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Nominate a new book
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Kindle Scout Basics

What is Kindle Scout? 
Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book receives a publishing contract. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.

Kindle Scout is new, and we look forward to consistently improving the experience for authors and readers. Your feedback is important, so please let us know what you think.

What are the basics?

A book is a new, never-before-published work of 50,000 words or more that you’d like to see published.

An author is the person who has written and submitted a book to Kindle Scout.

Readers scout the site and nominate books they want to see published.

Nominations are how readers show support for a book. Readers can nominate up to three books at a time.

A campaign is a 30-day scouting period during which readers nominate books to be published.
The Kindle Scout team makes the final call on which books are published by Kindle Press.

Kindle Press publishes the books discovered through Kindle Scout.

How does Kindle Scout work?
Authors who want to get their books published submit to Kindle Scout and accept the Submission & Publishing Agreement. The first pages (about 5,000 words) from each book are posted on the Kindle Scout website for a 30-day scouting period where readers can nominate up to three books at a time. The more nominations a book receives, the more likely it gets discovered by the Kindle Scout team. If selected, the book will be published by Kindle Press and all the readers who nominated the book will receive an early, free copy and be invited to leave reviews.

How does Kindle Scout benefit writers?
Kindle Press authors receive:
- Guaranteed advance & competitive royalties: Kindle Press offers a $1,500 advance and 50% eBook royalty rate. Royalties will be paid monthly.

- Focused formats: Kindle Press acquires worldwide publication rights for eBook and audio formats in all languages. Authors retain all other rights, including print rights.

- 5-year renewable terms, $25,000 in royalties: If a book doesn't earn $25,000 in royalties during an author’s initial 5-year contract term, or any 5-year renewal term after that, the author can choose to stop publishing with us.

- Easy rights reversions: After two years, all rights to any book that earns less than $500 in total royalties in the preceding 12-month period can be reverted upon request — no questions asked. After 90 days, rights for any audio or translated editions that are not in production can be reverted upon request.

- Early downloads & reviews: One week prior to release date, everyone who nominated a book that is published by Kindle Press will receive a free copy and be invited to leave reviews.

- Featured Amazon marketing: Kindle Press books will be enrolled and earn royalties for participation in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited as well as be eligible for targeted email campaigns and promotions.

How does Kindle Scout benefit readers?
Kindle Scout readers get to preview new, never-before-published books and influence which ones are made available to millions of readers on Amazon. In addition, any time a reader's nomination gets published, they will receive a free copy.

How many Kindle Scout books will be selected for publication each year?

We don’t know yet! Any book that is popular with readers could be reviewed by the Kindle Scout team and potentially selected for publication by Kindle Press.

Why does a Kindle Scout campaign last for only 30 days?
We believe that authors should find out quickly if their book will be published through Kindle Press. We think 30 days is enough time for readers to scout new books but short enough so that authors aren’t left waiting.

Why do readers only get three nominations at a time?
We want to make sure nominations are meaningful and each book gets the attention it deserves.

How do you decide which books receive a Kindle Press publishing contract?
Nominations give us an idea of which books readers think are great and ready to be published; the rest is up to the Kindle Scout team who then reviews books for potential publication. You can increase the likelihood of selection by adhering closely to our Eligibility & Content Guidelines and by submitting a fully finished, professionally copyedited manuscript.

Why don’t you share how many nominations a book has received?
We want to make sure each book gets a fair shot and don’t want the number of nominations a book receives to influence other readers. We want readers to weigh in with their individual preferences.

Where do readers come from?
Readers come to Kindle Scout in several ways. Authors get the word out through their own networks. We also reach out to Amazon customers when we think they may enjoy discovering great new books on Kindle Scout.