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Chapter 1

It is party time we are celebrating my father Samuel’s birthday and my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary in the most awesome event hall. Yes, it is the famous Mazatlan International Center in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Today is December 30, 2017. I am proud of my father for all of the things that he has done with little education. It is sad to say but he is an elementary school drop out. He only managed to finish the fifth grade. I suspect that he might be illiterate hearing my mother reading the newspaper to him now. For some odd reason they don’t know how to work the internet. I am not surprised since computers are complicated for those that did not have the luxury of growing up with them like my siblings and I. I hear her continue to read the newspaper as I am surfing the internet on my laptop. Newspapers are the ancient way to find news. I do not pay attention to my mother Ginebra who continues to read to my father. I surf the internet looking for funny videos on YouTube.

My father Samuel screams for all of us to get ready since we have to travel to the church for the 20th wedding anniversary mass then to the event hall.

I read the headlines of the newspaper one of them catches my eye it says, United States President Dick Kush Promises Victory with Revolution of Venustiano Carranza. The idea sounds kind of half-baked and stupid. There is no way that anyone can really eliminate the drug trade in Mexico without first dealing with the demand side in the United States. If they extradite the leaders, new ones will show up since the drug trade brings in lots of money. No one can find a decent job here in Mexico that pays as well as the drug trade. More dumb excuses to waste money on sketchy wars by the United States.

I guess that since they left the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations they need a war to entertain themselves. Now they are sending a bunch of our own men to do the dirty work since they cannot invade us like in 1848 without us getting mad at them again. Send Mexicans to kill other Mexicans. I put down the newspaper as it angers me that this is going on.

Samuel yells for us to leave. I get all of my things walking out of the door. My mother is still inside as she finally does manage to get out of the door. My older brother Cirilo is there inside of the car as is my little brother Paz who sits next to me. My mother manages to climb inside of the limousine as the limo driver drives away.

No, we do not normally ride around town in a limousine. This is a special occasion. My father tells us that we should not get too comfortable when my brother Paz mentions that he loves the limousine and wants one for his next birthday. My older brother begins to raid the cooler inside of the limousine as he takes drinks from it.

My father always the cheapskate yells at him not to open them all up, unless he is going to drink them all. Yes, he does not want to waste any money and obviously, they are charging us like $10 dollars for each of the water bottles. My father is one of the biggest cheapskates that I know.

I guess that it’s because he lived a very humble or poor life when growing up. There were twenty children in his home. Yes twenty children in his home! That is rather ridiculous when you think about it. My grandmother spent most of her life pregnant or breastfeeding someone. That is kind of gross and sad. Her only function in life was housework. My grandmother’s life was to give birth to my grandfather’s huge family.

Well at least they always had enough people in their home to form their own soccer team with enough people for a bench too when they got tired of running around. My mother keeps on asking my father if she looks good as he continues to reassure her once again.

Then she screams to ask me too. I tell her that she looks good too. We play with the empty water bottles as we toss them around the limousine. Then she takes out a comb as she starts to comb my little brother’s hair. He tries to get away. Ginebra grabs him in a headlock once again so that Paz cannot get away as she combs his hair.

This is rather odd I notice that some cars are following us. I normally do not notice any cars that follow us around. I tell my dad who looks behind him as he dismisses my paranoia.

The limousine makes it to the church as we get off. Most of my family is there as I see all nineteen of my aunts or uncles with their partners in life. I guess that my grandfather must have had a lot of land to grow his corn crops on. My grandfather divided his lands into twenty equal pieces and gave each of his sons their share as they grew crops on their lands to feed their families. After the North American Free Trade Agreement ruined the lives of corn farmers in Mexico, all of my father’s siblings decided to sell their shares and move to the city to look for jobs. The countryside did not provide them with enough money to feed their families. Samuel was always the most ingenious my mother boast.

He managed to use modern techniques on his plot long before anyone else used them. Samuel made a large profit on his plot of land as he bought two more plots on the mountainside to grow more crops. My father ended up buying all of the family’s shares taking out a loan to use modern machinery to grow corn on the lands. His lands around the mountains continue to grow as he plants more crops on the sides of the mountains. That is the only reason that he can afford all of this for us. He traded in his mule and hoe during planting season for modern tractors and fertilizer. He has a nice irrigation system and sprays chemicals to prevent the plagues from eating his crops.

The rest of his family found jobs in the city but now I can sense that they are a little bit jealous of his success. My father has been able to amass quite a fortune from his lands. Anyone with the level of success that my father has amassed is going to make others jealous. Obviously not everyone is as smart as Samuel is thanks to his harvesting techniques in the mountain zone where little grows and crops go to die.

I almost fall asleep during the mass managing to stay awake during the priest’s long sermon about how great it is to be poor. Seriously being poor sucks father! I can tell you that poor people do not have as much fun as you do. I just roll my eyes as he mentions something about rich people not being able to go to heaven unless they give away all of their wealth through charity to the poor. The mass goes on as my parents Samuel and Ginebra walk out of church. Everyone congratulates them outside as they hug and take pictures with them.

The children gather around as Samuel tosses a few coins their way as everyone scrambles to pick them up. I of course watch on since I don’t want to get dirty. My little brother fights off some children for the coins on the floor. There are a hundred children all around and those are just my cousins. We get in the limousine as my father invites some of our relatives inside who arrived by taxi.

The limousine takes off as we make it to the dance hall. I get off seeing all of my family there. My cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends are there at the event hall. I look back noticing a bunch of people with guns on their belts.

I whisper to my best friend Sally, “That seems kind of strange it looks like there is a lot of security at the party.”

Sally adjust her dress, “I agree with you Demetria but it looks like it is part of the security for this place. Look they are all wearing matching outfits.”

I do not think much of it. We walk inside of the dance hall to sit in our table. We find a nice table to sit all alone gossiping about anything and everyone that we can think about now. I know that gossiping is wrong but it is so fun.

Sally begins, “Have you heard the news Demetria?”

I shrug my shoulders, “About what?”

Sally touches her glass, “You know the Revolution of Venustiano Carranza? They are sending threats to everyone who is involved in the drug business. I just want to know if you are scared.”

I shake my head, “Of course not Sally. I am not scared of them. They are stupid and they will not mess with us. They are only going after the drug dealers and people who work for the drug cartel. I do not care about them at all. My father Samuel is a legitimate businessperson who would never involve himself in anything illegal. He will not even dare participate in money laundering for them just out of fear for the authorities. My father has refused anyone’s ideas about growing illegal crops in the plots of land that he owns in the mountains. Samuel says that drugs are bad and that we should not use them. We are already drug free in our household. I do not see the need of the Revolution of Venustiano Carranza coming to our house to bother us. I do not trust any foreign-trained group. What if they start to become like the paramilitary groups in Colombia? Soon they will just replace the drug cartels to supply drugs to America. Billions of dollars in profits make it hard to resist. I mean drugs bring in more money than the top three sources of money for Mexico. President Dick Kush is dreaming if he thinks that he is going to stop the drug trade and Make America Drug Free Again.”

Sally nods, “Maybe you are right Demetria. I never really thought about it that way. I hear that paramilitary groups also shake down businesses and ask for protection money. Do you think that they will come to my father’s business to ask for protection money?”

I shrug my shoulders, “I don’t know Sally, but I guess that they might do so. I mean President Dick Kush is going to give them new weapons and they will have the best weapons to kill anyone. My dad might end up having to pay the protection fee too. He has lots of land and from what I have read about Colombia, they also ask large landowners to pay a protection fee. I guess that is why my father is so worried about the Revolution of Venustiano Carranza. Let’s not talk about it since it is making me feel anxious.”

Sally shakes her head, “Fine let’s talk about something else. Oh, look it is your favorite personal stalker Franco.”

I place my index finger in my lips to tell her to shut up.

Then I add, “Pretend not to notice him maybe he will not see us in the crowded dance hall.”

Sally giggles, “Too late I think that he spotted you from a door now with his powerful glasses. He sure does have a powerful eyesight. I think that he does look quite cute in a weird sort of way. Like a teddy bear version of that cute Harry Potter.”

I open my mouth placing my finger in it pretending to throw up, “Sally that is disgusting. Franco is really creepy and weird. He is like a combination of Harry Potter and Denise the Menace with his little hairstyle parted to the side. I imagine that he will sit here and tell us some boring story about some historical fact that he read somewhere. Bore us to death with one of his boring stories about history. Seriously, I do not want to hear his dumb stories about history or lame historical jokes that nobody gets. He will want us to listen to all of his dumb stories too involving science and more science fiction. I really don’t want to hear more stories about Albert Einstein or black holes in outer space.”

Sally combs her hair, “Aw but his stories are so charming. He is a wonderful friend too. I cannot believe that you reject him. That is so mean. You are a mean girl. He is really handsome too.”

I cross my arms, “No I am not! If you are so interested in him, you can take him. I do not like him. He has been my personal stalker since we met. I don’t want him near me, take him off my hands.”

Sally waves her hand, “No you are wrong. You are the one who is imagining things. He does not even like you. You just make up stories to sound important. I mean he is a college graduate. He majored in history at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (U. N. A. M.) that is the most important college in all of Latin America. It is also a top school worldwide according to some American magazine ranking. He is so charming and he is now going to law school. One day he will be a lawyer. I cannot believe you are passing on him to be with Macerio. Macerio has nothing going for him. His little import and export business cannot make too much money. All he does is use his little American visa on his large Mexican passport to travel to the United States. He picks up a bunch of free American used clothing that his family gives him to sell in his little flea market shop in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango. He practically is just a little boy who will turn eighteen soon. He is a high school drop out and I don’t see how he will take care of you Demetria. If it wasn’t for his little flea market job he would be a total loser!”

I cross my arms, “It does not matter at all. My dad says that he will get my boyfriend and soon to be husband a job. Macerio knows a lot about agriculture and growing crops in the mountains of Santiago Papasquiaro. He might even take over my dad’s plots of land since my dad has many plots in the mountains. My brothers Cirilo and Paz do not want to get their little hands dirty. Someone needs to tend to our fields if we want to eat at home. The land has brought my dad Samuel everything that we have Sally. Anyway, Macerio is in good shape. I can sit on him and he is able to do sit ups too!”

Sally shakes her head, “It doesn’t matter that he is in such good shape. You need to pick someone who can take care of you and your family. In addition, he is not even as good looking as Franco. Franco is like a soap opera superstar. He is so dreamy with those glasses of his.”

I wave my hand, “Screw you Sally and your opinion of my boyfriend’s face! If you like, men who have small arms that is your choice. Looks fade my dear Sally. What is inside of a person is most important in life not the exterior or their beautiful face. Money is important for the poor gold diggers who marry men involved in the drug cartels. Now let’s change the subject.”

Oh, crap Sally was not lying when she said that Franco was here. Franco greets us giving us a kiss on the cheeks. Then he gives Sally a big bear hug. He tries to hug me as I move out of the way.

He asks us his dumb questions, “Hey what are you girls doing here?”

I say in an ironic tone, “Oh just celebrating Samuel’s birthday at this event hall and their 20th wedding anniversary too. So what brings you to this party Franco?”

Franco says excitedly, “Your father is going to bring Colmillo Norteño and I really want them to play my favorite song Estilo Especial.”

Sally interrupts him, “They also have Goyo Gastelum, Los Nuevos Elegantes, and Regulo Caro will close out the party. The party has good food all of it catered from my dad’s expensive restaurant I might add. There is expensive wine, tequila, beer, and all of the waiters are hot. Demetria is not as excited as I am. When Regulo Caro shows up, I am going to get him to play my favorite song La Mini Linea. Maybe he will autograph all of my posters too.”

I wave my hand, “Maybe he will tell his security guys to keep you away from him. You might be his personal stalker Sally! Don’t be a creepy stalker to the stars.”

The waiter brings us food and Goyo Gastelum continues to sing. I hear the song Los Empecherados play in the background. After a while Los Nuevos Elegantes play as Sally and Franco continue to talk to each other as the song La Marihuana sounds.

For some odd reason I think that, Sally does have a crush on Franco but Franco does not like her back. I can sense that Franco actually likes me instead of her. I do not know why since Sally is a wonderful girl and my best friend. Fine she is not as good looking as I am but she has her style. When the other musicians leave, Colmillo Norteño comes. Franco goes to the restroom as I notice that he goes to talk to this father Bartolome and Samuel. When Franco comes back, he asks the musicians to play Estilo Especial.

Then I hear, “Por ahí dijo un sabio chino vence al enemigo sin darle batalla. Yo prefiero lo contario, me gusta la guerra cruzarme entre el fuego junto con mi raza.”

I ask, “Why is that your favorite song?”

Franco takes a drink of soda, “I don’t know I just like the words.”

As he looks at my father in the distance, I can sense something wrong with him. After two songs go by, I notice that Bartolome gives Franco a signal as Franco gets up. He says good-bye to us.

I ask, “Where are you going?”

Franco brushes me off with a dumb excuse, “I need to buy some beer.”

I sense that there is something wrong as Sally tries to stop him by grabbing him by the arm.

She mentions, “We have plenty of beer here. Stay for a while longer. My father likes your company and I love your company.”

Franco hugs Sally once again walking away. Franco leaves the party early as a few of the guest follow him out. I notice that my father walks out with them too. I follow them to the door. Franco climbs inside of a van with a few sketchy strange looking men the side of the van reads, ‘Hogwarts Members Only’. My father comes back to the party with a huge smile with Bartolome who talks to him. Maybe he is drunk or something I imagine.

The party continues as Regulo Caro is finally singing. Sally runs to hug him and give him a kiss on the mouth. Regulo Caro plays La Mini Linea as he dedicates the song to Sally.

Sally mentions while singing, “That seems strange that Franco left so early.”

I tell her, “No it does not. He tells me that he feels awkward at parties. That is why he stays for so little time. Anyway, he is probably off on his magical broom like a witch to stand in line for the next Harry Potter movie probably called Harry Potter: J.K. Rollins Needs More Money. If there is not a new Harry Potter film there is probably another piece of shit Star Wars movie that Disney made this year. Since George Lucas could not figure out how to ruin it, Disney has mastered the level of stupidity by coming up with the worst storylines imaginable. You know that he loves Star Wars and enjoys science fiction. He may end up showing up dressed like some Jedi character too.”

Sally shakes her head, “You are so mean Demetria. I cannot believe that you say such things about your friends. I can only imagine the things that you say behind my back.”

I smile telling her that I always say nice things about her.

I do not know where my boyfriend Macerio is at this time. He is usually never late for anything. It is quite late now as I notice him coming in. I bring him to our table sitting him down. I walk over to the kitchen to get him a plate of food and something to drink. He eats quite quickly wiping the sweat from his forehead while looking at his watch nervously. I guess that he is tired from setting up all of the tables in the event hall. Sally continues to talk. Macerio just listens intently as he looks nervous. I sense that he is kind of feeling uncomfortable as Sally continues to say negative things about paramilitary groups and President Dick Kush sending in people to end the drug cartels in Mexico.

Macerio turns to me.

He clears his throat, “Demetria I have known you now for the past two years. I met you at one of your father’s birthday parties and I instantly became enamored with your soul. I just hope that we can be together for the rest of our lives.”

I kiss him on the cheek, “Oh of course we can be together for the rest of our lives. You know that. I know that you have suggested that we get married one day. I agree that we should get married one day too. My father Samuel likes you. You remind Samuel of himself at your age. I do not care that you are not as rich as my father is. Money does not matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is your love. I am just waiting for you to ask me the question.”

Then he gets on one knee taking out a small box placing a ring on my finger, “Demetria will you marry me?”

I scream yes, as we both kiss each other.

Sally congratulates us as I get a hug from her too. Macerio is smiling asking me to dance. I go to dance with Macerio. Regulo Caro continues to sing in the background as Sally runs to ask to dedicate a love song to us both. I smile waving to her as she is getting her posters autographed too.

After half an hour Macerio suggest, “Look at the time. Maybe you should head on over to the restroom. I see that your friend Sally is going too. You should accompany her.”

I shake my head, “No she can take care of herself. I do not need to watch her back. This place is crawling with family members. I am sure that nothing will happen to her.”

Macerio looks at his watch again.

Then he tells me, “I have to go to the restroom. Why don’t you accompany me then?”

I agree as he walks into the men’s restroom. I walk into the women’s restroom to talk to Sally.

I look at Sally who is coming out of the stall.

She smiles, “Congratulations on your engagement. I can’t believe that he proposed.”

I smile, “We will marry each other next year. I am happy that he finally had the courage to ask me to marry him. He has dropped some hints but I guess that he was too afraid to ask.”

All of a sudden we hear screaming and gunshots erupt around the event hall. Sally and I hide in the restroom as they continue to scream outside.

Chapter 2

I quickly lock the door sneaking a peek under the door through a small hole in the bottom. I notice a group of masked men taking Samuel with them.

Quickly I tell Sally, “Call the police. Oh no they took Samuel with them.”

I hear gunshots in the men’s restroom, as it appears that someone emptied out his gun. I look out the hole in the door one of them runs out of the men’s restroom. For some odd reason the ambulance sirens sound in the distance and it has not even been that long. All of the men with ski masks quickly disappear from view. I hear a loud noise as an explosion happens inside of the event hall. I get out slowly looking for the men with the ski masks. I notice that the floor has some footprints with blood with the letter ‘V’. Sally tries to get me to come back inside of the restroom as I leave. I think of Macerio running to the restroom. The ambulance paramedics quickly move to the restroom to take Macerio away while I cry next to him. The paramedics tell me that he is dead as they toss a white sheet over his body as they take him away.

I look for Ginebra, Paz and Cirilo noticing that their table blew up and that they are dead.

I pick up a cardboard with a note from the floor singed by the Revolution of Venustiano Carranza that the ski masked men dropped before leaving.

Another ambulance arrives at the scene half an hour later with the police, federal forces, and the military. The federal police and the military come to close the area off as the ambulances disappear taking the few wounded from the explosions. I am one of the only witnesses left alive as I see the carnage of the dead. The authorities tell me that three hundred people are dead mostly members of my family tree or my dad’s friends. I notice that most of my cousins, aunts, and uncles lay on the floor or hunched over on their dinner tables dead from the explosion of the bombs placed under their particular tables. They continue to question me about the incident as I faint.

When I wake up, I am riding in an ambulance to the hospital.

Coronel Aguachile tells me, “I am glad that you are alive. You were one of the few people that witnessed everything. They even managed to cut the signal to all of the video cameras. You are now getting a military escort to guard our path to the Sharp Hospital Mazatlan. There you will receive treatment for your wounds and a group of military guards will protect your floor. We don’t want anyone to kill you since they are targeting your whole family tree.” I begin to hear chatter in the background of the radio.

An annoying voice comes across, “Code black boss. I will send them a message on the other frequency. Don’t worry we will stop the convoy for you.”

Then the annoying voice comes back on in a few minutes, “Pull over this is a good spot. Let us make the exchange. Your job ends now General Piña Colada.”

Coronel Aguachile in the ambulance says, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I have direct orders to take the wounded objective to the hospital and to stand guard over the wounded.”

The annoying voice says, “Just pull over. We will handle it from here. Your job ends now sir. Pull over the convoy and let us take over the wounded objective.”

Coronel Aguachile says, “I can’t do that I have direct orders to guard the wounded. Stop bothering us or we will be forced to persecute you.”

An annoying voice says, “Just stop. We have direct orders from you General Piña Colada to take over the objective. Keep your word if you want the money!”

Coronel Aguachile laughs, “That General Piña Colada is no longer with us today was his last day. I am now in charge. I am taking the objective all the way to the hospital. We have a large group of soldiers who will secure the hospital so that no one kills this important person.”

The annoying voice says, “Look we had a deal with General Piña Colada for $15,000,000 dollars. We will give you the $15,000,000 dollars just pull over now! We will disappear with the objective.”

Coronel Aguachile is silent. Then he comes back with, “I am not for sale. Stop bothering me or I will have you arrested for trying to bribe me too.”

The voice says, “Fine we will do it our way. You know the saying in Mexico plata o plomo take a bribe or take a hail of bullets. Coronel Aguachile since you refused our bribe it’s time to hit you with bullets sir.”

Another of the soldiers mentions over the radio, “Some little Nissan Tsuru car has been following us Coronel Aguachile since we left the scene of the crime in Mazatlan International Center. Should we send a Hummer to question the suspects in the car?”

Coronel Aguachile says, “No it is a waste of our time. I do not want anything to stop us. No, it is just some crazy little kid working as a spy for the drug cartels. He probably thinks that he is tough because he works for Don Porfirio Díaz and has a piece of shit old taxi at his disposition. He is unarmed like the rest of the spies with only a little walkie-talkie radio or a cheap pre paid cell phone from the OXXO convenience store. Just get the number of his license plates and call the police we have better things to do than waste our time on a low level kid. Our objective is secure and we need to deliver her to the hospital. I don’t trust the streets they are full of men working for Don Porfirio Díaz.”

The soldier comes on the frequency again, “A crew is working on fixing the streets again. It looks like Avenida Carlos Canseco has some closure ahead. They are signaling for us to divert into a small street called Eloy Cavazos. What should we do Coronel Aguachile?”

Coronel Aguachile says, “Just follow the path. This is all normal. The city crews usually work at night when cars and tourist do not see the work. We want to keep Mazatlan looking nice during sunlight. Follow the path that the crew puts us through to our destination. Let’s move the convoy to Eloy Cavazos Street then.”

The annoying voice comes back on, “Pull over; here is a nice spot too past the restaurant. I have the money in the trunk of my car Coronel Aguachile.”

Coronel Aguachile laughs, “You are crazy, and you will not win sir. We are the Mexican military and I am in charge of the Marines. Nobody will take the objective away from us. I have direct orders from the President of Mexico Mr. Tequila to secure the objective and to insure that no one dies on my watch. Go to hell puntero! I am not afraid of a dumb spy who is unarmed and only carries a walkie-talkie radio or a cheap $200 peso pre paid cell phone. I know that you are probably driving some crappy old Nissan Tsuru that your cheap boss gave you. My men already informed me that you have been following us in that piece of crap car since we left the scene of the crime at Mazatlan International Center. Little kid you are in an old taxi that Don Porfirio Díaz provided you because he is too cheap to give you a better car. Maybe you are lucky brat and they let you ride in a beat up old motorcycle when it does not rain. Just because you are unarmed and work for the drug cartels does not mean that, you can intimidate us. You cannot even afford to bribe us with your $300 pesos a day salary. Where will you get the $15,000,000 dollars? Nowhere but your dreams kid! Go back to your little house in the colonia and stay away from my military convoy! We have M-16s and AR-15s. You do not even have a gun on you kid. You are crazy if you think that we are going to pull over for you and your little Tsuru car. Go home and stop following us around! It is now a crime to spy on the government forces. Save yourself the jail time. We have your license plate number too.”

I hear a soldier, “Two cars on flames are blocking our way. We are pinned in sir. The convoy cannot move. Someone just placed another set of cars behind us I hear on the other radio frequency. What do we do?”

Coronel Aguachile orders, “Call the fire department to put out the fire and a tow truck to move the cars. It is just a small riot there is nothing to worry about. There is probably another annoying protest about rising gas prices in town. President Tequila is going to raise gas prices on Monday. In a few minutes, we will move once again. Have the men ready to move. Don’t shoot any of the civilians or stupid protesters.”

The annoying voice says, “Lay down your arms. Hand us the objective now or we will show no mercy. You have a minute to comply with our orders if you want to live. Think of your family Coronel Aguachile. Just lay down your arms and let us take the objective. Nobody has to die tonight.”

Coronel Aguachile screams, “Go to hell! Whoever you are stop pranking us. I know that you are nothing but a stupid little puntero or lookout for the drug cartel who is in charge of spying on us for your boss. I will let you know that once we deliver the objective to the hospital we will persecute you tough person. Punteros are now getting ten to twenty years in jail for working to provide intelligence to the drug cartels. You better run away now and dump the phone in a landfill before I catch you little brat! I know that you already set your car on fire to cover up the evidence of your identity.”

I hear loud explosions as it sounds like something is blowing up.

Coronel Aguachile screams, “The rest of the Hummers exploded! There are ten of them in the convoy. Now I hear the shots of the Ak-47s around me. They must have used some anti-tank missiles to penetrate the armor of the military Hummers.”

I continue to hear noises from the Ak-47s. I pretend to be dead placing the sheet over my face. The men that took my father and killed my family are probably here to kill me too I begin to imagine. I know that the Revolution of Venustiano Carranza is going to kill me too from the cardboard that they dropped at Mazatlan International Center. I hope that they think that I am dead and leave me alone.


The door burst open as they shoot the lights out of the ambulance. The ambulance is completely dark now. Coronel Aguachile shoots a man with a wrestling mask of La Parka. A man with a clown-wrestling mask of that famous wrestler Pagano shoots Coronel Aguachile.

I hate clowns they are my biggest fear in life. Clowns scare me to death. I cannot believe that they are clowns.

I pretend to lie dead like a possum quickly closing my eyes in the darkness. They did not notice me.

I hear them walking into the ambulance as they scream, “Get the fuck out if you want to live!”

I hear someone running out of the ambulance probably the driver and the other paramedic too. The doors fly open as they leave running for their lives as they forgetting to close the doors to the front of the ambulance.

Someone pokes me with a gun. I notice a flashlight near my eyes.


About me

I am a writer who likes to write using allegory. I enjoy challenging people to think for themselves. Book #131 is available in Kindle Unlimited. Books #101, #111, and #121 are available in 13 languages by popular demand. They are now in hardback, paperback and eBook formats online somewhere. Except for Antarctica since penguins are still illiterate. (I started a kickstarter campaign to teach penguins to read so that they learn about my masterpieces too. Missing out is a great tragedy for all!)

Q. Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from this book?
I want Arantza Ruiz to be the lead character in a movie version of this book. Arantza Ruiz has extensive experience as an actress in Mexico. She has been in films, mini series and soap operas. I want her to bring the drama from her experience in Mexican soap operas to this role. She will be perfect.
Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
I ordered a new cover for this book. I tossed out some random words like Revolution of Venustiano Carranza, U.S. planes, illegal drugs and 'bad hombres' to the designer. This is what came back. ReVeCa is for the paramilitary group, a plane is leaving Gen. Rafael Buelna airport and a flag of the U.S.
Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
Talk about getting rid of 'bad hombres' in Mexico without addressing the demand side of the equation and thinking that everything is going to be solved by just sending our military to some other place. Of course there are many people in the U.S. that would lose money if they legalized the drugs.