata had held his own during it all despite the very fact that throughout it all the young boy whined, tossed up what little stomach contents he had all before slipping peacefully back into his slumbering state. The man's stomach almost turned as he was forced to clean it up with little more than a metal bucket, which he filled with the hottest water he could get and a hand drying towel which he would promptly throw out as soon as he was able to locate the proper receptacle.

These certainly were not the days he had been picturing since he last had gotten news that his life would be changing. The here nor there of the idea that he had an all new set of shops to peruse both exited and annoyed him.

Meandering from the couch to the kitchen table Mikata's vision had taken in the sites just outside of the window. In the very least the town seemed picturesque and for the most part quiet. The sky split in two as from the front it was all sunshine while in the back held clouds which threatened to open up and spill rain at any time. This dark foreboding weather did not set well but that was the season.

Mikata kept his sharp and pointed ears at attention. His hearing was a keen sense of his though irritation would strike with each passing car door which lead to just another neighbor either coming or going. Never before did Mikata consider that the world could be simultaneously quiet and busy.

The Mynth slid free his phone from within his sweatshirt pocket. He toyed with the idea of either texting Mihari or giving his phone a ring to see if he was in the very least on his way. He knew he had no room to really complain however as unfortunately no times were truly set.

The itch to step outside was in fact a very strong drive which nagged keenly at the back of his mind. Should he have stepped out to fetch a newspaper he might have had it in mind to keep it brief but with such little knowledge of his surroundings he figured it should wait. Deep in thought once again Mikata rest his arms against the table and nestled his head within. Not much longer after he began to doze he had been awoken by a loud, resounding thud and a shriek of pure terror before again all fell into silence.

“We are the only ones here right...?” Mikata questioned to no one in particular. The two guests rest in beds or so he figured and with a small jump to his step Mikata dashed to the stairs where he would investigate their room. Before he had the chance to ponder anything any longer he heard another crash within. With that the Mynth tossed any safety concerns for his own welfare out the window as without hesitation he swung the boy's door open wide.

Mikata's hopes of being able to speak with the other Mynth were dashed in that instant as he took in the sights within the room. The younger folk were not the type he considered speaking with, though with no other choice he would make his attempts.

Upon opening the door Mikata cast his vision within as deep chocolate eyes traced the interior. Books and papers lie strewn across a scratched and faded wooden floor while a pillow lie mere inches from the door frame. None of this managed to distract Mikata long enough for him to miss the spectacle which had been the young boy who in those very moments sat huddled in the corner. His body trembled from either the cold or an immense fear. Mikata opted for the latter explanation.

The kid's body seemed far too small from what he had really been expecting. In Mikata's sleep deprived state he hadn't really taken notice, but the boy was rather pale.

This had Mikata's attention piqued and with it he had to break the silence.

“Good morning, I trust you slept well,” Mikata began with as cheerful of a tone as he could muster. “What's wrong? Does something have you scared?” The elder Mynth just about tilted his head for pure emphasis.

The boy did not speak right away though when he had there was much effort. “ th-that?!” Nicholas inquired as tears streamed down his now exposed, reddened and tear soaked face. Whatever it had been seemed to have had the boy rattled to his very core. He wiped a sleeved arm across his face and Mikata waited for him to continue. “Where am I?” He had gone on to question. All well and calm until his gunmetal gaze graced the one in which he spoke with just before they shot to the size of saucers.

“Who the hell are you people?! And why are you green?” He questioned with a large amount of enthusiasm.

Had this of been anyone else though Mikata for a moment let that slide.

Nicholas had other plans in mind however and in gripping a nearby book he held it tightly within his small grasp just before he flung it toward the green man before himself.

Mikata wasn't concerned by this action and as predicted the book veered off to the side where it smacked mildly against the door frame and fell to the floor with a thud. The Mynth simply continued to stand and observe in the doorway as he folded his arms loosely across his mid-section. His tone had been a tad lighter than his usual vibrant shade of green though nothing unusual. Mikata supposed that the kid had the right to be scared. After all Mikata was a stranger and he was quite a bit taller than the boy. What confused him though was this didn't seem to be the case. Surely a child of Nicholas' age had to of met a Mynth or two in his lifetime by now. Mikata motioned to step up to the kid and that was when once again he flinched.

“Now now...I'm not going to hurt you,” Mikata said to the young Human who by all means acted as if he had seen a ghost. “My name is Mikata and what would your name be?” Mikata had known the boy's name though thought he really should introduce himself.

The boy licked his lips as though he were carefully collecting his thoughts. The question was a simple one yet he stared much like a deer in headlights. Maybe if he didn't move the other would give up and leave seemed to be the logic.

Growing impatient with this little game Mikata reworded his question, “You do know your name, right?”

This seemed to have made an impact. “O-of course I know my own name!” The young boy began with a slight stutter. “My name's Nick!” He had gone on to shout defensively. “Why even ask such a stupid question like that?” Nick's words were harsh and followed up by a clear stamping of his foot against the floor.

“Hey now, hitting and throwing things aren't going to get your questions answered any more quickly. You get more flies with honey,” Mikata said in his own attempts to reprimand the young boy. “Besides, what did those books ever do to you?”

Nick's jaw had gone lax as he listened to the man speak. “What's honey got to do with this?! And why would I want flies, I asked some questions and all I want are answers!” Nick almost seemed to be on the verge of a mild meltdown though he continued to speak with a higher volume than need be and with a tone as harsh as his small frame would allow. “Tell me right now, where am I? I don't know you...and you aren't helping...why am I here? And why are you and the other guy green? Are you some sort of aliens? Monsters maybe?” His questions were far too rapid fire to really get it all in one go, though once out of his system the boy did fall silent.

Mikata felt himself dumbfounded by the sheer fact that the boy was so confused about something like green skin.

“No. I'm not a monster and I'm definitely not an alien. Though that explanation would be so much more fun,” the Mynth punctuated his statement with a small chuckle. It was with knowing that he was the only one who understood the joke that he continued. “I'm a Mynth or that's what the Human's refer to those of us with pale green skin and pointed ears,” he said this as he turned his head to the side for emphasis. “We really aren't that different than you Humans. I think if I remember right the name came from a combination of the words Myth and Mint. We're similar to Humans just not the same. There's really no need to fear someone just because they're different.” He wondered if his explanation would hold up, “But with your reaction I wonder how well you are around people in general,” he tossed in his thoughts with a light shrug wondering if Nick was still even listening by this point.

“ you're sort of like me but sort of not...that still doesn't answer why I'm here. Are you some sort of kidnapper? I don't remember much before getting here,” Nick's words spilled forth, drenched in pain and even a small amount of sadness. Nick's gunmetal gaze meandered to the other man on the bed and with it his expression grew grim. “Tell me...why is he sleeping? He is sleeping right? Why else would he be in the bed?” The young boy paused in his thoughts as he again turned his attention toward the taller man. “Wait! Why should I listen to you? You just might want to trick me!”



About me

To start I have been writing for quite a while now though not on the professional level. In order to try and grow and flourish, and hopefully share some entertainment with the world there is the hope that my stories can be as interesting to someone else as it was for me me to write. There's really only so many ways to find out, right?

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
I've been into this idea for a long time now, though if I had to say it would be Dracula, Coppelius, Frankenstein and various other stories along those lines. The mad scientist or just the idea of madness to a certain degree became somewhat of a curiosity to me. Creations and what we do with them.
Q. What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Expressing myself through words. I'm actually a rather quiet and reserved person and even if this is just a silent voice it still means a lot to me.
Q. Why do you write?
To remind myself that there's more to this world than what we can readily see. As my own form of escape, but most of all because I enjoy it and I hope to one day get good enough.

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